Straight and honest

When I saw Robert L Stevenson, who he is now, and he is trying to cling onto the handlers I had from before, and they are more criminal than he is or I want to be. He just asked, “I can still work downtown,” to them. I feel bad for him and would like to get to the bottom of the crimes they caused him to do. He looked like a tired old burnt out police detective. I saw the woman Janice they made into our negative holder as a woman who would not fit in with the service members I would like to be around or NASA professionals. Right now my appearance is poor because these criminals have been as was found out by NASA who asked, “What was that you put in your trash can,” it meant that aliens own our planet. It was from Branson poisoning my environment here at home and that is what 2 1/2 years of my Presidency has been about. How much can you tarnish someone using advanced machines. If you lived here you would be dead. They knew humans, we own our planet outright, and that is because of my work as our negative holder. At least I have made a case against Donald Trump who I deposed by testimony and I looked professional today. They key to a great photo was nature.

So, onto Janice, I saw them originally in a fellowship spacecraft, the same people who are working here, they were partying, drinking and making plans, crafting a woman, designing her body parts including her legs. That is what they do is create fake people our of alien genes and hormones. It seems like they start with a blue like modeling clay with the supercomputer and adjust it. Nature makes me look better and we need to make them look worse. I am a straight convictions President and want all of our data to be used including my research data. Constitutionalist. What I do not like are the fake footage and making me look bad.

Nature is working hard today. Our money back should be delivered to every American during these hard times, not given to alleged planet owners. Stevenson was not made up yesterday which made me feel better about who he is. It is disappointing that he continues to work for those who committed crimes with the stock market. I wish someday he would have the courage to take them down like I do. I provided my testimony in earnest and want to include every crime they committed to the agency guy who Stevenson was asking if he could work downtown. I did not like that he told Christopher Wray he could continue the same crime I testified against. When the stock market attempted to crash, it is likely that they continued to pull money out. $17 trillion like an ATM in October 2019 and that needs to be included in depositions against Donald Trump. How it is done, “I thought you said when we used the machines we would not get caught?” said Donald Trump, and here is more on the machines.

I will gladly accept my paperwork.

Duff is a different story. He has been scummy since I made that phone call to him. I knew he was in on a con, and we he was screaming about a friend’s passport, maybe that had something to do with where he created the virus he and his wife admitted to adding DNA to create. That friend was investigating harmful diseases and the labs that were creating them internationally. Can the virus be included in the depositions.

Why is Duff in a position of power. He created the prayer breakfasts claiming God could not be spoken of? It was said by the now dead boulder “People think of you as God,” about Duff. Why?

We do not have a bankruptcy at all. Why would anyone say that? Duff created bankruptcy? Why? House and Senate members all have our gold standard and money back, now we need to pursue those who have stolen the $840 trillion by auditing the Pentagon and add those funds to collected revenue in our future when we identify the accounts where those funds were hidden. Remember Robert Mercer and the Nixon ones, what makes them not investigated with any private LLC accounts started by extraterrestrials. Shouldn’t it be easier to identify where they have their money and who they are now.

What is up with that retirement home?

Fake impeachment started here, to support their alien agenda bankruptcy for the handmarkers.

“Robert Mercer’s daughter, Rebekah Mercer, serves on the board of the Gatestone Institute and the family’s foundation provided at least $250,000 the group, led by former national security adviser John Bolton, which promotes fake news stories advancing anti-Muslim conspiracy theories,” according to the National Memo today.

Veritas fails  Vice President Bernie Sanders I really became President and he should have accepted my offer to take my Presidency from me rather than winning it outright. Deposed Trump and Hillary Clinton stole 2016 and he should have had a chance to compete

We can cooperate in Syria.

Who is running the advanced team in the Middle East?