Taking on Big Tech and Recycling Your Debt

With the Merrick Garland confirmation ahead we can hope the Biden Administration is going to take on the search engines and also the tech giants ability to control what we purchase and how they harm our world.  During the Trump administration they were given too much power to control the internet and dumbed down America. When you plug terms into the search engines, very little of relevance comes up. The internet has been geared towards an unlearned crowd. It was nice at one point, they were forced to release the internet and then real news began to appear on screen. There were news stories from throughout the world that were relevant. Can we turn the internet back on?

How does Big tech impact your pocketbook? By escalating the economy in unnatural ways. When you as a consumer purchase an expensive television such as a plasma or LCD television and purchase it for $300 to $1,000 or maybe even $2,000 in the future its value becomes inert. They create debt and your value becomes little. Your $1,000 purchase becomes $5 you pay to recycle. Do you still owe $300 on that television? The American people need to become stronger and tougher and our government must pursue Big Tech.

How did they get there? In reality, they scheme.

Needs are created by the media and Big Tech. Looking at the business I am currently involved with recycling electronics before your eyes you see how the American people have squandered their money and gone into debt for the “latest and greatest” year after year while having very little intrinsically.  The American people always pay.  We would like to create an Agreement for Americans Prosperity in the Biden Administration forcing recognition of the damage done by big tech and others, bringing forward a class action lawsuit against the creators of disease they profit from and against the terrorism they profited from.

“We intended to roll (meaning steal from) the American people,” said and we know and keep working to deliver those individuals to the Biden Administration.

How Congress spends is very important to the American consumer. We do not want the package installed and campaigned against them before. In reality they market themselves as “Free Internet,” and it was found during Covid, 5G increased the spread of virus. Do electronics cause harm? Yes, and who watches out for consumers? We always do. I am always working at behest of the American people. How connected do we need to be and who designs what we read, see or hear in the media and for whose interests?

The marketing behind what may harm the American people is important. We need more freedom of thought.  I want to create a simple life for the American people, one where they are in charge.

The easiest thing for the Biden Administration to do currently would be to bankrupt the national debt. They currently have the treasury to do so and to go after the perpetrators that were outed involved in terrorism and disease. What would our budget look like without the national debt and terrorism? Surplus and the American people could own their lives outright having everything they need. Do we have a virus and was it created? Yes

Shouldn’t we blame the perpetrators?  The land grab and the differential was proven, and there are individuals who were waiting until Trump was gone not to face the consequences. What was also proven was Trump used his Presidency to profit.

How do we get the American people a real settlement after the damage they inflicted? The key is intrinsic value and a real economy, one not based on disease and do we need an audit of healthcare? The American people deserve real intrinsic value again not escalating costs.

Could a benefit for Garland be the prostitution that has gone on with the Russian ones aka below beings that should be under arraignment and wanted to roll America.

We took down four harvesters during Trump Administration.  We own our planet because of me and I deserve payment and I saved 7 billion lives