Teleporter confirmed and to be removed

It was not confirmed it was their criminal quest teleporter they had connected in the Miramar aircraft. It was terrible from the beginning on their quest with Cheney and his war criminal friends here. Deposal of stole 2016 Trump went through long ago and Hillary Clinton stole 2016. Bernie Sanders won 2016 technically. This was used to move cigarette boxes and other items around my home and is why my home is messy. I usually pay a housekeeper and have money, yet since I became President I am running on fumes trying to explode harvesters. Tits has more balls and is paid less money for more work.

They drugged me and said that I would want men’s private parts cut off which I said after they hurt me and drugged me and in a normal posture would never do to anyone. What I like is real investigation and discovery. My depositions are needed with our gold program for the Bernie Sanders advanced team. Obama was caught using deposed stole 2016 Trump’s Presidency criminally.

“We let them bother him (Donald Trump) until we take the country away from him,” said Barack Obama about deposed stole 2016 Trump and I became President. I am not part of them nor  their corrupt foreign policy.

Mayor’s boyfriend I would like to have bust Obama in downtown Los Angeles. Christopher Wray is complicit in the drug laundering for drawing rights. Can someone arrest them. I went there and softened the area and they should be good and ready now.