Why is a traitor blocking our depositions.

“I went on a quest for Russia,”  to have superiority to America said Gordon Duff on December 4, 2018.  At the start of his quest to scam America he said, “She only wants to harm the small foot soldier,” said Gordon Duff. As it was found out his side of Congress wanted to bring communism, this directly links them to his espionage and financial crimes using advanced machines. “I thought you said when we used the machines( for embezzlement purposes) we could not get caught,” said deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump working with them to launder finds with Russia. The should not jail service members for finding the truth out about their extortion project. We need to stop them.

My place is not hidden and depositions could be filed here from downtown with the same team that Duff met with who said they had live combat and did not not need to be bothered. He went on back then to try to make their side lose to make the money in arms trafficking and embezzlement for what he felt he was owed.

“We had this bankruptcy coming,” on schedule they think. What gives them the right? It is preventable.

Why allow the extortionists aligned with our adversaries to create the depositions?

“We were only on the quest for bankruptcy,” said Paul Allen, matching the extortionists working for Russia. Obviously as Duff and Allen are aligned they are against American financial standing and encourage Russian superiority. Paydirt is for that and anyone accepting that money should be informed about the Russian aspect that should lead to espionage charges.

Said earlier by Duff, “Don’t break down my tape recorders,” anyone in possession with the tape recorders should be charged as part of his embezzlement operation they hoped to get away with and asked to remove them as it is more clear now what Duff was working towards against America. 327 million Americans count on Constitutionalism and expect their financial interests to be protected. The FBI Director is complicit in the machines for Russia. He knows who Duff works for. People were even informed Vladimir Putin paid Americans to harm America ideologically in the intelligence community and Christopher Wray has allowed Duff to launder drug money and conduct insider trading operations with Russian mafia members. Did he fall into the trap?

I am separate from them and only work for American interests. They have harmful listening equipment here at my home. I am a Constitutionalist. When I gave my testimony I also looked for ways to compensate for the loses that were scheduled for the American people, and that is our gold standard and money back. That makes up for the financial crime when delivered. Where are they storing their funds, Russia.

Check goes to Putin said. Why go without my side as they said, when it was also found out a slime ball stealing from the Defense Budget is participating with the Russian traitor. They are the ones using space based weapons against us all here.

Why did they get the gold and the money back on the communist side when Duff lied and worked with our adversaries to provide his Congress working for Russia all of American assets.

The slimeball picks from the hat at the fellowship.

Why is anyone following my car when they could file depositions here at my patio table.

We could all be secure in the morning and I am available all day long

Is owner of the planet even mentioned in here or anything to do with the planet we own outright.

“Paul Allen paid for the planet we could not take to jail,” said. Why because he heard I did my negative install? If I saw someone working on a bridge and told another person I like that bridge I’ll pay you for it not them, that is how it went to me. I did my install on my own and had all rights to do it. Everyone owns our planet.

They had no right to be invited out by the Navy

I guess someone made my mother an illegal immigrant. She had a working visa that expired. Is that true? How come when I asked to deport her no one did?

“She did not have a working visa,” said Duff now and she became a legal citizen after refugee status had been received when she came here. She escaped Fidel Castro in 1961.

Invite the traitor, not the American foot soldier me for 22 years.

The thing they used against my mother when she was already a legal resident was the necklace I put in my mom’s bag as a baby and to avoid the shoplifting charge she met with the fellowship. I did not know what I was doing then and the programmed drone old overlord did have a horrible influence on it. “If I turn that child’s hand that way I can get her to put it in the bag,” he remarked.

There is no blood on my hands. I did not have nuclear components. I did not know September 11th was going to happen and I wish someone had taken control of our country when they did it. Why did they not? don’t we have a right to protect ourselves from terrorists? No treason on my part. I wanted someone to stop them and we have had to stop them repeatedly from doing the same thing. They have never been brought on trial despite millions killed. Why would they not have to face trial.

They are your enemies too.

“Our enemies do not trust her,” said at Department of Defense about me, therefore they are their enemies too.

“Girlfriend situation” blocking suspects taken in custody. I am not gay and why would that enter in to prosecuting war criminals.

Only God holds our core and lets people borrow it to take into life with them.

I will resign when you get here to the team that is working against the Russian communists as I became President legally and lawfully.

“That woman made a mistake with fellowship wedding.” said a now field agent formerly from Subase when I was there. I asked how. “by letting Stevenson come here,” which I did not. This was an intelligence agent from Subase old times who converted to Russian because they are working for the bankruptcy. Was he part of the team that allowed the Russian submarine close to the Lincoln. They paid him Russian bribery then around 1999. I found out about the incident when it happened and wanted to stop them for years. I published a magazine at Naval Station Everett, in Everett, WA called the Military Beat.

If I close my computer they will pay my neighbor at 1250 working for the Russians. Why are people not charged?

Other ships can come in, many more styles suited to our type of galaxy, said in regards to a menacing ship individuals were scared of before, called the “most ominous threat ever,” and it was taken care of by our side.

A traitor to our country gave them remote viewing privileges into my home, “Oh I can see her just playing with her hair.”

The person looking in had none of my data.