Travel Industry vs. Lugar Labs, Trump Administration et all for Coronavirus.

How many people were afraid to travel because of the Coronavirus that even as of this morning it was said when confirmed who caused it more would be distributed overseas by Lugar labs. I work in the vacation industry as a Senior Manager with over 20 years of experience, and have watched how individuals manipulate manufactured diseases to profit against peacetime industries. From my understanding there is even a patent on the disease that is dying. I notified Cruise Lines International, as passengers were put at risk and these individuals are the cause of declining revenue streams for them in ticket sales that amounts to the millions if not billions of dollars through the creation and spread of the disease. Senators may be complicit in working with Lugar Labs to include Senators Patrick Leahy, Charles Schumer and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

It was found out here, the sheriff  in San Diego County, William Gore and the District Attorney. Summer Stephan, and likely the Mayor of the City of Vista, Judy Ritter were involved and they should be included as defendants. From my understanding they have a private LLC tied to Gordon Duff who has worked with Lugar Labs in the past. It was admitted to by his wife, Carol, when the disease was declining, “Our virus is not working anymore.”

They all operated out of a superfluous religious organization in Oceanside, California called the Rosicrucian Fellowship tied to the Rosicrucian Order. Where is that hidden money to attach to in the event of a lawsuit? Chase Bank? Those assets should be confiscated and this case brought into the courtroom. Why do people protect them. This case involves millions of tourists. Do these small time people want to be involved with the cruise lines and American Resort Developers Association against them?

Everyone wants our gold standard and money back to be delivered, and we need to catch those complicit in manufacturing diseases for profiteering. Sue them

We need to identify the et all and file against them, not feature them in the media speaking against it, as they did with the Soleimani killing.

Eighteen federal judges were given something called “the keys to the planet,” and were part of the team that created the Coronavirus with several members of the Supreme Court, five justices who claim they control the media and all exposure to facts.

Yesterday at a Home Improvement Show in Del Mar, California,  American consumers were afraid to travel because of the virus, what is said by the media and these individuals are criminally complicit in making them that way costing travel and tourism related industries up to billions of dollars with Spring and Summer travel planning up for consideration now by 327 million Americans and billions of internationals.

Constitutionalism and truth need to prevail to protect billions.

These individuals have also participated in profiteering against the 327 million Americans’ retirements through use of machines to manipulate the stock market stealing their discretionary income. They must be charged with white collar crimes. American’s retirements are to be protected even against federalists. If the stock market crashes we know who is liable to include the machine operators because of this statement, “I thought you said when we used the machines, we could not get caught,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump. What is known is posted and they must pay financially for their crimes. There is more to be added to testimony at behest of the travel industry. Coronavirus has been used for stock market manipulation through the media and with 16 men who are involved with them against the travel industry who still need to be identified.

Constitutionalists exist without hurry

Judges can be levied for damages.

Why allow them to party today? I am ready to help sue (760) 672-2028 I really became President and am here to help and will continue to work with vacationers. Why should my side of the aisle be afraid? McConnell seat up for grabs by Amy McGrath. Younger people care about the vacation industry.  Why allow old virus creators their freedom?

Trump team sued for Coronavirus on Monday? Will the press take charge? CNN covered the Lugar labs caused disease for advertising revenue from pharmaceuticals industries. Perhaps the travel industry should advertise elsewhere. Pharmaceuticals breaking down. Gold standard and money back kept.

Why change to a fake Congress built on a headset criminally built by a man harmed by extraterrestrials with Cancer given to him to kill him later and manipulate his life, known as the “Paul Allen Congress.” They stole 2018 and should be charged for the housing they personally benefited from to include the drug treatment programs for those now hooked on methamphetamine because their election theft and drug money laundering causing the increase in illegal drug use. Allen team is fraudulent based on what was discovered. Why do taxpayers have to compensate for their crimes?

“When Paul Allen, a chubby faced, not yet cancer filled due to alien agenda man, walked into the Navy and said, “She owns our planet,” regarding me, the Navy wondered what gifts God bestowed upon me, our only negative holder, and those were just hard work because of the drone controlled by the boulder builders called the former overlord. Back then they authorized experimentation thinking that Allen team was honest and wanting to understand the way they and we do. It was not at all what Allen wanted who was only into the Orion ones that killed him later. He even admitted tonight post death, he still wanted to party with the Orion ones, grey skinny ones that they made some pact with,” about Allen here.

Will they protect Viktor Bout to continue the “sanity hearing,” with the 16 men who are criminally complicit in the virus? I am Constitutionalist and it cannot be stolen. Who works for the stock market thieves? Marines downtown, wise up, brainwashed by deposed stole 2016 conman I testify against. We the people stand strong against financial crime.

What benefit is the Richard Branson hardware? To crash the stock market. Charge Branson, if it is true. Why is Trump wearing their watch? Branson machines on record as part of the Trump statement regarding their ease of theft with them.

It is interesting create the disease and cure it? I protect your retirements and take my testimony seriously. We need to work together to stop financial crime. Arrest those with the Mercedes van for their white collar crime. I pay my way and they do not pay their way honestly.

My side is honorable.