The other travelers with Boulder Builders who are dead

How a team who has attempted to heist our planet came together is really important, and understanding the former now dead overlord was significant and found out here, he turned out to be a drone made by the boulder builders. Now there is more information on two other characters who traveled with Boulder one. People know about Gordon Duff, who I have referred to on numerous occasions for his organized crime like behavior, and bullying, this is significant and not the main part of his story. He was also known as a green parted one, and I had wondered how he got and was so close with the boulder builder race making deals at times against our planet. He was brought aboard their vessel as a baby, mentored by the white alien agenda lead by the boulder devils.

I did some remote viewing this afternoon to understand the man called Gonzo, known as Duff now, to the space fleet. He is hard to handle and mean because of his defensive mechanisms. Even intelligence assets have not wanted to address his criminal behavior because of his bullying behavior. Well, how did he become the individual he is and why?

One character leads to another sometimes and this afternoon I found out about a relatively hidden one to the boulder builders who are now dead. He was another individual picked up from a planet in arcturus where the former overlord was found as a small boy after this individual’s planet was almost destroyed. This new character had fought the human harvesters there and other like species. He was alone when the boulder ship flew by.

“I can’t land there but he can sure fight back,” said One Boulder after a planet in the Arcturian star system was being picked a part.  We own our planet outright and our galaxy in hours. One Boulder saw the one man down on the nearly destroyed planet, who he picked up later. That man led me to Gonzo, who was already on board with One Boulder, and known of then by that name, and now called Gordon Duff. When aboard the boulder spacecraft, the rescued man said to One Boulder, “I can come along and stay in the background and keep you and Gonzo really ready,” for other planets. This rescued man turned from service man to criminal for the boulders who rescued him. On his planet previously he, “Served quite a few men until they all got trapped in a destroyed building.” This man is going to our newly opened bardo to be sent to God’s planet for restructuring and rebirth as a complete new human.

Gonzo was their right hand in space, and was important to make agreeable with Boulder One by the individual. The former dead overlord who was resuscitated in the previous article about him being made a drone by the boulders wanted to kill Gonzo at one point, and that is how he became dead. One night he thought to himself, out of jealousy likely, “I’m going to take Gonzo down tonight,” and he lost his life and was turned into bio enzymes for future use by Boulder One. “I hope we can preserve his bio enzymes for future use,” he said after the individual people on earth knew as the overlord was killed in space for the first time by Gonzo likely.

The boulder builders and Gonzo jacked up our planet, now fixed as I own it outright and have been working on it with God for a long time now.

Gonzo had been picked up as a baby in another star system far away after his mother had her head bashed in by white alien agenda team who he works for today. She was too nice to live according to him much later on, to make excuses for nice people he met along the way. It was sad the way he viewed his mother as a sweetheart who was ” too nice to live.” This was the way he justified those who killed her later raising raising him.

When their harvesting program went through on his human owned planet, he was one of the few lone survivors and so they brought him aboard a ship as a baby. “Let’s see if we can teach the baby with special instincts we can control,”said the white alien team about him then regarding what is now his aggressive defensive behavior now. He had been put in a cage. “I say we keep him in this here cage,” said by them when they put him on the ship after harvesting a portion of his planet. He became a very integral part of their program, raised by his captors. He is scary to me now.

Our planet is almost completed.

Now found out about Duff aka Gonzo a human rescued as a caged baby from a previously harvested star system, it was said by him to the Navy, “She had no business being able to install it on her own,” regarding my negative. His life is proof I installed it to protect us from what happened to his early family and the other planets in our star system. My planet is working. Sadly I found out that back then One Boulder made a comment to him, “You’ve been reading her the riot act on the sourcing of her stories,” called research, ” and using that to penetrate into the Navy,” criminally I suspect, said about Duff.

Duff replied to One Boulder, “He has to pay me the way the negative went in.” When do his payments end? The fake alien agenda bardo is filled in. Our real bardo is created. We have restored our human life death life cycle and prevented the harvesting that likely happened to his earliest parents who were defeated by the enemy before he was a caged animal as a baby.

Rosicrucian Fellowship was a fraud and a creation of his.

It was said by the Fellowship director after Duff spoke with him, “I say her mother doesn’t mean a whole lot to us, but she is still around, so why not give this old man a chance,” said regarding Duff. We demystified everything.  Constitutionalists exist. Maybe someday he will realize not to take a sweetheart’s kindness for weakness. He took advantage of my skills at Veterans Today, every reporter reads to get story ideas hundreds of sources, in reporting there were rooms called morgues with source material, online too. I read and research. I am not too nice to live here.

We have something to be proud of completing our planet with our negative install. It is more sturdy and secures us forever.

If NASA provides for Gonzo, they have to provide emotional support and insure the orange bottled prescriptions he takes are dealt with through counseling regarding women, and what his views are of his early mother being too nice to survive tied into his survival instincts from a previously harvested planet. Carol his wife was chosen for her meanness and is a killer of babies, which he associates with survivability wrongly.

Natural coexistences exist.