Unlawful Surveillance and Sexual Predators.

With the Harvey Weinstein case completing, we have to move beyond it to know what is really going on in our digital age. I have experienced it here at home. It will be nice when people no longer take photos of me naked.

How many of them consider sex with children the norm. They have been operating here through a religious organization I found out about that needs to be stopped. They have absolutely nothing to do with our country other than the land grab and child rape. When I was a child they put me on a table with their creepy members surrounding me as I suspect I was naked. Why is it such a big issue to put them on trial? Isn’t now a good time finally? What is their purpose? They are clearly tracked through Les Wexner and his team’s choice to participate there. I have been tracking them since 2016 was stolen.

Covert intention to harm powerful young women and even men is very important to analyze. As our negative holder when I lived in Washington DC, there were a lot of expectations on me as I became very successful as a sports journalist when I was 17 and still in high school writing for Gannett News Service and USA Today then. Unfortunately my parents wanted to move back to California. The stalkers who started following me in Annapolis at 12 continued to follow me around. Back then I was encouraged sexually to masturbate while I was driving. They did it intentionally to harm my good reputation I had created to start their cocaine cartel here in California in all likelihood by following me and others around. That is the significance of the quote, “I am going to get this kid to really screw up.” There was a positive side that believed I was really cute as our negative holder and they wanted me to be a great future leader.

It was said by them, “She’s really cute, who is that?” “She’s our negative holder.” The sad thing is that the masturbation incident was seen by them on the Incamera. We are all monitored here. The nice guy who acknowledged me said then, “She really pissed me off playing with her vibrator.” Incamera is extraterrestrial monitoring that must be brought down and it will be.

The importance of how fake sexual tension is created by them is significant. They manipulate people into scenarios simulating sexual attraction that is not real. They want teens to be sexual without love to use them later to harm others. Love is real and this idea of sexual behavior being manufactured needs to be looked at. For young women, they want them to be sexual to take advantage of them and then take their success away. It is obvious from depositions done against deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump teams. What can’t we finish prosecutions against them.  They need to be tried and this will finally accomplish what is required for Americans to feel more secure to really love one another without kids being encouraged criminally to have pre-teen sex.  I have been celibate for many years and that is the direction our country and our planet is going in to find real love and no longer be a part of their manufactured sex cult. Over time the perverted stuff they are running in the media will likely no longer be appealing. How do we get from here to there? We need no drug money by criminals.  No sex on camera is needed. Just real work ahead to complete prosecutions.

It is criminal what is done to young women and what is encouraged of them and even young men, ruining their natural identities. I met a man who wanted to have his male identity back, and he was so confused by them he referred to himself as “They.” He was from Africa where male sexuality got manipulated into gay then bisexual and then they. He was hoping to have his male identity back when he was good at math. He was probably a genius at math and used to do calculations in his sleep. They take our best and brightest humans and make them confused by creating sexual tension that is unreal to manipulate their lives even further and surround them with poverty. We can change that and have to get used to the fact that cops are our friends. Controversial informant.

When you think about it, honest intelligence complained about a vibrator when I was a teen and now get off on taking naked photos of me showering and peeing.

“We used the Romulan wedding here,” in my home, taking pictures of me naked in shower using surveillance, “to get them all hot and bothered,” disgusting old men.

The Little American Diplomat

At five years old I went on my first trip to Germany and I was a very intelligent child. I enjoyed everything as we departed, yet I made a mistake of squeezing ketchup to strongly with my strong hands and it got on the suit of the man who had just got married close to me and my dad. My dad was angry and I felt embarrassed never to do that again.

In Germany when we were there I spoke with many children and told them about America and how we were just like they were despite what was on TV. I had never learned German yet picked it up in a day or two. I learned French in a museum we visited. I loved to talk with people diplomatically. That was what I spent my time on then as a five year old. I translated for my mom who did not want to learn the language and I took her shopping. My mom hated me for that. I was always a strong kid. My mother hurt me so much.

When we returned, I enjoyed our trip and continued to tell the neighborhood kids about the German kids, and they enjoyed learning about them. My mom was angry and still hated me since I did the translations for her. She could not stand how in command I was at times, always working for her interests, yet I always felt there was a deceitful side.

My mom contacted the Rosicrucian Fellowship she was associated with and the criminally operated on me to dumb me down. I was always motivated by God to talk and be diplomatic.

“She was too strong in Germany,” said my mom to the fellowship director who then installed handmarking on my left hand. “I’ve got to let this one out of jail,” he said then. My mother had been talking with them and her communism friends and said to them back then, “We all know communism is coming.” I could not believe that she would allow this and thought then, “Why is my mom getting together with all of those people talking about communism.” I have served Constitutionally since then and know the American people expect that.

The handmark he put in was the start of my implantation which dumbed me down and took away my languages. I fight very hard to stay strong and intelligent. America number one Constitutionally our goals.

Her fellowship friends are criminal sexual predators and make me uncomfortable. They initially installed the first sex camera in anal area. “We wanted to view whatever was going in there,” said and is disgusting. They are part of a green zygote oriented agenda for sexual behavior where extraterrestrials control our sexuality by sending zygotes at us to fall in love with one another for fake sex.

God referred to them as “external catalysts have been provided by harmful off worlders for sexual behavior.”

Abortion should be legal as it was said by God, “having unprotected sex you end up with an infested unneeded baby as zygotes are in the air.” I witnessed this sitting on the ground as I watched one fall from the sky and two squirrels interacted with each other very amorously.

My mom was likely part of their cult and in the photo at the top, “I can’t stand her, she cheated on my dad.”It was very sad for me when she asked me how she looked for another man in the pool that day.  I was angry and against her when my father took the photo. I was looking for my little diplomat photo and could not find it. I always told my mom I would defeat communism which if she was a normal mother would have been a heroic victory, for her she hated that fact. She was nasty to me my whole life.

My dad was the most loveable person I ever knew. He was there to help me win always and he got likely murdered, poisoned by the communists at National Security Agency.



Who puts real discretionary income in your pocket with America’s restored assets?

Our gold standard and our tax money, known as money back are America’s recovered assets, and we have to wonder this campaign who will make Americans rich in the future and not steal it from us. Discretionary spending has been at an all time low and as we head into the primary, who is working for American homeowners and taxpayers. They put in con men and women into Congress known as stole 2018 to steal more from you through Russia. Many of them are House members, who can be voted out this term and it would be nice to have the McConnell list from last time to know who is who. “We knew who every winner was,” said McConnell, and as he has been criminally working with the Russian Ambassador to steal or launder your tax money known as money back through them, espionage and financial crimes charges are long overdue. With those two details this Congress could be charged with the same. We are ready to vote in 2020

These old guys were also brainwashed by an old contract that is invalid that stated that I as our only negative holder could not own our planet until all aliens are dead. Do we have to make them dead first? It used to happen in under three hours because they harmed our sun then to gain illegal entry into our galaxy and our sun is repairing itself now with our negative install. If not they would have died upon entry into my galaxy. Other planets are turning on. Yesterday one of the coldest smaller planets started after Uranus had been operating. It was very painful to my hand. Why are we programmed against our interests to accept less than everything back? I keep working hard for the voters and no one including me likes to be stolen from. What gives anyone the right to steal from your income? I do not want to talk to those who steal from me. Why is it that because I put that down, “I can’t say she’s not allowed to talk to anyone from dark side.” I don’t want to talk to dark side, that is already criminally complicit in the theft from Americans through the stock market repeatedly. I own our planet and became President. “She really became President and owned our planet,” said. I want to get my stock market convictions made and American citizens repaid for the years of financial damage caused by the predators. All my data needs to be used to press charges against them and recover American assets. There is no saying because I made the complaint, it cannot be used. There is no secrecy of the planet owner, as I have documented my install. We owned our planet our right before our core was moved, said then by the lying space travelers, “If we could just move the negative then we could probably get through,” and they never moved it back to secure our planet, they just kept gaining ground against us until my install. They knew what they were doing then and smuggled one of their young men down so they could later gain power over us. Said by one of those who bought into the extraterrestrials plan initially and was drained by them then, “So much disdain coming from that extraterrestrial. They always worked for us,” as they began to subjugate him and his friends who were later totally conned by them.

Before they arrived here, humans owned our galaxy. They asset stripped every planet that is coming online now. Humans through America and me with my work are taking their power back now. Said by a con artist, Duff pictured, who stole your 401ks likely in 2008, to me this morning, “What are you going to do with the money from that additional job.” They should not be monitoring me or anyone, as they clearly have intention to commit financial crime and do it daily. To put a woman down saying she does not earn enough income and when she does to try to prevent her success is criminal. There is no stealing my planet I own outright and the authorities should stop their income streams finally, and repay all Americans just compensation. Please file a restraining order against them. We work hard and our government should work for us. Where is my $800,000 for my Presidency of two years, it was criminal for them to say because I own our planet I did not have the right to have the Presidency then. How many aliens do we have to kill. Green dead. It is up to God. Zygote kills all hopefully soon. My investigation should have been paid for that validated my testimony. That is in addition to the $800,000, because deposal went through and the testimony was accepted. To validate it and provide additional data to press charges against the same stock market crime he was tried for, such as the October 2019 data, should be extra.

I want no restraining orders from Bill Gates who was proven to have lied and said I committed a murder, which I would never do, to obtain his fraudulent contract.

With all of these evil doers in my life, no one has a right to claim I should have had children. Imagine them monitoring your shower daily. When you know the truth about our history, why be ignorant. Do they expect me to carry a gun and use it liberally? No thanks. Intelligence is used daily and there is no point to call the people ignorant, when leadership is ignorant by not protecting them and increasing our holdings of other planets. People have a right to use their knowledge and intelligence to save all American people. When data is obvious it must be turned in, that is expected by the people. I have a right to earn my income and for our incomes to be monitored for our success. Why protect those who steal income, to walk into a green traitors trap. At least I learn my lesson and use my data appropriately. Data is earned through work and that work deserves to be paid for.


Cashless is extraterrestrial and defeated

The source of cashless was actually a green life form that stumbled into our galaxy as I found out. “We invested in these Chinese,” said a rather slender green humanoid form extraterrestrial who went to China and procured the gold from Indonesia once they surrendered their gold to the British Royal Crown. That began the Standard Drawing Rights basket for the unlawful agenda 21 the harmful off worlders wanted with sophisticated banksters and war criminals. We took that down years ago and fight even now for Americans and internationals alike who are freedom oriented, our Constitutional guarantee here.

“They were all in on it back then, the currency swap for the handmark,” remarked Xi Jinping months ago and many have disbanded their interest in it any more. Our currency is solvent now. No one wants to be second to extraterrestrials now.

Pay Dirt for the Voters

We would like to play a little pay dirt for the voters over here tomorrow

Checks need to be paid

God exists and wins.

“There are other aliens,” that even threaten the devil we know according to him, a white alien.

Listen to the song, the article is in progress and is very hard to write


When I was born they knew I am our only negative holder and we have been fighting a big war against the green ones, red ones and white ones. The white ones will try to seem nice now.

We want to get to Uranus and that is not your anus, as some believe and are even working for tonight. This is our galaxy for humans and we win.

It was said when I was a human baby who put a necklace in my mom’s shopping bag accidentally and my mom was caught “shoplifting” though I had no idea why I did it and my mom would never have wanted to steal anything at all, she got called in to the store office. She did not get arrested. They just scared her and they said, “I saw that necklace go in your bag.”I did not even care about it nor know what to do with it to get it purchased. I did not want it. I was eight months old. My mom did the best she could then and I suspect she may have been illegally here for some reason. She came from Cuba in 1961, and claimed she became an American when she was born here in Miami, Florida on June 29, 1935. I always felt like she lied about being born here. The story made no sense. She came here to be born with my grandmother and there was some guy who was her father no one knew. Shen allegedly went back to Cuba then and I don’t know if they even came here to give birth to her. She gave me two different birthdays, when was she born, actually come out of the womb, was it in Cuba. Should she have been deported then? Leave the baby daughter with her dad and say have a nice life lady.

She is dead now and to me I felt uncomfortable with what she did, and I hate what I did. Why did I as a baby throw this necklace in a bag. I told the true storey before and it was the old now dead former overlord who manipulated my hands to make the necklace fall in the bag and I have that on tape.

“Who is the guy that made the baby,” said and I agree with them regarding my mother. Where was he? Was he American or extraterrestrial?

I am always honest and work hard. I have fought for many years for American people to be the best.

and because I am our negative holder of my planet I now own outright, they implanted me in my butt then. To confirm this statement, when it happened it was said then, “I can’t believe they found her,” me our only negative holder, and they added, “they are partying with him,” referring to what is a large green extraterrestrial, who I found out today to be the “green god of the Mormons,” and I found out how green hybrids get their parts as Duff referred to his alien parts from this large green one who described the process, “We give them parts as soon as they mutilate me,” meaning the alien parts Gordon Duff referred to as his “alien part” are given to him, when they cut them off, like the hands in the photo here. Born here and of m planet I am stuck confronting them to understand what happened here to us all.

cut off a hand for green ones

Imagine these hands connected to a green alien and when they get cut off they are given to a follower trying to steal from you to make them stronger against you. We take our planet back now.

“When they cut it off, we put it in another human,” said by large green one. The green ones weren’t popular to the people who initially tried to harm our planet, the robed ones, who said boulder builders “were too disjointed, we were always in the background.” Did the green ones then partner with the robed ones covertly.

“No green ones, I always have my own horse traders,” thought  the boulder builder now dead before the green ones got in likely through the mystery guests.

The white aliens are harmful and other aliens observed them working on my planet I own outright, so they came here and the robed ones got discolored into grey slits in their energetic matrixes. The robed ones used a grey field against me and it was very much like a wall that is dissipating.

“We side with the higher power,” said the robed ones which explains why they have sided with the mystery guests that could have brought in big green. We are soon to be the higher power now.

Protect and Defend Our Duty.

It is our duty and stole 2016 should not attempt to not. They will be held personally liable

When the story came out they decided not to prosecute and it is not a story. Put them in prison. The data is there.

Perverts and pedophiles in jail.

Now they needed to dark side to pick up kids from school will be said.

And a pervert padophile king who stole our ballots in San Diego said, “we have Ann’s storage.” They have no right to my storage, here is a poster with their picture on it and it is a felony to steal ballots.

I became President of the United States not them. “Arrest warrants will be written on your behalf,” mine.

What is it like to be our negative holder, about me.

People have a strange idea of what our planet’s negative holder is. I placed our negative in the center of our, my planet in 2017 after thousands of hours of work. Our core is the magnetic center of our planet that had been offset by harmful extraterrestrials thousands of years ago. People have a strange idea about what a negative holder is. I am physically connected on an energetic level to our planet’s core. People knew I am our negative holder before and this is why I am connected to plants and animals telepathically and plants physically. Our planet had been getting perfectly round and then, now it is screwed up somehow. It is like if you are baking a cake, and it is perfect then someone alters it by covering only a portion, that portion of the cake is not as nice as the uncovered portion.

I discovered that today when I went down to San Diego and stood on the ground. It was very soft beneath my feet. I have been working very intently with the ocean here to bring the overhead down. I hate what the alien agenda did. They installed machines and tape recorders over the North County airspace, with satellites. One component is like a shipping container, space like metal hovering overhead. I have been using magnetism with the ocean as our core is magnetic to pull the space shipping container to the ground because they harm me physically. It rained really hard today and yesterday, so my ocean work is successful. I wanted to go to the beach at Cabrillo to work on the green energy in the harbor because that is where Schumer and Leahy installed harmful technology. I may have to now sit in at Balboa Park for hours to even out all the time I spent at the beach. I feel like our planet is my project.

Donald Trump who stole election 2016 is deposed by my testimony. It is a felony to steal an election. It is a felony to steal two elections.

Fraud Communism.

In 1998 unknown to me, the publisher of a magazine for the Navy, a former sheriff I knew then met with the Navy at the base where I published my magazine for and wanted to bring something called, “the communism” now here. It was based on what hand stamping or branding that is stealing and devaluing American citizens existing equity with stole 2016. Pre that conversation, the Navy would never have considered communism as a viable option. It was nothing but a scam and a swindle from that point on. They contracted with criminals who claim my negative is not set correctly and sought to who humiliate me as our only natural negative core holder they knew even then. I am always honest and work to the best of our ability to speak truth to power. Criminals win every day and I work against them every day. They depend on stock market crashes to make themselves profitable and attempt to use nuclear weapons on us even here. We are always at gunpoint with those who want the popularity for unscrupulous purposes and they canive and scheme together every day to defeat the good side who lives here. Why do people claim I am a hippy when I have always worked to protect American citizens and internationals from terrorists, including financial ones, something a beach bum hippy would never have time to do because they are too busy having fun.

Federalists need to stop the use of artillery. Gunpoint drama needs to be shit canned. There is no Chinese side here only a side fighting to financially destroy America through devaluing, a very un american cause. I want to move on to Mars to restore that planet to habitable by reinstalling our negative there correctly. My only concern is how do we get there with our gold program not in effect yet. Why allow “demon men” to delay future adventurism for prostitution that only harms American citizens financially. I can win honestly. What is the point of paying criminals who harm Americans financially for my negative install rather than moving forward. Why would anyone hope to wrongfully arrest me an excellent human who worked too hard for our country to retain standing and strength. Constitutionalism guaranteed. Chinese communism originally was about its people having financially equality and when the alien agenda got there they cheated them like they have continued to attempt to cheat American citizens through the stock markets. Are we going to allow that to continue? Too bad we do not have a functional Securities and Exchange Commission.

Deposed Trump is part of their team and he hoped to crash the stock market to put a little extra money in his pocket  and that is what he did on September 11th with his teams. This is criminal and advanced technology needs to be disbanded today. It is in space because of a group called the below people who admitted, “Wall Street crime is ours since the Nixons came to town,” since the 1970s arrival of Nixon officials stealing from the American people who have not known what they are about. Get rid of them and space race will continue without their stealing from Americans. On November 8, 2019 Xi Jinping  in China remarked that these harmful extraterrestrials who depend on money laundering were “the ones who brought communism,” there to his chagrin. “We had our communism before.” I prefer that communism for China. It is honest and for the people who live there. I am against communism here and am Constitutional all day everywhere.

They keep claiming that Robert L Stevenson who put a bluetooth device in my face is America’s finest, and there is nothing fine about someone who talks behind your back to steal from every American I serve and protect. They threaten that if Trump does not remain in power, stock market crashes continue.

Stevenson arrested. Why is a criminal getting any arrest warrants out. Popularity

Wrongful participation did not cause the destroyer incident. It was Kilburn who did it and I still have my notes on it. Participation is needed to stop threats. and I participate like every American should and is needed. I  belong in world leadership for the American side who is informed about communism  for the people in China and not interested in the electromagnetic fake communism to steal from everyone. Jails should not be brought here.