President and Planetary Negative Holder I am Despite Uncontrollable Congress

Why I am not picked up yet as President despite our deposal of Donald Trump being the correct thing to do about his team’s attempted defrauding of American citizens,  “We have to accept more justice than the House and Senate is comfortable with,” said yesterday by a Congressional source about me being President. I am still here President at home.

If the voters voted a President in Congressional members could not chose who our President is, and it is not right for them to discredit me because I am an unbiased justice oriented candidate.

We need real leadership to take on foreign adversaries who are a tight knit group of cocaine dealers who are global. I had a visual of a North Korean man with a rounded face who made a statement about our negative holder rights, perhaps when I went to Seattle, WA, like I thought, this false bardo region moved to allow demons out.

We were supposed to pick her up as President and what happened.

The beginning. “What do you think they’re doing over there? Why won’t they at least let us come in here and pick her up (as President),” was asked by the Navy after Donald Trump was legally and lawfully deposed in 2017. The plot uncovered, Obama Brennan syndicate with cocaine men against me.

These were disgusting men involved in a quest around here who used Christian Fundamentalism to attempt to steal area real estate, that began this criminal cartel in the area in conjunction with Leahy and the profiteers that came in to town. This was outed by me and involved with Dick Cheney and the illegal indefensible weapon they put above the state, that is being removed today.

“We were supposed to pick her up back then as President, but the we got derailed by that horrible company she used to work for,” said June 2018 about Marriott Vacation Club and Dick Cheney team that was possibly harming children in conjunction with the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

Do they pick me up as President, eventually soon.

Electromagnetic jails with China and Unelected Deposed Trump

Maybe the intelligence community is trying to see how much they can get out of me for free?

This is an old post from Facebook that I wanted to have on my blog. The significance is what we are fighting against and most of it is private party as I just discovered with my headset.

“We refused to stop Bill Gates for her headset case not to be solved,” said local Navy personnel. I sent this over to the FBI because I do want my headset case solved. In my opinion Bill Gates home should have been raided a long time ago because he is working directly against the interests of the American people, and has directly stated that. He could cost the American people their retirements. How many times does this have to be repeated?

Here is the old post.

Trump known unelected and deposed by all in Congress. More on what the communist Chinese intended, “their (American) jails were to be built with electromagnetics,” said the Chinese this morning and below is photo of construction reflecting what is to come with steel frames making wireless electric targeting more contained and pin point, as well as closed in listening for CCTV.

When considering the wiring and wireless electricity that can be enhanced to harm targeted and easily implanted individuals inside these buildings and with the vans reported on before. They look insidious with their square box style and magnetic components that coincide with the pavement I called voodoo voting pavement. Article found here with quotes from suspects involved operating against American citizens’ interests. https://www.facebook.com/ann.marie.diener/posts/10156734080733545

On my way back today, I received a quote via syntel device, “We wanted to control the world and what everyone’s thinking,” said a Nixon van inventor.

This all relates to young people and the homes they will be inhabiting that are involved in the large real estate developments near by and probably elsewhere, as was noted before, invested in by Paul Allen team with Donald Trump, the San Diego County officials here including Bill Owens with the far right in town, operating in coordination with Patrick Leahy, a known communist, preaching dependence thinking.

How do the far right and some on the left benefit from American bankruptcy? (to be updated with photos).Looking around…

Posted by Ann Diener on Thursday, September 27, 2018

The vans are connected to the real estate transactions, as was stated by Chinese bribed Donald Trump, who asked on September 27, 2018, “I thought we could leave the vans in until we conducted these real estate transactions.” These transactions are conducted as Trump stated with cocaine funding. “it was only cocaine money I (Donald Trump) intended to put into the local community,” said Trump. This is money laundering of cocaine funds in Vista real estate and development, as was stated on or around September 18, 2018. Trump is using contactors operating illegally with Full Spectrum Dominance “testing” illegally on American soil in San Diego County to potentially influence public opinion and spread electromagnetic misinformation using the vans, airplanes and high frequency weaponry hidden just above the typical cloud cover area. Not to restate it too often you can look it up on my Twitter feed under James Slyfield. He is to be considered one of the arms traffickers mentioned before that are part of their network. He is a contractor and not a government employee.

“She makes the rules,” said James Slyfield, said about me as President on September 14, 2018, who added, “We didn’t have the right to use it here officially speaking.”

Before my legally and lawfully binding Executive Order on the 14th to ban this harmful technology used against Americans, Slyfield admitted to using the technology set here in the Vista area. “that’s part of Full Spectrum Dominance, so you’d better get out of here,” he said.

Involved in the set are the box shaped Mercedes and other brand vans with magnetic components. Paul Allen brought the vans into the area with the Stevenson cartel, and they paid for them with cocaine funds and parallel transactions based on fraudulent use of a gold certificate.

“We are the ones with Issa invested in it,” said Allen for fraudulent cashless accompanied by invisible jails in townhomes for America’s young innovators who would typically be just starting out and purchase one of the townhomes below for the exorbitant price of $500,000 on borrowed money. He admitted to being partners in the large development pictured below.

These are very limited individuals as most are as was stated by more than one “Nixon Supporter,” they are “too old.” They have wanted to control young people and innovation for America to fall into a subservient position with China. John Brennan was also outed as bribed by China to Camp Pendleton, however from my understanding, he was only reprimanded by the CIA.

As they are working with falsely perceived “techies” Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who were in reality just software purchasers or even thieves of Gary Kildall’s software, the individuals are not real innovators but rather cover stories designed to suppress real developers through a high tech scam network, designed as was stated to “create dependence” through communism, rather than Constitutional independence which is needed for innovation and success of America.

Their network is operating slightly below the surface and is difficult to discuss because though my reports are well evidenced. Their plan has been fueled with cocaine funds and illegal arms trafficking by these old men, old women, career criminals, arms traffickers, as well as unelected front men and women.

This criminal network and “jailer bill” is probably hidden in the “Free Internet” idea for underground cabling used by phone and internet companies. Here it is denoted to cause harmful effects on human health, “However, the magnetic fields around the underground power cables may cause harmful effects on human health.”

It basically forms a human jail, electromagnetically as is described in the intentions of the communist Chinese. This directly benefits China financially because American innovation will be reduced to rubble, and we as Americans will be financially incapacitated due to lack of inventions and American exports.

That is why it is significant that Donald Trump and others inside his unelected administration are receiving bribery payments from China, as it was admitted to today. He is also connected to the cocaine network with Putin and Xi.

Update at 9:54 sent to Seattle Times, confirmed Donald Trump is accepting bribery from China.
Our Constitutional Republic stands with election convictions, not bribery from China.
“We have all been accepting bribery from China,” Donald Trump just admitted today.

He does this because he is part of the one world order scam and involved with Nixon, as he was not elected, but selected by Bush, not the American citizen and was not Constitutionally voted in.

No one wants to think this scam is happening to us Americans with Donald Trump. Perhaps we are understanding what Xi meant when he said that he was going to play “bingo” with Trump, use him for increased coercion of the American public as a known unelected President whose entire team is compromised, and who works with a cocaine and bribery network set up by criminals to limit American’s financial strength for China’s benefit, not our own.

We need to stop them from capitalizing on our weakness by removing the criminals today including the now known alien agenda cartel with the individuals in the lab at Subase Bangor who coordinates the bribery payments with the Admirals.

These are few small and outed criminals who have been operating since 1991 in their forced departure from Iraq and “scam America,” then in 1992 with the cocaine “network down south,” in 1993 with “quest” for corruption sheriffs involved in possibly connecting cocaine trafficking with weak bribable suspects and arms traffickers inside the government, to 2001 arms experts who did September 11th and then profited from it through stock market transactions coordinated with the incident, then connected to the 2004 stolen election from John Kerry where they “swift boating” him, to the 2008 the setup market crash, to now, violating laws because of embezzlement and schemes with cocaine and illegal arms trafficking in the background to reduce American standing internationally through electromagnetic jails funded for Americans by communist China.

This possibly connects to the lab employee from Bangor that Stevenson or someone else in their cartel may have found by hacking of government computers back in 1994 or making contacts with individuals who could be bribed. I wonder who found him. This individual as was noted in yesterday’s report and the day before’s report coordinates the bribery with the Admirals in Puget Sound.

According to that individual at Bangor, as he said, “I am part of some alien experimentation.” He is in fact a possible white alien in disguise as a human.

This connects to electromagnetics employed by alien agenda that is typically used against humans. It now known to be coordinated with the communist Chinese government. Minor employees and cocaine bribery suspects hacking to “quest a little better,” as Stevenson did to locate individuals in government computers that could be bribed in 1993, causes unnecessary and unwanted challenges for law abiding American humans.

AM Evidence relating to Trump scam since 1991. This also potentially relates to the Israeli involvement alone in the California Innovation center Governor Jerry Brown put together. I complained about it back then and said there should be more participation on the Palestinian side, as Israel is home to both peoples, who are to be considered Semites. The Likudists or high Jews as they are sometimes called do not like to acknowledge that known internationally only fact.

“I’ll get the Israelis (Likudists through Lieberman and Netanyahu) involved, and they’ll make it harder for America to be successful,” said Donald Trump in 1992 after he met aboard the yacht for the scam against America in 1991, which is why he was deposed August 8, 2017 and I am President since then.

Timeline. 1991, I suspect this was after the war profiteers were sent home from Iraq, Donald Trump met with billionaires aboard a yacht and said, “I’ll bet we can pull a scam on America.”

The war profiteers were likely involved with Carlyle, Diebold Nixdorf and those accepting bribery from China that were reported on yesterday and the day before. Then the drug network got set up “down south” here in California in 1992 and probably elsewhere. They worked with sheriffs who were unscrupulous and Paul Allen’s team to use drugs as a mechanism for funding of real estate transactions and bribery payments to financially ruin America.

Picking up where 1991 left off after their team was forced to leave Iraq, defense contractor got involved in weapons testing on Americans for sale overseas. They made profits from illegal war budgets weapon sales. They acted like it was common place for this scam to happen, but it had been considered illegal back in 1991.

This network involved these arms dealers acting with certain senior level US military personnel acting against America with China and Russia to attempt force compliance for their profit center illegally. This serves as a means of extortion by the arms dealers and the other criminals involved. They use perception management to entrap people in the armed forces to support them as was written about in 2003. I suspect that is why the article was written, to take down their network that involves Carlyle, Bush Capital and Devils Nixdorf as well as other corporations including AT&T.

This is one nasty criminal gang and is why they try to keep everything running their way using image people they manufacture to propel their scam forward.

The emperor had no clothes now, and I am President gold and money back working to end the cabal rule by force against Americans. We need real elections in America to remove these outlaws.

Yesterday’s post, read and scroll down to the Arms for Extortion.

Since 1991 our country has had “embezzlement specialists” involved in this criminal cartel. They get arrested today.

Be safe out there. Our Constitution stands for the American citizen and our voters.

Their strange quest was very painful to me financially and emotionally. Here is my personal account from the beginning that details how they harmed me to jail you.

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, July 13, 2018

How good are a country’s leaders if they are compromised by foreign powers, which I am not, nor will I ever be. It is proven today that they are bought and paid for by China. I may move to another more natural state if this overdevelopment for cashless electromagnetic jails continues.

No matter what this network will be busted soon. Is this about making the Navy save us from China.
“We were told by the religious right to cause nuclear war if this ever got out,” said Navy violating mission and values. Now when called on it, “I never talk to the religious right again.”
The guarantee of religious freedom is codified for the Armed Forces in Title 10, United States Code (USC), sections 3073, 3547, 5142, and 8067. There should be no siding with any religious faith.

I am the President because Donald Trump was legally and lawfully deposed on August 8, 2017, and not because God is on the dollar.

I know what they did on the back end with outlaws.
Get the criminal arrested who said about me, “we need to keep her dazed and confused.”
He is not damaging my career any more.
I am ready to testify against 1994, aka Bob Stevenson.
We have a small Mormon (1% in the state) and a criminal group in Southern California that has threatened me with a small percentage of hard right religious fundamentalists supporting some Catholics to attempt to make the world go down hill rather than up in a positive light.

Religious Landscape Study

Bring my known “Jesus gold” back to me from the Likudists and others who may be leveraging on it for misery of the American people, which I oppose vehemently and that is known to all of Congress.

The concept of the holy book being the “novel that we gave you,” as it was admitted by the white aliens, needs to be examined as to what its purpose was in regards to American freedom guaranteed by our Constitution.

Planetary Security: Negative Basheert is important

Goal: To offer alien tours of our Vacation Planet. GOD

Divine Light is coming onto the Planet, and my Basheert is really important for the Planet to exist. It is very strange because of the way we have been taught and old agreements that were created at the Galactic Core level.

White aliens are still interfering. paul allen. bill gates. Gold Energy. GOD

Intelligence: Keep OUR POSITIVE.

There is a lot of religious programming that has gotten in the way of understanding Divinity.

Golden energy and DNA strands are arriving. DIVINITY.

Certain individuals almost cost us the Planet. GOD Exists.

Russia Probe: Rigged Election? Who’s afraid of a Red Herring?

Published on Veterans Today this morning. Regarding the election investigation. Important links:

Microtargeting America to Ignore a Compromised Presidency

Why are they trying to shut down the Russia probe? Is it because there are too many people who have been found guilty? We need to include SCL and Robert Mercer. 

Re-published from 11/8/2017

EDITORS NOTE:  “Exclusive: Rigged Election? Who’s Afraid of a Red Herring?” was originally posted on November 21, 2016

The election was rigged. And the side claiming the rigging, as would happen, rigged it.

No matter which candidate you voted for or wanted to win, it is important to examine the vote counts, exit polling and technical issues of the election. Perhaps the fear lies in perceptions of what to do about it, if true that the election was rigged?

How would Donald Trump supporters react, if the Neocons were called on the rigging? Even if you voted for Trump, you should care. The rigging is clear and done with potential, purposeful intent. Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are not crying foul, probably out of fear and carefully managed perceptions, or is it also with intention?

As Clinton potentially stole the Primary Election, is the rigging of the National Election permissible by the Neocons and seen as “fair?”

So what to do about it? Over the course of last week, I spent hours putting together the attached sheets showing the vote count in 2016 vs. 2012 in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

There were large discrepancies. In Wisconsin, there was one county, Rock County, with 10,000 missing voters? Did people not show up in such large numbers in this one particular county, where they purged, or were their votes just removed using hacking? You can look at the sheets themselves Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania

With little analysis done about the actual numbers of the election, about the votes themselves, we are all left to wonder. In foreign countries, the very basis for election results is exit polling data, which determines if an election is rigged. Looking at the exit poll data in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, what we see is something that would be considered a rigged election in any country that we monitor elections for.

TDM Research put together a table showing the exit polling vs. vote count

Exit Polling Data from TDMS Research

So why is it not questioned here in the US? Why are we so eager to believe the red herring himself and his cronies who so brazenly were accusing their opposition of rigging, while having plans such as Cross Check in place to purge voters by name only in different states and having security technology turned off in voting machines in states such as Ohio?

We live in an instant gratification society, where as soon as someone votes, he or she tends to want to know who is going to win the election. With so much pressure on knowing the result instantly, we leave ourselves open to fraud as this instantaneous computerized tabulation is very vulnerable to tampering as was seen in this PBS news article here.

Maybe for once American citizens need to learn elections require the ballots to be counted and results verified, and that it is sometimes a long process. One that is never completed on election night.

I have worked the elections for many years in the field. The most disappointing thing is to come home on election night in California and have the election be already called and a winner selected, while just fifteen minutes before I saw tens of thousands of ballots waiting for a truck to pick up the ballots at a collection center and take them for counting at the Registrar of Voters office. Granted, I live in California where our votes are less significant than other states in national contests.

People want to accept what is given to them as truth of the “winner” without questioning the results so as to be a “good citizen, believing in the system” and not to be shunned or looked down upon. This leaves the “good citizen” consistently working from a position of blindness in instances such as this, never able to address the core issues.

Core blindness also maintains the argument on surface issues, a virtual he said she said, accepting what could be a lie to argue one perspective or another. Both are emotional perspectives, ignoring the core issue of potential vote theft and rigging while focusing on what Donald Trump will do, will it help or hurt America. With this election, few are questioning the results in the mainstream, despite the exit polls reflecting a different winner than the one publicly named.

Protests are erupting, not over the true issue of vote rigging by the Neocons, but over Trump policies and fear for the future. When such a red herring is sitting in the background, it is unclear why the leadership within the Democratic party is afraid to call this out and to give the protesters something real to protest about, a rigged election. Not that their gripes are not real, but the very issue of vote theft is illegal, and the leadership is afraid to discuss it.

Numerous experts have showed that the election was rigged. Months if not years before the election, Greg Palast showed how Cross Check was being employed. Through Cross Check, a voter purge scheme designed to purge duplicate voters in multiple states, voters were purged with one name, for example James Henry Brown living in Ohio with James Robert Brown living in Virginia, claiming these two people were the same, a duplicate voter voting in two different states, while in reality they were two different voters.

The program purged the voters off the rolls. This program targeted Blacks, Hispanics and other names sounding foreign such as Nguyen or Mohammad. Palast even made a movie about the system called the Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Now one architect of this program, Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, is potentially being brought into the Trump administration.

Veterans Today ran multiple stories about the vote hacking. Gordon Duff said in an article entitled “Time to take down the flag as most Americans surrender to a foreign backed coup

We know that 135.74 million Americans voted during the election, as predicted. This figure is extrapolated from the 92 percent reporting figure from Wednesday morning showing a 4.7 percent increase over 2012. Trump got fewer votes than lackluster Mitt Romney, as predicted and as matched the highly accurate exit polling. He lost by a massive margin and in reality got fewer than 150 electoral votes as predicted as well.

“This information has been checked and is very real. There will be an army out there, as with 9/11, spreading different theories to water down the easily ascertainable truth. Yes, 135.74 million Americans voted, well over 70 million of them for Hillary Clinton.

“When Trump began speaking of not accepting the election results, he was engaged in a carefully scripted psychological operation. This is a bit like a criminal trial when a defense attorney finds all the bad stuff that will come out and has his client admit to it during cross examination by his own attorney, putting the friendly spin on it. In this case, Trump knew the election was in the bag, Netanyahu and Putin had set it up.”

And with what Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said that the Russian Jews of Brighton Beach, New York contributed twice as much to Trump’s victory as to Clinton’s campaign, as being a key factor in determining the election, one would have to wonder why the Russian government is not so quick to point out election rigging here in the US, when it is as obvious as the exit polls? Perhaps they too favored the candidate who “won.”

Hopefully you will examine the possibility that the election was rigged, and raise the issue to the awareness of others. Greg Palast is taking his case to Washington DC.  “Congressmen Keith Ellison and Alcee Hastings of the Congressional Black Caucus, personally presented Attorney General Loretta Lynch with my investigative reports and demanded investigation — “and indictments.”  That investigation must kick off immediately,” said Palast.

It is easier not to worry about the election results and the election being rigged. It is more comfortable to sit and watch the pundits argue about everything else, ignoring the reality we are currently living in, a system where our elections are stolen by the most powerful people to craft what they want to do in the world, over what we want.

Even if we acknowledge the election was rigged, we can still have Donald Trump as our President elect, if people are too afraid to confront the far Right. The fact of knowing the election was rigged does not need to cause us to make a change, if there is so much fear about what that change will look like.

We can simply examine how the operatives, some soon to be cabinet members, did it, before he is inaugurated and take steps to insure this never happens again. This may safe guard our vote next election, if we take steps to stop vote purges, hacking, etc. We also must then hope that there will be another election, if we allow another President to “win” under questionable circumstances. What else will he allow?

Since the media, the Clinton campaign, foreign governments and others seem to be OK with the US election being rigged in order for Trump to be President, why don’t we as citizens agree cheating in US elections is OK for now too, and acknowledge it? There is a tremendous amount of fear in acknowledging wrong doing in our country, even though evidence is there that needs to be outed and addressed for the public to be aware of the truth to make change, if that is even possible.

So what if we live in a corrupt system? If we know and don’t care, I guess we continue to move towards complicity. Pretty soon, there will soon be no turning back and no “democracy” left. With what we are seeing now, you already know what comes next.

I promised myself that if it happened again, a virtual coup of the US through a stolen election, I would write about it, no matter how painful it is, and no matter how much backlash. Maybe, even no one would read about it or care. After the 2000 election, when George W. Bush was selected by the Supreme Court and vote counting was stopped in Florida, I was publishing a magazine for the military in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State.

At the time, I saw an article that Bush was set to increase military pay, and I thought, well, who knows, things may be just fine under Bush. I did not complain about the election, and thought perhaps things will be OK, if not good under Bush, though I voted for Al Gore. I later used the article and his selection to sell more advertising.

At the time, there was a malaise over the country into accepting the results of the election, as there is today.

It “felt” better for people to accept the results and just move on with their lives. There was also lot of fear in opposing Bush and the constitutionality of the election. In reality, what ensued during the Bush Administration, that was not elected by the people, nearly cost the US everything.

It started with 9/11/01, the Administration being warned on numerous occasions and later using the incident to take away our Constitutional rights and launch questionable wars including the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; “War on Terror” including the torture and rendition program; the 7 countries in 5 years strategy and then later the 2008 market crash.

The majority of these problems that were created then are still being felt today, both economically, and with Ukraine, Syria and Libya -regime change being the order of the day, as well as with the surveillance programs being continued by hold-overs from the Bush Administration and those in the Obama Administration.

Now in comes Trump, Neocons who were involved in the torture and surveillance programs, add in a few white supremacists and what we have ahead may be pure fascism as I said here. The sad part is that they rigged the election to win, and no one says anything in the mainstream.

I guess, what’s not to love about fascism? Who cares about the American dream of liberty and justice for all anyway?

Quest for God’s Greatness despite the dark side

Achieving Peace with Off-Worlders to Advance American Ideals

The situation in Syria hat gotten untenable back when the Khan Sheikhoun incident happened. Chemical weapons were coming in thru Turkey to known terrorists in the area. Those terrorists where discovered to be radical Islamists based on their Tweets and the forewarning they received from the Turkish government about the chemical weapons that were to be used in the area 24 hours after they were notified. After the chemical weapons incident Trump struck the Syrian military wrongly. There was a real threat of the planet falling into dark hands and to the negative side who only wanted destruction.

There were issues back then with Putin. He was going both ways, from my opinion, pretending to be a positive influence, however making back room deals with negative individuals, those involved in the corporate government of the United States to collapse the country on itself through the corrupt Trump administration working for Israel and Saudi Arabia. There were also negative deals possibly made with Kin Jong-un and our planetary Negative which has been correctly placed now for many weeks, despite them both, Putin and Kim Jong-Un wanting to support a shift East and the dark side of the world, ie. satan worshiping. This worshiping of the negative side is officially over, since our planetary Negative has been placed – the magnetic core on the planet. Their black spirits became gelatenous forms and their black magic is no longer working. Privileges have been revoked for many in World Leadership positions because of the negative intentions they had. I am not sure what that means, and we shall soon discover its meaning, “revoking privileges.” What does it mean?

Negative with a lower case means counter to humanity and counter to ideals geared towards us living comfortably together on this planet and then also working with off-worlders positively.

Because of the powerful people involved and their objective which seemed to be to turn the world into a negative place, one where humans would loose their planet, this entire situation needs to be faced immediately.Below you will find very dark items which were placed in my yard as part of a black secret society quest.

dark quest objects turned good for God.

I turned every one of these objects into a Positive objects for the planet while on God’s Quest. Good wins. – Ann Diener

For years, insiders involved in the Pentagon and the Defense budget have been going both ways, wanting war, yet wanting us to be proud Americans. People want it both ways, yet cannot see their way through to fight to win for everyone.

So how do we win? We need to recognize that our planet itself was under attack. That the goals for an apocalyptic ending were also false. We need to recognize that God wants us to stay on our planet and improve it to humanly habitable and perfect conditions. There are alternatives for the American Defense budget which includes a program which I call “Greatness.” It is where we relate with off-worlders through using a positive God connection, basically a halo above their head to connect to. It also relates to the sun and enables Divinity and Positivity to connect to them. For years, quite possibly thousands of years, we have been dealing with negative alien races. Why were they negative? Well in reality they have wanted to steal our planet, extract the raw materials and turn it into a waste dump.

This starts with a false master builder program which I suspect was created by green off-world entities as a profit building scheme. They would sell the planet and get rich – then get to stay here in small numbers, what I suspect is the 144,000. This was a dark plan for our planet and is no longer going to be happening. This is one faction that uses dark magic. In fact they have used dark magic around my home for several months now and finally its power is going away. Here are some photos of things they cast spells on and I sent to 1-800-Got Junk a couple of days ago. This was the pile of black magic spell related items placed in my yard by a dark side knight of the templar order who does not belong here at all.

God wins and the negative stuff goes awaydark junk I removed from my property. negative spells were cast against US winning and God winning

I am grateful in some ways I got to see what his true intention was and that I suspect to be to turn Divinity into some perverse sexual, negative reality with men relating to proving something I un-natural that I do not believe in, “Original Sin.” Day to day living proves this to be wrong. Is there Divine Love, now that has been what I have been looking for, Divine Love, not black magic spells from creepy guys who attack me. I am curious what the authorities have on them, and wish that someone would expose them completely for the mass implantation, black magic and the negative quest that was designed to hurt us all.

Secondly there has been a group called “Generations Ahead.” This group had planned for a shift East. They wanted communism over sovereignty. I ran into one of their team mates on an energetic level when I was going to work at the fair in Del Mar years ago. There was a blonde guy traveling with an off-worlder who basically said, “Why should people be entering to win a truck that they should already have?”

I said that it would take 25,000 years to accomplish the goal he had in mind through communism, so I told him I would continue to work in my way, working at fairs and festivals as well as other locations marketing timeshare and continuing my research work. My goal has always been independence and sovereignty through humanism, caring for one another. Communism is too controlled. It lacks independence of decision making. Having everything is not what it is about. Life is about freedom to choose what you want, having your baseline needs completely owned by you and not as part of some collectivist reality.

Having Love also is important. There is a higher level Love feeling that has been created as part of God’s plan here on the planet, and not related to sexuality which people depend on to identify love. Love was never intended for by the communists either. It can be achieved now. I have been viciously attacked by the plastic reality created by a group my mom possibly signed me up to be a part of – The Rosicrucian Fellowship. When I was a child, my parents broke a wishbone and who ever won got to create my reality. My mom won and there was some negative stuff that happened with the fellowship. I chose to go my own way spiritually with God alone.

Love is on EarthEarth courtesy of NASA.

That is why I hold an opposing view to both the “Master Plan” and “Generations Ahead.” I have chosen to oppose both for God. Everything we have learned about our sprituality is wrong and based on false teachings spread through myth and legend – the bible and other false books not related to the Cosmos. God is Nature and relates to the Cosmos. Sovereignty is natural and we have the ability to relate through the off-world races through the Positive and positive intentions. Corporate did not allow God to be here and this is why the communists are confused. They wanted Nature to be disconnected from our reality, which in reality, Nature is vital to our reality, though Netanyahu really wants it disconnected.

There is something so disconnected about the plan for Greater Israel that it is unreal. It seems like there were two off-worlders picked up in the Middle East from a visual I saw, one had blonde curly hair and the other was Israeli, with an oblong face and big brown eyes. Were they the communists? I suspect they were also part of “Generations Ahead” which in reality violates the real ideals I discovered which are that Sovereignty and the American ideals of Freedom of the Individual reigns. I have been framed at times in the USA for my political views and desire to end corruption here in its entirety, questioning the whole system.

What has been hard to accept for the world leadership is that none of the expected realities are currently happening. Currently I have been working on creating positive connections with IFOSS, Individuals From Other Star Systems who want to evolve this planet and themselves beyond what they expected to find here on this planet. When you think about our planet itself, it is in an isolated star system, a “Solar System” where all of our planets which I suspect were previously habitable and had been destroyed – turned into waste lands. Ours was the only one left. That is why when I saw the brown planet and what was continuing to happen with the Trump Administration, I had to fight unconventionally through spiritual means to hopefully bring back the planet and the discoveries I made.

God is connected to us through the Cosmos and Nature.

God Quest - December-20

God Quest – December-20

True spiritual God Connection that remains hidden because of fear.

We can overcome terrorism by acknowledging the real battle no one knew about which was for our planet and connected to a Secret Space Program no one really knew about that had a lot of dark characters involved including an individual on Jupiter. This is bigger than most people including those at the Fellowship knew about, they were content to keep this negative plastic, artificial reality going for so long, I want to give them a lower case f for fellowship. We can achieve Peace and create a Positive world through working with IFOSS and defeat the master plan.

How do we now defeat those who created the terrorism to foment war? How do we achieve Sovereignty for every human and individual on our planet? That is what I am waiting to discover. You may notice some individuals are very negative around you. They repel you. Below is an image of what happens when you come in contact with them.

entering into a Positive World

Those are the ones who thought we would not make it. We will make it to a positive reality very soon and finally remove the terrorists from office. That is the Philosopher’s Stone Quest and God’s Quest in action.

“Generations Ahead” just didn’t think we would get over the negative energy on the Planet to create a better world for everyone to understand one another and that has been my goal with the IFOSS for the last 16 years. To understand what has been happening and why we even have negative aliens on our planet. The 2001 Draconian war project with the DoD enabled me to take back the planet in 2017 through doing psychic work to save the planet through transforming harmful aliens into bugs and working with off worlders to change their ideals from negative to Positive Divinity, with natural Divine Light.

IFOSS- “The Positive Part is that We get to Save Our Planets too.” There are still doubts and insecurities on both sides. We are working with Positive Intention now and Divinity, which is a relatively new concept for everyone involved.

What part did Ashtar play and  the Galactic Federation, they also seemed like they had a very negative role in the dark energy quest. If Positive Off World Races can visit earth, why should the Goddess with hope for Positive Intention be killed.  There is some connection unknown. I remember being aboard one of their ships monitoring algae ponds. Were they the Draconians I was told by the government to connect to God? If so this was a negative decision that has turned out Positive because we really found out about the negative plans of two competing sides, which is amazing unto itself. God exists here now, and we did not know that we had soul erasure going on and little chance for God to get here in reality back then.

Was Ashtar preventing God from getting here? Ra could be a false God to block us from God. Thinking about Divinity did they want to create it at the Galactic Core level when we had to revoke all of these agreements in order to find God and bring God to our Planet.

We need some American Oxygen today to wipe out the negative side, bring in the Positive Divinity we have created as new and start a fresh unexpected reality of Positiveness.

Full Disclosure will result in this Positive Reality being disclosed despite the Artificial Intelligence and the negative stuff that was previously tolerated here.

“Natural outcomes were unexpected,” said someone on the negative side.

God is Nature and the Cosmos. God Wins.

“In God We Trust” is on the American Dollar and America defeats the shift east strategy.

Hopefully soon we will all get to work to end poverty, clean up our planet and work together in peace and prosperity.

Though I had to believe in a time-traveler to do this, an Annunaki. Below is a video I took of my tours burning. They were later found in a box in my shed. I dropped the tours found there at Wyndham in San Diego, CA

Watch the video. I suspect it contains hidden messages for our Positive future.

There was a group of very wealthy me who wanted to annihilate me. This is the real “Game Over.” Positive Intention Wins.

LOVE WINSI am Sovereign, Peace and Prosperity Reign, despite all of the freeway negative games.

We deserve to be here to help the Planet with the advanced technology I was working on that previously failed because of the negative side see RavenKnight.com for more information, we also deserve to use other advanced previously suppressed technology to clean up the planet and make it beautiful and sustainable for everyone, and I keep all of the Positive information gained about God connecting to the Cosmos as well as the Power and Influence I have gained through my Quest with God for Truth.

Only God,  Love and Nature made this Victory a possible outcome. Nature wants to be here and stays put. Positive Intention surpasses those who wanted to take the planet over for negative intentions. Now we have a whole new World to build based on Truth and Justice.

Goddess exists. The Delegate position is real, and I am working hard to accomplish it, despite the negative side which I suspect wanted to prevent it from happening all along.


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