Straight and honest

When I saw Robert L Stevenson, who he is now, and he is trying to cling onto the handlers I had from before, and they are more criminal than he is or I want to be. He just asked, “I can still work downtown,” to them. I feel bad for him and would like to get to the bottom of the crimes they caused him to do. He looked like a tired old burnt out police detective. I saw the woman Janice they made into our negative holder as a woman who would not fit in with the service members I would like to be around or NASA professionals. Right now my appearance is poor because these criminals have been as was found out by NASA who asked, “What was that you put in your trash can,” it meant that aliens own our planet. It was from Branson poisoning my environment here at home and that is what 2 1/2 years of my Presidency has been about. How much can you tarnish someone using advanced machines. If you lived here you would be dead. They knew humans, we own our planet outright, and that is because of my work as our negative holder. At least I have made a case against Donald Trump who I deposed by testimony and I looked professional today. They key to a great photo was nature.

So, onto Janice, I saw them originally in a fellowship spacecraft, the same people who are working here, they were partying, drinking and making plans, crafting a woman, designing her body parts including her legs. That is what they do is create fake people our of alien genes and hormones. It seems like they start with a blue like modeling clay with the supercomputer and adjust it. Nature makes me look better and we need to make them look worse. I am a straight convictions President and want all of our data to be used including my research data. Constitutionalist. What I do not like are the fake footage and making me look bad.

Nature is working hard today. Our money back should be delivered to every American during these hard times, not given to alleged planet owners. Stevenson was not made up yesterday which made me feel better about who he is. It is disappointing that he continues to work for those who committed crimes with the stock market. I wish someday he would have the courage to take them down like I do. I provided my testimony in earnest and want to include every crime they committed to the agency guy who Stevenson was asking if he could work downtown. I did not like that he told Christopher Wray he could continue the same crime I testified against. When the stock market attempted to crash, it is likely that they continued to pull money out. $17 trillion like an ATM in October 2019 and that needs to be included in depositions against Donald Trump. How it is done, “I thought you said when we used the machines we would not get caught?” said Donald Trump, and here is more on the machines.

I will gladly accept my paperwork.

Duff is a different story. He has been scummy since I made that phone call to him. I knew he was in on a con, and we he was screaming about a friend’s passport, maybe that had something to do with where he created the virus he and his wife admitted to adding DNA to create. That friend was investigating harmful diseases and the labs that were creating them internationally. Can the virus be included in the depositions.

Why is Duff in a position of power. He created the prayer breakfasts claiming God could not be spoken of? It was said by the now dead boulder “People think of you as God,” about Duff. Why?

We do not have a bankruptcy at all. Why would anyone say that? Duff created bankruptcy? Why? House and Senate members all have our gold standard and money back, now we need to pursue those who have stolen the $840 trillion by auditing the Pentagon and add those funds to collected revenue in our future when we identify the accounts where those funds were hidden. Remember Robert Mercer and the Nixon ones, what makes them not investigated with any private LLC accounts started by extraterrestrials. Shouldn’t it be easier to identify where they have their money and who they are now.

What is up with that retirement home?

Fake impeachment started here, to support their alien agenda bankruptcy for the handmarkers.

“Robert Mercer’s daughter, Rebekah Mercer, serves on the board of the Gatestone Institute and the family’s foundation provided at least $250,000 the group, led by former national security adviser John Bolton, which promotes fake news stories advancing anti-Muslim conspiracy theories,” according to the National Memo today.

Veritas fails  Vice President Bernie Sanders I really became President and he should have accepted my offer to take my Presidency from me rather than winning it outright. Deposed Trump and Hillary Clinton stole 2016 and he should have had a chance to compete

We can cooperate in Syria.

Who is running the advanced team in the Middle East?

Russians did not pay for the planet

Russians did not pay for the planet. Below ground jails could fall and I could get paid for the planet I own outright.

In the meantime, we have to continue to solve problems. There is no need for camera’s to create false incidents for dead children’s souls.

From yesterday, an individual was ordered to kill children and the supercomputer went on.

The operator said the following,

“I said accentuate the children’s age and accentuate the secret service agency lady of the future,” referring to me and attempted to turn me into a corrupt person that I am not, getting their dead souls to believe a lie. My goal is to take their souls into God’s hands and use them for our benefit of the honest side. We needed to know why they were killing children and what they used them for. I am always honest to the best of my ability, to a fault sometimes.

That is how they recruit souls criminally exposing them to fraudulent imagery.

It was found out the false imagery is stored on mainframe computers called false pictographs. We need only real imagery of real criminal activity.

Gold standard and money back get delivered to all American people. I also became President. Deposed Trump stole election 2016 and I am ready for depositions to be completed. Drug laundering is too lucrative a business for the Supreme Court.

I quest for the camera to be brought down.

The depositions need to be based on all facts and data I have on hand.

This morning we are after the drug money laundering that now pointed to the CIA Director.

The camera has been identified as connected to the Oceanside Police Department, and one example of harmful use is when I went to the beach this morning, there was no blockade, and then a cleaning crew put one up, so when I came up from the beach, I had to climb over it.

When I caught Senator Patrick Leahy killing children as is found to be done using the computing system, they tried to use the footage on me, “I can’t stand it she went on the beach well before so we’re going to see is we can use the footage wrongly.” I am a journalist on the scene reporting on the incamera,

It was also found out that they use if with planted controlled substances. Our goal is to turn the camera on the planters of controlled substances. Here at my home, one individual said “We’re going to plant some of those controlled substances we use,” and in reality when the camera is used the source of the controlled substances should be forced to be identified, this takes the evidence up the chain. His were sourced from the down south cartel. We need to bust them, so maybe we can use the Oceanside Police Department camera correctly to locate the large amounts of cocaine money brought into our area. Who has a lot of money in their account?

Leahy said kill children again this morning, and admitted to creating the disease called Covid, and he should be made liable for everyone’s having to be stuck in their homes or considering a trip to 7-11 a pharmacological experience with people wearing surgical masks and gloves. Disease cannot be spread any more.



Criminal quest by criminals, laundering drug money and having sex while you file for unemployment…

Today’s headline, “Millions file for unemployment,” due to Corona caused by them.

“We’ll run our quest out of Miramar (Naval Air Station) or some place Stupid like that,” said a con artist, Gordon Duff, who said a big lie about me “She only wants to harm the small foot soldier,” for him to sell his unlicensed communist Chinese technology, and launder drug money with Russia against American citizens as well as coordinate a prostitution and cocaine cartel in conjunction with and against deposed stole 2016 Trump.  I found out they were also targeting him in his dream state compromising even him. The quest involved Paul Allen’s team who as Robert L Stevenson his partner admitted caused him to commit crimes. I only work for American foot soldiers interests, the opposite of what he said.

He also lied about Syria. Deposed stole 2016 hoped to corner Recep Erdogan initially which is what I did.

Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team had been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.” People need to stop any criminal quest and investigate all crimes associated with Allen team and any others. Stevenson could come forward. If Duff is associated with the Allen team, it is obvious that he likely is part of criminal activity also.

I have turned them in repeatedly and drug laundering should be stopped permanently. Deposed Trump has been turned in for the land grab, and these individuals are participating in that conducted with cocaine money. I hate drugs of all kinds. I should smoke pot and have a hard time with it.

Our gold standard and money back protect American standing and should be delivered to the millions of jobless. This administration is incapable of leadership, and we should get depositions filed against them and deliver to the millions.

I provided my testimony in earnest against the land grab that Donald Trump started in 1992 after they set up the down south cocaine cartel. He also stole election 2016 with Hillary Clinton stealing the Primary then.

How is American foreign policy going? Couldn’t we walk through that door? Constitutionalism guaranteed always. People expect it and I found out their quest was not for unlawful detention. They lied about it. It was scary. I love the American people and that is why I work hard for them every day as a proud American citizen.

Their quest was disgusting with dark spells and magic pretending they were God lovers to people in town. Stevenson’s partners admitted that’s how they got in over here to launder the drug money and conduct prostitution. They have been turned in to the FBI.

“That’s how we began,” here in Southern California said Adam Powell in regards to using Christian fundamentalism for profit, despite his secret society friends knowing about the Cosmos Law. I have examples of the spells they have left in my home and I have been trying to combat them working with God to cast magic against them. I am not into that so I sometimes screw up and God has a hard time working magic for me. I work with the planet I own outright physically to break stuff down. I would not break into someone’s home like they have and they have been reported as such. 

I am against their Rosicrucian Fellowship, so please do not put me as in with them. Please disband their listening here. I did turn Elizabeth in at Interpol and they know she is guilty of attempting to sell our core. This should stop the Oceanside Police from any sort of arraignments they admitted to attempt. She also has been reported for terrorism before regarding September 11th and also additional incidents she was involved with Likely with Tony Blair and the Saxe Families framing American service members for the incident they created. It is terrorism to take down two buildings in New York with nuclear components and kill 3,500 Americans. LAPD monitoring system tied to drug laundering for human eating space program as Branson team did not want us to travel to space. Hopefully they will rescind his rights there as he has used them to launder drug money for a Solyndra type project, destined to fail.  I work for us to travel to other galaxies separate from them. LAPD is welcome to tag along. I look forward to bringing thieves and human eaters down.

I want Miramar to stop the quest of the century and focus against financial crime. A new FBI Director must be hired. Christopher Wray background is included elsewhere.

Duff began killing children using the supercomputer, with the operator saying the following,

“I said accentuate the children’s age and accentuate the secret service agency lady of the future,” turning me into a corrupt person that I am not, getting their dead souls to believe a lie. My goal is to take their souls into God’s hands and use them for our benefit of the honest side. We needed to know why they were killing children and what they used them for. I am always honest to the best of my ability, to a fault sometimes.

That is how they recruit souls criminally exposing them to fraudulent imagery.

I sent this data out to individuals against Ritual abuse as it is no ritual abuse. It is computer abuse altering projections subconsciously that gets the kids to say they hate me, when if they knew me they would love me. They would want to be as daring and heroic as I am and save their country and even themselves every day until the others are stopped.


What is needed now

We need truth Deposed Trump stole 2016 and we have way too much housing due to the land grab. What is needed now is buyers from out of state for the housing, ones not paid for from foreign countries through our government and the National Security Agency a now defunct organization using your tax money to pay Estonians and others to live in housing free. Our gold standard and money back are permanent, why do they give opportunities to foreign nationals to own housing that should be yours. Our existing homes are safe and deposed stole 2016 Trump who laundered drug money for housing should be charged for any decline to your property values. It was already well known before, what is Trump going to do when his projects go bankrupt, “He will go out and borrow money from someone else.” Right now America is just funding a future bankrupt business.

We knew already with the steele dossier that he ran money through banks in Russia before being seated. Now the housing is looking really questionable. I suspect the oligarchs invested their own money in and who knows what comes next? Better to stay home and take good care and know that we have a scam artist in the White House. Now they move the Japanese into the housing. We need American ideals not foreigners occupying housing. Why did they do the housing to begin with? I already testified about it. Paul Allen is a dead from cancer man. He should be a deadbeat and sure does not have the innovation to advance America forward.

Did they invest in the housing? We keep repeating the same broken economic model and expecting it to work like in this morning’s New Yorker. We need self reliance and sustainability. We can make the best of what we have learned and move forward. We need to rethink more than music. The American public could be wealthy and own everything outright. I have been working on that for many years, when you look at people and how much they spend and owe, the larger lifestyles. I made a point of that to the Department of Defense yesterday. If you own a $2 million home and its value crashes through the bubble, it is worth about $900,000. Your equity is gone. I think Trump is doing that to himself and his friends. I still owe only $900 a month for rent and my Oregon home will be paid off at some point. We have new planets we are creating with our install so we will be planet rich and well I get by. How can we create opportunity today? That should be the question we are asking and not how can we create defeat.

Why are my depositions not important? You don’t want to save Trump from himself with every homeowner? I’m not into cocaine nor like the Russian handlers feeding him a baggie a day to maintain self importance. The one nice thing would be if the oligarchs went after him finally seeing how he cost them. Why would anyone have “bench warrants.” Christopher Wray who admitted “the down south isn’t working out so well,” should have no arrest warrants. I became President and intend to remove down south

Where is your source of income? Mine is not cocaine. I want all of those words to be submitted against Christopher Wray. Lifestyles is not overspending and earning only honest income. How did Les Wener earn his income, prostitution through Jeffrey Epstein and as I found out stealing your CRV. We need to recover those monies and not collecting bottles and cans, by taking his words and putting an injunction on every state’s CRV to return those funds to every American who paid a prostitution cartel every time they went to any convenience or grocery store. This would be billions of dollars in recovery money.

Freeing Americans’ Belongings, Constitutionalism

We need more Democratic debates. I am very tired of being here with individuals who were involved in September 11th operating in space. We need no new weapons put in here with Richard Branson hardware. Americans are not guilty of September 11th and should find no fault in my writing a story about it. We need the truth to be published about September 11th and to find that our reception of our gold standard and money back should be taken in kind for the sentence we were given after others conducted September 11th. Americans were not to blame as was told in the back rooms because of the Queen of England who should finally be found at fault. She admitted it here that her and Gordon Duff were the ones who brought the buildings down, known as “Let Us begin to her.”

She said, “Let us begin (Gordon Duff also known by the stupid name of “fourth of july”) we did all of those buildings,” around September of 2019. She has no right to continue to attempt to harm the American people. The individual she spoke to deserves to be sued. Why would they call him Fourth of July as that name means great freedom and not what he has been working towards? I am against him wholeheartedly and agree to testify against him.

It was found out this morning that she tried to blame the Americans people for the nuclear components they put in the columns.

The American people were appalled with the incident. They were not involved in the incident and had no decision making in the incident, just as I did not.

She claimed, “Because the American people were involved and at least partially to blame they should be at fault.” Who put the nuclear components in the buildings and brought building 7 down? Rudy Giuliani’s team with Bush Carlyle.

This poster should be admitted as evidence and most Americans did not know how the towers were brought down. They could also be charged with espionage for working with the Russian oligarchs against American citizens interests as the oligarchs admitted these guilty parties helped them a lot.

The Pentagon was hit by a missile as was admitted to by the Donald Rumsfeld team who stole $2.3 Trillion dollars that day. We have evidence and data to prove that including video footage.

Machines and tape recorders should not record the evidence and data that we need for prosecutions and then threaten to arrest people in between making a case against those same machine operators.

They should be held liable for taking Americans’ freedom away for the last 18 years.

Our founders guaranteed Constitutionalism and it is upheld throughout our country.

We should not feel bad to hold onto our gold standard and deliver our money back as reparations for the damage caused by blaming the American people for September 11th that these individuals conducted. Constitutionalist

American people have a right to their recovery monies.

How do we get back on target with our space program for the American people to enjoy.

It would be interesting if we were to take that space jet down, because we would get to see what those involved in looting other planets have aboard it. It would be like a swap meet from other planets.

I have nothing to do with drug smuggling and have made a case against it with the land grab Donald Trump who stole election 2016 is deposed for. I have tried to expose his cartel before the election so that it can be discontinued from operating cocaine money laundering. We earn our income in this country earnestly.

The election convictions from 2016 are crosscheck, microtargeting, and Diebold machines to include Russian oligarchs penetrating those machines and hardware through hacking. I have turned those convictions in and though there are felonies operating in the background I continue to work for real to protect everyone as much as I can afford to. Robert Mueller has to resign his listening features. Why would we belong locked up if they did it? We need to expose the truth  as quickly as possible to give the American people their rights back. No one should be blamed for a crime they did not commit. I have worked long and hard at this since the event happened.

I do not like being woken up at the crack of dawn. Why leave duff in this airspace? It is disingenuous for him to say they American public belongs arrested because “we did the World Trade Center,” referring to him and his team. Blame needs to be assigned to the guilty and all others should go free.

My home is mine and I continue to pay my own way until convictions are made appropriately. I deserve reparations of some sort for this type of treatment here.

Do not allow the Christopher Wray driveway at my home to adjudicate for more housing I testified against.  Why can’t they pay for their crimes?

They conducted September 11th later to start wars in the Middle East and pilots were hired of the planes to target those specific countries to start terrorism in for more war funding. Do not pay for their innocence until guilty to continue.

There should be no terrorism  charges for participation that was along the lines of what Donald Trump was thinking then. Our war in Syria was to move the Turkish terrorists, Al Sham out. and we were successful along those lines.  Trump wanted to get Recep Erdogan into a corner like we had at the beginning of his Presidency, pre-deposal. This is where we should be even now.


Headset and to be here, you have to be more than a petri dish

What was found out yesterday was very disconcerting. There were individuals using my internally implanted headset to communicate with already dead extraterrestrials that are just brain cells in Patrick Leahy’s laboratory in Missouri I suspect. Please let them go home to God’s planet. I own our planet outright.

The aliens could be rejoined with their higher selves there and many of them are disjointed here.

There are three harmful ones I do not wish to communicate with and they are connected to the communication device of search engines. I do not want to stay connected to them. I found out yesterday when I was in the water it is also privately connected and had a huge gyrating feeling and it seemed to be dislodging. It needs to get removed by physically eliminating what I picked up are transponders in the Los Angeles area. Please help me to relieve myself of duty from them.

It is the search engines connected to the alien agenda in the laboratory.

I am anxious to get back to work and the settlements won’t work here. I used to earn a decent income and very self supporting. I always like the opportunity to earn more and have high goals. My part time job was a high middle class income job I used to learn all about American foreign policy for America to win. I want nothing to do with Leahy’s side.

I want to be free to be out meeting good people and talking about positive outcomes.

Why is the Nixon aka Paul Allen Congress allowed to even “hold the planet” when it has been identified they were afraid of the space race that co opted them later on. What would get them to let go a little bit?

The quest for bankruptcy that bankrupted them.

The people who have my planet money, my $50 million went on a quest with Stevenson for the land grab I testified against. Now it is time to file depositions against that land grab, pay me for my investigation and pay me my planet money. My income from my business will be $1500 per ounce of lithium extracted. Lakes and streams will produce electricity and farmers will be paid for the waste products and also will make money on as electricity they generate depending on how the partnership is setup, and their membership level if it is an LLC. Our gold standard and money back are American recovered assets and election convictions have been needed. Deposed for scam Against America Trump stole election 2016.

Why are they paying Stevenson.

I only earn money earnestly and do not launder drug money. Can the government ever pay someone honest?

Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly. Star jet incapacitated.



For depositions against Donald Trump who stole election 2016.

There were no rights to our planet we own outright needed  and individuals continued the same drug money laundering I testified against using a sophisticated group of machines, tape recorders and a camera I outed for the land grab, sited in the following testimony. In 1991, Donald Trump met with friends aboard a yacht and said to them then, “I think I figured out how we can scam America with the largest land grab in history.” This land grab is seperate from our negative install. Back then there was no connection to any cashless standard. They wanted to build real estate using cocaine money laundering and set out to develop the down south cocaine cartel for it. The challenge here happened when I installed our negative and Gordon Duff thought that he could use the headset he criminally installed because he broke into my home in Marysville, Washington and implanted parts in my brain. I found out this morning, he even purchased a camera for what was called a “Rosary quest,” which to me my story was about my testimony against the land grab. Depositions need to be filed against Donald Trump for the land grab and those should include the others participating.

The whole world knows we own our planet outright and Duff thought it would be fun to launder drug money for the land grab to consider everyone’s rights to our planet fraudulent.

Duff referred to the camera he put over my home as, “that camera we brought (against all humanity) to say we don’t own the planet.” What a lie he is. He was part of the down south cocaine cartel from the start with Ghislaine Maxwell and Les Wexner.  He installed the camera to develop the land grab properties that are now competing against existing homes on the market. His homes were bought with drug money. Your homes were bought with your hard work and income you earn legally just as I do. I only accept legal money here. Restraining orders cannot help them keep the planet. We should be proud to defeat Central ID and the boulder builder species as it was found out “From where we’ve been central id usually wins,” referring to other planets, and that is just before they harvest the whole planet.

He said, “Drug laundering can start when this camera gets hooked up.” I am against drug laundering and am to be considered an informant. From my understanding down south was started with the murder of Robert Maxwell and it was understood that this group likely used insurance money from his murder to start the cocaine cartel.

I am ready to testify against the land grab. We connected this case to los angeles and I wanted to connect it to those individuals who are sitting there competing for the rights of the planet we already own. Please stop the camera and allow me to testify. I already have special clearance for it. I wanted to record this part about the camera I alluded to in this story. No one would have expected how the camera was wrapped into the land grab, at least not me.

It is pictured here, connected to the telephony.

Alleged planet owners own no more planet than every other American or international.

“She finished her planet was found out,” about me after torture for the last two and a half years. Alleged planet owners did not need to launder drug money. I even became President and Schumer used Trump’s Presidency outed yesterday. At least we took down the spacejet. This is all alien craft designed to harm Americans and internationals from the boulder builder species that are already dead.

Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly.

About the war in Syria, we fought when we were winning. Trump actually then expected America to have an easy win which matched with what I was doing and the fighting strength we had gained through my participation. He was later set up by both Erdogan and Putin.

Why can’t we actually make the drug laundering arrests? I deserve to be paid my stipend and to have my depositions completed. You know where to find me and the camera makes me look lousy rather than who I am. Everyone is Constitutional. The criminals are communists.  I deserve just compensation from the time the camera went in as it likely coincides to when the first team arrived here. What is wrong with the depositions?

The biggest lie duff ever told was that it was espionage to fight terrorism, and he told it because he was so busy making arms trafficking and stolen oil deals which led to his large methamphetamine transactions. How much did he cost America?

My case is made and it is here. The testimony is known to the public and has been disclosed as such.

How much will it cost area homeowners? Stole 2016 is liable for every bit of housing equity and his camera is complicit in their loss. My testimony is not complicit in their loss.

Christopher Wray is complicit and no arrest warrant from him or anyone involved in this case on an adversarial position should be allowed.

I intend to be paid for my work and the harmful threats we are removing.


Different Fighters Same War

“I can’t believe they’re allowed to land and take away all the people,” said President Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony and with what has been going on on the communist front I continue to hold my own as President over here. There has been a lot of strange stuff they tried to do and he is way more of a hero than a villain. It was really the very hard left that caused the conflict and it was found out today that Senator Charles Schumer was into the portion that Trump and I are disgusted with. We will kill the enemy dead.

It was said today, that Charles Schumer made a deal with harmful off worlders to eat the American people, “the people were up for thanksgiving,” meaning edible he admitted today and it was found out about the Presidency issue here, that he said “I say we control his Presidency until we bring in the communism,” said about Trump’s in the past.  Impeachment was fraudulent and from my viewpoint, it is criminal what he has done. That is why Kamala Harris laughed at Schumer. I did not want to take Donald Trump’s job and I want to be clear about it. Ironically enough he and I were on the same page in Syria against Turkey which I suspected. We are going to take down that space jet early so we can have a really good thanksgiving on them. I did provide really validated testimony against him and stand firm on my evidence and data. I still care about his viewpoints and am happy I learned this today. He is much more of a hero than I thought. I have battled hard against our enemy.

I would be happy to resign to honest sides when we get our combat experience over against the enemy we had in mind. I suspect Trump felt when he found out about the enemy landing, I’ve got to stop them somehow. They say their starship is so much stronger than the space ships we made. I am sorry I put that down as in reality since his intended to help stop them, he became too compromised by them and continues to play their game as they keep mentally programming him at night against his will.  Trump and Clinton stole election 2016 from my candidate Bernie Sanders. At what point do we really change sides here? The depositions still need to be filed against the land grab and boat explosion running, their cocaine laundering and stock market crime that he has done with others that contributed to it. That is what I testified about.

Senator Patrick Leahy has tried to attack President Trump on more than one occasion and all attempts at harming even on the subconscious level need to be stopped. Can anything be done to stop those two Senators?

He really is who he says he is for the most part and some things he lies about to a great extent as has been pointed out by Republicans and Democrats.

These lefties who are harmful forced me to take a lot of whacks at Trump that were unneeded. The election theft is important to me as I always work for real and fair elections. I am kind of a monitor of sorts.

Constitutionalism only and we are all guaranteed that. No headset games for my planet I own outright. And to those of you who would have accepted a ride on their stargate which cage would you like to be in of theirs.

Our gold standard and money back secure American standing long term.

Chinese communism harmful to Democrats and Republicans

There is an unknown threat filled with light blue and pink color schemes operating in the background using harmful harmonics against our current President in the media who I deposed  by testimony already.  There is no need to give him or Hillary Clinton any more power. We need more power against the enemy.

“Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me. We don’t need any nuclear weapons fired when we are close to defeating them. Do not have sex with them one more time, directed at those involved with their prostitution cartel and who are the war criminals who were involved in September 11th that said they forced them to cause the incident then, and knowingly did it to protect American human generations. Did they ever think we could own our space race on our own. We can. This is our galaxy for humans and us all decided by God.

They kept designer offices in the background encouraging our country to work against itself financially to where we could not borrow again. Do not say footage of planted drugs thrown out can be used as evidence destruction against us. Where were the drugs sourced? Did I or anyone I physically was around and wanted to be intentionally purchase them. My friends do not use drugs. Those are the ones in my cell phone contact list with maybe a few coworkers unknown to me who may, whose choice is that, theirs. Is drug use acceptable on their side? Yes. Why do they always have the upper hand here. People have a right to disappear things that are not theirs and not supportive of their habits. My habits are eating, drinking and avoiding jails for Americans that are unjust. The prison pipeline some created is criminal through illegal importation of controlled substances using official resources and should be a campaign issue. We will see what the debate has in store for us today.

Democrats fight hard to serve and protect without profiting from prostitution and drug money laundering devaluing us all. It was found out the agency guy was told to pay them for their cashless standard to go back and forth again, and even though no one wanted it, he chose to pay them. They then sleep with each other which allows them more penetration do cause America to fail as I pointed out before.  In the past people used to care for one another. This idea of keeping the planet away from anyone’s side is all about them penetrating us, starting at the very beginning. They were the ones who wanted to eliminate the old guard, and have successfully penetrated them in that way and through old cocaine habits. Who buys the stuff on a regular basis. Are they capable of leadership? Aren’t we at the same position every day as when I gave my deposition testimony? Constitutionalism only is our guarantee and the idea of my planet being in the wrong hands is criminal.

I keep working to get innocent until guilty on these suspects so that we can actually put them on TV for a real hearing against this alien agenda that Richard Cheney was afraid of as a threat and was the real reason they did September 11th. Listening to the video here, it was unknown to me, and I could not understand why they did such a horrible thing. Now the threat we were both after, is much more apparent. They have been sleeping with them and need to stop.

President Ann Diener Gold and Money Back, Constitutionalism and Supreme Court cannot adjudicate Congressional members known communist currently. Warren recorded it at New York Times. Alien sex impacts dishonorable service members.

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, September 6, 2019

People want threats stopped. They do not like the personalities or lifestyles to get in the way. We want a peaceful Constitutional world where America is financially stable and strong. How long ago was this video. Last night I saw them operating on his brain in the background, and they criticize me for my headset. These are the same people I have repeatedly turned in. In a straight justice world they would face questioning on TV as they are famous. With this indepth of an investigation into the war crimes tribunal of before, Les Wexner who started Jeffrey Epstein and worked with the threat to pander them to these elite to cause harm to us all financially, should be included on camera in the media. They should be questioned as to what their intentions were providing the prostitutes as they were called below ladies.  More behavioral studies need to be conducted into crossbreeding. Is it safe for humans to have sex with them?  Money did not own our planet when they criminally landed here. We finished our planet yesterday.

Here is what one robed white one who sent down a young white extraterrestrial who died shortly after meeting us said thousands of years ago said, “We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there.” They intended to negotiate the movement of my negative from its natural position to harm us as boarders with their supercomputer they brought with them from other star systems they had previously decimated.  They came here criminally and I consider it a violation of our upper atmosphere every time they enter here.

I will keep working until we get them however I can. Gold standard and money back are the American people’s recovered assets our work that does not need to be laundered. When we elect a President we hope he works in American citizens best interests and does not seek to harm covertly. Will the planet of jails be broken here? I knew it could be in the beginning.

Aliens should have the same rights to stay here as long as they do not cause harm to American people and everyone in our planet’s circumference. My testimony against “I think I figured out how we can Scam America,” is validated and no one solves the housing crisis of the bubble by improving American’s standing financially for their interests. Same as before. I do not wish to die here and do not want any participation in their cult. Please remove them. I discovered enough for our enemies on my own that should be used in a courtroom in a televised trial. How racy would that be for the TV audiences. Never has a war crimes tribunal had so much sex appeal.