Different Fighters Same War

“I can’t believe they’re allowed to land and take away all the people,” said President Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony and with what has been going on on the communist front I continue to hold my own as President over here. There has been a lot of strange stuff they tried to do and he is way more of a hero than a villain. It was really the very hard left that caused the conflict and it was found out today that Senator Charles Schumer was into the portion that Trump and I are disgusted with. We will kill the enemy dead.

It was said today, that Charles Schumer made a deal with harmful off worlders to eat the American people, “the people were up for thanksgiving,” meaning edible he admitted today and it was found out about the Presidency issue here, that he said “I say we control his Presidency until we bring in the communism,” said about Trump’s in the past.  Impeachment was fraudulent and from my viewpoint, it is criminal what he has done. That is why Kamala Harris laughed at Schumer. I did not want to take Donald Trump’s job and I want to be clear about it. Ironically enough he and I were on the same page in Syria against Turkey which I suspected. We are going to take down that space jet early so we can have a really good thanksgiving on them. I did provide really validated testimony against him and stand firm on my evidence and data. I still care about his viewpoints and am happy I learned this today. He is much more of a hero than I thought. I have battled hard against our enemy.

I would be happy to resign to honest sides when we get our combat experience over against the enemy we had in mind. I suspect Trump felt when he found out about the enemy landing, I’ve got to stop them somehow. They say their starship is so much stronger than the space ships we made. I am sorry I put that down as in reality since his intended to help stop them, he became too compromised by them and continues to play their game as they keep mentally programming him at night against his will.  Trump and Clinton stole election 2016 from my candidate Bernie Sanders. At what point do we really change sides here? The depositions still need to be filed against the land grab and boat explosion running, their cocaine laundering and stock market crime that he has done with others that contributed to it. That is what I testified about.

Senator Patrick Leahy has tried to attack President Trump on more than one occasion and all attempts at harming even on the subconscious level need to be stopped. Can anything be done to stop those two Senators?

He really is who he says he is for the most part and some things he lies about to a great extent as has been pointed out by Republicans and Democrats.

These lefties who are harmful forced me to take a lot of whacks at Trump that were unneeded. The election theft is important to me as I always work for real and fair elections. I am kind of a monitor of sorts.

Constitutionalism only and we are all guaranteed that. No headset games for my planet I own outright. And to those of you who would have accepted a ride on their stargate which cage would you like to be in of theirs.

Our gold standard and money back secure American standing long term.

Chinese communism harmful to Democrats and Republicans

There is an unknown threat filled with light blue and pink color schemes operating in the background using harmful harmonics against our current President in the media who I deposed  by testimony already.  There is no need to give him or Hillary Clinton any more power. We need more power against the enemy.

“Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me. We don’t need any nuclear weapons fired when we are close to defeating them. Do not have sex with them one more time, directed at those involved with their prostitution cartel and who are the war criminals who were involved in September 11th that said they forced them to cause the incident then, and knowingly did it to protect American human generations. Did they ever think we could own our space race on our own. We can. This is our galaxy for humans and us all decided by God.

They kept designer offices in the background encouraging our country to work against itself financially to where we could not borrow again. Do not say footage of planted drugs thrown out can be used as evidence destruction against us. Where were the drugs sourced? Did I or anyone I physically was around and wanted to be intentionally purchase them. My friends do not use drugs. Those are the ones in my cell phone contact list with maybe a few coworkers unknown to me who may, whose choice is that, theirs. Is drug use acceptable on their side? Yes. Why do they always have the upper hand here. People have a right to disappear things that are not theirs and not supportive of their habits. My habits are eating, drinking and avoiding jails for Americans that are unjust. The prison pipeline some created is criminal through illegal importation of controlled substances using official resources and should be a campaign issue. We will see what the debate has in store for us today.

Democrats fight hard to serve and protect without profiting from prostitution and drug money laundering devaluing us all. It was found out the agency guy was told to pay them for their cashless standard to go back and forth again, and even though no one wanted it, he chose to pay them. They then sleep with each other which allows them more penetration do cause America to fail as I pointed out before.  In the past people used to care for one another. This idea of keeping the planet away from anyone’s side is all about them penetrating us, starting at the very beginning. They were the ones who wanted to eliminate the old guard, and have successfully penetrated them in that way and through old cocaine habits. Who buys the stuff on a regular basis. Are they capable of leadership? Aren’t we at the same position every day as when I gave my deposition testimony? Constitutionalism only is our guarantee and the idea of my planet being in the wrong hands is criminal.

I keep working to get innocent until guilty on these suspects so that we can actually put them on TV for a real hearing against this alien agenda that Richard Cheney was afraid of as a threat and was the real reason they did September 11th. Listening to the video here, it was unknown to me, and I could not understand why they did such a horrible thing. Now the threat we were both after, is much more apparent. They have been sleeping with them and need to stop.

President Ann Diener Gold and Money Back, Constitutionalism and Supreme Court cannot adjudicate Congressional members known communist currently. Warren recorded it at New York Times. Alien sex impacts dishonorable service members.

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, September 6, 2019

People want threats stopped. They do not like the personalities or lifestyles to get in the way. We want a peaceful Constitutional world where America is financially stable and strong. How long ago was this video. Last night I saw them operating on his brain in the background, and they criticize me for my headset. These are the same people I have repeatedly turned in. In a straight justice world they would face questioning on TV as they are famous. With this indepth of an investigation into the war crimes tribunal of before, Les Wexner who started Jeffrey Epstein and worked with the threat to pander them to these elite to cause harm to us all financially, should be included on camera in the media. They should be questioned as to what their intentions were providing the prostitutes as they were called below ladies.  More behavioral studies need to be conducted into crossbreeding. Is it safe for humans to have sex with them?  Money did not own our planet when they criminally landed here. We finished our planet yesterday.

Here is what one robed white one who sent down a young white extraterrestrial who died shortly after meeting us said thousands of years ago said, “We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there.” They intended to negotiate the movement of my negative from its natural position to harm us as boarders with their supercomputer they brought with them from other star systems they had previously decimated.  They came here criminally and I consider it a violation of our upper atmosphere every time they enter here.

I will keep working until we get them however I can. Gold standard and money back are the American people’s recovered assets our work that does not need to be laundered. When we elect a President we hope he works in American citizens best interests and does not seek to harm covertly. Will the planet of jails be broken here? I knew it could be in the beginning.

Aliens should have the same rights to stay here as long as they do not cause harm to American people and everyone in our planet’s circumference. My testimony against “I think I figured out how we can Scam America,” is validated and no one solves the housing crisis of the bubble by improving American’s standing financially for their interests. Same as before. I do not wish to die here and do not want any participation in their cult. Please remove them. I discovered enough for our enemies on my own that should be used in a courtroom in a televised trial. How racy would that be for the TV audiences. Never has a war crimes tribunal had so much sex appeal.

I have to finish my convictions.

Deposal of Donald  Trump who is technically a felon for the election theft of 2016 and deposal of him went through long ago. It was admitted to and I know prosecutions are on their way. I have my data proving the election was stolen. He also should be charged for the stock market crimes he committed with the overhead. How was it done?

Drawing rights should end with this image posted. Drawing Rights are from the enemy Cheney discovered. We should stop using them so that we can be free here. Gold standard and money back get delivered sometime soon. All headset use should be stopped at this point and they do connect to this sort of money laundering we are all working to stop. Why does the Navy chose the search engine over my work? Because of the headset. For the record I am on the anti-money laundering end and they are on the money laundering end. Navy should stop all headsets with the search engine to be charged with the money laundering they are involved with as I found out how their transfers go through this system. It is cruel and unneeded as I work hard to prove my story based on real evidence and data. I can break down their “betting system” to components. Is that needed?

Silvery substance in my brain is used for alien agenda visual sequencing, according to Gates this transfers a signal to the telephony so they transfer money to see that I don’t participate though I am working hard to communicate effectively. Can we win today and stop this visual sequencing of parts of my home that you and I don’t find appealing. How much do I have to break down? Their team should be charged with the money laundering and insider trading. Are we finished prosecutions? I ask for protection from this kind of treatment. This is my home and I do intend to keep it. Stevenson had no part in my testimony provided in advance to save all American homeowners. My negative install defeats Cheney’s enemy.

I became President and intend to see my convictions through and to participate with those on the debate stage. We have a real election on hand and it is coming. Our enemy has been identified as the one Dick Cheney talked about written about in this article yesterday. Plenty of people knew the election was stolen by a con man. The only way we are able to defeat even Cheney’s enemy is with my negative install the way it has been and will stay until the end of time. I deserve to be paid not indicted. I set out this morning to take down that enemy again and found out more about the overhead that they put in to launder drug money. I am against that and intend to testify against that post haste. No one has a right to use the star children’s telephony to launder out of my house and home. When I saw this image on Gene Chip Tatum’s website I knew it was significant. This morning I saw one of the white balls they put up starting to come down finally. Is it up to me to take in? Are the star children arrestable for it if I explain how it is done? I hope they come down in hours.

I have fought for the families and all Americans impacted by September 11th to finally have justice for almost 20 years. Can we win in hours? Why would sheriff’s be paid to blackmail the World Trade Center guilty guys? I do not do or use cocaine in any manner, nor would I even know where to purchase any controlled substances or want to. Why would the police or sheriffs drink with those who killed thousands of Americans and our service members. Just because we find out why the incident was done does not provide an excuse for those involved with such an incident now identified to not be arraigned in a professional manner. There have been other crimes committed alongside that for many years now by them and we must find out how every one of those are perpetrated.

The guilty should not be allowed to look in my home using the advanced telephony. It is like allowing a perpetrator to walk around with the individual attempting to prosecute them. Should I put the poster here?

The Guilty of September 11th including those who use them, Russian oligarchs

I am happy to pursue even their enemies, however I refuse to allow them to monitor me at home. I deserve to be paid for my work. Why would individuals I turned in repeatedly have any right to harm my livelihood. Build jails for yourself. I only want justice

Stop killing kids to avoid the fact that those involved with the largest terrorism incident every need to brought to justice somehow. Jet falls down

Tomorrow are the Democratic debates which I wish to attend as I have worked hard in earnest.

I am not sure what that blonde haired guy has anything to do with me or my testimony, to me he is part of the harmful group of off worlders that was also a baby in a cage extraterrestrials picked up.

Why do I have to work alone? I shouldn’t.

What 9/11 was about

There was a harmful group in a space fleet that was scheduled to attack us around that time and they threatened Dick Cheney and Teams into becoming involved with them saying that they would blow our world sky high if they did not do what was asked. It was made clear to Dick Cheney when he remarked, “they said we had to go through with their plan or the next generation is just other star systems,” and they are still around here working against us all. Our negative installed correctly where it is supposed to be helps us defeat them however slowly. Cheney wanted to nuke them before when they started to take over our planet I own outright. I admire that thought about him.

This overhead has to come down. It was said by George HW Bush before he died, “Ann Diener cannot handle the planet on her own. Why don’t we give it some military might and install the overhead.” It is very painful and used for stuff I don’t agree with. I got a case of Urantia’s Kingdom Quest all on my own now. We need to tell the truth about September 11th to the media. It involves so many different personalities all trying to protect our world in their own secret way. Cheney did feel bad about 9/11 and he did it to protect American kids to actually grow up here, so in reality he did it to protect even me and our future install from them. I work hard on our planet for the people to come clean about what they did and why which is the most important thing to have a real understanding and not to be an embarrassment.

There is a war going on between extraterrestrials the old overlord had and the old guard Cheney has with him. They did not want to keep him in and knowing about what he thought about their space program, it makes me understand more how dangerous they are. They arrived here on that ship we are still trying to pull down and take care of the below ground jails. He should not have wanted to go on a space flight with them over our kind as they are harmful. They put people in cages almost right away.

Bush had no right to give half of my planet away to them thinking I did the install incorrectly. I did it correctly so that he could earn his half of the planet with everyone on it. Paul Allen had guys set me up on my driveway and make the Bush convictions come out the correct way, against Mr. Fancy pants and Allen suffragettes.

I suspect no one wants communism now. I found out in China, the Chinese government position is against the handmarkers. As of this morning, they were still working on them here, however it should be time to deliver our gold standard and our money back as well as Constitutionalism to the voters before the Primary. It would be nice if everyone understood September 11th and we could out this spacefleet and make them the target. We can take down their ship and have it for ourselves. Allen Kingdom lies and has wanted to strike directly at what Andy Swetnam referred to as the old guard to take over which does not sound that different from the threat Cheney felt at the beginning of his case against them, and from yesterday here is the quote, “Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me.

Do not allow them to strike America and blame anyone. They have asked for advanced nuclear weapons before and should be turned down. Bill Gates handmarkers outlawed here.

It was very hard to tolerate what happened to me on 9/11, being blamed for the incident and look it square in the eye. I had nothing to do with the September 11th heartbreak. I know exactly where I was at all times then and now.

Constitutionalism always guaranteed. For your information deposed Donald Trump stole election 2016 and I validated what our election convictions are. Gold standard and money back delivered. I have more details to add and I don’t know if I want to go much further. Here the alien agenda is working hard against us all and in hours I should be paid.

We are all scared now of John Brennan types. Watch what he tells his other socialite buddies. Constitutionalists arrive here on time. Looking back it was so stressful not to know what the circumstances where under which to make our convictions against them all were. Now I understand why they were kept under wraps, we had to manage our enemy’s craft first. We have them all done now and in hours I could be paid? Cheney is not my enemy and it is scary to admit that after so many years hating the September 11th heartbreak, being blamed for it and all.

On September 11, 2001 there were many confused people involved with the incident that were never told what it was really about nor what they were participating in to prevent

One of them sadly enough was my friend Bob Stevenson who has been influenced over and over by Bill Gates and by Paul Allen now dead of cancer from one of the harmful extraterrestrials. Their teams caused Stevenson as he admitted, to commit more crime after September 11th.. They were told not to go out that night from a remote building somewhere by Gates. We need to know what types of crime they forced him to commit.

Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team had been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.”

Allen team said early on, “We can make the bankruptcy happen while House and Senate members are not paying attention to us.” Hopefully their crime has stopped permanently.

I suspect in addition to the Bush cartel others involved with communist sides who I knew through the magazine I published at the Navy were involved on the back end.

They were Rudy Giuliani’s side who connect to Xi Jinping from this morning wanting communism here criminally against American guidestones. Constitutionalism is the law of the land. Xi was classified as a non state actor operating in opposition to his government’s publicly held intentions regarding handmarking this morning see @a_diener. The Chinese government as of this morning was in opposition to handmarkers. We have to keep them that way.

America can borrow in its prosperous future ahead.

What Cheney said long before my personal quest began

“Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me. We don’t need any nuclear weapons fired when we are close to defeating them. Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly. I installed our negative perfectly put in the center to enable our side to defeat those lousy jailers.  Stole 2016, Donald Trump’s deposal went through  for financial crime. so I should not be shot here. I intend to get depositions filed against the stock market and land grab. This morning it was likely admitted here that they competed for the master plans which are in reality the same land grab I testified against only wrongly named for Congress to participate here criminally laundering the drug money for the housing that is unneeded and those plans do fail. Parcel clearance was already asked for as they are excessive housing. I am available to testify both locally and nationally against the land grab. The below ground jails should be eliminated with the work we have been doing and this will be a relief for many of America’s foot soldiers who were casually hoping that our negative install would help them to eliminate them to save their butts. I am happy I installed my negative correctly to make this happen despite not liking Cheney. We work together for the same cause yet just strike differently. There should be no case of the destroyer to put American service members into custody here or anywhere else.

Planet owners did not participate in the install process they only listened. Who should collect payment, the installer, the negative holder, me. I recorded my testimony at City Hall to protect this city and more should be delivered. They have no right to keep me hidden to collect those severance checks they have been given so my planet will fail. I own our planet outright.

Why would they pay Stevenson for the below grounds to be decimated when I did all the work? Did they help to defeat the criminal space race or did they side with those that were to be eliminated, Cheney admitted to. They sided with them. I side against them and intend to work until those below ground jails are toast. That should pay me the $50 million I deserve. We had a nice stream of lava heading towards our coastline from the middle. Gold standard and money back need to be delivered. I became a good President just unknown to the mainstream media. Our world is free. I expect to be paid for our work done. I started my project and intend to complete it and be paid.

To have authorities stop saying I cannot win here? 289 Congressional members need to stand stronger and they cannot be disbanded. Wray cannot send out arrest warrants from this point. My case could be made against him and the down south cocaine cartel. Below grounds decimated. Hopefully tomorrow I can collect our payment.

It was found out the Paris Accords were in fact voided and they should remain that way as we still have a country to run without ship explosions.

We know what would have been said, if they were not voided and that would be an embarrassment to any intelligence professional for such a thing to happen to America,  “What a mistake we made. We cannot borrow again. No one will accept our currency.” Our money back should be delivered both ontime and as discretionary income.

Concessions upheld. This is a Constitutional country and we must give credit for work accomplished.

We need good government to take hold.

There is no need to harm anybody for our negative installed correctly. It was found out the now dead former overlord instructed the likes of Patrick Leahy to murder people until the American public was put in below ground jails. With those jails eliminated now, we can all  breathe a sigh of relief and pay my expenses. That dead overlord was found to be a drone of the space program of the boulder builder species. Even if the jails are voided, as Leahy wanted, by the Allen Congress I should get paid for their destruction. They were voiding the jails to pay Stevenson cartel and the Allen Congress, themselves, for the housing to be continued that I testified as land grab. I am still waiting to testify. Our space program should be given to the common man. Gold program only should exist and it is proven to beat out the case of the destroyer. My concessions should stand.

Are people afraid I will be too successful if paid? Isn’t it time for me to build Greatness?

For the record and not how Cheney told it, it was me who helped France to recover their gold standard when I found out his 16 men had cost them. Those were who he claimed restored it called garbage can boys.

One of them sadly enough has been influenced over and over by Bill Gates and Paul Allen now dead by cancer. They caused him as he admitted, to commit more crime after September 11th, Gates and others caused. They were told not to go out that night from a remote building somewhere by Gates. We need to know what types of crime they committed.

Robert Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team has been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.”

Allen team said early on, “We can make the bankruptcy happen while House and Senate members are not paying attention to us.” Hopefully they are stopped and those involved with Gates and allen teams are arraigned.

Stop torturing me.

Lifestyle’s History 25 Years of Service

When individuals like Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticize my lifestyle behind the scenes it hurts. It was not my choice not to have a beautiful home and tailored suits. I really became President and take that job as a function seriously, even though I am a backup President, and where the American people are concerned I will always be there for them. Donald Trump is legally and lawfully deposed by my testimony now validated. I also proved that his teams stole 2016 and someone made me the President, who I did not agree with, however I continue to work for the voters every day until depositions get filed for the financial crimes I testified against. I have worked consistently hard for the American people to be more secure. It is like something about her lifestyle, thinking she can get over on the voter or maybe it is disdain as a result of me being stolen from for over 25 years. Demeaned and put down I am. If she had 25 years of her income stolen from her in small amounts every day, no matter how hard she worked, what would she look like today? Would she be still fighting for even her constituents on the limited income she has. I had big deals that would have netted me millions of dollars in businesses I started and participated in. Sionix is one. Millions of dollars in commissions stolen by this same group. I would live the lifestyle Pelosi desired for me, if I had not have been stolen from. Do I keep fighting to make that lifestyle happen for me and every American, yes. Why can’t we make that happen? Why can’t I and we recover the stolen money from these men? They did cause the bankruptcy in Orange County in 1994 and with all evidence and data used against them, this case should be made. We have good times ahead if so. I will keep working in earnest to make the case against those who stole then. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and not a radical.  God protects me and that has always held through. We need calm transitional government in our future.

Some Democrats are not that different than the man I deposed. Real Democrats and Real Republicans have always had that debate. How much was stolen from the voters? We have a campaign season and need to vote for our interests without interference. We now have the opportunity to move forward. Who will govern in the interim? Deposed stole 2016 Trump has used the White House for personal profiteering and also protecting himself personally. He has used government for his personal financial gain.  Certain individuals have used this as a leverage point for the personal looting of our country and they should be shut down as they have already been identified. We need to identify who has benefitted from the virus experience and how. There is lots of money going around and we need to insure the American people receive the money themselves, and these are petty criminals who want to steal jewelry from people. If I am needed as President I will serve and lawsuits against Trump personally should go through. I have to be able to use my data to assist any lawsuit against him. Deposed Trump stole election 2016 and Leahy has some sort of speaking tours over my house. The alien oriented people are attempting to kill people with the virus for good intentions as Prince Charles was likely given the virus. Aliens exist and have been identified as harmful off worlders who came here criminally at times even available in the CIA database.

Communism is sourced from off world.

It seems like there is a debate going on in the background of communism versus socialism. Where is our Constitutionalism. That is the only thing all Americans believe in. I never liked the word, “socialism.” I think of it as communism with some sort of twist that has been done to limit the real egalitarian system we all crave, where all people have rights and equal freedoms and are also financially protected from those who are vultures. Government is responsible for this task. I wonder where did the word socialism come from. Is it like the fact that Karl Marx was paid for by the uber elite to spread lies to the people long ago, when Eli Kropotkin was technically more popular with Mutual Aid. In the late 1800’s there was a competition for the type of society they wanted to create and Marx won over other all stars Kropotkin was one who competed for the common man. I wonder if even Sanders is fooled by it, the way these harmful extraterrestrials enter into our lives covertly entering in some sort of alteration for what would be real human value systems and corrupt it with some illegal word choice, so they can be made fun of. Constitutionalism governs our country.

Sanders is a Constitutionalist and declared it. He wants an egalitarian system in his own way.

This is interesting because the word socialism relates to the Paris accords maybe where our American gold standard was taken from us criminally, likely. We hold onto our own standing free of foreign influence.

“The term socialism was created by Henri de Saint-Simon, of France one of the founders of what would later be labelled utopian socialism. Simon coined the term as a contrast to the liberal doctrine of individualism,” from online dictionary.  This was likely done to attempt to take away the our individual rights to strength and standing, unknown to us. We are in a position now to take those rights back with our gold standard and money back to be delivered. Saint-Simon was likely much like Karl Marx in his ability to fool the people into surrendering for some sort of ideological grounds. America does not surrender to any nation under my leadership here. We need to out those attempting to take away individual freedoms in exchange for personal profiteering. Are they trying to reduce manpower of police and sheriffs for people to be looted, even the wealthy? As neighbors it is also our responsibility to protect one another, so I am going to the store and do some looking around. We all need supplies. Costco is up and operating normally. Our community works hard and I am working to help as much as I can. Hopefully I get paid for the work I have done to prove our case.

No stealing wealthy or median income people’s jewelry, and maybe it is because of what I found out about the looting these extraterrestrials intended to do that this quote I found out about that I made a wrong assessment, however he is an individual seemed to be involved in stealing. Previously I would think that behavior is too low for him, however based on commentary and intended actions, I suspect I may be correct. Was he that low? Maybe yes.  Only time will tell. Did he intend to steal from the stock market, from innocent unknowing people, before being prevented? I judge a person based on previous intentions and actions. Those opinions are considered over the long hall of evidence collection.

Again the extraterrestrials who landed here did not pay for our planet we own outright when they criminally landed. The paypoints were done with the intention to steal American citizens liquidity through insolvency manufactured by devaluing through drug money, that was unneeded and unintended by some. It is widely known that few want the handmarkers. There are some people who do not take our world as seriously as I do. I am not sure what this cocaine planet is about, it seems like really pretty ladies and celebrities on cocaine covering up for a financial criminal. I work against that type of behavior. The pretty ladies and celebrities on cocaine can do what they want. I protect them too as much as I can. I am not into legalization of cocaine as the substance is harmful. I also don’t like this group stealing my power away. They should not monitor my movements to launder cocaine for individuals I consider armed and dangerous thieves. I am not clear on how people do not understand these are repeat offenders of financial crime, of unknown of ramifications to even the cocaine ladies they hold onto. It would be like if they stole from even them every day, how would they feel?  Terrible, and maybe it does happen. What is the offender’s behavioral pattern? Piracy and dishonesty. I would approve arrest warrants if I were you. What is the benefit allowing their behavior to exist to our community?

Constitutionalists exist to be protected. I long for us to return to individual participation levels like we had before. It will happen. It is only just a matter of time for everyone and we must attack those who attacked us ideologically limiting our individualism at their roots so perhaps we can make a difference to even those who have misunderstood us.

Australia and alien agenda dies here

This morning when I woke up I saw our planet nice and clean in the northern hemisphere and the Southeastern quadrant. Again, we installed my negative perfectly put where it normally was, before extraterrestrials came here, in August of 2017 and it has been a long journey to correct my planet I own outright. We are recovering our star system now on our own, and it is interesting to find out who is who and what is what. People have long been influenced by extraterrestrials on the planet I own outright. They arrived here without a bang, and it was found out this morning about the quadrant that needs to be fixed which included Australia. That was where they started to break in on Earth. I remote view accurately and my information validates itself with other people’s resources and information.

I went to the beach then, and I saw the large spacecraft that the boulder builders came on in that quadrant. It fit perfectly in there in that region after going in the ocean, my partner in our planet restructuring to original form. I decided then to remote view from there to understand how that ship related to Australia, as I had known all along was where the harmful extraterrestrials came from. They intervened in my life professionally in harmful ways from there, even having people call me or steal business opportunities from there using my company name Raven Knight from there. I was surprised to see the shape of the area with the ship overlaid as a visual. I have been after that ship as the boulder builder species are dead now. They were known as the most harmful and even NASA did not know what to do with them. DoD had labeled them as an imminent threat and I am working on them even now. In hours I should be paid. Yeah right

Australia is where they landed originally, and we are working on that section, so I decided to send Sky News an update to speed it up a bit.  The alien agenda, a harmful species that seeks out humans to mutate to join their tribe to steal from others, started there on my planet I own outright now. This region connects to the false bardo that is fixed now. They originally landed in Australia and said, “We’ll just start here to put that base in to hold the planet.” This is an underground one where aliens live currently and during the day I found out they were excited to stay there until I told them it would be evacuated soon because the hot lava was coming for them.  This proves that they never paid for our planet. They snuck in here. Here when I reinstalled our core perfectly put in the center where it belongs people were told to make a big deal about paying for our planet I own outright because the alien agenda meant so much more. However, they never paid for the planet and came in here criminally to steal from everyone on it. We ought to be glad that I installed it perfectly put and stop blaming everyone saying I don’t have the right to exist on it after install.

It was confirmed today that one of the alien agenda team members was instructed by the same group of space rats to steal from everyone through his actions as the former overlord. Remember that quote I lost from him in Palm Springs, this quote confirmed their intentions globally against everyone. They wanted to provide the cashless system, handstamp everyone to send them to below ground jails for harvesting later and then steal everyone’s personal items vacating our planet I own outright. I want you to have everything you own as our planet owner. This may be different than Urantia headset men, and I don’t know that for sure as they conned Stevenson early on who plays the Urantia kingdom star.

The one mean one said today, “I’m going to live at Urantia’s until they (meaning all people globally) get robbed.” We do not need robbers here. It is stealing and I revoked that already so they could die here, which I felt.

When I started out to reset our core I knew something like this was coming.  I knew when Donald Trump was announced the winner of the election he admittedly stole and I had a bad feeling I received from the old overlord now dead.  When Trump stole the election, long before I testified against him, my friend and I were sitting at my home scared shitless because we knew the election was lied about. I later validated that information through analysis of exit polling data over 5 days straight sixteen hours a day of work with spreadsheets to prove the swing states were hacked and stolen.  I later verified hacking went on. Later I confirmed what was about to happen long before resetting our core in the middle, the old overlord said something about we “strip them (planets) bare and let you people fight each other.” We have saved everybody from that reality.

I have fought so hard for everyone and I have yet to tell this story to anyone. Quit blocking my road and allow me to collect payment. I worked for hours in 2017 to reset our core to normal for everyone. I am not sure if anyone will ever care I saved them and their households. I deserve to be interviewed and for them to know I did what I did. Visualization work that is written takes hours and hours, approximately 16,000 hours were spent on my project.

It was said by an astronaut about our planet I own outright, “It looks like it is finishing,” said an astronaut in space as the government knows the install happened. When I looked at what he saw, it was that western southern quadrant that still needed work. That is when I went to work on it at the beach as I do every day, getting our ocean to work for us.

Senator Charles Schumer said this morning, “We never wanted Ann’s install to go through now we’re just stuck here.” Why? I wonder as we still have the gold program going and beneficial off worlders in the background, some of whom learned of this harmful alien agenda through their experiences. I hope they turn away from them now. I also want Schumer to understand the harmful ones more to rethink his vantage point. He is human and thinks of himself as Senator Patrick Leahy does as extraterrestrial and root for alien agenda. When Schumer was a small baby, they installed their own component in his heart, his aorta region.

Someone said, and this matches with Leahy’s perception of his “alien heart,” “I have to replace this little little guy’s aorta soon,” causing him to want to steal from other humans. I have published that sort of stuff before and have wanted to get to the bottom of what I thought. They are Democrats and I knew there was something wrong with them. I had to understand our planet further. They are like we are and had these aliens invade their lives. Someone’s heart is the key to their existence on the planet I own outright and theirs are changing. It is scary to me though as Paul Allen kingdom invaded the house and the Senate to obstruct justice and these Senators played along against me and all of you. I reason a lot. What would it have been like had Schumer not have had the alien aorta. He would not have been as powerful against us all. He can be rejoined and we have had that success before with the supercomputers. Schumer needs to realize that everyone in his district should have gold standard, money back, no jail cells which he did and a good quality of life we rescued his constituents from by installing my negative correctly. Hopefully their hearts will slowly regenerate to human in its entirety and he will stop thinking of these harmful extraterrestrials as his own. They are not the key to space travel. We have our gold program and there are other off worlders with good intentions that have come here.

These individuals with their large spacecraft lied to House and Senate members when they illegally executed a contract saying the jails below ground had to be eliminated and it was validated by one individual aboard the craft saying “We still have the planet of jails,” part of their fake contract. I can talk to the media. They have no right to limit free speech around here. I openly communicate with everyone I meet every day.

“She installed her negative so she can’t talk anyone,” was said by one of the criminals here and he has openly wanted to harm me.

How will God handle this? Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly. Deposal went through a long time ago.

Restructuring is going well and we are getting stronger as humans so soon we own our entire galaxy with all habitable planets in it. Jupiter is rising.

Why can’t I get paid for the work I have done? It has taken a long time and all my evidence and data I collected is free of charge.


My negative install correctly done altered by machines

It has been very painful to me and others what happened here at my home. I saw a large contraption that is buried underground that goes up and down. They installed it parallel to the axis was said, however that was not in the visual I got. I did know about a partition that has been filling with lava along the axis line. This was more like a space ball that would go up and down and it seemed to correspond with my driving pattern and the wiring likely installed in my car that operates with the headset and the overhead camera. It was hard to report on. I am happy to help out the fire department. I am owed my retirement that I saved for years of hard work, while their evil quest with this apparatus was going on. I provided my testimony to save American homeowners regarding the land grab. Depositions can be filed as the properties are also considered worthless. Eminent domain cannot be filed.

I enjoy working. Free speech will not be hindered by Russians. “Let’s have her talk only to the tape recorders,” said by Russian interpreters aligned with Duff mentioned earlier in regards to human eating and betraying our Mayor here to steal from everyone including myself. I am non partisan. Please do not use weapons here. Constitutionalism.

Robert L Stevenson admitted to hiring Duff with the tape recorders, and Duff almost caused a threat the Navy had to respond to. Please stop this childsplay and tom foolery. Stevenson was embarrassed to admit it, and they need to be removed from my home with my damages compensated. “It was me who put in the tape recorders,” Stevenson said earlier to whoever watch was that wondered abut the threat. Stevenson found out about Duff’s motivations with the mayor and he was embarrassed he put the police in my home with Duff. Both need to be stopped.  I deserve my world leadership position and I do not want them managing my home. Naked photos were attempted to be sent to Xi in China. I work hard for us to have a nice planet as our only negative holder. I provided testimony against someone who is known even by his own party as a financial criminal. I am ready to work hard on depositions so we can have a good campaign season. I became President of the United States by deposal a long time ago. Koch competition is a Wexner setup. We need elected Presidents and I am serving as long as I can.

Why are they paying out money? Our negative is installed correctly and they are happy about it. Typing this pointed to a credible threat, a person I am scared to be around.

Someone is unpacking a suitcase with armaments. It is a round shaped former law enforcement man with Stevenson. Leave me alone

People want to be secure financially. We need to work towards that goal with our gold standard and money back


Can someone remove the tape recorders today? You have no right to record me for speaking tours.

The Orange County Sheriffs department agreed to pay me back the money I lost through this Stevenson mixup. $85,000.

I deserve for my depositions to be filed Monday.

We should not be fooled

I am a person who always seeks the truth in everything.  Here we currently have the Mayor of the City of Vista who is fooled into thinking deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump is some kind of winner. Sadly, an individual involved in human harvesting became involved with her and sided with Patrick Leahy against her own kind. His name is Gordon Duff, and he lied to the city about how our core is installed. He set out with nefarious political purposes. He was not a fan of Trump, and was always left leaning. He thought when he came here, “I’m going to tell her I’m in love with that jailbird,” sarcastically.

Trump is deposed for financial crime by my testimony and that is done in earnest. I think Mike Pence should have a second chance to run as Constitutional President, one not jaded by those who created the virus. We could really clean up the prostitution and cocaine cartel. I am prepared for the depositions now to protect even Judy Ritter and other Republicans and Democrats from someone who takes advantage of his position for personal profit. When I think about the farmers, average Republicans and most Americans I side with they would be better off with Pence or a Democrat.

The old former now dead overlord turned out to be a drone of the boulder builder species, and I feel bad for people who are adjusting to this fact. He was not elegant leadership material and was more of a thief behind the scenes operating a front for very intellectual people covering up a harmful race that we have almost decimated through our work. I wish I had the quote from yesterday I got in Palm Springs area, but I did not put it down. It was a slam bam thank you mam kind of thing he said against even them depending on renegades.

Some seek to profit on what has been gained with my work, when God and I brought his pod down by me sitting on the ground for five hours when I was in Oregon. I have put a lot of work into my project. We had no right to be stolen from by them, and I am not blaming Judy Ritter for what they intended. We just have to recognize they are harmful and wanted to steal from everyone including me. He actually said close to put the people all in jail and steal everything from them. That was their intention of the harvesting contract they had. These are harmful extraterrestrials. I see it as an alien war, which it is as proven. I am a facts and data person who set out to save everyone’s life when I installed our core.

I am seeking full exoneration on September 11th. Imagine being blamed for the terrorism incident for 18 plus years and not knowing a thing about it. When I say I have fought to prevent against theft, I do that every day, against financial crime, terrorism and anything else that can harm you, the American people and that is for 327 million people.

Duff, I found out yesterday looked at people with their alien contract like they were meat, and made a comment about a large breasted woman, about how much she would go for on the human meat market in space. Disgusting to have known a guy like that. That is the one who lied to the mayor. He installed machines at my home. He was on the telephony asking to talk with Members of Congress, and then I asked my higher self to understand more about what his real intentions were and that was to sell every human for human eating, something even law enforcement and I have backed up with his project that related to my next door neighbors before, where we identified human body part in their trash can.

What is up with Leahy and my size, when he has challenges with Republicans he reaches out to me. It is the extraterrestrials that make him do things he would normally not do. He needs to stop all gene and hormone experiments.

I am going to clean my home today and want authorities to be OK with that.

As soon as I know someone has nefarious intentions I let people know to the best of my ability.

There were many slaves that came along in the boulder builder ship and some of those in power could have been one of them in our future.

It is proven harmful chemistries interfere with what service members do, as it was proven recently viagra, a blue natured pill, makes service members want to create terrorism and it came from the blue race, people who should be saving their country.

Alien gods created terrorism.

Those alien chemistries also create a hardness, that is unneeded and detrimental. Crime and punishment is useful only when you are guilty of something. You call the sheriff’s department to respond to a crime and sometimes it takes too long for them to arrive but eventually they get there. I have called and asked for a restraining order against the telephony, and I understand the severity of this case. I work for real to be Presidential material and am always non-partisan, someone known as “too honest,” to members of Congress. I have worked hard to maintain Constitutionalism with Sheriff’s Departments nationally and globally.

One officer involved case where he was charged for a violent crime against a perpetrator, he had too much of the white alien hormones, I suspect. We must remove those chemistries from our diet.

Constitutionalism is our guarantee no matter who is talking in the media, they work for you. It is up to each and every American citizen to speak out. Who is hoping to steal your money today?

Land grab I testified against should be cancelled as a housing bubble has been already identified and yesterday individuals were asking for parcel clearance for what they termed “worthless real estate,” so money laundering should stop and depositions should go through.


War against the alien agenda as President I became

Deposed Trump stole 2016 and became closely aligned with a strange tribe of unusual cocaine followers that have been difficult to legally and lawfully arrest. They have sophisticated advanced weaponry used for drug money laundering conducted with cocaine and methamphetamine. We identified distribution points along the border this morning and they went to the capital markets to ask for protection. They have used a sophisticated camera based out of Los Angeles. I have been attacked by their machines before that almost killed me three times in my car with gelatinous material they combined with propulsion software. They are aligned with the mystery guests that are becoming more visible daily. Yesterday one of their interdimensional rat men appeared more solid like a little brown energetic man.

They use sophisticated energetics for surveillance and targeting purposes.

How do we stop them when they created Coronavirus and admitted to operating distribution systems with deposed stole 2016 Trump. This should be all new deposition testimony ast they are aligned with the “Nixons” who steal through the stock market.

I went down to Coronado area today and they attached onto routine surveillance, and tried to get him to say that Nixons owned the below ground jails we are eliminating, which they do not and their contract is fraudulent.

This team of shysters who actually tried to commit stock market crime, said to the surveillance, “get him to respond somehow, tell him we are talent scouts on a mission.” They use me to launder drug money as the President I became tarnishing my appearance. I intend to bust the camera, that works with split dimension. Sorry I am not perfect looking. I am a Sanders Democrat who is mission focussed only. Why do sailors want to kill the routine surveillance guy? I am just like they are a person who provided testimony and then went the extra mile to validate it, even with the virus and cocaine camera.

They are using our service members criminally out of Miramar. Today they used aircraft for a “drug bust that needed to happen,” the illegal planting of methamphetamine in my car the day the deposal of Trump happened years ago. It is long gone, I buried it in the ground then and it melted I guess, and new data is produced daily against their cocaine cartel. Bernie Sanders does not want a cocaine cartel. We need to stop all methamphetamine distribution systems, and even those set to be built in the border wall likely with the solid concrete one he could be selecting. 

Only a shyster would be involved in crashing the stock market with Rudy Giuliani, as the one who got him to respond was the one who said it. His name is included here in the quote by Giuliani, “Stafford I’m trying to raid the stock market now but we cannot continue,” because the Marine Corps responded. Maybe they can respond now with some indictments against the stock market crime and against the misuse of surveillance to launder drug money.

How much did they make today, as it was said, Hillary Clinton paid for those Master Plans, and how much drug money was put in for her?

Our gold standard and money back are American citizens recovered assets.

What is Dick Cheney doing with our gold standard?  How is he making money with it?

They wanted to hurt us eventually, in two to three years. Better to defend against any threat ontime.

Who is saying honest Navy cannot ask the questions?

We have pure Constitutionalism. here and globally. People in Israel know, communism is extraterrestrial. They do not want anything bad happening to the American people. They are even understanding about the name of Israel which may soon change its name to Middle East Palestine.

“Kingdom of heaven,” makes sense when you think about the false promises of the extraterrestrials who told NASA they wanted humans to travel in space while the astronauts always knew they restricted space travel. Boulder builders were behind it with the old now dead overlord. We get our gold program back. They wanted the people to believe in false gods all along and not God of the Cosmos with his home planet inside source core.

“Israel (controlled hell on earth) is for them not us,” said a serpent like extraterrestrial to a boulder builder species in a far off galaxy working against humans there. They stole the whole thing from the people. Los Angeles stay away from our homes.

We need to take down the last boulder builder ship and we are done with our mission.

We own our own kingdom of heaven now for humans as our galaxy owned now outright. We just need to bust Los Angeles with the cocaine camera. Nixon extraterrestrials are deadly with the camera. It would be nice to identify where they are borrowing money from.