Unlawful Surveillance and Sexual Predators.

With the Harvey Weinstein case completing, we have to move beyond it to know what is really going on in our digital age. I have experienced it here at home. It will be nice when people no longer take photos of me naked.

How many of them consider sex with children the norm. They have been operating here through a religious organization I found out about that needs to be stopped. They have absolutely nothing to do with our country other than the land grab and child rape. When I was a child they put me on a table with their creepy members surrounding me as I suspect I was naked. Why is it such a big issue to put them on trial? Isn’t now a good time finally? What is their purpose? They are clearly tracked through Les Wexner and his team’s choice to participate there. I have been tracking them since 2016 was stolen.

Covert intention to harm powerful young women and even men is very important to analyze. As our negative holder when I lived in Washington DC, there were a lot of expectations on me as I became very successful as a sports journalist when I was 17 and still in high school writing for Gannett News Service and USA Today then. Unfortunately my parents wanted to move back to California. The stalkers who started following me in Annapolis at 12 continued to follow me around. Back then I was encouraged sexually to masturbate while I was driving. They did it intentionally to harm my good reputation I had created to start their cocaine cartel here in California in all likelihood by following me and others around. That is the significance of the quote, “I am going to get this kid to really screw up.” There was a positive side that believed I was really cute as our negative holder and they wanted me to be a great future leader.

It was said by them, “She’s really cute, who is that?” “She’s our negative holder.” The sad thing is that the masturbation incident was seen by them on the Incamera. We are all monitored here. The nice guy who acknowledged me said then, “She really pissed me off playing with her vibrator.” Incamera is extraterrestrial monitoring that must be brought down and it will be.

The importance of how fake sexual tension is created by them is significant. They manipulate people into scenarios simulating sexual attraction that is not real. They want teens to be sexual without love to use them later to harm others. Love is real and this idea of sexual behavior being manufactured needs to be looked at. For young women, they want them to be sexual to take advantage of them and then take their success away. It is obvious from depositions done against deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump teams. What can’t we finish prosecutions against them.  They need to be tried and this will finally accomplish what is required for Americans to feel more secure to really love one another without kids being encouraged criminally to have pre-teen sex.  I have been celibate for many years and that is the direction our country and our planet is going in to find real love and no longer be a part of their manufactured sex cult. Over time the perverted stuff they are running in the media will likely no longer be appealing. How do we get from here to there? We need no drug money by criminals.  No sex on camera is needed. Just real work ahead to complete prosecutions.

It is criminal what is done to young women and what is encouraged of them and even young men, ruining their natural identities. I met a man who wanted to have his male identity back, and he was so confused by them he referred to himself as “They.” He was from Africa where male sexuality got manipulated into gay then bisexual and then they. He was hoping to have his male identity back when he was good at math. He was probably a genius at math and used to do calculations in his sleep. They take our best and brightest humans and make them confused by creating sexual tension that is unreal to manipulate their lives even further and surround them with poverty. We can change that and have to get used to the fact that cops are our friends. Controversial informant.

When you think about it, honest intelligence complained about a vibrator when I was a teen and now get off on taking naked photos of me showering and peeing.

“We used the Romulan wedding here,” in my home, taking pictures of me naked in shower using surveillance, “to get them all hot and bothered,” disgusting old men.