For Vista City Council Meeting

Bankruptcy is a crime. Where are the drug laundered monies found out about?

LLC connected to Coronavirus?  Say nothing? Why?

Can we shut it down and confiscate the assets as well as arrest those involved? Fellowship computing system.

I am non-partisan, all Congressional members involved in the land grab should be on record here in the county, so that when the question comes up with the developers who cannot sell the overdeveloped homes for fair market value, and must reduce price of cocaine housing, that will be competing with existing homes purchased earnestly without drug laundering entering into the financial picture, those individuals involved in the cocaine properties will be held liable and sued for the difference in value. This must be recorded as according to Pew research more people are moving out of California, than here, so there will be fewer buyers than sellers.

It is already known some agents are saying “I should have not gotten involved in the cocaine housing.” Those are the first ones to come forward. They are competing with themselves. Can we get indictments against the machines today used to launder drug money? Stafford moved the van in here used to launder drug money and must be indicted too with Giuliani. That is the facts and data.

“We agreed the Giuliani indictments would go out tomorrow,” a source. Is that confirmed? We need to protect the American stockholder before the election and prepare indictments against all involved in the machines to launder drug money, create the virus and steal through the stock market. I became President to make these indictments.

Can we prepare to sue point blank in this area to include Northrup Grumman for the damage they did over two and a half years with directed energy weapons overhead and machines operating in the background to conduct financial crime.

Obama needs to fess up that he was Giuliani’s partner before conned by fear into that position, because they threw his secret service agency itinerary into a ditch to threaten his beneficial foreign policy.

Can we trust Obama to admit it? Who is against him? The agency guy who did lied about the deposal, Brian Stafford of Point Blank, trying to use the deposal for his profiteering rather than really working for the voter, that’s why we’ve got to be ready to sue. The sleaze tries to manipulate.

I want the indictments against Giuliani.

Why would criminals talk us into saying goodbye to America’s recovered assets. They can’t.

Blue aliens gone.