War against the alien agenda as President I became

Deposed Trump stole 2016 and became closely aligned with a strange tribe of unusual cocaine followers that have been difficult to legally and lawfully arrest. They have sophisticated advanced weaponry used for drug money laundering conducted with cocaine and methamphetamine. We identified distribution points along the border this morning and they went to the capital markets to ask for protection. They have used a sophisticated camera based out of Los Angeles. I have been attacked by their machines before that almost killed me three times in my car with gelatinous material they combined with propulsion software. They are aligned with the mystery guests that are becoming more visible daily. Yesterday one of their interdimensional rat men appeared more solid like a little brown energetic man.

They use sophisticated energetics for surveillance and targeting purposes.

How do we stop them when they created Coronavirus and admitted to operating distribution systems with deposed stole 2016 Trump. This should be all new deposition testimony ast they are aligned with the “Nixons” who steal through the stock market.

I went down to Coronado area today and they attached onto routine surveillance, and tried to get him to say that Nixons owned the below ground jails we are eliminating, which they do not and their contract is fraudulent.

This team of shysters who actually tried to commit stock market crime, said to the surveillance, “get him to respond somehow, tell him we are talent scouts on a mission.” They use me to launder drug money as the President I became tarnishing my appearance. I intend to bust the camera, that works with split dimension. Sorry I am not perfect looking. I am a Sanders Democrat who is mission focussed only. Why do sailors want to kill the routine surveillance guy? I am just like they are a person who provided testimony and then went the extra mile to validate it, even with the virus and cocaine camera.

They are using our service members criminally out of Miramar. Today they used aircraft for a “drug bust that needed to happen,” the illegal planting of methamphetamine in my car the day the deposal of Trump happened years ago. It is long gone, I buried it in the ground then and it melted I guess, and new data is produced daily against their cocaine cartel. Bernie Sanders does not want a cocaine cartel. We need to stop all methamphetamine distribution systems, and even those set to be built in the border wall likely with the solid concrete one he could be selecting. 

Only a shyster would be involved in crashing the stock market with Rudy Giuliani, as the one who got him to respond was the one who said it. His name is included here in the quote by Giuliani, “Stafford I’m trying to raid the stock market now but we cannot continue,” because the Marine Corps responded. Maybe they can respond now with some indictments against the stock market crime and against the misuse of surveillance to launder drug money.

How much did they make today, as it was said, Hillary Clinton paid for those Master Plans, and how much drug money was put in for her?

Our gold standard and money back are American citizens recovered assets.

What is Dick Cheney doing with our gold standard?  How is he making money with it?

They wanted to hurt us eventually, in two to three years. Better to defend against any threat ontime.

Who is saying honest Navy cannot ask the questions?

We have pure Constitutionalism. here and globally. People in Israel know, communism is extraterrestrial. They do not want anything bad happening to the American people. They are even understanding about the name of Israel which may soon change its name to Middle East Palestine.

“Kingdom of heaven,” makes sense when you think about the false promises of the extraterrestrials who told NASA they wanted humans to travel in space while the astronauts always knew they restricted space travel. Boulder builders were behind it with the old now dead overlord. We get our gold program back. They wanted the people to believe in false gods all along and not God of the Cosmos with his home planet inside source core.

“Israel (controlled hell on earth) is for them not us,” said a serpent like extraterrestrial to a boulder builder species in a far off galaxy working against humans there. They stole the whole thing from the people. Los Angeles stay away from our homes.

We need to take down the last boulder builder ship and we are done with our mission.

We own our own kingdom of heaven now for humans as our galaxy owned now outright. We just need to bust Los Angeles with the cocaine camera. Nixon extraterrestrials are deadly with the camera. It would be nice to identify where they are borrowing money from.