War crimes tribunal

Biden won and can preside.  It is pointless with the issues America has had in foreign policy and the implications with our adversaries not to have a war crimes tribunal. We have spend too much time to gather too much data and it is public and who wants them in the media without hearing their sides of the story? Why could we not discuss the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on TV? Why could we not get 9/11 over and have individuals say “We admit it, we did it and here is why” This frees America. We need a proper accounting of their spending from October 2000 until now with the questions regarding our defense spending as we found out individuals who have been obstructing a tribunal refused to allow us to order parts for the USS Abraham Lincoln when Naval Station Everett had been designed for forward readiness

How much experience could Obama have then and why would romney want to preside as he was likely with the Congressional men who put the sub in harm’s way of the Lincoln, it is like allowing the wolf to guard the chicken coop and we see the wolves in sheeps’ clothing based on their actions. They did all of that for harmful spending against our armed forces and the American people