We should not be fooled

I am a person who always seeks the truth in everything.  Here we currently have the Mayor of the City of Vista who is fooled into thinking deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump is some kind of winner. Sadly, an individual involved in human harvesting became involved with her and sided with Patrick Leahy against her own kind. His name is Gordon Duff, and he lied to the city about how our core is installed. He set out with nefarious political purposes. He was not a fan of Trump, and was always left leaning. He thought when he came here, “I’m going to tell her I’m in love with that jailbird,” sarcastically.

Trump is deposed for financial crime by my testimony and that is done in earnest. I think Mike Pence should have a second chance to run as Constitutional President, one not jaded by those who created the virus. We could really clean up the prostitution and cocaine cartel. I am prepared for the depositions now to protect even Judy Ritter and other Republicans and Democrats from someone who takes advantage of his position for personal profit. When I think about the farmers, average Republicans and most Americans I side with they would be better off with Pence or a Democrat.

The old former now dead overlord turned out to be a drone of the boulder builder species, and I feel bad for people who are adjusting to this fact. He was not elegant leadership material and was more of a thief behind the scenes operating a front for very intellectual people covering up a harmful race that we have almost decimated through our work. I wish I had the quote from yesterday I got in Palm Springs area, but I did not put it down. It was a slam bam thank you mam kind of thing he said against even them depending on renegades.

Some seek to profit on what has been gained with my work, when God and I brought his pod down by me sitting on the ground for five hours when I was in Oregon. I have put a lot of work into my project. We had no right to be stolen from by them, and I am not blaming Judy Ritter for what they intended. We just have to recognize they are harmful and wanted to steal from everyone including me. He actually said close to put the people all in jail and steal everything from them. That was their intention of the harvesting contract they had. These are harmful extraterrestrials. I see it as an alien war, which it is as proven. I am a facts and data person who set out to save everyone’s life when I installed our core.

I am seeking full exoneration on September 11th. Imagine being blamed for the terrorism incident for 18 plus years and not knowing a thing about it. When I say I have fought to prevent against theft, I do that every day, against financial crime, terrorism and anything else that can harm you, the American people and that is for 327 million people.

Duff, I found out yesterday looked at people with their alien contract like they were meat, and made a comment about a large breasted woman, about how much she would go for on the human meat market in space. Disgusting to have known a guy like that. That is the one who lied to the mayor. He installed machines at my home. He was on the telephony asking to talk with Members of Congress, and then I asked my higher self to understand more about what his real intentions were and that was to sell every human for human eating, something even law enforcement and I have backed up with his project that related to my next door neighbors before, where we identified human body part in their trash can.

What is up with Leahy and my size, when he has challenges with Republicans he reaches out to me. It is the extraterrestrials that make him do things he would normally not do. He needs to stop all gene and hormone experiments.

I am going to clean my home today and want authorities to be OK with that.

As soon as I know someone has nefarious intentions I let people know to the best of my ability.

There were many slaves that came along in the boulder builder ship and some of those in power could have been one of them in our future.

It is proven harmful chemistries interfere with what service members do, as it was proven recently viagra, a blue natured pill, makes service members want to create terrorism and it came from the blue race, people who should be saving their country.

Alien gods created terrorism.

Those alien chemistries also create a hardness, that is unneeded and detrimental. Crime and punishment is useful only when you are guilty of something. You call the sheriff’s department to respond to a crime and sometimes it takes too long for them to arrive but eventually they get there. I have called and asked for a restraining order against the telephony, and I understand the severity of this case. I work for real to be Presidential material and am always non-partisan, someone known as “too honest,” to members of Congress. I have worked hard to maintain Constitutionalism with Sheriff’s Departments nationally and globally.

One officer involved case where he was charged for a violent crime against a perpetrator, he had too much of the white alien hormones, I suspect. We must remove those chemistries from our diet.

Constitutionalism is our guarantee no matter who is talking in the media, they work for you. It is up to each and every American citizen to speak out. Who is hoping to steal your money today?

Land grab I testified against should be cancelled as a housing bubble has been already identified and yesterday individuals were asking for parcel clearance for what they termed “worthless real estate,” so money laundering should stop and depositions should go through.