I’m glad that you stopped by. My goal is to help to create a world based on strength of the individual that then leads to support others from that point of strength. On this site you will find ideas, feel free to go to our “take an idea” section and start working on any one. Feel free to collaborate with others you meet with these ideas. You can also leave an idea for others to work on. The focus is on working together to create ultimate beauty, peace and prosperity for all. That is my vision and the vision of the many.

Most people were taught when we were young to believe in the goodness of all and that there is tremendous support for doing the right thing, the honorable thing. Over the last decade, we have all seen many things that have caused us to say this is not true. I am here to tell you, it is true. Imagine if you did one good thing every day for someone you did not know. That’s just one good thing. Like allowing someone to merge in heavy traffic rather than try to get there one minute earlier. That one thing could also be stopping to buy a hungry person a meal, donating your time, signing a petition, anything that contributes to the betterment of everyone. That’s 365 good things per year. If you live to be 80 which is not unheard of, that would be 21,200 good things done if you started at 20. Then what if each good thing you did impacted 10 other people to do just one good thing, that would be 210,200 people you impacted in your life.

We are all born, or else you would not be reading this, and we all die. When we leave we do not take that new BMW, though many people wish that they could be driving it in Heaven or in the great abyss or where ever you believe you go when you die. What we do leave is a legacy.

We may not all have a building named after us or a statue in a park for all to admire and birds to sit on, but we have the good that we’ve done because imagine what that does. When someone gives you something unexpectedly meaningful, what does that do for you?

I have literally been in awe of people’s kindness and then wanted to give that to someone else almost immediately. It is a beautiful feeling. Now I’ve given you my secret.  I would rather give it away to everyone you run into, rather than keeping it a secret.

Let’s make this world incredibly beautiful and loving place for everyone.