What is needed now

We need truth Deposed Trump stole 2016 and we have way too much housing due to the land grab. What is needed now is buyers from out of state for the housing, ones not paid for from foreign countries through our government and the National Security Agency a now defunct organization using your tax money to pay Estonians and others to live in housing free. Our gold standard and money back are permanent, why do they give opportunities to foreign nationals to own housing that should be yours. Our existing homes are safe and deposed stole 2016 Trump who laundered drug money for housing should be charged for any decline to your property values. It was already well known before, what is Trump going to do when his projects go bankrupt, “He will go out and borrow money from someone else.” Right now America is just funding a future bankrupt business.

We knew already with the steele dossier that he ran money through banks in Russia before being seated. Now the housing is looking really questionable. I suspect the oligarchs invested their own money in and who knows what comes next? Better to stay home and take good care and know that we have a scam artist in the White House. Now they move the Japanese into the housing. We need American ideals not foreigners occupying housing. Why did they do the housing to begin with? I already testified about it. Paul Allen is a dead from cancer man. He should be a deadbeat and sure does not have the innovation to advance America forward.

Did they invest in the housing? We keep repeating the same broken economic model and expecting it to work like in this morning’s New Yorker. We need self reliance and sustainability. We can make the best of what we have learned and move forward. We need to rethink more than music. The American public could be wealthy and own everything outright. I have been working on that for many years, when you look at people and how much they spend and owe, the larger lifestyles. I made a point of that to the Department of Defense yesterday. If you own a $2 million home and its value crashes through the bubble, it is worth about $900,000. Your equity is gone. I think Trump is doing that to himself and his friends. I still owe only $900 a month for rent and my Oregon home will be paid off at some point. We have new planets we are creating with our install so we will be planet rich and well I get by. How can we create opportunity today? That should be the question we are asking and not how can we create defeat.

Why are my depositions not important? You don’t want to save Trump from himself with every homeowner? I’m not into cocaine nor like the Russian handlers feeding him a baggie a day to maintain self importance. The one nice thing would be if the oligarchs went after him finally seeing how he cost them. Why would anyone have “bench warrants.” Christopher Wray who admitted “the down south isn’t working out so well,” should have no arrest warrants. I became President and intend to remove down south

Where is your source of income? Mine is not cocaine. I want all of those words to be submitted against Christopher Wray. Lifestyles is not overspending and earning only honest income. How did Les Wener earn his income, prostitution through Jeffrey Epstein and as I found out stealing your CRV. We need to recover those monies and not collecting bottles and cans, by taking his words and putting an injunction on every state’s CRV to return those funds to every American who paid a prostitution cartel every time they went to any convenience or grocery store. This would be billions of dollars in recovery money.