What they have planned for you was bankruptcy.

Finally validated, the crimes of the Allen team, are clearer today than before, Robert L. Stevenson admitted bankruptcy was their profit making scheme. They conducted the Orange County bankruptcy in 1994 misusing public equipment through sheriff’s department resources then.

It was found out they applied for “bankruptcy coverage,” insurance against bankruptcy while causing it themselves, “that’s the way we made money,” said Stevenson, regarding he and Allen team now working with Gordon Duff and the machines involved with stock market criminal activity and drug money laundering. In Orange County they brought in junk bond salesmen and it likely happened here with Mitt Romney.

Summer Stephan, the San Diego District Attorney admitted to it and that coincided with the city manager and the intentions of some at the City of Vista.

City employee, “what if that’s what I wanted,”  said regarding bankruptcy with Allen team that came in and met with him  and mayor Judy Ritter as well as others. They should be fired and sued by all Vista residents and a class action lawsuit started for every plaintiff in the County.

“We had bankruptcy planned here,” said Stephan, a recipient of money back certificates, based on all Americans tax money. What gives her the right to bankruptcy? And as a financial crime suspect for intended bankruptcy against her constituents, why is she enjoying Americans tax money as money back by certificates? Our gold standard is permanent until beyond the next administration. I want your tax money in your hands not hers or those involved in financial crime against you.

Who wants them to have your money?

Constitutional Republics exist to be protected.