Who is President

We long for a future without drug running. That should be America’s number one priority. This morning we had an exact tracking of how drug running relates to the office of the Presidency. While most people suspect the individuals claiming your Presidency claim to be against drugs, they are not. I became President long ago and the American people did not know. This morning the President became the man handing over the drug money to Donald Trump, Gordon Duff. If you come in contact with the drug money, you should be called the perpetrator of extortion.

Les Wexner asked, “Who is in command?” Duff had two of Wexner’s attorneys living with him. Duff claims he has the right to extort drug money while making me take the blame for it. “I thought I could launder drug money with her just sitting there,” said by him about me trying to frame me with his goals and objectives to steal from the American people. He wants me to look stupid.

Duff doesn’t need to change sides if he is the perpetrator turned in. The idea of changing sides is fraud proven in what I sent to the FBI. That field agent who received it could have changed sides on his own.

I also wrote at Veterans Today for Gordon Duff, a man who I knew was a con artist and many people tried to find out about him. In reality Gordon Duff was someone who would steal from the American people and it was not until he complained about me paying for a friend’s passport did I know. I also found out more about him when I called him and knew he had a meeting with the Russians in the Bahamas. This was in early 2017, long before deposal. I called him on his cell phone and he sounded like a cheesy salesman trying to scam. He had mentioned how he met Gene Khrushchev.

“Khrushchev would pay for us to campaign,” and it is known Russia was the source of extortion against the American people. Can we recover the money? Duff put on Trump’s Presidency and handed him the wired drug money, “They made me the President,” and “Hand me the drug money,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump working on his prison pipeline, extorting the drug money and shipping in the methamphetamine, transferring the drug money electronically, just like the steele dossier.