What will 2020 bring to the voters stolen from

It is ironic that a drug money launderer in chief has so many police shootings in his administration. From almost  the beginning on it was known he started the down south cocaine cartel, through the murder of Robert Maxwell, and with such an enterprise, the administration claiming supportive of police and sheriffs, betrays itself with the shootings that have happened. It is sad and tragic for police what has gone on. Being an informed person on the history of those involved it has been a long hard fight against what in my opinion has been an administration built on cocaine. When I traveled to DC and stood in front of the White House in 2019, the only words for it was janky.

I have stayed President for the voter, Donald Trump is legally and lawfully deposed and admittedly he and his teams stole 2016. Clinton.stole Primary 2016 using the Putin package I outed. Do they belong here? Constitutionalism mandatory with my.convictions made 6,462 days of he Guilty of September 11th have been paid and enjoy freedom to commit.crime such as cocaine trafficking.

Posted by Ann Diener on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

And now as we look to the election of 2020, it is hard to imagine Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony and who stole election 2016 could win the November election. Will Americans be stuck with more drug laundering into 2021 and more prostitution that has not been busted. I hate repeating the whole story about the maxwell murder and how it funded the beginnings of their cocaine cartel, yet when you look at Joe Biden and how frail he looks, we must comment against individuals who have earned billions likely in drug money through election theft. What do we want for ourselves as Americans and can Americans finally be free of this cocaine cartel and have less police shootings?

It was admitted that the gold standard has been the only thing that has held our economy together and there are threats still to our stock market such as yesterday.

Who should negotiate for us with THAAD and electronic microsystems?  Have we only given strength to our adversaries during this administration? How much was stolen to do such a thing? It is interesting to think about Xi Jinping’s meeting at Mar a Lago in 2017 and how far we have come. Somehow it is not that bad. yet. Yet for 74% of  the voters who have suffered, this election should yield a victory not defeat by covert actions in the background.

Will the voters  have accountability and not cocaine laundering post election? Who will create a good government in our future and how much interest is there in Trump officials to actually do such a thing.  The most comforting thing that Trump said was that he was only in it for the real estate and would not be in government long. I hope that is the case for us. We need an American focussed American jobs

A good government should be ahead for the voters.