About Me

Ann Diener President of the United States due to depoal of Trump. Gold and Votes All American citizens. Down ballot, non-bribed candidates can win now.

I have fought terrorism to protect American citizens and our service members from the guilty in September 11th, that has been proven now to have been conducted by the National Security Agency operating with Bush Capital partners and Carlyle group.

Former sheriffs in Orange County who currently traffic cocaine negotiated with Bill Gates back then to conduct the terrorism incident. They need to be arrested and detained now. You can find more information about these individuals under the investigation tab.

I work on real elections and on getting our real election convictions made, so that all American citizens will vote freely and fairly without selections being made for us through electronic marketing, choosing who is popular with bots; lists constructed on the backend to decide elections against the American voters choices of candidates in the Primary elections and to choose the winners for the voter illegally in the national elections, through the use of Diebold scanners and voting machines;  and Crosscheck voter purges conducted by right and left wing strategists to remove voters from the voter rolls who vote for real, honest candidates.

We are Sovereign Constitutional Republic free of foreign influence, and it is identified that the National Security Agency, the guilty coordinator of September 11th, is the group that has allowed espionage to be conducted inside the United States of America against its citizens and service members.

I work on our space program against harmful off worlders in the National Security Agency who have harmed American citizens and that do exist, unidentified to the American public and appearing as bumps on their skin and implants they put in people.

American foreign policy leadership is a main focal point of my life, to secure American Constitutionalism globally with research and investigation that enables American citizens to know how we win. I am against bribery that allows our adversaries to look down on us and compromise American citizens and soil.

I put my own money and intelligence in consistently to fight the harmful individuals for more than 20 years now to support and defend American citizens and soil.

I use my internally implanted headset installed to harm me, against the criminals operating against American citizens and service members.

God is cosmos. If you are operating against serving humanity and American citizens and service members, you are likely a criminal.

I am already the President of the United States and I serve honestly due to the deposal of Donald Trump, and I serve until my Presidency is given to the American voters publicly by us with me on stage before reporters and the TV media. Our Gold standard is kept permanently and money back are given directly to American citizens.

It is not funny what I have gone through to protect American citizens and service members for 20 years.

For my level of service, any other country in the world would have already recognized me and paid me.