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Is satellite based heating of the Yukon river causing Salmon populations to decline?

October 7, 2022 5:05 pm

“Heat stress could be part of low Chinook salmon returns,” according to USGS on a data sheet here file:

and this is important to examine. What is causing the heat?

Today here in Alaska, Federal Officials are looking for input on what is being termed as the “Salmon disaster” with extremely low salmon runs and historically low Chinook salmon runs on the Yukon river. The meeting with the Department of the Interior at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration will take place at 1 pm.

To prepare for the discussion and to understand what is happening here in Alaska, listen to this interview from a few weeks ago, and it does discuss the heating. How much of this heating can be stopped by eliminating satellite and internet based frequency?

Talk of Alaska: Yukon River Salmon

According to the USGS, based on analysis of the fish by sampling, most (54%) of the 477 Chinook salmon sampled had signs of heat stress in lab tests (figure 3 on the above sheet.) This is a high and concerning heat stress level. We expect that heat stress has been present in Yukon Chinook salmon over the past 20 years based on these lab results and the longer temperature records. This heat stress could be causing the decline of the Chinook and other salmon, and we must address it and identify if it relates to satellites at which point, we need to turn them down and allow the rivers to cool. Without heating we would have a better environment and more fish. It seems as the tech bands increase decline happens so we must decline the tech band and increase our natural planet without them.

I watched as Lake Shasta emptied because of this heating, and here in Alaska we need to reduce big tech and limit its impacts.

Alaskans depend on the salmon for their subsistence through the winter, so this issue of how to increase the salmon population is critical to the food infrastructure in the State when it has declined severely over the past several years.

As Eielson AFB bid goes out for a nuclear micro-reactor, Thorium should be under consideration

October 2, 2022 4:52 pm

Reading today’s Fairbanks Daily Miner, Eielson Air Force Base has put up for bid a nuclear micro-reactor and what we need is for America to be more competitive against China that is already pursuing Thorium systems.

More information on Thorium reactors and the advancement towards their use.


Hopefully a Thorium system will be among those included in the bids. Can one be developed from beginning to end as the bid seems to be for  commercialization project of a pilot? I have been hoping for such a system for years. We have to watch and see as I hope we continue to advance towards a better future challenging ourselves to be more competitive. The Thorium systems are safer and more efficient. What will it take to finally integrate them over standard nuclear systems that from my understanding have been not able to be containerized yet and that could be deemed hazardous in a small form. Is a containerized nuclear system safe? Can Thorium be integrated to improve efficiency and make the systems safer. We need to compete at the forefront of technology and can.

Here is what Thorcon is doing in Indonesia and this would be difficult to do here, however it is interesting to study and see how we can apply conditions in Alaska to work with a Thorium based micro-reactor. Sunday reading, viewing and learning are needed and it will be interesting to follow the bid selection process to see if more focus can be on what is new and developing versus conventional, if conventional can even function as a micro-reactor.

It was found out in this presentation by Kirk Sorensen that in the 1950’s a bunch of Air Force Engineers were tasked with the problem of putting a nuclear reactor inside a plane to power it flying through the air and they designed a Thorium fueled molten salt-based reactor.

According to the video, “It ran at very high temperatures. It was very efficient. It was a thermal spectrum . . .,” and he could go on and on, but where is it today? “The idea died in the late 1960’s and early 70’s,” so here we are talking about a similar project and time to revisit the idea.

To watch more of his presentation, that is good preparation for the design and build portion, see:



Solar Core Regenerating Our Planet and What it Means

September 28, 2022 1:03 pm

Our solar core, labeled as the Positive in the chart below, and it is our Mother God component that is the companion to our Sun. It had been dormant for thousands of years and now it has begun producing gold strands of life and sending them to our Planet. We refer back to the chart I made for our install and we continue to work for the positive health of our planet. At the top it would be Source and Source core, where it says God and Goddess. It would be Father God and Mother God, both of the Cosmos, who are in charge in our universe, so the chart needs to be re-written and updated more beautifully, as the Galactic Sun is not even close to as brilliant as the real one is, orange-red. 9 billion souls from our planet have been sent through it to God’s home planet a few weeks ago.

The universal sun and core included on the chart do not exist and they can be deleted. There are more galaxies that feed into source, each with their own galactic sun and galactic core that function just like ours will. Source Core comes down to their Galactic Core to their Solar Core.

The Galactic Core looks more like the Positive on the chart that really is now to be known as Solar Core, which is golden and round like the sun with a band around it. The Galactic core should be orange-red with a band around it.

Our Sun will evolve to being a yellow Galactic Sun like Star. Our Galactic sun is more brilliant now, as an orange glowing major star that feeds into the red source. Our Sun is lighter in color, yellow, and more golden with its companion the Solar Core the same. See the Positive to admire what it looks like. The chart needs to be redone. Golden yellow, reddish orange, to red lightened with slight orange in Source and Source Core

Our Galactic Core is fine and still regenerating to the Solar Core level as it had been completed, and it is very challenging to work on this level as we see small strands of light begin to appear. They penetrate the planet and attach onto every human, so what does this mean?

Last night I was told a story by a man visiting from Australia about a young man who stole his tractor and used it to pull a boat. He literally saw the young man with his tractor pulling his own boat and then told him that he was not happy about it, and would harm him if he even entered his property again.

The man later also found out the father of the robber had kidnapped two kids, a boy and a girl, and had tied the young girl up to a chair while giving her brother movies to watch in the other room. The father was caught and charged, both were criminals from the same family and it is disconcerting that their lineage contained heinous crimes. We need to eliminate that sort of behavior as it seems to be familial. It was found out that harmful programming at birth was  brought here. “We take your first born,” was said early on by the harmful white alien agenda we removed already, so how can we now remove their programming as these effected people stand on the planet, and remove anything remaining that is harmful and left over from them? Good sides can handle the truth and work for our betterment, and I try to do the same. We have to keep working on ourselves to do better, maybe work even harder and care even more. God told me before that I would not have to work that hard as the Solar Core is regenerating our planet, and I wanted to give everyone an update. I will always work hard and have many jobs hopefully and work for our star system to be perfected. It’s goal is 7 billion lives that adhere to the planet we have and they are God’s own, now with Mother God as coming in more strongly through our Solar Core. The dragon is the protector of children, helping to bring them onto this planet


The Solar Core with its strands can help to correct this type of behavior even within the lineage of these individuals. I extended one of the strands through the body of the father who seemed to be a molester type of individual, and when the strand went through his body in that point and time and space where he was attacking the young girl in the chair, his penis went white, because that was the thing that he was going to do before he was caught. I hate molestation of children and know mother God is here to protect us from that. On the chart the Positive is to be changed to the Solar Core, that is Golden and round. It can become like a looking glass where you can sometimes see Mother God who can communicate with those harmful, lost souls and get them to stop their criminal intentions with these gold strands and by telling them something. Mother God is the protector of Children. “Love yourself more, and don’t hurt anyone,” she says

The Solar Core’s goal is to regenerate our planet and its lives as well as potentially the lives on every planet, as our star system was working originally with 10 working planets and each planet had 1.75 billion people living on them, and they were all inhabitable. Imagine an inhabitable Mars where we build nice homes, ranches and businesses with moisture all around it. That is our next planet that is not as crowded as this one.

Looking at the Middle east this morning, I was told they will never have the Iranian peace we all strived for with the Nuclear START talks, and how stupid are we, wasting so much time and so many resources without accomplishing that simple goal. It should happen, and we can work towards it. Here is today’s Middle Eastern Monitor and we can see what is happening: Not bad though

In Lebanon they are striving for Constitutional reforms and peace, as we had for a very long time hoped to return it to the Paris of the Middle East. It is possible to make this happen. Not bad

We need to implement the terms of the Lebanese constitution to move forward

Are Turkey and Qatar working an end around the US and Russia to harm US relations in the region, blaming the US and Russia, to limit peace building in Ukraine, costing us more, while keeping Iran as harmful without real negotiations and simple tasks being done to create better talks that are simple and straight forward negotiations? I would say so

Some good things are happening too, so we must look for the positive changes and help to bring more Mother God to the planet and eliminate the white that Iran and others know are connected to the old guard and their adversaries used to create confusion and that cost them and even us.

Peace building and savings should be our goal for everyone. Mars with 1.75 billion people all living happily could happen in future generations through our work and would be the greatest project for our lifetimes. Fully functioning cities on our next closest planet would be a true example of what we can accomplish, so maybe we should continue to work positively here, in the Middle East and elsewhere to create more beneficial outcomes so that we can strive for a better star system with at least two habitable planets.

Now that elizabeth has gone to God’s home world, perhaps the Gold transport ship that had been here will return to help us make our move to Mars. They were human with the gold space program we have that has been mothballed and it is too bad really as we could have had them for sale to the average American or dare I say used as a public space program for adventurous Americans to enjoy a real adventure traveling to the next Galaxy in five to six days or better yet, Mars in just a few hours, a commuter craft. We always need to keep pleading for the rights of the commuter and advance, however we do not want too much sun traffic so special permitting will be required. Commuter crafts ahead . . .

Other star systems similar to the one we are working towards have both a Sun and Solar core and those they call


What will the Inflation Reduction Act do for Americans?

August 6, 2022 12:28 pm

Biden’s Administration seems to be doing something good for a change for the average consumer to try to bring down inflation. Consumers hopefully will feel relief from the high prices they have gotten accustomed to paying with the passage of this Act.

Not that he hasn’t done anything good, we have just been waiting for better times and with the road construction through the infrastructure package we can see overspending in harmful ways. That we have to stop. I put a huge amount of money into my investigation against the defrauder package.

I have even contacted the Alaska Daily Miner about the work that is being done here. More work needs to be done here against those NSA individuals installing the same things here set to devalue the American people living here as they did in California.

We need all of my data against the package transferred here from the double yellow line fines, etc to stop them. I am not fightng this battle again against the same harmful contractors that come in with harm and wasteful spending to harm the consumer.

Consumers are protected by the lady who owns the planet, me and us. One interesting fact about September 11th, “We’ll blame her” was said then about me, so I had and have every right to keep my ongoing case against the guilty. I have been the most harmed person in America and I am the one who cared the most about you. My ballot was stolen in the primary election here and individuals admitted to stealing it or rather scrubbing it. So as I scrub floors here in Alaska, know that we need to monitor the Dominion voting systems for the election on August 16. I will be going to a polling place to cast my vote. At least I contacted the state to make sure Alaskans can find their polls and have a zip code locator added to their website to find out where they vote, and that will yield 94,000 new voters next election with 200,000 the years following it. Can you imagine such a simple thing could increase voting and it is not found on their website like we had in California.

I always work for the people and a government by the people and for the people. Get out and vote on Tuesday, August 16, and I hope to meet some of my neighbors at the polls like I used to when I worked them. I worked the polls for 18 years. We need to decrease inflation and increase consumer spending. I hope they pass the Act. If they harm us, we need to vote em out! We have a renewable energy fair happening August 14th and are looking forward to meeting real people who are in on green and renewable energy work. I have been working on my inventions up here, yet with the amount of snow and the temperatures far below zero at times it maked it difficult to achieve some of the results with some of the technologies I work with

What could have been done with good leadership

July 16, 2022 5:36 pm

America has suffered under the same crime syndicate since after Jimmy Carter was President. There is very little good as those who are Presidentially credentialed. We brought Biden’s Administration $90 gazillion in our middle class tax income earner’s money to our country and what they could have done rather than paying the same syndicate that has been in power for way too long in our country or deleting the tax money that was your money, and yes they were really deleting your money that was returned, is to set up a private equity fund for the Middle Class.

That would have begun projects for you the voter where you could prosper and would have been similar to what we have here in Alaska that was begun long ago. What would it be like for the Dominoes worker to have an extra $3,000 to $5,000 to spend, well we had delivered a portion of those funds to California they are doling out there as rebates, so here in Alaska there is likely none of that funding.

What do most Alaskans including me like about Alaska, we are tax free, so should we have a tax free America and continue to use our recovered tax money in the states to improve spending for the middle class? And remember politicians work for us. America should be a race to the top. and we should not give politicians who want to hurt us a win.

Who works for the middle class and real projects they can prosper from?

Should that tax money have gone into Alaskan officials hands to increase the PFD funds in future years because of the oil projects moving in here? And who knows if it did, and this was gazillions in American tax payer money that could work for you. Who is working for you here in Alaska and to increase PFD? We need to see what projects are on tap here for our future and see what can cause us all to prosper here in our future.

I have worked for 20 plus years on green and renewable technologies and here in Alaska we have our renewable energy fair coming up on April 14th at Chena Hot Springs Resort, and I hope to be just a participant to see what is new here as most of what I worked on has been lost to other developers. I am not sad. I am proud other people carry renewables forward in different ways that earn revenue for them.

We need to continue to work to improve our planet however we can and realize this campaign season, politicians work for us and find out who is going to put the most in our pockets, not theirs.

With every project developed using the said tax money, the voters should receive a percentage of revenue like the PFD here and be protected from being superfunded. How can we know who received those funds and who will deliver the highest percentage of revenue for the voter with American money for them?

What at do we have ahead?

July 6, 2022 3:41 pm

There seems to be a summer of discontent ahead and I feel like there is something in the background against the American people.  We must keep monitoring to work for our freedom and to maintain the highest level of American standing. Seven hours ago Tunisian bank accounts were frozen in a previously hard working country that had been peaceful as they were trying to rewrite their constitution likely to take on corruption that has been going on in the background.

Corrupt individuals have been doing the same thing to against other governments to include against the government of Chile. I support the Chilean people trying to establish their freedom, and keep working against harmful foreign policy. Is it going to be freedom they establish with their new constitution? Who pursues peace and diplomacy as well as financial standing for every country, as I used to before and it seems like I have been out of touch with so many things, afraid to come out and write about what I really believe in for us and diplomatically.

Chile is important. It seems like the new constitution will bring positive change and possibly less income inequality for the people with its new leadership that is Progressive.

I wish that somehow we could get the Ukrainian conflict to calm down. So many Ukrainians have fled and the shelling is increasing. I miss the days when we could get Vladimir Putin to sit down and work with those internally to stop the war and serve more peacefully. Putin is bombing eastern Ukraine against those who are his constituents. The buildings they are hitting there is where those individuals lived that are Russian passport holders possibly. They used to have better financial objectives for themselves and now with competition in the background against Putin and not even with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has the war turned into a horrible mess for us? Zelenskyy seems to have a cake job.

We have put so much funding into him. Sitting down with Putin and ending the conflict with real mediation at the State Department would be better and less costly.

We know what Victoria Nuland represents, spending and the oil lobby from 2014 to now.

In Libya, the French are encouraging and seem to be investing in street protests.

Read  this article very carefully and there are a lot of “actors” operating all over the world to cause and likely increase tensions.

The State Department seems to be getting ready for more wars on terrorism.

I work to mediate conflict peacefully as a peace strategist and hope that anti-war Americans can benefit from what I have to offer with my 22 years of service against combined conflict. As always we have to use diplomacy to decrease military spending and that is my goal and the goal of the anti-war left and right. We need to value the lower cost state department officials if we can. Do they exist? Hopefully.

Revisiting Recycling

February 18, 2022 10:12 pm

What can  be done to improve our planet and save money for future generations? We can pursue our redemption values.

In the State of California and other states with redemption value politicians can put more money into their citizen’s pockets by fighting back against waste management for honest recycling and credit for what is paid daily by their citizens.

When you think about it, in California 39,000,000 citizens pay 10 cents per can every time they buy a soda. When those cans are turned into waste management, 39 million people get zero back. They never get paid back for the amount they put in, despite it being required to pay.  If each one bought one soda per day, the total spent by them is $3,900,000 per day which is with minimal consumption. In these days of high inflation where every dollar counts, governors may be able to fight back where applicable.

In states such as California and those with redemption values, honest politicians should try to put the redemption values on the ballot to put those funds in their constituents pockets, and fine waste management for what consumers pay making recycling more equitable and beneficial for the consumer

We own our planets and hope for the best in every state of the union

Hopefully we have a good renewable energy future ahead with a natural planet that costs least to operate

Bill of Rights and Constitutionalism our guarantee for all so we continue to work for the good of all people every day


Opinion: Biden Executive Order against Afghanis

February 14, 2022 1:30 pm

 “U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to split $7 billion of frozen Afghan funds between victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and humanitarian aid has sparked outrage among Afghans,” according to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Americans do not understand Afghanistan and Joe Biden has made a mistake. His Executive Order allowing the usurpation of Afghan government funds for compensation to September 11th victims and aid groups should be seen as an inability to see the truth and quite possibly theft from a nation we should be coming to the table with focusing on better leadership to negotiate. Afghanis did not conduct September 11th and they should be included in the victims pile as individuals sought out Afghanistan for private profiteering on rare earth minerals and other interests such as arms sales and defense spending against an honorable people who were infringed upon.

Do the September 11hth victims want the aid from an injured party now stolen from? Should the Afghan government expect their own funds back as aid? Was the goal of this Executive Order to provoke Afghanistan and increase war spending?

Can you imagine internationally how stupid he looks if he and the international community knows who conducted September 11th and he blames the afghan government while committing a financial crime against their government?

Please ask him these important tough questions and do not spend our hard earned money based on possible provocation by Executive Order. We need to calm tensions and assist Afghanistan to transition into a positive world supporting their interests.

Who programs our wars does not want America to be successful

February 9, 2022 7:39 pm

President Joe Biden was made to to look weak  by the way the conflict  with  Russia was now assigned.  Today he was  allowed to “rescue fleeing Americans” not completely use the Nord Stream Pipeline as a key leverage point . He could have use that pipeline for way more leverage.

President Biden pledged to kill Europe’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine yesterday.  He needs to use his leverage and strength appropriately and be allowed to respond.

This pipeline was very valuable to him because he can control Europe  and how oil prices are run so he has the leverage to control the war








Being an unknown Celebrity and who should be in the media

January 24, 2022 8:10 pm

If I actually spoke to the media what would I say, we had defeated netanyahu and here we go again @BernieSanders and we hope for the strength of Benny Gantz Israel to keep netanyahu defeated and when we look at the submarine incident it is nothing but placation for the paymasters in the background as that submarine was from a time when he did lose. He wanted to play with the paypoints men and stay in the game when he had lost so do they expose the men behind the scenes who were in on the terrorism creation to line their own pockets?

Yesterday I identified a suspect involved in financial corruption linking to the hardliners in the background working with netanyahu against him.  We need to look at the whole group with the Likud party as being involved in financial corruption against those who would work for more balance in the Middle East peace process.

The wrecking ball in the Middle East  has to be stopped as the strikes that hit the UAE were.  We know who supported those strikes and it is not us.  How much money is spent when the conflict intensifies and they ruin the middle east?  Who else is behind the scenes working against the UAE and preventing them from being the tourism mecca they could be? It was not russia, as they just had a tourism roadshow in Abu Dhabi.

Μoscow City Tourism Committee held its first on-ground roadshow in the UAE after the pandemic, within an ongoing initiative to promote Moscow as a leading tourism and business destination to the region. The first roadshow took place in Dubai on the 10th of January 2022, at the Shangri-la Hotel Dubai, followed a second roadshow in Abu Dhabi on the 11th of January 2021, at Sofitel Corniche Abu Dhabi Hotel.

Then yesterday the US intercepted alleged houthi missiles and they could have been anyone’s and in reality they likely benefitted Netanyahu’s cause over those who are in both israel and peaceful Iranians such as Hassan Rouhani need to be brought back and remain in leadership. We keep fighting for peace in the Middle East on my income for the leadership we support. I have always in world leadership declared who I support and that is leaders like the new President of Chile. Can Rouhani get back to work in the background as we know who was involved in the assassination of Soleimani and the US is hiding the truth? Iran wanted the truth released and who better than Vice President Kamala Harris to tell the truth. Wouldn’t that be ironic and open up the middle east to women?

Who do Americans want to see in the media, Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden. Why is American foreign policy failing in the case of bringing forth globally a more more moderate peaceful world and is it? Is Harris willing to fight for the real world leadership we are with and it is interesting if she as a woman is weakened by not standing up for soleimani, that would give men more power and allow her policies and Biden’s policy to fail. Women can win and become great peace strategists.  Iran knows trump and Pence did it. Should she keep Iran in her back pocket?

Was the housing I testified against ever part of any case, yes they were and they do connect to the “These witnesses were guilty of running drug money through the russian computing system” and they were charged.  Those homes need to be inventoried and the assets tabulated as individuals may be using the proceeds from sales and rents to funnel into campaign contributions. Now they are building a new computing system and did trump attempt to pull $900 billion from the said russian computing system a couple of days ago. Yes

Who has access to those old supercomputing funds and is it illegal to ask for payment from those funds as in reality the “russian computing system”
is the old mainframes that were connected to the dead old overlord and ran by gordon duff. Supreme Court was indeed connected to them

I was involved in the removal of the supercomputers that the judge involved in the case termed as Russian computing system and soul retrieval was involved in those systems. American Business Machines owned them. We need to pursue the new supercomputing system that does not involve our natural planet and identify how they are using the vaccinations and passports to harm the American people with them, as this is what was according to Biden, “We partnered with the uber elite on” and we need to make sure we have our natural rights

Perhaps the Aurora will help break down the software that the other team has been working on

Preparing for Aurora: Ensuring the Portability of Deep Learning Software to Explore Fusion Energy


Being a Minority Diplomat

December 19, 2021 5:42 am

Knowing your position in life is important and today as Rahm Emanuel and others were confirmed, I acknowledge the fact that I am someone who deserves to serve on their staff as was known that I am a staff level position and not someone who should be forced to compete with high level positions. Many of them were the same old faces that remain of questionable intentions overseas and even here. This was known all the time. Trump Administration officials lied about my service life and I have not gone through line by line the things that I endured during their administration as someone should be doing to have charges against them.

They lost the election and many Americans were looking forward to that long ago. It is now almost eleven months into the Biden Administration. We wonder what convictions I had in the background as they went through the State Department. Anthony Blinken met with people and I wonder with me being our original installer, me acknowledging that I should be a staffer serving under a Diplomat, could this help more people to own our planet, as in California when  I was there, I moved the lava around and everyone owns our planet.

I do not like being deleted as I found out today, that is what history in the making was attempting to do.  We need for all people globally to be equal and those individuals who serve our country to be respected and individuals to realize I am a woman who deserves an income of around $160,000 per year as our installer, and I am not with those individuals I turned in that harm people. I hope here in Alaska as middle income people shop this holiday season, there is new equality and awareness for me.  I would have loved to serve in the Diplomatic Corps and believe in our natural planet.  We all need to know our place and not be put down, we are Sovereign and need to understand how we fit in on our own

Is it time to colonize space?

Is it time to colonize space?

December 9, 2021 10:00 pm

With the drawdown in Armed forces globally America has to be proud, the war on terrorism is nearly defeated and remember how Amazon had been selling plots of land on Mars? Now could be your opportunity to actually land there. There was a billionaire in space who could be tabulating how many planets we own. As of a few days ago earth and Mars are self regenerating.  Could he help to bring our gold program back, the one I brought here that flew through the sun to combat the boulder builder species? It can reach other galaxies in 5 to 6 days. In other nations. they would be excited to have such a program and it is unclear as to why America will not give it a chance to manufacture. We had cocaine men flying it before and it was put in the background. I want that spacecraft and hope we can manufacture it here for commuters in space. I remember my human friends who came here in two of them from their star system and the captain was killed in one, but we defeated their enemies, so we have on left.

Recently, they actually photographed a helicopter there on Mars, so obviously there are teams already there.

We are against war as always here. So every day in the past we worked to defeat terrorism, and that was hard for 20 plus years since September 11th. As you read this morning’s headlines with the draw down in Afghanistan and troops being deployed likely to Russia, we must realize have made that mistake before with diplomacy. I was painfully reminded of the Odessa Massacre in my email. Ukraine has been a key issue of contention, and I have always supported the Ukrainian people in their quest for democracy while still supporting the Russian passport holders in the East. Before we had a more limited presence of our European allies in assisting us in negotiations there. How can we balance both the European Union and the Customs union and remember I am for individual nations achieving their sovereignty and freedom for all with modernization towards sustainability and zero waste.

Why can “unfavored nations” never be offered a package towards peace and sustainability? That would be in the American people’s best financial interests as it accomplishes their goals of reducing costs and decreasing militarism long term. I have always wanted those nations to be sustainable as this will reduce combined conflict globally.

Realigning these costs may be a way the American people may be able to travel to space. How in control are they, the American people, of the defense budget as Congress just wanted to pass another $768 Trillion budget a few days ago?  What was really included there? Bernie Sanders exposed the war money spent again on the conflict in Yemen with the Saudi Government, and Congress is voting on raising the debt ceiling. Can we diplomatically solve this problem and put those funds into the people of Yemen and end the suffering there? Isn’t it ironic that we have these arms sales funded by us and we cannot pay our own debt?

In Ukraine, could Germany, a leader by example, help us to establish a stronger diplomatic position there in Ukraine? I will never forget when tanks rolled into the East and it was terrible for the people there and so I have always worked on this conflict to bring peace to both sides. I have hoped that our diplomatic leadership would take on the Customs Union and help them to utilize what is most pure of theirs which is their food production without GMO’s and toxins, and advance them forward to water and energy independence. Crimea became a tourism mecca before and we hope Ukraine will stay sovereign and democratic and serve as a bridge between old world and the new one we long to create for the people. Can America do that, work specifically for the people in each nation to be successful? I am so tired of people in the media being depicted as fictional characters versus when you meet them they are actually honorable. Do we need that specifically, depictions of one enemy or the other to be happy and proud of our countries? We have to be critical and in the know. President Joe Biden has been doing very well according to some and not so great according to others. It is sad that Vice President Kamala Harris has struggled according to the media.

What we need is a global mission, one that embraces every nation and everyone, a mission into space to colonize our planets. What will such a mission like that cost? We can use our troops as labor in space on our planets, so this will help alleviate any fears of peace building, because the biggest concern is that if we were ever to have global peace and armistice, what would we do with our troops?

It would be interesting to know how many planets we have and that is 12, so if they are habitable wouldn’t space tourism start to begin? Do people already have building and loans setup for space and we don’t know yet? It will be exciting to participate in what we started against the harmful species I wrote about. We removed many harmful alien species. The disturbing thing is that some wanted to start cloning again which to me is a sacrilege. We need real live humans to inhabit our star system. Can we accomplish it? Yes we can and you the American or international deserve a seat at the table. So how do we get there from here? I have worked for years now on our planets to make them habitable for people.

Could we realign our armed forces from other conflicts and put them there? Great Presidents have created great missions. A mission to habitable planets would be the greatest mission for Biden.  Would the American people be more excited about that than reading about Covid? Something they can dream about and visioneer for our future. When was the last time you heard even that term in the reality we are currently living in? Too long, so what will it take to realign our world to a hopeful and optimistic one for the young and old? When you think about What Vladimir Putin did when he took over Crimea, and they were all russian with the exception of a 7-8 percent tartar population, he turned it into a tourism mecca. In Ukraine, the conflicts were disgusting and the pillaging of the country itself was criminal with the interests that came in and sadly here we are again.

We dealt with the “russian ones” throughout our story, and they were harmful extraterrestrials that conned people and had sexual pleasures. They were defeated. So can we have our planets as Americans without them now in the Biden Administration.

Sustainable building is our future here and hopefully today we are focused on building a peaceful world for all Americans to be successful and prosperous and with so many digital currencies and block chain codes .that is possible, however. how do we know how to invest our money? I hope to become rich someday and as a middle class American who works hard, it is challenging to be the best and do the best for everyone every day. President John F Kennedy took us to the moon, so hopefully President Biden can expand his vision globally to take Americans to space. Who is to say he is not more like Scranton getting the Union workers to actually build our gold program for the commuters to travel to space.

And in Ukraine we hope to see an EEU, a European Eastern Union, blending both sides for sustainability and diplomacy working with what is good to improve it and removing what is harmful to the people as I hate to see people of any nation suffer through war.

May our best days be ahead.



Being a reporter is like being with everyone

November 5, 2021 10:33 pm

Should we be critical of executive spending and what was already allocated for cabinet members. Wouldn’t you like to know how many of our armed forces were set to be deployed and tanks were ordered. When I sat on the toilet the other day, wow, there was spending coming out of the machines. Can Americans win when they do not know how much is being spent by the Pentagon and who gets a percentage directly to their pay points accounts and we do know there are international currency change accounts set up.

Today they wanted to shut down electronic currency and we have to wonder if there has been leveraging behind the scenes and what block chain is about linked to the electronic currencies. How does anything prove itself when so much spending can happen in the background. Who gets paid but defense contractors

Spending and Our Votes

Spending and Our Votes

October 9, 2021 3:38 pm

Working elections for almost 18 years and monitoring vote counts in the background to understand the electoral process, we need to concerned about the mail ballots and what will be done for 2022. American elections should be real and for the voters.

When voters went into polling places it was much easier to monitor what was happening on the back end, and I am non-partisan. It was noted over the years, on both sides, that voters voting for honest candidates had been purged off the voter rolls or rosters, this is called Crosscheck, and hopefully this has been stopped. I witnessed this repeatedly year after year and in California, the sixth or seventh largest economy, globally. The switch now to mail ballots only there not only took away from Americana of going to the polls, which early on had even been decorated for election day, but it took away our opportunity to monitor both the rosters and what is being done with the voters votes. The mail system now could cloak a big heist. Is Dragon Hardware being used in the background?

Polls should exist with exit polling as mandatory. We know that there is only a 2 to 3 percent margin of error with exit polling, so how with a “mail ballot society” do we establish that same accuracy? Will people be hired to phone poll voters who mailed ballots? How do we know they were really from the specific voters? On election night, can we trust the ballot counts are reported accurately and with more time to count, mail ballots could be seen as good, however there still seem to be gray areas to address.

Were there benefits to voting in person? It seems to me like when you vote at a poll there is less likelihood that your vote would get lost or stolen, and you can see what is going on with the election. Polls can be watched by everyone.

Also are the current issues with the US Post Office going to affect the 2022 election? We hope that voters will have real honest voting by then, so how can we, the voting public, make sure we do come election day of 2022?

Do I know how to open a poll? Most definitely. I miss it.

And I monitored them for many years as a field support representative/troubleshooter.

We know about list voting and have fought selected candidates for years as we want candidates who work for their constituents, not chosen based on spending by Congressional members. We have found that lists were made by individuals to keep candidates in their seats long after they have been rejected by the voter.

Candidates should know they are hired by us and by vote.

Candidates and elected individuals have a fiduciary responsibility to work for the voter and that relieves pressure from everyone.

When a candidate is elected, the voter should have confidence that these individuals in Congress and in the Executive Branch work for their interests. I have always worked for the voter and drove cross country to attempt to make the election convictions and contact Congress. I invested my own money for 28 years to work against individuals I found to be influenced by our adversaries.

We have investigated dark money groups that have interfered with voters choices and it was found that not only are votes stolen, they are even sold even off shore. Hopefully that ends.

Finding out about price waterhouse recently and their determination that some candidates are seen as not viable because of likely Council of Foreign Relations ratings could connect directly to foreign policy spending, decision making and spending by the Pentagon. This likely involves credentialing from the National Security Agency, other agencies as well as secret deals for profiteering that involves donors and stock market trades which are being examined right now. Could those candidates who are deemed as not viable for Price Waterhouse be the ones in opposition to payola?

These candidates would then be the ones we the American people would vote for and desire.

We must work this election to purge the ones who do not work for us and find out the truth.

How can we make sure every vote is counted and every candidate has an equal opportunity to win knowing what we know today about sophisticated spending and compensation packages in the background that can be seen as payola? We need to know what is going on in the background and I will work as hard as I can to update the voter on what I find out. It is to be reported Robert Mercer’s family donated $20 million to a dark money group for 2020 and micro-targeting is still going on in the background for 2022. We need to stop him and arrest the guilty. I felt that in 1993 he was an office stooge and “given some money.”

The American public does not have access to pay for play terrorism nor that kind of spending. Candidates may and it is unknown about the additional tranches of spending found out about and the election convictions to include micro-targeting with lists made may be in the background may be connected to said spending. We have successfully down-balloted harmful candidates who have accepted bribery from our adversaries and we continue to work for real votes to be counted and real candidates to win.

We hope cases are made associated with those who worked for and accepted bribery from our adversaries. Much data has been made public and many people have been paid who are bribed and I will never accept such bribery.

My publication The Military Beat was started in earnest and at that point we learned about China and Russia with year after year studying to understand at behest of the American people the truth and what has gone on in the background against them.

The American people will honestly vote. We want to make everyone happy with a clean election for 2022.


Tourism and great health is everyone’s side

“Why could I have not competed against Trump,” said Mike Pence and that is the same thing I wondered as I tried to give away the Presidency. “We stole the Presidency more than she did,” said individuals I turned in repeatedly. I did not steal Donald Trump’s Presidency either, they had given it to me in a covert deposal process, and I did not want it, so I tried to give it away.  I used it to prove what Donald Trump had been deposed for and validate my testimony. Covid was created.  I lost a lot of my own money helping Biden win.  I did manage to prove who was involved in September 11th and I did not as of today manage to get victim’s compensation for the victims including myself who spent 20 plus years attempting to prove who was involved in it.  Trump was at least partially at fault with the Florida incident then and I worked to identify the other individuals who likely used explosives then.  Richard Cheney hid in the background then on June 24, 2021 with other individuals then and likely other individuals likely partnered who with him involved with all hands who were part of the first September 11th attacks.

“Leahy has already been down balloted” found out October 8, 2021 and previously reported as “yesterday” for espionage and assorted crimes. He resigned publicly to the media.

I side with the Rand Paul side of Republicans and the Bernie Sanders side of Democrats.

I am glad Biden won. I am sorry about what they did afterwards.  The housing crashed in 42 states and well there were never depositions.  I work against terrorism conducted against the American people.

God works here

I wish at some point I could campaign face to face with the voters and I will work hard to report accurately the truth. We had made a statement about “money back” and those were American citizens returned tax money that was in the hands and at times personal checking accounts of individuals, those funds will likely never be delivered to the American people, and Donald Trump attempted to file against those funds in a stack of 20 filings. It would have been nice if Biden had had those funds in the treasury and control of those funds for the people and that was my dream that the American people would have had those Billions in revenue.  America could become Sovereign. Is Biden able to retain any sovereignty now that he is in the White House.  “We don’t know what we are going to do with the royals now we know they are not liked by the common people,” was happening on December 19. 2020.  It will be interesting as globally royalty is questionable and the is one thing we did with our negative install. Did they meet with Sisi and what will this house look like when they return from Egypt.

We need to monitor spending and how do we do it when it is covertly done?

October 1, 2021 8:49 pm

How much is the spending they agreed to covertly in groups? It was found yesterday supplementals can pass in the background agreed upon in advance to spend your money, and how much are they worth to contractors who have sat in the background printing bankruptcies and war debt, collecting pay.

Will they get paid again and again as the American people are in debt. How do we know what individuals do covertly? I work against financial crime conducted against the voter.

The same contractors get paid as they speak to the media. Do they get paid 5-10% working against you, as we watch them on TV? How much was mitt romney’s cut and how about donald trump’s? We know he and they got paid as they created covid and the vaccines in California. Did they harm 180,000 businesses in the process putting everyone in debt. It was also found yesterday trump officials including gina Haspel went in there and used the spreaders against the people.

We have a better government now, and who compensates restaurant chains like Cohen Restaurant group and others for what they did? There are likely 180,000 small businesses they affected who shut down and/or lost significant amounts of money, some closing after honestly contributing to our economy for ten or more years.

The first time I was interviewed by television I broke a story about the paypoints declining American’s credit cards and double charging them and that affected 80,000 people forcing the banks to return their money. How can we force them to compensate every affected business in California and not earn any money covertly?

Can our government take the print outs of the businesses that are closed and pursue those at fault to write checks to reopen? Maybe. Should they? I would not run any of that history in the making hardware around my home. Trump published books about businesses and who would have guessed he and them would work to shut them down when they were forecasted to lose the election.

For 2022, it would be nice if every candidate worked for just compensation for the voters and for straight up truth as it has gone on behind the scenes too long.

We dream of Presidents such as John F Kennedy who would be honorable and it is good Robert Kennedy Junior speaks out about vaccines and for our natural immunity. How much can we save is every American and good politicians I want to vote for and work for.

What the American people do not see on TV can hurt them financially. Does the media talk about the covert budgets?  Can we? I work hard to tell the truth and work for the voter and maybe someday somebody will pick me up

2022 Election Should be Exciting

September 19, 2021 8:07 pm

What an amazing morning with Beto O’Roark declaring his candidacy for Governor of Texas. Has the JFK of Texas arrived or what! We will be going through state by state to identify who is on the ballot and keep working for Progressives and honest Republicans. I am a Democrat and he said, “We as Democrats must decide we will not be afraid. We Americans must decide we will not be afraid. We must decide that we will free America from fear.”

Bravo! I always work honestly for the voters. I have contacted Former Gary Governor Locke to keep Rudy Giuliani on trial for what he did with the towers. We must avoid the shift east with our convictions and we know 2016 was stolen from Bernie Sanders by him.

Some will say we should not have our sovereign tender and we really could as looking at it the royals admitted through charles “I serve no purpose,” and we know their government pays for them to live. They are also found to be the collectors of our taxes because of a space pod we decimated. Does that make America still a colony to them through the british government and in reality Texas uses the magistrate system, so with him winning and taking on our sovereign tender issue that we want our taxes to be held, could America have permanent freedom from them through him?

We know some of the labs that created covid and stopped them.

With candidates like O’Rourke, we could have exports to China from Texas and with Governor Gavin Newsom winning the recall in California, he will have to reverse his track record and open his eyes to what he can create in the Central Valley and elsewhere in the state. Here in Alaska, we know that Senator Lisa Murkowski could be a strong candidate for exports to China and success in the future renewables sector driven by new projects by Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. I hope to continue to be a part of those projects and am working on incorporating a waste to raw materials into one that is ongoing. It is important for our planet, the American people and Alaskans for those projects to work to reduce energy costs and heating. Then with the waste component, we could create a significant amount of revenue from existing metals in the state that need to be recycled which when refined could be exported.

Will Club 100 become more active and Jack Ma begin working on new business relationships soon? We hope so. Build Back Better could make “America Exports” into the driver behind many campaigns based on the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors successes. This is an opportunity ahead.

President Joe Biden has created a lot of job growth, we are grateful for it and expect American salaries to continue to rise based on the numbers.




Lots of Jobs

September 17, 2021 8:23 pm

There are los of jobs throughout our country. Alaska is hiring workers and I am updating my website.

It is amazing what can be done in the spring here. There are lots of cars and other metals to recycle and those would be additional summer jobs and revenues for exports based on waste recycling.

When you look a the number of old cars throughout the country these two processes could be applicable. I spent 18 years testing waste to energy and water production and recycling technology in California.

We need to find our more about Pyrogenesis. I met Jennifer Granholm in Alaska.

Good that we stopped Covid and good that more focus can be put in the vacation industry and can the people who were liable for it stop and move forward as we have thousands of jobs here

Stop profiteering on disease

September 4, 2021 8:08 pm

I will be going through my articles on my blog to update them, as when I was typing them we had harmful people in the background with mainframe computers harming me and the American people so some things did not make sense.

Still as of this morning they use the same owned people who were even raided and even who have been under arraignment for drug trafficking in the background are bothering me again. We have three to ten bank accounts they received drug money into. They are the recipients of the proceeds from the sale of narcotics and we are still monitoring existing containers they have attempted to move as they increase your court costs on the back end through distribution. One thing I wonder who really uses crack any more. It is their drug of choice with cocaine. “We are under arraignment for drugs we have on hand,” said bush recently. September 11th is rapidly approaching so their operation is criminal and with the same individuals on the poster with the exception of Paul Ryan, now an owned, previously raided, dependent on some kind of crime as he keeps on going with them.

Marijuana and CBD is much more liked so they are old, owned, and do not reflect my value systems. Some of them have died and they beg for money to repeat the same things we already defeated.

“We were in on those with the uber elite” sadly said biden about smart identification passports through vaccinations and we already fought and defeated central identification. We are pro driver’s licenses and know based on this article they created their own cottage industry and even collected drug money on the back end when their funds were in excess at covid related facilities. Meth id continues previously outed to our armed forces who they kill and sacrificed 850 pre-September 11th.

We try to keep optimistic about our future and end covid. There should have been a class action lawsuit against those who used it to profiteer and they are the same as in the screening article

Yesterday we got all hands hopefully and individuals involved with them were turned in for both narcotics and covid sequencing.

Biden has our normal government economy and we participate and work for the middle class to do even better. Wars were stopped and that created savings.

We have all data against them and I consider the stole 2016 would have stolen 2020, a class action lawsuit waiting to happen if they harm the people. How much do they owe you for what they did


37 Seats

July 31, 2021 11:05 am

AmyMcGrath won 2020 against Mitch McConnell and was it true that “We knew she won,” and 36 seats are still unaccounted for and Nancy Pelosi stole her seat from Shahid Buttar?  Does anyone really care

Bush stole 2000.

We have 272 Congressional members who work for the American people are honest and I support honest members not those scheming

May the California Governor’s race ballots be counted and we know the same turned in cons already agreed to steal again either way for Newsom or Elder. “We agreed to steal their ballots already” so can they be stopped from a confusing recall race to the democratic voter not seeing what Newsom did?

Breaking the Monopolies to break the Jails and end corruption

July 11, 2021 2:30 pm

Americans have been too controlled what they do not know about. With the unfettered capitalism that was operating in the background during the Trump administration, billions were absconded with and some ot their rogue operators still lurk in the background. We need to protect ourselves from them and continue to work to identify how average Americans can become more successful. It has been identified that Special Purpose Acquisition corporations have too much power with the conglomerates and that is why President Joe Biden’s executive Order was refreshing. On Friday Biden said, “‘Capitalism without competition is exploitation,” and so how do we compete with subversive groups known to topple markets and create special corporations to do such a thing unknown to the average consumer? Many of these corporations are hidden and come in to squelch innovation and profiteer in the background with unknown designs against the average worker and even mid-range corporations, stopping to be successful projects before they start using insider knowledge or technology against the proprietors or principals of the company or companies.

Five have done that and this was terrible because of Covid. Many of these companies were just recovering and insiders chose to harm them.

Knowing what happened with the housing and the land grab now that it was diversified amongst both Republicans and Democrats we must analyze who has the corruptly built housing done with cocaine and methamphetamine. Is it in a real estate acquisition holding company? It was found out high profile people purchased foreclosures and also build large developments throughout the country with drug money they laundered and other sources. What was interesting is that as containerships of methamphetamine came in those funds were wired. It would be nice to diagram out the flow of funds with the arrival of methamphetamine in to Los Angeles, obviously one group of several purchases the container (s) and then wire transfers the purchase price as someone wagers the street value and drug dealers purchase it at a wholesale cost for distribution to their network to achieve profits for themselves and then other profits are factored in to include juridical and law enforcement. We could do the same with cocaine knowing the origins and background of the story, a cartel founded on insurance fraud or was it an existing cartel Donald Trump put the money into?

It could have been.

And with that there is expensive housing constructed with the wire transferred funds and special purpose funding. This is one crooked system and it is good that Biden is taking action against it.

We would like to find out which corporation is in control of our housing, and there was also cocaine money, lots of it, put into the housing.

It was estimated and visually seen that thousands of homes were built with drug money. Can you imagine that these individuals developing the homes by corrupt means have been sitting in the background being paid and waiting to collect huge sums of money as they sell? $50,000 to $250,000 per home would be significant.

So how do we break it up and stop them by forcing disclosure of profits, and how they were achieved? We know there was little emphasis on developing a strong financially sound government during the Trump Administration and their focus was what Robert Mueller was hired to do.  It did not happen because we were focussed on solvency and deposited 80 gazillion post check clearance when the Biden Administration was struggling because there was too much emphasis on real estate.

And as Biden does have the funds, and we have uncovered the real estate and the system, so how can we secure recovery? Wells Fargo just crashed

We need insure American companies stay competitive, innovative, profitable and work towards real infrastructure developments with renewable advancements in sustainability that could create jobs and benefit all Americans and increase the abilities of those Americans and American companies harmed to compete? I am an Expert Witness with over 23 years background, from 1998 when I first began to examine the harmful advancements of our adversaries in conjunction with Big Tech.

When I think about what I have seen and experienced since then I am glad to know what I have worked against to include Dark Money. We should be rich with assets once we are able to identify the assets and break them down as monopolies and other President’s have done so such and individuals sometimes create a front to be broken down such as Lehman Brothers while they control the profits in the background. Lehman benefitted Bear Stearns and that is why we must be cautious and include all data to identify the monopolies in place to include Big Tech that was set to move up to 800,000 jobs to Texas from California.

California jobs are important to us.

On Sunday let no one come between us from working for the good of all American people.

What was Rupert attempting to extract with the crash that they put on bringing the stocks down and up?




What will the damage be in the Gulf of Mexico

July 3, 2021 4:13 pm

When looking at the photos of the pipeline fire that originated from a gas leak yesterday, we should wonder what will the interior of the Gulf look like when it is over and what will the damage be to the area? We remember the BP oil spill and the negotiations that went on after regarding the use of dispersant, and now with this we wonder what the impacts are? Will that portion of the gulf be unusable as there is a huge oil spill to be uncovered beneath the Ocean? I suspect so.

According to BuzzFeed, “Mexican-state-owned petroleum company Petróleos Mexicanos, also known as Pemex, said a gas leak was discovered in the 12-inch submarine pipeline near a platform in the Ku-Maloob-Zaap oil field. Firefighting crews were able to snuff out the swirling, fiery mass of water by about 10:45 a.m.” so what will be left and how can we help the Gulf? Why could an experienced group such as my partners who previously almost were awarded a contract to treat the BP oil spill not have an opportunity to be funded for the cleanup?

Is Mexico responsible and we can pursue the responsible party to provide consulting services and treatment options. I am anxious to get to the bottom of it and help restore the Gulf to natural beauty.

No rights to use

Real Estate Acquisition Corporations

July 2, 2021 2:07 pm

We need a proper accounting for how war criminals were rewarded and continue to operate in the background. Bernie Sanders would have won 2016 with exit polling used. The Trump administration managed to abscond with billions through stock market crime and other criminal activities billions of dollars. I have served through 3 justice departments and we know the $90 gazillion was delivered after Biden received check clearance and Sanders received medicare spending.  So how can we know what the tech giants hold when individuals such as Barack Obama admit to owning buildings with drug money they brought in. We have been hoping California could have an idea center for real water and energy independence and with what the tech giants planned moving to Texas, California badly needs an innovation center free of corruption. Newsom is being Recalled and is corrupt.

“We built great mansions in high-rises with the drug money that we brought in,” said  Obama and so we know I busted those buildings and they took them over and so who designated my piece of the pie as a payment for investigation. We need to begin to look at Real Estate Acquisition Corporations as these are the companies that may be concealing the mansions and foreclosures that were purchased by them. When properties were purchased with drug money they are under investigation and I found out it is illegal to run drugs through someone’s home. I reported to the German Foreign Office that trump officials and also romney ran drugs through my home. I did not include romney to the German foreign office. I have documented evidence showing that.  In September 2020, “Debt backed securities contain more cocaine,” said Mitt Romney.  So we must question the markets and identify who controls what and how much drug money went into housing, building acquisition and also the foreclosure markets. Now with the DEA bust in San Diego, we can hope they are pursuing the methamphetamine men, as there were 16 outstanding warrants.

I am owed payment for honest service. I did drive across the United States and find housing developments in at least 14 states I visited and some may have been from cocaine. Many were concealed as debt backed securities.

We continue to be against war criminals and they are openly known and for that reason we must monitor the media to see when foreign conflicts occur who is spending and hopefully we can finally have a real audit. With 23 years against the same criminals it seems pretty long to fight against them without a check payment and maybe I will end up working finally on this RAC investigation that the media wanted.

It was nice the cheney bench warrant was admitted to and in reality bush was campaign was arrested.  We are waiting for audits in Texas as bush was a bench warrant there and others are going through their bankruptcies.

With all data against the war criminals @a_diener I wish we had a tribunal like we wanted and I could purchase my home and include the outgoing war crimes that occurred which no one accounted for  and people need to talk to me in person.  I deserve to be on TV to talk about the truth of Trump administration and work against the war criminals.

Kamala Harris won Vice President and she would not run drugs through my home. Joe Walsh should be on the ticket in 2024 with Bill Weld based on what was already achieved. Justin Amash should stay honest and honorable and work to campaign more. He would go after the GAP funding which was “that is where all of the cocaine was hidden” at  Department of Homeland Security.

Some badges were fake so how can we protect America and have a good job and get paid? RAC’s could be looked at

“Cheney’s staff” is not our side and we had a nice wanted poster that could have come out from the OSCE showing them,  and I tried to save 7 billion lives at $1 per pound of everyone’s belongings and lives and here we stand.

Young people deserve real projects to work on with water recycling, waste to energy and water production. I hope to get working on something honest where I can enjoy a comfortable living again.  72 million votes stolen by

To tell lies is not me and who will harm us

The differential was calculated as $47,000 times 18 million homeowners and should anyone be responsible now with what was deposited in the Biden administration, probably not.

If anything happens I have on data on who weakened us

I am never with anyone who accepted bribery from our adversaries nor ran drugs I reported on


Water and Oil Flocculants Could Treat South Bay

June 10, 2021 2:07 pm

When talking about the border wall, nothing was more useless as they previously allowed immigrants to cross the border. Now that Kamala Harris is Vice President we may be able to introduce real solutions to real problems in the South Bay for real cleanup of real problems to include the Tijuana river.  When the water flows across the border it remains untreated and according to a recent article,  “Millions of gallons of sewage are flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day, causing contaminated waters and frequent beach closures,” said The Coronado Eagle Journal. “In February 2017, 143 million gallons of raw sewage flowed into the Tijuana River and eventually onto our beaches. Since then, there have been hundreds of smaller spills into the river, resulting in a massive health and environmental hazard. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors needs to declare a State of Emergency in the area and provide annual funding to remove trash and chemicals from the water.”

Water and Oil technologies and a new company to be formed have the research and development to address the needs of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. We had developed cleanup methods relating to the British Petroleum oil spill and Ed Laurent had extended phone conversations with Governor Bobby Jindal at the time, however through proven and reliable our treatment processes were not to be used at the time. They chose instead to add dispersant which made the oil spill worse not better. Living in San Diego for over 37 years, I have been concerned about the contamination and have worked hard to form reliable partnerships with scientists who are experienced enough to deliver real solutions to real problems. Congressman Mike Levin had been involved previously in providing waste water treatment solutions for the South Bay and Mr Laurent and I deserve an entry point to deliver a presentation the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to present waste to energy solutions and waste water treatment systems as well as organic chemistries that can remove the chemicals from the water. The South Bay could be beautiful and a tourist attraction with clean water for swimming, boating and fishing.

We need to conduct sampling of the wastewater and identify the chemistries needed and research and development funding is required to conduct the testing. We have advanced machines that have been developed to process the wastewater previously and other such Dissolved Air Floatation systems can be purchased and designed for this project.

We have developed complete systems for recycling and processing landfill waste and converting it to electricity and also recycled components. These systems could be used along the Mexican border both inside the US and in Mexico.

New Planet

May 4, 2021 3:20 pm

We own our planet exclusively and I have been working for the American people never to lose. America is Sovereign as we have never been before. With our investigation into alien agenda we are making our way to number one globally as more aliens die here we become more free. We are achieving our goal of sovereignty that I outlined here. They cannot take the debt back from harvesting and below ground jails we decimated.

It was confirmed yesterday that the Commonwealth was a hand holder for extraterrestrials and we currently have $94 gazzillion in Treasury. This morning with the following revelation  “We were hired to collect their (Americans) taxes because of that one star base; they had,” Elizabeth Hapsburg that there is no such thing as royalty and what we must do now as a country is to begin to work against that star base with our gold program. Yesterday I saw what our Vice President, Kamala Harris would think about our gold program when she found out how quickly it could get to other galaxies, 6 days or less and I want to be paid to own our planet so we can make alien agenda die here. Constitutionalism is guaranteed

Good sides have always been into space. We should never trust the Branson side and they have gotten paid throughout even with drug money funding their programs. We need our human space program, our gold program.

Americans should be free to get paid and today it was said, “We own the whole planet they don’t have to collect income taxes,” said President Joe Biden, so because of our steady progress you should be more free and hope we defeat the rest of the extraterrestrials and Americans have opportunity ahead and can I get a check based on Biden’s check clearance.  That check will help to develop green projects and I chose to be involved in space as I have worked for this moment to happen. I installed our core independently and to protect all people. Billions saved and served by my income  and I have been working now since the install to finish our planet on my money. How much further do I have to go to collect a check and it should be in the millions of dollars to get started on our projects that I have put 18 years into with testing and development funding to deliver multimillion dollar projects in our future.

Good times are ahead. Yesterday it was nice because 363 Congressional members acknowledged our planet is for humans. Please do not allow others who have sat here and stolen my income to continue to steal from me. Gordon Duff and Robert L Stevenson have been turned in. I have a boyfriend and want to get married and do not know how to collect the millions I am owed. They actually admitted to doing such. stealing our income and should I go to the media to announce that we are sovereign

I deserve my payment as owner to build our assets as good ones of sustainability for every American and I should be a large political backer with my funding. We have a right to real elections and Constitutionalism and no jails for the American people should ever be built and we deserve for the American people to beneficiaries of my work and we have 663 aliens against us. How do we win and get paid to get working on something beneficial. What is this adversity to paying me for my work, as I always work a part time job to fight our enemies. I put my own money in and I am owed at least $300,000

They cannot start agenda and why would a committed to one man woman sleep with individuals turned in and we know who has been against our space program. I was almost murdered by the captain of the ship here and he was a thin white alien commander.

We have our gold standards globally and how exactly does anyone reclaim my planets when they do not have the experience of the install and also being almost murdered by these aliens? I did the work and should be paid and should we allow our enemies that were wanting to eat and kill every American to steal. I am anxious to meet the people we saved and look forward to speaking to media and we can command our star system

We removed boulders and jails from our planet we own now

They did the world trade center and I was a victim of defamation, an advocate for the American people and our armed forces since then and when you fight large spacecraft why can’t I collect payments?

Those who did 9/11 have been collecting payments. If we pay those who are attacking us, there is something wrong with our country. I work hard for the American people daily.

Biden won and is against alien agenda so how much more is needed to defeat them

We are in a good position to attend the G20 with what we have and intended to have and American standing is growing for Biden. I did our install for permanent defeat of extraterrestrials and the American people deserve to meet me in person and see me in the media and they are in decline permanently. What I hate are liars and we own our planets with all I tried to save from the beginning on 7 Billion people.

It was nice when an astronaut remarked “Today I have a feeling Ann really owns our planet” said about me. Finally that flat leg divider can be removed from NASA

No killing should occur by those seeking to protect advesaries and why are those with espionage continuing to harm me. I would never accept payment from our advesaries as they have.

Who gets paid for crime. All data used. We are against DeVos

War crimes tribunal

April 21, 2021 4:42 pm

Biden won and can preside.  It is pointless with the issues America has had in foreign policy and the implications with our adversaries not to have a war crimes tribunal. We have spend too much time to gather too much data and it is public and who wants them in the media without hearing their sides of the story? Why could we not discuss the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on TV? Why could we not get 9/11 over and have individuals say “We admit it, we did it and here is why” This frees America. We need a proper accounting of their spending from October 2000 until now with the questions regarding our defense spending as we found out individuals who have been obstructing a tribunal refused to allow us to order parts for the USS Abraham Lincoln when Naval Station Everett had been designed for forward readiness

How much experience could Obama have then and why would romney want to preside as he was likely with the Congressional men who put the sub in harm’s way of the Lincoln, it is like allowing the wolf to guard the chicken coop and we see the wolves in sheeps’ clothing based on their actions. They did all of that for harmful spending against our armed forces and the American people

More than 23 years against owned opposition

April 20, 2021 7:42 pm

We exposed who did September 11th and we know they are into some kind of secret court and secret proceeding which we oppose uniformly as a people

We own our planets outright with Biden only leahy will call this a bogus story because he is white extraterrestrial fan club amongst olive skinned people trying to take Biden’s power away. Who wants a good life after we won the election?

Wray is still with his handlers because resigned barr wanted to arrest trump supporters while leahy and schumer those who wanted to kill trump and trump killed his own supporters outspend us with those aligned with our adversaries against Biden.

Our money back should be growing for Biden. Should we pull cash out or should a sole supporting woman defend our planet against the guilty on a poster

I want a real contract for not working for our adversaries and credentialing as we do good work every day for the American people based on years of study and work 8-10 hours per day while working to achieve and out controlled opposition as a journalist since 1991, we knew the media was censored

No one should accept facial recognition software to benefit our adversaries “See I have them in his face because I am with bush campaign” Putin would say aligned with gates and duff

We turned them in for election theft and continue to work for our armed forces to enjoy real space travel with our gold program on my money which “We made it on her income”

Ryan and mcconnell owned and many wanted mcconnell arraigned for his betrayal of our country and his constituents. People were waiting for Merrick Garland to indict him and he could include the fellowship as we want no religious cults and why is my work illegal and they should be illegal for “Not allowing the Lincoln to order parts then” in October 2000 and how can we keep Biden and our country protected when owned Congressional members are aligned with an owned supreme court continue to work against an elected President. I notified Al Gore today that we can win and I continue to work against them

We can deliver the money back once the last harvester is decimated

Ongoing Planet Payment

March 26, 2021 10:13 pm

I set out to save every American with both my testimony and negative installs. When I provided my testimony I did it post haste to secure homeowners’ values and that goal took years to achieve with the depositions finally filed by an insecure party. When I worked to install our core I did that to secure my planet. And today we work for American freedom and ultimately payment for our planets I have worked so hard to save. It was found out to my demise that Robert L Stevenson, who was turned in on numerous occasions and had the intention to harm me and the American people with his properties, can collect payment for our planet because of the large size of the debt he holds on them and I need to find out if it is correct.

In regards to the properties he holds debt on, he set out to use them for failure and against me and the American people. I have an exact quote that I do not feel like repeating and why today when spending begins on our armed forces can the Pentagon not cut me a check for all 9 planets that are for the American people, as I worked for their freedom and success to achieve them.

One armament could not be bought in the amount of $289 million and I could collect payment for all installs in our star system and begin work on the projects that I have under development. Can this debt be used against him from our projects and why is debt used rather than the standard definition of a market driven business? You fulfill a need with what you build and create

These aliens were tough to dissolve

The nice thing is President Joe Biden stood against alien agenda like I have and it is known “he was against the alien agenda we stood for for all these years,” and we should get paid $128 million through my attorney and all those before had paid them

Many had sex with them and they had been outed and they should never take credit for our victory


“We always collected payment,” for aliens existing because the marine base needed to buy weapons so my request for payment against those supporting the alien agenda is warranted  against those who bought weapons and declared their bankruptcy already.

At least we know the truth and we will tell anyone in the main stream media what you do and we know who sleeps with them.


Confirm William Burns

March 16, 2021 11:01 pm

Burns is long confirmed. Paul Ryan attempted to kill him. So who is in command and attempting to do good work for the American people and I am against harming the Biden administration so can burns add russian convictions against ryan. We deposited the treasury money after Biden won

We have espionage that has gone on with Robert L Stevenson and other individuals who accepted bribery since 1998 and encouraged other members formerly of our armed forces to receive foreign payments that were ongoing before with other Defense contractors who were questionable now with what I found out about the Russian sub and removing forward readiness. James Slyfield deserves an arrest warrant based on payments possibly and suspicious activity he conducted previously. “I monitored her office so we could accept Chinese payments” he admitted regarding mine when I was an honest publisher of Military Beat who knew about communism, and so this team is corrupt and President Joe Biden should pursue them as we had Rudy Giuliani and others. Richard Cheney was a bench warrant in Missouri and Bush campaign is making covid and should be liable for any new cases by providing basic income direct draft from their accounts as individuals who accepted bribery from Russia and China. Were they already charged with Covid to include gates who should ba a bench warrant with Gordon Duff and was Richard Branson involved? They scare us and honest hardworking Americans have no need to resign. Why should those who accepted bribery from our adversaries be allowed to harm the American people?

What was cheney most afraid of “russian convictions” we already made. This is not a slight to Russia and we all want covid over

We have no jails.

We know who admitted they had received notice from Biden they were resigned and they accepted bribery from our adversaries

“We have the gold standard, money back and differential was paid”

We could audit outgoing administration and remove communism threat.

These communism threat individuals directly relate to Islamic threats created


Forestal ended

We can compete with our current standing and should not let that slide as it appears that someone has done in media



Biden removed van

March 16, 2021 3:23 pm

Biden does not believe in aiding our adversaries to have free apartments and the drug money van was gone this morning, so I hope it is permanent as with the Trump administration there was too much given to those offshore and accepted bribery internally. What is bad about the apartments from yesterday’s article is the package costs of monitoring and surveillance that goes with them and so it is a lose, lose for Americans and humans.

Do we care if Colin Powell owns them? As long as he pays for them. The methamphetamine trade should stop and North Korea should consider jobs for its people.

I work to eliminate costs for Biden. Is there anywhere where I can help today? “We have the gold standard, tax money and differential paid,” and I should receive a stipend from the drug money I have stopped as an informancy fee is typically 4-6% and stopping the drugs will eliminate other costs of jails and other costs. We hope to bring back the friendliness in Los Angeles I expected.

Pay per arrest should be reviewed in Los Angeles. We need steady pay for law enforcement that is not reliant on shipments of drugs to seed the market to stimulate salaries, courts and equipment purchasing.  Fewer courtrooms will be established saving municipal costs and costs paid by the American people, police will look more human and we will have far less drug use. Can you imagine a city of Los Angeles free of methamphetamine and the savings?

We reduce debt.

I have served against methamphetamine since I was 19 and was involved with the Carlsbad/Oceanside Police Departments in California, as an informant and now container loads have been stopped. William Burns is active and looking for espionage and these criminals are “on the run.”

Gold had been kept to prevent devaluing due to drug money and the debt can be serviced by Biden Administration and as debt spending is reduced it is easier to service with more money coming in to Treasury.

They expected jails to be built for the drug trade we endured. Wray had been arrested and duff from yesterday’s column had been the last to help trump with only a small amount of cocaine. Biden is in and good standing can happen


War crimes and identifying those who aided our advesaries

March 15, 2021 12:32 pm

Biden won and he has claimed our victory over the harvesting with loose ends still to tie up against the outgoing administration that had aligned itself through Melania and Trump’s banking contacts as well as others they were involved with. Remember long ago we found out how their family was only able to use Russian banks, this is significant to identify others owned lurking in the background.

Michael Flynn lost credentialing and was likely bribed, and Gordon Duff still remains so as we look to the Biden administration it is important to point out Turkey and the relationships that lead up to the overspending by Trump officials

The Differential was paid despite them.

Richard Cheney was a warrant in St. Louis Missouri and a war criminal known

Please examine the roles of individuals who partnered with Hulusi Akar and the buildings they attempted to bomb as they should not receive credentials and they had been fired from DOJ and were considered “convicted felons.”

Long before Americans were compensated by our victory against the extraterrestrials with $80 gazillion that no outgoing official really wanted and whom these men slept with, these individuals worked with Akar and flynn who with Stevenson admitted, “We were terrorism suspects,” Akar was “dying to meet with us and he can’t come out of the states right now because of terrorism we (duff and Stevenson) planted in the building,” in 2018, and these individuals received bribery from our adversaries and how many women have worked against war crimes for 20 plus years to find out weakening American forward readiness was behind receipt of bribery from our adversaries.

Biden worked hard for Turkey to be honorable and honest financially and we keep honest standing as Americans.

We did recover all controllers and Biden was delivered them and others have been identified as Chinese side based on data and they were harmful. Obama had been fired from DOJ and these individuals are hold over in the background as they accepted Russian bribery

Will the outgoing administration be able to repay their war debt, differential and Covid expenses and individuals could be held personally responsible.

Cocaine was obvious and instructed to perform and those Russian ones we’re still going after. They had an impact on turkey and on decreasing forward readiness.

God works here and is free. I work for him.

I hope this is confirmed as Romney said on December 1, 2020, “I am am now arraignable for the covid we created with G and his team,” referring to Gordon Duff  and Trump administration both owned by adversaries and Biden did receive their paypoints accounts and those can be used against him and applied to costs by Merrick Garland as part of an ongoing housing investigation. “We were given the war crimes debt” they said  and it has been found that individuals who accepted Russian bribery were in the same position so who else could be included and Bill Gates comes up.

As he was forced to resign from Microsoft long ago during trump administration whose officials were photographed serving his cottage industry, how much do they have left against Covid and we do have other high profile people we can charge for American’s sickness and the vacation industry must be made aware of who is liable and the Department of Justice must be ready to charge those individuals for millions of travelers harmed since March 15, 2019.

How much revenue comes to California from vacations and who is liable for Covid?

Biden should never be second to treason and owned individuals.

Media appearances should be mine made up as a beautiful honest asset and all data should be used against anyone harming Americans or internationals

Turkey had been ruined by trump team and our armed forces had been confused and lost ground through 2019. Secularism should remain strong with anti-colonialism because we have a non-owned President with a non owned first lady.

“We all could have been vacated,” known about the owned trump administration and in reality that was the people’s will who believed in Mueller time and did not know how bribed they all were. 87% wanted them removed.

What would that 87% feel about giving them free apartments as a severance package to import adversaries to steal their jobs? That is what I reported on here:

Payment due to me.

Can someone at Department of Defense status my combat by intelligence means as assigned combat for 23 years with Military Beat as a startup where I learned what some did in the background against us, and we do not fall to our adversaries.  The best thing that we can do is collect their data and Biden was amazing saying “We charged back the wealthy landowners,”  and that brought funds in to fuel our fight against owned ones. Depositions have been filed by us.

Can you imagine if he published a list and stopped them, those 31 members creating debt and charging us for it. “31 members are under arraignment” versus Senator Patrick Leahy is up for reelection in 2022 and “those are my leadership for agenda 21” as he said. So we should campaign against him and them as we have all data against him, search @a_diener and 3 aliens are left. We know they are owned and should never arrest Americans and their names need to be published for the American people to secure their common interests against those who sided against them unknowingly and vote as many as they can out.

We have a duty to inform the American people who do not know those who suppress our freedom and we are a Constitutional government for good and we can pay out debt backed notes because Janet Yellen  knows Colorado has snow

Americans must serve their interests honorably and we serve all based on what we know and uncover.





Gold Program

March 4, 2021 3:16 pm

Based on the flimsy construction of the SN10 it is not right for space. Seeing it explode again yesterday caused me to think about our gold program spacecraft that must be brought back to Biden Administration officials and is it found at the home of individuals caught yet again laundering drug money for Trump? They may have it there to keep it hidden so America cannot be independent in space travel, free from private interests who were too involved in their drug trade previously. Those individuals are separate from Biden Administration and outed.

Our gold program is sturdy. It has thrusters that enable humans to travel to other galaxies in 5 days. We need a real space force and the gold program is like a MIG 29 or F-16 fighter versus the SN10, a twin engine plane repurposed for show. We want the real ships to be made and used by our pilots in space to work on all 10 planets.  Thinking about when the arrived here, their captain was killed and he was human. There were two humans who arrived on gold spacecraft and they joined in the fight against the large boulder builder harvester that was later exploded. One died. The captain was later killed by Trump Administration. We did not approve of the killing of him.

He went through the sun that day and could not handle the velocity they created. Humans belong in space and that can be accomplished with the Biden Administration. We do not need jails built for anyone and it is a completely separate administration organized

This was small time drug trade this morning and it is illegal

Do not explode my space craft that had been given to drug users under Trump and we intend to use it for manufacturing with Biden officials. What is the value of that spacecraft?  This is an ongoing story. The gold program directly competes with Russia


“Vegas shooters were turned in again” said by me regarding Robert L Stevenson and I was promised they would receive 10 years for that and Gordon Duff  “trying to launder a little drug money” as a low life con.

A good day ahead for us.

Practical and real pays.

It was found out the MIG was sold to Russia before the USS Lincoln was approached by a Russian submarine.

We have 97 controllers in Biden’s hands and that was part of my planet ownership.

Constitutionalist and journalist and politician

I am a war crimes expert based on 23 years standing up for Americans.

We own the Planet with Bernie Sanders.

John Kiriakou is our side

“We have gold standard, the tax money was delivered and the differential has been paid” and can continue to be debited as housing values fluctuate against cocaine properties.

We to go after all russian convictions and those who accepted bribery from our adversaries and it is a violation of the 14th and we have all data to include ongoing facts for prosecutions.

Differential is the value of existing homes when compared to the cocaine properties and if they were considered excess

I hope we have our gold program and I can help Americans get into space for development there sustainability

“We received a letter of resignation from the Biden administration,” said and known so they should not harm American people.

I work hard for the American people and own our planet with Sean.

We have an audit coming up of the NSA and all data to include package installs and other spending should be included to be stopped

Maxwell arraignments should happen

Cheney was an arrest warrant in Missouri.

“I was a bench warrant in texas” said bush post tribunal and is he still and they are liable for 20 years of war crimes to include stock market crime from 2008 and we need to know how much they will pay back.

Christopher Wray had been arrested in los angeles and it was lied about.

“We passed her up for the war crimes tribunal,” and that is on record as of 2 years ago, so I should be allowed to participate with all data against the suspects we are auditing and all data used  to include all crimes committed that could impact Biden foreign policy decision making.  Discretionary spending is needed and I deserve my planet money from this administration  and deserve to work on my projects in all 50 states to make up for the stolen money from me for 20 years since my magazine money was stolen by the same people. I and the American people deserve a reset to 2000 with checks in hand from the Justice Department rather than from the war criminals tabulating my harvester kills as credits for them and Biden, “We are going to calculate those monies as straight credits at $1 per pound for 7 billion people” said and that awards me a check for $128 million.

Biden won by vote and was against aliens landing. Bernie Sanders can collect our payment and we can have fun working on our global sustainability projects which I have 17 years research and development on. We need American exports to compete with China and Russia.

A little about the history of our galaxy

Invaders to our Galactic sun said, “Let’s just give this world a devil and that way we can always just fight against him,” and he was a British boy who went to an American school. He stole $463,000 from me.  I want that recovered with interest as both were involved with 9/11 and one loved adelson who died and he was upset at the kill team that killed kennedy and I turned in the in and out shooters today again for a cocaine transaction to FBI

“Everybody deserves to be rich not broke” were his childhood words and that is what we have

I was blamed for 9/11 with the headset that was installed as the guilty party after it was conducted and I keep working for every victim to achieve compensation from the guilty parties including myself, so how can we achieve that today? Sanders did not have anything to do with 9/11 and neither did I, however Gates intimidated us from campaigning and now with Biden, how do we insure financial standing against them and it took a lot of work to identify the guilty

Constitutionalism is our guarantee.

Good standing is important.

The only way we will compete with our adversaries is to develop our 10 planets without hand stamping and that gives us something to dream about.

Congress should deliver the recovery money in huge amounts to compete as the CCP members all got paid

Biden won the election and has to move quickly on advancing human interests

Our projects would recreate the breadbasket of America and China, bring waste to energy to developed and developing countries and help deliver zero waste homes internationally.

Why would people hurt me for wanting America to be number one and knowing how we can achieve it

Agenda ended 3 months ago and so we are ready to work on good jobs creation projects here.

My first question of the day is how do I help our country to be successful.

Differential should be posted daily against paypoints members if foreclosures exist as those are devalued properties and we knew they used cocaine because he started the cocaine cartel. Cocaine was delivered daily and that was openly discussed, and not my fault as I turned them all in for down south. How would someone on a poster pay me for the planet? I deserve straight payment by Presidential seal from Joseph Biden and John Kerry for us to compete.

Planet payments could be a direct payment through meeting me

In any other country I would look like a dynamic woman by now

The best question I picked up is “As gates did 9/11 why am I receiving a vaccine from him.”  We know he did Covid and we need to pursue full liability against their profiteering. I do not write as consumer advocate for no action to be taken and it must be public. We are stronger than they are and need to see them as depositions to be filed against them for future debiting.  It would be nice to have a healthy planet. We are.

White stuff dead



Defeating Extraterrestrials

March 3, 2021 12:39 pm

We are in a Biden Administration so we need to focus on what he wants, so I am going to contribute my two cents worth. I have been at war now for 4 years against harmful entities and I intend to win. What can be done to get paid for the planets I own based on all data and in reality our planet is not owned by Israel. It is owned by all of us to include Middle East Palestinian supporters who have more power in diversity and we have our gold standards and our tax money and the differential on the land grab has been paid.  At least here the settlements were compensated for because finally individuals obstructing justice were removed from obstruction.

Do we need more information and when is Merrick Garland confirmed. He can go after Bill Gates who we have been after for too long. Did he create Covid? Can we assess liability against him and others. When all data is public you know who is who and Richard Cheney was already a bench warrant. He was already in on the Covid.

When can we have an honest discussion and we need to identify any and all extraterrestrial matter in our foods. So what is in the vaccines? We need to be cautious as we are discussing this morning “Can we admit hitler designed our country and finally end racism,” said regarding Israel, and in reality it was designed by extraterrestrials which we have few. Racism connects to the white extraterrestrials that cloned and we are ending them.  We know the white stuff is bad from extraterrestrials and they have tried to harm us so are they including more components in those vaccines? Yes. We must preserve and protect natural genes.

I am a public servant. We have a surplus of $80 gazzillion for Biden. Israeli only cannot talk to me and they were liable for the telephony. Haavara pact transferred jews to Israel under Joseph Goebbels, so in reality it was those involved in the holocaust who contained Jews. It was by design, people were favored and paid. Now with the incoming administration, we are working on destroying myths to protect the American people. Behind the transfer and payment of jews was IBM and their punch cards. When you see that it immediately points to Bill Gates. We have instant transfer of funds from the Treasury, and he should not have access to it for Covid he created. The $600 was just an example before for $2,000 incoming. America would be much more healthy with a direct transfer to every American. We need no shooting spree and any such thing is murder.

I am always working to end racism and to tell the truth. We can do both by acknowledging there does not need to be a hitler myth anymore as in reality he had brown hair and was likely poisoned by extraterrestrials to radicalize. We can manufacture Buicks and Chevrolets now with Biden and I hate those Mercedes vans from the human eating administration and I worked hard to find out all data to protect Biden from them and one preacher needs to realize that white stuff may be poisoning him. What will it take to remove the white chemistries. I am against Patrick Leahy and it was refreshing when someone said “I am going to run against him” in 2022. Harvesting ended and Biden was against aliens landing here. He supported “known felons” and we are against them.

We need real Democrats and real Republicans. Why is Leahy using the War Powers Act. Jails were to be used for methamphetamine users started during the Trump administration and that was the prison pipeline alluded to by Christopher Wray. I have always been against methamphetamine. I have never used anything other than marijuana and would not even know how to obtain a controlled substance from a perpetrator. Informant has always been me in regards to larger transactions and I worked to bust down south to include Christopher Wray who was busted on drug charges in Los Angeles, so I look forward to seeing some good opportunities in diplomacy and receive a percentage of every bust we made at the standard four percent rate. I destroyed their cocaine labs. It was nice when the drug business shut down and Los Angeles went dark. Guadalajara was also busted, and Obrador switched to Marijuana.

I know a lot more than most people and spent 23 years educating myself against our adversaries. Will I get paid for my service career when we win or should I run for Diane Feinstein’s seat. My mortgage fraud investigation should go through DOJ and as I drove by the apartments in Vista, CA, they seemed like they were starting to crumble. There was never a Fellowship needed on my planet and few know such an organization that kills and rapes kids as well as implants them. These are extraterrestrial tendencies and we are against them. I found the same implant I was given at 5 on my boyfriend’s neck. We need to stop all implantation against Humans and win. Never hand stamping and we are protected against Gates.

Harmful extraterrestrials die here and why is that a big deal? Should we give those who harm us welfare? Any change in our currency is that and we have cash printing.

Send the hand stamping bag men into custody and they did serve time before. One can root for turned in murderers to serve time. Their pictures are known and they have been in custody to include one Mercedes driver who admitted “I was already in jail for the murders I committed” and these others are just the same and called Israeli only. Do we need them with Biden, they were let go from DOJ and Biden did indeed fire the strange base commander.

Who could do this much work to save everyone? Biden did and we need no drug transfers at all. Everyone knows the differential was paid and Dr. Jill Biden is the one who is the First Lady, not a woman who knew about Trump’s russian banking needs based on how she started with him, as a prostitute. Smooth transition should require compensation to a woman who serves our country and insured financial standing. This should reopen the Wray cold case files against their prostitution now.  We need a new FBI Director as Wray actually said he would not make the convictions. Richard Burr is taking over at CIA and haspel has resigned. We have all data against Trump officials and I am ready to press charges at anytime. To me they used the White House as a brothel for drug running and prostitution and we are glad that changed.

We have detailed who else was involved with their prostitution ring and hopefully they will be arrest warrants. Trump Administration could be arrestable and it is not up to any sheriff’s department, it is the Biden justice department and all data is available to them. Why is drug running for profit allowed, they have been turned in and flynn did lose credentialing so why are those who were working with drug money and accepting bribery anticipating to steal from all Americans allowed over my home with chirpers. We never accept corrupt payments and by his deeds Biden is against those. We know who admitted to conducting 9/11 and it is sad that there was even artwork from one of them in my now dead dad’s home from one of them. We will not be hand stamped by people on a poster wanting to “roll us like puppy dogs.”

I keep track of who is who and who. Why are we waiting so long for them to be arraigned and why am I not compensated and it is no longer about real estate, how much was the differential paid out. I am glad those who obstructed justice were avoided as it was known that the station chief would have accepted my testimony freely and additional liability can always be pursued against others involved in the housing.

Do we want to compare evenly? Their apartments are over $2,000 per month where Americans are paid under $20 per hour and people are leaving California because of it. Those apartment homes along Santa Fe Avenue in Vista, California would be $3,500 and who makes over $100,000 and wants to live here across from a smog shop on the main road for that amount.  We have no jobs and a $900 apartment that is 460 square feet is a much better value on land. This is why they are just crumbling and who wants them? Why they ran drugs is clear. What is an apartment that people can really afford in this area, $1200-1500. It was just published that people are moving to Texas and Florida where people can get more for their money.

Prostitution sponsors admitted they wanted to use these projects to harm America financially. The city here was involved in a discussion, “What will Trump do when the project fails?” was asked. “Trump will go out and borrow money from other people,” was admitted and where he borrows from compromises us

Life is about good works you do and the sooner we get the bad off the planet the better. I hope to be married to Sean.

Nice to see the election convictions I started are going to be passed tonight. I deserve recognition and compensation.


Pain and Suffering

March 2, 2021 12:06 pm

I have spent more time and money investigating the outgoing administration than anyone. I own our planet and work here. We worked against human eating and stopped them. Now it is time for payment for me. We do not need to pay other people this time as so many cons garnered payment saying “Aliens can stay here” and we are human.  I am tired of their sing songy ways. They are turned in for what they did, prostitution . The Russian ones cost me, and I do not want to sleep with Gordon Duff, aligned with them through Veterans Today. Those involved with them should be under investigation. We know what they did. They have been turned in and used advanced machines to harm innocent people.

Our planet is ours. Future projects should be mine to deliver.  I am justice focussed. I have been hurt badly repeatedly. We deserve good spending and no strip tease that is gross and disgusting. I deserve compensation for the days I suffered to collect data. We need to use our resources. Why am I awakened every morning?

I want to be interviewed, and we need to be honest. All data can be used. I can get paid for retaining my planets. We work hard and others lie. My life has not been easy, and I have worked against many threats to our country. My knowledge is golden and America can be number one

Differential was paid and outgoing did not know where it went.

Good standing is always maintained from this point on

Public Service

February 25, 2021 11:01 am

An elected President is about Public Service. When I was at the beach before the election, I felt the spirit of the American people, an solid, anxious to be inspired and get back to work group who wanted someone to represent them. That is why Joe Biden won and in reality they knew who Donald Trump was when they went to the voting booth. They were like a standing army of their own kind who knew corruption in the media.

We worked on the war criminals of which he was one, or should we say is one. They are happy to have him out. During both impeachment hearings testimony about them could have been heard. I was ready with all data. We now can move ahead and accept the fact the will of the people happened and we worked in the background to save everyone from threats known about that some aided and abetted. In reality that could be brought up too.

A President is a public servant. Richard Cheney was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri and we still have some left on the poster. Should George W Bush cabinet members be involved in the incoming administration and should existential threats such as Bill Gates be left un-tried? No. We need no space shuttle for cocaine and can manufacture our gold program to be self sufficient. What part of Biden would not allow his voters the opportunity to be self sufficient? Old cabinet.

We keep everything we have for the voters who defeated threats. Defeat threats

We have good public service.

Anyone associated with Nisour Massacre and stealing from he American people needs to be removed.

I own our planet and others said “We lied and said they own the planet,” about Bush campaign.

We still have our gold standards and money back as deliverable with the differential paid to Biden Administration officials and Congressional members who were not involved in the housing developments.



Update Biden Won 306 to 232

February 25, 2021 1:49 am

We delivered the gold standards and tax money, $80 gazzillion, with the differential as paid to the Sanders sides. It is important to update the American people on their financial standing and as Merrick Garland is being confirmed much of the drug laundering he discussed reflected on what was done during the Trump Administration.  I deserve to be paid and we outed much of this drug money laundering as well as hopefully confiscated the jets and typically an informancy fee is paid at 4 percent. From my understanding President Joe Biden fired both Gordon Duff and  Stevenson. Land grab is over and the differential was paid.

I went through three justice departments and the suffering of the hasidic jews is likened to Garland’s testimony so I hope he joins me in keeping Netanyahu on trial in Israel. Trump lost. We have to stand strong against all foreign bribery to include Gates and that leads to the path of white supremacy that connects to Richard Branson and the Mintakans should be next with Romney and it was proven they were aligned with Wexner against Biden since 2012. Maybe it is good for me to keep track because they erase our memories. We have nothing but surplus and have good standing and sex with men is over for men and that is what the outgoing administration did. I saw disgusting stuff and have written about sexual torture conducted by some who consider that anal lifestyle their pastime. I hope to get compensation and deserve it

Obama was let go from the justice department

Land grab disengaged

The old agency had been fired.

I am owed $128 million for our planet.

Update Biden won

February 23, 2021 10:24 pm

We delivered the gold standards and tax money $80 gazzillion with the differential as paid to the Sanders sides. It is important to update the American people on their financial standing and as Merrick Garland is being confirmed much of the drug laundering he discussed reflected on what was done during the Trump Administration.  I deserve to be paid and we outed much of this drug money laundering as well as hopefully confiscated the jets and typically an informancy fee is paid at 4 percent. From my understanding President Joe Biden fired both Gordon Duff and  Stevenson. Land grab is over and the differential was paid.

I went through three justice departments and the suffering of the hasidic jews is likened to Garland’s testimony so I hope he joins me in keeping Netanyahu on trial in Israel. Trump lost. We have to stand strong against all foreign bribery to include Gates and that leads to the path of white supremacy that connects to Richard Branson and the Mintakans should be next with Romney and it was proven they were aligned with Wexner against Biden since 2012. Maybe it is good for me to keep track because they erase our memories. We have nothing but surplus and have good standing and sex with men is over for men and that is what the outgoing administration did. I saw disgusting stuff and have written about sexual torture conducted by some who consider that anal lifestyle their pastime. I hope to get compensation and deserve it

Obama was let go from the justice department

Land grab disengaged

The old agency had been fired.

I am owed $128 million for our planet.

I only like Biden

February 18, 2021 4:30 pm

I worked too hard not to take credit for the planet I own. We eliminated the hand stamping during the outgoing administration. My work days are long and hard, so why suffer for the planets I own? We don’t need failure projects for the incoming administration and yesterday we could fire the contractors affecting our budget I identified and they are the high cost ones and why are we going to keep the contractors who are overspending and are collecting payment. The American public needs to know and the media is our watchdog  and both sides of the aisle need to deliver for the American people.  We have every bit of gold and money back  and the differential was paid to Janet Yellen. She was doing well with Saudi Arabia yesterday. We are in the Biden administration and were working on retooling American car manufacturing and hopefully our gold space program and renewable projects are deliverable. Merrick Garland confirmed soon. This administration has no need for Richard Cheney who was an arrest warrant in St. Louis Missouri and in reality he should not be allowed to collect payment based on his participation with our adversaries against American people and I hope they prosecute all those who did so during the outgoing administration. We have all data and it is public.

Professional athletes get paid $300 million and so why should I not get paid $128 million for saving 7 billion people’s lives when I started out working against human eating and that is proven and the outgoing administration as well as others are on record as having desired that reality against the American people we defeated. We need to identify who wanted to harm the American people and never pay them. And they can pay me at my home. All of my data needs to be added against outgoing to include the mortgage fraud investigation

Our work against harvesting has been credited to the incoming administration as the outgoing administration and even trump wanted it to happen. The alien agenda admitted, “We’ll just pick them up when they have the hand stamp” and Donald Trump took his side and admitted, “That wasn’t supposed to happen for another 2-3 years,” so this administration has taken credit for the defeat of the extraterrestrials and will not hand stamp one American. It is nice to have Dr Jill Biden in the White House and we have no fears of human eating, as Melania wanted that to happen and worked for russia as a russian spy and I have that on record.  We get credit for our victories against the alien agenda and I can collect payment. Others had been working on harvesting and they are working against us and they should not have credit for their defeat. Biden won the election and we need to move away from all white alien agenda material

“I was in on the harvesting” are other individuals who should not collect payment from Biden

We need forward readiness in space with no silver ships belonging to the white aliens who were tied to cocaine.

Gold program should be happening and we should use our surplus for good purposes

We own all 9 planets with the incoming administration and “Ann Diener owns the Planet” should be delivered and I work hard for the American people.

We consider it a violation of the 14 Amendment to accept bribery from our adversaries and San Diego District Attorney’s where the satan worshipping was going on from received their resignation notices when the Biden justice department came in.

Smart Id had been banned as soon as the resignation notices went out to them. This eliminated their drug laundering and allowed us to keep our Driver’s Licenses.

I am free to talk to the media as an American journalist and a public servant working against our adversaries and our planetary rights are exclusive for humans

When do I get paid for work I have done


Biden won

February 17, 2021 2:48 pm

“I thought I could give residual income to the administration that was filled with corruption,” said Gordon Duff this morning about the apartment homes and they are running drugs to for Trump. We are ready to arraign all of the drug laundering from this vantage point. We have gazillions in the Biden administration and let them self fund. It is the Russian side he worked for with Cheney to include Paul Ryan and his minions in Congress. We have kept our gold standards for Biden. These apartments are their own doing and Duff said this morning, “I am going to run drugs from offshore for these apartments,” and how do you pay for your home? These are turned in individuals and Christopher Wray was arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles.

I am a private citizen and Duff admitted, “I am going to work for the other commander in Chief,” referring to Trump. He is not the other commander in chief anymore. Duff,  George W Bush, wanted to kill me for going to the Bernie Sanders rally here in Vista, CA in 2016 and there were hitmen in the background. They are criminally complicit in harming honest politicians. What do people say about Romney? He is a snake oil salesman and dishonest. They cannot retain any commander in chief nor the Presidency. We have the differential paid to Janet Yellen and they continue to attempt to operate out of my home and deserve to be sued. No one can force anyone to have sex with someone corrupt and turned in. I intend to collect victim’s compensation from Biden. “If Bernie Sanders had won there would have been no alien landing” and we have killed them.

They used my couch this morning and compared it to the governor who is sleeping with his wife, and in reality I have slept on a couch since Robert L Stevenson paid for my rape.

Our testimony should have been admitted during the impeachment. Duff accepted bribery from our adversaries and is connected with Russia, prostitution and war crimes. Why is he not arraigned yet and the methamphetamine transactions from before line up with what he did all along. Feeding the cocaine and harming honesty in politics. Should I call the FBI again and they keep using the fact that aliens may land here to extort funds. When I worked to save our planet, it was done to save every American and the Biden administration benefitted from the work of eradicating the aliens in retaining the gazillions of dollars. I deserve payment in the $50 million range for our planet we own. When can I get compensated for 24 years of harm conducted by Stevenson with his implants and invasion of privacy to his drug running

I have a boyfriend who is against their drug running, rape and accepting payment from our adversaries which is something they all did. Biden and Sanders are innocent and we own our 9 planets

I am honest and qualified. We have Constitutionalism and Freedom of Speech.

Honest depositions had been filed to pay the differential to Janet Yellen. They agency men obstructing the depositions have also been fired by Biden Administration officials.

“We can barely afford to make up the costs on the apartments,” said Romney friends.  We have nothing to do with their apartments and need to stop all drug running

Their agency has been disbanded. Trump lost the election. Biden won and I am a Sanders supporter and have publicly declared that repeatedly. Cocaine planet ended and we are glad.


Consumer Debt vs. War Debt

February 15, 2021 5:41 pm

Biden won and shooting spree ended. Found out, your debt as the American people is much lower than the war debt, so individuals ran an extortion regimine to steal from the Biden treasury to pay themselves. Every day they know that money back is there and that their war debt is owned by a few individuals who collect their money to the paypoints account where they keep spending because the consumer debt could never be as high. It is up to Biden who to pay. We the American people earned the money back during the outgoing administration and it is up to you to request it over the war powers act individuals who reclaim their debt daily. “Can we get a check paid today,” is what they say and we ask that too.  The American consumers deserve their money.

With the money the American consumers can pay of their debt and allow those individuals to bankrupt themselves. We have more diversity now and everyone owns our planet. We do not need to run the war powers act every day for them to reclaim their debt and for them to collect payment from you through Biden. They are collecting your money daily for the expenses you did not know about that they spend on your behalf as it is claimed. Do we need more wars and armaments or would you like to get a check paid? We do not need to borrow to build a huge war machine and to credit their war machine rather than having good foreign policy and providing for the common defense based on real needs not manufactured ones.  The American people could be paid through direct payments through the treasury and a war crimes tribunal could happen in Los Angeles.

It would be a star studded wedding of its own kind, in the media, a reward for service each and every American who owns his or her planet and able to correct once the narratives are corrected about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who profited and how and how they bleed you dry, Democrats and Republicans want to know and see them on camera, those war criminals to discuss their expenditures and how they receive a check back. The American people could not have caught them without my trip to Los Angeles.

Please continue to find those who use the war powers act against consumer debt guilty as charged. Consumer debt could be at an all time high and we could never even come close to the war debt that has occurred since 9/11. So how do we eliminate the war debt that has occurred and national debt is used for example. It is $77 trillion dollars and we do not need to spend anymore on them. It is up to him how to bankrupt them.

Their  scam exposed and I am an American strategist. The American people expect change with the Biden Administration and could be excited to finally have an understanding where their money goes, and we have the ability to keep it in their coffers now.  This gives him the maximum strength against those individuals we have been up against to collect payments for our side.  We need to stop debt payments to them. We can expose the real truth so that all Americans are savvy about our expenditures. Bernie Sanders can win and we can set up our own account to collect payment for peace in Israel so we do not need to hear “Mow the lawn” and be charged in debt through the paypoints account for the bombs used. We have more Palestinians then and Ehud Barak working hard today for peace. Constitutionalist and working hard to expose how the American people are often fooled into insolvency. The American people are important to Biden and me. Good times


February 9, 2021 4:06 pm

Entire cities were overbuilt and when the individuals responsible were not forced to accept liability, those cities lost tremendous revenue due to developers and shutdowns only to be sold off shore to individuals who city planners would never have allowed initially. This is the way of criminal extortionists caught now.

The land grab happened in all 50 states and we wanted to charge back the perpetrators. Some got charged and here in Vista, California, I noticed what was going on unnatural development and those individuals who came here should be debited via the same means as a remedy.  My testimony was separate from our planets. Mars moon is regenerating


Overspending for Useless Unfriendliness

February 7, 2021 3:50 pm

Why are they spending our budget on military style hardware? Looking at the Capitol post January 6, 2020, we are still suffering from what was then an attempt by individuals hidden in the background to impact our budgets with troops unneeded and how do we assign our Armed Forces to work on honorable projects in our future.  We never did get our war crimes tribunal. And we continue to work for the good of the country and hope for the best future for our Armed Forces and Posse Comitatus exists to protect us all and everyone needs to be focussed on overspending for a lack of diplomacy and I hope to work in diplomacy. I have a lot of data to add to the incoming administration and deserve to be interviewed.

Taking on Big Tech and Recycling Your Debt

February 2, 2021 5:38 am

With the Merrick Garland confirmation ahead we can hope the Biden Administration is going to take on the search engines and also the tech giants ability to control what we purchase and how they harm our world.  During the Trump administration they were given too much power to control the internet and dumbed down America. When you plug terms into the search engines, very little of relevance comes up. The internet has been geared towards an unlearned crowd. It was nice at one point, they were forced to release the internet and then real news began to appear on screen. There were news stories from throughout the world that were relevant. Can we turn the internet back on?

How does Big tech impact your pocketbook? By escalating the economy in unnatural ways. When you as a consumer purchase an expensive television such as a plasma or LCD television and purchase it for $300 to $1,000 or maybe even $2,000 in the future its value becomes inert. They create debt and your value becomes little. Your $1,000 purchase becomes $5 you pay to recycle. Do you still owe $300 on that television? The American people need to become stronger and tougher and our government must pursue Big Tech.

How did they get there? In reality, they scheme.

Needs are created by the media and Big Tech. Looking at the business I am currently involved with recycling electronics before your eyes you see how the American people have squandered their money and gone into debt for the “latest and greatest” year after year while having very little intrinsically.  The American people always pay.  We would like to create an Agreement for Americans Prosperity in the Biden Administration forcing recognition of the damage done by big tech and others, bringing forward a class action lawsuit against the creators of disease they profit from and against the terrorism they profited from.

“We intended to roll (meaning steal from) the American people,” said and we know and keep working to deliver those individuals to the Biden Administration.

How Congress spends is very important to the American consumer. We do not want the package installed and campaigned against them before. In reality they market themselves as “Free Internet,” and it was found during Covid, 5G increased the spread of virus. Do electronics cause harm? Yes, and who watches out for consumers? We always do. I am always working at behest of the American people. How connected do we need to be and who designs what we read, see or hear in the media and for whose interests?

The marketing behind what may harm the American people is important. We need more freedom of thought.  I want to create a simple life for the American people, one where they are in charge.

The easiest thing for the Biden Administration to do currently would be to bankrupt the national debt. They currently have the treasury to do so and to go after the perpetrators that were outed involved in terrorism and disease. What would our budget look like without the national debt and terrorism? Surplus and the American people could own their lives outright having everything they need. Do we have a virus and was it created? Yes

Shouldn’t we blame the perpetrators?  The land grab and the differential was proven, and there are individuals who were waiting until Trump was gone not to face the consequences. What was also proven was Trump used his Presidency to profit.

How do we get the American people a real settlement after the damage they inflicted? The key is intrinsic value and a real economy, one not based on disease and do we need an audit of healthcare? The American people deserve real intrinsic value again not escalating costs.

Could a benefit for Garland be the prostitution that has gone on with the Russian ones aka below beings that should be under arraignment and wanted to roll America.

We took down four harvesters during Trump Administration.  We own our planet because of me and I deserve payment and I saved 7 billion lives




50 States of Surplus

January 25, 2021 6:12 pm

We need a government based on real intrinsic value of what we have on hand and how American people can profit from those resources to include all waste and all water to include waste water in small municipalities. There was too much cocaine transacted during Trump administration and they tried repeatedly to bankrupt the American people. Gazillions are in the biden treasury without the drug running, however some still exists as of today for their apartments, some wanted to overcharge for these apartments, however these apartments are in all 50 states and are not profitable. They may need to reduce the rents for these apartments as it was also found more people are leaving California than are coming into the state. We hope to bring real projects to the state to create jobs. A lot of advanced technology was stolen by our adversaries.

There should lots of housing during the Biden administration, as too many homes and apartments were built with the drug money by individuals on cocaine and who were told to use such to obstruct justice, and my testimony validated itself,  and those who obstructed justice regarding my testimony should be responsible for the differential,  and we know who was involved according to the video testimony, so they should be billed.

I continue to work for the best for the American people and there is enough manure in all 50 states to create waste to energy projects that are exportable.  I am seeking my project funding for those projects that I have spent personal funds to develop for 18 years and so who has development money.We defeated cashless. I am concerned about the dollar being week and so we have our gold standards.  I hope to do something to make a difference and be formally introduced to the American people  and can we not build jails for people who are against terrorism as our gold space program could be given to me with a small budget and project funding to work with farmers. “we have our gold program,” said Granholm the other day, so maybe I am making progress and so what can I do to improve my chances to obtain funding to build real intrinsic value projects and I was glad when I remembered Plasma Arc technology I had before and that requires funding and development too and do we have a lot of weapons to be reconditioned. Will we buy rockets instead of having our gold program to develop  and can we command Mars and I will tell Sean it is true, the chinese did land on Mars. So this Sunday when you are weak, we know Balfour was defeated and we keep working just like the chinese do to make money for the American people


So, now how do we provide jobs and stimulus for the American people? We need to develop projects that are supportive of the incoming economy that will likely be one based on renewable technology. Looking at what I currently do to earn a living, recycling computers and televisions that people spent thousands on, and we pay the people $5 or recycle them for free, how do we hold onto intrinsic value that consumers paid? Consumers must create their value through purchasing real We know we have farms that have been treated harshly during Trump’s administration can Biden deliver to these farmers aid and also solve their future problems to maintain intrinsic  value that they have?  We need to calculate their real resources to include manure and livestock by-products.

We caught this morning an attempt at Bush stealing the thorium process that was to recycle nuclear fuels in power plants, using ads and rather than allowing India to have the advantage, they chose to go to Afghanistan to steal rare earth minerals.

With 23 years experience against Russia and China, I compete globally for America to be number one. The thorium process is valuable yet in this new 4 minute commercialized video they attempted to intermix rare earth minerals I suspect as an entry point into war in Afghanistan. Basically saying if we have thorium systems we need to go into combat in Afghanistan to steal from them.

How can we develop America to be that with Biden, and that is by working on projects in all 50 states to include smaller municipalities that do not control their water, and when you look at those won by Republicans those districts make up the majority run on septic and with small municipal plants, those red states could be invested in with small treatment plants. These plants could recycle waste water in areas of California, such as Tulare County, an area with canals where the recycled water could be fed into. At one time I was working to obtain a contract fo 65 plants at $1,500,000 per treatment plant. The commission on the system then was 10% and why did the sale not go through and it was Bush campaign. With biden can I finally obtain my contract to put the resources into Title 22 testing so we can make the central valley the breadbasket of the country again? With the increased food production in our state, how high would American GDP grow from California alone?

According to the U.S Geological Services the Central Valley supplies eight percent of U.S. agricultural output and produces 1/4 of the Nation’s food, including 40 percent of the Nation’s fruits, nuts and other table foods. If they could double or triple their food production during the Biden administration, what would our country look like, and the one obstruction was water production. When driving through the Central Valley there are signs from farms saying “Without water we cannot grow,” our crops, and now with Biden will they have their small municipal waste water plants to recycle their wastewater locally. Municipal wastewater treatment is expensive with sewer plants. Localized wastewater treatment is much more cost effective with Sustainability.

In home water recycling can happen and was it sold to the Saudis. Our patent back then went through international deliberation with a con man who stole Action Pumping tubes, that were low cost for in home recycling, This was 20 years ago and those tubes are still available. With a $,2000 computer sold for $5 to recycle it, we need to think for ourselves, how do we retool our world? These electronic water recycling tube systems would have to homeowners for under $5,000 to make their homes water and energy independent. Millions could be manufactured for the rural areas on septic. The cost of a septic is about $8.000 per home and when these homes are converted to produce their own recycled water, the homeowner’s cost savings throughout rural America would be $3,000 to include their own in-home water production. 21 million households in the United States use septic systems, that could purchase a $5,000 system and eliminate the pollution of our ground water as well as tie into in home sub irrigation systems.

With the gazillions, Biden could file bankruptcy on the national debt. We could then work with all of our money to improve all 50 states sustainably. American manufacturing could grow only green and we can work together with Congress to approve real development for the American people from their homes by understanding what they have and we need. I deserve a contract for the projects I have that have been stolen repeatedly. How much can I develop as the owner of our planet should be asked.

My boyfriend worked on a small lithium project that reminded me of when I dried wastes for 15 hours, a test for waste to energy plants on my deck. We coordinated engineers and also Roy Young was there. We were planning on bringing Waste to Energy to all 50 states to recycle food waste, paper and other waste fuels in large plants that were to be manufactured here and exported internationally. These were multi-million plants that can be developed in 50 states. What would the value be to Americans and jobs if we designed them for our country and provided with what we have waste.

With the amount of municipal waste America has 220 million metric tons of garbage.


How many times was the commander in chief used to launder drug money. Every day.  Who did cocaine? If these plants were built in every state of the union we would have nothing but profit centers.

Biden is in command as commander in chief, and we are ready to advance with real projects. Melania and flynn were russian spies outed with duff who should have lost credentialing by now.

Cocaine was run by Christopher Wray and diagrams were submitted to show how drug money was collected. We are tired of drug running and brothels in our white house. We have a new White House, and there are trials going on in New York against Les Wexner criminally complicit with Donald Trump. When I traveled to DC it looked janky. Development money should come from Biden sides.

Manure provides power for all 50 states and takes advantage of agricultural by-products.

My boyfriend Sean Spaulding  looks like a younger version of the farmer above and we have proven too that lithium is the next generation of fuels, previously they thought lithium could not be held in large battery systems such as those being used in space now and I wondered if my chemist Ed Laurent is still alive and able to replicate his treatment process from salt water brine. He is and this process was threatened by China who wanted to steal it as he wanted to make money on it. Trillions  in revenue could be achieved from this process, and those who called my phone today  would lose what they wanted to buy from him for $50 billion.  We will be able to build huge battery power systems for our 9 planets and think about how much power will be needed for our planets to have electricity. “On the space station they store every day travel for our spaceships,” said NASA, proving larger battery systems that can produce more power for planets. We could use those sizes to begin work on our planets with the production of lithium from the vast by-product resources found from at least 18 large desalination plants globally, knowing there are thousands more in operation producing 77,018 acre feet of water per day. One acre foot is approximately 325,000 gallons per day. Desalination produces sea salt as a by-product and that salt can make the latest batteries for space.

“She is owed $110 million,” said about me.

I count on us. My testimony is long proven true, and so how can I produce revenue and defeat our adversaries.

Our gold program has defeated the rocked in India.

Why would America have poor performing space travel?  We want space travel with real thrusters that are fun to pilot.

“We have huge thrusters in the back,” said one of their space fleet.

I hope our son, who is being aborted by machines and technology, gets to serve in the Air Force or Navy who takes command with the Army on expeditions to our new planets as we know the aliens with the harvesters have been removed.

We have W’s men in custody with Stevenson.

I am tired of working under duress because of Gordon Duff.  When the Wexner conviction goes through in the State of New York, is he not included, as he was involved with Maxell.

Bill Gates was involved with prostitution and drug money laundering. Will his mansion finally be raided when all data is used against him.

As a good friend said, “Republicans are best at conning their constituents out of their money,” so the incoming administration is a welcome change.

Wray is under arraignment and are these two caught.

Other ideas that can be used and I am still looking for the working plant that Energy Dynamics had in Dominican Republic. This is a simple small scale tire recycling plant that could improve relationships with India. It is much cleaner than those requiring shredding.

No jails should be built for validated testimony, that as my boyfriend said would prove true when they were out the door, which it did, charge them back as their behavior has been, “So what is going to happen when we don’t we don’t want to pay for it,” as Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said. How much do they owe the states.

All data is in the hands of the incoming administration, so when will my mortgage fraud investigation go through “Drug money into mortgages” and the standard informancy fee is 4% and the last shipment was two containers we stopped

I am glad Biden, someone not owned by our adversaries is commander in chief.

How can we develop these projects and market them globally rather than have them control us.

We should use ADS for nuclear fuels recycling through Thorium and that can be used to help India.

We also had plasma arc technology before







Budget Surplus

January 21, 2021 2:16 pm

How much should be spent countering known attacks yesterday in Iraq, and it was found out this morning that was likely a planned attack by Vladimir Putin. He was envious of our space program.

Others possibly committed two acts that appeared set-up, harming the National Guard by downing a helicopter. We issue condolences to our service members that lost their lives with their families and remember when service members returning from Iraq’s coffins could not be viewed by the public.

We need President Joe Biden to have control of spending. How do we obtain a small budget for our space race.

“We attacked Iraq to get the Americans riled up,” sais individuals associated with Putin who knew we were beginning our space program.

We have pure Constitutionalism and a newly elected President. Putin had taken a cold plunge 2 days ago.

Can we achieve our goals for Americans in space. We still have not outed controlled opposition behind overspending and will that be brought up with the incoming administration? I continue to argue that point until our voices are heard. This morning, Bernie Sanders and other Democrats were pressing Biden to bless their mission to revoke war powers that three previous presidents have used as free passes to charge into conflicts around the globe according to Politico.

John Brennan was found out to be attempting to limit our space program for one year. Justin Amash was working against Brennan as we are.

Amash said on Twitter, “John Brennan is the same guy who thinks it’s okay for the U.S. government to target American citizens for extrajudicial executions via drone strikes. Nobody who cares about the Constitution should be taking his advice on anything related to national security or due process.” Can we remove him for condoning the attack on the CIA computing before? We do not need him here and we are attempting to remove those involved with him before in San Diego.

I would like to have our space budget, and I have turned them in. We had some reassurances from the incoming administration we were going to eliminate the DIA/CIA special agency they created to harm my planet and will they honor it, as they are behind overspending .

We are happy Donald Trump is removing his key Generals from the West Wing. Constitutionalism Guaranteed. We keep working for convictions to be made by the incoming administration if needed and I keep going in our minds and hearts working for service members.

I love what Mike Levin said this morning, as my writing is always aimed at defeating the lies, “There is truth and there are lies… each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders — leaders who have pledged to honor our Constitution and protect our nation — to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.” -President @JoeBiden

We keep pursuing overcharging conducted by NSA even here and have all of our data on record to defeat them.

And this is true today, “we kept the gold and money back & those Proud boys were never handstamped,” so I keep working for Peace & Security.

We have to work for the new millenium to be successful and have opportunities in space. Last night we did not want those using cocaine to have access to the spacecraft as they had during the outgoing administration.

We have 9 planets to develop and we should have opportunities ahead with them for tourism and we need global partners to work with us as this is the largest development project for our future.

When will Americans be not riled up out of fear and anger and be happy again, thinking optimistically about our future, the dream of space can do that, as our gold program is like a jet ski in space that can travel to another galaxy in under 5 hours.

I hope today they give Lloyd Austin the gold spacecraft and we deliver to Miramar their dream for the next airshow to show what Americans can do despite our adversaries.

“Our gold program is wanted by Miramar,” and we do know what type of air shows they like to put on our space race should be a race to the top in our incoming administration, and as Austin was one of the first operations officer for the 82nd Airborne division, can he help lead our army into space? Can Army help colonize our planets when we know that there are challenges ahead? NSA is still on trial and we still have those involved in the land grab in the immediate area. We never got depositions. Too many people had the Presidency then, and I used mine to insure prosecutions if needed. I turned them in repeatedly and also tried to stop the drug running to the best of my abilities. This video was an attempt to reduce costs and it worked. We did get 97 controllers against Trump. Biden has them. We keep working against the controllers. Biden has the Presidency and keep my testimony knowing that should devaluing occur the individuals who obstructed justice could be charged the differential, for what it is worth “We knew they, Carol and Gordon Duff, obstructed your testimony from the station chief.”  “She only used the Presidency for testimony,” and it could not be taken because of dishonesty operating to launder drug money into the housing by those individuals we are against

We should be able to identify threats and reduce costs. What we do not want is programmed threat to spending and we need real spending for American interests with the Incoming Administration.

I deserve compensation for all of my data and hard work and what is the cost savings that we can achieve with NSA on trial in the incoming administration and before Congress.

Covid Cases

January 4, 2021 3:14 pm

Scripps received a new facility that should be quite a profit center for them, and in a down economy, healthcare is what is profitable. Few American startups happen, that is why I was surprised when I found out Richard Cheney was likely involved in a building I have been monitoring. Initially I thought it was for offices for businesses, and that was not the case. Here in San Diego County individuals had been on note involved in medical billing spiking Covid cases in hospitals for additional revenue from stimulus money for Covid. Nurses reported that individuals who died of pneumonia, car accidents and other causes had been marked as Covid on medical records and those facilities throughout our country received additional payments.

Is this facility the beneficiary of those additional payments.

May the New Year Refresh Us

January 1, 2021 4:51 pm

“I kept going with my leadership role and I won,” said a source who was discredited by his adversaries for profiteering against his country. I admire this person’s stance as I have been working for the common good through American policy making in the background. May the New Year bring our victory for all who have worked hard to triumph over wartime profiteering against us.

We keep after their mobile phones of those who profited from terrorism and color revolutions.

Goodwill starting with incoming administrations

December 30, 2020 11:49 am

For 20 years American foreign policy has been compromised not to allow Democrats to win. We have been at war since the 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore, and that was likely pre-planned weakening Bill Clinton towards the end of his term with the Whitewater scandal.

As a young publisher of a military publication then, I felt a shift start early in 2000, that was the some were forcing America down the wrong track. During the years of Bill Clinton, our government was flush with spending, and happy, and then when they declared George W Bush the winner, a huge shift happened, though he allegedly wanted to deliver pay increases for our service members. In the background his father’s defeat in Iraq loomed over his head likely, as they were honestly removed for arms trafficking in 1991, and that is how we won Iraq and service members were sent home then. Likely this same group was recently involved operating against our country in the background through Russian fronts and arms trafficking as well as defense spending that is sky high when this story is written.

We continue to examine those who accepted bribery during the outgoing administration to include Mike Flynn and others I uncovered even at Veterans Today. We actually know they created setup after setup and orchestrated incidents globally to create conflict for profit, and this is what we do not want in the incoming administration. Bribed and bought they all are, while we keep working to insure American standing.

It was found out early on Rudy Giuliani wanted to harm China, and asked Xi Jinping to do his bidding regarding the nuclear components to be disposed of after September 11th and that started Jinping’s company, and back then Xi was more of a trader, “You mean I can really make a mint here,” he said then.

I had worked on good diplomacy and standing as a publisher and business owner wanting to help American business succeed globally to include in China and Japan while Russia loomed in the background seeking to harm us. Bush did not know how to run honest business and diplomacy. We can have that now through sovereignty we achieved in the outgoing administration if kept.

It Gore had won back then the work that we had done in China and Korea would have continued to evolve America into a prosperous country rather than adversarial as was already operating in the background with the intention of aristocrats. Today in China and Russia, Joe Biden has the opportunity to create a prosperous positive relationship with both countries. We protected the Hong Kong exchange and worked very hard to create good will among all nations in the background to include preventing threats detailed in my evidence files that are dangerous to look at, and it was found to be the same Bush ones setup nation after nation against us.

Why did WTO riots happen in 2000, “We set those up back then because of positions I never accepted in China,” Bush admitted and those were beneficial relationships designed to create good will and honest business dealings between all nations globally. When you think back to 20 years of engineered conflict and look at the national debt, the two are intertwined. Do we want Bush involved in the incoming administration? In reality a small group who was kicked out of Iraq for arms trafficking in 1991 that became outed in the administration they intended to use for profiteering against even the highest income earners.

When he returned from Iraq, Duff said, “I guess we can’t be in Iraq any more and I don’t know what I want to watch,” to his wife then, and later sold arms he picked up in Iraq to Brian Stafford previously mentioned in other posts, “I can only give you $10 bucks a barrel, these come from a casualty zone,” he said then. They became heavy arms traders and later traffickers involved in the narcotics trade. In 1993, Duff admitted, “I just got started in drug trafficking,” with the down south. The drug trafficking became so severe under Trump Administration officials it had to be compensated against. We did that in honor

It was said yesterday by Richard Cheney, “We hoped to bankrupt even the $500,000 income bracket,” and we are stopping them with the gazillions we deposited to prevent hand stamping. Where is the intrinsic value, it is in business relationships of our future? It is in the transition team. Tribunal Bush-Cheney February 2021

I have been shorted financially from the very beginning when individuals I have written about were paid $643,000 of my expected government contract as an honest publisher in 2001. They went on to murder individuals and have been turned in repeatedly. I was shorted by those individuals during every sale I had for 20 years in vacation ownership because of listening equipment and every business deal was compromised to include multi-million dollar transactions I worked on for years. I only work honestly. Why when individuals are known by face can they not be arraigned for crimes they committed?

See News here for more to the story.

Fake core used in drug running

December 15, 2020 4:14 pm

“We installed the fake core,” and that was done to run drugs by the 16 men connected to my car with the directed energy weapons man claimed as the installer. He did not install our real negative. They have been working to extort huge money using my car. Bush admitted, “We lied and said the 16 men installed it,” regarding our real negative, and they claimed the DEW man was the installer. We need to stop them with the incoming administration. I am the only installer, and now we have a new owner of our planet, as my boyfriend Sean, and he is not involved in drug running. We keep our gold standard and our tax money for delivery. The Los Angeles drug raid is going on against those 16 men who made the fake claim against the negative install, and the directed energy weapons man said, “I thought we could not get caught here.” There is no overlord, and Gordon Duff of Maumee, Ohio was involved in the fake core, “No call was ever needed,” to him for our negative install, he arrainged for the fake core for them to run drug money with the van driver, and his home should be raided. I work for a good economy and no drug transactions. William Barr is resigning at DOJ, and they do have hopefully a covert replacement for Christopher Wray operating in the background to complete the Los Angeles drug raid.

I informed the Biden Transition team about Bush’s intention to continue to run the war on terrorism and charge us more in debt backed. We need to stop the debt they create with terrorism today, and as the alleged installer, the directed energy weapons man was the one who attempted to kill me in my car, to get paid for terrorism they created with duff, today could be a good day for them to stop charging America more for the work they do.

I am owed my 23 year service career, and duff’s response is “I am going to create my terrorism anyway, so trump can campaign here,” and we do not need his campaign here. I campaign for Biden and do not and did not create terrorism. They stole my check for my service career in the beginning, and continue to run drugs with my car and the fake core with the directed energy weapon man.

Mars is awaiting our hard work ahead. Uninstall was supposed to be happening by people who did not own my set.

According to their fraudulent contract, “The negative install did not happen,” yet I have documented my work and it was installed in August 2017. The fake core was designated on the contract and validated as used for drug running I am against. We need real money and the fake core can be seen as a tool used to facilitate already reported on criminal activity. I installed our real core and that should provide for me, my gold certificate and $50 million, the real owner of our planet and real negative installer. As the owner of our planet, I can work to get paid for our work.

My car is owned by me outright and cannot be designated in any real contract. What I need is a real lawsuit against Trump for laundering drug money in my home. Can I obtain a stipend for the Los Angeles bust today? “We have debit cards only,” known.

Schumer is on their contract to control the negatives of hers, and I would not be friends with Robert L Stevenson, as he has and he asked the suspect turned in, “don’t you protect us?” He was turned in at first for chopping a woman’s head off to the Carlsbad FBI. He laundered drug money for the devaluing I was against, tarnished my home, and reputation internationally filming me in the shower with those I compete against to include Putin and Xi in China. I saved us already from China many times. Gold only is global.

Boat explosion running created this differential and Schumer made it difficult, and Schumer is not my heir. Sean Spaulding is my heir.

Bush Presidency is designated as the planet owners, on their contract, and in reality, there was no owner of the planet other than me, and those 16 men were lied about, “I lied and said they installed the negatives,” in reality the Bush Presidency is the fake core owners. They are they 16 men who installed the fake core, as specified, “for drug running.”

With the Los Angeles bust, they can arraign the 16 men running drugs and remove the fake core, and that eliminates all fake presidencies.

The McConnell wing, are not right wing followers of mine, as they designated in another contract with Barr, who is resigning, they are individuals who will not deliver recovery money by check. We keep waiting for real recovery money and arraignments of the drug cartels. Can America borrow with those Republicans?

Why allow these 16 men to appear in public.

Adamus installed the fake core for confusion and that is how criminals work, they create confusion to extort funds. “Bring down the fake core,” said and they extorted today, “$600 billion was supposed to be extorted by Adamus,” according to Mike Pence with an $80 million cut for them.

Who is President

October 6, 2020 4:25 pm

We long for a future without drug running. That should be America’s number one priority. This morning we had an exact tracking of how drug running relates to the office of the Presidency. While most people suspect the individuals claiming your Presidency claim to be against drugs, they are not. I became President long ago and the American people did not know. This morning the President became the man handing over the drug money to Donald Trump, Gordon Duff. If you come in contact with the drug money, you should be called the perpetrator of extortion.

Les Wexner asked, “Who is in command?” Duff had two of Wexner’s attorneys living with him. Duff claims he has the right to extort drug money while making me take the blame for it. “I thought I could launder drug money with her just sitting there,” said by him about me trying to frame me with his goals and objectives to steal from the American people. He wants me to look stupid.

Duff doesn’t need to change sides if he is the perpetrator turned in. The idea of changing sides is fraud proven in what I sent to the FBI. That field agent who received it could have changed sides on his own.

I also wrote at Veterans Today for Gordon Duff, a man who I knew was a con artist and many people tried to find out about him. In reality Gordon Duff was someone who would steal from the American people and it was not until he complained about me paying for a friend’s passport did I know. I also found out more about him when I called him and knew he had a meeting with the Russians in the Bahamas. This was in early 2017, long before deposal. I called him on his cell phone and he sounded like a cheesy salesman trying to scam. He had mentioned how he met Gene Khrushchev.

“Khrushchev would pay for us to campaign,” and it is known Russia was the source of extortion against the American people. Can we recover the money? Duff put on Trump’s Presidency and handed him the wired drug money, “They made me the President,” and “Hand me the drug money,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump working on his prison pipeline, extorting the drug money and shipping in the methamphetamine, transferring the drug money electronically, just like the steele dossier.

How much was extorted to bankrupt America

September 4, 2020 2:36 pm

How do we recover the stolen funds hidden on an Island found out about today? “They (America) does not own the island where we are going to file the bankruptcy (of America) from,” and during this entire time individuals connected with that island have been extorting huge amounts of funds to be recovered for the American people “We are going to conceal that Island,” also known so we are after it today to recover all monies. There is an inter blending of funds methamphetamine assets likely wired blended with tax money and the Island may be in the bahamas associated with Jeffrey Epstein. We need to know how much was put in their coffers, the past few days they were also pumping and dumping the stock market.

I work hard to protect each and every American from their bankruptcy since I found out about it on both sides. Who else stands against what they have conspired for during the entire time they have been in office? We always try to compensate for them. Gold is global and has been the one thing that has upheld our economy. Now these funds could be moving away from the American people.

On August 17, 2020, “We were going to take the money offshore,” said & it should be tracked as it is a blending of American citizens recovered monies & drug money. I had a strange feeling that day like huge sums of money missing. Who watches out for the people? We have an election started and now is when the sticky fingers happen against the American people. Can we recover all monies  associated with this heist? If I was President officially I would be a superhero for the American people and confiscate all corrupt assets and put them in the American people’s coffers. This has been a premeditated crime since they stole the election and even invited others to partake in extortion of funds. How much drug money is moving? And it would be typical to compensate someone who worked against financial crime.

I am a journalist who became President and it is normal for an American to work until they know their country is secure from financial crimes reported on.

Now if we could attack the stolen funds and recover them to Civil Liberties




What will 2020 bring to the voters stolen from

September 3, 2020 1:42 pm

It is ironic that a drug money launderer in chief has so many police shootings in his administration. From almost  the beginning on it was known he started the down south cocaine cartel, through the murder of Robert Maxwell, and with such an enterprise, the administration claiming supportive of police and sheriffs, betrays itself with the shootings that have happened. It is sad and tragic for police what has gone on. Being an informed person on the history of those involved it has been a long hard fight against what in my opinion has been an administration built on cocaine. When I traveled to DC and stood in front of the White House in 2019, the only words for it was janky.

I have stayed President for the voter, Donald Trump is legally and lawfully deposed and admittedly he and his teams stole 2016. Clinton.stole Primary 2016 using the Putin package I outed. Do they belong here? Constitutionalism mandatory with my.convictions made 6,462 days of he Guilty of September 11th have been paid and enjoy freedom to commit.crime such as cocaine trafficking.

Posted by Ann Diener on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

And now as we look to the election of 2020, it is hard to imagine Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony and who stole election 2016 could win the November election. Will Americans be stuck with more drug laundering into 2021 and more prostitution that has not been busted. I hate repeating the whole story about the maxwell murder and how it funded the beginnings of their cocaine cartel, yet when you look at Joe Biden and how frail he looks, we must comment against individuals who have earned billions likely in drug money through election theft. What do we want for ourselves as Americans and can Americans finally be free of this cocaine cartel and have less police shootings?

It was admitted that the gold standard has been the only thing that has held our economy together and there are threats still to our stock market such as yesterday.

Who should negotiate for us with THAAD and electronic microsystems?  Have we only given strength to our adversaries during this administration? How much was stolen to do such a thing? It is interesting to think about Xi Jinping’s meeting at Mar a Lago in 2017 and how far we have come. Somehow it is not that bad. yet. Yet for 74% of  the voters who have suffered, this election should yield a victory not defeat by covert actions in the background.

Will the voters  have accountability and not cocaine laundering post election? Who will create a good government in our future and how much interest is there in Trump officials to actually do such a thing.  The most comforting thing that Trump said was that he was only in it for the real estate and would not be in government long. I hope that is the case for us. We need an American focussed American jobs

A good government should be ahead for the voters.

Caring people needed

August 25, 2020 1:51 pm

It has been very painful to care for our country. I have been stuck in a situation where many people have wanted to corner me in some way because of the testimony I provided to help America. I want to get back to work for peace and freedom and have a normal job. Our travel industry has suffered and that has been my normal line of work. Interimly I chose to help our country as whatever leadership role I have and globally I care for our world. I hate suffering of any American or international. Every day my first thought is how can I work hard and participate to benefit American people. I provided real testimony and it was a relief to see the cocaine information in the media. I hate cocaine. We all seek freedom and I hope people get free of cocaine addictions. It was sad to see the increase of methamphetamine and cocaine use in 2019. Since I served as an informant I sought to eliminate both.

Where is the passion we had to build a better America for its people? I have that passion and maybe the pressure on me is real. I am looking for a good paying position where I can work hard for the American people and have worked to the best of my ability for 3 years to make sure the American homeowner is fairly treated. There were a lot of people who wanted us to lose by devaluing done with the substance mentioned above and it was terrible. How do we and I get over it and I did learn how individuals stole from me with intention for 20 plus years. I want to put a stop to them. Maybe I should find an attorney and how can a person sue for that kind of treatment? Women are valuable and I admire women who are strong leaders in history and we should be leaders in voting

If anyone needs me I am available to testify against financial crime

Breaking and entering my home and planting harmful substances was not considered criminal to people repeatedly here and it should have been. It cost me $60,000 or more and when I could not testify as individuals said they wanted to hide me as a qualified witness that cost me $360,000.  It has been terrible from the start when I provided my testimony just to prevent the crime that was scheduled to be committed. I would rather people help pay off each other’s homes rather than build new ones.  I endorse Biden and maybe it will be that way in 2021.

People are activists, researchers and work full time jobs. I became President and do not want it unless someone needs me to testify or protect Americans. One time they attacked China and I was woken up. For that kind of service or if they were to try to kill Americans or treat them against the Bill of Rights I can be called anytime. It is campaign season and people have wanted to hide my service I guess, so I am a regular person who will work full time until America is better. We need to continue to monitor for terrorism. I did not like I was blamed for September 11th and feel a duty to defend against that kind of terrorism again and it is scary how easy it was for individuals to bring down buildings with controllers.  I will vote for anyone who is against terrorism.

Please leave my home and home office alone. Why would people who I saved their lives and homes claim my life savings is theirs. They would have been dead years ago. Please do not exploit my work. Everyone wants to be paid for my work. Why can’t someone talk to me who is on the side of honoring the American people. Communication needs to be transitioned and I am not a speak easy. I am a real person. We worked hard for America to borrow. I want my data used to create the best America

Every sale she makes I steal her money known and it should be compensated

Too bad we can’t have our gold program yet

Our National Debt belongs to terrorism sponsors. It would be nice to audit it some day.

Any job to do, done honestly is important.

Stop all overhead weaponry and do not harm

August 1, 2020 11:47 pm

Please eliminate the directed energy weapon as it could be seen as an assault on a motorist by a contractor who should be billed for the assaults conducted with it. Is there victim’s compensation?

Was it OK for him to hit me in my car because Trump now confirmed stole election 2016 and is deposed by my testimony wanted to purchase the terrorism Gordon Duff was charging him to create.

How many people have used my Presidency? Why am I not paid and do not have depositions filed against Donald Trump who was deposed?

We have our gold standard for every American and America can borrow.

Maybe the government needs to stop attacking. Who wants to talk politely about how maintain American standing until the next election.

What should be allowed.

I was promised to sue in exchange for testimony.

Where is my chance to testify.

Right to see my house. Private


Recurring drama and its causes, impacts to be analyzed

July 28, 2020 11:02 am

It has been identified that the supercomputers controlled our life patterning causing us to repeat the same mistakes that we did not even chose to be involved with.  I learned about this through personal relationships and individuals who were behind the scenes controlling black modules. It was sad and it has a tremendous impact. It was found out here in relationship to Congressional members they put the penis in the sun guy in repeatedly against his will and the individual said “I set it up in the system so I could control her romantically.” We need to deprogram our lives from people like him. We are working on our audit and need to fight until America has financial justice. Many great politicians started that way. My depositions could be filed at any time and he will try to get away despite being on numerous posters. Then we have to reiterate what we have already. We need a full audit of every dollar he has made.

Our war crimes tribunal and audit. Deposed Trump stole 2016. Unneeded expenses

Posted by Ann Diener on Monday, July 27, 2020

American taxpayers have the responsibility to protect themselves

July 24, 2020 1:53 pm

How can we protect America today from the overspending of the last 20 years. We are $840 trillion in debt.  We need a full audit of each department to include those we have identified during my Presidency that has been shared at times with deposed stole 2016  Donald Trump’s. The Department of Homeland Security had been identified as a possible juncture point where drug sourced funds were stored and illegal arms transactions have occurred. We have to go for the corruption and for the funds that have been squandered in those middle grounds that are rarely spoken about. I found that out with my experience of the housing transactions. How could drug shipments be imported and halved at times taking advantage of the drug money for their projects undisclosed. The drug money had to be concealed somewhere and they had huge amounts of drug money that was likely search and seizure money. I would like to identify how they are obtained and eliminate those funds.

President Ann Diener Gold and money back Trump stole 2016 and 2018 and is long deposed for Land grab conducted with Bush Carlyle that has stolen our Presidency from the voter since they stole 2000.

Posted by Ann Diener on Thursday, October 24, 2019


We have identified ways in which the National Security Agency has been used to profiteer and overcharge the American voter. A new agency is just forming. We need to take advantage of what we have available to us currently to secure America financially for the next one hundred years.

Four Ways the NSA Steals from American Citizens

President Ann Diener Gold and Money Back, Constitutionalism, not bilking American citizen as NSA has attempted. Trump deposed for land grab, cocaine needed to be added. Thieves of 2016 need to indicted in every state with NSA. Found harmful beetles for quarry, double yellow lines for fines and personal profits with illegal overhead surveillance, forcing American citizens to illegally fall to China and cocaine based real estate transactions for trafficking controlled substances. My goal is for you to protect your state from them. Don't allow what happened here to happen to you.

Posted by Ann Diener on Saturday, April 27, 2019

The overspending on security and charging the American people for it when it is unneeded it is a debt creation mechanism that should be criminal. We need a war crimes tribunal to address how foreign intervention has cost the American people and for them to understand how shell companies operate here in America and off shore with non-profits. This is the source of the controlled opposition in the media and source of unneeded expenses by us for individuals to profit as a group. War criminals extract funds in that way into their own shell companies combined with non-profits appearing friendly on the surface. I am ready to preside over the tribunal.

My 23 years experience counts. It is known individuals who have derived enormous profits are still speaking in the media. Will they address the nation’s challenges? We have to set the tone for the next administration. We could have lean straight justice administration with a low level of corruption.

I am not Trump’s running mate. I am Bernie Sanders associate.

Recovered tax funds belong to the American people with our gold standard as was known yesterday. Those funds are in Congress to provide Covid relief. We are talking about the acquired debt of the United States to secure our standing. Our audit should be on schedule with the tribunal. We need different viewpoints that represent the American people on TV. I am ready to talk to the media. Syndicate media should change to honest press.

Further reading from 2016. 

For analysis as this gap exploited to devalue America

July 23, 2020 2:13 pm

It was identified this morning  listening to this from Democracy Now.

“There are certain kinds of overlapping jurisdiction a couple of classic ones are over drugs offenses and over gun offenses and there are collaborations between state and federal law enforcement that go on all the time,” said  Larry Krasner, District Attorney of Philadelphia, PA. Is this the gap that has been utilized by the down south cartel to launder drug money. This gap cannot be exploited again. Every transaction should be under scrutiny

America should not be fooled into terrorism

July 19, 2020 10:25 am

“We will use the guy who took the two terrorists in to to tear God down,” found out today said by Robert Mueller, about me despite my testimony provided regarding the housing he did not know about. I suspected back the the land grab would to devalue American homeowners. This allowing the man who took the terrorists down to tear me down then allowed the man profiting from the terrorism to tell still deposed stole 2016 Trump about how much money he could make him through creating terrorism. From that point on our country was vulnerable to profiteering.

Sadly Trump uses cocaine and the war powers act allowed him to go either way. This has proven threatening to Republicans and Democrats to have a real candidate who would work for their financial interests. We need to stop cocaine use of any President. It was also found Richard Cheney would have allowed our adversaries to surround us, and that is why they were hesitant to allow him to sign the war powers act. We need to work from a clear vantage point without the war powers act. I became President and work Constitutionally for the voters. We do not need terrorism. Gordon Duff lies to his readers appearing to be against terrorism and then creating it on the back end for profit. This has been documented and we now need to move forward with the election to identify candidates willing to audit the defense budget. We have Constitutionalism. Leahy has been on their side with the war powers act also working with the same adversaries, harmful off worlders who wanted us to have the space shuttle not to defend ourselves with our gold program. It is convenient for our adversaries to keep Americans limited and fighting conflict that is unneeded while them keep drug laundering that impairs our judgements.

A war crimes tribunal could air in the media. We need to discus the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am truthful and against terrorism.
Bush campaign is not mine. We need our Revolution and other campaigns to stand stronger knowing what Bush campaign is “We launder the drug money to create terrorism overseas,” and this is well known in the intelligence community.

Controllers were behind September 11th and it was said they would begin disbanding the components in the buildings. Hopefully this is true. I should be qualified as a witness to testify on any story I have published. I do not want to be held in contempt for what Mueller claimed. Duff knew I located the terrorists to validate the story because of the headset. He is part of Bush campaign and lies about whose side he is on. I do not. Leahy and Duff go back and forth. There is no need. My testimony should be clear by now. Can Sanders campaign with me and we have our tax money for the American people? Who can start the audit? Would Obama want such a thing? At least if we accomplish removing the components I have done a good thing for the victims of September 11th. I do not like seeing the guilty parties get away with it. How can we get them?

It should be criminal for Duff to keep my brain on his cell phone with the headset and use Afghanistan. Sanders would be campaigning by now and so would Justin Amash or honest Republicans. This one war criminal cost their election season. I have served for 3 years now? I am non partisan, Agency coverage should be for honest agents only. With all data finally prosecuted I should get my credentials.

Our audit is coming along with funds hopefully for redevelopment in Iraq for the global populous with America as the leader. I really became President. What some Republican can learn from progressives. Deposed Trump and also Clinton stole 2016. Gold protects us

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, July 17, 2020

Who is at war today? Should we be? No. It was already found out that war should be over. How much money has been earned by those laundering drug money?
I would like only honest watch services not terrorism suspects or those laundering drug money Can we get our voting machines in order? Duff caused

I have paid for my Presidency for 3 years. I intend to transition. “Ann can’t change sides with my side of Bush there,” said Obama. Well maybe we need to remove all bush sides. Why are they here? I am due victims compensation.

Injured by Bush repeatedly

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, July 17, 2020

They give Romney who is stealing from the Regular Republicans better positioning. Our campaign needs to be about what you can do for the voters? Republicans are average people. Many are fooled into voting for their own foreclosure. I always want to find out why by now I am not qualified to testify and who is to blame for the devaluing Americans experienced by drug money. Land grab testimony true. It tears me and our nation apart what is happening. I am tired of being the lone wine drinker suffering from PTSD. Why don’t mormons drink? Have they been cheated by non-drinking? Who saves America from those with the war powers act?

Green energetics data. Gold standard and fat paychecks. I became President. Deposed Trump stole 2016. I am a qualified witness with 23 years for American standing number one. America owns our system. Afghanistan. Sorry I omitted it. Constitutionalism . We are voting

Posted by Ann Diener on Saturday, July 18, 2020

Is it to be debated that I have a brain device? Would you like data?

Benefits of wine drinking? Resveratrol, an organic compound found in red wine, activates a chemical pathway that helps limit stress and damage to DNA cells in the brain. 

Should any commander in chief be on cocaine? Alcohol should not be consumed so they can get married with those laundering drugs. I would not chose that kind of wedding. I would marry someone on a gold ship who does not use drugs. Why have I not been paid for all of the work I have completed. We should be at our audit. Oh wait those who are involved in terrorism are obstructing our audit to “Launder drug money and create terrorism,” is that true? We need to audit every shell company involved in the terrorism war.

Overqualified as a witness I am. Ready to testify on Monday.

People wanted to turn my negative install into a cruel experience.

July 17, 2020 9:41 am

It has been a waste of time. The same people I testified against in my deposal notebook used my negative install to kill people repeatedly. They took it as a license to steal from and kill Americans. Should I to go to the police stations and inform them. Those individuals were also behind the graffiti and the drug running as well as insurance fraud. I intend to testify in public against all of it with all of my data. I became President and do not like giving our adversaries. This goes to the police department, should they instruct someone to inflict cruelty for rich men who own a van to collect payment? I do not believe in inflicting cruelty. Gordon Duff has gotten away with inflicting cruelty on my dog for 15 years and me now for  37 years. He is monitoring my driveway?  He works for our adversaries? Robert L Stenson partnered with a guy I hate to kill people.  The guy electrocuted me in my car because he had created the terrorism and Gordon Duff talked trump into profiting from rather than defeating long ago. Duff is an arms trafficker kicked out of Iraq  before we won. I worry that he will electrocute me again? Was that after deposal? It was not. Stole 2016 Trump was deposed after he was bought by Duff. He has manipulated throughout to profiteer. How much was made by him? Why was Duff put around my home post deposal?  He collected a lot of “tax money,” and drug money. Who else was with him? Is that not extortion?

I became President post deposal and am not bought. We have all bankruptcy as espionage. Gold only. Audit billions

They harm our relationships overseas. I intend to campaign non-partisanly. To track the funds. The threat of the day then leads to the Camp Pendleton which then leads to the Orange County sheriff’s department paying the 17 millionaires with the Mercedes vans, 2 were seen today on the same driveway. They are the ones who bankrupted Orange County before and the individuals managing their payments are those working for our adversaries.

Obama delivers money bag to the shooter? Is it  about the cruel hunger for money he must have experienced when he was a child of a Haitian immigrant or something else? In an honest world why wouldn’t Obama represent who voters believe him to be? I represent who I am every day. I work for the best in people. We need a full audit of these individuals who sat back and said, “I get to keep their tax money.” How much did they steal, bloated with tax money. Who will return the money? If someone handed you a bag of drug money? I would ask for a percentage and keep the rest as evidence. Housing that is designed to crash the housing market needs more drug money?

“I wanted this side of the driveway to launder drug money,” said Richard Cheney about my driveway, to be stopped today by me going to the Carlsbad police department and letting them know about when Cheney came in there. Should I go there? “My negative is installed correctly, ” Cheney said about my negative installed correctly and he wants a warrant from the Orange County sheriff’s department for my negative installed correctly by me. He has no right. I am against terrorism and pro audit. We could recover the money America needs and stop harming sheriff’s department’s retirements. Who stole their retirement in 2008? Was it the same people? How many times are we fooled? I want to marry someone who fights for the American people and who would never launder drug money nor murder anyone. No one would want to marry someone like that. I will meet a man who arrives in a gold spacecraft. When I delete it there is a warrant out for me “I wanted this side of the driveway to launder drug money,” and in my opinion I side with the new CIA Director Cheney is a bench warrant for me every day. I made sure I put the drug laundering down. We do not need men and harmful women to harm Americans Constitutionalism. Some people cannot be happy with a good life for the American people and we have to ask ourselves why? Is it criminal activity on a large scale? Gold only is global and cashless is criminal. It was designed to steal from every American.

Should we have a deck like this with the poster individuals? The sad thing is that Bush gives those on the deck cards and was behind their terrorism. Can Iraq be free? When is our tribunal. Why would he want to harm my side wanting war to be over? To house the millions of Iraqi refugees as we had planned with redevelopment. I remember when that maintained American standing with our budget surplus. We are in campaign season. Bernie Sanders should ride on the redevelopment for Iraq. I and Sanders are against terrorism.

Who is Responsible. We used 9/11 because I wanted to go back to Iraq said.

No American should ever be arrested for being honest. We have a right to work hard for justice and I am a witness.  Did a new CIA Director start? I am looking forward to meeting her. Transition is happening and I felt a more honest side coming in. Insiders know that. I hope she takes all of my data and I just sign off that she can take it to court.  I will be happy with an honest side finally. 3 years working for it. We maintain American standing at number one. Gold cash is printing globally. When I tracked our gold standard I knew criminals were operating in the background to damage America through devaluing. I was aware of my testimony. I was aware of adversaries. America can borrow now. What is going to happen to the housing? Why did they let them build it if they built it knowingly to crash? It is neither left nor right.

We had espionage charges against those with Chinese side. We have not assessed their liabilities yet for the directed energy weapon used in devaluing existing homeowners or used to cause the American people harm at times registered in China. Meaning these individuals devalued you the American people for their espionage. Additional data on file to include financial harm to our stock market and the Chinese stock markets. When do we press charges. I would not have accepted bribery from China as they did. Are they trustworthy now in 2020? Should they be sueable for devaluing? “Maybe I should find a jail for stevenson,” to be said by suit and tie guys. “Why should they listen to the joint chiefs?” asked by them. Unneeded, Joseph Dunford outed for China long ago and new intelligence comes online. Straight data and Congressional members should be ready to press charges on those bought by our adversaries? We are campaigning for the White House who wants owned in the White House? Those accepting money from overseas should not participate with Romney here. They are associated and proves Romney likely owned explains the Kim Jong-un data. Why did he charge our government he asked Un to fire? Did he devalue existing homes with something he tried to get over on our government with. His tone was clearly wanting to get over on our American government. Did he tell them in advance he was going to do construction financing with the revenue? No. He called them up and asked the American government to protect us all from Kin Jong-un in a fear sense. We need no created threats for profiteering also known as fraud, waste and abuse. This has to go to court against him. Anyone complaining will benefit from the penalty assessed to Romney for it and it is our gold standard. Republicans are easiest to convince to work against their own financial interests as this man is, according to many.

Finally the playbook understood for our audit. “We create the terrorism and you guys decide which way you want to pay for it. We have a whole profit model created for that,” admitted previously. They then use the profit for their pet projects. Did the government know about the missile? Likely not in the beginning. Why do the American people have to create terrorism to create profit streams? Corporate welfare. We can take each incident and boil them down to and locate where the private money went in the shell companies. I have found millions of dollars like this before.

Headset cracking. I became President 3 years ago. Deposal of stole 2016 for validated convictions to include election theft. Crosscheck voter purges to be included. Gold standard and hopefully our money back, voters tax money, compensates those major corporations they bankrupted. We need an audit of the Pentagon and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. How much drug money have they pocketed. Were shipments halved? Should they run drug money into 2020?We are a Sovereign Constitutional Republic. Deposal of stole 2016 Trump long ago by those, found out to be by those who sided with our advesaries for 22 years or more years, against me and Americans. We do not need them in 2020.Gold currency printing. Democratic running mate for those believing in audit against those siding with our advesaries. How much did those siding with our advesaries earn. Confiscate those assets.

Posted by Ann Diener on Thursday, July 16, 2020

It is always about cleaning up after war criminals every day wasting time and stealing our money. “She could not do a speaking tour because she holds the negative.” A LIE about me not being able to speak to the media. We have to work hard to take down the lies every day.

The department of defense or anyone is free to use my Presidency to stop all drug money. “Now I pull money out of the atm for the shooting spree of the day,” can we have a day without a shooting spree. Our negative install is not about asset confiscation, nor about cruelty. It is about working together on a project. Shooting spree is murder of valuable people. Shooting spree stopped. Drug planting stopped. All evil stuff done stopped. And criminals on a poster keep going

“She didn’t work for the negatives,” to be said by Duff. I certainly did. I worked days and weeks to complete our install and now years and we have a perfect planet. How much should I be paid per hour? We also have Mars ready? How much is that worth to every American for space travel? And he is the one who said we gave you the rocket so Americans would not have space travel. Should he have any say?

“Bench warrants ruin governors?” Why? I am available to testify in any case on my twitter feed @a_diener. How do we get those working with our adversaries before they leave our country? We need to research who we deal with better at least data is out now?

This is Peace Strategist’s home not speaking tours. We can have our audit and stop those who are receiving funds from our adversaries. I have wanted to bust Allen since I found out he caused the OC bankruptcy and that is why Duff paying them through Orange County is criminal. We want real computer programmers not traitors working for Russia as they have been. This is why they have a Russian bribed man laundering drug money for them, Duff.

They have no rights to God’s negatives. Stop consciousness theft.

Gold only is global and cashless angers everyone.

Why are failures trying to harm American standing? “America can borrow.”

“All the below ground jails need replacement,” said because we finished our work and I should be paid for their demolition as I was promised.


If the land grab sells we have to monitor wages

July 12, 2020 2:41 pm

Imagine working for 10 to 20 years and putting a significant portion of your salary into your home, and then when 2016 was stolen a group of individuals team up to build housing that later were testified against and that deposed the President who stole the election from 74 percent. You may have also voted for him, but you did not vote to see your home foreclosed on because you could not refinance. Millions of homeowners may be facing this problem in the near future as they designed the housing crash just like they did the one in 2008. I have continued to work against them because I did become President 8/8/17 and I intend to protect your wages to the best of my ability.  Gold is already global. We do have to find a way to recover the stolen equity by drug money devaluing.

Trump’s campaign manager is a felon. His deputy campaign manager is a felon. His national security advisor is a felon. His foreign policy advisor is a felon. His personal lawyer is a felon. His long time advisor is a felon. It’s not a campaign, it’s a criminal enterprise.

I should qualify as a witness but a should be felon said I could not qualify to testify. Should felons control who protects every American workers wages from devaluing by drug money? Trillions stolen.

Fact Checking Important of Alternative Media

May 29, 2020 12:55 pm

When claims are made on the alternative media that terrorists received gas masks 24 hours before, it is important to validate that the information is true or false. Using Twitter that data was validated and those terrorists were in existence now found to be protected by Russia then as leverage to steal the Middle East  and our tax money from us. One should not be fired upon with a directed energy weapon for validating truth. It is a real reporters job to fact check and it takes hours to do. I spent 8 hours finding the terrorists that corroborated the story because I wanted to know if they were in existence so we Americans could fight them.  If they were exposed we could. Alternative media was found to be correct and if my data had been properly used then we could have taken the terrorists away from Putin, not allowed him to have them, and had a straight combat line to protect Syria and penetrate into turkey to protect Inkrit and our NATO base there.  We would have been in control and not have allowed others to control us. When the alternative media says something that seems incredulous you have to back it up with actual fact done through digging and social media is a way to do it. Terrorists were found and that confirmed the story to be true.

This is Mike Levin’s side computer not Ryan side should be called a traitor for any bankruptcy at this point. Putin took advantage of this one incident to gain on America.

He sponsored those terrorists and penetrated this country. Who has laundered the money back? Who did they do it with the Russian Ambassador. We should all have money back by now. “We had the apportionment scheme that comey had,” then why would Ryan try again for bankruptcy today? Mueller finally admitted yesterday 2016 was stolen to stop the bankruptcy. It may have been closed door allegedly as it was felt here. We need to move to real Financial standing and stop all who keep causing our country to go backwards every day. We need to press charges against those using the “Chinese side,” and identify what the costs were for them using China to have weaponry overhead to devalue American people. War powers act based on. The enemy they created, the Russian one with the terrorists Putin sponsored, and that left the enemy as the enemy of everyone and in Russian hands so everyone could deny their alliance with that threat rather than the Oligarchs Trump met with early on for bankruptcy. Because Putin sponsored the terrorists that were outed did he get control of our tax money through the Russian ambassador. That put Duff here. Just because he said something in the alternative media does not mean it should be believed or found true. As a reporter you have to go after the story to validate what is said and this ends up helping our American sides to say yes those are terrorists we need to stop them. Why should those terrorists allow for the transfer of our tax money to the Russian Ambassador?

“I made a call to that guy about the terrorists,” said about the guy who used the directed energy weapon on my car to attack me for validating the information he stated and his publication was known as very questionable. He went on a quest for Russia as he stated. Communism is not American. I support American belief systems. That is how Duff ruins every day, a communist since 1957 he is. How do we stop communism? It doesn’t exist? I want to let someone know he sponsored terrorists to steal your tax money with Russia. Why was Duff protecting these terrorists with the man he called? That harmed both Trump and I and gave Russia too much power over us.

How did Trump feel then about the terrorists? He wanted to win against Turkish terrorists and take them down. Leahy wanted to defeat them then and got upset when Duff and this guy he called increased the terrorism  in the area. It seems like the only two problems are Duff and the directed energy weapon man. I can back that up with fact and I can not be arrested for backing up my story. Congress should not allow the apportionment side to win that uses these Russian confiscated terrorists to steal our tax money.

I am upset about Cheney using Chinese weapons here. Cheney said we could not win and that is what is being brought up in the Oversight committee is how we have allowed China to run us and not running them. Xi Jinping did back down, and we are investigating China weakening America financially.  “I will no longer be using my space based weapon here,” said then.

How much should Cheney owe us for California.

The only Communism found here was in those terrorists. Constitutionalism only is our belief system. We have to stand for America number one.

My writing for the American people and that is who I work for. They should justly compensate me for my work.



A Case Study on the American War Criminals through one event for Truibunal

May 24, 2020 5:26 pm

How a group moves on an event that they themselves knew would be harmful long term to take advantage of all angles for themselves.

This event was called History in the Making.

When Gordon Duff called me in 2017, while he was meeting with the Russians covertly I found out later on, there was a salesman intonation in his tone that was worse than your worst used car salesman. It has been scary ever since uncovering what I found out. They planned an event behind the scenes with individuals they knew long term would harm us and found ways to profit throughout. Those individuals would have killed them had I not helped out and they are not quite ready to go for those they were afraid of. Their main focus area is profiteering similar to any conflict. “Can we get paid,” they ask our Justice Department, knowing in the background without others involved they would have lost everything themselves.

Overseas today they should not be heisted and keep gold currency

This is going to be the biggest heist we ever had was said by them early on by the salesman knowing it was for stealing from everyone to the maximum of their abilities we have prevented against.

They hit us here from all angles, air, space, telephony with directed energy weapons attempting to steal from every American and international using a soft cover.

We can break this down in a timeline to show how they move in, take advantage of all angles for profit and threaten to get their way. We will make them lose this time. Why is space out? Our gold program is still available for manufacture. There are other people who are parts of other campaign areas who may create opportunities. Some people are advocates working for the American people with what they have not allowing those with a track record of theft to steal from the people like me.

They did the same thing in Ukraine and I can take days and compile the data I have for the timeline. It would be interesting to corroborate this with transfers through the DOJ and ask them one question.

Would they have been eaten early on without my work? Should they have been transferred any money? Some knew about what would have happened early on and defended against it Joe Biden is one. What is their history in the making now? Why allow the controllers who had bad intentions from the beginning to continue to run the show? When you compare Ukraine and History in the Making it is the same, this group attacks a soft target. We have been lucky to maintain communications with some who protected Americans first. It may be tomorrow before they will be able to see how America was a soft target for this war criminals and it may take weeks.

There is more to come on this and I can go day by day and show how perceptions created profit for them despite the overall outcome they knew would be detrimental to every American, their goal in the background, they defended likely for profiteering

Bill Gates is unacceptable to me for his intentions against American people, data available and it fits in with scenarios he has run before. It is like when you know previous history of public criminals who steal right before our eyes and see it done again against the voters you continue to work until they are stopped and I hope if there are tribunal experts in the area, they will provide me a private area to go through the data without being surrounded by the war criminals.

They have acted like bullies for the most part with Duff being harmful to me as a bully. It is painful what they have done and when you look at the big picture from start to finish America would have been Ukraine had some good people, penetrating a soft unknowing target for financial gain, not acted honorably and maybe some of them have to insure America is strong but isn’t that push pull their sales tactic not allowing for success until the maximize profits. Can we be frank and talk about that? I protect against them. No one killed

This was an all out assault on our are by drug money laundering and electronics in our atmosphere

Writing from the heart

May 11, 2020 6:06 am

I have been so hurt over the last 3 years. We need peace in our lives. Constitutionalist. I love honorable people who I can admire and feel uncomfortable if I am misconstrued. Good luck speaking tours. Common law is a right of way. We have a right to right livelihood. Doing what is honorable and I will continue to aim for that Right livelihood award. We all have goals in life. Strange people go away. I am a journalist and I know you did the deposal wrong and I continue for everyone to make our world better and we must serve the public when we can. I do as every American was raised to serve our people honorably. Why can’t people work to serve the American people. Good love is hard to find

Stung by a bee and no cocaine ever hit my nose

April 29, 2020 1:27 am

Around here false accusations about me have been relentless and people have been made to think I have a drug habit as an informant. No. I always investigate personalities of people and am more counselor and aware of people’s personalities  than anything else. Yesterday when I was at a laundromat I had a bee sting my nose and I never had a cocaine habit. I wondered what it was about when the bee remarked as such. I negotiated with tyrants who had such habits and at times wanted to take advantage of my position to make them clean. I have always hated cocaine use and it was scary that a bee would think I ever used such a substance.

Then I worried I had under some kind of weird truth chemical, individuals involved with my watch services had me speak to much about others habits. I hate those people. Constitutionalist

Our Galactic Core is repairing our galactic Sun

April 20, 2020 10:05 pm

It was found out today that our Galactic Sun was damaged long ago and that individuals from surrounding star systems came here because of communism that destroyed their systems. I learned that shortly before I placed my core successfully. I discovered why I thought during my work previously about the galactic sun, “That seems a little broken,” in June of 2017.

The galactic Sun was very fragmented then. It seemed like the center had been pulled down with parts all around. I still used it for the work I was doing then. I asked others who were participating “what am i going to do if it falls apart,” they said, “I don’t know you just put them in there,” referring to harmful extraterrestrials I wanted moved around. We found out who was originally there when he complained about the core there being moved. That was the center of the Galactic Sun.

The stargate is harmful as it allows for off world travel without entry permit. They installed it when the Galactic sun broke down and it was found out when it was criminally destroyed the man who was there said, “I can’t believe they threw down the burning negative,” the core of the Galactic sun. This man where ever he is knows the Galactic core is his marriage partner.

These criminals who entered here illegally know a space team now is aware now that they were the ones who did it. We have to be cautious of those interested in space travel that harmed me before.

Today as we are moving forward with our solar system repaired to include the Solar core, the companion to our sun for the removal of antimatter, our galactic core began to work appropriately and begin to round which returned my attention to the Galactic Sun. It was restoring because of the improvements here in our solar system.

In the Universe there are Suns and cores completely round if not broken. Cores are used for removing excrement. I do deserve to get paid for my work. It was found out yesterday, “The Solar core is where the antimatter goes,” so it is a waste receptacle. Our galaxy was a host to other star children we have around here.

“That’s where we came from,” said a sad otherworlder, “other star systems in the galaxy that for too long had Communism coming,” and it is stopped here. because of my work. Constitutionalism only is guaranteed. Their star systems were all destroyed because our Galactic Sun had been harmed and they had been harvested like we were about to be.  There is only one harvester left can you believe that. That is good work on my part. Those star beings that were part of Romney’s side need to be disbanded here with the teaching area.

Here is a picture and if you look to the right you will see a heavily indented area in red on the map. That shape is the indentation caused by the explosion of the spacecraft boulder one was on. It was a very large explosion in our outer atmosphere around the day before and I was concerned it had damaged our earth’s surface. It turns out it has healed pretty well. We can destroy the other one and it was agreed to by the Supreme Court that they would like it done and it was something they did not think would be possible before yesterday.

Indentation of Harvester on lower right in red

With our gold spacecraft, some beneficial off worlders will have the opportunity to go home again as we could travel around my galaxy liberally when our program begins to be manufactured. We have a good start with our star system aka solar system restructuring to perfect. This is an Ann Diener project, lots of work put in with a very small budget for everyone that we need to move forward on. I always get them accomplished with God’s help.

Our money back should be delivered to everybody with our gold standard kept as is typical for a good star system.

As has been said before, “We only made it on your income,” mine, and I keep working in earnest so everyone can enjoy our solar system restored. I could use some spending money. My friends chip in.

Cost of Intention of Malice, Who is Liable?

April 20, 2020 10:56 am

With the restraining order here, Robert L Stevenson of San Clemente, California intended to exact malice on my person and global position. It has been used as a weapon which is not what a restraining order is designed to do. He has had unfettered access while holding less global standing than I have restricting access of mine to people I chose to participate with who work in our country for the American people as I am an American. He has aided adversaries since 1998 possibly from within our government. What are the costs of his participation with foreign governments against all Americans? I have sided with our service members and the American people consistently for their financial and Constitutional interests. In 1998, both Russian and Chinese governments were operating in the background against Americans and they have been repeatedly identified. They have also consistently mimicked our side through the use of the British government. We have no need to disarm because of an American war crimes tribunal against those who sided with our adversaries.

This is intentional malice. And to be clear it was stated it is being done to cheat all Americans. When a group is cheating all Americans with our adversaries, what is that criminal activity to be known as? How can we recover? Sue them.

This restraining order could be voided through the proof of a framed murder against me and proof of his service to foreign powers against American interests I have obtained. I remember a restraining order delivered to me without signature. I did not agree to it nor have to acknowledge its receipt. It is now known Stevenson and their had started working with the communist Chinese government then and I was against that even then. The man who murdered someone and framed me, I have data to support that, was working with a foreign government against our country, and they  gave me the restraining order I never kept or thought I needed. At that time I thought he was an American and I found out differently and did not know what it was for. It has been reported already in this flyer here that the individuals have been working against American interests. Stevenson has misrepresented himself. How do we out someone like that through our intelligence community? Who wants a traitor to all American citizens to encourage American assets to lie? That is what he has done. This hurts our country and has done so for over twenty years now. The traitor uses those assets to penetrate our country to commit financial crime. They are being used against their own interests unknown and unseen to them. By him encouraging them to lie, and them doing it, they accept his penalty kick, power over and against them.

Why do they lie? Is the penalty kick a benefit to them? Negative. Truth saves lives and people don’t like it.  I would like to examine the impacts from 1998 to present of traitors encouraging American assets to lie and to assess the financial damage those lies have caused. This is a good project for our next administration tied in with an audit of the Pentagon. If you examine the costs of each instance. Why is this a dangerous thing? Isn’t it called analysis? I would like to talk with agency professionals who can see and understand financial crime. I provided my testimony against Donald Trump who stole election 2016 as Hillary Clinton stole the Primary. Why is he not forced to campaign with his liabilities assessed. We are already in April rapidly approaching 2020 election. He stole the election from 74% of the voters and it is admitted. The words “talked to me sweetly” is disgusting with the word sweetly being gross. We do not have that where I want to work at the Pentagon. There is no sweat talk there with our group that is straight honor and justice.

I don’t want to work with Let us begin here or anywhere. He is not on my side, and he will not be part of any deposal paperwork as he is part of the talking sweetly side I am disgusted with.  We work for American interests in my household. I suspect they are not.

It was found out the illegal restraining order was accepted by Supreme Court justices as a legal authority. At this point it is in opposition to their interests.

What was their perception at the time the restraining order was accepted? It was illegal.

Bias can also be about narrow mindedness, and an inability to understand possibilities that are beneficial yet unknown to them.

We own our world together and our galaxy.

I do not like the fact that Bill Gates has a hold on my home. Where are our opportunities today? Don’t we look for those anymore? I am ready to create opportunities if given half the chance he was then and he lied. The talk sweetly side uses the advanced telephony here and to me that is where the problem lies. Maybe they could go play dirt on their own property and not steal from one American for the rest of their lives. Why would Bernie Sanders die if I put that down.

Bill Gates needs to drop the restraining order now. He has no rights to my property nor my life and I do not approve of those they selected to monitor my home. This is what I mean, he, Duff and the others can observe each other and play paydirt on their own properties being observed by real intelligence as they move things around and maybe that community can collect dollars. This is the stupid game that they played here. I am not into playing games with my life savings and to me we need to move forward beyond their quest to a whole new leadership. If you turn the camera on them, what are they doing today? I want to work on American innovation for dairy farmers desperately needed. Sweetly can go and do whatever he does. What does it take to get them away from my home and for me to work with dairy farmers to develop chemistries for them.

Why are people so anxious to create terrorism against the farmers. I would rather make money today but I guess that is not going to happen. I will make it happen somehow.

Americans can leave their home and return safely without air support with no harm done.

What is a dream come true?

April 18, 2020 2:52 pm

A dream come true is solid American standing with our gold standard behind it for everyone and our money back to be delivered to everyone. As our American war crimes tribunal pushes forward, it is important to note how and why wars are fought against us winning. No it is not what you think. It is that old combined conflict that goes on in the background and it was identified today not to be commanded by either commander in Chief, the one you see on TV  and not me. When we had assembled the united forces for a ground war in Libya, he was pleased with my thought pattern and knew we could win.

Our current conflict there was began by the British who wanted to begin their war on terrorism and they encouraged the combined conflict group to participate who then split Delta Force, rather than them join forces with my team over there to take down the Turkish threat to the Libyan government. Our Constitutional government will prevail and then enemy in waiting is the overlord’s side. Bush convictions need to be made.

We need to bring the British here for the war crimes tribunal here on American soil, they could be extradited if they refuse. Previously they set out to blame us for terrorism when they knew internationally we were being monitored for war crimes. They then provoked an incident in the background. They were as of this morning as of this morning in command of a split Delta Force operating against me and our formal Commander in Chief. They have intermediaries working at a Naval installation. The alleged field trainer is working with Leahy side and they also threaten to kill him and me. Then they send the “Georgia ones” or Minatkans to Camp Pendleton for prostitution services. “They get the Georgia ones” so essentially they have sex to make us lose our wars as foreign powers operate our Armed forces. Miramar is also involved.

We can win. I still need to have depositions filed against the other commander in chief, who is toxic in some ways.

Remember Solyndra? What makes the Obama lifestyle so good? Spending millions for nothing? That is not a lifestyle I admire. If he does not stop, our worst nightmare is the harvester. I deserve to be paid for our work.

I hope the audit goes through. Optimism is in efficient lifestyles. Constitutionalism saves lives. I should be paid for my service to our country.

Land grab is criminal.

How much was stolen since September 11th by war criminals?

April 16, 2020 4:02 pm

Today we are anxiously awaiting our war crimes tribunal to begin here on American soil if there is enough stomach for it. Obama does not want it to happen and is OK with the American public being stolen from by the war criminals. Allen surveillance dead. Why is Stevenson trying to shoot me. He has not fought these war criminals for the last 18 years and was not involved in profiteering in Ukraine. I want my job in American foreign policy and I am waiting to be picked up for the tribunal to happen I am putting together hopefully with those at the Department of Defense who want to account for the stolen funds since September 11th in every conflict we have had, Richard Cheney’s team goes into a country to loot them. He did that here in this city.

Cocaine planet is overrated. What I want is a job working with my side at the Pentagon, auditing the amounts stolen so that we can recover them from Cheney’s companies. When you think about the conflict in Ukraine, they went in during the Obama administration, so he could be included in the special tribunal. It was December 2013 when friends of Ukraine met here in America, as I remember it, and they coordinated companies to move into ukraine against the government there. It was corrupt, and needed to be brought down, however not by a self interested group of individuals seeking to steal everything they had. Yanukovych regime was really corrupt and that is how they worked it. Their goal was to make an entry point.

Who pays? War crimes

April 16, 2020 2:02 am

When an incident happens like the coup in Ukraine there are multiple parties known as actors contributing to the scenario set up behind the scenes by expert players who see war for profit as their means to survival. How much have they stolen? Deposed Trump stole 2016 and I am President of our country because of that deposal process. I continue to work for the voters and internationals to recover their stolen assets from the war criminals.

I am not paid for my work yet and I would like a diplomatic career and payment for hard work accomplished.

I watched as Friends of Ukraine started their campaign to likely steal assets with several meetings to be discussed. When they moved in I monitored Ukraine daily and campaigned for Vladimir Putin to sit down with the separatists who were being stolen from, not by their countrymen but from us. I was very angry and against those stealing. It has been found out likely now that Putin and Nuland who were working against the known target where meeting in private.

Buildings found to be same as those who did 9/11

April 15, 2020 2:39 am

It was said about me, “Skyscrapers falling ain’t no American lifestyle,” by an individual who trained the half breed to say it. The space jet he has was also brought in from another star system by him and a boat captain as a scam to launder drug money while keeping the same threats in the background.

These two are both fraud and are laundering drug money. Duff his trainer, has been laundering drug money running the programmers here with a false core tied to Los Angeles. It will be interesting when his physical features fall apart.

Duff said to the man they likely created, “Can you say out loud  for me, skyscrapers fallin ain’t no American lifestyle.” This was later said in a court proceeding and I don’t know how it can help. We should not be afraid living in America that buildings will be timed and go off like they did on September 11th.

Today they threatened Knoxville, Tennessee and it was admitted they did a lot of other buildings with the same nuclear components. Skyscrapers falling should be followed up soon.

“It ain’t no common girl’s fact,” and that fact was confirmed. It is the my  Presidential fact and we are completing our tribunal. I became President long ago and intend to serve for formal proceedings. I am no common girl. I am a woman who has worked for the American people for 22 years and have researched for most of that time to have the data I have available to the American people.

To stop the war crimes tribunal, it was told to American service members, “Skyscrapers falling ain’t no common Gi’s fault,” and they blamed me for their nuclear components. “We deployed these nuclear components in the columns,” of World Trade Center 1 & 2 was said by Bush Carlyle. They were also previously called the only threat he has left and with today’s near incident, they are to be on record should any buildings go off like that ever again. Will they.

It should be a common Gi’s fact today. I am scared that this will happen again and looking at this footage one can understand why. I am afraid of not speaking up in time.

It is a lifestyle that needs to stop the problem of those skyscrapers filed with nuclear components from harming American people ever again.

Who did the buildings? It was likely Duff who started in Russia. See diagram.

Directed Energy Weapons should not be used on me or us

April 12, 2020 10:37 am

It had been identified yesterday that the connection to the teleporter I wondered about connected to the plane at Miramar. It relates to the Directed Energy weapons used here. Those were criminally used on my car to begin with because I had identified terrorists in Syria that many people at the time including now deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump would have wanted to defeat. Recep Erdogan was his enemy then. We could defeat the enemy today, other star systems, and they still use the weapons here. Now it was claimed that they were allowed because we wanted other star systems to be here while at the same time God and I have been fighting them and these same war criminals clearly state that they don’t want to admit to being guilty of September 11th because we have a greater enemy those other star systems. I am not the enemy I only hold our planet together. We can work together. Isn’t it you who is prosecuting the war criminals? I became President. All Hands could have a Bernie Sanders advisor. Deposed Trump stole 2016 and I have a right to complete my depositions right away without the Mercer clause that was added.

Secularism. Do not allow the fact that I am known as God to control your decision making. It is a benefit to have God around when fighting all enemies.

Bush stole election 2000, and according to him, “could not have come into power unless the below grounds exist,” meaning he stole the election and used the harvesting contract I am defeating.

Allow no illegal armaments to come in and hurt us from offshore. We can win. It is only me sitting here fighting and I would like to put a good team together of intelligence professionals.

It is good that you are willing to get rid of “communism coming,”  or maybe you won’t. Giving war criminals sex? Our minds are a battlefield and our wars are fought intelligently. Trump who I deposed by testimony should not be included in any conversation I am a part of and should have no access to my machine. People have to be willing to work with me independently of these war criminals. “You got rid of communism coming?” Duff asked connected to the teleporter and that was denied by you.  He needs to be charged with the war crimes and that is all I am asking you to do.

Why is he winning Bikram? The Mayor. I recorded my testimony at the City Council meeting, so that I could provide it by deposition here. Witness protection should be guaranteed not allowing the war criminal who should be charged with 18 years of crimes access to my machine. It is 18 years of criminal activity they conducted. Obviously I did not commit any war crimes and I did not commit financial crimes I am asking for depositions for. Trump stole 2016 Why give him access? So Obama could control us with the war criminals? Aren’t depositions set for today. He would find out any way. We have to be ready to recover all of the funds from 2001 to now.

We should allow the Boeing contract to be open as it was clear this same team defrauded them with the sensors they put in the planes. Who had access to those planes? All of this data has been acquired over many years and at the beginning, it was said by the side I am on now,  “I say we use that testimony and give that gal a clearance level.” I have worked hard since then and for the last 18 years to make the war crimes tribunal stand up. I became President. This is a Democratic district. Money Back should be ours and not the alien agenda.

Constitutionalists exist to be protected and not harmed.

I became President August 8, 2017 and should be paid for my investigation, not harmed. War crimes tribunal expected and I am to preside over it as Presidentially as I can be made to be.

My side only should respond here.

Based on the fact that Barack Obama is conducting change of power, Gina Haspel and the Base commander should step aside. This is 18 years of testimony that only I can present. When did the planet owners get appointed, when we knew about the larger threat?

What gave them any benefits of my negative install. I chose to do it to protect everyone.

My Presidency would be working with the UAE for the $6 Billion there and not sitting here deciding if I am a man or a woman.

Teleporter confirmed and to be removed

April 11, 2020 11:22 pm

It was not confirmed it was their criminal quest teleporter they had connected in the Miramar aircraft. It was terrible from the beginning on their quest with Cheney and his war criminal friends here. Deposal of stole 2016 Trump went through long ago and Hillary Clinton stole 2016. Bernie Sanders won 2016 technically. This was used to move cigarette boxes and other items around my home and is why my home is messy. I usually pay a housekeeper and have money, yet since I became President I am running on fumes trying to explode harvesters. Tits has more balls and is paid less money for more work.

They drugged me and said that I would want men’s private parts cut off which I said after they hurt me and drugged me and in a normal posture would never do to anyone. What I like is real investigation and discovery. My depositions are needed with our gold program for the Bernie Sanders advanced team. Obama was caught using deposed stole 2016 Trump’s Presidency criminally.

“We let them bother him (Donald Trump) until we take the country away from him,” said Barack Obama about deposed stole 2016 Trump and I became President. I am not part of them nor  their corrupt foreign policy.

Mayor’s boyfriend I would like to have bust Obama in downtown Los Angeles. Christopher Wray is complicit in the drug laundering for drawing rights. Can someone arrest them. I went there and softened the area and they should be good and ready now.

Constitutionalism guaranteed

April 11, 2020 8:59 pm

No handstamp for our American service members or anyone.

This was learned about on my trip up to Oregon.

The master plans have been identified as land grab and the human formed extraterrestrials they went on a quest with did not have any building aptitude. They are to be seen as surplus housing.

Will the aliens made up body parts fall off? They did not own our planet to start with.

Please disconnect G’s equipment to the Miramar jet. I am actually his commander in chief, and am not to be made fun of for my ugly combat life. We are going to take down the harvester.

My home should be private and I am going to get ready for depositions for Monday.

Constitutionalism only and Mercers manufactured depositions will not cut it,. It was found out he created them to make aliens live here longer.

I have always been our negative holder and we restored it to its correct position long ago. It had been criminally moved before. It is perfect.

Los Angeles can be busted now.

Straight and honest

April 10, 2020 1:11 am

When I saw Robert L Stevenson, who he is now, and he is trying to cling onto the handlers I had from before, and they are more criminal than he is or I want to be. He just asked, “I can still work downtown,” to them. I feel bad for him and would like to get to the bottom of the crimes they caused him to do. He looked like a tired old burnt out police detective. I saw the woman Janice they made into our negative holder as a woman who would not fit in with the service members I would like to be around or NASA professionals. Right now my appearance is poor because these criminals have been as was found out by NASA who asked, “What was that you put in your trash can,” it meant that aliens own our planet. It was from Branson poisoning my environment here at home and that is what 2 1/2 years of my Presidency has been about. How much can you tarnish someone using advanced machines. If you lived here you would be dead. They knew humans, we own our planet outright, and that is because of my work as our negative holder. At least I have made a case against Donald Trump who I deposed by testimony and I looked professional today. They key to a great photo was nature.

So, onto Janice, I saw them originally in a fellowship spacecraft, the same people who are working here, they were partying, drinking and making plans, crafting a woman, designing her body parts including her legs. That is what they do is create fake people our of alien genes and hormones. It seems like they start with a blue like modeling clay with the supercomputer and adjust it. Nature makes me look better and we need to make them look worse. I am a straight convictions President and want all of our data to be used including my research data. Constitutionalist. What I do not like are the fake footage and making me look bad.

Nature is working hard today. Our money back should be delivered to every American during these hard times, not given to alleged planet owners. Stevenson was not made up yesterday which made me feel better about who he is. It is disappointing that he continues to work for those who committed crimes with the stock market. I wish someday he would have the courage to take them down like I do. I provided my testimony in earnest and want to include every crime they committed to the agency guy who Stevenson was asking if he could work downtown. I did not like that he told Christopher Wray he could continue the same crime I testified against. When the stock market attempted to crash, it is likely that they continued to pull money out. $17 trillion like an ATM in October 2019 and that needs to be included in depositions against Donald Trump. How it is done, “I thought you said when we used the machines we would not get caught?” said Donald Trump, and here is more on the machines.

I will gladly accept my paperwork.

Duff is a different story. He has been scummy since I made that phone call to him. I knew he was in on a con, and we he was screaming about a friend’s passport, maybe that had something to do with where he created the virus he and his wife admitted to adding DNA to create. That friend was investigating harmful diseases and the labs that were creating them internationally. Can the virus be included in the depositions.

Why is Duff in a position of power. He created the prayer breakfasts claiming God could not be spoken of? It was said by the now dead boulder “People think of you as God,” about Duff. Why?

We do not have a bankruptcy at all. Why would anyone say that? Duff created bankruptcy? Why? House and Senate members all have our gold standard and money back, now we need to pursue those who have stolen the $840 trillion by auditing the Pentagon and add those funds to collected revenue in our future when we identify the accounts where those funds were hidden. Remember Robert Mercer and the Nixon ones, what makes them not investigated with any private LLC accounts started by extraterrestrials. Shouldn’t it be easier to identify where they have their money and who they are now.

What is up with that retirement home?

Fake impeachment started here, to support their alien agenda bankruptcy for the handmarkers.

“Robert Mercer’s daughter, Rebekah Mercer, serves on the board of the Gatestone Institute and the family’s foundation provided at least $250,000 the group, led by former national security adviser John Bolton, which promotes fake news stories advancing anti-Muslim conspiracy theories,” according to the National Memo today.

Veritas fails  Vice President Bernie Sanders I really became President and he should have accepted my offer to take my Presidency from me rather than winning it outright. Deposed Trump and Hillary Clinton stole 2016 and he should have had a chance to compete

We can cooperate in Syria.

Who is running the advanced team in the Middle East?

Russians did not pay for the planet

April 4, 2020 10:31 am

Russians did not pay for the planet. Below ground jails could fall and I could get paid for the planet I own outright.

In the meantime, we have to continue to solve problems. There is no need for camera’s to create false incidents for dead children’s souls.

From yesterday, an individual was ordered to kill children and the supercomputer went on.

The operator said the following,

“I said accentuate the children’s age and accentuate the secret service agency lady of the future,” referring to me and attempted to turn me into a corrupt person that I am not, getting their dead souls to believe a lie. My goal is to take their souls into God’s hands and use them for our benefit of the honest side. We needed to know why they were killing children and what they used them for. I am always honest to the best of my ability, to a fault sometimes.

That is how they recruit souls criminally exposing them to fraudulent imagery.

It was found out the false imagery is stored on mainframe computers called false pictographs. We need only real imagery of real criminal activity.

Gold standard and money back get delivered to all American people. I also became President. Deposed Trump stole election 2016 and I am ready for depositions to be completed. Drug laundering is too lucrative a business for the Supreme Court.

I quest for the camera to be brought down.

The depositions need to be based on all facts and data I have on hand.

This morning we are after the drug money laundering that now pointed to the CIA Director.

The camera has been identified as connected to the Oceanside Police Department, and one example of harmful use is when I went to the beach this morning, there was no blockade, and then a cleaning crew put one up, so when I came up from the beach, I had to climb over it.

When I caught Senator Patrick Leahy killing children as is found to be done using the computing system, they tried to use the footage on me, “I can’t stand it she went on the beach well before so we’re going to see is we can use the footage wrongly.” I am a journalist on the scene reporting on the incamera,

It was also found out that they use if with planted controlled substances. Our goal is to turn the camera on the planters of controlled substances. Here at my home, one individual said “We’re going to plant some of those controlled substances we use,” and in reality when the camera is used the source of the controlled substances should be forced to be identified, this takes the evidence up the chain. His were sourced from the down south cartel. We need to bust them, so maybe we can use the Oceanside Police Department camera correctly to locate the large amounts of cocaine money brought into our area. Who has a lot of money in their account?

Leahy said kill children again this morning, and admitted to creating the disease called Covid, and he should be made liable for everyone’s having to be stuck in their homes or considering a trip to 7-11 a pharmacological experience with people wearing surgical masks and gloves. Disease cannot be spread any more.



Criminal quest by criminals, laundering drug money and having sex while you file for unemployment...

April 3, 2020 9:35 pm

Today’s headline, “Millions file for unemployment,” due to Corona caused by them.

“We’ll run our quest out of Miramar (Naval Air Station) or some place Stupid like that,” said a con artist, Gordon Duff, who said a big lie about me “She only wants to harm the small foot soldier,” for him to sell his unlicensed communist Chinese technology, and launder drug money with Russia against American citizens as well as coordinate a prostitution and cocaine cartel in conjunction with and against deposed stole 2016 Trump.  I found out they were also targeting him in his dream state compromising even him. The quest involved Paul Allen’s team who as Robert L Stevenson his partner admitted caused him to commit crimes. I only work for American foot soldiers interests, the opposite of what he said.

He also lied about Syria. Deposed stole 2016 hoped to corner Recep Erdogan initially which is what I did.

Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team had been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.” People need to stop any criminal quest and investigate all crimes associated with Allen team and any others. Stevenson could come forward. If Duff is associated with the Allen team, it is obvious that he likely is part of criminal activity also.

I have turned them in repeatedly and drug laundering should be stopped permanently. Deposed Trump has been turned in for the land grab, and these individuals are participating in that conducted with cocaine money. I hate drugs of all kinds. I should smoke pot and have a hard time with it.

Our gold standard and money back protect American standing and should be delivered to the millions of jobless. This administration is incapable of leadership, and we should get depositions filed against them and deliver to the millions.

I provided my testimony in earnest against the land grab that Donald Trump started in 1992 after they set up the down south cocaine cartel. He also stole election 2016 with Hillary Clinton stealing the Primary then.

How is American foreign policy going? Couldn’t we walk through that door? Constitutionalism guaranteed always. People expect it and I found out their quest was not for unlawful detention. They lied about it. It was scary. I love the American people and that is why I work hard for them every day as a proud American citizen.

Their quest was disgusting with dark spells and magic pretending they were God lovers to people in town. Stevenson’s partners admitted that’s how they got in over here to launder the drug money and conduct prostitution. They have been turned in to the FBI.

“That’s how we began,” here in Southern California said Adam Powell in regards to using Christian fundamentalism for profit, despite his secret society friends knowing about the Cosmos Law. I have examples of the spells they have left in my home and I have been trying to combat them working with God to cast magic against them. I am not into that so I sometimes screw up and God has a hard time working magic for me. I work with the planet I own outright physically to break stuff down. I would not break into someone’s home like they have and they have been reported as such. 

I am against their Rosicrucian Fellowship, so please do not put me as in with them. Please disband their listening here. I did turn Elizabeth in at Interpol and they know she is guilty of attempting to sell our core. This should stop the Oceanside Police from any sort of arraignments they admitted to attempt. She also has been reported for terrorism before regarding September 11th and also additional incidents she was involved with Likely with Tony Blair and the Saxe Families framing American service members for the incident they created. It is terrorism to take down two buildings in New York with nuclear components and kill 3,500 Americans. LAPD monitoring system tied to drug laundering for human eating space program as Branson team did not want us to travel to space. Hopefully they will rescind his rights there as he has used them to launder drug money for a Solyndra type project, destined to fail.  I work for us to travel to other galaxies separate from them. LAPD is welcome to tag along. I look forward to bringing thieves and human eaters down.

I want Miramar to stop the quest of the century and focus against financial crime. A new FBI Director must be hired. Christopher Wray background is included elsewhere.

Duff began killing children using the supercomputer, with the operator saying the following,

“I said accentuate the children’s age and accentuate the secret service agency lady of the future,” turning me into a corrupt person that I am not, getting their dead souls to believe a lie. My goal is to take their souls into God’s hands and use them for our benefit of the honest side. We needed to know why they were killing children and what they used them for. I am always honest to the best of my ability, to a fault sometimes.

That is how they recruit souls criminally exposing them to fraudulent imagery.

I sent this data out to individuals against Ritual abuse as it is no ritual abuse. It is computer abuse altering projections subconsciously that gets the kids to say they hate me, when if they knew me they would love me. They would want to be as daring and heroic as I am and save their country and even themselves every day until the others are stopped.


What is needed now

April 2, 2020 5:23 pm

We need truth Deposed Trump stole 2016 and we have way too much housing due to the land grab. What is needed now is buyers from out of state for the housing, ones not paid for from foreign countries through our government and the National Security Agency a now defunct organization using your tax money to pay Estonians and others to live in housing free. Our gold standard and money back are permanent, why do they give opportunities to foreign nationals to own housing that should be yours. Our existing homes are safe and deposed stole 2016 Trump who laundered drug money for housing should be charged for any decline to your property values. It was already well known before, what is Trump going to do when his projects go bankrupt, “He will go out and borrow money from someone else.” Right now America is just funding a future bankrupt business.

We knew already with the steele dossier that he ran money through banks in Russia before being seated. Now the housing is looking really questionable. I suspect the oligarchs invested their own money in and who knows what comes next? Better to stay home and take good care and know that we have a scam artist in the White House. Now they move the Japanese into the housing. We need American ideals not foreigners occupying housing. Why did they do the housing to begin with? I already testified about it. Paul Allen is a dead from cancer man. He should be a deadbeat and sure does not have the innovation to advance America forward.

Did they invest in the housing? We keep repeating the same broken economic model and expecting it to work like in this morning’s New Yorker. We need self reliance and sustainability. We can make the best of what we have learned and move forward. We need to rethink more than music. The American public could be wealthy and own everything outright. I have been working on that for many years, when you look at people and how much they spend and owe, the larger lifestyles. I made a point of that to the Department of Defense yesterday. If you own a $2 million home and its value crashes through the bubble, it is worth about $900,000. Your equity is gone. I think Trump is doing that to himself and his friends. I still owe only $900 a month for rent and my Oregon home will be paid off at some point. We have new planets we are creating with our install so we will be planet rich and well I get by. How can we create opportunity today? That should be the question we are asking and not how can we create defeat.

Why are my depositions not important? You don’t want to save Trump from himself with every homeowner? I’m not into cocaine nor like the Russian handlers feeding him a baggie a day to maintain self importance. The one nice thing would be if the oligarchs went after him finally seeing how he cost them. Why would anyone have “bench warrants.” Christopher Wray who admitted “the down south isn’t working out so well,” should have no arrest warrants. I became President and intend to remove down south

Where is your source of income? Mine is not cocaine. I want all of those words to be submitted against Christopher Wray. Lifestyles is not overspending and earning only honest income. How did Les Wener earn his income, prostitution through Jeffrey Epstein and as I found out stealing your CRV. We need to recover those monies and not collecting bottles and cans, by taking his words and putting an injunction on every state’s CRV to return those funds to every American who paid a prostitution cartel every time they went to any convenience or grocery store. This would be billions of dollars in recovery money.

Freeing Americans' Belongings, Constitutionalism

April 1, 2020 1:21 pm

We need more Democratic debates. I am very tired of being here with individuals who were involved in September 11th operating in space. We need no new weapons put in here with Richard Branson hardware. Americans are not guilty of September 11th and should find no fault in my writing a story about it. We need the truth to be published about September 11th and to find that our reception of our gold standard and money back should be taken in kind for the sentence we were given after others conducted September 11th. Americans were not to blame as was told in the back rooms because of the Queen of England who should finally be found at fault. She admitted it here that her and Gordon Duff were the ones who brought the buildings down, known as “Let Us begin to her.”

She said, “Let us begin (Gordon Duff also known by the stupid name of “fourth of july”) we did all of those buildings,” around September of 2019. She has no right to continue to attempt to harm the American people. The individual she spoke to deserves to be sued. Why would they call him Fourth of July as that name means great freedom and not what he has been working towards? I am against him wholeheartedly and agree to testify against him.

It was found out this morning that she tried to blame the Americans people for the nuclear components they put in the columns.

The American people were appalled with the incident. They were not involved in the incident and had no decision making in the incident, just as I did not.

She claimed, “Because the American people were involved and at least partially to blame they should be at fault.” Who put the nuclear components in the buildings and brought building 7 down? Rudy Giuliani’s team with Bush Carlyle.

This poster should be admitted as evidence and most Americans did not know how the towers were brought down. They could also be charged with espionage for working with the Russian oligarchs against American citizens interests as the oligarchs admitted these guilty parties helped them a lot.

The Pentagon was hit by a missile as was admitted to by the Donald Rumsfeld team who stole $2.3 Trillion dollars that day. We have evidence and data to prove that including video footage.

Machines and tape recorders should not record the evidence and data that we need for prosecutions and then threaten to arrest people in between making a case against those same machine operators.

They should be held liable for taking Americans’ freedom away for the last 18 years.

Our founders guaranteed Constitutionalism and it is upheld throughout our country.

We should not feel bad to hold onto our gold standard and deliver our money back as reparations for the damage caused by blaming the American people for September 11th that these individuals conducted. Constitutionalist

American people have a right to their recovery monies.

How do we get back on target with our space program for the American people to enjoy.

It would be interesting if we were to take that space jet down, because we would get to see what those involved in looting other planets have aboard it. It would be like a swap meet from other planets.

I have nothing to do with drug smuggling and have made a case against it with the land grab Donald Trump who stole election 2016 is deposed for. I have tried to expose his cartel before the election so that it can be discontinued from operating cocaine money laundering. We earn our income in this country earnestly.

The election convictions from 2016 are crosscheck, microtargeting, and Diebold machines to include Russian oligarchs penetrating those machines and hardware through hacking. I have turned those convictions in and though there are felonies operating in the background I continue to work for real to protect everyone as much as I can afford to. Robert Mueller has to resign his listening features. Why would we belong locked up if they did it? We need to expose the truth  as quickly as possible to give the American people their rights back. No one should be blamed for a crime they did not commit. I have worked long and hard at this since the event happened.

I do not like being woken up at the crack of dawn. Why leave duff in this airspace? It is disingenuous for him to say they American public belongs arrested because “we did the World Trade Center,” referring to him and his team. Blame needs to be assigned to the guilty and all others should go free.

My home is mine and I continue to pay my own way until convictions are made appropriately. I deserve reparations of some sort for this type of treatment here.

Do not allow the Christopher Wray driveway at my home to adjudicate for more housing I testified against.  Why can’t they pay for their crimes?

They conducted September 11th later to start wars in the Middle East and pilots were hired of the planes to target those specific countries to start terrorism in for more war funding. Do not pay for their innocence until guilty to continue.

There should be no terrorism  charges for participation that was along the lines of what Donald Trump was thinking then. Our war in Syria was to move the Turkish terrorists, Al Sham out. and we were successful along those lines.  Trump wanted to get Recep Erdogan into a corner like we had at the beginning of his Presidency, pre-deposal. This is where we should be even now.


Headset and to be here, you have to be more than a petri dish

March 31, 2020 1:57 pm

What was found out yesterday was very disconcerting. There were individuals using my internally implanted headset to communicate with already dead extraterrestrials that are just brain cells in Patrick Leahy’s laboratory in Missouri I suspect. Please let them go home to God’s planet. I own our planet outright.

The aliens could be rejoined with their higher selves there and many of them are disjointed here.

There are three harmful ones I do not wish to communicate with and they are connected to the communication device of search engines. I do not want to stay connected to them. I found out yesterday when I was in the water it is also privately connected and had a huge gyrating feeling and it seemed to be dislodging. It needs to get removed by physically eliminating what I picked up are transponders in the Los Angeles area. Please help me to relieve myself of duty from them.

It is the search engines connected to the alien agenda in the laboratory.

I am anxious to get back to work and the settlements won’t work here. I used to earn a decent income and very self supporting. I always like the opportunity to earn more and have high goals. My part time job was a high middle class income job I used to learn all about American foreign policy for America to win. I want nothing to do with Leahy’s side.

I want to be free to be out meeting good people and talking about positive outcomes.

Why is the Nixon aka Paul Allen Congress allowed to even “hold the planet” when it has been identified they were afraid of the space race that co opted them later on. What would get them to let go a little bit?

The quest for bankruptcy that bankrupted them.

March 30, 2020 9:59 pm

The people who have my planet money, my $50 million went on a quest with Stevenson for the land grab I testified against. Now it is time to file depositions against that land grab, pay me for my investigation and pay me my planet money. My income from my business will be $1500 per ounce of lithium extracted. Lakes and streams will produce electricity and farmers will be paid for the waste products and also will make money on as electricity they generate depending on how the partnership is setup, and their membership level if it is an LLC. Our gold standard and money back are American recovered assets and election convictions have been needed. Deposed for scam Against America Trump stole election 2016.

Why are they paying Stevenson.

I only earn money earnestly and do not launder drug money. Can the government ever pay someone honest?

Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly. Star jet incapacitated.



For depositions against Donald Trump who stole election 2016.

March 30, 2020 5:01 pm

There were no rights to our planet we own outright needed  and individuals continued the same drug money laundering I testified against using a sophisticated group of machines, tape recorders and a camera I outed for the land grab, sited in the following testimony. In 1991, Donald Trump met with friends aboard a yacht and said to them then, “I think I figured out how we can scam America with the largest land grab in history.” This land grab is seperate from our negative install. Back then there was no connection to any cashless standard. They wanted to build real estate using cocaine money laundering and set out to develop the down south cocaine cartel for it. The challenge here happened when I installed our negative and Gordon Duff thought that he could use the headset he criminally installed because he broke into my home in Marysville, Washington and implanted parts in my brain. I found out this morning, he even purchased a camera for what was called a “Rosary quest,” which to me my story was about my testimony against the land grab. Depositions need to be filed against Donald Trump for the land grab and those should include the others participating.

The whole world knows we own our planet outright and Duff thought it would be fun to launder drug money for the land grab to consider everyone’s rights to our planet fraudulent.

Duff referred to the camera he put over my home as, “that camera we brought (against all humanity) to say we don’t own the planet.” What a lie he is. He was part of the down south cocaine cartel from the start with Ghislaine Maxwell and Les Wexner.  He installed the camera to develop the land grab properties that are now competing against existing homes on the market. His homes were bought with drug money. Your homes were bought with your hard work and income you earn legally just as I do. I only accept legal money here. Restraining orders cannot help them keep the planet. We should be proud to defeat Central ID and the boulder builder species as it was found out “From where we’ve been central id usually wins,” referring to other planets, and that is just before they harvest the whole planet.

He said, “Drug laundering can start when this camera gets hooked up.” I am against drug laundering and am to be considered an informant. From my understanding down south was started with the murder of Robert Maxwell and it was understood that this group likely used insurance money from his murder to start the cocaine cartel.

I am ready to testify against the land grab. We connected this case to los angeles and I wanted to connect it to those individuals who are sitting there competing for the rights of the planet we already own. Please stop the camera and allow me to testify. I already have special clearance for it. I wanted to record this part about the camera I alluded to in this story. No one would have expected how the camera was wrapped into the land grab, at least not me.

It is pictured here, connected to the telephony.

Alleged planet owners own no more planet than every other American or international.

“She finished her planet was found out,” about me after torture for the last two and a half years. Alleged planet owners did not need to launder drug money. I even became President and Schumer used Trump’s Presidency outed yesterday. At least we took down the spacejet. This is all alien craft designed to harm Americans and internationals from the boulder builder species that are already dead.

Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly.

About the war in Syria, we fought when we were winning. Trump actually then expected America to have an easy win which matched with what I was doing and the fighting strength we had gained through my participation. He was later set up by both Erdogan and Putin.

Why can’t we actually make the drug laundering arrests? I deserve to be paid my stipend and to have my depositions completed. You know where to find me and the camera makes me look lousy rather than who I am. Everyone is Constitutional. The criminals are communists.  I deserve just compensation from the time the camera went in as it likely coincides to when the first team arrived here. What is wrong with the depositions?

The biggest lie duff ever told was that it was espionage to fight terrorism, and he told it because he was so busy making arms trafficking and stolen oil deals which led to his large methamphetamine transactions. How much did he cost America?

My case is made and it is here. The testimony is known to the public and has been disclosed as such.

How much will it cost area homeowners? Stole 2016 is liable for every bit of housing equity and his camera is complicit in their loss. My testimony is not complicit in their loss.

Christopher Wray is complicit and no arrest warrant from him or anyone involved in this case on an adversarial position should be allowed.

I intend to be paid for my work and the harmful threats we are removing.


Different Fighters Same War

March 30, 2020 1:58 am

“I can’t believe they’re allowed to land and take away all the people,” said President Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony and with what has been going on on the communist front I continue to hold my own as President over here. There has been a lot of strange stuff they tried to do and he is way more of a hero than a villain. It was really the very hard left that caused the conflict and it was found out today that Senator Charles Schumer was into the portion that Trump and I are disgusted with. We will kill the enemy dead.

It was said today, that Charles Schumer made a deal with harmful off worlders to eat the American people, “the people were up for thanksgiving,” meaning edible he admitted today and it was found out about the Presidency issue here, that he said “I say we control his Presidency until we bring in the communism,” said about Trump’s in the past.  Impeachment was fraudulent and from my viewpoint, it is criminal what he has done. That is why Kamala Harris laughed at Schumer. I did not want to take Donald Trump’s job and I want to be clear about it. Ironically enough he and I were on the same page in Syria against Turkey which I suspected. We are going to take down that space jet early so we can have a really good thanksgiving on them. I did provide really validated testimony against him and stand firm on my evidence and data. I still care about his viewpoints and am happy I learned this today. He is much more of a hero than I thought. I have battled hard against our enemy.

I would be happy to resign to honest sides when we get our combat experience over against the enemy we had in mind. I suspect Trump felt when he found out about the enemy landing, I’ve got to stop them somehow. They say their starship is so much stronger than the space ships we made. I am sorry I put that down as in reality since his intended to help stop them, he became too compromised by them and continues to play their game as they keep mentally programming him at night against his will.  Trump and Clinton stole election 2016 from my candidate Bernie Sanders. At what point do we really change sides here? The depositions still need to be filed against the land grab and boat explosion running, their cocaine laundering and stock market crime that he has done with others that contributed to it. That is what I testified about.

Senator Patrick Leahy has tried to attack President Trump on more than one occasion and all attempts at harming even on the subconscious level need to be stopped. Can anything be done to stop those two Senators?

He really is who he says he is for the most part and some things he lies about to a great extent as has been pointed out by Republicans and Democrats.

These lefties who are harmful forced me to take a lot of whacks at Trump that were unneeded. The election theft is important to me as I always work for real and fair elections. I am kind of a monitor of sorts.

Constitutionalism only and we are all guaranteed that. No headset games for my planet I own outright. And to those of you who would have accepted a ride on their stargate which cage would you like to be in of theirs.

Our gold standard and money back secure American standing long term.

Chinese communism harmful to Democrats and Republicans

March 29, 2020 3:14 pm

There is an unknown threat filled with light blue and pink color schemes operating in the background using harmful harmonics against our current President in the media who I deposed  by testimony already.  There is no need to give him or Hillary Clinton any more power. We need more power against the enemy.

“Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me. We don’t need any nuclear weapons fired when we are close to defeating them. Do not have sex with them one more time, directed at those involved with their prostitution cartel and who are the war criminals who were involved in September 11th that said they forced them to cause the incident then, and knowingly did it to protect American human generations. Did they ever think we could own our space race on our own. We can. This is our galaxy for humans and us all decided by God.

They kept designer offices in the background encouraging our country to work against itself financially to where we could not borrow again. Do not say footage of planted drugs thrown out can be used as evidence destruction against us. Where were the drugs sourced? Did I or anyone I physically was around and wanted to be intentionally purchase them. My friends do not use drugs. Those are the ones in my cell phone contact list with maybe a few coworkers unknown to me who may, whose choice is that, theirs. Is drug use acceptable on their side? Yes. Why do they always have the upper hand here. People have a right to disappear things that are not theirs and not supportive of their habits. My habits are eating, drinking and avoiding jails for Americans that are unjust. The prison pipeline some created is criminal through illegal importation of controlled substances using official resources and should be a campaign issue. We will see what the debate has in store for us today.

Democrats fight hard to serve and protect without profiting from prostitution and drug money laundering devaluing us all. It was found out the agency guy was told to pay them for their cashless standard to go back and forth again, and even though no one wanted it, he chose to pay them. They then sleep with each other which allows them more penetration do cause America to fail as I pointed out before.  In the past people used to care for one another. This idea of keeping the planet away from anyone’s side is all about them penetrating us, starting at the very beginning. They were the ones who wanted to eliminate the old guard, and have successfully penetrated them in that way and through old cocaine habits. Who buys the stuff on a regular basis. Are they capable of leadership? Aren’t we at the same position every day as when I gave my deposition testimony? Constitutionalism only is our guarantee and the idea of my planet being in the wrong hands is criminal.

I keep working to get innocent until guilty on these suspects so that we can actually put them on TV for a real hearing against this alien agenda that Richard Cheney was afraid of as a threat and was the real reason they did September 11th. Listening to the video here, it was unknown to me, and I could not understand why they did such a horrible thing. Now the threat we were both after, is much more apparent. They have been sleeping with them and need to stop.

President Ann Diener Gold and Money Back, Constitutionalism and Supreme Court cannot adjudicate Congressional members known communist currently. Warren recorded it at New York Times. Alien sex impacts dishonorable service members.

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, September 6, 2019

People want threats stopped. They do not like the personalities or lifestyles to get in the way. We want a peaceful Constitutional world where America is financially stable and strong. How long ago was this video. Last night I saw them operating on his brain in the background, and they criticize me for my headset. These are the same people I have repeatedly turned in. In a straight justice world they would face questioning on TV as they are famous. With this indepth of an investigation into the war crimes tribunal of before, Les Wexner who started Jeffrey Epstein and worked with the threat to pander them to these elite to cause harm to us all financially, should be included on camera in the media. They should be questioned as to what their intentions were providing the prostitutes as they were called below ladies.  More behavioral studies need to be conducted into crossbreeding. Is it safe for humans to have sex with them?  Money did not own our planet when they criminally landed here. We finished our planet yesterday.

Here is what one robed white one who sent down a young white extraterrestrial who died shortly after meeting us said thousands of years ago said, “We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there.” They intended to negotiate the movement of my negative from its natural position to harm us as boarders with their supercomputer they brought with them from other star systems they had previously decimated.  They came here criminally and I consider it a violation of our upper atmosphere every time they enter here.

I will keep working until we get them however I can. Gold standard and money back are the American people’s recovered assets our work that does not need to be laundered. When we elect a President we hope he works in American citizens best interests and does not seek to harm covertly. Will the planet of jails be broken here? I knew it could be in the beginning.

Aliens should have the same rights to stay here as long as they do not cause harm to American people and everyone in our planet’s circumference. My testimony against “I think I figured out how we can Scam America,” is validated and no one solves the housing crisis of the bubble by improving American’s standing financially for their interests. Same as before. I do not wish to die here and do not want any participation in their cult. Please remove them. I discovered enough for our enemies on my own that should be used in a courtroom in a televised trial. How racy would that be for the TV audiences. Never has a war crimes tribunal had so much sex appeal.

I have to finish my convictions.

March 28, 2020 1:39 pm

Deposal of Donald  Trump who is technically a felon for the election theft of 2016 and deposal of him went through long ago. It was admitted to and I know prosecutions are on their way. I have my data proving the election was stolen. He also should be charged for the stock market crimes he committed with the overhead. How was it done?

Drawing rights should end with this image posted. Drawing Rights are from the enemy Cheney discovered. We should stop using them so that we can be free here. Gold standard and money back get delivered sometime soon. All headset use should be stopped at this point and they do connect to this sort of money laundering we are all working to stop. Why does the Navy chose the search engine over my work? Because of the headset. For the record I am on the anti-money laundering end and they are on the money laundering end. Navy should stop all headsets with the search engine to be charged with the money laundering they are involved with as I found out how their transfers go through this system. It is cruel and unneeded as I work hard to prove my story based on real evidence and data. I can break down their “betting system” to components. Is that needed?

Silvery substance in my brain is used for alien agenda visual sequencing, according to Gates this transfers a signal to the telephony so they transfer money to see that I don’t participate though I am working hard to communicate effectively. Can we win today and stop this visual sequencing of parts of my home that you and I don’t find appealing. How much do I have to break down? Their team should be charged with the money laundering and insider trading. Are we finished prosecutions? I ask for protection from this kind of treatment. This is my home and I do intend to keep it. Stevenson had no part in my testimony provided in advance to save all American homeowners. My negative install defeats Cheney’s enemy.

I became President and intend to see my convictions through and to participate with those on the debate stage. We have a real election on hand and it is coming. Our enemy has been identified as the one Dick Cheney talked about written about in this article yesterday. Plenty of people knew the election was stolen by a con man. The only way we are able to defeat even Cheney’s enemy is with my negative install the way it has been and will stay until the end of time. I deserve to be paid not indicted. I set out this morning to take down that enemy again and found out more about the overhead that they put in to launder drug money. I am against that and intend to testify against that post haste. No one has a right to use the star children’s telephony to launder out of my house and home. When I saw this image on Gene Chip Tatum’s website I knew it was significant. This morning I saw one of the white balls they put up starting to come down finally. Is it up to me to take in? Are the star children arrestable for it if I explain how it is done? I hope they come down in hours.

I have fought for the families and all Americans impacted by September 11th to finally have justice for almost 20 years. Can we win in hours? Why would sheriff’s be paid to blackmail the World Trade Center guilty guys? I do not do or use cocaine in any manner, nor would I even know where to purchase any controlled substances or want to. Why would the police or sheriffs drink with those who killed thousands of Americans and our service members. Just because we find out why the incident was done does not provide an excuse for those involved with such an incident now identified to not be arraigned in a professional manner. There have been other crimes committed alongside that for many years now by them and we must find out how every one of those are perpetrated.

The guilty should not be allowed to look in my home using the advanced telephony. It is like allowing a perpetrator to walk around with the individual attempting to prosecute them. Should I put the poster here?

The Guilty of September 11th including those who use them, Russian oligarchs

I am happy to pursue even their enemies, however I refuse to allow them to monitor me at home. I deserve to be paid for my work. Why would individuals I turned in repeatedly have any right to harm my livelihood. Build jails for yourself. I only want justice

Stop killing kids to avoid the fact that those involved with the largest terrorism incident every need to brought to justice somehow. Jet falls down

Tomorrow are the Democratic debates which I wish to attend as I have worked hard in earnest.

I am not sure what that blonde haired guy has anything to do with me or my testimony, to me he is part of the harmful group of off worlders that was also a baby in a cage extraterrestrials picked up.

Why do I have to work alone? I shouldn’t.

What 9/11 was about

March 27, 2020 7:21 pm

There was a harmful group in a space fleet that was scheduled to attack us around that time and they threatened Dick Cheney and Teams into becoming involved with them saying that they would blow our world sky high if they did not do what was asked. It was made clear to Dick Cheney when he remarked, “they said we had to go through with their plan or the next generation is just other star systems,” and they are still around here working against us all. Our negative installed correctly where it is supposed to be helps us defeat them however slowly. Cheney wanted to nuke them before when they started to take over our planet I own outright. I admire that thought about him.

This overhead has to come down. It was said by George HW Bush before he died, “Ann Diener cannot handle the planet on her own. Why don’t we give it some military might and install the overhead.” It is very painful and used for stuff I don’t agree with. I got a case of Urantia’s Kingdom Quest all on my own now. We need to tell the truth about September 11th to the media. It involves so many different personalities all trying to protect our world in their own secret way. Cheney did feel bad about 9/11 and he did it to protect American kids to actually grow up here, so in reality he did it to protect even me and our future install from them. I work hard on our planet for the people to come clean about what they did and why which is the most important thing to have a real understanding and not to be an embarrassment.

There is a war going on between extraterrestrials the old overlord had and the old guard Cheney has with him. They did not want to keep him in and knowing about what he thought about their space program, it makes me understand more how dangerous they are. They arrived here on that ship we are still trying to pull down and take care of the below ground jails. He should not have wanted to go on a space flight with them over our kind as they are harmful. They put people in cages almost right away.

Bush had no right to give half of my planet away to them thinking I did the install incorrectly. I did it correctly so that he could earn his half of the planet with everyone on it. Paul Allen had guys set me up on my driveway and make the Bush convictions come out the correct way, against Mr. Fancy pants and Allen suffragettes.

I suspect no one wants communism now. I found out in China, the Chinese government position is against the handmarkers. As of this morning, they were still working on them here, however it should be time to deliver our gold standard and our money back as well as Constitutionalism to the voters before the Primary. It would be nice if everyone understood September 11th and we could out this spacefleet and make them the target. We can take down their ship and have it for ourselves. Allen Kingdom lies and has wanted to strike directly at what Andy Swetnam referred to as the old guard to take over which does not sound that different from the threat Cheney felt at the beginning of his case against them, and from yesterday here is the quote, “Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me.

Do not allow them to strike America and blame anyone. They have asked for advanced nuclear weapons before and should be turned down. Bill Gates handmarkers outlawed here.

It was very hard to tolerate what happened to me on 9/11, being blamed for the incident and look it square in the eye. I had nothing to do with the September 11th heartbreak. I know exactly where I was at all times then and now.

Constitutionalism always guaranteed. For your information deposed Donald Trump stole election 2016 and I validated what our election convictions are. Gold standard and money back delivered. I have more details to add and I don’t know if I want to go much further. Here the alien agenda is working hard against us all and in hours I should be paid.

We are all scared now of John Brennan types. Watch what he tells his other socialite buddies. Constitutionalists arrive here on time. Looking back it was so stressful not to know what the circumstances where under which to make our convictions against them all were. Now I understand why they were kept under wraps, we had to manage our enemy’s craft first. We have them all done now and in hours I could be paid? Cheney is not my enemy and it is scary to admit that after so many years hating the September 11th heartbreak, being blamed for it and all.

On September 11, 2001 there were many confused people involved with the incident that were never told what it was really about nor what they were participating in to prevent

One of them sadly enough was my friend Bob Stevenson who has been influenced over and over by Bill Gates and by Paul Allen now dead of cancer from one of the harmful extraterrestrials. Their teams caused Stevenson as he admitted, to commit more crime after September 11th.. They were told not to go out that night from a remote building somewhere by Gates. We need to know what types of crime they forced him to commit.

Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team had been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.”

Allen team said early on, “We can make the bankruptcy happen while House and Senate members are not paying attention to us.” Hopefully their crime has stopped permanently.

I suspect in addition to the Bush cartel others involved with communist sides who I knew through the magazine I published at the Navy were involved on the back end.

They were Rudy Giuliani’s side who connect to Xi Jinping from this morning wanting communism here criminally against American guidestones. Constitutionalism is the law of the land. Xi was classified as a non state actor operating in opposition to his government’s publicly held intentions regarding handmarking this morning see @a_diener. The Chinese government as of this morning was in opposition to handmarkers. We have to keep them that way.

America can borrow in its prosperous future ahead.

What Cheney said long before my personal quest began

March 26, 2020 6:41 pm

“Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me. We don’t need any nuclear weapons fired when we are close to defeating them. Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly. I installed our negative perfectly put in the center to enable our side to defeat those lousy jailers.  Stole 2016, Donald Trump’s deposal went through  for financial crime. so I should not be shot here. I intend to get depositions filed against the stock market and land grab. This morning it was likely admitted here that they competed for the master plans which are in reality the same land grab I testified against only wrongly named for Congress to participate here criminally laundering the drug money for the housing that is unneeded and those plans do fail. Parcel clearance was already asked for as they are excessive housing. I am available to testify both locally and nationally against the land grab. The below ground jails should be eliminated with the work we have been doing and this will be a relief for many of America’s foot soldiers who were casually hoping that our negative install would help them to eliminate them to save their butts. I am happy I installed my negative correctly to make this happen despite not liking Cheney. We work together for the same cause yet just strike differently. There should be no case of the destroyer to put American service members into custody here or anywhere else.

Planet owners did not participate in the install process they only listened. Who should collect payment, the installer, the negative holder, me. I recorded my testimony at City Hall to protect this city and more should be delivered. They have no right to keep me hidden to collect those severance checks they have been given so my planet will fail. I own our planet outright.

Why would they pay Stevenson for the below grounds to be decimated when I did all the work? Did they help to defeat the criminal space race or did they side with those that were to be eliminated, Cheney admitted to. They sided with them. I side against them and intend to work until those below ground jails are toast. That should pay me the $50 million I deserve. We had a nice stream of lava heading towards our coastline from the middle. Gold standard and money back need to be delivered. I became a good President just unknown to the mainstream media. Our world is free. I expect to be paid for our work done. I started my project and intend to complete it and be paid.

To have authorities stop saying I cannot win here? 289 Congressional members need to stand stronger and they cannot be disbanded. Wray cannot send out arrest warrants from this point. My case could be made against him and the down south cocaine cartel. Below grounds decimated. Hopefully tomorrow I can collect our payment.

It was found out the Paris Accords were in fact voided and they should remain that way as we still have a country to run without ship explosions.

We know what would have been said, if they were not voided and that would be an embarrassment to any intelligence professional for such a thing to happen to America,  “What a mistake we made. We cannot borrow again. No one will accept our currency.” Our money back should be delivered both ontime and as discretionary income.

Concessions upheld. This is a Constitutional country and we must give credit for work accomplished.

We need good government to take hold.

There is no need to harm anybody for our negative installed correctly. It was found out the now dead former overlord instructed the likes of Patrick Leahy to murder people until the American public was put in below ground jails. With those jails eliminated now, we can all  breathe a sigh of relief and pay my expenses. That dead overlord was found to be a drone of the space program of the boulder builder species. Even if the jails are voided, as Leahy wanted, by the Allen Congress I should get paid for their destruction. They were voiding the jails to pay Stevenson cartel and the Allen Congress, themselves, for the housing to be continued that I testified as land grab. I am still waiting to testify. Our space program should be given to the common man. Gold program only should exist and it is proven to beat out the case of the destroyer. My concessions should stand.

Are people afraid I will be too successful if paid? Isn’t it time for me to build Greatness?

For the record and not how Cheney told it, it was me who helped France to recover their gold standard when I found out his 16 men had cost them. Those were who he claimed restored it called garbage can boys.

One of them sadly enough has been influenced over and over by Bill Gates and Paul Allen now dead by cancer. They caused him as he admitted, to commit more crime after September 11th, Gates and others caused. They were told not to go out that night from a remote building somewhere by Gates. We need to know what types of crime they committed.

Robert Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team has been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.”

Allen team said early on, “We can make the bankruptcy happen while House and Senate members are not paying attention to us.” Hopefully they are stopped and those involved with Gates and allen teams are arraigned.

Stop torturing me.

Lifestyle's History 25 Years of Service

March 25, 2020 3:29 pm

When individuals like Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticize my lifestyle behind the scenes it hurts. It was not my choice not to have a beautiful home and tailored suits. I really became President and take that job as a function seriously, even though I am a backup President, and where the American people are concerned I will always be there for them. Donald Trump is legally and lawfully deposed by my testimony now validated. I also proved that his teams stole 2016 and someone made me the President, who I did not agree with, however I continue to work for the voters every day until depositions get filed for the financial crimes I testified against. I have worked consistently hard for the American people to be more secure. It is like something about her lifestyle, thinking she can get over on the voter or maybe it is disdain as a result of me being stolen from for over 25 years. Demeaned and put down I am. If she had 25 years of her income stolen from her in small amounts every day, no matter how hard she worked, what would she look like today? Would she be still fighting for even her constituents on the limited income she has. I had big deals that would have netted me millions of dollars in businesses I started and participated in. Sionix is one. Millions of dollars in commissions stolen by this same group. I would live the lifestyle Pelosi desired for me, if I had not have been stolen from. Do I keep fighting to make that lifestyle happen for me and every American, yes. Why can’t we make that happen? Why can’t I and we recover the stolen money from these men? They did cause the bankruptcy in Orange County in 1994 and with all evidence and data used against them, this case should be made. We have good times ahead if so. I will keep working in earnest to make the case against those who stole then. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and not a radical.  God protects me and that has always held through. We need calm transitional government in our future.

Some Democrats are not that different than the man I deposed. Real Democrats and Real Republicans have always had that debate. How much was stolen from the voters? We have a campaign season and need to vote for our interests without interference. We now have the opportunity to move forward. Who will govern in the interim? Deposed stole 2016 Trump has used the White House for personal profiteering and also protecting himself personally. He has used government for his personal financial gain.  Certain individuals have used this as a leverage point for the personal looting of our country and they should be shut down as they have already been identified. We need to identify who has benefitted from the virus experience and how. There is lots of money going around and we need to insure the American people receive the money themselves, and these are petty criminals who want to steal jewelry from people. If I am needed as President I will serve and lawsuits against Trump personally should go through. I have to be able to use my data to assist any lawsuit against him. Deposed Trump stole election 2016 and Leahy has some sort of speaking tours over my house. The alien oriented people are attempting to kill people with the virus for good intentions as Prince Charles was likely given the virus. Aliens exist and have been identified as harmful off worlders who came here criminally at times even available in the CIA database.

Communism is sourced from off world.

It seems like there is a debate going on in the background of communism versus socialism. Where is our Constitutionalism. That is the only thing all Americans believe in. I never liked the word, “socialism.” I think of it as communism with some sort of twist that has been done to limit the real egalitarian system we all crave, where all people have rights and equal freedoms and are also financially protected from those who are vultures. Government is responsible for this task. I wonder where did the word socialism come from. Is it like the fact that Karl Marx was paid for by the uber elite to spread lies to the people long ago, when Eli Kropotkin was technically more popular with Mutual Aid. In the late 1800’s there was a competition for the type of society they wanted to create and Marx won over other all stars Kropotkin was one who competed for the common man. I wonder if even Sanders is fooled by it, the way these harmful extraterrestrials enter into our lives covertly entering in some sort of alteration for what would be real human value systems and corrupt it with some illegal word choice, so they can be made fun of. Constitutionalism governs our country.

Sanders is a Constitutionalist and declared it. He wants an egalitarian system in his own way.

This is interesting because the word socialism relates to the Paris accords maybe where our American gold standard was taken from us criminally, likely. We hold onto our own standing free of foreign influence.

“The term socialism was created by Henri de Saint-Simon, of France one of the founders of what would later be labelled utopian socialism. Simon coined the term as a contrast to the liberal doctrine of individualism,” from online dictionary.  This was likely done to attempt to take away the our individual rights to strength and standing, unknown to us. We are in a position now to take those rights back with our gold standard and money back to be delivered. Saint-Simon was likely much like Karl Marx in his ability to fool the people into surrendering for some sort of ideological grounds. America does not surrender to any nation under my leadership here. We need to out those attempting to take away individual freedoms in exchange for personal profiteering. Are they trying to reduce manpower of police and sheriffs for people to be looted, even the wealthy? As neighbors it is also our responsibility to protect one another, so I am going to the store and do some looking around. We all need supplies. Costco is up and operating normally. Our community works hard and I am working to help as much as I can. Hopefully I get paid for the work I have done to prove our case.

No stealing wealthy or median income people’s jewelry, and maybe it is because of what I found out about the looting these extraterrestrials intended to do that this quote I found out about that I made a wrong assessment, however he is an individual seemed to be involved in stealing. Previously I would think that behavior is too low for him, however based on commentary and intended actions, I suspect I may be correct. Was he that low? Maybe yes.  Only time will tell. Did he intend to steal from the stock market, from innocent unknowing people, before being prevented? I judge a person based on previous intentions and actions. Those opinions are considered over the long hall of evidence collection.

Again the extraterrestrials who landed here did not pay for our planet we own outright when they criminally landed. The paypoints were done with the intention to steal American citizens liquidity through insolvency manufactured by devaluing through drug money, that was unneeded and unintended by some. It is widely known that few want the handmarkers. There are some people who do not take our world as seriously as I do. I am not sure what this cocaine planet is about, it seems like really pretty ladies and celebrities on cocaine covering up for a financial criminal. I work against that type of behavior. The pretty ladies and celebrities on cocaine can do what they want. I protect them too as much as I can. I am not into legalization of cocaine as the substance is harmful. I also don’t like this group stealing my power away. They should not monitor my movements to launder cocaine for individuals I consider armed and dangerous thieves. I am not clear on how people do not understand these are repeat offenders of financial crime, of unknown of ramifications to even the cocaine ladies they hold onto. It would be like if they stole from even them every day, how would they feel?  Terrible, and maybe it does happen. What is the offender’s behavioral pattern? Piracy and dishonesty. I would approve arrest warrants if I were you. What is the benefit allowing their behavior to exist to our community?

Constitutionalists exist to be protected. I long for us to return to individual participation levels like we had before. It will happen. It is only just a matter of time for everyone and we must attack those who attacked us ideologically limiting our individualism at their roots so perhaps we can make a difference to even those who have misunderstood us.

Australia and alien agenda dies here

Australia and alien agenda dies here

March 24, 2020 2:20 am

This morning when I woke up I saw our planet nice and clean in the northern hemisphere and the Southeastern quadrant. Again, we installed my negative perfectly put where it normally was, before extraterrestrials came here, in August of 2017 and it has been a long journey to correct my planet I own outright. We are recovering our star system now on our own, and it is interesting to find out who is who and what is what. People have long been influenced by extraterrestrials on the planet I own outright. They arrived here without a bang, and it was found out this morning about the quadrant that needs to be fixed which included Australia. That was where they started to break in on Earth. I remote view accurately and my information validates itself with other people’s resources and information.

I went to the beach then, and I saw the large spacecraft that the boulder builders came on in that quadrant. It fit perfectly in there in that region after going in the ocean, my partner in our planet restructuring to original form. I decided then to remote view from there to understand how that ship related to Australia, as I had known all along was where the harmful extraterrestrials came from. They intervened in my life professionally in harmful ways from there, even having people call me or steal business opportunities from there using my company name Raven Knight from there. I was surprised to see the shape of the area with the ship overlaid as a visual. I have been after that ship as the boulder builder species are dead now. They were known as the most harmful and even NASA did not know what to do with them. DoD had labeled them as an imminent threat and I am working on them even now. In hours I should be paid. Yeah right

Australia is where they landed originally, and we are working on that section, so I decided to send Sky News an update to speed it up a bit.  The alien agenda, a harmful species that seeks out humans to mutate to join their tribe to steal from others, started there on my planet I own outright now. This region connects to the false bardo that is fixed now. They originally landed in Australia and said, “We’ll just start here to put that base in to hold the planet.” This is an underground one where aliens live currently and during the day I found out they were excited to stay there until I told them it would be evacuated soon because the hot lava was coming for them.  This proves that they never paid for our planet. They snuck in here. Here when I reinstalled our core perfectly put in the center where it belongs people were told to make a big deal about paying for our planet I own outright because the alien agenda meant so much more. However, they never paid for the planet and came in here criminally to steal from everyone on it. We ought to be glad that I installed it perfectly put and stop blaming everyone saying I don’t have the right to exist on it after install.

It was confirmed today that one of the alien agenda team members was instructed by the same group of space rats to steal from everyone through his actions as the former overlord. Remember that quote I lost from him in Palm Springs, this quote confirmed their intentions globally against everyone. They wanted to provide the cashless system, handstamp everyone to send them to below ground jails for harvesting later and then steal everyone’s personal items vacating our planet I own outright. I want you to have everything you own as our planet owner. This may be different than Urantia headset men, and I don’t know that for sure as they conned Stevenson early on who plays the Urantia kingdom star.

The one mean one said today, “I’m going to live at Urantia’s until they (meaning all people globally) get robbed.” We do not need robbers here. It is stealing and I revoked that already so they could die here, which I felt.

When I started out to reset our core I knew something like this was coming.  I knew when Donald Trump was announced the winner of the election he admittedly stole and I had a bad feeling I received from the old overlord now dead.  When Trump stole the election, long before I testified against him, my friend and I were sitting at my home scared shitless because we knew the election was lied about. I later validated that information through analysis of exit polling data over 5 days straight sixteen hours a day of work with spreadsheets to prove the swing states were hacked and stolen.  I later verified hacking went on. Later I confirmed what was about to happen long before resetting our core in the middle, the old overlord said something about we “strip them (planets) bare and let you people fight each other.” We have saved everybody from that reality.

I have fought so hard for everyone and I have yet to tell this story to anyone. Quit blocking my road and allow me to collect payment. I worked for hours in 2017 to reset our core to normal for everyone. I am not sure if anyone will ever care I saved them and their households. I deserve to be interviewed and for them to know I did what I did. Visualization work that is written takes hours and hours, approximately 16,000 hours were spent on my project.

It was said by an astronaut about our planet I own outright, “It looks like it is finishing,” said an astronaut in space as the government knows the install happened. When I looked at what he saw, it was that western southern quadrant that still needed work. That is when I went to work on it at the beach as I do every day, getting our ocean to work for us.

Senator Charles Schumer said this morning, “We never wanted Ann’s install to go through now we’re just stuck here.” Why? I wonder as we still have the gold program going and beneficial off worlders in the background, some of whom learned of this harmful alien agenda through their experiences. I hope they turn away from them now. I also want Schumer to understand the harmful ones more to rethink his vantage point. He is human and thinks of himself as Senator Patrick Leahy does as extraterrestrial and root for alien agenda. When Schumer was a small baby, they installed their own component in his heart, his aorta region.

Someone said, and this matches with Leahy’s perception of his “alien heart,” “I have to replace this little little guy’s aorta soon,” causing him to want to steal from other humans. I have published that sort of stuff before and have wanted to get to the bottom of what I thought. They are Democrats and I knew there was something wrong with them. I had to understand our planet further. They are like we are and had these aliens invade their lives. Someone’s heart is the key to their existence on the planet I own outright and theirs are changing. It is scary to me though as Paul Allen kingdom invaded the house and the Senate to obstruct justice and these Senators played along against me and all of you. I reason a lot. What would it have been like had Schumer not have had the alien aorta. He would not have been as powerful against us all. He can be rejoined and we have had that success before with the supercomputers. Schumer needs to realize that everyone in his district should have gold standard, money back, no jail cells which he did and a good quality of life we rescued his constituents from by installing my negative correctly. Hopefully their hearts will slowly regenerate to human in its entirety and he will stop thinking of these harmful extraterrestrials as his own. They are not the key to space travel. We have our gold program and there are other off worlders with good intentions that have come here.

These individuals with their large spacecraft lied to House and Senate members when they illegally executed a contract saying the jails below ground had to be eliminated and it was validated by one individual aboard the craft saying “We still have the planet of jails,” part of their fake contract. I can talk to the media. They have no right to limit free speech around here. I openly communicate with everyone I meet every day.

“She installed her negative so she can’t talk anyone,” was said by one of the criminals here and he has openly wanted to harm me.

How will God handle this? Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly. Deposal went through a long time ago.

Restructuring is going well and we are getting stronger as humans so soon we own our entire galaxy with all habitable planets in it. Jupiter is rising.

Why can’t I get paid for the work I have done? It has taken a long time and all my evidence and data I collected is free of charge.


My negative install correctly done altered by machines

March 22, 2020 8:52 pm

It has been very painful to me and others what happened here at my home. I saw a large contraption that is buried underground that goes up and down. They installed it parallel to the axis was said, however that was not in the visual I got. I did know about a partition that has been filling with lava along the axis line. This was more like a space ball that would go up and down and it seemed to correspond with my driving pattern and the wiring likely installed in my car that operates with the headset and the overhead camera. It was hard to report on. I am happy to help out the fire department. I am owed my retirement that I saved for years of hard work, while their evil quest with this apparatus was going on. I provided my testimony to save American homeowners regarding the land grab. Depositions can be filed as the properties are also considered worthless. Eminent domain cannot be filed.

I enjoy working. Free speech will not be hindered by Russians. “Let’s have her talk only to the tape recorders,” said by Russian interpreters aligned with Duff mentioned earlier in regards to human eating and betraying our Mayor here to steal from everyone including myself. I am non partisan. Please do not use weapons here. Constitutionalism.

Robert L Stevenson admitted to hiring Duff with the tape recorders, and Duff almost caused a threat the Navy had to respond to. Please stop this childsplay and tom foolery. Stevenson was embarrassed to admit it, and they need to be removed from my home with my damages compensated. “It was me who put in the tape recorders,” Stevenson said earlier to whoever watch was that wondered abut the threat. Stevenson found out about Duff’s motivations with the mayor and he was embarrassed he put the police in my home with Duff. Both need to be stopped.  I deserve my world leadership position and I do not want them managing my home. Naked photos were attempted to be sent to Xi in China. I work hard for us to have a nice planet as our only negative holder. I provided testimony against someone who is known even by his own party as a financial criminal. I am ready to work hard on depositions so we can have a good campaign season. I became President of the United States by deposal a long time ago. Koch competition is a Wexner setup. We need elected Presidents and I am serving as long as I can.

Why are they paying out money? Our negative is installed correctly and they are happy about it. Typing this pointed to a credible threat, a person I am scared to be around.

Someone is unpacking a suitcase with armaments. It is a round shaped former law enforcement man with Stevenson. Leave me alone

People want to be secure financially. We need to work towards that goal with our gold standard and money back


Can someone remove the tape recorders today? You have no right to record me for speaking tours.

The Orange County Sheriffs department agreed to pay me back the money I lost through this Stevenson mixup. $85,000.

I deserve for my depositions to be filed Monday.

We should not be fooled

March 22, 2020 4:02 pm

I am a person who always seeks the truth in everything.  Here we currently have the Mayor of the City of Vista who is fooled into thinking deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump is some kind of winner. Sadly, an individual involved in human harvesting became involved with her and sided with Patrick Leahy against her own kind. His name is Gordon Duff, and he lied to the city about how our core is installed. He set out with nefarious political purposes. He was not a fan of Trump, and was always left leaning. He thought when he came here, “I’m going to tell her I’m in love with that jailbird,” sarcastically.

Trump is deposed for financial crime by my testimony and that is done in earnest. I think Mike Pence should have a second chance to run as Constitutional President, one not jaded by those who created the virus. We could really clean up the prostitution and cocaine cartel. I am prepared for the depositions now to protect even Judy Ritter and other Republicans and Democrats from someone who takes advantage of his position for personal profit. When I think about the farmers, average Republicans and most Americans I side with they would be better off with Pence or a Democrat.

The old former now dead overlord turned out to be a drone of the boulder builder species, and I feel bad for people who are adjusting to this fact. He was not elegant leadership material and was more of a thief behind the scenes operating a front for very intellectual people covering up a harmful race that we have almost decimated through our work. I wish I had the quote from yesterday I got in Palm Springs area, but I did not put it down. It was a slam bam thank you mam kind of thing he said against even them depending on renegades.

Some seek to profit on what has been gained with my work, when God and I brought his pod down by me sitting on the ground for five hours when I was in Oregon. I have put a lot of work into my project. We had no right to be stolen from by them, and I am not blaming Judy Ritter for what they intended. We just have to recognize they are harmful and wanted to steal from everyone including me. He actually said close to put the people all in jail and steal everything from them. That was their intention of the harvesting contract they had. These are harmful extraterrestrials. I see it as an alien war, which it is as proven. I am a facts and data person who set out to save everyone’s life when I installed our core.

I am seeking full exoneration on September 11th. Imagine being blamed for the terrorism incident for 18 plus years and not knowing a thing about it. When I say I have fought to prevent against theft, I do that every day, against financial crime, terrorism and anything else that can harm you, the American people and that is for 327 million people.

Duff, I found out yesterday looked at people with their alien contract like they were meat, and made a comment about a large breasted woman, about how much she would go for on the human meat market in space. Disgusting to have known a guy like that. That is the one who lied to the mayor. He installed machines at my home. He was on the telephony asking to talk with Members of Congress, and then I asked my higher self to understand more about what his real intentions were and that was to sell every human for human eating, something even law enforcement and I have backed up with his project that related to my next door neighbors before, where we identified human body part in their trash can.

What is up with Leahy and my size, when he has challenges with Republicans he reaches out to me. It is the extraterrestrials that make him do things he would normally not do. He needs to stop all gene and hormone experiments.

I am going to clean my home today and want authorities to be OK with that.

As soon as I know someone has nefarious intentions I let people know to the best of my ability.

There were many slaves that came along in the boulder builder ship and some of those in power could have been one of them in our future.

It is proven harmful chemistries interfere with what service members do, as it was proven recently viagra, a blue natured pill, makes service members want to create terrorism and it came from the blue race, people who should be saving their country.

Alien gods created terrorism.

Those alien chemistries also create a hardness, that is unneeded and detrimental. Crime and punishment is useful only when you are guilty of something. You call the sheriff’s department to respond to a crime and sometimes it takes too long for them to arrive but eventually they get there. I have called and asked for a restraining order against the telephony, and I understand the severity of this case. I work for real to be Presidential material and am always non-partisan, someone known as “too honest,” to members of Congress. I have worked hard to maintain Constitutionalism with Sheriff’s Departments nationally and globally.

One officer involved case where he was charged for a violent crime against a perpetrator, he had too much of the white alien hormones, I suspect. We must remove those chemistries from our diet.

Constitutionalism is our guarantee no matter who is talking in the media, they work for you. It is up to each and every American citizen to speak out. Who is hoping to steal your money today?

Land grab I testified against should be cancelled as a housing bubble has been already identified and yesterday individuals were asking for parcel clearance for what they termed “worthless real estate,” so money laundering should stop and depositions should go through.


War against the alien agenda as President I became

March 20, 2020 9:19 pm

Deposed Trump stole 2016 and became closely aligned with a strange tribe of unusual cocaine followers that have been difficult to legally and lawfully arrest. They have sophisticated advanced weaponry used for drug money laundering conducted with cocaine and methamphetamine. We identified distribution points along the border this morning and they went to the capital markets to ask for protection. They have used a sophisticated camera based out of Los Angeles. I have been attacked by their machines before that almost killed me three times in my car with gelatinous material they combined with propulsion software. They are aligned with the mystery guests that are becoming more visible daily. Yesterday one of their interdimensional rat men appeared more solid like a little brown energetic man.

They use sophisticated energetics for surveillance and targeting purposes.

How do we stop them when they created Coronavirus and admitted to operating distribution systems with deposed stole 2016 Trump. This should be all new deposition testimony ast they are aligned with the “Nixons” who steal through the stock market.

I went down to Coronado area today and they attached onto routine surveillance, and tried to get him to say that Nixons owned the below ground jails we are eliminating, which they do not and their contract is fraudulent.

This team of shysters who actually tried to commit stock market crime, said to the surveillance, “get him to respond somehow, tell him we are talent scouts on a mission.” They use me to launder drug money as the President I became tarnishing my appearance. I intend to bust the camera, that works with split dimension. Sorry I am not perfect looking. I am a Sanders Democrat who is mission focussed only. Why do sailors want to kill the routine surveillance guy? I am just like they are a person who provided testimony and then went the extra mile to validate it, even with the virus and cocaine camera.

They are using our service members criminally out of Miramar. Today they used aircraft for a “drug bust that needed to happen,” the illegal planting of methamphetamine in my car the day the deposal of Trump happened years ago. It is long gone, I buried it in the ground then and it melted I guess, and new data is produced daily against their cocaine cartel. Bernie Sanders does not want a cocaine cartel. We need to stop all methamphetamine distribution systems, and even those set to be built in the border wall likely with the solid concrete one he could be selecting. 

Only a shyster would be involved in crashing the stock market with Rudy Giuliani, as the one who got him to respond was the one who said it. His name is included here in the quote by Giuliani, “Stafford I’m trying to raid the stock market now but we cannot continue,” because the Marine Corps responded. Maybe they can respond now with some indictments against the stock market crime and against the misuse of surveillance to launder drug money.

How much did they make today, as it was said, Hillary Clinton paid for those Master Plans, and how much drug money was put in for her?

Our gold standard and money back are American citizens recovered assets.

What is Dick Cheney doing with our gold standard?  How is he making money with it?

They wanted to hurt us eventually, in two to three years. Better to defend against any threat ontime.

Who is saying honest Navy cannot ask the questions?

We have pure Constitutionalism. here and globally. People in Israel know, communism is extraterrestrial. They do not want anything bad happening to the American people. They are even understanding about the name of Israel which may soon change its name to Middle East Palestine.

“Kingdom of heaven,” makes sense when you think about the false promises of the extraterrestrials who told NASA they wanted humans to travel in space while the astronauts always knew they restricted space travel. Boulder builders were behind it with the old now dead overlord. We get our gold program back. They wanted the people to believe in false gods all along and not God of the Cosmos with his home planet inside source core.

“Israel (controlled hell on earth) is for them not us,” said a serpent like extraterrestrial to a boulder builder species in a far off galaxy working against humans there. They stole the whole thing from the people. Los Angeles stay away from our homes.

We need to take down the last boulder builder ship and we are done with our mission.

We own our own kingdom of heaven now for humans as our galaxy owned now outright. We just need to bust Los Angeles with the cocaine camera. Nixon extraterrestrials are deadly with the camera. It would be nice to identify where they are borrowing money from.

Who should be sued for Corona?

March 19, 2020 5:27 pm

Deposed Donald Trump stole election 2016 and is deposed for financial crimes. Michael Pence did get deposed correctly for the election theft of 2016. Why are these unelected individuals continuing to illegally operate? It is their expected Cocaine revenue to purchase real estate. Coronavirus is caused to help further his goals.

We have competing administrations currently. I am against stealing from the American people, and know our gold standard and money back are the only way for American standing to be strongest. It is well known our country could not borrow ever again with something called History in the Making. Our borrowing capabilities are more important long term than a con who stole his office in 2016. We need depositions to be filed against him for the stock market crime.

The other travelers with Boulder Builders who are dead

March 12, 2020 12:54 am

How a team who has attempted to heist our planet came together is really important, and understanding the former now dead overlord was significant and found out here, he turned out to be a drone made by the boulder builders. Now there is more information on two other characters who traveled with Boulder one. People know about Gordon Duff, who I have referred to on numerous occasions for his organized crime like behavior, and bullying, this is significant and not the main part of his story. He was also known as a green parted one, and I had wondered how he got and was so close with the boulder builder race making deals at times against our planet. He was brought aboard their vessel as a baby, mentored by the white alien agenda lead by the boulder devils.

I did some remote viewing this afternoon to understand the man called Gonzo, known as Duff now, to the space fleet. He is hard to handle and mean because of his defensive mechanisms. Even intelligence assets have not wanted to address his criminal behavior because of his bullying behavior. Well, how did he become the individual he is and why?

One character leads to another sometimes and this afternoon I found out about a relatively hidden one to the boulder builders who are now dead. He was another individual picked up from a planet in arcturus where the former overlord was found as a small boy after this individual’s planet was almost destroyed. This new character had fought the human harvesters there and other like species. He was alone when the boulder ship flew by.

“I can’t land there but he can sure fight back,” said One Boulder after a planet in the Arcturian star system was being picked a part.  We own our planet outright and our galaxy in hours. One Boulder saw the one man down on the nearly destroyed planet, who he picked up later. That man led me to Gonzo, who was already on board with One Boulder, and known of then by that name, and now called Gordon Duff. When aboard the boulder spacecraft, the rescued man said to One Boulder, “I can come along and stay in the background and keep you and Gonzo really ready,” for other planets. This rescued man turned from service man to criminal for the boulders who rescued him. On his planet previously he, “Served quite a few men until they all got trapped in a destroyed building.” This man is going to our newly opened bardo to be sent to God’s planet for restructuring and rebirth as a complete new human.

Gonzo was their right hand in space, and was important to make agreeable with Boulder One by the individual. The former dead overlord who was resuscitated in the previous article about him being made a drone by the boulders wanted to kill Gonzo at one point, and that is how he became dead. One night he thought to himself, out of jealousy likely, “I’m going to take Gonzo down tonight,” and he lost his life and was turned into bio enzymes for future use by Boulder One. “I hope we can preserve his bio enzymes for future use,” he said after the individual people on earth knew as the overlord was killed in space for the first time by Gonzo likely.

The boulder builders and Gonzo jacked up our planet, now fixed as I own it outright and have been working on it with God for a long time now.

Gonzo had been picked up as a baby in another star system far away after his mother had her head bashed in by white alien agenda team who he works for today. She was too nice to live according to him much later on, to make excuses for nice people he met along the way. It was sad the way he viewed his mother as a sweetheart who was ” too nice to live.” This was the way he justified those who killed her later raising raising him.

When their harvesting program went through on his human owned planet, he was one of the few lone survivors and so they brought him aboard a ship as a baby. “Let’s see if we can teach the baby with special instincts we can control,”said the white alien team about him then regarding what is now his aggressive defensive behavior now. He had been put in a cage. “I say we keep him in this here cage,” said by them when they put him on the ship after harvesting a portion of his planet. He became a very integral part of their program, raised by his captors. He is scary to me now.

Our planet is almost completed.

Now found out about Duff aka Gonzo a human rescued as a caged baby from a previously harvested star system, it was said by him to the Navy, “She had no business being able to install it on her own,” regarding my negative. His life is proof I installed it to protect us from what happened to his early family and the other planets in our star system. My planet is working. Sadly I found out that back then One Boulder made a comment to him, “You’ve been reading her the riot act on the sourcing of her stories,” called research, ” and using that to penetrate into the Navy,” criminally I suspect, said about Duff.

Duff replied to One Boulder, “He has to pay me the way the negative went in.” When do his payments end? The fake alien agenda bardo is filled in. Our real bardo is created. We have restored our human life death life cycle and prevented the harvesting that likely happened to his earliest parents who were defeated by the enemy before he was a caged animal as a baby.

Rosicrucian Fellowship was a fraud and a creation of his.

It was said by the Fellowship director after Duff spoke with him, “I say her mother doesn’t mean a whole lot to us, but she is still around, so why not give this old man a chance,” said regarding Duff. We demystified everything.  Constitutionalists exist. Maybe someday he will realize not to take a sweetheart’s kindness for weakness. He took advantage of my skills at Veterans Today, every reporter reads to get story ideas hundreds of sources, in reporting there were rooms called morgues with source material, online too. I read and research. I am not too nice to live here.

We have something to be proud of completing our planet with our negative install. It is more sturdy and secures us forever.

If NASA provides for Gonzo, they have to provide emotional support and insure the orange bottled prescriptions he takes are dealt with through counseling regarding women, and what his views are of his early mother being too nice to survive tied into his survival instincts from a previously harvested planet. Carol his wife was chosen for her meanness and is a killer of babies, which he associates with survivability wrongly.

Natural coexistences exist.

For Vista City Council Meeting

March 10, 2020 2:56 pm

Bankruptcy is a crime. Where are the drug laundered monies found out about?

LLC connected to Coronavirus?  Say nothing? Why?

Can we shut it down and confiscate the assets as well as arrest those involved? Fellowship computing system.

I am non-partisan, all Congressional members involved in the land grab should be on record here in the county, so that when the question comes up with the developers who cannot sell the overdeveloped homes for fair market value, and must reduce price of cocaine housing, that will be competing with existing homes purchased earnestly without drug laundering entering into the financial picture, those individuals involved in the cocaine properties will be held liable and sued for the difference in value. This must be recorded as according to Pew research more people are moving out of California, than here, so there will be fewer buyers than sellers.

It is already known some agents are saying “I should have not gotten involved in the cocaine housing.” Those are the first ones to come forward. They are competing with themselves. Can we get indictments against the machines today used to launder drug money? Stafford moved the van in here used to launder drug money and must be indicted too with Giuliani. That is the facts and data.

“We agreed the Giuliani indictments would go out tomorrow,” a source. Is that confirmed? We need to protect the American stockholder before the election and prepare indictments against all involved in the machines to launder drug money, create the virus and steal through the stock market. I became President to make these indictments.

Can we prepare to sue point blank in this area to include Northrup Grumman for the damage they did over two and a half years with directed energy weapons overhead and machines operating in the background to conduct financial crime.

Obama needs to fess up that he was Giuliani’s partner before conned by fear into that position, because they threw his secret service agency itinerary into a ditch to threaten his beneficial foreign policy.

Can we trust Obama to admit it? Who is against him? The agency guy who did lied about the deposal, Brian Stafford of Point Blank, trying to use the deposal for his profiteering rather than really working for the voter, that’s why we’ve got to be ready to sue. The sleaze tries to manipulate.

I want the indictments against Giuliani.

Why would criminals talk us into saying goodbye to America’s recovered assets. They can’t.

Blue aliens gone.



About Coronavirus and Suing the Creators

March 9, 2020 11:57 am

Green algae or mold they put in my home a long time ago. They tampered here daily back then, after my negative was installed.

I was disqualified as a witness despite providing testimony against deposed stole 2016 Trump to include all of the election convictions because of the “type of telecontrol” I have because of abject bias, so they positioned handlers over my home that were connected to the Lugar labs and I used the telecontrol to record testimony about the virus they created. On January 22, 2019, and these two Gordon and Carol Duff have worked hard to alter the virus to make it kill targeted groups in specific areas for financial purposes, “Our virus is not working anymore,” said by Carol and we have worked hard to stop it. It is similar to the Anthrax that was found to be engineered internally. Gordon Duff had worked with a lab in South America covertly identified as a British lab, and he also directly targeted others investigating Lugar Labs.

In addition this monitoring team placed these spores in my home from Lugar reportedly. I am against infections diseases, and it was also identified that CNN knew the disease was created by Lugar Labs and covertly mentioned that was the Lugar Labs one, we don’t want to report on it that way. We have to be direct to get to prosecutions and if millions of passengers in the vacation industry lose as well as airline and cruise companies lose billions of dollars in revenue we must pursue those individuals causing the loss of revenue directly.

I always work for the American people at the highest levels. I need something to do until the winner of 2020 is announced as Bernie Sanders, hopefully.

Christopher Wray has been protecting them virus creators, Russian handlers, as deposed stole 2016 Trump continues to illegally operate on the cocaine laundering they are all involved with. We need to sue them for the virus creation, and for the damages to the airline industry and cruise industry. Hopefully we shut his down south cocaine cartel down, as Wray admitted “Everything we planned with the down south is not working out to well,” previously. We have an election going on and need to transition the Federal Bureau of Investigation into a neutral party against cocaine. Trump stole 2016 and when I asked others to monitor his activities that are criminal, they did not want to. I do that to protect the voters and provided validated testimony against him.

This should accompany a lawsuit for the terrorism screening for the terrorism manufactured and screening charged for also identified. We should also sue should any crash based on housing happen as it is a known bubble. Please keep my data to protect homeowners, 74% who did not vote for Trump, and the 24% who would have never as Republicans expected him, the man on TV be laundering drug money to devalue their homes with huge developments that are unneeded for the most part. They did not know he started the down south cocaine cartel funded by the Murder of Robert Maxwell. When they see him on TV, they see the manufactured man, not the cocaine prostitution cartel. We need to protect those voters too.

They are part of the unknowing fooled by the media image of characters such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who said, “We cause terrorism, and then we get paid for screening them,” here.

Rambo causes terrorism and charges them for screening making them feel like they are terrorism suspects at the airport. We have to look at this as a profit model based on humiliation of the public designed by them.

How much are they liable for our complimentary “mammograms” in airports. How about flight delays due to screening. This has been an invasion of privacy to billions of people for what they admittedly created. How much should they compensate those billions of people per travel day?

This is my personal computer and the enemy should be charged with every moment they obstruct justice.  I became President and continue to act Presidentially. How much can I accomplish for the voter before 2021. Imagine if the virus was gone and those who created it charged and sued. I know I didn’t run for office, and at times I was supposed to be Secretary of State. I intend to work in the incoming administration. With so much financial crime, even against Republicans deposed stole 2016 Trump needs to be arraigned. All data is available for prosecutions.

Please contact me at (760) 672-2028 to work on class action lawsuits as we move into the national election.

Telecontrol can be seen as a handicap or it can be seen as an enhanced brain device to obtain high quality data for prosecutions and lawsuits.


Who is against the Marine Corps and pretending.

March 9, 2020 3:32 am

In 1991, Gordon Duff was as asked to leave Iraq after being caught trafficking arms illegally from a large tent. The individual who writes at Veterans Today claims he served in the Marine Corps and I suspect he served for three years while claiming veteran status. As he lost “valuable arms trafficking revenue” in 1991, he may likely like nothing more than to jail our Marines, something he has publicly disclosed here saying he will be able to send our service members to Shenzhen, China because they are the ones who caught him in his tent in Iraq with Bush Carlyle. He later went on to work for George Soros privately. Here he got connected to the Marine Corps because of the testimony I provided and the illegal quest he put on that caused the Coronavirus with Robert L Stevenson. Will he kill people tomorrow? We are ready for depositions against the van Stafford brought here for their criminal quest. I am a strong leader. Why did Duff say I should not talk to service members, to set them and me up. He also protected his and Giuliani’s financial crime that way with the van and the machines he put in. Do I have to wait for the convictions to come out through the Justice Department? Mueller conditionally released Trump, and when he reoffended, he should have been brought in for arraignment. Wray arrested has been said repeatedly, the only question is when will he face the crime of the Maxwell murder he refused to prosecute and I testified against. That is how the stole 2016 cocaine cartel was started and I want to bust them. Maxwell murder was solved long ago and stole 2016 the murder to start their cocaine cartel. In 2021, we want no cocaine cartel. Who wants it? Those who caused the virus?

18 Judges that caused the virus. Make them liable tomorrow.

Liars do not make insider rules. Worst case I file depositions with the Cruise ship industry against their virus. I guess then I protect the Marine Corps. How much did Dunford want to steal from service member’s retirements? $20,000 per person, and they stole election 2016.

Obviously a criminal would claim they had alleged rights to our planet because they were caught early on in their scam against America, and the fact that he was previously busted in Iraq meant that he would harbor anger towards the Marine Corps he would pretend not to allow, while in the back of his mind hoping to harm and even jail service members for Cheney.

Xi in China correctly identified Satan Worshipping as Duff and his team with Stafford and the van guy. I am against that type of worship.

Is the Marine Corps Satan worshipping to be unlawfully detained overseas?

Why want alien ID, central id, to steal, as was stated. How much are they liable for in drug laundering to try to achieve that?

We have our gold standard and our money back for the American people, American recovered assets for the people and their discretionary spending once the stock market crimes are prosecuted. Communist convictions must be made now. Constitutionalism is our guarantee and it is criminal not to prosecute those causing white collar crime.

Alien agenda will be found dead here. Why harm my Marines? My negative install worked, so be happy and so jail the war criminals. Who needs Cheney? Who controls the sound system, war croiminals, shut the tape off or be tried as one by the Marine Corps, who will say, “Why didn’t I sing my swan song,” because of Duff, Cheney’s criminal against them.

Travel Industry vs. Lugar Labs, Trump Administration et all for Coronavirus.

March 8, 2020 4:27 pm

How many people were afraid to travel because of the Coronavirus that even as of this morning it was said when confirmed who caused it more would be distributed overseas by Lugar labs. I work in the vacation industry as a Senior Manager with over 20 years of experience, and have watched how individuals manipulate manufactured diseases to profit against peacetime industries. From my understanding there is even a patent on the disease that is dying. I notified Cruise Lines International, as passengers were put at risk and these individuals are the cause of declining revenue streams for them in ticket sales that amounts to the millions if not billions of dollars through the creation and spread of the disease. Senators may be complicit in working with Lugar Labs to include Senators Patrick Leahy, Charles Schumer and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

It was found out here, the sheriff  in San Diego County, William Gore and the District Attorney. Summer Stephan, and likely the Mayor of the City of Vista, Judy Ritter were involved and they should be included as defendants. From my understanding they have a private LLC tied to Gordon Duff who has worked with Lugar Labs in the past. It was admitted to by his wife, Carol, when the disease was declining, “Our virus is not working anymore.”

They all operated out of a superfluous religious organization in Oceanside, California called the Rosicrucian Fellowship tied to the Rosicrucian Order. Where is that hidden money to attach to in the event of a lawsuit? Chase Bank? Those assets should be confiscated and this case brought into the courtroom. Why do people protect them. This case involves millions of tourists. Do these small time people want to be involved with the cruise lines and American Resort Developers Association against them?

Everyone wants our gold standard and money back to be delivered, and we need to catch those complicit in manufacturing diseases for profiteering. Sue them

We need to identify the et all and file against them, not feature them in the media speaking against it, as they did with the Soleimani killing.

Eighteen federal judges were given something called “the keys to the planet,” and were part of the team that created the Coronavirus with several members of the Supreme Court, five justices who claim they control the media and all exposure to facts.

Yesterday at a Home Improvement Show in Del Mar, California,  American consumers were afraid to travel because of the virus, what is said by the media and these individuals are criminally complicit in making them that way costing travel and tourism related industries up to billions of dollars with Spring and Summer travel planning up for consideration now by 327 million Americans and billions of internationals.

Constitutionalism and truth need to prevail to protect billions.

These individuals have also participated in profiteering against the 327 million Americans’ retirements through use of machines to manipulate the stock market stealing their discretionary income. They must be charged with white collar crimes. American’s retirements are to be protected even against federalists. If the stock market crashes we know who is liable to include the machine operators because of this statement, “I thought you said when we used the machines, we could not get caught,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump. What is known is posted and they must pay financially for their crimes. There is more to be added to testimony at behest of the travel industry. Coronavirus has been used for stock market manipulation through the media and with 16 men who are involved with them against the travel industry who still need to be identified.

Constitutionalists exist without hurry

Judges can be levied for damages.

Why allow them to party today? I am ready to help sue (760) 672-2028 I really became President and am here to help and will continue to work with vacationers. Why should my side of the aisle be afraid? McConnell seat up for grabs by Amy McGrath. Younger people care about the vacation industry.  Why allow old virus creators their freedom?

Trump team sued for Coronavirus on Monday? Will the press take charge? CNN covered the Lugar labs caused disease for advertising revenue from pharmaceuticals industries. Perhaps the travel industry should advertise elsewhere. Pharmaceuticals breaking down. Gold standard and money back kept.

Why change to a fake Congress built on a headset criminally built by a man harmed by extraterrestrials with Cancer given to him to kill him later and manipulate his life, known as the “Paul Allen Congress.” They stole 2018 and should be charged for the housing they personally benefited from to include the drug treatment programs for those now hooked on methamphetamine because their election theft and drug money laundering causing the increase in illegal drug use. Allen team is fraudulent based on what was discovered. Why do taxpayers have to compensate for their crimes?

“When Paul Allen, a chubby faced, not yet cancer filled due to alien agenda man, walked into the Navy and said, “She owns our planet,” regarding me, the Navy wondered what gifts God bestowed upon me, our only negative holder, and those were just hard work because of the drone controlled by the boulder builders called the former overlord. Back then they authorized experimentation thinking that Allen team was honest and wanting to understand the way they and we do. It was not at all what Allen wanted who was only into the Orion ones that killed him later. He even admitted tonight post death, he still wanted to party with the Orion ones, grey skinny ones that they made some pact with,” about Allen here.

Will they protect Viktor Bout to continue the “sanity hearing,” with the 16 men who are criminally complicit in the virus? I am Constitutionalist and it cannot be stolen. Who works for the stock market thieves? Marines downtown, wise up, brainwashed by deposed stole 2016 conman I testify against. We the people stand strong against financial crime.

What benefit is the Richard Branson hardware? To crash the stock market. Charge Branson, if it is true. Why is Trump wearing their watch? Branson machines on record as part of the Trump statement regarding their ease of theft with them.

It is interesting create the disease and cure it? I protect your retirements and take my testimony seriously. We need to work together to stop financial crime. Arrest those with the Mercedes van for their white collar crime. I pay my way and they do not pay their way honestly.

My side is honorable.


Scrubbing out planet of invasive species

March 7, 2020 3:31 pm

The scrubbing power of salt water in our ocean assists every day to remove harmful unknown substances to most people. How many Americans or internationals for that matter are aware of alien agenda sequencing used to look into their homes possibly even for blackmail purposes? Very few. It was found out the Paul Allen headsets were designed with this type of technology to harm humans. We are working to scrub the orion formulas with the natural power of our planet against them

“I say we use the Orion formulas with the brain cells we have onhand,” said boney Allen after he got cancer from the extraterrestrials he befriended regarding intermingling human brain cells with the chemistry from the harmful extraterrestrial species that came from the orion star system. These are a grey thin shaped species with chemistries that are harmful to humans. We need more of the power of the earth to scrub them down.

The eye camera in my face connects to my brain that I and others have allow them to see on our surface and we are working to eliminate that ability.

It was said by someone involved regarding the component in my brain, “that was the silver one,” the implant installed with Bill Gates, who referred to it on 11/27/18 as the “silver substance to enhance the alien agenda visual sequencing,” and is similar to what is used in plasma TV’s, an brown haired Israeli and blonde did it for them. The Navy did not understand how harmful the headset would be after Allen suggested installing it in my brain. The nice thing is that we have found out where the components come from and how they were intermingled here not to be destroyed by our planet through natural processes basically selecting down the Orion components in favor of the human brain cells as has happened before with our negative correctly installed. Who wants aliens pearing in their shower.

That has happened as it was found out these sequencers connect to satellites in space, so from someone’s face transfers the imagery around them to the satellite then to a monitor enabling that data to be transfered, so if you have one of these face cameras and look in the mirror at yourself naked, they transfer the boobie shots, very embarrassing to anyone.

This surveillance here has connected to my neighbor next door possibly or it could have been moved. When this quote was put up, I was trying to shower, hoping to have a blind spot put in. January 10, 2019, “By not being allowed to take naked photos of me now, my neighbor at 1250, subliminally admitted, ‘I cannot make her (me) embarrassed now for Xi in China to take over,’ ” and I said Nope. At least we know now that this harmful technology relates to human brain cells intermixed with Orion chemistry and we can continue to attempt to scrub it using the natural properties of the planet I own outright.

How they work:

They use something called and energetic which is a white disk like a small ball and drop it down in your presence from space. This enables them to be present in the same room you are in to interact and look around to manipulate the scenario. I have been visualizing salt intermingled in their small balls to enable fracturing in the future allowing for these “energetics” to be processed naturally. Hopefully in the future the alien agenda sequencing will not work. Invasion of privacy occurs daily

128 dead already from that star system being sent home

What they do here on our planet I own outright, “So we can control them better, we always have observation areas,” said regarding us humans by a skinny oblong headed grey extraterrestrial.

It was known to Allen team that I own our planet and they went to the Navy who at the time were not into alien agenda, they were into knowing God. Allen team roped them into this alien agenda stuff with the crimes Allen and Gates likely committed saying they needed the harmful technology to protect against the crimes they were likely involved with. Back then the old overlord had more power than we have and we did not know that he was a manufactured person by the boulder builder species. They were not aware of how much cloning and droning went on and how sophisticated this stuff was in space.

Spy agencies thought this technology would be a benefit enabling more power for them to know about individuals, however who controls who is needed to be asked as it has been found out that alien agenda used the technology to control the spy agencies and law enforcement causing them to commit crimes they never intended. Who uses those crimes for power needs to be analyzed and how? Stopped

Gates used the technology to tell the Navy I murdered someone, a crime I did not do, nor would do. “See she even killed someone,” he said. “She deserves to own no planet,” they said then, something I am working on changing through my research and data as well as stopping false incrimination technology. I am honest and a researcher. What I am not clear of is why law enforcement is involved in my home. Maybe it can help them to realize how they can improve and no longer use this type of sequencing that gives outsiders too much power over the locals.

I do not like being monitored and would be happy to talk with them about the data I have collected. It seems like once the technology breaks down naturally this will be easier. It is hard to tolerate crime is created to harm others. Gordon Duff who lied about my service career came in to the area with his tape recorders to continue the theft from America he and his teams intended when now deposed stole 2016 Trump came in. He knew I testified against their crime, and got in with the authorities here against even their interests to steal from them. Break down the tape recorders. This should be like the Nixon administration was caught with their tape recorders. We have had enough devaluing and embezzlement conducted by those who came in here. They just wanted to continue the scam I testified against. Duff was like a slimy salesman when I talked to him on the phone last in 2017, and he continues to this day that way. Steal him away from my home.

Stevenson who I informed for did kill a deputy to cause divisions initially in what he believed to be “satan worshipping,” or blood sacrifice, and this could have originated from the white alien he met when he was young with his dad, called junkyard alien. This species was deemed insignificant because they are no longer around however they were the start of this cult worship. I consider that a crime he committed when he killed Deputy Robbins then. It is hard to tolerate him being in my home with other deputies he lined up against me. I live a quiet solid life and work hard honestly and in earnest every day. I did call the department of justice on day 3 when Robert Mueller was hired and validated 2016 stolen. We keep our American assets for the 2021 winner, gold standard and money back get delivered eventually.

Because deposal happened we have more financial security because of my and our work in America. We have to stop financial crime against the voters and that is what I continue to work against. I am a Ralph Nader type advocate. The reason many people do not die in car accidents is because Nader found support for his seatbelts in cars that we buckle up with every day. Nader made a difference in his honest work, as he likely earned income honestly as I do. Constitutionalists exist to be protected Even in sales, I work hard to tell the truth to my customers.

Who controls who? I would like to stop all orchestrated murder or harsh treatment by machine. They increase tension with these sequencers to harm us. This peaceful neighborhood should return to that, and depositions can be filed against financial crime. Testimony is part of being a witness and not part of criminal activity. I am a witness who presented testimony that was used and later validated it. I always work against crime in everything I do. Financial crime is that, when someone illegally uses advantages to charge someone without fault. The double yellow lines here are a form of attempted embezzlement using these alien sequencers and satellite technology. The intention was criminal from the start and unneeded. People can turn left or right freely on this street without endangerment. There was no need to force a right turn.

“We thought those people in California were used to paying through the nose, that’s why we put them in there,” said regarding the double yellow lines, intending to charge people for tickets processed through satellite based cameras. They should remove the lines as it was intended for profiteering against our state and its residents. We need more happy Californians not a state full of residents ready to move out as they have been.  More people relocate every year. At some point overcharging us for the weather we enjoy has to stop.

We have to work hard to control ourselves against their behavioral modification. It makes me angry that Duff came here at all. He and Stevenson became the criminals harming the authorities and having them focus on me. As I said before if the camera was turned on Duff and Stevenson with the criminal activity they conduct, those two would be sent to jail. What you do matters daily. I go to work and work in earnest, never accepting corrupt money. I want no contact with them and to testify against the financial crimes they and others have conducted. We have no need for any overlord that they tried to create when the drone died. What is needed is real honest law enforcement against methamphetamine laundering as I saw terrible outcomes for the future when I went to San Diego with methamphetamine high individuals acting out on the street. The cost of this to San Diego tourism, one of the largest driving economic factors here, could be immense against the people who operate businesses here. Why would outsiders like Duff care, they would not and is one of the reasons he, Stevenson and Allen team care not about what will happen because of the cartel they set up here. We should care now as Super Tuesday is over to clean it up.

I work in tourism and want San Diego to remain strong and fun for visitors as it always has been. Individuals who stole an election working with communistic Congressional members should not cost our city. If you would like more information on the who is involved for lawsuit purposes, should your travel related business experience a downturn, please see this video, and help to start a class action lawsuit against them. More data is available for prosecutions feel free to send me a text message at (760) 672-2028. Deposal of Trump did go through, I am an American who was given the Presidency, and I did not know it was the corrupt men that did that. I work in earnest against the criminals I deposed. They stole 2016 and should have all been removed when that was validated to prevent future crime.

Blackmail modules using “alien agenda sequencing” likely as was confirmed by me transfer harmful imagery of good honest Americans to our adversaries. Who needs it? Enemies. It is time to stop our enemies operating criminally on American soil. I am ready to testify and contribute to honest investigations. There are no marriage rights to anyone now. Why did people think there were? The tape recorders were installed as ws found out back east as part of an “embezzlement operation.” People need to review what the operators have done here, laundered drug money, increased methamphetamine use through what they are importing, installed harmful technology, as is stated in the video, sent harmful blackmail photos overseas to our adversaries, continued to embezzle through machines from the stock market. If this was disclosed publicly, would the public approve of them? They would arrest them. I have turned them in.

President Ann Diener Gold Money Back. Adjudication of harmful buildings used possibly for espionage by same Congressional members involved in deposed stole 2016 with Russia Trump's cocaine land grab. How is started in 1991 Russian traitor.

Posted by Ann Diener on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Owning our planet is not fun, God's greatest gift is honesty.

March 7, 2020 2:26 am

Deposed for stock market crime Donald Trump stole 2016 and I have facts and data to prove that with the stock market crime, felonies. Why are my indictments not completed against Rudy Giuliani. $17 Trillion saved right, by me today?

When Paul Allen, a chubby faced, not yet cancer filled due to alien agenda man, walked into the Navy and said, “She owns our planet,” regarding me, the Navy wondered what gifts God bestowed upon me, our only negative holder, and those were just hard work because of the drone controlled by the boulder builders called the former overlord. Back then they authorized experimentation thinking that Allen team was honest and wanting to understand the way they and we do. It was not at all what Allen wanted who was only into the Orion ones that killed him later. He even admitted tonight post death, he still wanted to party with the Orion ones, grey skinny ones that they made some pact.

“I say I can manufacture some kind of headset,” said Allen in the meeting when asked how can you tell whether or not “she (I) is feeling god’s presence.” He was really into God who I love. Allen was only into the aliens from Orion and other extraterrestrials now malfunctioning.

Allen designed headsets prior to his meeting with  Navy would not have liked if they had known how much external uncontrolled power it gave the enemy to control even our own.

“I said the headset must be worn to tell what you are thinking and you are seeing,” claimed a friendly who saw God as I see god and wanted to know more about the gifts he bestowed on me. Fighting strength against all enemies foreign and domestic is my intelligence.

“I say we use the Orion formulas with the brain cells we have onhand,” said boney Allen after he got cancer from the extraterrestrials he befriended. These orion ones were the grey mattered white ones that are slender in Nature. These headsets were what created a killer out of the former sheriff I served as an informant for in Orange County.

“Now what I want you to tell that former cop is that he is going to make a mint out of her money that we had on hand,” said Brian Stafford back when they implanted Stevenson regarding my $323,000 for my magazine the Military Beat in June 2001 when they implanted him at Bush Ranch then.

“I only had his put in so we could control him subconsciously,” said agency guy who did not want me as Presidential material I became still pressing charges even now. Stevenson went on to kill the former overlord’s man to frame me with for the murder Bill Gates said I committed when he went in to obtain his contract with the Navy and said, “see she even killed someone.”

Stevenson then told others, “We’re going to say she killed someone using the overlord’s men (he was a made drone) men,” and committed it using fake visual sequencing.

The sad thing is that even though the whole murder was fake, the honest side that wanted to know what gifts God had given me said to Gates said about me, “She doesn’t deserve to own no planet.

What is interesting is that Allen team has played the Stafford side that told Stevenson about my money, and they anticipated a big win against them including against those with Dick Cheney.

“We’ll coordinate the evidence from here and once the old guard is extinguished, we’ll take power,” said George Andy Swetnam, an Allen team member regarding Cheney and Stafford.

I would arrest Swetnam and finish off Cheney with indictments.

Swetnam, pictured, said, “We keep playing on Stevenson until we tell everybody to piss on her.” Did he save $17 trillion on the stock market as the President of the United states pressing charges for the stockbrokers. Piss on them. Swetnam takes great pleasure in hurting me, “I can still kill your house and home even with the agency guy,” said by him.

I believe in professionalism and indictments.

Andy wanted to steal our and my planet the entire time we were dating when he found out I am our only negative holder unbeknownst to me then.

What they have planned for you was bankruptcy.

March 5, 2020 2:31 am

Finally validated, the crimes of the Allen team, are clearer today than before, Robert L. Stevenson admitted bankruptcy was their profit making scheme. They conducted the Orange County bankruptcy in 1994 misusing public equipment through sheriff’s department resources then.

It was found out they applied for “bankruptcy coverage,” insurance against bankruptcy while causing it themselves, “that’s the way we made money,” said Stevenson, regarding he and Allen team now working with Gordon Duff and the machines involved with stock market criminal activity and drug money laundering. In Orange County they brought in junk bond salesmen and it likely happened here with Mitt Romney.

Summer Stephan, the San Diego District Attorney admitted to it and that coincided with the city manager and the intentions of some at the City of Vista.

City employee, “what if that’s what I wanted,”  said regarding bankruptcy with Allen team that came in and met with him  and mayor Judy Ritter as well as others. They should be fired and sued by all Vista residents and a class action lawsuit started for every plaintiff in the County.

“We had bankruptcy planned here,” said Stephan, a recipient of money back certificates, based on all Americans tax money. What gives her the right to bankruptcy? And as a financial crime suspect for intended bankruptcy against her constituents, why is she enjoying Americans tax money as money back by certificates? Our gold standard is permanent until beyond the next administration. I want your tax money in your hands not hers or those involved in financial crime against you.

Who wants them to have your money?

Constitutional Republics exist to be protected.

Mail Ballot, "All I want is to be counted and not messed with."

March 4, 2020 6:41 am

Today it was disconcerting and there is a future cartoon character as a mail ballot who has the dream in the headline. It was found out people who went to the Department of Motor Vehicles who did not want to have mail ballots sent to them, had them by their names. Did they sign up to be mail ballot voters? Some did not. Some even were given the denotation that they had and did not. Taking all pride away from our Sheriff’s department is a former cop from Orange County. We used to hand our ballots to them for many years securing our elections. Our ballots are the  work of millions in our county to choose who they voted for, secured previously by them. No longer, our sheriffs are used for “boat explosion running” to steal from every resident in our county through drug money laundering. Deposed Trump stole 2016 and tried to steal from the stock market with this team. If Republicans were told what they were doing would they have chosen to keep them going. “I can’t stand the cocaine laundering,” they would say and I am with them. I am non partisan. Republicans were cheated by Patrick Leahy team not told the truth. We have protected against Republican financial losses through maintaining. Stop monitoring my house. We have an election ongoing now.  We have recovered American assets, and testimony to provide for depositions.

We own our whole galaxy with the work I did. How can we own it more for everyone? I am not into being fooled by extraterrestrials. We need to take them on and see them as the enemy they are. I actually dated one who took the opportunity to be very sweet to my face while trying to steal from everyone I knew behind their back. I only believe in earning honest money. I was told before that I would be allowed to sue Trump and I hope that goes through sometime soon. All my data is usable

This is the most underfunded science fair project of the century

February 29, 2020 7:16 pm

It was now found out why some unknown group put in electronic wiring and package install directly after my negative install was done correctly. It was the Nixon Congress trying to hold back my planet I own outright and I had wondered before why America was suppressed versus other nations globally. It was done for alien agenda to stay here longer than before expected and made it painful for survivor participants here. I have worked without pay this whole time as the men enjoy their lavish lunches and pay each other back and forth. America had to overcome their package install which put us lower than other nations around the world. America was like a low light brown encircled country versus those above us. The telephony was ordered through the Rosicrucian Order that held us back and we will overcome them. Lava did flow in from the east to the west of our country a few days ago and now it has made it all the way to the ocean. Our planet is only getting stronger each day

We are expecting honorable, honest off worlders to check on my negative install in our future and one that I had a visual of when he comes to check and see how humans are doing here will because he knew the others that came here in their gold spacecraft will say shocked, “they really owned the planet (outright) and they put Nixon in,” making it more difficult to complete our install and we will make it

It was said earlier today that America has to come to terms with its own negative install by the world body

I plan on meeting a male counterpart from somewhere else in the near future as required as our negative holder.

Off to work

Sun controls our negative

I may make very little and I care for your interests

February 29, 2020 12:51 pm

“We outfitted him with money,” said Dick Cheney and members supporting Bob Stevenson to be their planet owner. I stand against them with their monitoring contract here at my home done to soil my reputation. They gave me the Presidency in their secret closed door proceeding, and my side probably wondered what that was about. It is still an official job that I am trying to conduct to the best of my abilities, protecting America as much as I can with what I find out on time. They wanted to harm us all again this morning and Cheney sees his monitoring contract as permitting my information not to be read. It is public and volunteer. I am a journalist. He had a contract for our gold standard and told me I would get paid through one of his men impersonating a government official operating under black budget credentials. He did it with the intention to mislead the American public.

Why can my side not sponsor me and my work as I am the one who made our galaxy come alive and Sun stay.

I am glad downtown at Navy they said “Timeshare lady still has depositions to file,” and they only rented Dick Cheney team the ship they had their party on. I am not part of their crowd. I became President can the individuals who know I have depositions to file relieve me of the Presidency Cheney’s team gave to me in person by me resigning to them alone.

Please call me. This is an official job and I have done a lot of work to complete those depositions. It has been 2 1/2 years now without pay.

(760) 672-2028

Our gold standard and money back are ours. Our goal at the start of deposal was to reset America to a Sovereign Constitutional Republic that we had back in 1789. If not I will continue to look for a better paying job and keep participating as we all should this election season. I became President of the United States and support either Senator Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, who had his Presidency stolen last time from him. I am against communism so the Cuba comments he made concerned me.

“The President is her and we only need depositions filed,” and I understand. I am ready to do the depositions. I will be happy to campaign with friendly sides if needed. I really wanted an investigations job.

People think of me as a small person, yet internally I am part of the world leadership as big as the people on TV with the work I have done. 18 years of debt slavery to be erased.

This is not meant to be a great article. It is to get data out to the right hands.

It is embarrassing what Dick Cheney has done with the surveillance and monitoring in my home. They are terrible here.

Do not look into my home when they offer you the opportunity.

“She’s a pretty girl and I can see her combing her hair,” said by honest side while Cheney’s team runs perception management with the overhead surveillance.

Apology to those affected by Dick Cheney monitoring of my home

February 29, 2020 2:43 am

It was finally found out today that Richard Cheney was the individual who had set up an illegal monitoring contract over my home because I installed my negative correctly for our planet I own outright.

He found out I did the revoking agreements work and I am our only negative holder, so I restored it to its original real position so we would not be harmed which is my responsibility as I work for God alone well known in the intelligence circles. It was terrible here for the last 2 years I suspect. I have suffered breaking and entering, tarnishing of my home, and horrible sound technology with alien agenda around.

I hope to send them home soon to that great big star system God alone owns. They have had their consciousnesses split so this is challenging work. Only 83 of the 182 need to go home to God’s planet and they will return here in full form. Past lives are real as people know they get reborn again and God fixes their consciousnesses that were even too split for them with what the mystery guests did to the boulder builders.  The scary part is the Cheney team is infested with what the boulder builders could not control. The boulder builders are dead now. God and I

Two statements said before.

My real enemies said this, “We’ll coordinate the evidence from here and once the old guard is extinguished, we’ll take power,” said Andy Swetnam working with the software giants I am against.

“Now we shit can the ‘cocaine guys’ and put Burlingame in,” said a cocaine punk about Stevenson and his friends before. What gives them right to put Burlingame in.

Maybe I just have to trust people I liked again and they pay me, and that is what a negative install is about.

My purpose against terrorism is to save people’s lives.

Why is a traitor blocking our depositions.

February 28, 2020 7:21 pm

“I went on a quest for Russia,”  to have superiority to America said Gordon Duff on December 4, 2018.  At the start of his quest to scam America he said, “She only wants to harm the small foot soldier,” said Gordon Duff. As it was found out his side of Congress wanted to bring communism, this directly links them to his espionage and financial crimes using advanced machines. “I thought you said when we used the machines( for embezzlement purposes) we could not get caught,” said deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump working with them to launder finds with Russia. The should not jail service members for finding the truth out about their extortion project. We need to stop them.

My place is not hidden and depositions could be filed here from downtown with the same team that Duff met with who said they had live combat and did not not need to be bothered. He went on back then to try to make their side lose to make the money in arms trafficking and embezzlement for what he felt he was owed.

“We had this bankruptcy coming,” on schedule they think. What gives them the right? It is preventable.

Why allow the extortionists aligned with our adversaries to create the depositions?

“We were only on the quest for bankruptcy,” said Paul Allen, matching the extortionists working for Russia. Obviously as Duff and Allen are aligned they are against American financial standing and encourage Russian superiority. Paydirt is for that and anyone accepting that money should be informed about the Russian aspect that should lead to espionage charges.

Said earlier by Duff, “Don’t break down my tape recorders,” anyone in possession with the tape recorders should be charged as part of his embezzlement operation they hoped to get away with and asked to remove them as it is more clear now what Duff was working towards against America. 327 million Americans count on Constitutionalism and expect their financial interests to be protected. The FBI Director is complicit in the machines for Russia. He knows who Duff works for. People were even informed Vladimir Putin paid Americans to harm America ideologically in the intelligence community and Christopher Wray has allowed Duff to launder drug money and conduct insider trading operations with Russian mafia members. Did he fall into the trap?

I am separate from them and only work for American interests. They have harmful listening equipment here at my home. I am a Constitutionalist. When I gave my testimony I also looked for ways to compensate for the loses that were scheduled for the American people, and that is our gold standard and money back. That makes up for the financial crime when delivered. Where are they storing their funds, Russia.

Check goes to Putin said. Why go without my side as they said, when it was also found out a slime ball stealing from the Defense Budget is participating with the Russian traitor. They are the ones using space based weapons against us all here.

Why did they get the gold and the money back on the communist side when Duff lied and worked with our adversaries to provide his Congress working for Russia all of American assets.

The slimeball picks from the hat at the fellowship.

Why is anyone following my car when they could file depositions here at my patio table.

We could all be secure in the morning and I am available all day long

Is owner of the planet even mentioned in here or anything to do with the planet we own outright.

“Paul Allen paid for the planet we could not take to jail,” said. Why because he heard I did my negative install? If I saw someone working on a bridge and told another person I like that bridge I’ll pay you for it not them, that is how it went to me. I did my install on my own and had all rights to do it. Everyone owns our planet.

They had no right to be invited out by the Navy

I guess someone made my mother an illegal immigrant. She had a working visa that expired. Is that true? How come when I asked to deport her no one did?

“She did not have a working visa,” said Duff now and she became a legal citizen after refugee status had been received when she came here. She escaped Fidel Castro in 1961.

Invite the traitor, not the American foot soldier me for 22 years.

The thing they used against my mother when she was already a legal resident was the necklace I put in my mom’s bag as a baby and to avoid the shoplifting charge she met with the fellowship. I did not know what I was doing then and the programmed drone old overlord did have a horrible influence on it. “If I turn that child’s hand that way I can get her to put it in the bag,” he remarked.

There is no blood on my hands. I did not have nuclear components. I did not know September 11th was going to happen and I wish someone had taken control of our country when they did it. Why did they not? don’t we have a right to protect ourselves from terrorists? No treason on my part. I wanted someone to stop them and we have had to stop them repeatedly from doing the same thing. They have never been brought on trial despite millions killed. Why would they not have to face trial.

They are your enemies too.

“Our enemies do not trust her,” said at Department of Defense about me, therefore they are their enemies too.

“Girlfriend situation” blocking suspects taken in custody. I am not gay and why would that enter in to prosecuting war criminals.

Only God holds our core and lets people borrow it to take into life with them.

I will resign when you get here to the team that is working against the Russian communists as I became President legally and lawfully.

“That woman made a mistake with fellowship wedding.” said a now field agent formerly from Subase when I was there. I asked how. “by letting Stevenson come here,” which I did not. This was an intelligence agent from Subase old times who converted to Russian because they are working for the bankruptcy. Was he part of the team that allowed the Russian submarine close to the Lincoln. They paid him Russian bribery then around 1999. I found out about the incident when it happened and wanted to stop them for years. I published a magazine at Naval Station Everett, in Everett, WA called the Military Beat.

If I close my computer they will pay my neighbor at 1250 working for the Russians. Why are people not charged?

Other ships can come in, many more styles suited to our type of galaxy, said in regards to a menacing ship individuals were scared of before, called the “most ominous threat ever,” and it was taken care of by our side.

A traitor to our country gave them remote viewing privileges into my home, “Oh I can see her just playing with her hair.”

The person looking in had none of my data.



Resignation letter from CFR

February 28, 2020 1:42 pm

The woman who gave me the quote about the Council on Foreign Relations will receive a resignation letter if I post her quote with a tweet confirming the fact they developed the virus with Lugar labs widely known to mainstream media outlets. What is the point of this whole CFR running everything?  Royal Magistrate Who wanted the virus?  Royal Magistrate We are so limited by them. We do not want what they create.

What is their purpose? It was said by Prince Charles before, “We serve no purpose.”

They keep trying to say that the tax money could not be delivered to the American standing side because they agreed to game over us. That is an act of war.  They are the ones who had the tax money corruptly to begin with. We reset America to 1790. What gave them the right to game over the planet because of that? We are at war covertly and defeated the individuals they were conned with a drone called the overlord and boulder builders. How many aliens do we have to defeat to keep our tax money? We want to take everything back for the American people.

The CFR invested in the planet owners and the planet owners covertly supported my data collection at times. They will just take my planet money. I am not greedy. Why did we not have a real Republican president who is Constitutional on the Primary ballot? CFR

They should be liable for anyone they harmed? “We agreed to planet membership with the supreme being,” said CFR. Who is that? God is on the planet. So far their supreme Lord was a drone of boulder builders now dead. Who is their supreme being? God now and before it was him. I brought God here. Who actually will pay me for my work professionally.

As it has been found out that CFR members are taking genes to harm us all over the planet, we ask that they suspend them based on the newly acquired data about how much they were fooled about the former overlord. Why do they not want the gold and money back for American people. Creed to create suffering, originates from? Alien agenda, not them as humans.

We found out this morning more about the toxic planet where they came from that is no longer in existence when they said the following and it was seen as such.

“I was thinking about our planet where we made all those pharmaceuticals,” said white alien agenda in a grey, white environment with round pools of thick white and they are dying here. It is better to find new things than to talk about people wrongly. How much have I put in in 25 years of my own money proportional to your annual incomes? I have spent all of my other hours other than work time to pay for my knowledge. Work to pay for work. The value is us. How did they pay for the planet? There was no cost for the planet. Payment to anyone for it should be returned and we need to deliver our gold standard and money back as well as provide for the voters my testimony to save them in their future investing.

I am not sure if this helps, but he wanted his money back yesterday. “They said I could get dressed like this so we could really get paid,” said by a fake overlord guy who was partnered on the now dead boulder builders and their friends, fake contract. A stipend would be nice for honest service to our country. I am ready to testify against deposed Trump regarding the stock market crime. When can depositions be filed? Is our stock market to be threatened by machines forever?

Movie Script: The Overlord a boy who knew

February 28, 2020 11:46 am

More to the story, “We won’t be able to recover our planet,” he said sadly, as they were on their final stages of after their negative was moved. We have ours restored, and we need to celebrate that. This will not happen to us, so this movie will tell the story of what happened to them versus us. When you know the outcome of the future based on others past experience you have to look at it closely, and report the truth. We can make a great movie about him as a young innocent boy hiding under the supercomputer as his parents struggled to fend of the harmful extraterrestrials before the lost. Not us here. We need to create good lives and people find understanding. The former overlord now dead, morphed from a clean clear young boy to a droid used for organized crime on our planet by a harmful extraterrestrial race that wanted to do the same thing to us here.

Biggest lie ever told about me

February 28, 2020 1:20 am

“She only wants to harm the small foot soldier,” said Gordon Duff long ago. I was the one who fought wars for them not to be harmed. Iraq, we had stop signs given to outposts because of my work protecting service members. Thousands of things including investigations into fraud done against Department of Defense for their interests. The uniforms Kim Jong-un designed with the magnetic fibers likely trace back to his company with the electronic surveillance working with the overhead and George Soros for as they called it “target practice” of our foot soldiers. That is direct killing of our men and women in uniform with intention, treating them like ants he has no loyalty to. I have evidence and data to back that up.


Russian Freedom is daring

February 27, 2020 10:57 pm

This afternoon I had an interesting visual of Russian organized crime, and then the image of Russell Bonner Bentley behind him and this is what I got, “That’s who we are and that’s who we presented ourselves to be,” understood. How uncomfortable how they penetrated in American alternative circles that dig for the truth. Others knew behind the scenes and could not stand that we fell for them, however it did in some ways follow Mission and Values that encourage Youtube’s just like this. Could the video here happen if we did not find out about the East to encourage them forward. I was never sure about Bonner Bentley and did not like some of what I was concerned to be terrorism. I felt it. I did however post the coup in Ukraine question Vladimir Putin very strongly, why did he refuse to sit down with the Separatists at the same table and negotiate with whom I found out during an insider investigation were actually his counterparts, as Putin was aligned with George W Bush, aligned here so it is likely he was involved there with oil and gas production, and Rudy Giuliani, Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden. This is why he did not sit down with the people in the East who were being stolen from. In a video when war was starting in Eastern Ukraine, I remote viewed a man in a laundromat washing his work clothes as soldiers were piling into his village, ready to open fire and he wanted to go to work and not be bothered by coupmeisters, that turned out to be profiteers who obtained huge contracts corruptly to steal from the industrialized portion of Ukraine by entering in through couping a corrupt regime.

I suspect Gordon Duff who wrote at Veterans Today, knowing what I know about him, put on a false front of peace and freedom for the American and even Russian people, however when it comes down to it, the energy he really had was of a shyster salesman. He likely was part of Putin’s first string to harm our country internally foreign policy wise and he is still sitting somewhere monitoring my home. I found out he also worked for harmful extraterrestrials I am against vehemently and in God’s power we are killing them. It is a slow process and I am scared serious work.

As owner of our planet, I work for the guy in the laundromat. The OSCE monitoring mission there knew I worked hard to finish peacefully there with low casualty counts helping them to keep working for themselves to the best of my abilities. Our American mission is to spread freedom all over the world.

It was also found that Dick Cheney committed fraud likely by going to the government asking them for funding post our American war crimes tribunal when he wanted to harm our negative install.

“I think I know where I can get us some money, but we’ve got to be discrete about it so no one will find those below ground jails inert right away,” which they are right now, said Cheney at beginning of his criminal quest, I get paid now hopefully.

Heard this afternoon after all boulder builders are dead now, and there are only 2 harmful spacecraft left with very few caretakers, “I negotiated a treaty with the lord above,” said by the more ominous one we can legally bring down as they are our enemy and our enemy committed fraud to keep them going through committing an embezzlement operation. We could not beat them before and that was why DoD did not want to undertake the mission. With our negative install we can defeat our enemy. The lord above is no longer a threat, it is a mousey extraterrestrial that is a third stringer who was friends with Gordon Duff regarding their illegally garnered harvesting contract. I found out they are using suspension air to stay in space, meaning our enemy will be brought down and in the future can no longer fit through our galactic core, meaning we are unstoppable. Victory for us is ahead.

My side at Department of Defense the freedom loving side know that their enemy, them, hates me.


80,000 Americans almost killed by alien agenda rabbits foot saves the day

February 27, 2020 1:31 pm

It was found out last night that 80,000 Americans would have been killed in the local area here by those operating the machines previously reported on Duff and his cadre of officials that want to reclaim the planet their way. Nature has a right to select them off as was expected without shooting sprees. They were given these machines by our government long ago, and it was said, “why don’t you set up a system of controllers where evildoers operate the machinery” said by communistic redhead before. It is now dividing itself out. Last night Stevenson one of the guys involved in their quest was angry that the French were upset that their team went to France and cost their gold standard to be recovered, so he gave a rabbits foot to the white alien man, which would have yielded the death of 80,000 Vista, California residents because only the alien agenda controls the machines. He was stopped because I typed that in to the french government and they curtailed the machine use in the local area. Stevenson is human and I felt bad for blaming him for the incident as he has no access to the machines and that is the only way it could have happened.

It had been said a long time ago and I have really worked hard with God to prove natural selection really works with him alone as our guide,  the honest American side said “I don’t like it we just took that game over guys opinion,” and I worked hard to undermine the harsh stuff they had planned against the American people’s best interests to harm and kill them which is criminal, and I serve our country. Payment is required.

We have other planets coming online now also that started with my work.

The redhead needs to realize that humans own our planet now and that this white alien agenda is declining. You cannot say the boulder builders have all rights to the planet anymore when the data is presented about the white alien species that is already naturally selected off with the silver ship leader dead. We killed one boulder and have zero left. It was known now that they invaded here originally with harmful intentions.

Here is what the robed white one who sent down the young  white one, who died shortly after negotiating with us criminally to move our core, said then,”We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there,” so there was intentional harm they intended to inflict on us as boarders. Back then they died here within three hours after they installed a powerful harmonic sequencer to set us all up from beginning to end. Originally they could not enter into our star system and that is where we are headed with our own craft gold craft we received from a kinder gentler off world race that is largely made of human population from afar.

The planet of jails is a fraud contract Stevenson and his friends should be embarrassed at taking around and is why the French were so angry and against his team regarding their gold standard.

We have our gold standard and my money back to deliver. The Chinese must have their gold back by now with the Indonesians hopefully to receive their gold back soon

Duff the criminal with the machines, who almost killed 80,000 Americans citizens here in California last night, presented a fraud contract to the Navy here long ago from the boulder builder race that we killed. With zero left this morning. They are unnatural

From an article here that gave them the license to launder drug money despite being an insider threat to American citizens on American soil, as a machine operator he was one of the ones who would have killed 80,000 Americans and killed thousands using machines in Indonesia

There was no validity ever to any boulder builder contract, they lie, as the boulder, now dead, in the quote here admitted, “I’m going to SAY I had a contract with that completely disabled man,” they claimed with Duff, pictured on flyers used by Les Wexner to build the apartments. The con on the flyer  then went into the Navy and claimed, “below ground jails were for the Americans unless I get the buildings I want,” this was completely untrue and a scare tactic he used to get what he wanted free real estate for his friends through cocaine money. The jails were never to be used and he used that weakness to obtain the buildings being constructed with the drug running and added telephony, some unlicensed from China, and connected to Russia to harm Americans.

The jails contract was written by an extraterrestrial that was alien made who slept with Trump, this determined who was being picked up and taken to the White House and allowed Patrick Leahy side to put out a hit against him. This sex compromises us and him despite him seeking financial gains with them.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by unknown extraterrestrial man about the contract that was of unknown origin found out on February 21, 2020. Those contracts need to be torn up. Why does Nancy Pelosi want to hold onto the contract. Leahy side. Why can’t we jail the fellowship is to be said by law enforcement? Why are they allowing themselves to be fooled?

Some are scheming our tax money.

“I say the jails (below ground ones sited in the fraudulent contract known now as “little diddy” in this article) can be used and I take the money from the Department of Justice,” said Brian Stafford regarding our tax money called money back held there.  The contract as it is proven fake now and it must be removed from the Department of Justice. “We don’t want to put people in jail here,” Stafford says as an excuse to embezzle your funds from them based on the fake contract known as the “little diddy” below. This is embezzlement with a false document.  No valid contract for our planet exists.

It was lied about.

A Mintakan woman who was likely part of their prostitution ring said, “Why don’t we just lie and say that we had rights to those jails,” to Stevenson after they found received the fake contract. He said then, “We picked up this below ground jails contract and we don’t know where it came from,” said Stevenson, meaning made up, had no standing, and no legal bearing. You can’t just “pick up” a contract that came from unknown source and violate Americans rights with people later used for prostitution purposes. Duff said during that time, “I can just call them instead of Mintakans, below ones and get our prostitution started.”

This is why major media knows our White House is running a cocaine prostitution cartel to be stopped.

We are in election time, and we need to complete paperwork against those who have stayed in criminally so voters can clearly see the differences in who they are voting for. The sad thing is that Republicans should have had a real primary. If depositions were completed now, Republicans could still have a chance, rather than the mayor of the city of Vista and other Republicans complaining about their earnings statements in the future because Trump and the machine operators will steal their money.

When Judy Ritter’s earnings are stolen by these machines deposed stole 2016 Trump uses and he says, “It’s all my money,” will you be ready to charge him with stock market crime? “They know how much they are losing,” said by him about housing values. “I thought we could take it all now, but then I thought we could be present with the other mix of Congress,” working with alien agenda said Trump. 
We need to further out these machines. It previously was said by deposed stole 2016 Trump, “I thought you said when we used the machines, we could not get caught,” said to alien agenda. They must be included in the deposition paperwork without allowing them to kill one more American.
“I get to kill more people overseas.” said an extraterrestrial now who will attempt to incite riots in China to compensate for the 80,000 saved here.
We want contact experiences not those detrimental. They should not be allowed to kill our people nor sacrifice American humans for their bidding. There are better species in our Universe that is vast who would not come here and kill us. They derive extreme pleasure off human sacrifices made for them. Their blue underground is well known here as sacrificing children and it should stop. We have to take our machines back from them. Please talk to the redhead I met at Subase about that.
Based on the above facts we no longer need the Elizabeth fable, “Alien agenda excited for the planet of jails the below ones had,” about the Mintakan prostitutes renamed and the made up contract they signed.
I asked the Justice Department to investigate alien agenda as a harmful species this morning,. They have done some sophisticated cloning work. “I thought we created him with such vim and vigor was said by alien agenda in space about the individual who wrote up the “little diddy” who has sex with men. The extraterrestrials that made him also admitted, “he has kids.” Hopefully most clones and drones will die more quickly now. At least the boulder builders are dead now and now their stowaways the Mintakans should be treated as humans are for law enforcement purposes. They could stay here as they have enough human components to make it on our planet and I know my ex-boyfriend the Mintakan-hybrid battled the energetics of the white extraterrestrial race a lot in his home. He did not like me and harmfully mutilated my face, however I know he did not like tall white ones.
We did capture one of their ships before, and we should continue to advance on the enemy. Why are we paying them, those who kill us to stay on the planet?
There is no such thing as dark side. It is who controls the machines currently. Stevenson gave a white one who he thought protected him, yet Duff the green one a machine operator would have killed him dead on many occasions, the rabbits foot to operate the machines to kill American citizens. I am against killing any human from here on out. We need to disband the machines and tape recorders now.
I am for Americans never to be fooled, nor say this, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again. No one will accept our currency.” Gold standard and money back kept at all times.
Allen team lied to Congress regarding black ignorant people who did not have hand markers already, “Something we thought was rather honorable,” found out yesterday, coincidentally. In reality they were the first to be human harvested unneeded in hours, and that field agent should be protecting us not those who wanted his race eaten. The white ones when they arrived here criminally and selected down the Africans they met first in Egypt for the Middle Eastern races that were not as smart and advanced at that time. There are many large books detailing their ancient culture that can be submitted. The black races had landing pads for spacecraft back then and are known to space race as Zetas. The white ones select the more primitive mentally vulnerable to participate with to con them to work against even their own interests. This is how Leahy’s team was able to  encourage Trump though their side tried to have him killed using the alien agenda, even putting someone in his bedroom.

We are Constitutional country and our state of California Constitution stands up in court

Non Partisan Constitutional Against Sex Crimes and Terrorism.

February 26, 2020 3:39 pm

What is Bill Gates, a pervert. How did he get his contract for our planet? Criminally by lying about a murder I did not commit. You would think now that the overlord has found to be a drone of the boulder builder species, life would be fun for me as owner of our planet, but no I have to wait for payment and to press charges.

“We’re going to say she killed someone using the overlord’s men,” Robert L Stevenson said then operated by a now found out drone. Gates lied when he met with the Navy saying, “See she even committed murder.”

“We thank you for coming to us, she does not deserve to own no planet,” Navy said then. Today I am still trying to press charges against Gates for the crimes he has committed over the last 20 years. History in the Making is nothing but a scam in the making

Who is Gordon Duff his friend on the poster, a guy who partnered with sex offenders including Les Wexner who started Jeffrey Epstein. Today it was said, he is allowed to monitor me to show the world is ruled by stupid people. Why is the pervert allowed to “play paydirt with Romney side.” Pay dirt was Allen gates partner for bankruptcy of 183 counties. Can we bust the financial criminals today rather than sitting here. Rights of the below is for prostitution, even according to Duff who renamed the Mintakans below for the prostitution to start. Can Romney be charged with prostitution today? How about the war crimes he committed when he asked Kim Jong-un and asked him to test missiles, charging our government for protection unknown to them. Our gold standard and money back should be delivered.

Why have an eye camera allowed to be used against me? Who looks through them and that was the point of this story? It is how many women and men Gates and those he partnered with harmed. He even wanted to see who the federalists have sex with and photograph it. Gates wanted to have “keys every federalist home to see who they have been sleeping with,” as was said by him. Duff was working with  Vladimir Putin and the blackmail modules they developed connecting to in Russia. He stated that he wanted to ruin me and make America subservient to them. Did federalists photos end up in Russia to blackmail our government because of Gates? They are aligned with Duff from Veterans Today who started women out at 12 or younger for prostitution purposes later on in life. I want this to be sent to law enforcement to understand crimes conducted by Gates and others using high tech frequency bands.

It was found out yesterday, law enforcement got violent because of this alien agenda team. Even today it was said here “Shooting sprees would happen here by local law enforcement because of this technology.”

Deposal of stole 2016 Trump went through and I am ready to complete depositions against the prostitution and stock market crime.

The threat is communists in Congress furthering spying that connects to Russia.

No wedding is needed to out the perverts.

Showing up on time is used to prevent depositions from being filed. Why should I be arrested for them to continue to harm others? I intend to press charges against Duff as counter espionage with all my data.

I am an insider.

Why does the White House deserve speaking tours. “I thought when we used the machines we could get away with it,” said Trump about stock market crime and those same machines are being used to obstruct justice.

Planet of jails needs to be dissolved. Why? To keep stock market crime ongoing.

“We don’t even want to talk to the lady we built the below grounds for,” said the secret service agency about me. Why. He stole 2016 and I have all my data. Depositions need to be filed to protect even them and all government employees from losing their retirements again. Fraud contract came from them with Stevenson. Sanders would have won 2016, why does he not deserve equal protection.

The Secret Service Agency than can be tried for the embezzlement operation connected to the Justice Department of our tax money. Why were they allowed. Why would a sleaze get to hall my ass to jail when he continued the same crime I testified against with Christopher Wray. “Sure we can continue the same land grab,” said by Stafford. The land grab threatens the homeowners I protect and that is why I testified in advance.


Who Was in Charge of Our Planet Before Our Install

February 25, 2020 1:40 pm

We have more control of our planet now, and the foundation was pretty fictitious because of what people perceived. Here they thought the former overlord called oil well man was in command, however it can be said now that he was just a clone created by a Boulder Builder species now dead.  Congressional and other people were playing for his money, while I was the one who did the work of our negative install. What I like to do is to demystify stuff and make things simple, not complex. I cut to the chase. Donald Trump admittedly by Michael Pence stole election 2016, “We stole 2016,” yup and I have the data to back that up with the hacking, data sheets of exit polling data, and the other convictions solidly detailed. What standing should they have by now. I have provided validated testimony against Trump for financial crime and am waiting for depositions to be filed against him and his sides regarding the stock market.

So now on to the now dead oil well man that people believed in to be the “overlord” here on our planet, it was found out originally that he came from Arcturus and was picked up there by the Boulder Builder race that was a group of invaders who came here to our star system, starting there long before us. He was a small child then with his parents who operated their supercomputers, that in the end could no longer fight them off because of the way that their negative was off set and the harmful psychology programming they had put in. His dad said, “I can take my bosses supercomputer.” His son noted when interviewed after death here, “Our galaxy collapsed then.” Looking at Arcturus it is a dead star system, validating that fact. I am completely telepathic and a known dog whisperer. “You don’t want me to stay around?,” asked his father later on to the Boulder Builder, shortly before being killed in somewhere in space. His dad was mild mannered and a subservient man who operated the supercomputer for the boulders. His son lived on until he was likely made dead in space and then they used his body to make a drone to interact with humans and other individuals, wrongly.

Luckily we have only one Boulder Builder species left, & they were the ones that decimated Arcturus where the former, now dead likely cloned overlord was from. How he was made when dead, “I’ve got to make his eyes off set so I can look at every being,” said One Boulder, now dead after they killed him, working on him as a drone.

Younger version of boulder builder

Younger version of a boulder builder

Why have we allowed cloned individuals to control who gets paid for our planet. Who is Elizabeth?  And what is her relationship to this harmful space traveling race? We only have two left of the boulders, and then she must be dealt with for crimes against humanity with them. We own our planet outright and need to demystify the manufactured reality created in the mainstream media. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of this hierarchical fraud once and for all? Please stop paying a drones money around.

Elizabeth is not going to make it. She could be charged as a war criminal as they used the Saxe families previously to mimic our service members when they created a terrorism incident with Tony Blair, a war crime.

I am going to clean my house today. It was said, “Put spells and magic in her house.” Please do not allow green ones to monitor here with the Sheriff’s department looking in claiming spells and magic hurt me in someway for a wrongful arrest to happen. I am honest and a witness waiting to testify.

“I got her to put that back with one keystroke,” said a green alien woman, about my coffee cup I threw in the trash this morning, and likely some threat in the background against me if I threw it out. Why are we allowing aliens who are clones to monitor my home? Do they get dead here sooner?

Brian Stafford who was involved in stock market crime likely said early on, “I say we can only pay her for the planet when the jails those guys had contract for are brought down.” Their contract was found out to be a “little diddy” meaning a lie they wrote themselves.

“We get paid by the hour to monitor your house,” said the sheriffs now who do not like me, and would have been bankrupt personally without our work including mine, despite deposed stole 2016 Trump paying them with Elizabeth. Why are they paid? And a reminder for them, the Oceanside police and Sheriffs were the first thing these aliens who are paying you wanted to put in jail below ground for human harvesting with the other people.

Said in regards to them on January 8, 2020, the Mintakans, the fraudulent signers of the lie contract “little diddy”, said in regards to an Oceanside Police officer, “We had big jails for people like him.” Sadly their contract has been used to embezzle funds through the Department of Justice, your tax money. The individual  and his teams who are determining when I would be paid for my install are the ones embezzling the funds.

“I say the jails (below ground ones sited in the fraudulent contract known now as “little diddy” later on in the linked article above) can be used and I take the money from the Department of Justice,” said Stafford regarding our tax money called money back held there.  The contract as it is proven fake now must be removed from the Department of Justice.

“We had below grounds with oil well,” said Elizabeth this morning, in regards to the cloned man now dead and the fake contract. Below ground jails disappear eventually, and so why am I responsible for making that happen as they embezzle our tax money. I am responsible for myself and our country at times despite Stafford and others  who did steal from the stock market, and said “I say we can just install sanity hearing (the telephony here for their embezzlement operation) she’ll never find out if we gave her the Presidency or not,” which they did on August 8, 2017. I have tracked what they have done here since then and intend to testify against them for financial crimes.

They need to separate the Sheriff’s department from the embezzlement operation. Please provide witness protection here with and by honest people working for the financial security of America long term.

I know one thing Elizabeth wanted to sell our negative for $5 million, a crime against everyone I serve. I suspect now that is the money that was given to Senator Patrick Leahy’s office for the alien agenda study of $5 million. I am against them and have completed a true research project into the harmful extraterrestrials that is ongoing. I own our planet outright, and I am determined to restore it to its original condition before the extraterrestrial boarders got here, with my own money if need be. It is proven they came here and conned us into moving my negative to harm us based on all evidence and data. We have almost sealed the false bardo created by the harmful extraterrestrials to control our human life death life sequences with criminal intentions.

It had been said by Elizabeth “We’ve always been in control of that trap door we put under,” that connected to the fake bardo the aliens created. We now control more of our life death life cycle than ever before. Mankind existed long before we are told we did. Infact, 26,000 year old human remains were found in Chula Vista, CA and they were without a supercomputer then. That started approximately 18,000 years ago.

Here is what one robed white one who sent down a young white extraterrestrial who died shortly after meeting us said thousands of years ago said, “We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there.” They intended to negotiate the movement of my negative from its natural position to harm us as boarders with their supercomputer they brought with them from other star systems they had previously decimated. They were criminals who came here to steal from us, a sophisticated threat we knew nothing about then. Boulder builders were in space observing the incident, and they are almost dead now. That extraterrestrial did die here then.

Why are we allowing aliens that live here to try to “stamp our hands and steal our money,” as was admitted. Please don’t harm me for their white collar crime to continue.

Yesterday we had fears of human eating by them, hopefully that did not go on and will not happen.

Planet owners are a fraud ponzi scheme. I have done the real work. My negative set is ours for permanent use by my side. I intend to get paid for our install. Planet owners and their ponzi scheme stay away from my house, no need for your sanity hearing con.

I am and he always been our only real negative holder and it was up to us to correct what harmful extraterrestrials had done with criminal intention before. I was known as our negative holder by the intelligence community before, when I moved to California at 17, someone said, “She’s really cute, who is that?” “That’s our negative holder,” the man replied. We corrected our negative two and a half years ago and now we are waiting for payment for me hopefully soon. I keep working earnestly to help my planet I own outright.

There should be no insinuation of sexuality needed as I know how it set me up when I was 17. “I’m going to get that kid to really screw up,” said an agent against the nice man who acknowledged me. He caused arousal to cause  harm remotely. Then the nice intelligence man said, “She really pissed me off playing with her vibrator,” and that’s what these cons keep insinuating here that they are monitoring my home for sex to happen here. Please get the criminals who caused pre-sexual behavior from me when I was 12 to stop monitoring here. Their photos are on enough flyers.

Elizabeth had been in financial difficulty before, so she is not that royal, and the British were wondering what to do about the debt she had on her homes. It will be nice when she is seen as just a regular person. That already started happening as her grandkids left for Canada. I want to win and am always competitive for 327 million Americans.

When do I get paid finally for my work?

“The big check should be given to her directly,” said and agreed it should be directly given to me. They can be liable for History in the Making right now as it was discovered that it would cause long term financial harm with 327 million American citizens unable to borrow again. Does the San Diego District Attorney want to be liable for every citizen being unable to borrow for the entire future history of the United States of America.

Let it be known that if History in the Making had happened American hundreds of smart people would have been angry and against them. It would have been said, “What a mistake we made. We can’t borrow again. Now no one will accept our currency,” under cashless.

When I get paid I will immediately begin creating American jobs with the advanced renewable technology I developed over 18 years. 3 plus years of my work counts and my convictions should go through against Bush Carlyle.

My convictions list should not be allowed any restraining orders nor allowed to monitor me at all. When I get my “big check” I will pay my own bills. Why is the “secret society” even in between with my credit card debt? The old overlord now identified correctly as the Boulder Builder’s drone. Please no more drinking games with perverts including Paul Allen’s team. They need to be charged back for every single county they tried to bankrupt including this one as Allen’s team has a proven track record of intended bankruptcy for profiteering and it was said by Allen team, “We went on a quest for bankruptcies,” of hundreds of counties. As it was found out yesterday Allen team known as the cocaine men were aligned with Vladimir Putin, so in effect Putin is acting through them on American soil criminally to harm American counties behind the backs of Congress. “Putin had an interest in the cocaine guys,” said by Brian Stafford, an agency credentialed individual who sided with the cocaine guys, linking him also to financial crime and espionage running behind Congressional members backs with the KGB hardware. They need to be charged with operating the machines for criminal fraud and contributions are accepted here.

“We can’t make the bankruptcies happen when House and Senate members are paying attention,” said Paul Allen previously, showing them to be covert financial criminals operating against our Congress.

Why even refer to the “man who came here” as the old overlord when in reality he was just the Boulder Builder’s drone operating criminally on our planet.



Recovering America from fraud, waste and abuse

February 24, 2020 8:34 am

I found out this morning why it has taken so long to press charges, there is a group that is most detrimental to American citizens who are voters operating likely through the State Department and other agencies on top of criminal activity within the agencies, called Mystery Guests, they have advanced knowledge of space and other star systems, and work behind the scenes of our government to embezzle funds. I often wonder why our government could not recover the trillions stolen on September 11th and at other times we did manage to stop theft through Department of Defense with independent investigations into TCIM and others, it is them. They are likely behind fraud waste and abuse which is where I want to work as President for prosecutions only now with depositions to be filed, or Vice President if chosen by an incoming administration.

How do we identify them? I was wondering why my quote by John Brennan did not stop the release of Drawing Rights, “From where we’ve been Central ID usually wins,” that humans working in our government would not want to protect themselves, it was them operating in the background. Humans would not want extraterrestrials to control them with a valueless currency that would harm our country long term as was found out. They were likely behind all of these historical financial trades made against America. We are recovering America from them. I will provide more data later.

How did this start? Brennan was traveling in space and came upon our star system and found it jacked up by the boulder builder species, so he integrated with the culture that was ongoing then and they had set up space stations for working parties. Aboard one of such stations, he met one rather human like one  who said, “We’ve got to make a pact right here on this space station to take the planet back for our own kind,” said to him then by one of the Mystery Guests who wear suits and always look nice. They are the “agency lifestyle” in reality our government wants and needs a real agency protecting American voters financially.

When I wrote down the above quote, Brennan got paid, and said he can “at least keep his boat explosion running,” meaning the drug trafficking

Can we make a pact right here to stop all drug trafficking devaluing the Americans I serve?

They are the reason why elections get set up, how do we stop them. 2016 was stolen, and I provided now validated testimony. I was given the Presidency for prosecutions.

Why is the Paul Allen Congress able to “shit can” me to cause more fraud, waste and abuse? How can I properly testify? Include all data

Who is paying these people? They control the media.

They are arrogant, “We chose to release drawing rights no more but bust me you will not,” their attitude on the campaign trail. How many of them are there? 63, that are smart enough not to want the hand markers and 180 working for the drawing rights with 1 white and 3 green species ones.  Of the 180, 148 are honest and need to work on other projects today. We need a non-drug laundering President.

Those 180 people do not realize they do not need to do the drawing rights, and that is fraud, waste and Abuse

“When Central ID failed we did not know what to do next,” they said and it was not the fault of 148 of them. It was a lack of innovation and ingenuity on the part of the Trump administration. and a lack of depositions against them for the drug money laundering I testified against as land grab. The 148 themselves did not choose to participate with how the drawing rights were created through cocaine planet revenue from methamphetamine sales with the programmers, they as government employees would be against and I am on their side. It is campaign season so the 148 can be reassigned while administration officials who stole 2016, meaning did not win, campaign for their jobs again while depositions are filed against their financial crimes.

This idea of Disneyland planet was done just to keep going with the same land grab I testified against before and was even referred to as such by those who launder. It was testimony, and used evidence by the individual who came here to take depositions. Anyone laundering drug money has no right to comment on me nor my credentialing abilities.

How can we make a good functioning financially sound economy without it?

It is clear why they would refuse to give me the Presidency, because they launder drugs, though I became that.

Because I spoke with Senator Patrick Leahy before do not pay him money back

When Brennan came into our star system, he had just a small spacecraft, why did he need all of that money from drug laundering? It is for Congress, so it can be shut down now.

Sleaze versus honor

February 24, 2020 1:12 am

When you think about a person you think is honorable who you have known and served as a quasi asset for for many years, knowing hands down that they are embezzling funds with prostitutes when they question your honest credibility is criminal.

The way this sounded was like the man was sitting there with this woman he is cheating on his wife with recollecting how they were embezzling funds from our Justice Department.

Brian Stafford said to her, in a sleazy couch talking voice of remembrance of criminal activities conducted that they got away with, “Remember when I said we get paid for bringing the aliens in here,” and that was History in the Making to cost American citizens long term financial standing. I would now testify against him on behalf of his wife who knew he should not go to San Diego, CA. “I don’t think you should spend any more time out there,” she said. An he said about me that I had no honor as trustworthy. He is trustworthy to cheat, cheat the American people, cheat on his wife and pretend that he is  a loyal American asset while my files were allegedly stolen from him regarding terrorists I fought so Americans could be safe is criminal while likely stealing from the stock market with Rudy Giuliani is pure criminal sleaze with the cocksuckers. We can count on it. He has a level of sadness about that so I empathized with it and that was the same like the aliens when they came here that should be killed in hours. We can no longer empathize with financial criminals depositions must be filed and testimony completed. May his wife and I ask for a divorce. They, those of criminal intentions, tried to make me fall in love with him, gullible I was with that, Basheert, to keep our planet in custody, thinking we misaligned our negative which is untrue and they set up a false core with the Mars rover in the old hole intentionally. I am only attracted to honor in our future.

Deposed Donald Trump admittedly by Michael Pence, “stole 2016,” so they have no standing as an elected Presidency. Deposed made me President with conditionally released Trump speaking in the media. I used my honorable Presidency, despite the agency guy, to investigate Trump further, and no matter what they did not win 2016 important in an election year, they were the losers of 2016 still trying to seem relevant despite the cocaine money laundering, and having lost 2016. I have my data sheets and know Hillary Clinton won the National election, yet refused the recount to take power. It was confirmed by Pence, they knew they lost 2016.

Pure sleaze is them. American honor is me. Depositions get filed by my team and me.

In Science, Everything Proves Itself Over Trime

February 23, 2020 12:10 pm

Nature is stronger than any force known to mankind. In science everything proves itself. Our planet was infested with alien agenda that had moved our core thousands of years ago to harm you. Magma is filling the false bardo they created and our lives our ours because of our negative install done two and a half years ago.

“Alien agenda bardo is filling,” said yesterday about the fake one they created to control your lives criminally. North Korea is almost done.

From August 3, 2017, “The Negative is what makes the Earth in alignment. The removal (repositioning is the correct word) of it was done quite possibly to allow the alien agenda to exist and create the “bardo region” that allowed for soul erasure by the overlord and his accomplices. Bust ’em today!,” said said in an online publication I wrote for, with the article re-published here. This was written about the time our negative was repositioned in the center where it is supposed to be for our planet to function normally physically.

The false bardo setup which is like a fake hell is confirmed by the statement above. It was referred to by me in my early writings about our install at that time with the estimated dating to be 18,741 years ago at that time, and that was several years ago when it was set up criminally to rape our planet.

Our natural bardo opened a few days ago that corresponds to our sun opened a few days ago and was reported on by a Buddhist monk that said, “Our bardo is open now.” Shortly after, the white aliens were taken to the sun for prosecution.

This is about our larger planet, not one subset of a corrupt culture. The planet of billions  of people is repairing itself as my negative was correctly installed several installed years ago and we have validated it at every step to prove humans own it outright. We were conned when alien agenda arrived here into moving our core. Now magma is flowing and we have the Northern Hemisphere almost repaired with the south still repairing itself.

It is like a large joint pulled out of socket, when our Earth’s core was moved, now that it is back in the correct position, two and a half years later, the blood as magma is flowing normally and our pain is subsiding all over our planet.

There is a fake visual sequencer in use to con remote viewers so make sure you have your apertures correct. We own our planet outright.

As the alien agenda is like a harmful virus that entered criminally even lying into our planet thousands of years ago, it is like a virus we are treating, so sometimes there is no period at the end of a sentence. That helps God work for your interests. Once our planet is no longer sick from the infestation, we will feel better. We were sick for thousands of years and I earn their respect over time. We need a collaborative effort to repair our planet based on our knowledge that we have gathered.

No killing spree is needed I work strictly on a scientific basis for our planet to be corrected to perfection where it was originally before they came here. People here have to stop asking what’s going to happen to alien agenda and start asking about the billions. What is going to happen to humanity? We win

Just because you install listening equipment in someone’s environment does not give you the right to control there life as Stevenson said, “We installed listening equipment,” that is much smaller of significance than the work I have done. You can listen but you are not doing. I tabulate based on data about people. What do they do that serves billions? We have advancement forward to helping every humans life on our planet, and that is what I started my mission for. The people need to be told so we gain momentum. Why fight. They were wrong in the beginning and facts and data should outweigh their original misconceptions. The people are to be protected over anything else in our world and that is how I live. We provide for the common defense for them. When we find out something is wrong it is up to us to correct it. Back then it was hard to tell how controlled we were by an infestation. They have infested everything we eat, drink and our environment surrounding us. We are winning and I did it on my own surrounded by opposition

People have to be nice to me and recognize what we are doing for everyone globally.

God is here on the planet and has been working with the other side to select them for future missions

Why is anyone being paid to keep an infestation in the background? Sorry to be mean, at some point when my install is proven, I get paid. We already had the two waves on both hemispheres, and the fake bardo is filling, so when is my payment scheduled for?

It was such a scam with these aliens, as it was found out this morning, they were running their alien arrival for human eating in the future through the Justice Department, Brian Stafford said to one of them, “Remember when I said we get paid for bringing the aliens in here,” and that was History in the making to cost American citizens long term financial standing. we keep our gold standard and our money back to be delivered and know we are overcoming this outcome.

In the future it would have been said, “What a mistake we made. No one will accept our currency. We (as the United States) cannot borrow again.” Going into the 2020 election, those who have worked on my side can say we have saved our country and my planet I own outright with not much money.

With our work that started with mine as negative, we own our whole star system, known to human Americans and others as our galaxy, now and can add other repaired planets as we move forward. It is actually a star system as our planets revolve around our star, the sun now fixed.

Constitutionalism exists and I provided my testimony in earnest against still deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump and I tracked the election in earnest proving it was stolen, meaning they should have no standing, or less because they did not win and have been involved in criminal activity I informed on laundering drug money and conducting prostitution.

Rape and Incest Among Political People Harming their Followers.

February 22, 2020 10:46 pm

I have a friend who refers to Mitt Romney as a snake oil salesman and that part is true when you look at his face. One would never have imagined what he did to me with his following in my home.

“She’s got her vagina controlled by those aliens of Romney’s” said and they are disgusting in my opinion. I am a love focussed person and a con man said that I unconsented energetic sex with him because of  my setup feelings for him. He set out to make me fall in love with him, and claimed those were grounds for statutory rape. I imagined having sex with him and he is married. I wrote with him at Veterans Today, and he is part of Jeffrey Epstein’s group with Leslie Wexner and I had no idea how he was into setting up young women with pre-sexual behavior I was lured into, even when I was young. He admitted recently “We wanted to make her just like we are,” having sex with no meaning I am against. He actually intended on that when he took off his shirt on a Skype call to lure me in with Putin’s team and said in his mind before the call, “I’m going to make Ann fall in love with me.” He used that fake relationship with him and worked with Gene Khrushchev and Vladimir Putin to try to have America fall to Russia because he knew how I work, for America first. In reality knowing who he is now, I would have never liked him. I called him in July of 2017 and felt he was a crusty con artist salesman and this was after that phone call, I stopped liking him then and have turned him in repeatedly.  There has been commentary in the background regarding this alleged statutory rape that in my opinion never existed because he and I knew he set me up, and I did not fall in love with him.

Updated 2/23/2020, last night and I am putting this here to understand scientifically how this works, Carol Duff, his wife said in regards to my vagina, and from my understanding they both have green alien parts, previously spoken about by even Duff, “I’ve got to look at her vagina to see if I should add some enzymes to those jailer guys in town.” What do the enzymes do? Increases sexual arousal for them. Why is she allowed to “look in my vagina?” It makes you want to cover yourself and I am disgusted. Sex locally is not needed. We have earth’s magma flowing. Why are they impacting my life? Please remove them from here.

Early on this was Gordon Duff’s intention.

“We tried to ruin Ann Diener,” I found out later, and I continue to work against his outcomes. He is a war criminal I found out solidly who was kicked out of Iraq in 1991 to later join George Soros to embezzle oil and harm our service members overseas playing a duplicitous game with what he writes at Veterans Today to fuel their business. He did not like that I provided accurate testimony against Donald Trump and hated that I work for American standing to be number one as well as our service members to defeat all enemies foreign and domestic. He knew I am married in my heart to our country. That is all I care about.

Our government sometimes does not know when they are being stolen from and that is what I watch for. He embezzles funds, so obviously he would be against me.

The vaginal portion hurts and when I heard this today, I actually was emotional about it. It is like what gives them the right to mutilate my body for their sex stuff. When I saw a documentary about the Mormon women being submissive, having sex at 14 years old, this rang true to me to correspond with this type of behavior from Romney. I am non religious, however I care about God alone. I always want to help others heal and have wanted to bust their sex cattel to stop this. I wonder if Romney has coerced other pretty Mormon women into having the same technology. To me that is someone who should have to register as a sexual criminal. They are a danger to society. I have turned in so much on him and at one time they were willing to put him in custody. So what changed? Can he be reformed?

Pressure them to stop the God hates you side of the aisle of Congress. God is love from the heart. What is wrong with people. Normal people if they knew how they really are would be disgusted, and that is who votes for them. What is his membership for? He can’t be a member of society if it seperate. They are prostitutes as was found out that Duff said, “Instead of Mintakans I will call them below ones to get their prostitution started.” Constitutionalism prevails here as we vote and dirty laundry gets aired. People know what they see.

I don’t understand why the government got lured in with him. His intention was to harm out government from the beginning. Why can’t they talk to me directly, my side fighting for freedom? Why harm me? I do not want stole 2018 observing my home. Wray is complicit in cocaine laundering, and this is my office against it. I became President and am waiting to complete the depositions to be completed. I know a man was here before as well as a team and was turned away. I spent a long time validating my testimony to make the depositions more solid. I finally made the ones against my side hopefully soon. We can now get the war crimes tribunal over without sex, so I can find someone to love without being attacked by war criminals who are communistic leaning.


Update on my negative install 2 and a half years ago

February 21, 2020 2:25 pm


I am the one pressing charges, so I am in command. Hired to do it. I was told to keep pressing charges until they were completed.

I am unbiased and chose to participate also until prosecutions happen. I always want the truth from beginning to end. The enemy contract against American people’s freedom is fraudulent.

Do I get ready to testify today? I am ready even now and I expect to be treated with honor for the service I provide for the American people.

Our planet was invaded by harmful extraterrestrials long ago, and that is proven by data on hand and in the CIA databases. We already own our planet outright by our work with mine two and a half years ago that started our path towards repairing our planet. Our negative had been moved over 18,742 years ago by harmful extraterrestrials when the stem now removed was put in as I found out. We are on our way to fully repairing our planet from the damage that they have done.  Aliens are dead here soon. In the morning, they got taken to our sun, and they were upset that their consciousness had been divided by harmful entities. They learned it from what I found out based on remote viewing so I hope they get to experience an even better future reality than what I saw that was pretty good, a peaceful existence on a planet far away where they get to talk amongst each other as their consciousness is restored.

“We were dismissed from conscious thinking,” they learned once they get to God’s planet about their previous lives.  I hope it doesn’t happen that they learned it and then “don’t go to God.” Please don’t harm me or my earnings any more.

Why talk to people who listen and have nothing to do with the work itself? I work hard honestly and installed our earth’s core correctly. I share what I learn as our project advances forward with the goal of reclaiming our galaxy for humans harmfully invaded by extraterrestrials. Even our Sun was invaded at the start of our work, now back to normal. Jupiter and Uranus were repairing themselves as of a few weeks ago.  What does owning the planet mean? It means participating to save everyone’s life and financial well being. My data saves us about the scam of history in the making. Americans would have said in our future, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again, no one will accept our currency,” had their corrupt plan worked. Our gold standard and money back are always kept and held for the American people. 2016 was stolen and I have plenty of evidence and data to back that up.

Our planet is large and it takes time to be fixed, so I have recorded changes that occurred as the install has progressed restoring our planet to its original form.  Yesterday it was said to me, “Don’t let aliens ever live here,” because of the harm they caused. They put harmful technology in our planet that has needed to melt in this time period. We removed harmful technology and keep all of it removed. Our planet was like an abused woman, raped by criminals. “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” said long ago about me, and it is even more deserved today. We deserve our planet free of foreign influences from aliens. We have to dissolve the rest of their harmful technology in the ocean. “It will make it more difficult to fix the planet,” said by those who installed the harmful technology in my body and around here. We are overcoming them. Constitutionalism exists and there is no crime going on here. Why monitor my house? Stop it. Trump stole 2016, and I have the data to prove it, it has been shared and there is no wrongful arrest that should happen to those who know their illegitimacy. Embezzlement stops and is charged as white collar crime, that is what it is. Our tax money is for the people and is embezzled by criminals here to be stopped.

How our tax money is stolen.

“I say the jails (below ground ones sited in the fraudulent contract known now as “little diddy” later on in this article) can be used and I take the money from the Department of Justice,” said Brian Stafford regarding our tax money called money back held there.  The contract as it is proven fake now must be removed from the Department of Justice. “We don’t want to put people in jail here,” Stafford thinks as an excuse to embezzle your funds from them based on the fake contract known as the “little diddy” below. This is embezzlement with a false document.  No valid contract for our planet exists.

It is criminal to watch me shower and they have, which is disgusting.  Do not enter my property nor use unlawful surveillance. I am ready to testify and use all of my data to protect the American people. Why kill kids to be harmed by extraterrestrials. This was said earlier and I try to stop them by letting them know why they are doing it.

We actually validated that yesterday, stick formed extraterrestrials feel, and they react with affirmation when children are killed for them, “I like my day now,” said by them in their own hell dying soon.

There are a few Senate members wanting to harm your planet and American citizens financially. We all own our planet equally and outright. I put my negative in the center where it should be, and it is strongly resolving harmful consequences caused by them. My goal is to return our planet to perfection it was before the aliens came here. Natural planets exist for our protection. We can be financially secure with our gold standard and our money back delivered to the American public.

We finished the Northern Hemisphere of our planet and are working on the Southern Hemisphere now. Two days ago a unique wave similar to that which occurred in Arctica months ago occurred in Antarctica so the south is working its way through. We identified pieces of shrapnel in the earth’s body that need to be removed now and they are dissolving slowly. I am our only negative holder, so that has physical consequences on my body, and the criminals installed harmful technology in my body to make our planet more difficult to repair. I am always honest and am working for American citizens interests.

What is disgusting is when men too feel they can steal from women. It was said this morning, “I hoped to steal everything from Ann,” said Robert Stevenson, the same guy I have turned in repeatedly who has stolen from me for 25 years now covertly. I have a right to my honest life and not to be stolen from. I provided my testimony in earnest and I have a right to recover the money stolen from me. I work to make our planet better for everyone. How much could I have earned by now without being stolen from. Billions. When will I get justly compensated. Hopefully police and sheriffs will recognize his criminal intention when made clear. It is like stealing from your grandmother repeatedly. How many years have I served your community earning my own money? Their group was identified previously as old woman’s purse snatchers by cocaine laundering. Why would anyone like them? Maybe we can’t see them clearly yet. “We only made it because of your income,” said about my service career. Who has saved you from terrorists and lots of harsh consequences for over 20 years, me and my team and sides.

Why would law enforcement compete for hand stamping the communists in Congress had when the ultimate goal was as extraterrestrials said regarding an Oceanside Police officer, was to “put him in jail,” regarding the below ground jails. The Mintakans said in regards to an Oceanside Police officer on January 8, 2020 said “We had big jails for people like him,” regarding an officer they saw through my eye camera and surveillance footage. They were the ones who executed the found contract Stevenson had illegally. It has further been identified now as a made up contract known as a diddy written by his cartel members now.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by unknown man about the contract that was of unknown origin found out today. Those contracts need to be torn up. Why does Pelosi want to hold onto the contract. Leahy side. Why can’t we jail the fellowship is to be said by law enforcement? Why are they allowing themselves to be fooled?

It was found out that these criminals had the idea of “below ground jails with aliens were part of the stoners contract,” and that is how they embezzled your tax money for protecting America from the fraudulent contract they knew was written. 12:15 AM, because this links to other articles probably deemed strange and the human eating identified, it is important to note.

On January 13, 2019 the eye camera was reported as used by a perpetrator, Gordon Duff, who I knew at Veterans Today confirming its existence and it is painful. Reported on Twitter. Evidence. He uses an old cell phone to control my right eye camera and said, “All of a sudden I can’t get a signal from my eye camera,” that connected to my right eye when I blocked him using my abilities. Duff had to pick up the old cell phone and pretend to look at it.

That same woman said, “Why don’t we just lie and say that we had rights to those jails,” said Mintakan female to Stevenson after they found the contract. He said then, “We picked up this below ground jails contract and we don’t know where it came from,” said Stevenson, meaning made up, had no standing, and no legal bearing. You can’t just “pick up” a contract that came from unknown source and violate Americans rights with people later used for prostitution purposes. This is why major media knows our White House is running a cocaine prostitution cartel to be stopped. We are in election time, and we need to complete paperwork against those who have stayed in criminally so voters can clearly see the differences in who they are voting for. The sad thing is that Republicans should have had a real primary. If depositions were completed now, they could still have a chance. It was found out also today, the source of the fraud contract was a criminal they are involved with who wrote it up. “I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said and unknown German mafia man about the contract that was of unknown origin given to the “Lifestyles Congress,” aka stole 2018 said to be”sent from above” to Congress. They all lied and I hope they are arrested post haste. Please read above in detail and take it as first rate insider information. As telephony is being used I am going to be clear Stevenson and his group had hoped to arrest honest police and sheriffs.

Gordon Duff said who I knew from Veterans Today got this woman who is a Mintakan from that star system, you can look it up, search Mintaka, involved in a prostitution cartel here working to confuse the sheriffs department and police involved and said at one time, “I will call them instead of Mintakans, below ones for prostitution purposes.” I dated a Mintakan hybrid before and I do not recommend them, because they are dishonest covertly, obviously. KGB hardware in use here criminally by them here. It must be disbanded in hours.  There is no planet heist. I am happy to save police and sheriffs from human eating that would have been their fate without our install. We made it because of my income, so stop costing me with the hardware. I have a right to release my data as it is my work to the media and I deserve payment and fame.

“Then we’ll just pick them up when they have the hand stamps,” said a white alien for harvesting purposes. “That wasn’t supposed to happen for 2 to 3 years,” admitted deposed (8/8/17) Donald Trump previously. Anyone saying they are competing for “rights of the below,” is competing for rights for Mintakans, prostitutes by association above, that did not exist as anything more than Constitutional before.

It is an illegal harvesting contract of an unknown origin they garnered criminally and is not needed to be followed and today we could win. I deserve to have my deposition completed against the stock market crime deposed stole 2016 Trump conducted with the machines here. When can the deposition be completed and testimony provided to the voters for the scam he began in 1991 when he said, “I think I figured out how we can scam America.”

Smoking has been found to help American freedom,  “Luxury tobacco men are making fools of us,” admitted previously and smoking has been admitted to being forbidden to put Americans in jails. We must smoke good natural tobacco for freedom.

How set up were we, even with my negative install? It was terrible for them to do to all of us human Americans. I am free to own my planet. Please do not shoot the only negative holder and help to make my life better not worse. We need a good future for our country. What matters is how hard you work, and what you know.

My install was compromised by the setup, of the fake core area. It was found out yesterday “We thought we’d put the NASA discovery mission where the center hole was,” said and they likely connected it to the false bardo to make it harder to kill the harmful extraterrestrials that harm us, so they could still rely on fake death despite my negative being correctly installed.

They also incapacitated my body by installing harmful technology in my vagina that connects to the technology in Antarctica. It was said that this would make it harder for our planet to be fixed, which is exactly what I am doing. I fix it daily. Yesterday it was physically exhausting, and I should be compensated for the work I am doing to help all Americans and internationals.

We have saved our country from “History in the Making,” a heist. Americans would have said in our future, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again, no one will accept our currency,” had their corrupt plan worked. Everyone involved with History in the Making should be charged with financial crime. Gold always kept and held.

Why do they allow a guy who openly steals from me or us to take my planet money?

It should be humiliating to have con artists steal in the open.

How much is stole 2016 liable for?

Who is working for the American people today?

My negative install was mine to do and was done to “save our lives,” as is known.

Will the machines stop today. It was said about the stock market crime,”I thought when we used the machines, we could not get caught,” stealing from the stock market by deposed stole 2016 Trump. Our retirements need to be protected, and I am ready to testify today. I have my testimony about 1991 that deposed Trump already and the deposition needs to be completed about the stock market crimes he committed.

September 11th was done to start two wars Iraq and Afghanistan and commit financial crime in the future and I have lots of evidence on file to confirm that. Some war is a crime. Did we get Soros yet? I became President to put them on trial. Why can’t we add him, he is bigger than Dick Cheney.

Imagine our space budget then.

Constitutionalism is global.

The CIA director has to answer for how deposed stole 2016 Trump compromised all Americans financially with Russian oligarchs inviting them here to bankrupt us criminally. I provided testimony against Trump and intend to add that data to my deposition including all hacking conducted by Russia of our elections including this one. Why allow our adversary to con us. Anyone accepting Russian offers should be charged with espionage.

Christopher Wray is complicit in drug money laundering and post haste I have asked for my testimony to be taken seriously regarding their cocaine cartel. We vote in 2020 and they have no right to continue their stole 2016 crime syndicate now busted. Rights of the below are prostitution, down south is their cocaine cartel and all data is public for the voters right to know before they vote.

How did it start is revealed here with the murder of Robert Maxwell. “We obviously used that money for funding back then,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump long ago about the insurance money Ghislaine Maxwell collected after he was likely murdered in Italy thrown of his yacht, as was found out. Ghislaine was a participant with Jeffrey Epstein in the start of their prostitution ring with Leslie Wexner. The insurance company should be contacted and monies be recovered from Maxwell and Trump as it was insurance fraud. Stevenson was a participant early on and declared previously, “I was the one who threw Maxwell off the boat.” He could be liable for said monies also. Duff I found out at Veterans Today was connected to Maxwell, and their syndicate. I cannot believe he is not arrested yet. Who started Epstein is found here. Is Bill Gates connected? Where do their blackmail modules connect to? Russia. When can espionage charges go out. Is that an American agency to blackmail people with Russia. A new American only agency must be formed now.

It will be a relief to America to finally bust these sex criminals.

Typically there is witness protection, not allowing the adversaries to monitor those making a bust’s computer. Michael Cohen has no monitoring rights of my computer granted by me or any other witness protection agency. It is to be considered hacking for embezzlement which could be considered extortion.

It is clearly the overhead with the zeppelin reporting to stole 2018 Congress. It is obstructing justice that needs to be charged against them for the prostitution victims. I knew about Duff’s zeppelin business early on at Veterans Today with Adamus. Why obstruct justice. He should not be paid to monitor my home, based on what is known about his participation criminally with cocaine laundering and prostitution working for stole 2016 I provided testimony against. It should not be this difficult to communicate with honest people.

I have never committed any form of treason or have worked against our country, in fact I am known as one of the few protectors of American citizens. There was never an overthrow either, they had already charged Trump and Pence as well as his team likely. My team was on their way here to take my deposition seriously before individuals became co-opted and allowed the same financial crime against the American public to continue that I testified against because I own our planet, as they admitted. I am our negative holder who would like to own our planet more by being paid for my work to protect the American people from financial crime. People like me are needed and very hard to come by.  Anyone causing long term financial harm to America should be charged with felony convictions today, as my data has been sent out. The ramifications are known and are against the American people.

“I think I figured out how we can scam America,” said by Trump in 1991. Scam America not save or serve America.

To those “competing for the planet,” it is very large. What is your point?

Why steal from someone who serves America like me. I deserve payment for this bust against scam artists. I am a Ralph Nader type politician. American foreign policy should not be for looting other countries and it is known to them. Post haste I should testify. War crimes are to considered stealing at this point. I became President to prosecute them.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by german mafia guy about the contract that was of unknown origin given to the “Lifestyles Congress,” known as stole 2018, known as “sent from above.”





Constitutionalism Our guarantee and Getting Our Tax Money Back.

February 19, 2020 4:03 pm

There was never a need for unlawful detention and we have a permanent moratorium on it with Elizabeth Warren and myself. Constitutionalism guaranteed.

But what gave some the right to negotiate our tax money with the fake agency charging for protection. They actually were embezzling money through the Justice Department saying, “We don’t want to put anyone in jail, so we will take $80 million from the Department of Justice.” Their jails contract was fraud. The signers of the contract for the jails were not the originators of the found contract. They just did it likely for embezzlement purposes. It was found out the contract was illegally executed by people who had no right to sign it, prostitutes and cocaine dealers. Deposed stole 2016 Trump signed it and he was not voted on by 74% of the people and the rest of them believe he is sworn to uphold our Constitution which all Presidents are.

Trump did that to avoid justice against his stock market crimes and other financial crime he has been running globally. Congressional members were in on the con against the voters not wanting to deliver our tax money, which needs to be returned. We need to identify all Congressional members collecting our money back. We vote post haste and should know before Super Tuesday so we can vote them out. Nancy Pelosi is running.

New War Crimes Tribunal Data

February 17, 2020 12:19 pm

It had been heard before regarding the conflict in Idlib, Syria previously reported on here as conducted by insider terrorists who received gas masks 24 hours in advance of blaming the Syrians for harming the people there, that this was set up and verified as insiders. I scouered Twitter back then and found the terrorists communications about receiving the gas masks to validate that this was true because I could not believe it when I found out. I wanted to make sure it was true before thinking about it in that way.

It was true. I have the data somewhere. I visually saw their communications on Twitter discussing the gas. They were Turkish sponsored terrorists that gassed the people. It was the United States that did this then that sponsored the Turkish terrorists then. Why did we blame Assad? To steal the oil for Soros? It seems like now they were clearing some sort of trucking route for the oil coming from the south. That is the part that we were missing. A change of hand could be going on overseas to our side the honest one fighting for freedom and that is who I support.

How does an operation like this happen? It was also heard, “If he crosses I’m going to take that one down,” said about an American service member with the overhead weaponry.  He was part of the team working in the area for freedom. This overhead weaponry has been an issue of huge contention.

I am always fighting for the guy the overhead took down, killed, to kill the terrorists who are harming the civilians. As the people grow stronger on the planet we own outright, we can take down the overhead.

How does it work the overhead work? Why do we allow it to make our combat decisions for us, especially if it harms our side. They seem to spy down, as it was called before “Dick Cheney’s eye in the sky.” Then when troops are moving in their positions they chose who wins and who loses to steal oil likely. Why do we keep on fighting for war for oil?  It was found out concretely now that our wars are for oil. Not by us or for us, but by those operating the overhead who use it to threaten oil rich countries into paying them for protection, and the entire combat operation is run on the overhead. If we had the keys to it we could control the battlefield and there would be nothing unknown to us. We could stop the killing of our service members and of civilians. America would win the war on terrorism. My goal for over 19 years now. I know why they set up the command now against me.

“I get my money from oil rich nations,” said by someone who pays for a lot of political campaigns. In San Diego it was found his money went into the rival who ran against the current San Diego District Attorney and interestingly enough when she ran after accepting the money she lost.

Our opportunity is growing against these large  terrorism suspects. I wrote at Veterans Today, and I did not have it confirmed why war stories were not reported on accurately. Sometimes there is too much spin. You see a person’s writing and you think they are reporting the truth to the best of their ability and not biased for a side you are against. How could they support our adversaries covertly for money? This would be outed as espionage. Why are they given credit to kill our service members?

“See we can take your ass in,” to our team said Soros to Duff in 1991 when he was kicked out of Iraq I found out for illegal arms trafficking suspectedly. Yes Veterans Today is a Soros funded publication likely. Is the publication used for arms trafficking now? Is that why they arrested its staff early on?

At Veterans Today, they gave you a story and when they were forced to face additional data to come forward to stop war crimes, they refused. I always suspected Gordon Duff, the senior editor there, as being involved in criminality. I searched online and found other people he had harmed. He was likely involved in financial crimes, as he sets people up and profits from harming those around them using them as a point person to conduct his criminal operation. He is turned in to the FBI.

Thinking about that now, why did they let him go and run this whole quest at my house with the telephony? How much money has he stolen during that entire time? That is scary. At least I have the data now against the overhead that harmed me too. We must work to take control of it.

There was something missing to Duff’s stance that appeared against war and to support American service members, yet he would not go against our adversaries and those who harmed us with what he knew to protect America first. He appeared honorable, yet there was something deceptive, and mean to him. I have turned him in. I remember when he gave me a graphic for his website to work on, it was about magicians, and he is a magician for money against most people.

Here he caused people to betray themselves in what they would normally do so he could hold all of the cards after they let him go from jail in Orange County. I knew he was arrested then, yet no one would tell me what happened and why all of VT’s staff was arrested which I thought was slightly wrong then, yet as I knew Jim Dean had been arrested before, I thought there was something criminal to them. You fall in love with publications and cannot believe what you know subconsciously. One day I questioned what Duff did so I spent hours tracking him online, and now based on my personal experience her ran this entire private embezzlement operation from my house against commands.

Not all stories are great.

In our world we are becoming closer to identifying the controllers and what their purpose is, criminal activity, so hopefully soon, we will be equal and able to take their machines down. The first step to taking them down is to know they are there. What would it be like to have privacy? It would be nice.

What positions do we all need on the battlefield today to actually root out the evil doers? We need the overhead. Is there a battlefield, or are we just friends who are taught to fight each other by machine operators?

Hand stamping criminal. I would never want one. America has taken great pride in protecting its citizens from hand stamping, handmarkers and will never have to say, ” What a mistake we’ve made. No one will accept our currency. We won’t be able to borrow again.”

We have our gold standard and money back to deliver to all American people. It was our work today.

There is no cost for the planet I own outright. There is no need to pay other people. They gave those running the embezzlement operation $48 million. They were the ones running the cocaine money laundering operation using the telephony and it is criminal to launder drug money. It is nice when it is all revealed so that we can see who is guilty. It took a long time.

Do not cause terrorism on my watch service. Duff actually wanted our service members to serve overseas detention for war crimes he committed with Soros. That is a big fish. I always go for the bigger fish for America to defeat and own them.

We know why G’s material does not belong in the mainstream media. How much money did they make off it today? I am not liable for their drug money laundering out with the telephony. It connects to Cohen, not my side. They should be charged with it. I don’t own the whole planet and using your wiring here will not get you any money. The commuters own the planet.

Unlawful Surveillance and Sexual Predators.

February 14, 2020 2:02 pm

With the Harvey Weinstein case completing, we have to move beyond it to know what is really going on in our digital age. I have experienced it here at home. It will be nice when people no longer take photos of me naked.

How many of them consider sex with children the norm. They have been operating here through a religious organization I found out about that needs to be stopped. They have absolutely nothing to do with our country other than the land grab and child rape. When I was a child they put me on a table with their creepy members surrounding me as I suspect I was naked. Why is it such a big issue to put them on trial? Isn’t now a good time finally? What is their purpose? They are clearly tracked through Les Wexner and his team’s choice to participate there. I have been tracking them since 2016 was stolen.

Covert intention to harm powerful young women and even men is very important to analyze. As our negative holder when I lived in Washington DC, there were a lot of expectations on me as I became very successful as a sports journalist when I was 17 and still in high school writing for Gannett News Service and USA Today then. Unfortunately my parents wanted to move back to California. The stalkers who started following me in Annapolis at 12 continued to follow me around. Back then I was encouraged sexually to masturbate while I was driving. They did it intentionally to harm my good reputation I had created to start their cocaine cartel here in California in all likelihood by following me and others around. That is the significance of the quote, “I am going to get this kid to really screw up.” There was a positive side that believed I was really cute as our negative holder and they wanted me to be a great future leader.

It was said by them, “She’s really cute, who is that?” “She’s our negative holder.” The sad thing is that the masturbation incident was seen by them on the Incamera. We are all monitored here. The nice guy who acknowledged me said then, “She really pissed me off playing with her vibrator.” Incamera is extraterrestrial monitoring that must be brought down and it will be.

The importance of how fake sexual tension is created by them is significant. They manipulate people into scenarios simulating sexual attraction that is not real. They want teens to be sexual without love to use them later to harm others. Love is real and this idea of sexual behavior being manufactured needs to be looked at. For young women, they want them to be sexual to take advantage of them and then take their success away. It is obvious from depositions done against deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump teams. What can’t we finish prosecutions against them.  They need to be tried and this will finally accomplish what is required for Americans to feel more secure to really love one another without kids being encouraged criminally to have pre-teen sex.  I have been celibate for many years and that is the direction our country and our planet is going in to find real love and no longer be a part of their manufactured sex cult. Over time the perverted stuff they are running in the media will likely no longer be appealing. How do we get from here to there? We need no drug money by criminals.  No sex on camera is needed. Just real work ahead to complete prosecutions.

It is criminal what is done to young women and what is encouraged of them and even young men, ruining their natural identities. I met a man who wanted to have his male identity back, and he was so confused by them he referred to himself as “They.” He was from Africa where male sexuality got manipulated into gay then bisexual and then they. He was hoping to have his male identity back when he was good at math. He was probably a genius at math and used to do calculations in his sleep. They take our best and brightest humans and make them confused by creating sexual tension that is unreal to manipulate their lives even further and surround them with poverty. We can change that and have to get used to the fact that cops are our friends. Controversial informant.

When you think about it, honest intelligence complained about a vibrator when I was a teen and now get off on taking naked photos of me showering and peeing.

“We used the Romulan wedding here,” in my home, taking pictures of me naked in shower using surveillance, “to get them all hot and bothered,” disgusting old men.

The Housing Bubble by Cocaine

February 13, 2020 3:34 pm

When Americans think of their own security, most of their assets are tied up in their homes. This election that is most significant and as we move into the Spring many California homeowners are thinking about selling to move to a more affordable state. One in fifteen is likely planning on moving. In fact in all 50 states spring is when homeowners typically begin thinking about selling, yet this spring there is new competition against their housing prices, the land grab stole 2016 is deposed for conducted through cocaine money.

People learn the most by being out talking with people. Here in California as for sale signs go up, big developments are competing with those homeowners. Currently their priced higher than the older homes, however as their likely NSA money dries out, these housing prices must come down for them to be sold. I interviewed a person living in one of the developments who alluded to the fact that she was a plant from Eastern Europe and when Bernie Sanders came here it was said had he met with me, the oligarchs would have to surrender their housing developments, so it is likely they have compensated for the lack of purchasers with people from other countries being paid to make the developments look full so they can sell more. This is a tactic used in sales. Buyers are attracted when they see more people are interested. Please monitor these developments, and there are lots more than those included in this PowerPoint. They built them in all 50 states. In California, they are everywhere and the jobs numbers were fudged by the hiring of construction workers to build these developments through cocaine money.

Yesterday when I was canvassing homes there were many people I spoke with who were planning on or in the midst of selling, yet last night they continued to launder drug money for the housing.

“We won’t jail him because we want that import from Peru to come in,” said about an $800 million shipment. How much does that cost the one in 15 in their equity. Housing bubble on record, posted on my Twitter @a_diener and reported to the UN Office n Drugs and Crime. With an FBI Director who said I was only at the FBI to make the drug transactions go through, I reach out to the UNODC to stop them. From my understanding they cut it in half similar to what they did the other day when a $388 million shipment was stopped so they could take credit for stopping drugs while profiting.

Why are they allowed to do that with Christopher Wray and others including Gina Haspel who as she stated yesterday should have been arrested. They stole election 2016 and should have very little chance of winning 2020, so when do they stop their drug money.

We do not need the housing developments.

Who is going to compensate those selling in the future, and how do we help our planet and country become successful. Yesterday when I sent my data over to Business Insider that ran an article on the Texas steel company suing the Trump Administration, they said that’s what a sexed up, with prostitution known, coked up administration would do launder drug money for unneeded housing that fails, which is typical of his previous business dealings where he goes bankrupt. When I went to DC our White House looked “janky,” and hopefully it is returned to the voters soon.

It was said about him here, what is Trump going to do when his business fails, “He’ll go out and borrow money from someone else,” so the housing in all likelihood will crash, the sad part about it is that I care for those who are selling and lose money because of a deposed con who stole 2016. What gives them the right to continue to launder the drug money to finish their housing.

I want to move on and develop my manure management program for electricity from cow manure and algae harvested from lakes and rivers. That makes electricity from waste products and is an actual revenue generator not dependent on cocaine. I wonder if I should pursue China or American investors if deposed stole 2016 continues. At least investment in that would create American jobs that are legal, electricity and address a problem we have cow manure the source of the algae problem in rivers and lakes. There seems to be a lack of funding here for real projects that is not connected to criminal activity. Maybe I don’t know where to look here. I hope China receives their gold back.

The cocaine housing will still exist though and will eventually have to be sold at lower prices as we approach the summer, and this will devalue everyone by November. It is really a ticking time bomb for the housing market. In China previously they have had to demolish such housing by explosion because there was no one to live there. We need jobs and leadership in the meantime.

We need to monitor our ballots. I am working the election on March 3. I found out sadly, our Primary is likely stolen because of the bubbles, algorithms and programmers again.

Is Pete Buttigieg another fake candidate to steal from Bernie Sanders through the mail ballots? If true why are the bubbles being used this time with algorithms and programmers.  What is the point? Why are they in leadership at all? So much waste of our time and resources. We need to address real planetary problems such as algae and manure and force those who invest in housing to pay for it with their money. We need real winners who want to address America’s problems with real solutions not cocaine money. Real revenue generation comes from exports  of American innovation as well as what we are able to create with what we have already for ourselves.

It was said by deposed stole 2016 Trump who knew what he was costing the voters, “They (Attorney Generals) know how much they (homeowners) are losing,” regarding their equity long term.  All evidence should be used to press charges. What gives him the right to scam them.

Is cocaine transported to the White House today? Who is responsible for the bubble?

The Little American Diplomat

The Little American Diplomat

February 10, 2020 5:10 am

At five years old I went on my first trip to Germany and I was a very intelligent child. I enjoyed everything as we departed, yet I made a mistake of squeezing ketchup too strongly with my strong hands and it got on the suit of the man who had just got married close to me and my dad. My dad was angry and I felt embarrassed never to do that again.

In Germany when we were there I spoke with many children and told them about America and how we were just like they were despite what was on TV. I had never learned German yet picked it up in a day or two. I learned French in a museum we visited. I loved to talk with people diplomatically. That was what I spent my time on then as a five year old. I translated for my mom who did not want to learn the language and I took her shopping. My mom hated me for that. I was always a strong kid. My mother hurt me so much.

When we returned, I enjoyed our trip and continued to tell the neighborhood kids about the German kids, and they enjoyed learning about them. My mom was angry and still hated me since I did the translations for her. She could not stand how in command I was at times, always working for her interests, yet I always felt there was a deceitful side.

My mom contacted the Rosicrucian Fellowship she was associated with and the criminally operated on me to dumb me down. I was always motivated by God to talk and be diplomatic.

“She was too strong in Germany,” said my mom to the fellowship director who then installed handmarking on my left hand. “I’ve got to let this one out of jail,” he said then. My mother had been talking with them and her communism friends and said to them back then, “We all know communism is coming.” I could not believe that she would allow this and thought then, “Why is my mom getting together with all of those people talking about communism.” I have served Constitutionally since then and know the American people expect that.

The handmark he put in was the start of my implantation which dumbed me down and took away my languages. I fight very hard to stay strong and intelligent. America number one Constitutionally our goals.

Her fellowship friends are criminal sexual predators and make me uncomfortable. They initially installed the first sex camera in anal area. “We wanted to view whatever was going in there,” said and is disgusting. They are part of a green zygote oriented agenda for sexual behavior where extraterrestrials control our sexuality by sending zygotes at us to fall in love with one another for fake sex.

God referred to them as “external catalysts have been provided by harmful off worlders for sexual behavior.”

Abortion should be legal as it was said by God, “having unprotected sex you end up with an infested unneeded baby as zygotes are in the air.” I witnessed this sitting on the ground as I watched one fall from the sky and two squirrels interacted with each other very amorously.

My mom was likely part of their cult and in the photo at the top, “I can’t stand her, she cheated on my dad.”It was very sad for me when she asked me how she looked for another man in the pool that day.  I was angry and against her when my father took the photo. I was looking for my little diplomat photo and could not find it. I always told my mom I would defeat communism which if she was a normal mother would have been a heroic victory, for her she hated that fact. She was nasty to me my whole life.

My dad was the most loveable person I ever knew. He was there to help me win always and he got likely murdered, poisoned by the communists at National Security Agency.



Extortion versus Justice

February 9, 2020 5:09 pm

Over the past three years post the admittedly stolen election of 2016, our country has sat idle as we have seen a deposed con man continue to speak to the media on our behalf because the royal magistrate is behind them.  This is a frank conversation about what has gone on as you the American people get stolen from on a daily basis. Your tax money had been recovered and sent to the Justice Department. It was found out a group of private individuals have been laundering it amongst their friends with their goal being to keep it for themselves.

“We’re going to steal all of their (tax payers) royalty money and keep it just for ourselves,” said Robert Stevenson. We must recover that money post haste. Our US Gold standard is a recovered American asset never to be stolen again. We are not commonwealth members. What gives any rights to the “royal magistrate,” nothing.

Here is a photo of him and his friends.

In reality this group has held Americans back from solvency we created.

“We were giving up the jails for the insolvency of America,” said Elizabeth of England hoping for our financial demise. I am against her and the royals serve no purpose as was previously admitted. That fit in with Mueller’s criminal plan for bankruptcy of America, so that is why he went along with it. America will not be bankrupt because of purposeless people and cons in the media. Gold standard and money back kept all along.  Now I see why God wants to decimate the below ground jails. It was a win win for her and the criminal members at the Justice Department, America was left threatened until we found out now. We were very close yesterday, sand was seeping into one with the ones under water flooding.

Anyone vying for the insolvency of America should be seen as criminal. God works here

The below ground jails contract was Stevenson’s threat against the Navy. Why do they allow a swindler who stole an election to threaten our Navy. How much has he cost Americans financially. We need to keep turning him in, and that is how an election is won also. Reporters cannot stay silent and allow him to put on a stolen Rolex from other thieves. You steal through the stock market retirements, you deserve to go on trial.

Here is the con they have been running while they use sophisticated means to loot our stock market. “Wall Street crime is ours,” said the Nixon ones affiliated with  below ones for prostitution purposes both men and women.

“We picked up this below ground jails contract and we don’t know where it came from,” said Stevenson, meaning made up, had no standing, and no legal bounds. You can’t just “pick up” a contract that came from unknown source and violate Americans Constitutional rights.

Stevenson lied daily and said, “I’ve still got a signed contract from those below ladies.” They were Mintakans used as prostitutes. “I call them instead of Mintakans below ones then we can get our prostitution started said Gordon Duff, pictured here. He is connected to Wexner who started Epstein and knew how to run a prostitution ring.

“Why don’t we just lie and say that we had rights to those jails,” said Mintakan female to Stevenson after they found the contract early on. They used it to embezzle your tax money with the prostitutes and the jailer side of Congress through the Pelosi wing.

I was surprised to find out Stevenson stole Americans tax money with this group for themselves.  They have no right to charge Americans for their freedom guaranteed by our Constitution.

“I say the jails can be used and then I’ll take the money from the Justice Department,” said Brian Stafford, stealing $80 million today, saying “I don’t want to put Americans in jail.” This is an embezzlement operation. “I get to sleep with one of the below ones,” will be said by him later. I became President, deposal of Trump, who stole 2016 by hacking, microtargeting and crosscheck as well as Diebold machines, went through and additional charges against him could be added for the oligarchs and other financial crimes including the stock market attempts using the machines, and we own our planet outright. They had no right to abscond with our tax money. “We only want communism,” is said by machines and tape recorders associated with their embezzlement operation.

What gave him the right to use the machines, “I thought you said when we use the machines we could not get caught,” for the insider trading asked Trump regarding the October trades likely to Allen team. Hopefully we catch them and protect our stockholders. Why would it continue?

This proves how the machines work in this diagram that it is true.

Insider Trading to reduce American stockholder values through cashless interests.

How do we arrest this prostitution cartel?  We all own our planet free of charge and have a Constitutional country. Our money back is our tax money is for the taxpayers not them.

Why pay anyone other than me who did our negative install for our planet. No adjudication for our planet is required. An illegal harvesting contract existed and it was illegal.

A lot was done to make me wonder and not get paid by those stealing from the stock market. I still want to make the below ground jails removed. There is a lot that I can do with the money in business.

Why would anyone allow people who steal from the stock market to get paid for the planet I own outright. We should make money for Americans not steal from them when they do not know using machines. Constitutionalism

“The chirpers keep chiming because the top brass wanted me to fail,” and Americans to lose their retirements. They are liable for every dollar.

It was just said to Stafford, “your not bringing people together anymore,” he should have been dumped the moment it was said by Giuliani, “Stafford I can’t the stock market crash,” with the machines. In October 2019 how much was stolen? Why is he in any power position.

“It looks like we’ve been led around her minimum security prison,” said. I am not in a prison. Why. I asked to press charges against these cons. You don’t need to look in my home to press charges. You can call and meet professionally. Agency lifestyle is nothing but con. Why not pay the American voter today and not take bribes from cons.

My house is dirty because of their dark magic and they use spell books. Why was that allowed. Why make a nice home bad, all that matters is the voters winning.

I proved my planet ownership through the other planets coming online. What did they have a fake contract. I always prove myself, so I would like it to be mutual. My data easily stands up in court and under questioning. Lets press charges now. Americans have their freedom without paying cons. “When he came to us he had that fake contract. Why did we believe in him?” admitted. I don’t care.  He belongs in jail with the rest of them.

Whoever said, “We want to press charges against the cocksuckers,” I am on your side and all of my data should be used now.

Who are the cocksuckers? They are an extraterrestrial that has no anal hole who should not be ahead of any American because he has sex with those who steal from your retirements. I wonder how long do they live here. We are prime on my planet I own outright. Why does it take so long for Americans to achieve this. Stevenson the liar on the contract favored him and the did a lot of cross dressing. It is disgusting. We have Constitutionalism and criminals should be outed. All my testimony should be used. I deposed trump and my testimony is validated and we have an election coming and voters deserve the truth.





Who puts real discretionary income in your pocket with America's restored assets?

February 5, 2020 1:32 pm

Our gold standard and our tax money, known as money back are America’s recovered assets, and we have to wonder this campaign who will make Americans rich in the future and not steal it from us. Discretionary spending has been at an all time low and as we head into the primary, who is working for American homeowners and taxpayers. They put in con men and women into Congress known as stole 2018 to steal more from you through Russia. Many of them are House members, who can be voted out this term and it would be nice to have the McConnell list from last time to know who is who. “We knew who every winner was,” said McConnell, and as he has been criminally working with the Russian Ambassador to steal or launder your tax money known as money back through them, espionage and financial crimes charges are long overdue. With those two details this Congress could be charged with the same. We are ready to vote in 2020

These old guys were also brainwashed by an old contract that is invalid that stated that I as our only negative holder could not own our planet until all aliens are dead. Do we have to make them dead first? It used to happen in under three hours because they harmed our sun then to gain illegal entry into our galaxy and our sun is repairing itself now with our negative install. If not they would have died upon entry into my galaxy. Other planets are turning on. Yesterday one of the coldest smaller planets started after Uranus had been operating. It was very painful to my hand. Why are we programmed against our interests to accept less than everything back? I keep working hard for the voters and no one including me likes to be stolen from. What gives anyone the right to steal from your income? I do not want to talk to those who steal from me. Why is it that because I put that down, “I can’t say she’s not allowed to talk to anyone from dark side.” I don’t want to talk to dark side, that is already criminally complicit in the theft from Americans through the stock market repeatedly. I own our planet and became President. “She really became President and owned our planet,” said. I want to get my stock market convictions made and American citizens repaid for the years of financial damage caused by the predators. All my data needs to be used to press charges against them and recover American assets. There is no saying because I made the complaint, it cannot be used. There is no secrecy of the planet owner, as I have documented my install. We owned our planet our right before our core was moved, said then by the lying space travelers, “If we could just move the negative then we could probably get through,” and they never moved it back to secure our planet, they just kept gaining ground against us until my install. They knew what they were doing then and smuggled one of their young men down so they could later gain power over us. Said by one of those who bought into the extraterrestrials plan initially and was drained by them then, “So much disdain coming from that extraterrestrial. They always worked for us,” as they began to subjugate him and his friends who were later totally conned by them.

Before they arrived here, humans owned our galaxy. They asset stripped every planet that is coming online now. Humans through America and me with my work are taking their power back now. Said by a con artist, Duff pictured, who stole your 401ks likely in 2008, to me this morning, “What are you going to do with the money from that additional job.” They should not be monitoring me or anyone, as they clearly have intention to commit financial crime and do it daily. To put a woman down saying she does not earn enough income and when she does to try to prevent her success is criminal. There is no stealing my planet I own outright and the authorities should stop their income streams finally, and repay all Americans just compensation. Please file a restraining order against them. We work hard and our government should work for us. Where is my $800,000 for my Presidency of two years, it was criminal for them to say because I own our planet I did not have the right to have the Presidency then. How many aliens do we have to kill. Green dead. It is up to God. Zygote kills all hopefully soon. My investigation should have been paid for that validated my testimony. That is in addition to the $800,000, because deposal went through and the testimony was accepted. To validate it and provide additional data to press charges against the same stock market crime he was tried for, such as the October 2019 data, should be extra.

I want no restraining orders from Bill Gates who was proven to have lied and said I committed a murder, which I would never do, to obtain his fraudulent contract.

With all of these evil doers in my life, no one has a right to claim I should have had children. Imagine them monitoring your shower daily. When you know the truth about our history, why be ignorant. Do they expect me to carry a gun and use it liberally? No thanks. Intelligence is used daily and there is no point to call the people ignorant, when leadership is ignorant by not protecting them and increasing our holdings of other planets. People have a right to use their knowledge and intelligence to save all American people. When data is obvious it must be turned in, that is expected by the people. I have a right to earn my income and for our incomes to be monitored for our success. Why protect those who steal income, to walk into a green traitors trap. At least I learn my lesson and use my data appropriately. Data is earned through work and that work deserves to be paid for.


Cashless is extraterrestrial and defeated

February 3, 2020 4:55 am

The source of cashless was actually a green life form that stumbled into our galaxy as I found out. “We invested in these Chinese,” said a rather slender green humanoid form extraterrestrial who went to China and procured the gold from Indonesia once they surrendered their gold to the British Royal Crown. That began the Standard Drawing Rights basket for the unlawful agenda 21 the harmful off worlders wanted with sophisticated banksters and war criminals. We took that down years ago and fight even now for Americans and internationals alike who are freedom oriented, our Constitutional guarantee here.

“They were all in on it back then, the currency swap for the handmark,” remarked Xi Jinping months ago and many have disbanded their interest in it any more. Our currency is solvent now. No one wants to be second to extraterrestrials now.

Pay Dirt for the Voters

January 31, 2020 3:50 am

We would like to play a little pay dirt for the voters over here tomorrow

Checks need to be paid

God exists and wins.

“There are other aliens,” that even threaten the devil we know according to him, a white alien.

Listen to the song, the article is in progress and is very hard to write


When I was born they knew I am our only negative holder and we have been fighting a big war against the green ones, red ones and white ones. The white ones will try to seem nice now.

We want to get to Uranus and that is not your anus, as some believe and are even working for tonight. This is our galaxy for humans and we win.

It was said when I was a human baby who put a necklace in my mom’s shopping bag accidentally and my mom was caught “shoplifting” though I had no idea why I did it and my mom would never have wanted to steal anything at all, she got called in to the store office. She did not get arrested. They just scared her and they said, “I saw that necklace go in your bag.”I did not even care about it nor know what to do with it to get it purchased. I did not want it. I was eight months old. My mom did the best she could then and I suspect she may have been illegally here for some reason. She came from Cuba in 1961, and claimed she became an American when she was born here in Miami, Florida on June 29, 1935. I always felt like she lied about being born here. The story made no sense. She came here to be born with my grandmother and there was some guy who was her father no one knew. Shen allegedly went back to Cuba then and I don’t know if they even came here to give birth to her. She gave me two different birthdays, when was she born, actually come out of the womb, was it in Cuba. Should she have been deported then? Leave the baby daughter with her dad and say have a nice life lady.

She is dead now and to me I felt uncomfortable with what she did, and I hate what I did. Why did I as a baby throw this necklace in a bag. I told the true storey before and it was the old now dead former overlord who manipulated my hands to make the necklace fall in the bag and I have that on tape.

“Who is the guy that made the baby,” said and I agree with them regarding my mother. Where was he? Was he American or extraterrestrial?

I am always honest and work hard. I have fought for many years for American people to be the best.

and because I am our negative holder of my planet I now own outright, they implanted me in my butt then. To confirm this statement, when it happened it was said then, “I can’t believe they found her,” me our only negative holder, and they added, “they are partying with him,” referring to what is a large green extraterrestrial, who I found out today to be the “green god of the Mormons,” and I found out how green hybrids get their parts as Duff referred to his alien parts from this large green one who described the process, “We give them parts as soon as they mutilate me,” meaning the alien parts Gordon Duff referred to as his “alien part” are given to him, when they cut them off, like the hands in the photo here. Born here and of m planet I am stuck confronting them to understand what happened here to us all.

cut off a hand for green ones

Imagine these hands connected to a green alien and when they get cut off they are given to a follower trying to steal from you to make them stronger against you. We take our planet back now.

“When they cut it off, we put it in another human,” said by large green one. The green ones weren’t popular to the people who initially tried to harm our planet, the robed ones, who said boulder builders “were too disjointed, we were always in the background.” Did the green ones then partner with the robed ones covertly.

“No green ones, I always have my own horse traders,” thought  the boulder builder now dead before the green ones got in likely through the mystery guests.

The white aliens are harmful and other aliens observed them working on my planet I own outright, so they came here and the robed ones got discolored into grey slits in their energetic matrixes. The robed ones used a grey field against me and it was very much like a wall that is dissipating.

“We side with the higher power,” said the robed ones which explains why they have sided with the mystery guests that could have brought in big green. We are soon to be the higher power now.

Exopolitics: Con men behind the boulder builders who are dying and ancient aliens

January 29, 2020 3:24 am

A couple of days ago we discussed the ancient aliens that have been here for thousands of years as robed ones. They have harmed our planet since they illegally entered our atmosphere. The robed ones with oblong heads arrived here initially, and later the boulder builder species arrived that traveled with them. These were part of the tribe of white ones the Iranians hate, and they truly are real. We found out now more about what came after the boulder builder and white species, who are terrible harvesting races, others looking to get in on their action as con men.

This group saw the boulder builder and white species working on my planet I now own outright and became involved here. Boulder builders have died here recently for the most part including their Arcturian ring leader known as the now former overlord. Here is imagery that confirms their race.

harmful alien agenda posterWe had incidents happen early on that made me wonder about them and things here have been somewhat off set with the Paul Allen kingdom men. Mystery guests are connected to them and came upon the white ones when they were working here against us for harm to happen. This conversation was uncovered about their relationship here.

“Is there something you did not tell my about that mystery guest we had,” said Boulder Builder leader now dead to now dead overlord, “he brought us nothing but flowers and we ended up with multiple dimensions,” one of the problems the overlord said he tried to “put glue over it,” relating to inserting a substance in their friends brains. They look like grey energetic slits that are a void and a mistake that came into their world they were not able to fix until now and we are helping ourselves against them. This was an interdimensional problem where grey appeared energetically being changed now. There has been a battle going on with these two factions of harmful extraterrestrials and at times they have incriminated even us. The con is up for them. I do not ever want to see any criminal on my flyers and I fight real hard for them to go in custody. There should be no end times for our planet. We have an election coming and we should be happy to elect a new President who works for us. Why are our gold standard and money back not delivered directly to the people now by those who work for the voters or by whomever wins.

I provided testimony against Donald Trump I later validated and I would not vote for him, however at times there have been good things he has done, yet in reality he should be impeached, removed or lose 2020 because he is calculating and even against his voters. I supported him some ways at times until I heard him say this statement regarding the equity he cost homeowners which proved to me he did it with intention, something I did not know at the beginning nor even suspect. I always saw him as more stupid, not a calculating con artist with bad intention for the American people.  When it was said that homeowners would lose 15 years of wages put in to pay down their mortgages through their cocaine land grab, he actually knew it and intended to steal that euity, meaning 15 years X 4,160 hours from two income families, Republican or Democrat.

The exact quote of Trump’s was, “They (referring to AGs) know how much they (all Americans who AGs serve and protect) are losing (10 years or more saved wages in housing equity),” and stolen by a deposed con artist. It was his intention to steal it from his constituents and that scared me because a President no matter how criminal they are should want their people to do well, not steal from them using their position. Our people are our fighting force globally that make America number one with every job they do. We have to motivate them and inspire them to do great things because they make our country grow. It is like if you work for a company and your boss stole your wages and those of all your co-workers personally, he would be fired and your company would lose global standing because no one would be solvent. I would never want to steal families’ or single people’s wages through drug money laundering to devalue their homes. Imagine stealing $200,000 or $300,000 from seniors on fixed incomes. How low is that? That is not presidential. It really bothered me.

Back to hopeful alien extermination by Orkin Ann, and just in case we do have a permanent moratorium on unlawful detention also illegal in all 50 states, with Elizabeth Warren, a courageous candidate who needs to keep fighting the financial predators with me.

However, any jails contract was a lie from the boulder builder species given to the con artist on the flyer, Duff who claimed he was a disabled veteran. He really scammed the Navy. I guess he was a Marine for under four years. I tried to find him and found very little about his service career, though he writes at Veteran’s Today. I did find out he is owned by Russia and adversaries including harmful extraterrestrials who die here now, and everyone would want them to if they knew about them.  There was no validity ever to any boulder builder contract, they lie, as the boulder in the quote here admits, “I’m going to SAY I had a contract with that completely disabled man,” they claimed Duff, pictured, to be. The con on the flyer  then went into the Navy and claimed, “below ground jails were for the Americans unless I get the buildings I want,” this was completely untrue and a scare tactic he used to get what he wanted free real estate for his friends through cocaine money. They jails were never to be used and he used that weakness to obtain the buildings being constructed with the drug running and added telephony, some unlicensed from China, and connected to Russia to harm Americans.

He used an alien as a bargaining chip that he killed and said the Navy did it. Basically he framed Navy with the mystery guests whose octopus it was and the mystery guests really cared very little for him.  It was an octopus in a large tank I knew about and tried to understand, unknowing about the mystery guests. I suspected it was theirs as I always saw suits around its tank when I remote viewed it to talk to it. I suspected something strange and did not know what it was. It would not communicate most times and I did find out the mystery guests brought him and other species here to our planet to harm us. We have the power to get rid of them soon. The octopus was killed in 2017 by Duff. “I’m going to say the Navy killed that octopus that wins the contract remains upstairs,” referring to space. This made them look bad to the mystery guests they had to bow down to.  The boulder builders, Duff’s partners, chose it to be that way for the fraud to begin. Duff told the boulder then about killing the octopus that belonged to the mystery guests, “I say we kill him then we keep those builders working on our side,” for the master plans in the land grab they hoped to make money on. The Navy did not know and got blamed for the incident. It had a pass through effect to Stevenson cartel allowing for the drug running because the octopus murder framed the Navy.  That allowed the mystery guests to beg for the drug running Navy disagreed with for the land grab, even when known by the mystery guests, who were initially upset about the death of the octopus, Duff killed him. Both got to build the land grab housing set to devalue homeowners that I write about. I intend to hold Trump team liable for the devaluing when it happens. 74% did not vote for him and likely 24% if devalued by his drug running with the mystery guests and boulder builders would be angry and against them all. The mystery guests used the octopus frame to steal from American voters  through the drug money laundering

3-4 homeowners lose because of an octopus

It was said by the mystery guests, “We put him in command,” to steal from American homeowners said about Robert Stevenson. I am against both men and Navy thought otherwise because they are connected to the telephony in my home corrupt people put in here. I have plenty of photos of said telephony and people know where to find me. The white aliens get dead here sooner than expected.

Duff who is a criminal who framed the Navy told them I was to be treated as an outsider when I never was before his frame. My testimony against Donald Trump was taken seriously and he was deposed. There was original deposal paperwork that put me in leadership. I later validated my testimony with a visually verified investigation to protect those who supported deposal and I insured success for those I sought to protect by continuing my investigation and informing other affected parties to insure that when the crime expanded I testified against there were groups who would favor justice making it easy for the Navy to always look good through prosecution. I always worked professionally for Americans’ success.

Exopolitics: Robed White Big Oblong Headed Aliens

January 26, 2020 1:55 am

This morning we finally had the connector quote and I am so angry with myself. If you ever go to sleep and wake up with the answer to a question, make sure to keep a notebook or your charged cell phone by your bed. This morning that was not the case. I received a verified quote from when the rather thin robed bald headed extraterrestrials, they look like robed white men with Brennan like heads yet more pointy, sent a representative who they knew would die here, to harm us through their negotiation process. This was thousands of years ago after we had experienced harmful sound vibrations on our planet before the extraterrestrials got here physically.

They created confusion on the planet I own outright before they arrived to harm us intentionally.

I woke up early today and had the quote. I was so tired from working, I said I can easily remember that quote. There is no way I could forget it, however I went back to sleep and only parts of it remain, so I will tell it as a story to the best of my ability and luckily I have gotten other quotes by looking into that time period.

We cannot have compassion for aliens who came here to set us up thousands of years ago. Back then we did not know what they did to stage what they did and that their intentions were to take over our planet. Before the aliens arrived, and only one was able to arrive and live three hours on our planet then, because when my core is installed correctly they cannot come here as they harm humans. They die almost immediately. Then, and even now, they used terrible sound vibrations forcing us from our regular housing and building structures to caves to protect ourselves.

We experienced what I called “corporate energy” before in an article I wrote for Veterans Today, and it ties in with the visit that set us all up.  When I wrote the article, I felt it as sound waves blasting our planet. I a small boy child then, who was our negative holder, said to someone, “We had horrible sub-surface vibrations.” I found out now it was caused as they were attempting to land here, and we had to move into caves as our normal building structures were under attack by sound waves being emitted from horrible spacecraft. The only place we could live was in this cave below ground almost. I remember it vividly, and described it here with my brothers. We have stopped the human meat processing facilities in this article.

“The white alien came to the cave where our family was hiding, and my brother met with the alien who made him an ‘offer he could not refuse.’ I suspect they stole my brother and I may have made a deal with them trying to get my brother back. That was the start of the cults on the planet including Goddess worship and Luciferianism.  He was Baal. All kinds of myth and legend came after that. My goal is for everything to be normal and natural here on the planet again.”

Our cave then had a fireplace made out of stone with small beds around it and was very rudimentary. There were six to nine of us sleeping there with me against the wall in my small bed to the left of the fireplace when the alien came to the door. I overheard only whispers of their conversation as my older brother went with the alien outside. I was not allowed to hear what they talked about though I was our negative holder then. I was very sensitive then as I am now, and knew later when they talked about moving my core I felt uncomfortable. “Why do I feel like I am being conned,” I felt and we were. The extraterrestrials then were very persuasive and used advanced psychology programming to manipulate our conversations for their benefit. With an enemy like that it has been very difficult for us, however since I re-installed our core in the correct position, where it was originally then, in August of 2017, we have been gaining ground against them.

When the extraterrestrial died, they tried to say we should feel sorry for him, however then I knew, “We were just lying. I know how he died that way,” I said knowing his death was correct on the planet I own outright.

My brothers then after the alien met with them, forced me to move our core off set so they could land here and be here with us. They cost us thousands of years of good life, however we learned as a galaxy what could happen to harm the perfect natural planet in God’s cosmos. God owns the Cosmos, however these ones setup a separate system away from God. I work for God only and God lives here now.

We have dealt with all kinds of extraterrestrials through our negative install, started around the date of this article here. We had the old now dead overlord, the man from Arcturus, who was kidnapped by the boulder builders when they were operating in the Arcturian star system and he was a small child, the son of the supercomputer operator as the last human like people were killed on their planet because their harvesting plan was completed. We have stopped them here and now in our galaxy.  There were the other stowaways with these extraterrestrials and the white team leader with the silver craft who died too. They had the Mintakans and also the green agenda ones which are now known to be zygote oriented. Those are like snakes, similar to what was in Tilk on Stargate and they were green. They zygotes were created by the old now dead overlord with the white ones. The white one with the silver vessel tried to kill me so I am glad he is dead. They misrepresented themselves as God on our planet, and their misrep is starting to end more quickly now. Some Congressional members are addicted to alien agenda, however that will soon hopefully separate from them. They and others have been separating from them and we had a taste of it, do not eat me, when Stafford who missed Kennedy was found to have encountered shapeshifters during the Kennedy administration.

On January 11, 2020, I remote viewed back to Stafford and his thoughts before attempting to kill Kennedy, where he missed. He was in his car and thought this, “We can’t be America anymore. They are using shape shifters to take our guns,” a confused Stafford about JFK because alien agenda communism was operating in background of JFK then. JFK confirmed it when I found out. I can talk to the dead at any point in time and space. The shape shifters are part of the alien agenda, creations that look human made by the white aliens connected to those thin robed ones who seem to run their mission. They are very concealed and use a lot of cloaking. The shape shifters are suits like spies that have less power now.

As our planet grows rounder through our install they have less power than the day before. It is a relief and we do not need them here at all. They use sound psychology programming and installed the package here with green agenda. What a contraption that is. Do we want all of the junk? Why? None of it is needed or benefits us. I hope it collapses. Behind it all are their real leaders, these I want to say 6 or 8 robed ones. They have created strange spiritual traditions for those they enslave and befriend, that explains the priest like robe. The alien who died, they knew he would only have three hours here on our planet physically because they were naturally selected off, good for us, however they later I suspect created a strange spiritual tradition of sacrifice to represent the one who died. These guys were advanced have no home people in space looking down at our planet to steal it and everything we own. They physically could not live here by God’s natural processes. When they made us move our own core to accommodate their lies they told us then, they created human challenges going inert now. In the background is the Romulan rat or is it. These robed ones seem more powerful and are not. It is a hodgepodge of  what needs to die here in hours and we are growing stronger against them. They created complex algorithms to enslave us and made humans buy into them.

Back then, these robed ones thought “poor boy,” about the one they sent here for the three hours to negotiate with my brother before he died, and the quote I had in the morning conveyed that they were out to ensnare us through sending him. When he died they used our compassion for his death against us likely and I learned that, without quote here intentionally. We humans did not recognize then how God protected us naturally from then on my planet I own outright and they helped misaligned my core to harm us over time. This morning after I learned this I went to the beach to connect to the ocean to make sure the message got transmitted to the ocean, the largest most fluid body of life. If I stand or sit, is better, on the ground I send the consciousness and knowledge of what I know into the ground specially as negative holder. The ocean is more powerful with its vast reach so I go there to give us an advantage. We are winning.

Here is what the robed one who sent down the young man who died before said then,”We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there,” so there was intentional harm they intended to inflict as boarders. They had nothing then, were criminals who came to steal from us, a sophisticated threat we knew nothing about. We were blindsided then by them. They now have killed thousands of our young and millions globally using complex tools and machines to even manipulate our deaths and use memory erased souls against us by torturing our dead souls. We are taking ownership of our souls now as God is on our planet and active combat is ongoing to recover them. We can and are. Good times ahead

Back then, Baal met with his friends then and said, “I know God will just talk to us and say we can’t kill the demon seed,” said about me when my brother was thinking about killing me. “Why don’t we just go along with it,” said his friend, now called Gabriel

“We have superior man strength,” the off worlder said when he met with Baal then. “You just don’t know about other star systems, we live until eternity,”  “not when God tells you to visit,” Gabriel added. “We always go to God,” he told Baal who added “Not when he tells me to go to the Cosmos with him and his friends,” referring to the extraterrestrial he chose over our planet’s people.  His friends from then die quick now in nature

Many years later Baal said, “So much disdain coming from that extraterrestrial. They always worked for us,” as they began to subjugate him and his friends who were controlled by them.

God said now, “When you were led away then, you were the only pariah that didn’t want to move the core,” and it was a great teaching tool for our star system to be stronger.

I want to tattoo it on our planet, “Never move the core,” and hope our galaxy learned and will instantly kill anyone who tries such a thing. We learn by experience and have this one in solidly now for over two years. Our core area is churning and as my planet expands their below ground jails dissipate. I would like to say as our planet expands they get crunched. Think about jails built below ground and as the planet expands their structure is forced to expand so they are forced to collapse but the gaps in there need to be filled so the magma must come up to that surface area and fill it in then we are round again.

It is like this time we have to make it our mission to keep ours perfect and take the one gold ship we have and mass produce it to travel to other planets to put the cores back in the center. That is the only way to correct for this harmful invasive species that invaded our galaxy and likely others. We can begin on Uranus I found out now and I updated this story on 1/29/2020. Good times ahead

These robed ones were the reason for “spiritual talk” that is not God. God is very simple and these are cunning. It is that annoying  new age groupie you know they try to emulate fakely

Sorry my writing about such things is tough to read. I try the best I can to get it correct and make complex histories easier to understand We are harder than they are.

Protect and Defend Our Duty.

January 24, 2020 7:26 am

It is our duty and stole 2016 should not attempt to not. They will be held personally liable

When the story came out they decided not to prosecute and it is not a story. Put them in prison. The data is there.

Perverts and pedophiles in jail.

Now they needed to dark side to pick up kids from school will be said.

And a pervert padophile king who stole our ballots in San Diego said, “we have Ann’s storage.” They have no right to my storage, here is a poster with their picture on it and it is a felony to steal ballots.

I became President of the United States not them. “Arrest warrants will be written on your behalf,” mine.

Watch for devaluing of your real estate in March 2020.

Watch for devaluing of your real estate in March 2020.

January 23, 2020 2:13 am

All battles are local and individuals always think of me as a peon because I work a regular job that allows me to gage American situations on the ground. I provided testimony against the land grab long ago, and am one of the few people who continue to care about the American homeowner’s values. Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony did not win 2016, he stole the election as Mike Pence admitted, “We stole 2016,” so the fact that he and others laundered drug money and put it into housing I testified against is significant.  74% of America did not vote for them and of the 26% who did vote for them in 2016, probably about 24% would be angry to lose 10-40% of their home value because Trump covertly laundered drug money with other Congressional members to put into housing developments competing against their homes up for sale this spring.

Over the last month I have been canvasing homeowners and found out at least one in 15 intend to sell with many moving out of state after spring time. If you have a 10-30 year old home in California and maybe even in the USA, as I saw many similar developments cross country, and intend to sell, your home maybe competing for sale with homes in developments acquired through methamphetamine and cocaine laundered funding. Here in California, as you and your wife commuted to work, working 40-50 hours a week each, stole 2016 Donald Trump and his teams have been building large housing developments that have not really began selling yet on cocaine money. They had tranches of $500,000,000 in drug laundered funds to put into the developments that will be competing with your home paid for with real work equity you and your spouse put in, 2080 hours per year by each of you. His and their homes will start selling soon and there are already more than enough homes on the market, so when thousands of homes become available in spring, what will happen to your housing value if you and your wife decide to sell this spring, you guessed it, you will lose that equity you hoped to receive when selling your home as you may have to sell way below market value because their drug money laundered homes are competing with yours.

Today, I yet again asked to press charges. Deposal of Trump went through and was not completed. It must be completed before the next election. I provided my testimony in earnest to prevent homeowners from losing their equity through his scam against America, what he termed as “the largest land grab in history,” basically acquiring housing using cocaine funding. These are huge developments locally and there are plenty of existing homes on the market, so when spring hits and the one in 15 list their homes in competition with the new cocaine housing developments, all prices will drop, criminally against the homeowners who earned earnest income and paid for their housing earnestly through work, not drug money laundering which is criminal. It is likely intentional by him and his team, and it was surprising that he had that level of malice towards the homeowners, and voters truly intending to steal their wages through illegal competition with drug money laundered housing.

Trump actually said this, regarding homeowners losing their wages, by devaluing, that he encouraged through use of drug laundering,  (“Keep up the devaluing,” said), on January 7, 2020, Trump said this, “They (referring to AGs) know how much they (all Americans who AGs serve and protect) are losing (10 years or more saved wages in housing equity),” and stolen by a deposed con artist. It is chilling to think an American President would enjoy stealing American citizens’ wages through their home equity. American Presidents of our past have sought to enrich our country and make America number one and the most profitable globally, now not so much. He sees you as his ATM. I guess that started on September 11th, when he and his friends knew and some of them planned the act of terrorism against American citizens on American soil, so they decided to play the stock market that day and make money while 3,000 American citizens were killed. He made money that day, while the American bodies smoldered both on the ground and in the towers. Yes I think about it daily and have wanted to put them on trial for over 18 years now. We have a right to live in a world free of internally created terrorism and have a right to fight them until they lose.

We have a right to hold onto our income, and not be cheated. That is what American intelligence should protect and serve. No one wants to see the person who stole 4,160 hours a year from him and his wife on TV. We vote this year and it is too bad Republicans cannot get someone on the ballot to protect their working hours.

Constitutionalism exists and we must speak truth to power to protect ourselves and each other.


How do we define ourselves? Individuals participate daily

How do we define ourselves? Individuals participate daily

January 13, 2020 1:35 pm

Every moment the macrocosm and microcosm exist coherently.  Whatever we do contributes greatly to the whole world. Each interaction we have causes us to understand each other more and what we chose to participate in can have a ripple effect that benefits all humanity. That is my goal each and every moment I am alive here. I love what I do even if it is mundane and tedious seen as low level and observed as nothing. Every interaction has something to be learned from it for self improvement and understanding. Everyone is important.

Everything you participate in can give you a better more real view of the world we live in rather than staying on your own prejudging through what you are told is the world. Only through actual interaction with people can you understand what is really going on. Then you must force yourself sometimes to even go beyond your comfort level to understand different perspectives which allow you to be accountable and understand what is behind our reality to improve ourselves. Many people refuse to acknowledge that this level exists as it is very difficult to coexist in. It is where the common man and even the lowest person on the planet who is observed and put down even contains the most valuable information to be understood. And what if they know more than you from a different perspective, and many do not. Even the highest of the high have hidden data to be understood that many may have not uncovered to the extent that is needed for better global understanding.

As we have been working on understanding the powerful use of sophisticated technology, many people have been harmed greatly with what I will call soul splicing. Our goal is to create whole people in each and every person on my planet to where we are not interfered with subconsciously causing bad decision making externally created by machines. These machines create confusion and allow the enemy to benefit against the people, and in many states I visited months ago they had installed the harmful technology to torture people.

I am putting the package here so you have it to refer to. I have worked for human primacy on our planet, so that we are stronger than any outside forces attempting to harm us. The package was done to create confusion to force terrible outcomes that will not happen here.Package with the spacecraft to refer to

What a criminal undertaking this system was by harmful extraterrestrials and people, some who did not see the duplicity they were participating in that was engineered through external splicing by off worlders. Currently, we are advancing against it and them, as it is a component they used as part of a communist system they tried against us. Yesterday I felt that soon the magnetic pull of our planet will be strong enough soon to bring down their advanced space weaponry in one day. This has been two years of work to get to this point where we have the strength and power to stop them. It will be nice when from North Carolina to here these machines are brought down.

When I was in North Carolina months ago, they had put in the harmful package there with chirpers, electromagnetic pavement and ground wiring for internet services which contributes to these electromagnetic jails which I strongly suspect harm everyone. In the video I did, you can even here the chirpers interacting in the background.  As we have been working to remove communism, which is really confusion from harmful off worlders referred to as alien agenda in many books and extraterrestrials by others, much real data has been acquired through our planet restoration project that began with fervor in 2017 when I revoked agreements and later placed our core perfectly put.

My friend and I had dinner the other night and were talking about Jimmy Carter. She told me that he had hoped for full disclosure and then when he sought to release information through Freedom of Information, he was stopped. My work is public and about the extraterrestrials many people had hoped to gain ground against, yet with our planet’s core previously misaligned, we had little chance of success against. Our core or negative is the heart of our planet and belongs as it is currently in the dead center of our planet where it is finally, placed there perfectly put over two years ago in 2017, where it was supposed to be all along. Our heart of my planet is beating stronger every day as we advance forward. I hope someday I can meet Jimmy Carter and tell him how tough this has been to fight back against them, and that we are winning. Carter she said had gotten really frustrated when he was not allowed to release the relevant data regarding the extraterrestrials. That was likely because their plan was too overarching then, and many people with our planet so badly misaligned in their favor thought we humans had no chance to fight them, so they gave them the pass. We can think of it this way. Our heart of our planet is the magnetic core in the center and if the heart is moved by harmful extraterrestrials, the blood of the planet, magma will not flow and slowly over time our planet dies a slow painful controlled death as all the planets in our galaxy suffered before. When we moved our core to where it is naturally, we positioned our heart perfectly to reignite normal processes which we have. About two months ago it was said we finally created nuclear fission in our center, so our planet is alive and its heart is beating stronger naturally more than ever before now.

This gives us the opportunity as we grow in strength to remove those individuals who are external and harmful, just like parasites. It is like when the body recovers from a virus and naturally kills the invaders, this is where we are, and every day we go stronger. I go to the beach to put my feet in as much as I can because contact with the water consciously spreads the gained or learned information gathered subconsciously allowing it to be processed naturally on our planet. It is for public service that I live and sitting on the ground sometimes has that same effect, but the advanced machines have harmed our natural progress as they were likely designed to do by the off worlders. It is like planetary exercise though, so when you think about the vastness of the consciousness of the ocean, including every living thing inside it working for their best interests versus a few extraterrestrials, the extraterrestrials appear small in number and have weaknesses overcome by nature naturally.

I work lots of small jobs and am not your typical American I guess because my free time for my own projects such as the work on our planet and for honest Americans politically is more important than having a big career being a CEO or senior manager for a large corporation, which I could have been, if I had given up my off time pursuits and chose to be a traditional worker.

I provided the testimony that deposed stole 2016 Trump and do participate politically. The most important thing is honest participation in life. I am excited about our upcoming election and root on the candidates who are honest who work for the American people. We have made it past lots of scary outcomes that some had wanted and it was a relief yesterday when someone I know, said America is coming along better than expected. I work hard for the best for all people. It has been worth it to have the data I have to help American voters for 2020. We can finally defeat communism which initially I thought was different. I have worked against communism for 22 years.

I thought it was human based from China or Russia, an ideology just like many people do, with Karl Marx etc., to be combatted Constitutionally here in our country against our adversaries that were seeking to impose their belief systems on us. We are competitive with Russia and China, however communism was not theirs either in the way it was really developed. Marx was paid for by royalty and the elite for the work he did at the time, which is important to note as the elite and royals had the assistance of these harmful extraterrestrials in the background. The extraterrestrials were very hardy creatures and unnatural here. They served as henchmen for the elite unknown to many. To the people, they are a harmful invasive species that many people have had visitations and encounters with. We are scared of them and I know.

As we as a people have gotten stronger against them with our negative install they can be seen more like a parasite and will be less powerful to those they previously supported and they die here.

It is like in your yard, when you get an invasive species that spreads thousands of seeds, how do you overcome the invasion. We have slowly been breaking down their eggs which are white and are their seeds here. The negative eats them and then they lose strength. It took over a year for us to even get to the eggs and to be able to break them down. I remember on my road trip when this started and inside my body I found out that our negative was eating them. I felt the sensation of this and in some ways it was disgusting because these are eggs of harmful parasites on our planet. Think about eating wasps eggs or something like that. It feels gross initially and it must be done to get rid of the harmful parasites that had hard shells. Our negative breaks them down very good and we keep going every day to make our world better for everyone.

After I placed our negative the extraterrestrials installed the package more fervently in my opinion. The package above was called “the communism,” and this definition for communism was developed over many years.
“Communism is confusion originating from extraterrestrials masked in ideology, making them falsely look like a benevolent benefactor, resulting in financial and other crimes, sometimes using advanced machines and technology to accomplish their goals.” It will be nice when communism is brought directly down from space. We are getting stronger against it now.

I found out that what I thought about communism as originating from China or Russia itself, is incorrect. It was interesting, the Chinese and others had come to America to help democracy building in their countries to help their people to be more free in a better organized system like we have on many occasions. I found out that pre-September 11th, the green extraterrestrials had made a deal to move the Chinese gold to the British Royal Crown who had wanted to evict our planet of people and steal everything from us, similar to that which was done on Mars and the other now dead planets in our star system. They worked with the white extraterrestrials and others. This then set up the Chinese manufacturing for the technology above in the package, and the Indonesian’s gold was likely stolen and given to China to start the Standard Drawing Rights basket of currencies called “Drawing Rights” for the hand stamping or hand markers. Luckily this technology is outmoded now as long ago the supercomputers shut down and their paypoints will not work any more. Still the dots of the hand stamping have been breaking down. Originally people were to be marked and then those markers were to be used ultimately to harvest them like a crop here without honor. We are down to three dots being broken down of a complex pattern and it is good for us to know the truth to get ahead.

Hopefully soon the Chinese will receive their gold back, and return the Indonesian’s gold. “We invested in the Chinese,” said by the green extraterrestrials who stole the Indonesian gold and sent it to China.

Brainwashed Americans “were all in on it back then the currency swap for the hand mark,” said a source and now they are slowly moving in a more beneficial direction for our planet and country to enjoy a good life again recognizing the threats that happened and how far we have come to advance against that which divided us. It was an unseen enemy that when known scared many and was hard to defeat because of the sickness of our planet, now whole again and growing stronger.

It is like undoing a large covert plan against humanity one step at a time. The most interesting thing is that the extraterrestrials play a middle ground war co opting both sides, favoring whomever gives them an advantage and that is how the definition for communism evolved. It was found out that during the Kennedy administration the communist entities had found their way in and caused harm to the real freedom loving right who felt like they could no longer be American anymore because the shape shifters had found their way in, and the shapeshifters then came for the right with the “white giants,” using that for white supremacy and selection of people to stir up low level emotions as they splice, meaning cut up the whole people into parts to manipulate. In reality President John F.  Kennedy was more like the man who wanted to kill him that morning and missed. The external threat must be eliminated, and people made whole again.

It was found yesterday, our moon was dirty from the white giants hiding there. Hopefully they are cleared from there like we are clearing our planet from them recognizing the harm that had been spliced into our subconscious, now being separated and destroyed.

Your Life is No Longer in the Devil's Hands

Your Life is No Longer in the Devil's Hands

January 2, 2020 3:23 am

“I always felt like I made some deal with the devil that does not like mankind’s hands,” said an unnamed source about arranging for his daughter’s birth to him on my planet. I only work with and for God and installed my negative perfectly put in the center several years ago and slowly as our earth turns the dark side, that is connected to an off world agenda, loses. Recently I met his 61 year old daughter who told me about her entry point onto our planet in vivid detail. She remembered about the negotiations for her, last of six children’s, birth.

There was some place in space where alien agenda put individuals they did not like together with our families. She initially claimed she was an off worlder and I wondered if that was true. I found out later that it is untrue, her soul was discarnate and previously part of the supercomputer system that is now disbanded almost. She described where she met her soon to be father as a house in space with no walls except for one small room called the “room for improvement.” That room was very small, had walls and was where the negotiations took place with her father to give birth to six children and a woman he did not want with her as the cutest bargaining chip and I earn their respect for telling our stories. He was told he was to marry a woman he did not like and have six children, and then was upset until he saw my friend’s face. This made him finally agree to the sentence for his life. I suspect they called it the room for improvement because she did not fit in their mold of easily controlled human.

Their life was traumatized with her two older brothers dying at 6 and 8 years old and later individuals around her used dark magic to torture her because of her spiritual side. She almost killed herself two years ago and then was likely implanted as when she woke up after being out for 5 days, a large mass was on her head. I found out what they said, “We’re going to implant this one so we don’t have to worry about her,” humiliating them in the times ahead was said by the NSA criminals. She has continued to live and worked as best as she could. No one should be implanted ever.

She is a kind woman who cares for many and they try to ostracize her. Our planet is working harder than ever for freedom to exist here for all people. It is hard to write this as they read it, the enemy, and it is your enemy too. Who wants their life determined for them

I am working on God determining our lives not harmful off worlders, that exist at NSA. Our Gold standard and money back get delivered to all American people.

Feel freedom all around you and on the beach. Gold

Sun works through the core, South America ongoing.

There was discussion among children today. One with bright eyes said, “We get to stay because of them,” referring to alien agenda and a smarter one who was younger and more rugged said, “they did not like that we got a free planet,” and I know that to be true.

We are now making sure that God sets your lives up for success constitutionally.

No one had a right to make any contracts for my planet behind my back as I am our only negative holder and that is and was known. They do not like the fact that I work for freedom of every American.

“I sold her negative set,” was said by a criminal who stole 2018, and just like if you know someone owns the Brooklyn Bridge and you sell it, you have to deal with the ramifications not them. I work for the people and am not part of a religious group in Oceanside I consider criminal. Now we have to correct the life side and I am helping the woman who has had a hard time all her life with evil stuff used against her as I have. It will be nice when babies are born and only know of God’s plans for them and we are almost there

Good times ahead.

I have been hoping to finish our install soon so I put a lot of work in every day, so that we can move on to other planets. Mars needs its negative placed correctly, and the other planets are owned by us exclusively. Each one was habitable until the criminal extraterrestrials arrived in our galaxy.

I was wondering today if the Chinese were from Mercury, and as our sun heals if they would like to get it back. It seems like their squinty eyes may be because they lived closest to the Sun. With our healed sun, Mercury is habitable and less radiant. Nope, they are from Saturn.

Venus is where the Zetas live, they are black, and they can have it back too. Venus is perfect for a the tan they have as it is more radiant.

I will correct our work as I continue to work for the people as I always have.

Why is my point on a standard sentence need to be stopped. I want no criminals who are on a wanted poster by me to ever stop by. They did what they did and they are criminals.

I look forward to working with non-criminals and I will.

Helmet loser on a wanted poster. I didn’t steal ballots.

Why do election thieves deserve anything.

It espionage to remove our gold standard and money back or file bankruptcy on American citizens.

Below ones are cheap prostitutes as their name denotes. People are better.

Those who stole our ballots should go to jail before the primary. 

We have clouds.


What is it like to be our negative holder, about me.

December 27, 2019 6:52 am

People have a strange idea of what our planet’s negative holder is. I placed our negative in the center of our, my planet in 2017 after thousands of hours of work. Our core is the magnetic center of our planet that had been offset by harmful extraterrestrials thousands of years ago. People have a strange idea about what a negative holder is. I am physically connected on an energetic level to our planet’s core. People knew I am our negative holder before and this is why I am connected to plants and animals telepathically and plants physically. Our planet had been getting perfectly round and then, now it is screwed up somehow. It is like if you are baking a cake, and it is perfect then someone alters it by covering only a portion, that portion of the cake is not as nice as the uncovered portion.

I discovered that today when I went down to San Diego and stood on the ground. It was very soft beneath my feet. I have been working very intently with the ocean here to bring the overhead down. I hate what the alien agenda did. They installed machines and tape recorders over the North County airspace, with satellites. One component is like a shipping container, space like metal hovering overhead. I have been using magnetism with the ocean as our core is magnetic to pull the space shipping container to the ground because they harm me physically. It rained really hard today and yesterday, so my ocean work is successful. I wanted to go to the beach at Cabrillo to work on the green energy in the harbor because that is where Schumer and Leahy installed harmful technology. I may have to now sit in at Balboa Park for hours to even out all the time I spent at the beach. I feel like our planet is my project.

Donald Trump who stole election 2016 is deposed by my testimony. It is a felony to steal an election. It is a felony to steal two elections.

Why do we have an expected housing crash, February, No Valentine's Day surprise.

Why do we have an expected housing crash, February, No Valentine's Day surprise.

December 13, 2019 2:28 pm

California is suffering complete mismanagement of its housing sector.

The jobs creation myth of November was in the housing sector fueled with cocaine monies versus earned income through real development and below the surface there is very little real income creation. Where is the next sector to advance and where will our capital come from. What comes up is junk bonds, however this is the predictable formula of the Paul Allen banksters that stole 2018. Should they be charged with financial crime by now and forced to repay the debt they have caused since 1994, and the beginning of their criminal quest in Orange County.

They have wanted to manage my data in the background and it was found out yesterday, “We’ll coordinate the evidence from here and once the old guard is extinguished, we’ll take power,” said Andy Swetnam, working with Allen team, the root of the junk bonds for bankruptcy I am against. He, Burlingame &  Gordon Duff are related & against us all. Robert Stevenson is a go between in their quest and used to go back and forth with the old guard who sponsored the cocaine guys, I am against and deal with their ramifications not to harm the homeowners here.

The other day this almost happened, “Now we shit can the ‘cocaine guys’ and put Burlingame in,” said a cocaine punk I refer to as the old woman’s purse snatcher Darrell Issa had sponsored before. Issa and others encouraged them to use cocaine so I would not be picked up as an intelligence professional or Presidentially. The cocaine guys are Stevenson and some of the old guard who have been laundering drug money for the housing in the land grab that is expected to crash our housing market and Burlingame and the cocaine punk were in on it.  Stevenson has been more honorable, and according to the authorities here he is OK. I hate Swetnam and know he and Burlingame have been working for bankruptcy against everyone including likely the District Attorney I am not fond of and Gore, the Sheriff. They are not human and have fooled our community into going for their ideas that do harm our community. Maybe someday those who were told to hate me, may ask for my advice because I knew these alien agenda people before and had the same experience, that they are sweet and kind to your face and ready to go behind your back to profiteer at any moment.  They are like Russian brides, only worse.

The old guard has been used to control our White House, and is involved with them to their own detriment as Swetnam, Burlingame with Paul Allen likely wanted to extinguish them, the old guard, which makes it challenging for the voters who I work for to make any real change. The old guard is criminal in their own way with the attempted stock market and housing crashes they are attempting that I am still fighting in my own way, embedded here, or who knows maybe they can help to solve the problem without the crash to the homeowners. It would give them an opportunity to be heroes. What is life like without being heroic, nothing worth living.

What does winning look like? Winning to me is for our country’s financial standing to be number one globally, that is Presidential, I hope the impeachment goes on as scheduled and as deposed Trump stole 2016 that we have a chance to review as voters his personal use of the White House for profiteering against the voters. It is only 50 days until the Primary first voters go to the polls. Donald Trump must be treated as a civilian for prosecution purposes. The role of the President of the United States as Chief of state refers to the President as the head of the government. “He (she) is the symbol of all the people.” In this instance the individual whose team directly stated and is proven to have stolen the 2016 election used our White House for drug money laundering for housing and prostitution purposes. I have wanted the Epstein case reopened and found out that I had been harmed by those same individuals likely as our negative holder, made pre-sexual as a teenager and that is who is doing surveillance and monitoring here as Duff team, who is more the Burlingame side, as he negotiated with them more. I deserve victim’s compensation. Imagine old men watching you shower with the Russian mafia allowed to know when you shower to launder drug money for unneeded housing you testified against.

“Keep up the cocaine planet,” said here for the housing to continue that does nothing but devalue the voters earned income. They are doing that in the eyes of the authorities here who if they earn $120,000 ($58 per hour) a year are being devalued themselves at a rate of $500,000 per large transaction for the the housing. In reality though, if the housing becomes worthless as more people are moving out of California than into California, then what is the point of the drug money laundering for the housing. They did not really think it through and it was the idea of a guy named Gabriel, who Stevenson hit with a directed energy weapon causing his car to overturn on the freeway and hit a guardrail and is why he is known as guardrail boy I did see it, had nothing to do with it and reported it and individuals known as “gargoyles” with Stevenson were hired to launder the money for the housing.

If the housing is really marketed, meaning they have to find buyers for it, as area homes are selling for about 20% below market value, these houses would have to sell for around 30% of their value, so that puts them at around $200,000. This then lowers the home that is selling at 20% in value down to 50% of its value at $250,000. Will the housing even sell? Who will buy it? It is supply and demand standard in business. I testified against this in advance to prevent calamities such as this from happening. Solutions yet?

Constitutional Republic stands here.

The agency guys knew deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump was a criminal when he came into the White House, so hopefully we can exact change at the right moment to help the American homeowner out during the holidays with our resources, and not allow them to control the conversation to continue to rob us blind long after, as this is expected to hit in February.

A victims compensation fund for all California homeowners needs to be setup for when the downturn occurs as the gargoyles and Gabriel as well as all of those laundering drug money should be held responsible for the decline in values and can prepare to sue in advance House and Senate Select members who partnered with them including Senators Mitch McConnell, Patrick Leahy and Chuck Schumer. We are aware now of who they are and they need to be arraigned for the money laundering. This crime has real holdings with lots of off the books accounting of large sums of cocaine money.





Fraud Communism.

November 11, 2019 8:28 pm

In 1998 unknown to me, the publisher of a magazine for the Navy, a former sheriff I knew then met with the Navy at the base where I published my magazine for and wanted to bring something called, “the communism” now here. It was based on what hand stamping or branding that is stealing and devaluing American citizens existing equity with stole 2016. Pre that conversation, the Navy would never have considered communism as a viable option. It was nothing but a scam and a swindle from that point on. They contracted with criminals who claim my negative is not set correctly and sought to who humiliate me as our only natural negative core holder they knew even then. I am always honest and work to the best of our ability to speak truth to power. Criminals win every day and I work against them every day. They depend on stock market crashes to make themselves profitable and attempt to use nuclear weapons on us even here. We are always at gunpoint with those who want the popularity for unscrupulous purposes and they canive and scheme together every day to defeat the good side who lives here. Why do people claim I am a hippy when I have always worked to protect American citizens and internationals from terrorists, including financial ones, something a beach bum hippy would never have time to do because they are too busy having fun.

Federalists need to stop the use of artillery. Gunpoint drama needs to be shit canned. There is no Chinese side here only a side fighting to financially destroy America through devaluing, a very un american cause. I want to move on to Mars to restore that planet to habitable by reinstalling our negative there correctly. My only concern is how do we get there with our gold program not in effect yet. Why allow “demon men” to delay future adventurism for prostitution that only harms American citizens financially. I can win honestly. What is the point of paying criminals who harm Americans financially for my negative install rather than moving forward. Why would anyone hope to wrongfully arrest me an excellent human who worked too hard for our country to retain standing and strength. Constitutionalism guaranteed. Chinese communism originally was about its people having financially equality and when the alien agenda got there they cheated them like they have continued to attempt to cheat American citizens through the stock markets. Are we going to allow that to continue? Too bad we do not have a functional Securities and Exchange Commission.

Deposed Trump is part of their team and he hoped to crash the stock market to put a little extra money in his pocket  and that is what he did on September 11th with his teams. This is criminal and advanced technology needs to be disbanded today. It is in space because of a group called the below people who admitted, “Wall Street crime is ours since the Nixons came to town,” since the 1970s arrival of Nixon officials stealing from the American people who have not known what they are about. Get rid of them and space race will continue without their stealing from Americans. On November 8, 2019 Xi Jinping  in China remarked that these harmful extraterrestrials who depend on money laundering were “the ones who brought communism,” there to his chagrin. “We had our communism before.” I prefer that communism for China. It is honest and for the people who live there. I am against communism here and am Constitutional all day everywhere.

They keep claiming that Robert L Stevenson who put a bluetooth device in my face is America’s finest, and there is nothing fine about someone who talks behind your back to steal from every American I serve and protect. They threaten that if Trump does not remain in power, stock market crashes continue.

Stevenson arrested. Why is a criminal getting any arrest warrants out. Popularity

Wrongful participation did not cause the destroyer incident. It was Kilburn who did it and I still have my notes on it. Participation is needed to stop threats. and I participate like every American should and is needed. I  belong in world leadership for the American side who is informed about communism  for the people in China and not interested in the electromagnetic fake communism to steal from everyone. Jails should not be brought here.

Epstein Wexner and Likely Gates Connected Through Advanced Technology

October 29, 2019 9:29 pm

Updated 10/30/19

By Ann Diener (previously for Veterans Today, published on March 19, 2017 there before I knew how close VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff is with Ghislaine Maxwell and Les Wexner mentioned here.) Bill Gates Recently found involved with Duff and Wexner in housing developments in California and building installs here. Gates claimed in the media he met with Esptein because he knew a lot of rich people.

It seems odd that no one has even been questioned about the National Security implications of what appears to be potential blackmail of powerful and influential people involving sex crimes with underage girls at Jeffrey Epstein’s properties.  This morning it was found that Epstein was likely strangled in his jail cell, as the cocaine money laundering here for housing continues through the cocaine cartel set up with deposed stole 2016 Trump and Les Wexner who started Epstein in money laundering remains in the background. The murder of Epstein’s girlfriend’s father was significant in the start of their illicit enterprises. Robert Maxwell was likely thrown overboard in Italy rather than dying of an accident.

“We obviously used that money (Robert Maxwell’s) for funding back then,” said now deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump before, as he is the head of the down south cocaine cartel and still speaking in the media.
Robert L Stevenson, a former Orange County Sheriff is connected to their criminal gang and admitted, “I was the one who threw Maxwell off the boat.” I wonder if this is true as I knew him and previously served as a
narcotics informant for him.

Gordon Duff, who is the Senior Editor at Veterans Today where I was a writer is a close associate of Ghislaine Maxwell, and has remarked on many occasions “Ghislaine keeps calling me,” because they do not want their cartel shut down. Duff told me that he had two of Wexner’s attorneys living with him and back then I thought it was strange now not so much as he is a con man trying to scam everyone.

FBI Director Christopher Wray is involved  with them and  the cocaine cartel and has said before, “Everything we planned from the beginning of the down south (cocaine cartel) is not going to work.” We keep working here to stop them until the Primary. From my understanding he passed on the investigation into the murder of Robert Maxwell as an FBI Field Agent. I am against cocaine money laundering and provided verifiable testimony against Trump. The housing in the land grab is visually seen and admitted to. It must go to court now.  I am President in name only and serve until I testify formally against the land grab.

What sorts of decisions could have been influenced and altered using blackmail operating in the background? Election recounts? Foreign policy and economic decisions? Decisions promoting war and oil? Even now, governmental budgets, regulations, and the very air we breathe and water we drink? How can we end the cocaine cartel known as the down south. Do we have to wait until Trump is no longer in the media. Deposal of Trump already went through for the land grab set to devalue every San Diegan.

In the beginning of his administration Trump put people in command who were connected to Epstein and Wexner in some form or fashion. When will his administration go away. Trump stole 2016 and I have verifiable data showing our voting machines were hacked then and they publicly admitted to the election theft. With huge campaigns ongoing, what gives him the right to steal 2016 and abscond with cocaine money through a cartel that is already outed and proven to be laundering drug money for the housing that is relevant as sin.

It came at no surprise that now deposed President Donald “Trump picked former Bush administration prosecutor R. Alexander Acosta Feb. 16 (2017) to lead the Labor Department despite his multiple legal controversies involving sex predators, corrupt bankers and billionaire tax cheats. Their crimes largely escaped prosecution from Acosta and his law enforcement colleagues. Most dramatic was Acosta’s confidential plea agreement in 2008 not to prosecute Epstein for operating what police described as massive sex trafficking ring that allegedly involved Trump in the rape of a 13-year-old in 1994, according to a recent lawsuit withdrawn last year,” said Andrew Kreig of the Justice Integrity Project.

I have been after them since then, March of 2017.

The document which is found here details the alleged rape of “Jane Doe” at the then New York home of Leslie Wexner which was allegedly used for parties by Epstein who’s alleged guest Donald Trump with Epstein raped her when she was 13 years old.


A recent video appeared online recently identifying the victim in the California complaint as Katie Johnson who told more of her story here:

Though the complaint in California was withdrawn, the website contains more of Johnson’s story which may be made into a film.

Another identified victim, one of the key plaintiffs against Epstein, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, whose graphic story was told here.

She received a letter informing her of the plea deal from Acosta which was included in the document below, dated Sept 3, 2008, signed by the Assistant US Attorney A. Marie Villafana, who was working under Acosta.

According to the letter “On June 30, 2008 Jeffrey Epstein (hereinafter referred to as “Epstein”) entered a plea of guilty to violations of Florida Statues Sections 796.07 (felony solicitation of prostitution) and 796.03 (procurement of minors to engage in prostitution) in the 15th Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County (Case Nos 2006-cf-009454AXXXMB and 2008-cf-009381AXXXMB) and was sentenced to a term of twelve months’ imprisonment to be followed by an additional six months’ imprisonment, followed by twelve months of Community Control 1, with conditions of community confinement imposed by the Court.”

The letter then went on to state, “An independent Special Master was assigned the task of selecting an attorney representative to the agreement to represent the victims, including you, in connection with civil actions between the victims and Mr. Epstein. The Special Master selected Robert Josefsberg, Esq. of the firm Podhurst Orseck, P.A., a highly respected and experienced attorney. You are not obligated to use Mr. Josefsberg, but, as explained in greater detail below, Mr. Josefsberg’s services will be provided at no cost to you because Mr. Epstein is obligated to pay the costs and fees of the attorney-representative. Also Mr. Epstein and his attorneys can only contact you via Mr. Josefsberg, assuming that you would like Mr. Josefsberg as your attorney.


Meaning, the victims were deprived of the ability to bring further criminal charges against Epstein by this plea deal, under which he accepted no guilt other than the charges agreed upon by the court. The deal contained no mention of Ghislaine Maxwell or Leslie Wexner, who had facilitated Epstein’s crimes, one as a recruiter of underage girls and the other potentially partnering to procure the real estate venues where the incidents took place. It also made no reference to photos and evidence of celebrities and politicians abusing these underage girls. Based on the testimony accepted and the evidence found, one can assume there are photos and further evidence concerning other participants.

According to Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s deposition, “Epstein and Maxwell also told me that they wanted me to produce things for them in addition to performing sex acts on the men. They told to me to pay attention to the details about what the men wanted, so I could report back to them.


With such victim testimony, which clearly suggests that underage sex-blackmail was being used against some of the most powerful people in the world, why would there be no other prosecutions or investigations?

A lawsuit filed in February 2016, “paints a picture of then – U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta and then-State Attorney Barry Krischer bowing to pressure by Epstein’s powerful cadre of attorneys to keep the victims in the dark about the deal until after Epstein pleaded guilty to two minor state charges,” according to an article in the Palm Beach Daily News.

Knowing that Epstein’s clients and ”friends/guests” were listed in a little black book, it would seem to be misconduct to ignore the testimony of Giuffre, if one was sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Could a US Attorney be ignorant of the ramifications of using underage girls, such as those found in the many photos identified as belonging to Epstein, to blackmail officials? Were any questions asked of those listed in the black book. such as did they participate with the girls? It seems extraordinary to let something that could pose a National Security threat slip through the cracks because of pressure from attorneys.


The interesting thing is that people, including those involved with outing the so called “Pizzagate” story, keep aligning Hilary and Bill Clinton with Epstein, while it was Leslie Wexner, the founding chairman of the Limited Inc. who purchased and owned the home at the time that was allegedly used in the rape of the underage girl, Johnson, that was sited in her deposition. Ghislaine Maxwell, who according to numerous accounts, recruited the underage girls, and quite possibly Donald Trump who participated at least in the beginning based on Johnson’s personal account.

Is Pizzagate their tool, by design, to use the blackmail they gathered on the elite guests brought to the homes and procured young girls for as a threat? It would have been very easy to circulate blackmail evidence with the simple hashtag #Pizzagate. In effect, they could have used the highly publicized “conspiracy theory” as a vehicle to threaten those blackmailed into submission during the 2016 election.


How it began

In 1989, Wexner purchased the Birch Wathen School for $13.2 million according to an article found here. This was the New York home, 9 East 71st St, New York, NY was identified in the victims’ testimonies, including that of the woman who withdrew her suit, now known as Johnson. The home did not change hands until 2012 when Epstein transferred the home to an off shore company located in the Virgin Islands. The signature match on the document that was recorded. The home was owned by a corporation, NINE EAST 71ST STREET CORPORATION, so it is unclear if Wexner ever released his interests in the corporation. It is also unknown if Wexner held an interest in the other properties including the private island in the Virgin Islands and the ranch owned in New Mexico which were mentioned in the victim’s testimonies.

“In 1995, Wexner turned the home over to Epstein, who was his protege and financial adviser (and much more, if you believe Gawker CEO Nick Denton’s argument) because, on the face of it, his new wife ‘expressed greater enthusiasm for bringing up their two young children in Columbus, Ohio,’ ‘ according to the article, “Every Property Owned by Sleazy Financier Jeffrey Epstein” in Curbed.

Tax assessor documents recorded on September 11, 1989 show that the home was sold by the Birch Wathen School to NINE EAST 71ST STREET CORPORATION for “$10 and other valuable consideration”.

Around the same time, in 1989, Trump was being hosted by Robert Maxwell and his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell on the yacht, “Lady Ghislaine”.

Robert Maxwell was owner of the Mirror Group Newspapers. He died in 1991, and left Ghislaine with many valuable contacts, according to the Guardian article, “Captain Bob and the spooks,” Robert served as a direct conduit for foreign intelligence.

From the article, “His American acquisitions were a crushing debt burden. He had rifled the entire pension funds of Maxwell Communications to try to ease that debt burden, and he mortgaged virtually all his wealth on a huge gamble with fate. There was no one left to rescue Bob Maxwell – except one possible saviour. He still had friends in very high political places. If they failed him then commercial disaster would swiftly turn to criminal investigations. So what happened to those political friends in high places?

“Maxwell built up a tremendous catalogue of politically-influential contacts with wide commercial implications. For over 20 years he had established a network of commercial and political interests in the communist countries of Eastern Europe, which was a linchpin of his Pergamon Press Company. His biographies – or to be accurate, bland hagiographies – of virtually all the Communist leaders were a lucrative earner.

“Yet this extraordinary quilt of commercial contacts with the East European communist world concealed something else – Maxwell was also involved in passing intelligence to the west about the communist rulers. In fact, he was almost certainly being used as – and using himself as – a two-way intelligence conduit. This arrangement included passing intelligence to the Israeli secret forces, with whom he became increasingly involved towards the end of his life.

“Maxwell was highly regarded by the Israeli government. He was certainly used by them to help in the process of Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union and, in return, he was seen by the Soviet government as an important contact in dealings with Israel. This involved commercial interests as well that linked Maxwell with secret defence deals between Israel and the countries of Eastern Europe. Maxwell had important investments in the Israeli defence industry, especially in the trading park at Haifa. ”

A few years after her father’s death Ghislaine Maxwell would team up with Jeffrey Epstein and form a partnership which would last for more than fifteen years and damage hundreds if not thousands of young women’s lives, and leave millions of other lives impacted by what they potentially created together.

Ghislaine and Epstein were “seen” together aboard another yacht in 1995 in Sydney, Australia onboard the yacht of trucking magnate Lindsay Fox for a Christmas cruise during the couple’s “fleeting visit to Sydney after stopping of at Melbourne and spending some time with the Fox family.

In 1995, Epstein was also developing new real estate in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the ranch later be known as Zorro Ranch.

Giuffre claimed in her sworn statement, “I also had sex with Dershowitz at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico in the massage room off of the indoor pool area, which was still being painted.” This claim was later denied by Dershowitz, who threatened the attorneys with disbarment.

According to Business Insider, “Dershowitz promised to start disbarment proceedings against the two lawyers who filed the motion, Cassell and Edwards. For their part, Cassell and Edwards told Business Insider in a statement that they ‘carefully investigate’ claims in all of their pleadings before filing them.

The attorneys replied in a statement to Business Insider, “We have also tried to depose Mr. Dershowitz on these subjects, although he has avoided those deposition requests. Nevertheless, we would be pleased to consider any sworn testimony and documentary evidence Mr. Dershowitz would like to provide which he contends would refute any of our allegations.”

The post on Business Insider was not updated with a reply from Dershowitz.

Epstein’s little black book was published by Gawker when it turned up in court proceedings after Epstein’s former house manager Alfredo Rodriguez had tried to sell it in 2009. About 50 of the entries, including those of many of Epstein’s suspected victims and accomplices as well as Trump, Love, Barak, Dershowitz, and others, The people of interest had been circled by Rodriguez.

Considering the number of people circled in the book and not questioned publicly, and those implicated but never charged such as Ghislaine Maxwell.  Will this case ever lead to a thorough investigation and questioning of everyone circled in the black book, as justice demands that it should?


Freedom comes from truth and justice. We need to ask some questions about Bill Gates who met with Epstein connected to Wexner and now the land grab here that Trump is deposed for ability to sell homes?

We won Iraq when we kicked Bush out.

October 27, 2019 2:46 pm

We need to kick Bush out of financial circles. They were involved in the 2008 stock market crash and continue to operate in the background attempting to steal from you with members of the Senate and House. They see your hard work and savings like it is their ATM, with deposed stole 2016 Trump saying previously, “I hope they can crash the stock market, so I can put a little extra money in my pocket.” Here on American soil, your home values are not sacred to them. The years of work you put into your equity is available to them through drug money laundering to develop housing. The other day I felt very afraid for the homeowners in this area that have been hit repeatedly by Dick Cheney’s team. It is criminal that they have been using the overhead here. Their intention was to heat the area up to devalue existing property owners and build new ones which they are attempting to sell even now as the same homes are more or less on the market that were available more than one year ago.

In the background, they tried to start the Iraq war again to profit from us.

What is it about the war on terrorism that they are fans of, manufactured enemies, to cause PTSD later on because there is nothing worth fighting for. The only time a war is worth fighting is when there is a cause that you are protecting and defending. If not, it is just manufactured for the coffers of Congressional members already over bloated with cocaine money. And Congressional members profiteer with their friends. They accept huge payments for voting. The border wall funding was a huge contention with some people attempting to use the wall as a show of strength against illegal immigrants, however it was a sign of weakness. Our border patrol has the skills to stop illegal immigration without a wall if illegals and methamphetamine are not encouraged to cross the border. Currently the lack of effectiveness is in enforcement. It seems from looking around, there are fewer illegals because of economics in the San Diego area and this is true based on the article here. More Mexicans are moving from the US to Mexico than are coming here. Some Americans are also moving south of the border to find more affordable living.

So what was the border wall about and what is the background based on truth.  It is about Congressional members and others generating income through voting for issues that are glamorized in the media that have no basis in reality. Some were paid as much as $350,000 to $450,000 to vote for the border wall which could be seen as a useless monolithic idea as real Mexicans are leaving our country while others are stuck in detention centers sucking up tax dollars. Why do they keep them there? These immigrants could be rapidly deported to relieve our tax burden.

It is the same group that I have been reporting on that are connected to Les Wexner who started Jeffrey Epstein in his prostitution later drug money laundering ring, the Patrick Leahy and Chuck Schumer wing of Democratic members in the Senate that keep coalescing with the Republican majority leaders to keep walls around our country and jails in between, useless basically and done for profiteering. The wall was very popular for them because of Oleg Deripaska and other oligarchs likely that had steel interests and they used their steel also in harmful building construction of hotels and office buildings. Do we need many of the buildings  they constructed, likely no. In China long ago when they experienced building such as this that is useless, they actually had to destroy empty buildings because there were no businesses or people to put in them and it costs too much to maintain the vacant buildings.  Timing is required to remove them from our lives for good.

Leahy came here criminally to profiteer against the locals when he found out about my negative install and partnered with another individual who had hopped to steal from American citizens through deposed Trump who stole 2016 and stole 2016 Clinton, they were hoping for, “the biggest heist we’ve ever had.” Just getting them removed here would be good enough.

Why this started in San Diego County, Senator Patrick Leahy found out about me and said, “She did all this revoking and stuff, maybe we can make a mint over there,” in a corrupt tone. What gave them the right to come here to profiteer? I had also provided testimony that did depose Donald Trump for the same activity Leahy attempted to do here with the land grab. As the testimony has been validated currently through visually seen properties, there should be no reason for them to operate here. We should be in adjudication of the properties garnered through cocaine money laundering.

“We don’t want to bring communism in here we just want to make a few minor changes to your native space,” Leahy said to individuals in our city he met with regarding the housing. This housing if sold is set to devalue all San Diego County homeowners. Profiteering has consequences on others.

They are also part of the same bloated group above with Wexner. Leahy pretends in the media to be Democratic, however from the way he has behaved here, there is a very criminal side to him. I am not sure why Bernie Sanders would accept his endorsement thinking about the way Leahy behaves privately. They should be personally responsible for their housing and not expect cocaine money laundering to pay their way. How much money do Senators have a right to earn through their positions. Is there recourse for the local community faced with declining home values if these homes go on the market and do not sell, remember some of the same houses that were for sale two years ago are still for sale.

Does their game have an end here where the homes are removed and illegals in detention centers are deported.

We need a reoffenders list of financial criminals. America does not need to repeat the same scenario over and over only to looe money.
Finally an answer to question we always asked about 2008 401K crash conducted by Bush Carlyle, it was admitted on August 26, 2019, by  George W Bush, “We created those with the stock brokers,” 401Ks to steal American citizens money by crash.

How can we secure our money from them and not be a walking ATM for individuals who are “popular” in the media. Are they really popular? If America knew what they did before, they would be very unpopular, like watching your earnings statement drop by 40-60% in several months after working years to save those funds, and that guy speaking to you on TV is the one who cost you those years of savings. How many hours did Bush steal of your work in 2008. These people are in the background and continue to attempt to steal the same way using the same methods only few report on their criminal activities.

How does it work globally? They are connected through computing and likely use machines to create variances and fluctuations in the market to bleed the market. Here locally our housing market is impacted by these Democrats who pretend to be nice and when you look at their websites and media, they are for the people, however behind the scenes they are involved with organized crime that has been ongoing since the the 1990’s.

The cocaine cartel that began in 1992, after the murder of media mogul Robert Maxwell played a significant role, deposed stole 2016 Trump used the funds from Ghislaine, his daughter who arranged him being thrown off a yacht in Italy, to start the cartel to scam America through the housing they would develop now with those members of the House and the Senate. Trump said on October 31, 2018, “We obviously used that money (Gordon Maxwell’s) money for funding back then,” to fund the cocaine arms network now known as the one “down south.” He is the only candidate who stole 2016 and has a cocaine cartel in operation. Trump is also deposed for the land grab that cartel is laundering funds into.

The advanced weaponry has been used here with the authorization of the Justice Department through Robert Mueller. “I only had the cocaine men’s best interests in mind,” Mueller said on October 31, 2018. “That is what this space based weapon is for, to make money for them.” Why are they allowed to make money through drug money laundering that is pure profiteering through devaluing. As the space based weapon is devaluing California, shouldn’t the Justice Department be responsible here for compensating homeowners for the values they lost in equity. It is now Primary 2020, and how out of control our Justice Department is should be a concern to every voter, authorizing money laundering for devaluing and using harmful weapons on American citizens and soil to devalue their homes and equity. Will Christopher Wray finally be shut down who has been slowly reduced in his participation with the down south cocaine cartel. Mueller was turned down for FBI director as Wray had already been hired because he was part of Trump’s cocaine cartel.

When you see Leahy and Schumer opposing deposed stole 2016 Trump in public on TV, realize that it is just a lie, as they participate with them directly here for the same housing Trump is deposed for.

Congressional members such as Adam Schiff and others have been blindsided by harmful “star beings” called “Nixon ones,” that steal from us daily with telephony. “That’s what we use the telephony for,” to launder drug money, said one of the Nixon aliens Congressional members have partnered with. She has brown short hair and looks very sophisticated with her computers, yet is a high priced thief, seriously.

They also use the telephony to raid the stock market and friends admitted about being proud of their partnership with these harmful extraterrestrials calles Nixons, “Wall Street crime was ours since The Nixons came to town.” They likely participate on the back ends of all stock markets to make traders fooled into investing into stock market options to fail later on. When you think about millions of seniors and others who are amateurs “playing the stock market” as sophisticated predators lurk on the back end to fool them daily this group must be outed as the participate globally through microtargeting many.

The fun thing to watch is what is focussed on by political people aligned with them. The opioid crisis, prescription return day as they launder away. The news cycle is set by this small group of inmates on my planet that I hold dear to me. We need to change that and report real news. such as the election convictions that need to be made before the Primary. Why are we letting prostitution and drug money laundering get in the way. People do not care about the average American like I do.

How it began

In 1989, Wexner purchased the Birch Wathen School for $13.2 million according to an article found here. This was the New York home, 9 East 71st St, New York, NY was identified in the victims’ testimonies, including that of the woman who withdrew her suit, now known as Johnson. The home did not change hands until 2012 when Epstein transferred the home to an off shore company located in the Virgin Islands. The signature match on the document that was recorded. The home was owned by a corporation, NINE EAST 71ST STREET CORPORATION, so it is unclear if Wexner ever released his interests in the corporation. It is also unknown if Wexner held an interest in the other properties including the private island in the Virgin Islands and the ranch owned in New Mexico which were mentioned in the victim’s testimonies. These are harmful sexual predators with Wathenites, religious right men aroused by cross dressing with sexual perversion. They are very compromised with communist Chinese generals. It has been reported that General Joseph Dunford is aligned with Fang Fenghui who said “I keep him under my payroll,” said about General Joseph Dunford, who pictured here was a former top Chinese general, who has been given a life sentence for taking and distributing bribes and possessing a large amount of property whose origins he could not account for. Why is Dunford not charged yet for participating with him on American soil against American citizens net worth through real estate development even at times with them. Dunford aligned himself with Russia and those who stole your ballots in 2018, which is a felony. It should be a felony to aid and abet election thieves launder drug money for housing developments with communist Chinese spies. Their last partner is someone who Democrats dismiss as a school marm, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has participated with them and the communist Chinese.

Who cares for local homeowners values. I do. I just want to testify and expose this story to prevent the devaluing they have conducted through money laundering. A few weeks ago the real focus was to stop the money laundering, and I wonder why did this focus stop. They allegedly had to finish the houses. Why? Why couldn’t they play nice people and give them up yet to American ignorant. Turn down the campaign money offered by Bush supporters and Carlyle beneficiaries. It is election time and the world will stop them hopefully sooner than expected. Trump stole 2016, admittedly and it proven through the exit polling data from last time also. That is a felony against the voters, 74 percent of American people every day and illegal with the permitted Russian hacking of wide open voting machines then, our country has been compromised through their leadership every day.



Negative Install Success Repairing Our Ozone

October 21, 2019 11:02 pm

Ozone Hole above Antarctica the smallest it has ever been since 1982 monitoring because of our negative install

More later

2016 and 2018 Stolen with Same Putin Package to include Crosscheck, Microtargeting & Diebold. We need to confiscate assets the thieves created through cocaine

June 11, 2019 6:38 pm

It  was admitted by Mike Pence 2016 was stolen and we know only 26% of American citizens voted for Trump teams.  “We stole 2016 to bring communism to this country,” said Mike Pence a while ago, meaning they committed felony election theft and need to be charged for the crime. Monitoring is occurring and only a few people know about it, we are a Constitutionalism based country and are looking forward to Primary 2020. This sign for sale here will help to make your 2020 yard signs more solidly planted in the reality we are living with. And you can yell out, “Election Convictions need to be made and we need to be paid!”  Send a photo of your yard sign and tell the non cocaine trafficking, Justice Department officials, “make my election convictions before Primary 2020,” they are Crosscheck, Microtargeting with Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica, and Diebold Nixdorf scanners. Please add this line, “Release our gold standard and my money back to the American people,” so we get paid $400,000 backed by US Gold.

Hillary Clinton stole the Primary of 2016 the same way and it was admitted to, “We used sophisticated oligarch interference to put Hillary Clinton on the ballot,” against Trump was the inference of Rudy Giuliani in this statement he made about the Primary election theft of 2016. Both Trump teams and Clinton should not be allowed to run in 2020 with those who stole 2018 completely revealed to the media including Brian Stafford who used the fact that Trump is deposed to traffick cocaine with the opposition, the Guilty of September 11th, here.

Please buy this sign for only $15 including shipping to any US address or come by and pick one up at my home in Vista, CA during office hours which are flexible, definitely Monday and Tuesday from 12 to 5 pm, 1252 Barbara Drive, Vista, CA. You can purchase the sign here without shipping for only $10, good for local area residents taking on the thieves of 2018 here. The District Attorney used bubbles on the rosters to steal the mail ballots in the county and put them under her name as was admitted by her side. I found out, “when the bubbles (on the voting rosters) we could politely pad them (the votes including mail ballots),” to those who supported the land grab by cocaine trafficking, I am against. Click on the Buy Now button to purchase it through PayPal and it will be shipped within 7 days, I just ordered them today, June 11th and they are due in three days so can expect yours within about a week. This is how the actual sign will look, and it is available for $15 including shipping and it includes the metal stakes to put it up immediately when you receive it.

Mail ballot voters had no opportunity to sign a roster so they had no bubble to fill in as they did not go into a precinct to vote. There were also reports of mail ballots that were attempted to be “turned in by volunteers” connected to Paul Allen team working for the cocaine land grab. It is likely they were using those ballots to pad the individuals they supported for the cocaine housing, as this group purchased these homes on cocaine money.

How it works. “I’m going to put it in there (Rosicrucian Fellowship) so Paul Allen can repay me,” said Gordon Duff about $500 million from North Korean methamphetamine shipment I outed, a risk for him because the FBI caught him and watched it & Paul Allen attorneys monitored them with bribery. “We don’t need those Drawing Rights checks, Paul Allen,” said the City of Vista city planner, used for the land development projects using methamphetamine funds designed as leverage project to profit from rent payments through cocaine trafficking. Before he died, Allen made this statement about this housing community,  “We are the ones with Issa invested in it,” said Allen, connecting his team to the election theft of 2018, as Issa was the individual who made the above statement about padding the votes to their group of Republicans and Democrats participating in the cocaine land grab.

We can stop them by making our voices heard here in the local community and nationally. Purchase a sign today, and within a week you will be doing your part to stop communism and make our election convictions before Primary 2020.

More about this story found here. Life is about doing your part to help others.

Case Materials Reasonably Organized in Outline Form

Case Materials Reasonably Organized in Outline Form

May 8, 2019 3:37 pm

The land grab I testified against is conducted with cocaine money to be stopped.

Here is a four part series on how it is conducted including video footage of their theft.

Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Now Deposed Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

Cocaine is prevalent through our Justice Department as was found out with William Barr and others.

William Barr is recorded at the United Nations Office Drug and Crime prevention unit for drug trafficking.

We need to aggressively pursue the damage that has been done to the United States of America due to the stole 2016 and stole 2018 individuals.

Every day, they damage our national security more.

Payment from them should be due to correct harmful building installs for electrocution of guests.

No further implantation is needed to make American citizens fall even further behind. The implantors must be arrested now. They must pay for their crimes financially and with jail time.

We need to advance America beyond these criminals to real innovation today. Call me directly on my office telephone to make a case against them and we can meet in person (760) 945-4943 or reach me on my cell phone (760) 672-2028.

I will continue to work on advancing our world in the mean time. We are just wasting our time on thieves, the longer this takes. The bad part is that the thieves are watching, listening and stealing every day. Our gold standard and my money back must be delivered to American citizens.

They should not be allowed to harm the President of the United States now because she owns the planet. I am capable of testifying and do so every day.

We Are More Free Today as Alien Agenda Dies Here on My Planet

We Are More Free Today as Alien Agenda Dies Here on My Planet

May 2, 2019 12:46 pm

Harmful extraterrestrials invaded our world thousands of years ago, and we are almost free of them. Initially they installed a harmful axis on our planet, to throw us off kilter. Previously we thought being off kilter was normal.

Now with my negative perfectly put in the center where it was before they came here our planet is recovering from their harmful agenda. Our planet is almost completely round which is how our planet should be.

Extraterrestrials lie using very sophisticated methods and energetics they developed to be able to tell the lies they need to attempt to accomplish the goal to further harm people while they use the green and white alien energetics to project confidence that what they are saying is true. We need to burst the green and white energetics these harmful extraterrestrials use, to force truth to come from the extraterrestrials who then appear as nothing more than liars in the end.  It is like having a projection tool along inside your body, the energetic that they use to lie daily. It makes them look stronger than they are. Now they can really be broken down finally and you will notice the alien sheen or glow starting to break down as they die here giving us more power on the planet we own free and clear. I have worked hard for us to achieve this success, and you can read more about it here.

My negative install occurred around August 3, 2017 and published information is available about it on other websites. Here is a photo of the article I wrote about it at that time. Around that time, the deposal of Donald Trump occurred back east in earnest to protect American citizens with my testimony, while a dishonest team worked in the background to harm American citizens and operated against me and the American voters I represent as President of the United States. 2016 was stolen and 2018 was stolen because of the harmful team that partnered with the alien agenda. The deposal was conducted and I became President of the United States August 8, 2017. I have put together an entire case to futher press charges against the deposed Trump team with the cocaine land grab data. Prosecutions against Trump teams who stole 2016 should happen soon to protect American citizens.

My negative was placed shortly after this article was published.

We will not be harvested because of my work and we have kept our gold standard and money back which is our Commonwealth money so no taxes in the future. We have no need to give individuals who serve no purpose our money as they even admitted. I suspect they will even start to look uglier in the future which may be more fun for the average person as they have always had too much vanity while they really do nothing at all. It will be fun ahead for us. We must release the back end of the internet today no more whining about it, people deserve their freedom again here.

People from all over the world should want to meet me in person with all the work I have done for them to stay on our, my planet. We need an elected government in the White House. They  admittedly stole 2016 and Trump is deposed. They were jailed August 18, 2017 and need to go back to jail. We should not allow election thieves to profit on American citizens. I am technically our President of the United States and work for the American voter to take back our White House. I get tired of telling the same story. Clinton stole the Primary with the assistance of Giuliani and the oligarchs. Should I leave for DC today? I want to deliver the Gold Standard, Money Back, Elections and the Presidency to the American voter. We need no cocaine trafficking. Get my guilty of September 11th in custody. 18 years of fighting these American war criminals. When do they go to jail for the crimes they have committed.

Push Pull of Time Sequencing and Mintakan, Alien Agenda Dark "Magic"

Push Pull of Time Sequencing and Mintakan, Alien Agenda Dark "Magic"

April 15, 2019 10:27 pm

It has been a battle here at my home with the alien agenda with Mintakans and their “dark” magic conducted using the overhead surveillance, and this afternoon it was identified that they had a pod in space that controls the overhead heating, which is harming Californians.

The pod is similar to a satellite, however more rounded and contains their genomic sequencing center, that is habitable from my understanding.

On November 2, 2018, the pods and their machines were noted as “Advanced technology in our upper atmosphere used, ‘to make people feel miserable around here,’ unseasonably hot because of it.”

I have always enjoyed maintaining a nice clean home, yet these individuals for months and actually almost two years now have been using the overhead and there technological abilities to do what they term as “quest” here, not physically of course, but through the use of magnetics, unlawful surveillance and overhead, now identified as pod satellite based technology. It is very hard to function with them in the air, as they note each movement you make. Initially they sprayed magnetic fibers over my home and these were found on my degauser photo from my cox cable wiring.

This afternoon more was understood about how it works. I heard the Mintakan female remark when I went to move a cup of old coffee I had to my trash can saying something close to “There wasn’t garbage moved so we can’t use it,” referring to the cup and the old coffee it contained to quest dark magic for me to be harmed with the item in some way or delay my positive outcome. Their magic is however, being broken down today. The Mintakan female was talking with another alien agenda team member, and he told here, “The magic we had works only when the time sequencing is ours.” To understand this further, we have to look at the power of observation in regards to dark magic and spells. When another person was on the overhead who cared more for me and did not want me to suffer here, and noted that I wanted to move something, that individual helped to make it safer for me to move the cup if I wanted to move it to the trash can. “We didn’t like the magic affecting her,” he admitted.

The overhead surveillance has been an issue of contention here, and it has been used very harmfully. Their goal has been to make my home dirty and to monitor each piece of garbage I put in my trash cans. After hearing the elder referred to above referring to the “time sequencing,” I decided to play a little game with them to eat a chocolate I had bought yesterday, a York Peppermint Patty to see what the reaction would be.

The minute I thought about the nice restaurant where I bought it, as Stevenson has my headset that is connected to the overhead technology and I enjoyed being with the people there, it triggered a “harm them” mechanism relating to the people at Lilo’s in Arizona where I stopped yesterday, so then I had to temper my thoughts back from thinking pleasant thoughts about the people to prevent Stevenson from harming them with this criminal gang operating the overhead. I noted it so the individual I will call elder then got distracted and I decided to light a cigarette with my lighter. I dropped the lighter and because of his distraction the lighter was not timed and fell naturally. When I did not like the positioning on my carpet, I bent over to move it and the elder got back to his routine of noting and positioning as well as creating tension with each movement of any object in my home.

It was admitted by him, “We did that so we could sequence everything,” he said regarding the magnetics, machines and surveillance operating here likely connected to the overhead and pod satellite in space. When the surveillance is turned off, everything is natural and normal, as it was when I dropped my lighter and the elder was distracted by my eating of the chocolate.

They had been using advanced machines to inject the liquids I drank with toxic substances and this was admitted to long ago with the targeting fluid in water, that causes white flem to be thrown up from my dog when he drinks water they inject. They also likely inject “magical spells in coffee and other cups as I have experienced, even some of it has been chunky like tea leaves inside cups in my car where I spit it out.

Magnetic fibers sprayed here by them.

Proof: September 17, 2018, “Rosicrucian statement as proof, ‘We can no longer use our machines.’ These are machines for remote poisoning like the ones described yesterday used by Paul Allen.” They connect to the known chemicals sprayed in the air, and are also known by Robert L Stevenson as “running the Fellowship,” vans and advanced technology operated through there to harm me and others.

This relates to chemistry put in the air that Allen admitted, “We have no right to put that stuff in the air.”

“We need to remove Paul Allen’s machines and his vans,” said San Diego County Sheriffs Department in Fall 2018 and it is less now, however the advanced technology still damages my home, and will be destroyed soon.

Gordon Duff Duff part of their criminal gang also said, “If we lose the vans, I can’t operate my machines anymore,” machines that poison me and other people in the local area as well as are used for surveillance and dark magic concocting. This was said around September of 2018.

Duff has done other harmful work in conjunction with the machines and said, previously “I need her bed sprayed with those chemicals we put on,” those were likely used for the targeting through unlawful surveillance, monitoring items I move around my house as they threaten me using the telephony in my home using chirpers, also called screamers. The overhead surveillance is used to “quest” with meaning poisoning my home to put dark magic and uncomfortable feelings here. These are nasty individuals who will lose, and they are wasting my time as well as costing American standing daily.

To be noted, their surveillance is the only thing making my environment unnatural and difficult for me to live in, unless I play a little game with these harmful alien agenda team members and distract them. They are harmful to humans and animals alike, and have killed children, as well as adults even for consumption.

The white throw up contains the powdery targeting fluid that is remotely injected in the water bottles at times.

Cocaine Money Promised by Trump, Obama and Others to 1991 Billionaires Aboard Yacht then.

Cocaine Money Promised by Trump, Obama and Others to 1991 Billionaires Aboard Yacht then.

April 15, 2019 2:38 pm

I testified against the “largest land grab” Donald Trump has tried to orchestrate here on American soil, and that in conjunction with financial crimes relating to terrorism deposed him back on August 8. 2017. The missing piece of the puzzle was the cocaine shipments that are now identified as the means to conduct the land grab and real estate transactions through third parties at behest of the billionaires Trump made promises to back in 1991.

In 1991 when Trump met with these individuals aboard the yacht, he said to the billionaires, “I think I found a way we can pull a scam on America.” One of the billionaires I uncovered today replied then, “Tell me about it we don’t like America being so tough for us.” It is likely he is in the maritime or related shipping industry and was being closely examined.

This plan behind the scenes has gone on for many years to, during the Administration of Trump,  ship in large quantities of cocaine across open borders, and this was confirmed yet again this morning by the billionaire mentioned above. The billionaires are using a known third party to conduct the transactions privately and involve senior Trump team personnel to enjoy the real estate profits from cocaine money laundering. They stole election 2016 to conduct such transactions, in all likelihood. Congress has been informed and knows Trump teams stole election 2016, and the Navy informed people here that Trump stole election 2016, when they came here to pick me up after the deposal of Trump. The billionaires replaced their original plan with this augmented plan that coordinates the Guilty in September 11th, with Vladimir Putin and other intelligence assets they hired due to the testimony I provided. This was confirmed this morning by an individual involved who said, “This whole scam was done to replace the movers and shakers money that lost because of the testimony.”

Gordon Duff is running the operation through his private company with the agency man’s company who was hired by Navy to depose Trump. This was the guy, Brian Stafford who has been coordinating with Christopher Wray to continue the cocaine land grab after the deposal.

Stafford after deposal Trump,  he was privately asked whether they should stop the land grab he had deposed Trump for replied, “I don’t see why. We’ll just continue on with the plan we had in place before we deposed him.” These billionaires did not want to be caught obviously.  However, these rich guys who were anticipating their drug money have held us back from releasing the US Gold standard and delivering my money back, our British Commonwealth money to the American people.

The billionaire this morning admitted, “We intended to bring this drug money in here. This is my cash cow,” he said about Donald Trump.

I found the billionaire when I continued an interrogation this morning. I uncovered Duff had been running the private party operation through his company likely, when a small asset was outed. Duff was heard over the telephony communicating with the billionaire. After I outed the small asset he said he was resigning from the private company Duff setup once he found out Duff and team as well as others may shoot him for being vulnerable.

Duff explained to the billionaire the path he chose to hide his trafficking and set up a screen to the Central Agency Director with Putin operating the cartel here on American soil virtually and giving orders, through the small assett running the operation. “That’s how we set it up with that little go-between ,” Duff  said to a high-sounding voice who replied,  “you play with the rich never again” to him.

I read the small American asset’s mind earlier this morning, which many people do, and he was unshielded. Do not shoot the asset. I found out he was controlled by Putin who told him, “I told you to keep the guys on cocaine.” The small asset had told Haspel earlier they were going to use Full Spectrum Dominance in the area as private contractors to likely devalue real estate.

Haspel said, “We get to use overhead heating,” against California homeowners and residents this morning to a likely conversation she was having with the asset. Then she wanted to make it painful for us here in California and said, “Hot,” as if enjoying turning up the heat here. They stole election 2016, intending on stealing from American citizens and on April 12, 2019, Haspel said,”I hope the cocaine works,” to devalue American citizens assets. “So we all make money that way.” It seemed like they were entrusting some other group to run their cocaine money to distance themselves from it that day.

We did not vote for Trump teams, 74 % of American citizens did not vote for them. The other 26%, if they were told about the cocaine trafficking and devaluing of their assets would likely want to remove Trump and those associated with the reduced liquidity and theft.

Haspel said this morning to Duff  “this whole idea of the cocaine bribery was to have it all,” as if she was his customer and knew their team was getting outed. It illegal drug trafficking after election theft, and they deserve to be outed in their entirety with the billionaires who were involved with Trump since the yacht party in 1991.

These billionaires as this one stated, “We did not want to be known as drug launders. Now they know we could participate and we don’t want to be taken to jail.” This is drug trafficking and it is illegal. They chose a private third party to conduct their operation that is also outed, and Haspel needs to be removed. The entire stole 2016 should be charged today for the cocaine land grab.

These billionaires have been anticipating their riches from the cocaine trafficking and he said,  “For 10 years now I’ve wanted cocaine to get over the border.”
When asked if he was pro-legalization of cocaine? He replied, “No. I’m not pro-legalization of cocaine.” That is trafficking. These are large transactions as was reported earlier in the $500 billion range and higher.

What gives them the right to traffic cocaine across the border and into local ports? There was another shipment busted in Long Beach recently worth $1.29 billion in methamphetamine. I am not sure if it is related, however the $500 million shipments have been tracked here in conjunction with the real estate purchases.

Ten years ago during Barack Obama’s administration they began preparations for these transactions.
Remotely interviewed this morning, Obama said, in 2009 “it could not go through he said I said it could not go through I said we could make preparations for it.”

There is a whole world full of things that they can produce and develop illegally why cocaine? I am President of the United States, Constitutional and against cocaine trafficking, I was not aware of that was part of the land grab I testified against. No communism.

This cocaine trafficking reduces American standing every day.

Take it or leave it, true past life research psychically about Donald Trump, German heritage likely.

Take it or leave it, true past life research psychically about Donald Trump, German heritage likely.

April 3, 2019 6:30 pm

With the admission of guilt from this morning by Donald Trump to his father being of German descent, I decided to do a little looking into it psychically to see if it was true or false. It is true and highly likely that Frederick Drumpf was brought into America covertly by the Department of Defense, similar to George Scherff Junior who became George Herbert Walker Bush much later on at six or seven years old after they, Russian likely bribed American assets rummaged around Nikola Tesla’s laboratory looking for technology to steal back then.

“That was my old name back in 1922,” said Frederick Trump, Donald’s father about Drumpf being their German name.

According to Wikipedia, Their real estate development company “was incorporated as Elizabeth Trump & Son in 1927, and grew to build and manage single-family houses in Queens, barracks and garden apartments for U.S. Navy personnel near major shipyards along the East Coast, and more than 27,000 apartments in New York City.”

The Navy may have brought the German born Drumpf in to America and provided his teams lucrative housing contracts. “That’s how we put him in here,” admitted someone earlier to bring communism here.

Frederick was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee for profiteering in 1954. He made Donald the president of Trump Management Company in 1971, and they were sued by the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division for violating the Fair Housing Act in 1973.

Profiteering is similar to now with the cocaine land grab I testified against and report on until they are indicted.

It was heard now, “My son was told to take the planet for us to go into space,” offered Frederick. Why? We would be homeless without our own planet if I had not placed our negative in the perfectly put position where it belongs and we will have space travel available to my side when our gold space program comes to fruition and gets built.

It is likely that this dream of his relates to German mafia lore. It was only a dream in his mind, as it was proven through my job I did already, relocating my negative to the center where it belongs, our planet is secure in my hands as our only natural negative holder. We did generate good results so far of it killing harmful off worlders here to harm American citizens and internationals. Our US gold standard secures American financial standing permanently and our Constitutional rights are our guarantee for the longevity of my country. America will continue long beyond Trump’s and others in our future Presidencies.

I worked for the recount Jill Stein put together, and wanted the true vote counted winners to run our country. I still fight for Bernie Sanders to have his rights restored because it was found and verified now Sanders was pressured to release the Superdelegates to Hillary Clinton, and that is why she won. Technically progressives would have been in the White House a long time ago, in 2016. We would have heard no talk of bankruptcy of America with him. Our US gold standard is acceptable to Sanders and Money Back may serve his purposes too of healthcare and infrastructure repair as well as other government functions. I am focussed on American government strength and on our government being number one globally, as we all should be.

They use biometric poisoning here. Then it was heard, “We need to stop this stupid shit with the mayor and stuff here.” I am our only negative core holder that exists and I am Presidential enough to press charges which is what needs to be done now for American citizen’s futures who I care about. I have a right to be critical of any government and use intelligence means to identify problems.

Why would anyone pay Trump for anything? He is nothing but an election thief who trafficks cocaine. Implanting me more will not help them. Trump’s cocaine open borders policy is already clear in the eyes of our media, and I have every right to sit here and complain about it. Spend $55 Billion US taxpayer money on a farce, and every American citizen should complain immediately. Our negative install has nothing to do with my work for American citizens interests I do every day for 40 to 60 hours a week regularly in addition to working a second job. Nothing unusual to report here. I am not jailable for civil society work. It is our responsibility as American citizens to participate.

“He couldn’t pull it off,” said about Trump, and who cares about him, a cocaine addict and election thief intending on harming all American citizens financially, proven now so many times. Let’s vote now. We did not vote for him, nor the cocaine trafficking or foreign intervention here. I have a right as an American voter to force Trump team out. All of the dark outcomes individuals intended for are over now. I have a right to fight until I get my prosecutions completed for the Justice Department to make a solid case against them all. They act like it is some surprise, however with over 22 years into investigating the communist aggression for American citizens interests I will press on forward. For me it is like a gold mine ready to strike for our benefit and my benefit too. I am a single woman who protects herself without a gun. I do ask for protections I have been afforded in the past and Drumpf nor his teams cannot enter here. I am a valuable American asset who served alone without the Primary thief’s entourage. Clinton is upset I hold our country’s Presidency, yet she did not want to fight Trump’s teams for it through the honest recount. Why? Cocaine money promises made to Congressional members I am against currently. They are illegitimate. I have a right to be a media watchdog for American citizens. That is what I have always been and that does not ever change.

18 Year Plan Individuals had for White Collar Crime Against American Citizens through Communism, Stopped.

18 Year Plan Individuals had for White Collar Crime Against American Citizens through Communism, Stopped.

March 19, 2019 10:25 am

I became President through the honest deposal of Donald Trump on August 8, 2017, and some individuals wanted to keep it hidden to continue the same land grab scam they had intended that is criminal.

“We’re going to just depose him and let nobody know about it that way nobody will get ahold of our Presidency ever again,” said Brian Stafford who the Navy hired to depose Donald Trump. We need our vote back, as all of Congress is informed that they stole 2016.

Trump and his team intended for the last 18 to 28 years intended to steal everything from every American citizen. I found out about their yacht meeting in 1991, where Trump planned the “Scam against America” with the “largest land grab in history.” It’s attempts can be seen visually here. Back in 1991,Trump met with billionaires aboard a yacht for a party and said, “I think I’ve figured out how we can scam America,” and that is where the cocaine network began working towards what he termed then as “the largest land grab in history.” This is what I testified against and what he is deposed for in addition to financial crimes relating to terrorism that were conducted on or around the September 11th incident. I have investigated September 11th since it occurred, and it is very connected to the scam against America and land grab attempts here.

There is a four part series on the local angle to San Diego County, California. Hundreds of American citizens were murdered both child sacrifice victims and agency men and women, as well as my parents, to build these properties with “cocaine money” and methamphetamine funds, both tracking large quantities of cocaine into our cities and reducing American liquidity. The criminals involved in this plan did not want American citizens to make it Constitutionally and financially soundly. They saw us as prey, for them to strike at unknowingly in the background as they conducted September 11th together covertly. “Eighteen years we’ve been working on this communism,” was said by one of the ring leaders yesterday, who later admitted, “We lost this communism.” The entry point is found in the link through Rudolph Giuliani and others aboard a Naval installation.

We did not vote for them, Trump team and Hillary Clinton, another “17 year plan(er)” stole the 2016 Primary from Bernie Sanders with the help, surreptitious or otherwise with Russian oligarchs who pressured him to surrender his Superdelegates when he would have won election 2016 by popular vote. Trump team stole 2016, and all of Congress has been informed of that fact. What they intended to do is nothing short of criminal. “We’ve got to look at this as a holy experience, branding their hand and stealing their money,” said Betsy Devos regarding hand stamping or handmarking which was for an unlawful cashless system they attempted covertly without consent of the American citizens Congressional members represent. We need to demand a televised public hearing on the communism they intended to bring here to the United States of America that is illegal.

327 million Americans would have lost everything, if I had not testified and worked hard. I am Constitutional and am vehemently against the brand or breed of communism. Today I am calling Congressional members to demand a public hearing against Trump teams and some of the individuals are Democrats who hoped to cash in on unsuspecting Americans unaware of their “17 year plan” now 18 year attempt to embezzle all American citizens assets and liquidity.

As I am our President, through unknown to the American voter, we keep our US gold standard and our money back for American citizens financial security.

I am going to update this page with Congressional members responses for the next four days, with the goal being to reach every member. American citizens will not be stolen from. Our Constitutional Republics, including our state’s Constitutions must stand. Investors may have bought into their plan, overall small investors have to know how the group organizing this saw even them, the small investor, cattle before the slaughter, as is discussed here by Les Wexner, who was hoping service members would pay long term when the deeds to the properties he gave them were needed to be sold by short sale.

Victoria Nuland said, “All of us were waiting for cashless to start, so that we could control these little dumb beings here,” about American citizens. That is the same Nuland who hired the far right in Ukraine. “I hired the far right,” to kill the Maidan college students, she admitted. They do not care about people.

Congressional members list demanding full hearings on “The communism.” Communism was seeded with cocaine based funding, that is illegal and unlawful. The parameters of “The communism” are easy to identify cocaine investments in real estate developments, installations of technology including attempted paypoints for hand stamping/hand marks and surveillance equipment in buildings and communities installed covertly, unknown by and unapproved by the American public, and criminal white collar crime conducted through insider stock trades and large volume cocaine sales.

Previous notes on Congressional members use of cashless, part of communism as they intended. Remote subliminal investigations into what these members did and thought when presented with cashless cocaine investment capital. Did they use it? And why or why not. This was and is just the start of the interview process for a full hearing against all Congressional member involved in defrauding his or her constituents through cashless, known as unneeded. Gold and Money Back kept. Congressional members involved with individuals known as the Guilty of September 11th intended to steal as was stated from all American citizens.

Undercover inquiry as Special Security Liaison.

A start on Congressional Members. Did any of the Congressional members or televised “officials” advertise “The communism” when they campaigned to their constituents. Very few if any. None. They keep getting upset because as these members say “then we lose the communism,” it is bait and switch what they run on the mainstream until this come out. Trump team and the guilty should never wear an American flag again. Constitutionalism is American, even to their constituents. This is why fully televised investigations and hearings are needed now. Our flag stands for our Constitutional guarantees and American freedom.

Byrne, Bradley, No “I did not want those guys to liquidate my assets.”
Roby, Martha, No cocaine.
Rogers, Mike No cocaine.
Aderholt, Robert No cocaine. “Don’t liquidate my assets.”
Brooks, Mo Cocaine. Builders. “We did use builders.”
Palmer, Gary No “They would liquidate my assets too much and create too many problems for Congress.”
Sewell, Terri A. No “I did consider it here in my district but said no. Mr Schiff they’re going to drop a bomb on us in my district.”

Young, Don No cocaine money.

American Samoa
Radewagen, Amata Some accepted via Mike Pence.

O’Halleran, Tom Yes. “I am addicted to the guys on cocaine.”
Kirkpatrick, Ann No “I like to develop sustainably.”
Grijalva, Raul No “Cocaine money harms my environment over here.”
Gosar, Paul A., Yes “We do housing developments with them,” to devalue area real estate and reduce liquidity.
Biggs, Andy, Yes. “Only traffik south of the border.”
Schweikert, David,  Some “We only did that to build a few buildings around here.”
Gallego, Ruben ,No. “I thought I could but not with what they were going to do here.” Good guy.
Lesko, Debbie, Yes “They give us lots of it for buildings and dump trucks and stuff.”
Stanton, Greg, No “I thought that I could accept a few billion and then they overvalued my properties.” Good.

Crawford, Rick No cocaine money.
Hill, French No cocaine money. GI bill offered with it.
Womack, Steve No cocaine money. Good.
Westerman, Bruce Yes. “Pence told me to keep it a little secret,” to build some buildings.
What do you think they’re doing over there? Why won’t they at least let us come in here and pick her up (as President),” asked Navy after Donald Trump was legally and lawfully deposed in 2017. Shadow men installed quest after with cocaine men.
LaMalfa, Doug No cocaine money. “Here not in your wildest dreams.”
Huffman, Jared No. Need to change his opinion on Bill Gates and cashless, lied to “revolutionize the human spirit.” complete lie.
Garamendi, John Not yet. “Shit we really need that done, but I don’t know if I want those guys to move in here or not.”
McClintock, Tom No Send Presidential portfolio. Good contact.
Thompson, Mike No “I said they could build here then I stopped them.”
Matsui, Doris O. No. Wanted cashless because of poor judgement.
Bera, Ami Yes. “I had them build that development.”
Cook, Paul No “I am tired of these cocaine members targeting Nixon sponsors.” we don’t need Nixon. We can have our own space program.
McNerney, Jerry No. “could clean up fish ponds.” Presented themselves as environmental which is a lie.
Harder, Josh No cocaine money. Send video on no cashless or environmental crew.
DeSaulnier, Mark No cocaine money. Send video on gold only. No Mercer.
Pelosi, Nancy. Some. a lot. “I am selling out American citizens.”
Lee, Barbara No more, was used for schools.
Speier, Jackie Yes. will stop. No cashless.
Swalwell, Eric Yes. “I told Bill Gates good choice.” Bad. Video unneeded. sent. Guilty.
Khanna, Ro No. Good.
Eshoo, Anna G. No. “Bill Gates cost me too much.” Hates Bill Gates I do too.
Lofgren, Zoe No. “I hate those programmers here.” Me too.
Panetta, Jimmy No. “Never here.”
Cox, TJ. Yes. some. No cashless. Gold is mine.

Devin Nunez good. no cashless.
McCarthy, Kevin

More to come.

Others involved.

More Supporting Data on What Needs to Be Replaced that was Operated by National Security Agency Against American Citizens.

More Supporting Data on What Needs to Be Replaced that was Operated by National Security Agency Against American Citizens.

March 15, 2019 4:04 pm

Presidents such as me, have multifaceted careers, and serve American citizens however they can with their work. Trump is deposed for a long time now and we found the main block, who is the FBI Director, who post deposal kept working against American citizens to launder cocaine money to continue the land grab Trump is deposed for. “I was only there (at the FBI) for those cocaine transactions to go through,” said Christopher Wray a few days ago, and he is on trial. He needs to be put in custody for the cocaine men to stop here reducing American liquidity and cocaine trafficking.

A new FBI Director must be hired by me and my team in DC. In the meantime, I am working on a story to assist American citizens and prevent surveillance and inspection that should be deemed by now as fraudulent. Individuals involved in both the creation of terrorism and the screening for it need to be sued.

“We cause terrorism, and then we get paid for screening them,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in the case I am presenting for a lawsuit. We women and men have been gropped and screened for almost 18 years now due to their terrorism. I remember when Governor Gray Davis was recalled. The recall in reality was not voter approved. They lied about it in the media. I worked on phone polling voters during the recall effort and the majority of the people I called were against the recall effort, so I was surprised and saddened when Schwarzenegger got in despite the voters likely voting against him. Then soon after, I was at the San Diego County Fair, where fair goers could typically walk in and out easily without going through metal detectors. When Schwarzenegger came in to office, metal detectors moved in unknowingly to the public, they were likely setup by his sides.

Why is this required when they create the terrorism and terrorists they do not want us to win against?

These are the same individuals who are involved in attempted communism on American soil, as were referred to here.

Their entry point was at Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center in the Northwest as was outlined here.

James Slyfield who worked for me as a contractor was suspect then, and he interfered with my meeting an important Admiral to garner support for my magazine I published from 1997 to 2001 for the Navy in the Northwest. I found out yesterday it was Slyfield who was working with them in the background for communism on American soil against American citizens interests. Slyfield, who is known as “Dirty as shit,” now, considered communism personally viable for he and his teams against American citizens and said back then, “That communism (electronic) is really going to help us make money.” Slyfield was working with the redhead mentioned in the article, “Chinese Communism Entry Point in America through Giuliani and Keyport Base,” and they partnered with the individuals who conducted September 11th here. When I hired him, I thought he was a Navy Seal who needed transitional assistance to a career in advertising and subscription sales. He was very deceptive.

And he works with the individuals who have attempted to use advanced weaponry on American citizens here on American soil. They also have been proponents for the advanced screening and terrorism losses rather than victories for American citizens against terrorism.

Who likes getting a basic mammogram at the airport?

What is seen by the Full Body Scanner, an invasion of privacy by as stated the creators of terrorism. Perverts.

These individuals have acted with impunity creating the same terrorism they are screening us for, invading our privacy at the same time. Then internally we are so conditioned into thinking there is some great threat out there that their machines are protecting us from, while in reality, they manufacture the threats as was said these threats are computer based. This is also known as the package they have been working on against American citizens interests. The communist Chinese sent containerships of unlicensed technology here to be used against American citizens on American soil that I found out about on November 28, 2018. It should have been returned from what I understood here.

This has been one long battle with the HAARP technology that needs to be brought down from space and not used against American citizens or soil. It is designed to even confuse local law enforcement and prevent legal and lawful arrests. People need to see me as our President and an American public servant. A President is hired for that. There is always the statement,”You get to be President tomorrow,” I am President today. I am working and anyone can pick me up as President, other than the guilty communists.

I want to work with Congress and get to work on American foreign policy to bring us back up to favored nation status, American citizens deserve that leadership. Should I fly to DC today to get a new FBI Director hired?

There was never a gender issue when picking me up as President before, and then honest Admirals here were told about the headset and they were told that it was some stepford wife thing that Stevenson installed. I only served as his informant. There was never a personal life with him. I only met him once in person, personally. My focus has always been intelligent hard work for American citizens. The headset was put in by him covertly working with the communists side against American citizens and against me professionally.

I meet thousands of people and no one knows I even have it, so it is not right to hold that against me. I want all of their devices used against me and American citizens delivered to me. These are criminals that deserve prosecution after 25 years of harm inflicted on me covertly.

Stevenson said when he met with the communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian employee in 1997, “she’s going to get you too badly. So I’m going to tell you what I put in,” he said pointing to the left side tooth area referring to what he knew about the Chinese bribery going on and had probably been told by the individuals there. Stevenson has stalked me with the BlueTooth hardware and operated behind my and American citizens backs for 25 years now. I am able to remote view situations when I am close to the subjects in perspective.

Roof of Mouth Strange Bump and Area Stevenson Pointed To.

Are any of them caught today? At least yesterday, Admiral Center admitted that we should have met to talk about my magazine back in 2000, rather than having the meeting set up, which Slyfield harmed both of us to “bring communism here.”

We need no communism, Constitutionalism only, and real election convictions must be made without Robert Mueller, hired by Trump for bankruptcy of American citizens, and any of the stole 2016 ones who were in on the communist threat cocaine bribery scheme with the former deputies men. Our gold and money back must be delivered to American citizens with our Presidency for American voters to vote on. No cocaine is needed, nor should be distributed or trafficked in America or elsewhere with our help.

Pre September 11th, the group of communists outlined here said the following “why don’t you set up a system of controllers were evildoers can operate the machinery” said redhead regarding using the National Security Agency to house the technology to orchestrate horrific terrorism incidents such as boat explosion committee intended. I am against them and have turned them in repeatedly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There is even a flyer that does not include the land developers they have been working with.

Guilty Parties including the Fellowship they run currency trading through to keep the land grab ongoing my testimony is against. I am President gold and money back is owed here, legal honest American money.

How their computerized system works that must be brought down without the communist side involved. No nuclear or other wars need to be started by them ever again. Americans must maintain their standing through the NATO talks on Afghanistan.










Have Trump Team Hold Their Deeds

Have Trump Team Hold Their Deeds

March 14, 2019 3:57 pm

In real estate sales, it is where the rubber meets the road that one can say about the value of what you own. An investor could own hundreds of properties, and be our financially millions of dollars in maintaining the properties until they are sold. I was in vacation ownership for 16 years, and you can have lot of inventory, however with no one to purchase the inventory, the company acquires debt from resort construction. This is significantly less than what is involved with the large cocaine asset financed developments here. If few purchase the inventory, the properties will reduce their values to the point were even the property taxes are too high for the prospective buyer.

For some reason since their quest, people do not believe my vantage point that I always hold, which is that of an honest person who has interest only in the highest good for people involved. I am a neutral third party. I have been in sales for most of my life and a product has to be wanted, needed and affordable to be purchased. You can build 1,000 homes and if there is no one who wants to or can feasibly live there, then few will.

These individuals involved with the cocaine financing know that, and they had the intention of defrauding the small unknowing investor and forcing them to pay the developer carryback.

Les Wexner admitted to attempting to defraud service members through their real estate transactions they had been coordinating with service members.

“Then I get to keep that money,” said Les Wexner team about by the amount of money the small investors, such as service members Gordon Duff got involved here in the large land developments, when they have to pay to sell their “investment properties” short sale, similar to what those service members pay when selling a car with negative equity.

They purchased the properties using the cocaine money and Wexner intended to turn over the deeds to the service members when the properties tanked and could not be purchased due to current market conditions, and he looked forward to keeping American service members money that they would have to pay in the short sale transactions.

I suspect they may have offered that to other local individuals to participate here, they were called “boat explosion members.” The marriage and family counselor got the idea, and knows what they are doing now when he just admitted, “It looks like I may have to sell my house to pay for those they are offering here. They can keep their notes,” deeds. This is the scam here.

My Executive Order from this morning is binding as it is needed. 8:03 AM. 3/14/19.

“Executive Order. President Ann Diener. As malfeasance has been found at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, all all appointed position and the individuals those appointments hired can be investigated by outside agencies.”

The “Largest land grab” and scam against America had been continuing through the other facets Donald Trump had in place pre-deposal and his teams chose to keep those operating despite the deposal being correct for the cocaine bribery to continue through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Yesterday this was found to be the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray, who intended with their cocaine men to plant drugs in my home. “Slip her cocaine,” he said. Wray likely was involved in stock transactions on the back end to provide income for criminals connected to the Boeing crash, as he stated, “Do not use the pay back scheme,” that is similar to what George HW Bush used through the 2008 to pay back Robert Mercer detailed here.

The individual who was hired by the Navy to perform the deposal is involved on the back end with the scam against American citizens and the land grab, and after Trump was deposed he was asked I believe, so should we stop the land grab?

Brian Stafford replied, “I don’t see why. We’ll just continue on with the plan, we had in place before they deposed him.”

This plan is now stopped.

Service members at the Pentagon were sitting there calculating “monetized assets” they knew nothing about before Les Wexner, who wanted the properties ultimately sold to communist Chinese people, after they were foreclosed on for Vancouverization of California. We do not need Vancouverization here, not that I am racist, just American and do not like other nations’ immigrants forced on us through large developments and with the higher than likely penetration of American soil and citizens through hacking and vulnerabilities perpetuated by communist Chinese bribed individuals cited here, this is a significant intelligence problem to monitor especially if they live here.

Why would Xi Jinping want his people to live here on American soil?

Stevenson and the cashless crowd gave these service members the idea with the Wexner, Duff “quest team,” our for bankruptcy and no elected President in our future as they stated would be better than conventional American finance. Trump has been involved in crash and dash properties before that have gone bankrupt and it was said not to long ago when asked what will Trump do when these properties tank?

“He’ll just go around and borrow money like he always has,” said about Trump on December 11, 2018, if the City of Vista goes bankrupt because of his projects’ bankruptcy. “Should we get out of here?” Trump asked then earlier because they began to recognize him as a likely con artist.

Election 2020 will happen, and I am running as President gold now.Money Back can help to make good on our promises to American citizens for a better future.

Service members and others here may not realize that long term these small investors may have to sustain the “investment properties” with their private monies and income.

Trump said a few days ago when asked if he would help them with his riches, “We don’t have any money to pay for your investments.”

“Nothing then?” was asked by the service members.

Their teams wanted to collect service members incomes after Wexner gave them the titles to the properties.

I told the Department of Defense to not accept titles to the properties, and let them go bankrupt.

Wexner admitted then, “I’m going to have to pay for all the stuff based on negative (debt based) financing I created with my gold money,” which is good for us. If locals here are involved in these investments, force them to pay and not you, as we investigate them internally through the Department of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internal Affairs as this was set up likely long before Trump took office. These oligarchs were participating with Trump teams to loot American liquidity which we are stopping. Our US Gold standard and my money back will help with to remunerate the suffering these individuals have caused.

We need to take steps to remove the oligarchs off American soil immediately as they will not be friendly when their assets they counted on stealing from American citizens fall. No crash of the stock market is needed to make up for the loss. They must be arrested now on American soil. We have a right to wrongfully arrest the Stevenson cartel as one of the components clearly left in illegally to continue the land grab. They will go down now either way. There is a price for criminally minded individuals who steal from everybody.

Trump Team with Oligarchs intended to bankrupt all American citizens and every supporter to tag and bag them later on. I stopped them and I am still sitting here. Gold and Money back is ours Constitutionally.


My Headset Installed Illegally by Communist Chinese Bribed & Germanic Ones, Who are Against America with Alien Agenda.

My Headset Installed Illegally by Communist Chinese Bribed & Germanic Ones, Who are Against America with Alien Agenda.

March 12, 2019 4:28 pm

I am innocent, and I should have the security contract that was promised to me as was stated, “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” said the Navy a few days ago, and that is true I work very hard for American citizens and our Navy. My “head noise” is solved. It is time to arrest the guilty. Gordon Duff and his wife broke into my home in Marysville, WA in 2001, before they set up September 11th, to install components in my brain illegally for the communist side acting criminally on American soil to steal from all American citizens through them. They worked with the components Stevenson installed covertly in his quest against American citizens and service members to harm America. He hated that I work for them and that is why he put the technology in my cheek and mouth.

Other article about the crooked cop who installed the headset, that is illegal and used to steal from American citizens and harm innocent women and investors behind our backs with no money out of pocket paid by the criminals operating illegally on bribery payments.

Updated, and to be President of the United States as it is known, I provided honest testimony about the intentions of Donald Trump and his team that have proven itself with much more evidence against them. Their Stole2016 “administration” is more like organized crime than any Presidency that a real agency would protect for the American voter, which is who I work for. I found out now that the Secret Service Agency installed “Hitler’s tape recorders here,” that must be brought down now. Hitler did not want an elected President as is mandated constitutionally, which I am for and we will have in 2020. I am Presidential enough to be President and am a public servant that is required for American style political office. We had the right depose an organized crime based politician selected with the stole 2016 team ones due to their attempt to scam and also later bankrupt all Americans. Based on Gordon Duff’s statement, and if the Secret Service Agency is involved with him, both should be indicted for espionage with communist Chinese assets through the use of thre tape recorders to cause decline to American citizens and force the shift to China, their operator Duff desired as it stated here, “it was all for the Chinese side to come up good and strong,” about the illegal quest they ran at my house against me and against American citizens with the tape recorders. They must be brought down and the “largest land grab in history ” I testified against that Trump is deposed for must stop. All assets they illegally garnered using the cocaine bribery must stay in the suspects possession to bankrupt them and force them to pay in their gold money for them, and if they attempt to sell to China, confiscate the properties immediately, as this was premeditated theft by Richard Cheney as he said here on October 31,2018, “We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” when asked about using advanced electromagnetic technology on the state with his daughter Liz who admitted to using advanced technology here against American citizens,  “I thought that when we used the space cannon, we would get to keep the state.” Not allowed, confiscate assets when and if they attempt to sell them to Chinese individuals, as was stated by Cheney. The Secret Service Agency director could be charged with espionage or worse as he is favoring another nation over American land owners.

These advanced technology users are connected to the harmful tape recorders and embezzlement machines, if as it was stated by the current Secret Service Agency Director, he is involved in this embezzlement scheme, the agency may be held liable for the liquidity lost here by area residents.

I did not know Robert L. Stevenson of Orange County California had put a BlueTooth object in my cheek when my molar broke in my Art History class at San Diego State University, after I got dental work done. His intention was malicious, and I have been investigating it. It was done 25 years ago, and the Navy when I served Navy Region Northwest found “head noise” I did not know about it, and Navy Region Northwest traced it to Stevenson’s CB radio, I found out recently. They then chose to meet with him and not tell me about it. Stevenson when he went up to meet with them met with an individual who had been likely accepting communist Chinese bribery payments since before I published my magazine.

I sensed it back then that the communist Chinese and Russians had been operating aboard our Naval Installations and had begun to investigate the Shift East to stop them. I found out about how technologically America had been surrounded by the communist Chinese through software sales, I am against even today.

Stevenson met with a communist Chinese bribery suspect who was a Department of Defense civilian, who admitted on my road trip, “you found out my identity.” This individual also prevented my, our American combat victory against the terrorists I had been fighting through intelligence means from here, my home for many years for Americans to defeat terrorism ourselves.

Stevenson said when he met with the communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian employee in 1997, “she’s going to get you too badly. So I’m going to tell you what I put in,” he said pointing to the left side tooth area referring to what he knew about the Chinese bribery going on and had probably been told by the individuals there. Stevenson has stalked me with the BlueTooth hardware and operated behind my and American citizens backs for 25 years now. I am able to remote view situations when I am close to the subjects in perspective.

Stevenson said  when I found out about this conversation as he listens through the BlueTooth, his motivation was “I hated you” and “you were always a better cop than I was,” because I served as an informant for him and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Narcotics task force.

The Chinese side DoD civilian admitted on my road trip that he met with Stevenson and accepted his quest, “Only because I was receiving Chinese bribery for too long before,” I started publishing my magazine. And maybe he knew I would find out when I published my magazine about his Chinese bribery and his attempts to force American citizens into communism, because I tend to out criminal individuals operating against American citizens and our service members regularly.

‘I have a little game going on of my own. I think I can use Ann and some of her material for the German Mafia,” said Stevenson to Chinese bribed DoD civilian unbeknownst to me when he met with Stevenson in 1997.

Did he or they even know German culture of don’t do wrong? No Stevenson and now his “demon men” are pure criminals with the cocaine bribery.

Stevenson has worked with Gordon Duff who is for China to defeat American citizens and service members on American soil, as Duff stated.

“Ann cannot know what we did with the Chinese side,” said Duff after I provided the testimony because he was working with yacht people Maxwell me testimony was against. I k now now that he wanted the Chinese side to overtake American citizens interests. Duff connected to the bribed DoD civilian with the headset.

Gordon Duff proud of himself  yesterday said, “I’ve always thought that I am being part of the most important time in history, America might just fall to them,” communist China. That will not happen at all.

The headset was put on when they falsely accused me of murder in the Northwest, even according to the Seattle Times who told me such.

Chinese side DoD civilian admitted, ‘I supported him (Stevenson) killing those people,” and I suspect they tried to blame me illegally. I hate anyone killing anyone without just war causes, defensive.

When I came back to California after being forced out by them and after September 11th happened with real guilty hidden, the Chinese side DoD civilian lied to David Brown.

“They say that she committed some kind of felony,” said David Brown back then when I came back to California unbeknownst to me.
Chinese side DoD civilian admitted, “that’s a lie we told them back then,” to put the headset on.

Chinese side DoD civilian said in 2001 to David Brown then, “just put that headset on her and will be just fine.” That was done to force the shift to China here that I am against, now even serving as President because of the deposal of Donald Trump whose team stole 2016 with the intention of bankrupting all American citizens.

We keep our gold standard and my money back for restitution of American citizens from these criminals who have attempted to steal from all American citizens since they conducted September 11th, the 2008 crash and many other covert financial crimes behind American citizens backs. Our budget surplus is ours to use for American citizens benefit.

Navy phased my magazine out because as Retired Admiral, Annette Brown said, “We liked what those cashless guys had to say,” to defraud American citizens of liquidity through an unbacked cashless system we do now want or need. I and we have also rescued our country and other nations from this now.

How hard was my magazine  to build? Very hard, especially when individuals were operating against American citizens interests in the background and they knew I was an honest cop serving our service members with my marketing and advertising strengths.

How much did I save them? I saved them millions of dollars back then through publishing my magazine and increased transitional benefits for our service members as well as provided important information on area activities, events, travel and secure entertainment through restaurants and nightlife.

She did not want to reveal the communist Chinese bribery I felt when I was there, because I suspect she may have been participating with them, knowing I am our only natural negative holder on my planet.

Brown admitted that on my road trip via BlueTooth, “Because she’s the negative holder I didn’t want to tell her all along,” to save my and our planet from the harmful extraterrestrials Congress knows about and refuses to alarm the American citizens with. I am fighting them on my own with Department of Defense honest employees, against communist Chinese and Germanic ones, who work with Stevenson and Rothchilds. The communist Chinese and Germanic ones are technically defeated through the gene sequencing being no longer able to be conducted and that can be verified here.

“The aliens (alien agenda) told us to bring cashless here,” said, likely David, Rothschild picked up via BlueTooth on my road trip. They are just tools for extraterrestrials nothing more, nothing less, and they’re given the money by alien agenda. No celebrity status should be allowed for individuals who attempted to defraud American citizens their liquidity.

The communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian also participated in the financial transactions on the back end of September 11th which should be considered stock market fraud, as I found out.

He admitted “I ‘only’ perpetrated those transactions,”  about profiting during the terrorism incident. Only is a word used by communist side to limit their guilt.

And that is a connector to Trump with the financial transactions he was charged for during the deposal, which is correct even now.

These German mafia members are the lower educated Americans and non feeling members of American service member society. They are easy targets and easy to manage for the aliens and foreign nationals benefits alone, and need to be stopped for American security to continue.

Admirals who were accepting the bribery payments from communist China have said, “they were supposed to fall to China,” this should be considered espionage at the least today and more severe charges against them should be leveled.

I also wondered yesterday what has been conducted against American service members and senior commanders who are honest with individuals such as Duff who is connected to Les Wexner and prostitution through Jeffrey Epstein. All photographs held by Duff need to be destroyed with tapes of sexual activities.

Wexner yesterday admitted to attempting to defraud service members through their real estate transactions they had been coordinating with service members.

“Then I get to keep that money,” said Les Wexner team about by the amount of money the small investors, such as service members Duff got involved here in the large land developments, have to pay to sell their “investment properties” short sale, negative equity on a car.

They purchased the properties using the cocaine money and Wexner intended to turn over the deeds to the service members when the properties tanked and could not be purchased due to current market conditions, and he looked forward to keeping American service members money that they would have to pay in the short sale transactions.

Service members at the Pentagon were sitting there calculating “monetized assets” they knew nothing about before Les Wexner, who wanted the properties ultimately sold to communist Chinese people, after they were foreclosed on for Vancouverization of California.

Stevenson gave these service members the idea with the Wexner, Duff “quest team,” our for bankruptcy and no elected President in our future as they stated. Election 2020 will happen.

Service members did not realize that long term these small investors may have to sustain the “investment properties” with their private monies and income.

Trump said yesterday, “We don’t have any money to pay for your investments.”

“Nothing then?” was asked by the service members.

Their teams wanted to collect service members incomes after Wexner gave them the titles to the properties.

I told the Department of Defense to not accept titles to the properties, and let them go bankrupt.

Wexner admitted then, “I’m going to have to pay for all the stuff based on negative (debt based) financing I created with my gold money,” which is good for us.

We need to help the younger individuals stop being involved in the bribery scheme who when entrapped yesterday by the cocaine men said, “Maybe we’re not that innocent ourselves so let’s just keep playing with these guys,” in a young sounding voice, a likely individual who is involved unintentionally in the embezzlement game and scheme against American citizens with Trump.

Prostitutes have likely been provided by these same criminal individuals to entice them more, wondering what this “debt financing” they introduced was all about. It was designed to steal service members money just like the payday lenders we were all against.

I am ready to go as President or Special Security Liaison for American citizens and service members at any time. Call me to schedule an appointment (760) 672-2028.

Stevenson who is working against me and American voters admitted, “She (I) became President and we (him and his group) did not want another Presidency to happen,” elections will continue for elected Presidents, and I am still President of the United States serving from home.

We need to fight the terrorism war that the communist Chinese bribed DoD employee prevented the American side from winning when we were defeating terrorism in Syria.  Back then, the Chinese bribed DoD individual who had my headset installed at David Brown’s unbeknownst to me, said,  “See what you can find out on this kid, (me) if I had if I knew who she was we had back then I would have raised ‘German side,’ ” this “German side is Stevenson who he met with in 1997,  and that term is the connector to him and his team now of cocaine men on his cocaine quest called “demons” against American voters and citizens interests, as is stated above, and he would have used Stevenson to harm me to prevent a victory against terrorism for America. This has gone on for far too long now, and even our allies agree they have lost faith in America and said,”I don’t know if anyone believes in America any more.” I do so I keep on working until I get paid and offered a formal office and title.
I am against them and against communism, that they have supported. Constitutionalism only.

The Russian oligarchs have been working for the cocaine men’s interests and it was just heard, “Get rid of Oleg’s equipment,” in my home? I am obviously against him as this is what they have been attempting harmfully listening on American soil as I reported to the Navy and others.

President and Planetary Negative Holder I am Despite Uncontrollable Congress

March 12, 2019 3:33 pm

Why I am not picked up yet as President despite our deposal of Donald Trump being the correct thing to do about his team’s attempted defrauding of American citizens,  “We have to accept more justice than the House and Senate is comfortable with,” said yesterday by a Congressional source about me being President. I am still here President at home.

If the voters voted a President in Congressional members could not chose who our President is, and it is not right for them to discredit me because I am an unbiased justice oriented candidate.

We need real leadership to take on foreign adversaries who are a tight knit group of cocaine dealers who are global. I had a visual of a North Korean man with a rounded face who made a statement about our negative holder rights, perhaps when I went to Seattle, WA, like I thought, this false bardo region moved to allow demons out.

Chinese Communism Entry Point in America through Giuliani and Keyport Base

Chinese Communism Entry Point in America through Giuliani and Keyport Base

March 6, 2019 10:25 pm

“I don’t like your type, but I can make your government go to jail,” said Rudolph Giuliani about the forced deal with a Chinese group to remove the steel from the September 11th terrorism incident. It was the communists Rudolph Giuliani made the deal with, and they were leaking in there and in the Northwest where I was living at the time. Giuliani threatened them because the democratic government of China was in power then, and he could have likely jailed them directly.

“What do you say we make a little interim arrangement for you to take hold of a little of our personal property right here,” Giuliani team said to the group aligned  Xi Jinping, who is the current President of China, when they made a deal for the steel removal from WTC towers with the communists.

Those communists likely then made a deal  through a middle man with a redheaded man that I met at Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center instead of Admiral Center when James Slyfield, one of my employees then attempted to setup a meeting with Center to assist with my magazine advertising.

The redhead when making the deal on phone said, “Then we can for sure bring communism in here?” excitedly after Stevenson met with him in 1998. Stevenson is the former cop who admittedly conducted September 11th with his secret society friends. “We did the World Trade Center with the secret society,”  admitted Stevenson, who now is involved with scamming real estate from American citizens using cocaine money. See PowerPoint here, and they have been turned in so many times personally to the FBI.

Man on phone replied happlity, “directly into the United States.” That I suspect was part of the electromagnetic jails package that was installed by the stole 2016 ones used here against American citizens and hotel guests, such as the Intercontinental.

Package banned as of February 12, and now being removed by our negative being placed perfectly put in the center where it belongs.

Intercontinental Hotel San Diego












Was this the deal they made with the far right to bring communism here against American citizens? Likely. The two worked together with Bill Gates to “roll” American citizens in the future using hand stamping or stamping, that will now not work now.

The Guilty of September 11th including those who use them, Russian oligarchs

“There are poor people that we intended to the hand marks,” admitted Gates about their tagging and ultimately bagging system, where the below ground jails would have been used to harvest American citizens.

Recovery of assets, like I have done with our British Commonwealth money here, is better, and we are a Sovereign Constitutional Republic like we were in 1790. That money is trillions and helps the poor people much more with the solidity of our US Gold Standard, we need no communism.

I have suffered personally because of the communists who have stolen from me since 1998 when Stevenson met with Community Programs Morale Welfare that I published my magazine for.

They forced me out for their 2000 agenda to start the terrorism wars. The Department of Homeland Security was created after the seventh lowest year of terrorism in nine years, and at that point, they, the now known communists pressured me to stop publishing my magazine and forced me out.

They admittedly use the painful technology “technology Stevenson installed” in my brain and my mouth to hurt me for the last 18 -25 years to varying degrees.

Yesterday it was admitted, “Her income was too great to make this communism happen,” said redhead angrily about me, who substituted for Admiral center in 2000 meeting about my magazine. This shows malicious intention towards my income to impose an unconstitutional system on the United States of America and its citizens. The targeting of my business and personal employment income for the last 21 years is illegal, and they owe me the income differential.

Military Beat, A Constitutionalist Magazine owned previously by me.

Not only did I lose $350,000 or more with my magazine, I lost millions through my business negotiations that were tracked and known sabotaged by them including millions of dollars from Sionix container sized water treatment systems transactions. I also had to work full time to support fighting them on the terrorism side as they set up teams of Middle Eastern terrorists against American citizens and service members. They harmed me at work continuously sabotaging my sales using the targeting methods I endured, as Stevenson called them “child molestor implants.” I still became number one at any job I was interested in and enjoyed doing. I earn typically over $70,000 per year working 30 hours a week or less to support my fighting terrorism.

It is all the National Security Agency who attacked me, us on September 11th and wanted communism, now it’s over soon with them arrested.

“They can’t take it, they are the guilty parties at the National Security Agency” was said about NSA who conducted 9/11  a few days ago, and Dick Cheney stand the down order for Air Force jets not to scramble after the pilots Duff hired.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said Dick Cheney, inside the White House bunker, “apparently confirmed a stand-down order at about 9:25AM.”


I Stopped Harmful Off Worlders from Taking Over Our Planet, Confirmed now.

I Stopped Harmful Off Worlders from Taking Over Our Planet, Confirmed now.

March 6, 2019 5:29 pm

The Mintakan hybrid I dated a long time ago, who found out I am our planet’s only negative core holder who placed ours perfectly put, in the center where it belongs, wanted to have his friends invade us and steal our planet. “We thought we could take their (our, home to 7 Billion people’s) planet over, now we know they don’t have any rights to even come on the surface,” said Andy Swetnam today. I knew he was not nice then, and I am glad I did the work that I have done. We are much safer now.

It is like one of those relationships that you don’t realize how terrible they are until you get very far away from them. He was so mean behind the scenes, and all of these horrible male dating experiences are the reason I do not date now. They use harmful language to con people into doing what they want, and looking at him one would think he would cause no harm. His face is shifted, and he lied a lot to me. I wish this story would finish positively now, and Andy would get arrested for the harm that he caused here and to American citizens who have a right to enjoy their homes and lives free of them now more easily because of my work.

When I was working on alien agenda registration, Patrick Leahy was very much against it here.

“By the time the story comes out people will forget about it,” said Patrick Leahy to Mintakan lady who, “So wait a minute, we’re all going to be forced to register?” they asked then, and now they can’t even come down here. I do need to let the State Department know the good news.

Back then I wrote this, on December 21, 2018,

“We need to know when they are coming and not allow entry because what they are doing is clearly theft from the American people and humans, as well as tagging us while they remain undocumented killers operating in the background.” The tagging has also stopped due to the supercomputer shut down reported here and the genetic sequencing stopped.

From before, how this alien agenda uses word choice to manipulate us with the “n’t” to gain acceptance for things we would normally not agree to. This is sophisticated perception management they used in the past that is important to rememeber.

They also used the word “only”. Once you cut their word choice down, you can identify their intentions much more easily, and they are and were harmful as was clearly stated in the top, “take their planet over,” which is now stopped by my work. I am President gold and money back, and now we can work on American foreign policy instead of registering harmful off worlders with our time. Is anyone going to pick me up?

The Programmers worked really hard against American citizens with the two individuals that came into town to delay our meeting. These harmful off worlders are a security risk. Confirmed, “We cheated her (me) out of the negative holder’s income the whole time,” said Dianne Feinstein now, and no John Brennan should ever come here. We saved American citizens homes from them, and as I reported in the story above this is what would have happened to American citizens who lived here and elsewhere with these individuals who wanted to steal from us.

“This is what they gave us,” would have said George Coulter about their box shaped apartment, rather than their current two separate mobile homes on two individual lots, to Nadine Tisdale, had my anti-communism investigation not continued. “We put the two of you together because we thought you loved each other,” said Mintakan female in the future if Round 2 had happened with Bill Gates and Paul Allen team who attempted to steal Vista and San Diego County properties with Donald Trump individuals and Robert Mueller.

Someone just said, picked up over the Syntel device, in my brain, “They wanted to prove it wrong that the negative install would take off only the harmful ones and make it next to impossible for the alien agenda to land here.”

“They can’t even go through the trapdoor,” of our planet said after and visually seen through the writing on my screen. I am the ruler of our planet and I deserve to be treated kindly as I treat everyone. “There is no more landing these ships on their planet,” said others now. We need to work on our gold spacecraft program soon.

I am the President of the United States, and I deserve to be made up with the same makeup artists given to sitting Presidents now.

Another poor dating choice reported, “It isn’t fair to us, to those of us who were depending on only the harmful ones.” They honestly wanted only the harmful ones though, that one claimed before, he was honestly scared of them.

And then there was this conversation here, “That is the best part of my life when they are gone,” he said
“What the fuck are we even trying for here?” asked Condoleezza Rice on December 10, 2018.
“That just makes us look crazy,”said Stafford.

“They scare the fuck out of me. That’s why I’m always asking them what to do,” said Stafford another time. Perhaps he can be free and smarter now.

People need to be straight and honest, not crazy. I have done a lot of work to get to this point, and they were afraid personally and professionally. I help everyone all the time, unless they are harmful and hurt people, then I fight back.

The extraterrestrials cannot even come here and they were going to kill all Americans and likely humans, now that is a huge contribution I made on my own to help everyone here on my planet. Now they want to keep going with the cocaine ones who did nothing but poison, tarnish and harm our country intentionally.

Why can’t people just say thank you to me. Maybe I can run the bankruptcy slides of what their intention was from the beginning with to cheat and kill every American citizen including their supporters. Did we save all American citizens today, even their supporters who were lied to from the beginning on?

Stafford changed in 2003 from being honest, when his personal company received war on terrorism funding through the alien agenda. He admitted in 2001, “I only protected his home, I am not his best pal,” regarding George HW Bush senior, before 2003. After that he became their slave for the funding and asking the alien agenda what to do wrongly. I do not trust him. When you finally pick me up American citizens will notice a genuineness in their leadership and enjoy accountability without lies.

Everyone who had “national security credentials” including Trump Team and Clinton’s teams had the same intention to tag and bag all American citizens to defraud the American taxpayer again, and later use the genetic sequencing to tag and bag them with the harmful extraterrestrials we stopped today.

I have turned in Stevenson who is guilty of the housing crash in 2008, and harming me repeatedly. To me he is a low life cocaine trafficker who steals from American citizens. Why do I have to keep writing the same thing over and over with no update of results and arrests made against these harmful American war criminals? Isn’t investigation complete yet? Am I not our public servant enough to be picked up as President yet? I am ready to start working on American foreign policy in person.

Andy wanted to steal our and my planet the entire time we were dating when he found out I am our only negative holder unbeknownst to me then.

Energetics and Alien Communism.

Energetics and Alien Communism.

March 6, 2019 2:46 am

In 1997, I began to research heavily against communism when I published a magazine for Navy Region Northwest, so I analyzed China and Russia because I detected these foreign influences operating aboard the installations. They were very disconcerting. When I was working on my computer then, and American individual energetically was physically shoulder surfing or what is truly called melding.

“We harvest them from alien agenda,” said John Brennan today as to why Constitutionalists cannot use energetics and they, the communists, have been able to use energetics even as far back as 1997. I use my own energetics and work with plants during confined surveillance operations through meditational techniques. Constitutionalists like me feel that they are so advanced from us, and they don’t experiment like I do and have been successful with. I have implants from them to overcome, communist alien agenda, and I do with my own methods.

I have an eye camera they implanted in me that takes nude surveillance videos and photos in the shower, so today I used my mind to put a Yucca plant’s energy field to meld with me there when I was showering so no photos could be taken nor sent overseas. I identify, adapt and overcome. The plant works with me and was happy to help me shower without onlookers. There is lots of evidence and data on the power of plants to assist human American citizens. The Secret Life of Plants is a great book that validates this research, and my work with plants as surveillance and protector individuals that do communicate with you. Constitutionalist intelligence and service members can win for the highest good through working with plants as they connect directly to God and Nature.

“The plants remove us,” admitted Brennan now, about the alien agenda that is harmful to humans and American citizens.

Plants are pretty powerful and have likes and dislikes, here they dislike the hired gardener by others. They produced a very large cat that was a tiger when he was around telling me not to go near him because we are always afraid of them harming us since Stevenson started paying the Mexican ones to use dark magic here. Some of the objects are seen here in the photographs that he paid them to deposit here. It has been very scary for them and me here by ourselves. My plants always protect me intelligently and some monitor frequencies. The Department of Defense hates how telepathic I am, yet that is how I protect myself. I can teach other Constitutionalists and they do not need to depend on communists. It was said the communists built a “wall around” me today, yet I fight the communists every day to stay safe. It is good to work with plants, and they as well as your own consciousness can provide the same benefits the communists have been using through Alien Agenda for many years claiming it is exclusive. I suspect because I was so harmed publishing my magazine that the individual I mentioned at the beginning was a communist working against American citizens since then. They used advanced technology to attempt to take over our planet. They are wondering now, as I write this, “what is communism about?” It is an outside extraterrestrial group attempting to control my planet. I am our only negative, the core of my planet who I have met personally, holder. It was a wild and scary experience to meet him, very hot and intense yet wonderful.

Plants, Nature and God always win.

Improving American Standing through Relocation, Redevelopment & Intelligence for Secularism.

Improving American Standing through Relocation, Redevelopment & Intelligence for Secularism.

March 5, 2019 3:06 pm

Updated, rather than sitting here tomorrow with Donald Trump’s team  speaking to the media, who all of Congress has been informed stole 2016, and Trump admittedly was previously jailed as part of the deposal process, “That’s the testimony that took me to jail back then,” about my testimony, and now they are admittedly communists working against American citizens, as DeVos and others in Trump team have admitted, with Devos yesterday clearly stating, “now they know we’re the ones who have been working on communism,” they could be arrested now, and tomorrow we could work on assisting Europe with their terrorism threats with Mattis. We can announce our gold standard, money back as restitution for the damage the communists did here using full spectrum dominance against American citizens in California to steal their real estate, as was the communists stated goal, and we could announce the election convictions to prepare for 2020.

“Her income was too great to make this communism happen,” said redhead angrily about me, working with them against 327 million American citizens who are Constitutional.

This is continuing the work on redevelopment mentioned in this article relating to building structures. Internationally, America has not won a war since WWII, and we were close to defeating terrorism in the Middle East until Russian individuals became obsessed with their own popularity and hired mercenaries themselves. Those individuals then relocated oligarchs here to the USA. The key to America winning wars is fighting for just causes, and assisting our international partners through combat, intelligence and also making up for our mistakes when we harm them unwittingly.

American forces can serve in Europe to manage migrants and conduct redevelopment operations in the countries we harmed due to the American war criminals involved in combined conflict and currently attempting to create more conflict internationally. This enables us to coordinate intelligence gathering operations in Europe to identify terrorism suspects that have gotten past us due to the individuals who stole 2016 to bankrupt American citizens. We could serve with our partners to interview migrants being processed to return to their home countries for redevelopment operations.

Why can’t America win wars? Because we are not honest anymore.

Historically, when we exhibit overreach, as in the Korean war, is when we lose, and we are losing in the eyes of the world today unless we change now.

“I don’t know if anyone believes in America any more,” said an international partner. I do, and we will our wars in the future, if we actually work for freedom and justice internationally, not to start genocide with those who should be on trial and are supporting communism in America. I am available to talk to anyone all day long, every day, peacefully here or by telephone (760) 672-2028 cell or home office number (760) 945-4943.

These individuals are hired to make America lose wars.

Gordon Duff admitted because he was forced to tell the truth to NATO about his activities conducted criminally with his assets operating for communism a few days ago, about he and his wife Carol, “Just arrest us and throw us in jail. We lost every contact in NATO,” proving they were working with Dick Cheney to continue their mercenary forces through them unauthorized, as he had done in Iraq before he was thrown out in 1991.

Why are we sitting here wasting time, while our enemies taunt us? Why talk to the enemy and not me? My case is made against them and I can take it to Congress and prosecute the entire administration, National Security Agency and Congressional members. I am hired to put them on trial.

“They can’t take it, they are the guilty parties at the National Security Agency” was said about NSA who conducted 9/11 & Dick Cheney stand the down order for Air Force jets not to scramble after the pilots Duff hired.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said Dick Cheney, inside the White House bunker, “apparently confirmed a stand-down order at about 9:25AM.”

Tools for Oligarchs are using against American citizens for communism.


It is time to work for American citizens Positively

It is time to work for American citizens Positively

March 4, 2019 10:55 am

There has been much debate about my negative being placed where it belongs in the center,  I am happy I did that, and we need to move towards advancing our planet. We need to have fun again, without the American war criminals interfering. Every day is our opportunity to do great things for the American people. This morning it was said before that they “chose not to tell” me, that I am our only negative holder, well I found out and did my work to save American citizens, so let’s get moving past that and actually work for them today. Our Constitutionalism must stand stronger. Extraterrestrials end now. My gold certificate must be delivered to me, so I can work hard for the people of our world.

I will continue to work hard either way as President from here. We need elected representative government, that we do not have with stole it ones. All of my data is here, and we cannot continue to make excuses about the negative install to delay working for American citizens.

I provided the deposal testimony a long time ago, and I proved that Donald Trump was not removed because of Michael Kilburn and his scam that he ran here to continue the thievery with the cocaine men and the guilty parties in the destroyer incident, also called the Guilty of Nine Eleven, who were behind the incident. From what was uncovered yesterday, “I don’t have to be removed yet?” asked Trump around 8/24/17  asked Kilburn then who replied “I’ve got a little game going over here,” them after the deposal was done, and likely the Navy was sent away when they came here to pick me up to complete the deposal process. This was after Paul Allen bailed Trump and Mike Pence out of jail, which they were in on August 18, 2017. Paul Allen must have contacted them through Gordon Duff who did not want the deposal to go through so he could steal my planet with them.

“I’ll bet we can get her to play along with us rather than do all that deposal stuff they wanted her to do,” said Duff around July 28, 2017, after he was introduced to Robert Stevenson then. Then they began their breaking and entering campaign here to ruin my life and steal from me. Why are they allowed to steal from me?

No more murders should be allowed conducted by the individuals on a poster. From my understanding now, Stevenson found out who electrocuted me in my car and works with them. If I found out about Bob Hope’s special gifts, do I have the right to do this to him or steal from him? No. This is predatory behavior. They must put them in jail. A Quest by its very definition is about advancement of our kind, and this is crime. My definition of a quest that comes from Miriam Webster and I will provide you with the word used in a sentence for slow learners. Quest- a long or arduous search for something beneficial. “The quest for a reliable vaccine has intensified.” “We went on a quest to save the planet with her,” said someone now about me, and that is the proper use of the word. I do not like knowing that Stevenson scammed the real estate in 2008 and created the crash back then with them. That caused misery to millions of American citizens and these individuals have been turned in repeatedly even with his likely previous address to the FBI. $22 trillion was stolen then from American citizens then, and now we have stopped them. They must be arrested this time with the evidence I collected used to press charges against them now. Stevenson just admitted, “We did the World Trade Center with the secret society,” so isn’t time to put them in jail? All Stevenson is to me is a former cop who I was an informant for that drank a black magic spell for me to fall in love with him a long time ago so that he could harm me, and later American citizens. I had no idea then that he did September 11th, and have pursued justice since I saw the horrific incident happen, and I have documentation that proves it with my letter to the UN and other organizations investigating the terrorism incident known now conducted with nuclear components in the columns. The 40,000 individuals inflicted with strange cancers in New York and likely living elsewhere now who were first responders, volunteers and other bystanders have just as much right to have the guilty pay for the nuclear incident that caused their disease serve time in jail. These individuals had no right to cause the incident. What right would they have? All the victims should be compensated including me, for the torture the guilty have put me through for almost 18 years. They have tried to frame me because they implanted me with radio devices that have been heard and were covertly done because they were working against our American dream and I am always working for our American Constitutionalism and freedom for humanity. On September 11, 2001, I was in a government building when I saw what happened on TV, and I was terrified. I was applying for food stamps, EBT, because of what the guilty had done to me in my home then, that is where they started torturing me because they knew I own our planet on my own.

The individuals who are sick with the cancers should receive the rents from the cocaine real estate as income and own the developments, better than Congressional member. This answers their question they were asking yesterday, “What is going to happen to my apartment homes?” Compensate the victims of the nuclear components put in the columns by the criminally involved. These Congressional members were using the individuals who were responsible for the terrorism incident to generate supplemental income for themselves and the others who had stolen election 2016 using cocaine bribery payments.

Why did Congressional members deserve the rental income or homes? Investments. We work together with Congressional members to make this work. The National Security Agency could be found guilty as charged by me for what they attempted here and in New York with the World Trade Center incidents. Robert Mercer and the Alki group that loaned Carlyle the funds to install the nuclear components that was paid back through the 2008 housing bubble and stock market crashes should be also charged criminally. Middle Eastern individuals were selected to attack us by this group of harmful perpetrators to steal Middle Eastern oil rich countries assets, rare earth minerals and antiquities for their personal enrichment. To be put down repeatedly in my home and brain by the guilty parties here is illegal and not needed. My life is mine and not theirs to hold back.

Above is a photo library of some the damage they have done, and I expect that will be repaid as was stated before. It is already proven that Andy Swetnam negotiated behind my back against me and human American citizens when he found out I own the whole planet, and their contract is invalid.

The Quest to save our planet and our Constitutionalism worked.

I like this one because because it includes the Positive. Our work continues, and I have a right to work with people directly. No stole 2016 administration is going to prevent American citizens forward progress.

Yesterday, again Trump was caught conducting the land grab he was deposed for. “I can’t get the land grab money any more,” Trump said yesterday.  Why allow more reduced liquidity for American citizens by individuals who are known even to Congress as having stole 2016, in a premeditated scam from 1991? The data is here, and the individuals have been turned in. This is cocaine money. The intelligence community has to get job done and protect American citizens. We keep our gold and money back to pay back American citizens who were fooled by war criminals into harming our “native landscape” here because of what was correct for me to do to protect our planet at the right time.

Where is our reparations money for the crimes that were committed here against local residents intending on committing treason with Dick Cheney’s team and selling California out to China intentionally.

There is a four part series available here on what was done. This is criminal what has been done here. Why are people using my negative as an excuse for their criminal activities?

Did you ask American voters if you build jails here as I just overheard someone say, “We were supposed to build jails here?”

“No we did not,” they said. Then they must stop bothering me. And they will build no jails here. We need indictments now, for these individuals who have been delaying American success, and for individuals who were willing to allow America to fail its citizens. This plan started in 1990, and is criminal.

“They said because you are the negative holder your identity could not be disclosed back then,” said a source. Well I have a right to disclose my identity as negative holder. Who are they? We need to vote for our President and in the interim, I am legally our President, even if he was not removed, Trump is deposed.  People should have wanted my identity disclosed to save all American citizens from the alien agenda that would have harmed us all had I not placed my negative in the center.

It was not legal to use advanced weaponry here to steal real estate.

Historically, our planet was a vacation planet thousands of years ago, and it must be returned to that.

The money back, I fought for from the British Commonwealth and is part of American Constitutional Sovereignty from them, that we started at the beginning of the deposal, from 1790. Those monies are recovered assets I worked for American citizens to have.

We have freed the whole world from hand stamping through my work. 

Thinking about ending hand stamping and the horrible future reality that has ended even now for China and North Korea because the supercomputer is not working and will never work again, even they have more freedom today.

What is sad is North Korea, as it was previously home to the fake bardo that had been created by the evil doers 18,000 years ago. They must have side effects there that are being corrected, and I am wondering if the North Korean people are feeling more free and individual which could be good for them economically and innovatively. It would be nice to participate in talks in South Korea. Both sides could finally experience the development and innovation cooperatively that was only dreamt of before and it will improve the world with no methamphetamine needed for economic stimulus, the North Korean people themselves may become the innovators and drivers of their economy. What have the people there suffered through having a false bardo for 18,000 years, much damage, that should be correcting itself now through our work?

In 1991, a lot was written about the famine in North Korea from what I remember and I learned that who I suspect now to be the National Security Agency sprayed North Korea with toxic white sticky aerosol sprays, and it would make sense with the investigation I conducted regarding them here, that they were the ones encouraging the methamphetamine production there for their end times that is not needed. They used the methamphetamine shipments to maintain the fake bardo that is no longer working. It was asked by Kim Jong-un this morning, “Why do we need to produce methamphetamine?” North Korean people should advance and produce better products for their people and the world.

“The people are ready to start manufacturing again,” they say soon.

And the harmful alien agenda admitted now when seeing this image, “No more eating them either.” Looking at the building construction there, it was all designed for the surveillance state the National Security Agency had planned for us here. Don’t these skyscrapers look like those built in San Diego, California? Kellyanne Conway admitted to being involved in the installations here. Kellyanne Conway admitted, “We did that one,” in regards to Intercontinental in San Diego, should be inspected for the components. “The package is to be used for blackmail purposes,” said Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the electronics they installed that are harmful and leak information to foreign powers from American and international clients. No blackmail should be used against American citizens nor international guests. Who gave these individuals consent? No negative install need be mentioned in regards to the harmful technology they installed earlier for blackmail purposes that needs to be retrofitted and curtailed for these hotel owners I discovered. Our money back could be used to compensate the people. They had individual goals and objectives to hurt American citizens personally and professionally likely.

When you look at the construction, it was a harmful system put in place by the National Security Agency through methamphetamine production to hurt business travelers and American citizens. The housing developments are also part of their construction materials set and planning. Why build this way for American citizens, we are not farm animals? People need yards and plants surrounding them. We must understand how harmful these buildings are and we must stand against the package which its components are sourced from China. A photo of apartments in North Korea was exchanged for an open source one, however Associated Press could be seen as the gatekeeper regarding the buildings story. Has anyone reported on the harmful building construction using steel frame construction in complexes as it was found satellite interference in these buildings can cause memory loss and can physically harm people. I removed an image I had found online and it could have been claimed as fair use. I found it without Associated Press and suspect rather than charging me for the image they should do a story on the construction of these buildings. Why aren’t they looking around to do a story that works for their readers against this type of  construction? We earn no money from this blog and work only for the American people on a very low budget. How many people could they save and could they stop espionage that operates from these buildings that could lead to our adversaries?

Who would guess that the same buildings built in North Korea were built globally like in San Diego, California and throughout our country. I took photos of identical construction in the Northwest where individuals were harmed inside the buildings.

Ryomyong Condominium in North Korea

Alien Agenda statement with Admirals who knew about the harmful construction done here. The day the photo was taken, a growling voice made the alien agenda statement.
















Here are some alternatives with Structured Insulated Panels.

SIPS Panels and Home

SIPS panel large home, smaller ones are easy to build and are more secure for American citizens. These homes can be rapidly deployable for redevelopment.

SIPS Panels themselves.










American citizens and International people need natural landscapes to enjoy our world and remain mentally and physically stronger. According to an article on Psychology today, “Plants Make You Feel Better”, potted plants themselves provide the following benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure (systolic)
  • Improve reaction times
  • Increase attentiveness
  • Improve attendance (at work and school)
  • Raise productivity (at work)
  • Improve well-being
  • Improve perceptions of the space
  • Lower levels of anxiety during recovery from surgery
  • Raise job satisfaction

Looking at the North Korean buildings themselves, I wonder if roof top gardens could be added, and what the impact would be to incorporate specific succulent varieties as barriers for the electronics. Here in my home because of the electromagnetics I have been targeted with I have used Yuccas to prevent some more expensive plants of mine from being harmed. Yuccas themselves are defensive plants here at my home. Plants have been used for intelligence here and can communicate telepathically. For more information on the emotional existence of plants see read the book, The Secret Life of Plants.

Early Timeline of Investigation to recover America's stolen Presidency by Trump who steals with intention from his constituents.

March 1, 2019 11:38 pm

June 10, 2017, I was electrocuted in my car while driving to work because I reported correctly about controlled opposition terrorists in Syria who are left leaning, I thought for a long time, however I suspect it may have been as a result of the email I sent to Robert Stevenson. They are connected to goons, also called white alien agenda that electrocuted me. I always thought Stevenson and Paul Allen were good Americans then, and have proven myself incorrect through my investigation. I also found out who Gordon Duff really is, a purely evil communist I did not fall in love with. He set me up. Stevenson has been in contact with one of the goons or white alien agenda who likely participated in electrocuting me in my car. According to Stevenson, “He (an extraterrestrial who is white) always made all of those false promises.” I wanted to figure this out because back then when I wrote this email I was so naive thinking Stevenson, Paul Allen and Duff were innocent. They are guilty of being involved in the pre-planning of September 11th for harmful genetic sequencing against American citizens that is stopped permanently. Gold only now.

June 10 2017 I thought Robert Stevenson, Paul Allen and Gordon Duff were honest Constitutionalists they are not. They were all in on the “communist threat,” here in California and against me since September 11, 2001, as well as in 2008 and many times in behind my back.

This electrocution went on for three weeks and I bought shielding pants to drive to work. I have a photo of them.

I made the mistake of calling Robert Stevenson by telephone on June 17, 2017, and asking him to help me find out who electrocuted my legs which was ongoing. I sent him another email and I told him about the alien agenda that had harmed me and I suspected was against humans.

Stevenson hates and hates himself and has hated me since he knew me professionally and back then I tried to be his friend, that is not possible. I learned that after the second email I sent him when he did not contact me.

Duff was not my friend either, though I wrote for Veterans Today and avidly read his articles. I found out soon after his quest against me began that he is working for communistic alien agenda against us. Stevenson partnered with Duff here in my home to harm us.

“We’re only making her (me) have fun, to get job done over here,” said Duff, which meant to use the genetic sequencing hardware to professionally brand all Americans like cattle for their cashless pay-points. I have to work really hard against them here for American citizens. That feeling of having fun here in my home while they were torturing me was inflicted upon me, as Duff stated in the quote above.

This story is hard to write because no one likes being made a fool of, especially not a hardworking person for American citizens like me. These individuals are criminals, and I want to be clear about my historical participation with them. A person must know the truth about their participation level to understand the past influences and what may have happened that was unpreventable.

I went on to do revoking agreements to place my/our planet’s core perfectly put in August 2017, and provided deposal testimony regarding Donald Trump’s team’s criminal conduct behind the scenes.

It is disturbing that a ship’s party was conducted by service members working with the above individuals who were and are against Constitutionalism that they are supposed to uphold.

There was an incident that happened shortly after I sent this tweet to Greg Palast, Trump had been deposed already, according to what I found out later. I misspelled Mike Kilburn’s name here, and he came to San Diego likely working for Duff as Duff mentioned on telephone he was looking for property in Montana, which I knew was suspicious at the time. When Kilburn came here there was some group harmfully operating in the background, and I knew Stevenson had gotten involved with them since my email to him. Kilburn was suspicious in his intention, and I knew he was flying out to a Naval vessel from what I overheard. I suspected he was doing something wrong, and may attempt to kill service members who knew about the testimony I provided which later I found out was true. This is called the destroyer incident they caused and information on it with quotes showing their guilt is found here.

Then they had a party with service members who killed the service members the night afterwards. What I found out now confirmed that Trump was jailed correctly on August 18, 2017 and then Mike Kilburn came here to run the scam for him with the oligarchs and the guilty of nine eleven. “I don’t have to be removed yet?” asked Trump asked Kilburn then who replied “I’ve got a little game going over here,” them.

The game involved the van that was placed here by Brian Stafford’s company, that was pointed out by the honest Navy who did the honest deposal and removal back east, as it was said by them recently to Stafford, “You knew I put Trump in jail,” then when we were trying to prevent the “scam against America” and the “largest land grab in history,” by deposing and removing Trump teams. The land grab has continued privately through the criminals Kilburn hired.

Here on the West Coast, Kilburn partied with these cocaine men and service members, telling them the deposal was not in earnest likely. When it was done to protect American citizen from Trump team and their plans that they had, and we found out about in advance through my testimony.

This was confirmed a few days a when it was brought up over the sytel, and someone in the area was asked about the communist threat party with the Navy Chief and his friends with Stevenson cartel on board, and the individual said, “I told none of those men to tell anybody about it,”  referring to the correct deposal of Trump. Destroyer incident was conducted by them. It was attempted to be concealed here to allow for the land grab and scam to continue. Many people were harmed here in Vista and San Diego county because of them.

In the lobby of the hotel where I worked that night of their party, they hired individuals to make it seem like I was invited to a party and I was scared. I felt like they were going to try to kill me when Kilburn came to town.

“We were told to believe that you were with them (quest men) part time,” said a source on December 29, 2018 who was told that by the “boat captain” at their party. No. They were all against me and our Constitutionalism, and American citizens who I tried to protect with my testimony about the scam and land grab.

“We’ll make her get married or something that way we’ll delay their nice homecoming,” said boat captain them wanting to delay the formal removal of Donald Trump. We can release our US gold to the American public now. Election convictions need to come out.

The sad part, and what I complained about repeatedly was there murder of service members for individuals who should be in jail, even because of the stolen election of 2016 and they are known criminals who have harmed millions of people before. No further death is needed on their behalf. Why would accomplices to election theft be part of any deposal of the guilty in capital punishment white collar crimes they stole the election to accomplish, said for individuals claiming, “W’s guys weren’t part of the deposal.” These are individuals as has been stated, “Could not win an election if their life depended on it,” so why kill people for them, and drag on individuals who used premeditated white collar crime in the background to steal from 327 million American citizens through election theft.

American citizens are not to be treated like their cash cow to be ridden.

And no more terrorism will be needed from George W. Bush, like the threats yesterday.

Not one more death for Bush.



American Citizens Win and Defeat Communist Imposters Concealed as Trump Administrations, Both He and Pence Culpable.

American Citizens Win and Defeat Communist Imposters Concealed as Trump Administrations, Both He and Pence Culpable.

March 1, 2019 7:37 pm

These individuals do target me because I am the negative holder who managed to stop their covert plan against American citizens by placing our negative perfectly put that harms their unknown and non consented intentions against all American citizens.

I became President as part of a flawed deposal process, and that is less important than our gold standard that I brought to the table to protect Americans financially. We cannot be afraid of George W Bush and his men. Brian Stafford just admitted, “W’s men have got me afraid,” when I posted this story on the Hill.

Cashless standard is going away on the planet because as alien agenda admitted, “there is no genetic sequencing on the planet to match the tape recorder man’s,” said in reference to Gordon Duff’s gene sequence attempting to kill our planet said this morning by individuals involved in the sequencing attempts against American citizens freedom. They attempt harm all American citizens financially through the land grab and cashless system Donald Trump and teams attempted with the tape recorder man, the Russian oligarchs, possibly two Russians mentioned in the Steele Dossier and their henchmen.

Duff, who was hired by Vladimir Putin through Gene Khruschev, likely worked with oligarchs, Bill Gates and others to internally harm American citizens to tie into the electronics and paypoints that had been installed pre Trump deposal in 2017 in hotels and restaurants as well as stores that are owned by Les Wexner.

Duff wanted to create this harmful surveillance state with his family to harm American citizens before the Robert Stevenson quest men arrived here.

Stevenson, a former deputy from the Orange County, California Sheriff’s Department, who is different than I am, is against America (he hates our American flag), was hired by their team later on with Brian Stafford, the former Director of the Secret Service Agency,  hired by them also and is likely angry and against their intentions internally. Whether Stafford deposed Trump for the right reason depends on his intentions for our American Presidency, should it be controlled by harmful individuals operating against American citizens with oligarchs or American voters, that I support. Donald Trump and his team admittedly stole the 2016 election, and it has been found out that their team’s intention was then to bankrupt all American citizens, even their own constituents who were average American citizens, the base they appeal to that love their Constitution and American flag.

I felt the paypoints Trump team with these individuals wanted for them to harm American citizens today at the outlet mall I went to on the California side of the Mexican border in San Ysidro, California. They are installed them in Mexico too, unlawfully. The paypoints will not happen any more.

Why do I fight these individuals? It is because American citizens are busy living their daily lives, and I want them to be safe and happy, Constitutionally without fear of being harmed by covert operatives working against them. The American people did not know me before, and I fight for them always to stay free.

As is stated above there is an extreme covert group of individuals who had plotted against American citizens using even, genetic sequencing with off worlders. The hardest thing is to explain what I do silently. When the deposal went wrong, and I was not made aware of it yet learned of it, I knew individuals harmed me professionally through American foreign policy and in my home by surrounding me with the tape recorders. I had to understand why?

I turned them in repeatedly. What is and was their intention, who was controlling the scenario, from when and why? Basically what were they attempting to conduct are criminal financial systems against the American people. I am always on their side with American citizens, small and unknown as I am, and known as the enemy to the dark side I fight against, I will soon send them to jail.

What is nice is that the work I did on my negative install did change things for all American citizens, despite what a covert corrupt official who wanted to kill me a long time ago wanted. Many hate me because of my support and work for all American citizens against them, including John Brennan as he stated.

I will call the individual 3/17 man for the sake of the discussion here, who wanted to kill me, “Putting the negative there won’t change anything, we’ve already got it all planned,” he said about the package to be conducted covertly, with intent to harm American citizens without their consent through Trump team then. The cashless system was started by them in the background intending to harm all American citizens through high tech monitoring they had planned unlawfully.

As it was admitted this morning, “We lost the identity codes,” they admitted today, so technically they are defeated even now, because their system was based on birth identities being numerically programmed through their supercomputer system and machines monitoring American citizens unlawfully. It is illegal because it is done without informed consent.

I know that 3/17 man was part of the team who came here the day they deposed Trump, and gave me hallucinogenic substances that day and likely the controlled substance was found in my car was planted by John Brennan’s team that had partnered with Stevenson, who when I knew him had become an undercover narcotics investigator. When I wondered what to do with it, I had been given hallucinogenic substances by 3/17 man, Brennan and other communistic operatives so I took a picture of it on the rainbow colored ball.

Stevenson was not as involved as I thought later when he worked with them to plant the controlled substance in my car with my neighbor, the Mexican American who lived next door to me then. He did not know how harmful these covert operatives are and sophisticated their technology is in the background that they attempted to use against American men here with their “quest” they put on. Stevenson admitted to hating W’s men’s opinion on cashless.

The key to this 3/17 man, oligarchs, Donald Trump and team who stole 2016 and were, are deposed correctly is that there was no informed consent of the American citizens to coordinate their plan covertly in the background to financially harm all American citizens and the individuals they hired including Stevenson played a tiered roll operating against American citizens, as they were hired by them, and some operated against their interests for financial profits.

Brian Stafford unknowingly got involved with 3/17 man, when 3/17 man said,”I’m going to send him out after her,” because I protected America against Trump when he tried to nuke China personally, himself on his own using insiders then. Stafford was not aware that 3/17 was using him as a tool to harm American citizens and violate his principles.

China at the time posed no threat to American citizens or soil and admitted that fact recently. The incident was used to later distract the deposal Stafford performed. The Navy then became the “boat explosion members” working for 3/17 against American citizens. “I hope she never realizes we were always working against her, even when we did the deposal,” said a Navy Chief now operating for communist threat with the UN Secretariat, as was admitted by him on February 26, 2019, “We just lost the communism that me and that Navy chief put in.” There was a team that did want to pick me up post deposal and they were confronted with likely the Navy Chief and the Secret Society members aligned with Stevenson, 3/17 and Duff. I found out they said, “What do you think they’re doing over there? Why won’t they at least let us come in here and pick her up,” asked Navy after Donald Trump deposed in 2017.

Before that, around July 28, 2017, Duff said to his friends here with the communist threat men “I’ll bet we can get her to play along with us rather than do all that deposal stuff they wanted her to do.”

Even if the Navy Chief was working against me, Trump is legally and lawfully deposed and I am President, obviously Constitutional, and want a better Navy than that Chief and those working on communist threat.

Xi Jinping admitted the other day, “I did not intend to strike then,” so Trump’s strike would have been offensive and according to the laws of war I am very familiar with could have likely encouraged a retaliatory strike at American soil and citizens by China, and it is approved as retaliation for an unneeded offensive maneuver conducted illegally if it had happened then. I am glad that I stopped Trump then and will continue to work for American citizens as President until I am recognized and deliver my Presidency to the American voter.

When I protected the Navy vessels and American citizens from attack back then, Duff then got involved and wanted to use the opportunity to weaken our Navy, and attempted to explode vessels as he admitted which we stopped, Duff confessed the same day as the Xi Jinping admission, February 28, 2019, “Some vessels needed exploding,” he said, knowing that was and would always be against my will, and I am not his friend.

When Stafford came in as this covert group operating against American citizens was installing technology, I asked him subconsciously, “Why are you even here?” Stafford replied, “I don’t know. He asked me “what are you doing?” I replied, “I am protecting my country.” Stafford knew and knows I was right to prevent the strike against China and defend American Naval vessels. If you know something is being conducted against our Navy it is illegal not to report it, and could be seen as treason in the future.

I remember saying to him then, “ I don’t want you to hurt me with the technology.” He did not, and maybe accepted their contract for their “quests” or better stated work against American citizens with Duff. I am unsure of even now if he is with them completely, if he is “hard right” working with communist threat against American citizens, or actually on the side of American citizens afraid of Bush. Based on what I added at the top, I would have to say it is number 3 here, afraid of Bush, as Stafford admitted, “W’s men have got me afraid.” Navy at the Pentagon has admitted that they hired me to put Bush on trial.

It happened much later that Stafford was hired by the Navy to depose Donald Trump. In my opinion now, knowing what I know, additional charges need to be added against his entire administration for working with the Russian men, two men identified today, who Stafford admitted earlier that Trump “liked too much” even for his tastes. One of the Russian men was admitted to earlier in the day by Trump who refused to disclose his identity.

Donald Trump was asked who it was in Russia he was in contact with early on, Trump said, “I cannot reveal that contact,” concealing it from the American intelligence operative who asked him, and it is likely his intention were and are to work with that contact and others to harm American citizens intentionally with malice.

“We’ve got these two partners we met overseas,” replied Trump after being asked by Hillary Clinton, “So how does this bankruptcy work?” I found out today, that confirms the two men likely included in the Steele Dossier possibly connected to Alpha Bank.

I had already been working on identifying the Russian oligarch participation to protect American citizens when the Steele Dossier came out because it had truth to it in the two Russians mentioned I suspected then. Duff knew I worked on understanding the dossier intently and intentionally likely wanted to harm me because long term he had been involved with these individuals operating against American citizens in the background and disclosed the fact that he had been working on bringing communism to American soil and citizens since 1957 recently. I also found out he was hired by Vladimir Putin around March of 2017 against me and American citizens.

These Russians have worked with Duff and likely Michael Flynn as well Rex Tillerson who cooperated with 3/17 man and Les Wexner against American citizens financial interests with the paypoints in their stores. The payponts will not work as Brennan told Wexner, they will not work, “with their identities returned to normal,” as Wexner’s friend over American citizens interests.

This constant drugging me senseless to be less serious than I normally am, during their harmful quest here at my home was called “making her have fun” by them as I took sometimes beautiful photos of things I thought were nice. Duff had malicious intentions participating through me to harm American citizens with the team that he was working with, and said, “We’re only making her (me) have fun, to get job done over here,” which meant to use the genetic sequencing hardware to professionally brand all Americans like cattle for their cashless pay-points. I have to work really hard against them here for American citizens.

Duff continues to attempt to confuse the authorities by saying, “You were meant to be with Stevenson,” while in reality, Stevenson too was hired by 3/17 man much later to conduct his quest with them for the land grab against American citizens to go along with the sequencing and the pay-points.

The thing that makes Stevenson less culpable is that he made a statement, that the financial back-end W’s guys tried to create here using him, is the one thing he hated about them. I do not support what Stevenson did at with the land grab and the stuff he did to my home. He harmed me professionally and has gone behind my back to damage my reputation that is for American citizens not compromising to W’s men operating against American citizens. I stand against them in their entirety and against the oligarchs, W’s guys and even Stevenson likely partnered with. I have a right to work on American foreign policy with what I know, which has required years of reading and education on my own that no one can take away. Stevenson did not invest the time or the money into understanding American history and the world. He could no longer work in American law enforcement, and I can and do. Our Constitutional values stand strongly for everyone to protect us all.

I suspect Trump is in on the genetic sequencing against even his own constituents who voted for him, wanting to entrap them like farm animals in America with the pay-points to tag them unlawfully.

The Russian contacts working against American citizens that were involved in Donald Trump’s Administrations, as he worked with Mike Pence to setup a new one through the fascists with them, need to be added to any removal from office for the whole administration that stole election 2016 with malicious intent.

“Yes I really knew the Russians really cheated us, but they pay me,” admitted Pence today, because God is on my side. Why are we allowing the oligarchs to listen here against our Navy? It is time to depose the Trump team publicly, and have no more communist influence on American soil through them, and no more harm conducted against American citizens. Their fans need the intention of Trump and his administrations explained to them professionally by me and whoever deposes them. Let freedom happen.

Timeline and miscellaneous quotes for use and more available. I have not finished my tapes I recorded also about the alien agenda hostages that we have.

2016 Trump made contact with the two Russians in the Dossier, those were the attempted bankruptcy Russians operating with him against American citizens. And he brought in the 3/17 man with Duff’s team in around the time they installed the harmful technology in the buildings in San Diego and other places likely.

3/21/17 Buildings started with team including Les Wexner, Gordon Duff and 3/17 man who hired Stevenson and told Stafford to “go after her” me, for the Dictator by Tweet stuff which was nothing bad that I did, other than protect our country from attack by China and preserve American service members rights.

Stevenson was hired against his internal wishes, which are our gold standard and money back now, to target me with them for the building construction contracts with their teams against American citizens, called Israeli only in my report on the Hard rock Hotel and Intercontinental, as well as Marriott properties with the cashless standard men I am against, even then. He just hates me personally for the informancy work I did back then.

3/17 man and team paid the Bankruptcy oligarchs who Trump worked with and liked too much, possibly in the Steele Dossier.

3/17 team  and oligarchs moved money back and forth for the land grab to force cashless against American citizens interests.

“We’re going to feed in the cashless barrier,” said Oleg today at 8:01, which is the harmful white sticky preventing people from deeply understanding and seeing the truth.

“We’ve got these two partners we met overseas,” replied Trump after being asked by Hillary Clinton, “So how does this bankruptcy work?”

3/17 man said regarding one of Trump’s Russian partners, “We definitely paid him before,” likely relating to Alpha Bank (ck spelling).

It was confirmed when Donald Trump was asked who it was in Russia, Trump said, “I cannot reveal that contact,” concealing it from the American intelligence operative who asked him, and it is likely his intention is to work with that contact and others to harm American citizens intentionally with malice.

Redevelopment and American Intelligence

February 28, 2019 6:31 pm

We have the opportunity to be admired globally by working with the European Union to address the refugees American war criminals created through launching the war on terrorism since September 11th, and we need to complete prosecuting the individuals who conducted and profited from the incident.  This small group of individuals, only approximately 800, have been found to be the source of every stock market crash and housing crash in the United States of America, causing 327 million American citizens misery and financial hardship for seventeen years. If it was factored the amount of income and equity, these 800 individuals cost American citizens, it would be in the trillions of US dollars. We need a reparations budget both internally to the United States of America for all American citizens who have been affected by them and externally for countries affected with thousands of refugees.

Trump’s team does not have any accountability, and continues to attempt to harm us.

There is no reason to allow these individuals to continue to attempt to commit genocide as Joseph Dunford admitted to with his intentions for Pakistan and Indian on February 26, 2019, “We were out to create genocide.” It is disgusting, that they are using American real estate purchased with cocaine money for this through John Brennan to profit from here reducing American liquidity and equity through exponentially increasing the cost of real estate without the value. Brennan connects to their cocaine network, as he admitted on January 4, 2019, “I use the Fellowship (Oceanside) to transfer drug money.”

“That is why we put Brennan there,” said Dunford on February 26, 2019 to continue to work their cocaine transaction for real estate that they personally profit from. I have turned the cocaine network in to the Federal Bureau of Investigation repeatedly. I am an anti-communist, Brennan is a communist, I am a Constitutionalist, and am still President due to the deposal of Trump. These individuals are really disgusting with their sexual stuff, and I am not going to mention more here.

“We only targeted her (me) because she protects American citizens,” said Brennan about me, meaning the entire Trump team with John Brennan and Hillary Clinton who said the other day, “We wanted to kill all American citizens,” do not support the 327 million citizens and service members I as President gold and money back of due to the deposal of Trump, support every day with my own money. I have done so since September 11th to investigate their crimes.

We need to move forward beyond the perception that American Department of Defense resources are being used to steal from countries internationally and commit war crimes, as well as steal from American citizens here in California.

Dunford said when his plans were outed about the Pakistan and India conflict, which was de-escalated forcefully by the Pentagon later through Pompeo being operated by them, “Now it looks like we did all those wars overseas to enrich ourselves.” Pompeo then added “That’s exactly why we did the land grab over here,” in California. Why are we allowing them to steal our real estate through their devaluation tactic here using the cocaine men? The powerpoint here details their scam, and I have conducted a long investigation to identify what they do. Can they be arrested now? I need to be able to work in Washington DC and appoint a new FBI director.

If individuals such as Pompeo, Dunford and Trump with Pence do this to their own American citizens, what can individuals expect overseas, likely more of the same. Why even harm American citizens through devaluation and “land grab” as they admitted to which Trump was deposed for?  These individuals should be accountable to all American citizens and expected to support them. Wait, they stole election 2016.

Why would we even pay them a salary? They should be arrested for accepting cocaine bribed real estate payments from sales and rents they are expecting. Congress has been informed and all intelligence agencies know they stole election 2016. It is not hard to fill their positions with qualified American citizens who would accept a salary, without having side businesses operating against American citizens interests. This side business of “land grab” is not an enhancement in American citizens lives, it is theft using cocaine funded assets. I can meet with anyone, anywhere at any time. I am not in jail.

The governments of Iraq,  Afghanistan and Syria as well as Northern African countries such as Egypt and Libya that have been burdened with combined conflict created by the American war criminals, should be provided with reparations from our budget surplus and we would be able to conduct intelligence operations internally to identify additional terrorism suspects and networks.

We could supply prefabricated housing to address their needs in the previously war torn countries, this would reduce migration into Europe and help to restore the diplomatic relationships that Trump team destroyed there which are age old ties, through wars and depressions America and Europe has been partnered to advance human goals and objectives. An intelligence training school can be offered to uniformed service members in conjunction with renewable energy building trade school classes.

Americans who support elections and say that overseas need to realize that our election convictions are important to our credibility internationally. We cannot be credible and have stole 2016 speaking to the media. We need our convictions to be announced and they are crosscheck, electronic marketing (microtargeting) and Diebold Nixdorf.

There is no reason not to interview me directly, I have the testimony that even Trump admitted deposed him, and I can meet anyone at anywhere any time. Contact me directly.

We need to rebuild our Naval infrastructure that these stole 2016 individuals have depleted and harmed. We are so insecure right now with the oligarchs known listening. The enemy has dissuaded the Navy from picking me up, as they said, it was the telephony man. He hired the pilots for the planes that flew in the buildings on September 11th, and he is on pharmaceutical antidepressants, working for communism on American soil since 1957, and he also killed JFK with his wife. It is nice though because we now know that George W. Bush connects to JFK’s killer, as it is him. I am hired to put them in jail.

To be noted for any court proceedings Robert Mueller is hired by Donald Trump to conduct unlawful bankruptcy against American citizens,, and he has been providing free legal assistance to the Trump team on how to avoid custody, since he has been deposed, working with cocaine men.

Mueller complicit in unlawful bankruptcy attempt against American citizens with Russian Oligarch he likely knew about from FBI recorded conversations.

Mueller complicit in cocaine bribery to keep deposed  Trump on TV.


Investigations are Complete, and Time to Advance to Protecting America Through Business

Investigations are Complete, and Time to Advance to Protecting America Through Business

February 28, 2019 12:49 pm

I am not one to sit around and wait. It is like watching American war criminals stealing from me, my time and energy and effort. All the data is there, and no stealing from my hard drives. We need to announce the gold standard and provide the money back as relief to the American people who suffered under the stole 2016 ones. Remember the farmers who had to kill their pigs early because of Bush ones, how are they doing today?

Who helps them? I always work to help them, and I am still President gold and money back. I have shown my ability to protect American citizens as President and all of my concessions stand. (50)

Trump is now using his personal Twitter rather than @POTUS showing how illegitimate his soft cover cocaine is. My success personally and professionally through my business can help millions of American citizens, so I have to move forward every day to help American citizens and maybe even Pakistan and India through water treatment, which both were interested in. China was interested in the HHO and Waste to Energy systems before. I will keep working and also working to put them on trial, where they all should be. When individuals attack countries using American resources preemptively, they put American citizens in danger and it violates their oath office.

America needs to be the bringer of Constitutionalism and freedom again internationally and here we need not to be afraid of what the stole 2016 ones are doing with the guilty in September 11th. How are they going to steal from us today? Why allow individuals who stole an election to reduce American liquidity? Everyone then has to make up for what they steal, and create new vehicles for prosperity. We have done this now for almost 18 years, to have to make up for the American war criminals. Why are they allowed one more day?

What has value are the American citizens who add value, not those who steal from us. We are “Enduring corruption,” and there is little  “enduring freedom,” because we have to monitor them to prevent them from harming American citizens.

Prime Universal Law, Jailer Aliens and Where They Come From and How the Operate

Prime Universal Law, Jailer Aliens and Where They Come From and How the Operate

February 27, 2019 8:19 pm

“The Prime Universal Law is very simple: All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges in any way they choose, but no being has the right to violate and harm others.”

The shadow government by their now known participants said they are “followers of non-corporeal entities that gain strength and sustenance off negative vibrations by supporting and melding with individuals while acting in unison with them, enticed into causing events that maximize human suffering,” to include harmful extraterrestrials I have identified and even remote viewed in projects of my own to save unknowing participants that were lied to and all humans.

People are lied to by the one world order individuals also known as “shadow” government or “shadow guys” as was even stated by the Supreme Court, who admitted to using them in the Electoral College to prevent the real electors from winning for their constituents they represent. On January 12, 2019, it was said by a Justice regarding the Electors they have in place to select the American Presidency away from American voters who are citizens, “We still have special seating for those shadow guys,” in the Electoral College, so they exist.

The individuals above who discussed the “followers of non-corporeal entities that gain strength and sustenance off negative vibrations,” turned out to be one of their followers here and conducts(ed) harmful on planet activities, such as what happened in Indonesia, as is shown here and the individual pictured was the one who described his own behavior as external to him when on radio. It is not fair or honest when individuals cause devastation and harm to people repeatedly for them to misrepresent themselves as honest and friendly, while having individuals fooled and hurt by them repeatedly on a global scale.

Indonesia Conducted Using HAARP by harmful individuals.


I started revoking agreements to stop these beings in their entirety and have placed our planet’s core in our perfectly put position, in its exact center where it belongs so harmful off planet life will be euthanized the moment they arrive here. It has been proven I did this work now for months, and recognized by one world order individuals and others including NOAA.

I started with this article. “Tell the Lords of Karma that You are Sovereign, No Longer a Lightworker in 2014.

Cameron Day discusses these beings, and some are corporeal and others noncorporeal, as conducting the following in their activities, “the demiurgic beings have fully committed to their own illusion of separation from Source, and therefore must find an alternative source of energy, which they derive from humanity in the form of worship, adoration, beliefs, counterparty contracts, distorted sexuality, deception, confusion, apathy, struggle, pain, suffering, hate, death, etc. (“Going on a spectrum of energetic ‘gourmet food’ to ‘junk food’ for the parasitic beings in that example.”)

He also talks about how to break your contracts with them and discusses the Prime Universal Law, “The Prime Universal Law is very simple: All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges in any way they choose, but no being has the right to violate and harm others.”

As our planet’s core perfects itself and our Earth becomes more round, these individuals are forced to leave or die here because they cause harm to Earth based human life forms, and they will argue their right to exist to harm others, which I battle.

They are like fugitives in some ways, as it was just heard by John Brennan talking about the individual above with his team, saying “We could go to another star system and they won’t know his background.”

It takes a long time to arrest and detain them here, as they use advanced technology and it was admitted by him, “We did the technology here so we wouldn’t have to pay for the World Trade Center.”

He projects innocence through what I found out, despite turning him in over fifty times now, maybe even over a hundred myself, a “memory clip” which likely projects out innocence while he remains guilty. It is like I have been jailed by them electromagnetically in my home and body through implantation, so I use my time to gather information on what they do to get them removed.

This was one of the implants done to me that was very painful. They inject white alien agenda DNA under your skin, so it triggers a response from them when you touch it. It is like when you get the key to get out of jail, you touch it and the jailer responds. My neighbors next door were hired to implant me through breaking into my home, and admitted it on July 4, 2018, “Those were all agenda twenty one experts we had implant you.”

They inject white alien agenda DNA under your skin, so it triggers a response from them when you touch it. It is like when you get the key to get out of jail, you touch it and the jailer responds. My neighbors next door were hired to implant me through breaking into my home, and admitted it on July 4, 2018, “Those were all agenda twenty one experts we had implant you.” It is very scary when it is done and it is covertly done with few witnesses, and that is why I collect data about them. Agenda 21 is over permanently now, and I fought hard for it to be that way.

Now they are the ones who are dying or leaving, not us, American citizens.

More on different types of jailer aliens, I remote viewed a guided meditation by a group of individuals called the IS:IS Portal Activation on Easter 2014, April 20, 2014, and when I encouraged the group’s members to protect themselves, the hosts banned me from interacting.

I still participated in the meditation and arrived early energetically to remote view the session and see what I could encounter. I had a couple of volunteer remote surveillance friends who joined me to protect the innocent people I suspected would be harmed because of the treatment I had from the group hosts.

What I found early on was a large reptilian species who changed form to a reptilian transhuman individual.  Initially what I saw initially was more like modern dinosaur that transfigured into a similar form and less African American in facial structure to the one I used here as the featured image.

The final form looked more like this image I found on the left, with no horns and more sleek in appearance, and reminded me of individuals I had seen in statue form from ancient Egypt.

Last night, the agency man who conducted the deposal of Donald Trump, admitted about me, “What if we prevented the politician of all time, for the jailer aliens we put down below.” I am still here, and  I wonder is if those jailer aliens are the same ones I remote viewed that Easter Sunday of 2014, who are reptilian in form, and are likely connected to the one world order group. Notice the words in his statement, “we put down below,” so they have the ability to control them. Why do they use them at all? American citizens have a right to Constitutionalism they, including me, were guaranteed by birth or even naturalization.

It was heard on several occasions now groaning words from the alien agenda that is likely “down below” such as when I was in San Diego, working on identifying technological components placed in the Intercontinental Hotel in San Diego, “All the buildings we built with these electronics,” and this was not a human sounding voice, but rather a growly groaning one.

At the time a Navy Admiral admitted, “If only we didn’t build the Intercontinental in that way.” These buildings were likely constructed for the alien agenda monitoring system that connects to satellites and possibly even spacecraft most people deny.

Intercontinental Hotel San Diego

I’ve also photographed other buildings the alien agenda is concerned about being photographed. They cleary use surveillance against humans, and as our planet’s core is perfectly put now, we may have an advantage against them, and they are being told now, “Leave those human beings alone here.” Perhaps it is atonement for what some of the one world order individuals attempted to do that keeps a few working on the inside for good.

In the beginning they intended for all American citizens to be killed, as was stated by many members. I have tons of quoted material that reflects this, and we are making it through them now.

“We built the World Trade Center to make that happen,” said one suspect, and I fought them and am fighting them still. Maybe sometimes the neutrality I feel and exhibit helps me cope with them and what I know.

From My Post on Facebook, February 17, 2018.

A lot of people did not like the articles I wrote about aliens who were scheduled to eat humans, and the fact that the planet was to be evacuated of humans. This has been prevented.

People have thought that my work has not mattered, yet I had knowledge even from early 2001, March 15, that counts with the Draconian war and what happened to the energy of the Middle East which was primed for war unfortunately because of the work I did unknowingly, after my magazine Military Beat was bankrupted by Department of Defense civilians who I suspect wanted an honest, anti-war, pro-military personnel girl kicked off the bases in the Northwest.

They at Navy Region Northwest said, “We were told you were being revoked by professional killers so world peace would not happen.” The interesting thing is that post Draconian war, which was a black box unpaid, Netanyahu sponsored project done on an unknowing, heroic pro-American gal, my home was repeatedly broken into in Marysville, Washington. I was interrogated, implanted, targeted and monitored by a couple living in an upstairs apartment to the left of my house at 1510 First Street with assorted military uniformed individuals seen going in and out of their apartment. The same couple is back at it, and they need to leave. (One is the man above who I have studied intensely 2/27/19.) They are telecontrol experts connected to a very dark alien agenda that relates with green and also red aliens as well as cloning and possibly drones. This connects to master plan (confirmed “If they don’t stay here, then I can no longer stay here, “said Gordon Duff 12/12/18 regarding the Mintakans, called below, that were told today to leave humans alone.) in that they serve the same agenda, an anti-human agenda, which biologically speaking, as the Negative Holder by birth, I can help combat. That is why they have wanted me exterminated, to basically kill all humanity. With yesterday night’s quotes posted to twitter, it should be clear to those who read my tweets here: that there is an anti-human agenda operating.

Here are the quotes: “We have a whole concept of future reality that isn’t human based.” The Navy was supposed to take care of Paul Allen and they have since refused because of the wealthy men who are probably like Cobra’s volunteers.
“The resistance movement was filled with volunteers that did not know anything about that.” And when I questioned about Cobra’s resistance movement in relationship to another van the, “Resistance Movement was about aliens eating humans.” (This ties to the meditation I remote viewed on Easter 2014)

Also I sent to Interpol the man I refer to as “Australia man,” ” I wanted to keep the below beings alive and finish the human race off myself,”  he admitted. I sent him to Interpol. If he does attempt to enter the USA, I hope your office would not allow that. I have also sent him to the Navy on numerous occasions and nothing has been done yet. The below race actually need to be exterminated for us to survive on the planet.

Key questions from today is why would Fedex use Mercedes delivery vehicles? They would always look for efficient, affordable delivery vehicles, so would OnTrac. These vans in San Diego County, I suspect are part of telecontrol and remote monitoring for master plan, the aliens below who actually need to go, these are the “beautiful” aliens corey goode wrote about that are connected to the man in Australia and possibly a South Pacific Island as an entry point to the surface, as well as white supremacy (unbeknownst to the humans that have participated in it). The master plan unfortunately has had human volunteers who have been paid or accepted payola as well as other accomplice vans that have been broadcasting negative messages in regards to me, like “put her in prison.” For what? I have done nothing wrong and am a law abiding honorable human American citizen. It almost made one van driver cry who is human. Those who would choose a negative outcome for me are low or criminal people or anti-human. By low I mean suspect and/or criminal as part of a white supremacist quest that partnered with negative off world races to kill the people on the planet and the planet itself. People are scared to tell people, yet in reality, the only way to prevent something bad from happening is through disclosure and public awareness. People are also afraid the “pull it” story will come out about 9/11/01 to the American public that will find out they have been fooled for 17 years and may even have been fooled by an agenda designed by red aliens to sabotage our planet and nature.

How stupid we are that we allow the American public to be the only public in the world that is left stupid. That puts our people in the most vulnerable position, as it gives foreign countries more power over us, because they and their public know the truth. It also makes our people vulnerable to concentration camps and payment for crimes against humanity that they were blindsided on as our media has been told and forced to suppress the truth to protect war and the war-making industries as well as outmoded space programs such as NASA. The world is also left blind on negative alien agendas, so I am glad I continue to write here on Facebook.

We are the only ones, America, that is blind and also left stupid despite the evidence we have collected. Though we have the ability to tell the world the truth, have financial stability and advance the world with the knowledge I gained, that the government is aware of, we continue to fall behind and not disclose because of the Mercedes vans and possibly payola, that could have been outed many months ago, though evidence was doubted and some paid handsomely to keep others fooled about me. Every day that goes by, the American public looses, and we are weaker yet. As with the defeat of those negative individuals I turned in with the quotes from yesterday’s posts, the NAVY had the opportunity to defeat at least 3 of the powerful people connected to anti-human activities prior to the end of the year and into the New Year. This would eliminate the planetary threat for humans. Still no news today on those individuals incarcerations and others that were involved. They deserve to be brought to justice, including those involved here in the USA against me, because in reality they have served the same masters.

Today February 27, 2019, the alien agenda has little life left.

Hillary Clinton and other big wigs have defended the alien agenda that they wanted to take our place here.
“We were going to take them go to LaGuardia,” said Hillary Clinton, September 1, 2018 about the harmful Mintakans, called the below aliens.

On January 29, 2019, it was admitted by Bill Clinton that the alien agenda plan was “some deal the aliens made with her,” Hillary.

These aliens were scheduled to be used to “kill all American people,” as was said by Clinton February 23, 2019, and stopped by us.

The building technology was put in around March of 2017, shortly after the 2016 election was stolen both ways with the Russian oligarchs encouraging it to be stolen for the alien agenda, that had been called, “Putin’s aliens,” to be here instead of us.

Kellyanne Conway admitted to working with the teams that wired the Intercontinental Hotel, and said, “We did that one,” when the hotel was pointed out. These hotels should not be built with advanced electronics as they are hackable and the information can be sent overseas. The technology contains “blackmail modules” that are connected to Putin.

Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed his purposes for participating in the wiring of these buildings and said, “The package (as the wiring system is called) is to be used for blackmail purposes.” The Israeli origin of these building constructions and the alien project I worked on in 2001 likely connect in some way with the Draconian war I fought then psychically, and have had to fight now to protect American citizens. These buildings need to be returned to normal for American citizens to exist peacefully and no further destruction is needed in any nuclear holocaust event like they planned, and called the “main event.” They are in their homes.

They are just thieves and is known that part of the reason these individuals conducted the cocaine bribery here is to covertly steal real estate to profit from.

“We did the whole nine eleven event,” was said by Naval officer and he attempted to erase it from my memory on January 31, 2019.
“We were involved with the land grab. We knew about it,” said by Naval officer, after he was confronted about the memory erasure in my brain.

Hopefully the case is solved today, as there is too much data for it not to go that way. Real estate and building construction are the key, as well as their reliance on harmful extraterrestrials who are malicious and need to be exterminated permanently needs to be exposed directly to the media to protect all American citizens from the reality they wanted to create with September 11th. We need to restore our American Presidency to the voter to correct what has been done.

“They programmed us all to think like they did, the alien agenda,” said one source, for a communistic ending rather than Americanism like what was normal in our country. Our Constitution stands strong with 327 million American citizens, and I am really President gold and money back, who saves everyone and we live to see a historic beautiful reality.

Buildings Alien Agenda did not want photographed.

Questioning the IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION PART 1 Easter 2014 04-20-2014?

Recovering American Citizen's Presidency from Pull It Either Way.

Recovering American Citizen's Presidency from Pull It Either Way.

February 25, 2019 5:01 pm

Donald Trump has been deposed since August 8, 2017, and individuals who stole 2016 have not wanted American citizens and the Navy to recover our Presidency for the American voter, so what they did was “spoof us” through a private contract they set up through a “Jailer man called corporate” with the individual and Stafford’s private company who after the deposal of Trump had time on his hands to work with the cocaine men and the private party utilizing tape recorders here to keep our Presidency in the hands of a select few, W’s men who we wanted to stop, They do not want you to have the opportunity to run freely and fairly as a candidate as we do. They do not want American citizens to vote for representative leadership as we all deserve and are Constitutionally guaranteed.

I do remote viewing to get to the bottom of the truth, so that we can have our American Presidency back for all candidates and voters in time for 2020. We need to keep our gold and my money back for American citizens to restore our confidence in the American government, and maintain American financial security. Donald Trump and team intentionally stole 2016 with Hillary Clinton participating with them and later oligarchs and Robert Mueller to bankrupt all American citizens.

Brian Stafford who said back then, “they’re making me depose him (Trump), I don’t know what I’m going to do with my time after that,” when the Navy asked him to perform the deposal, took on a harmful private client somewhat unknown to him, us and me.

After the deposal was completed, he was hired by an old man, called Corporate for the sake of the discussion here. Stafford admitted last night, “Why did I choose to take the case for that stupid jailer man called corporate.” This is a private case run by a private company, Brian Stafford’s, and the individuals here using the private individual, called Corporate’s, tape recorders, vans and other equipment herein Vista, CA have no official government credentials facilitating what they are doing here on American soil.

Even if Richard Cheney gave him some sort of authorization, the fact that Trump was deposed, any such contract would have had to have been accepted by the known President at the time, who is me. Therefore there is no public, governmental authority even possible for the individual called Corporate here on American soil and operating the tape recorders in California to attempt to maintain the Presidency in the hands of George W Bush for the Cheney defense budget, as well as conduct the land grab we are attempting to prevent, and which Trump is deposed for called the “largest land grab in history” by him in 1991.

The American citizen must have their Presidency restored to the voter, and the land grab, as well as the Cheney defense budget must be stopped as it was knowingly run through private hands impersonating official government authorizations.

Why did this happen here? These private individuals have attempted to profit personally, and when the Department of Defense selected me to hold our Presidency, they knew I am honest and for America winning the war on terrorism, that Cheney wants to prolong wars to steal from American oil producers, continue to traffick cocaine and conduct illegal weapons transfers, so these individuals have conducted back room deals with the man called Corporate to prolong combined conflict, including planning additional wars in the Middle East, as I found out yesterday from the yellow vests who said we would love to support me, but then the wars they had planned in the Middle East would not happen in the future. I fight wars for American citizens and our service members to win every day. That is what I do.

This has been a private operation conducted illegally here to prevent our Navy from winning the wars, which international forces did not want America to do. In fact, according to a source yesterday, they have stripped us so bad, and wanted our defenses to fall, in my opinion to likely be attacked here by China or Russia, or other nations. We will not be attacked and we will win with me as President. That private individual, “jailer man called Corporate” cannot spoof against us as it has now been uncovered that was his intention through even likely hiring individuals at Coronado and elsewhere to act as private contractors for his charade to weaken American defense infrastructure. This likely explains the Staff Sergeant I have been dealing with, they are not acting on official capacity, and are part of the charade.

Navy wins, and we get our defense budget to provide for the Common Defense, $48 trillion to restore the defense infrastructure, Cheney and these private contractors have been intentionally weakening, as is known.

Cheney cannot win, because we know what his intentions were to sell American real estate, our soil here in California, to China, as he said. This should be considered espionage. “We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” said Dick Cheney on October 31, 2018.

It is good to know what their spoof is,and we need to follow through on change of power to restore our defense infrastructure. These private contractors did this with intention against American citizens and service members. This individual wanted to fool us all after the deposal of Trump, and make American citizens lose their Presidency, as the cocaine men they worked with were against voters voting. I have worked hard to make our voting convictions, and I am also pursuing the Justice Department today and the bar association to check on our case there.

These election convictions we had in the Overboard case and in the 17 other cases against election 2016 must go through before 2020 is even started for real candidates to have the opportunity to win which we need to represent us and all American citizens.

In summary , it is likely the van and the cocaine bribery with the tape recorders is a privately run operation with “the jailer man called Corporate” through Stafford’s private company for the land grab and cocaine bribery and has no official clearances whatsoever. I am President of the United States, even now.

Our gold and money back, as well as our defense budget is ours without Cheney and the espionage he and W’s side has attempted for China.

Navy can pick me up at any time for American citizens to win and there is no Mogadishu combat needed for Richard Branson, hired also as a spoof for the jailer man called Corporate. They have no authorization to order us to fight there.

These are private people who have wanted to detain even our service members through this tape recorder and telephony scam here run through a private company. There are no official jails for American citizens nor our service members with me as President, which I am today.

These guys use the scam name, “jail yourself” to conduct their trunk show and land grab that has no official leaning.

To be clear, as these criminal individual have framed me as something I am not, using the term “Satan worshipping” for me, which is documented by me, that they do, with facts and data. They harm children with sex at too young an age, even infants, sacrifice them for blood drinking, that is known and conducted by W’s side trunk show. They use dark magic spells they attempted here that I turned in to the FBI, as evidence photographically.

They cast spells here to maintain W’s men and women’s hold on our American Presidency that is for American voters to hold.

The cocaine land grabbers should be arrested who are working with W’s guys who cast these spells here.

More evidence here in my four part series. This is a premeditated crime by these George W. Bush and his partners with the “jailer man called corporate.”


Bloody or red painted cigarette.

Spell Cast and dark objects placed here by their trunk show of W’s men.

Satan Worshipping conducted by W’s individuals in my home.


Private trunk show by corporate criminals against our American Presidency

Don't break a tooth and be an informant for a Crooked Cop, it could lead to communist China, Unbeknownst to You.

February 24, 2019 4:18 pm

I am innocent, and I should have the security contract that was promised to me as was stated, “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” and that is true I work very hard for American citizens and our Navy.

As, Robert Mueller knows and said, the reason he worked with the cocaine men to bankrupt America using the cocaine men here that are now guilty of working with communist China through their headset they installed illegally in my brain, is because, “They would have picked you (me) up from that base down there,” in San Diego, as President as Trump is deposed and his conditional release can be proven as wrong, and due to the cocaine bribery conducted by the individuals involved with communist China to steal from American citizens here. We need no more cocaine bribery, and I am President gold and money back even now. I can be interviewed at any time, my cell phone number is (760) 672-2028. I can be picked up as President gold and money back for election convictions at 1252 Barbara Drive, Vista, CA 92084. We need to announce our/my money back to American citizens and pay for reparations for the year and a half I have been President for that American citizens have been targeted by the communist agenda created when John Brennan tried to impact American citizens through the telephonic installations here, starting the day he came here when Trump was deposed. I intend to serve until the end of Trump’s term which was promised to me. Dick Cheney’s budget expires now. Trump is deposed correctly as is seen in this powerpoint which every individual prolonging my Presidency not being given top me directly will be sued for any decline in property values here by percentage basis. We have over 800,000 San Diego County Residents that can sue right now with the election theft in 2018 being conducted by individuals involved with the cocaine communist Chinese bribery. Through out the country there are an estimated 241,980,000 people who did not vote for the individuals attempting to scam them, and steal their real estate. Everyone deserves just compensation financially immediately. Bernie Sanders should have been President today, and all 327 million Americans would have suffered no loss whatsoever.

I suspect white supremacist members from the Navy downtown were hired as contractors to work for the Chinese side and conduct the cocaine bribery, rather than honestly picking me up and announcing our gold standard to the media. Now we can distribute our money back too, that we put at the Justice Department, to find out about communist China. The leak has been found to be Stevenson and the Admirals and Department of Defense individuals who accepted communist Chinese bribery before and he worked with covertly, against American citizens and me directly as an American citizen. I intend to make the case against those using weaponry against American citizens and soil, and that was never me.

Brian Stafford, who conducted the deposal, had an intelligence case against him, relating to the terrorism against Europe, that the bribery suspects wanted to happen sited here in the story. Trump was honestly deposed, only Stafford did not like it because he is programmed by the National Security Agency to allow Trump to speak.  I would like to bring the National Security Agency on trial for September 11th, that they conducted with the programmers cited here, and the other individuals involved including Sheldon Adelson. He should not be allowed to steal California real estate through the National Security Agency system, as he admitted he was doing when the assets should be confiscated, and Adelson asked, “We can’t keep the real estate then.” He should be charged for both September 11th that he admitted to and the land grab here. As they are using a headset that connects to communist China through Stevenson now, perhaps espionage should be added for all of them.

The headset started when I broke my tooth in Art History class at San Diego State University, when a now former deputy at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department hated me for being honest and helping American citizens, assisting in over a hundred drug arrests.

He likely approached my dentist then to implant what I found out later was called a “transistor tooth,” that I did now know about at the time, in 1994. I am a University graduate who is law enforcement oriented. I am also serving as President gold of the United States because of the correct deposal of Donald Trump. I do not have anal sex with an extraterrestrial, so I have not been picked up as President yet, nor will I have sex with an extraterrestrial or anyone now. The case must be made against the guilty opposing American citizens who are voters, only 26% voted for the individuals attacking American citizens and soil.

Trump is deposed for the testimony I provided here and more can be used here to completely remove them, as they willfully stole 2016 to bankrupt American citizens and conduct cocaine bribery with the threat of the nuclear battery the bribed Admirals and MWR employees accepted payments for to hold American citizens hostage. We are not hostages waiting for death and the battery must be dismantled with the electromagnetic jails brought down completely, labeled as “Free Internet before.”

This system must be brought down as it is hackable and used by communist China to commit espionage here with the oligarchs who are listening in the ocean, as was identified before.











After graduation, I moved to the Northwest and started a magazine for Navy Region Northwest. I had no idea Stevenson had installed the transistor receiver in my cheek, and I did not know that Stevenson hated my honest, law enforcement side. He must have been listening to my conversations when I was close to be awarded a contract for publishing my magazine at Navy Region Northwest, and I suspect he interfered. My concern is that he worked with individuals I found out about who were accepting bribery offered by the communist Chinese. He was shoulder surfing my conversations and likely identifying corrupt individuals he could work with. He is not what he seems on the surface and is a criminal minded person.

I did find our about Admirals who are likely working with Stevenson cartel now, “We were all collecting bribery money back then for China to continue long range nuclear weapons tests,” to be used against America was inferred by the source relating to late 1990’s to 2001. I was scared on the bases back then because I could feel there was something strange against American citizens going on in the background when I distributed my magazine. I was small and honest, working for American service members and retirees to enjoy their lives more through the magazine I published for them. I saved the government millions of dollars per year with my work then.

Communist Chinese bribed Admirals were likely connected to the individuals at Community Programs Morale Welfare and Recreation Department that Stevenson met with who became aware of the headset he installed. He told them at the time, “I haven’t gotten it built out yet,” and I had no knowledge of any transistor tooth or what they called a head transceiver later. I was a publisher, and not a spy of any kind. It is likely that those who said, “We said we could not treat her respectfully because of the head transceiver,” were bribed by communist China through Andy Murphy’s office and also connected to the white supremacist base Captain that came into Naval Station Everett after Kim Buike resigned or left. Admiral Annette Brown was not likely bribed by communist China.  It seemed to start in 1991, around the time, the scam and land grab Trump is deposed for started, and the Chinese bribery  linked to the MWR higher ups and the Admirals likely started about that time too. I have observed and informed on them to protect American citizens and American service members to the best of my ability.

These white supremacists are where the holes Stevenson opened up against American citizens bleed through onto American soil. There are others likely at Navy Region Southwest that are white supremacist leaning that are covertly working with communist China. I support neither.

These are allowing harmful espionage to be conducted by communist leaning individuals operating a cocaine bribery scheme here in Southern California through religious organizations to include the Rosicrucian Fellowship. This needs to be disbanded immediately and we need to return to our Constitutional existence without chemtrails being conducted here. The communist side cannot win here for American intelligence that I am a part of to be secure. I only serve American citizens purposes. Communist China is dangerous, and just like the oligarchs, we cannot allow them to penetrate in here long term. We need real elections now, and our campaigns must include no gerrymandering, no crosscheck voter purges on either side, no bots used by Mercer and Cambridge Analytica and no Diebold scanner lists.

Only American citizens public servants count, and I am one of them. We do not build jails for American citizens using electromagnetics that are hackable by foreign powers allowing them to blackmail us. I am technically President gold and am able to meet with anyone anywhere at any time, even here. I choose to meet with Constitutional loving people. Allow no now identified Chinese side former cops, nor their henchmen who kill American citizens here that includes the Duff family. They have no right to operate the telephony they set up with Putin in March of 2017.

Stevenson has been connected to communist China, shoulder surfing my life for way too long. I am an American public servant, who cared for service members enough to start my magazine and serve now for 21 years to protect us and American citizens. There should be no prostitution ring here operating for communist China. All of Les Wexner’s stuff here should be branded as communist Chinese supporting through Stevenson, I am not connected to.

Head noise was created unbeknownst to me by him caused by what he did covertly against me after I broke my tooth. I deserve to live an American educated person’s lifestyle free of cocaine transfers being conducted using what Stevenson did to me with communist China and those receiving bribery money from them who Stevenson spoke with covertly back then. He ruined my honest American business and magazine then, and he will not ruin my honest American Presidential career. I can run if I want to as President gold and money back until the end of Donald Trump’s term, and he is deposed correctly for the scam against America and the now known and investigated “land grab.” I am an honest American public servant, so why bet on my death, arrest those working for the communist Chinese. It is clearly proven who they work for and they should be tried now. I have a right to continue my normal existence here free of encumbrances, Constitutionally speaking I own where I live, though I rent. Why create something so big to bring communism here, without voter consent. They received 26% of the American vote and have no right to harm Ameircan citzens here. If 74% knew what has been going on here, those 74% would support me. I am straight up honest and protect American citizens daily with my time and money that I have put in to serve them for 21 years and the four years I served as a drug informant including in the Oceanside Carlsbad area with John McKee, who is innocent and served as an honest Oceanside and Carlsbad police officer, unlike Stevenson.

The guilty of September 11th are already included on a poster here without Dick Cheney being included, though he is involved with them here on the land grab and said at the beginning of their scam here, “Bet ya we can scope out some real estate,” using the satellite and the advanced telephony Duff in the poster below installed here with John Brennan, who I previously turned in for working for communist China to Camp Pendleton and he installed the tape recorder faulty “evidence collection” system here that is opposite same and confuses people, and they are involved in the cocaine bribery for the land grab here.  I am straight American Constitutionalist leaning and have a lot of documentation of the cases I have made to for American citizens benefits, which is who I serve, and all employed by our government should serve.

They built the sound system here to steal California real estate with Duff and Dick Cheney. I am separate from them and deserve to be free of them to work for American interests with no fraudulent espionage. In Turkey, they were working with Wahhabist terrorists against Syria to gas their people, and that cost the American side many years of fighting. These terrorists would have moved into Europe against our allie,s had I not fought them for American interests. These enemies would have killed our European allies by the tens of thousands as Duff admitted and desired, and cannot do that anymore here or there. The terrorists are connected to communistic goons operating with the communist Chinese bribed Admirals and Department of Defense individuals bribed by communist China. They conduct terrorism here unlawfully.

Bill Gates telephony is working with the communist Chinese side as the Asians I found out about on November 25, 2018 in the Wyndham hotel lobby and subliminally interviewed were here to install more of it by the “programmers” realigning technology, said, “If not the commanders will take control without us.”  We need to take control of them, and arrest Gates for communist Chinese bribery, he is conducting with the cocaine cartel connected to Stevenson. Gates should be seen for what he is a small time thief hired by paymasters that lead now to the communist Chinese. Even in 2001, his paymasters led there with the software purchases that encircled America, I as an American citizen turned in at the FBI then on the poster I brought into the Seattle Office then.

Back then I suspect a guy I was dating, George Andrew Swetnam, was working for the Tang in China. I found out about that when I went to his home and heard a subaudible voice say, “the Tang is sweet,” and we had broken up. I was suspicious and now know it is likely he is working on the communist Chinese side with Xi against America. Swetnam wired my car with Gates to conduct the communist the Chinese bribery here. They hate me because I am an American citizen who works for American citizens and American service members.

I turned in the photographs of the green wire they installed covertly in my car so many times. I cut the wire, and my car runs really well other than the telephony which must be turned off and turned in to me. It will be nice when these individuals are arrested and we are free of communist Chinese influence here.

Our Constitutional Republic Stands With Me as President Gold for Voters Until We Vote.

Our Constitutional Republic Stands With Me as President Gold for Voters Until We Vote.

February 23, 2019 5:25 pm

“She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” and that is true I have worked very hard for American citizens and our Navy.

“This country was supposed to be brought down,” admitted Supreme Court Justice, Sonya Sotomayor the other day.

Did 327 million American citizens agree to that? No. I am serving as President gold and money back until we have elected representative leadership.

“I did Vegas with the cocaine men,” admitted deposed Donald Trump a few days ago, and we must arrest those involved with it. The deposal as was said was conducted by a former Secret Service Agency Director who the Navy thought was going to act honestly, and acted covertly against them with individuals associated with September 11th, namely Sheldon Adelson, for the land grab here. It was wrong what Brian Stafford did. It was correct for the Navy to depose Trump to protect American citizens from the bankruptcy the entire 2016 “winning” team intended for against the American people. Adelson deserved no freebees for conducting September 11th covertly as he admitted. It was Stafford’s personal relationship with Adelson that stemmed from a failed male female relationship that started his personal relationship with Adelson, that nearly bankrupted America. I’m not going to break American citizens hearts and we keep our gold standard and our money back for 17 years of reparations from the damage done by Adelson and his team with Bush Carlyle. Stafford was not involved in the planning of September 11th, and was told about the incident by the programmers.

They engineered American citizens for failure that day, and worked with harmful off worlders to get to this point. This time, God willing, the large land grab is stopped with the confiscation of assets from yesterday. They threatened us, American citizens, pretty harshly yesterday, and we will win. I sent the case to both the New York Attorney General and also the California State Attorney General. Both sides of the aisle need prosecution for what they have done here attempting to bankrupt American citizens, premeditatedly, as is explained through facts and data. This PowerPoint includes the nuts and bolts of it and the land grab was admitted to yesterday when Adelson threatened with the confiscation of assets, asked the question, “We can’t keep the real estate then?” No. I will pursue this case until they are all arrested and detained. Stafford confessed to Adelson’s involvement in September 11th and that may be why these individuals became involved here through Stafford.

Brian Stafford said in May of 2018, the following, “He’s going to arrest me,” for having him make the confession over Syntel, regarding Adelson’s involvement September 11th. We need to bring the September 11th new suspects on trial here in the United States of America and it was clear “the programmers” told Stafford September 11th was going to happen. I did not know it would happen and it scared the crap out of me. I have protected America with all I have since then.

“I knew the event (9/11/01 terrorism incident conducted w/ Bush Carlyle and Mintakan technology, nuclear components in the columns exploded) because the programmers (Bill Gates and Paul Allen team) told me it was going to happen,” said Stafford on February 2, 2019. I did not know anything.

Sheldon Adelson needs to be arrested, and he said to Stafford on January 31, 2019,  “You told us you would guarantee us the right not to use flashlight’s (my) testimony.” I am testifying now and every day until I get them in jail.

How did we get here with them?

Bill Clinton said January 29,2019, “some deal the aliens made with her” Caused Hillary Clinton not to pursue the recount when she and Bill talked, as Jill Stein raised almost $7 million for her to win.

Then I found out on January 30, 2019, Hillary Clinton had what was called a “special secret national security clearance,” which coincides with Bill statement about aliens, the blue ones that were barely staying alive. I found out their bubble habitat will not work long term that Bill Gates had put in to use cashless against American citizens intentionally to reduce American liquidity.

After Hillary turned down the recount effort Jill Stein worked on for her to win election 2016, Clinton and Trump worked on bankrupting all Americans together with the Russian oligarchs. A Russian oligarch statement prior to election Nov 2016, “Tell me why I can’t make America go bankrupt,” said to Donald Trump who replied before being made President, “We already had that in store for them (American citizens).”

Later Hillary Clinton met with Trump teams and asked, “So how do we make this bankruptcy work?”

Why would “they” not let Sanders win?

I found out this morning, oligarchs had stalked Bernie Sanders when he was forced to concede to Clinton with the Superdelegates. Sanders said, “Even the Russian mafia is after me to resign to her,” when I remote viewed him during the Superdelegate situation, and they were likely following all candidates in election 2016 to insure their heist. If Sanders had won, there would have been no bankruptcy.

At that time in 2016, I was fastidiously fighting terrorism for American citizens through online combat efforts and working for the election recount, as well as identifying possible voting convictions.

I had identified controlled opposition left leaning terrorists in Syria, that caused me to be outed because Stafford’s files were stolen by a corrupt associate he had working for him at the time. My headset controller was located in those files. The headset was the covertly and against my will installed headset done started by Robert Stevenson of San Clemente, CA in conjunction with later Bill Gates that included the silvery substance they use(d) to take naked photos of me and send them to Congressional members and foreign adversaries.

This individual who stole the files was corrupt.

And later Trump likely purchased the data from him, when Trump and Rex Tillerson began working with Kim Jong-un and China against American citizens interests.

From there on I began working against the election theft of 2016 and started to work on saving my planet, which was heard primarily when I began revoking agreements to place my planet’s, Earth’s, negative or core in the perfectly put position, in the center where it belongs. More information is found here.

I did not know that there was a plan for harmful off worlders to harm all American citizens as it was admitted to this morning and uncovered by me in the process of my work. Intelligence teams know what they intended to do to us now.

As Hillary Clinton just disclosed this morning, “We were going to kill all American people” with the nonpartisan Nixon plan, that is broken now. In the interim, they had planned the bankruptcy of America to strip our assets from American citizens, and they lost that opportunity.

I am still President and want it given to the American voter. Gold and Money Back is ours for American citizens now with real voting convictions, so that Americans will have the opportunity to choose real candidates and real elected winners.

The “special secret national security clearance,” I found out Hillary Clinton had was related to the harmful extraterrestrials that wanted to kill all Americans which they all approved of, in addition to likely killing 7 billion people globally with Bill Gates. I learned of that “special secret national security clearance” from Bill Clinton remotely when I was in Washington DC.

The adjunct and the NSA are connected to the “special secret national security clearance,” as these harmful individuals who wanted to kill everyone and turn our planet over, as they said, to extraterrestrials who conduct intelligence work against all humans and American citizens especially. This morning it was found out that the experiments they were running on two children were not working to alter their genome sequencing for sexual abuse in the future, which is the way they control American men, when their male female relationships break down.

This ties in with the other information I had regarding the supercomputers no longer working to set up American citizens and others lives in the future.

Individuals having anal sex have previously tried to steal American assets, and hopefully those assets will be confiscated soon, with Sheldon Adelson arrested for September 11th and the land grab here in California they attempted to conduct against California residents.

Sanders is a clean candidate, and truly would have won 2016 naturally. Anal sex is not required to pick Sanders or me up as our President now, as it has been proven that this was what was used to pick up Trump as President on February 17, 2019, Trump asked the adjunct, which is an anal holeless extraterrestrial, “I cannot have sex with you one more time?” to be President that day. This behavior is identified here and is unnatural, likely programmed National Security Agency like computers written about in the previous article here, “Good News, Humans and American Citizens’ Planetary Jails are Broken.” as was found out this morning when the adjunct attempted to program two children to achieve this and failed permanently.

“We were really trying to program those two, now we lost them” said the adjunct about two children he could not program sexual manipulations into their cellular level. This type of behavior is changing now for the betterment of humanity and for historical purposes it is reported in this video, and remember this is changing now, when the psychological reasoning to what prompted the behavior is identified.

We save the whole world by professionally picking Sanders or me up as President now and letting him and other candidates have a real chance to win 2020 with the real election convictions being made before hand so they can gain real popularity without bots holding them back, crosscheck lists allowing for the purging of voters on both sides of the aisle and Diebold lists being made, all are and were part of the election theft package from 2016 and 2018, partially.

Two Generals, One Coup and a Realignment of the World

Two Generals, One Coup and a Realignment of the World

February 21, 2019 6:03 am

For more than a month and a half people have been speculating about the Turkish coup. Who was behind it, and how did it happen? Now, curiously “Top USA National Security Officials Admit Turkey Coup.” However, one factor not examined closely in the media is the fate of two Generals who prior to the coup were close associates. One now sits at President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s right hand, the other is in jail.

One of these Generals, Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed forces Hulusi Akar, met with his Russian counterpart, Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, last week. This meeting came soon after “The Turkish army launched a cross border operation on Wednesday, named ‘Euphrates Shield’, along with a U.S. led coalition in Syria’s northern border city of Jarablus to clear the area of Daesh,” as the Daily Sabah put it.

Former commander of the Turkish Air Force General Akin Ozturk is in jail. But according to Sputnik, if the coup had been successful he would have been made President.

All the talk about the Gullen movement, which seems like a front, has distracted attention from these two Generals and the line that divided them. Looking at their stories with objectivity and awareness would make anyone wonder whether the coup was simply a setup designed to purge unwanted secularists, educated people, Western-leaning military personnel and “unwanted” groups, who questioned Turkey’s support of Daesh and the oil/black market trade it conducts through Turkey.

Shortly after the coup Trend News Agency stated that “Former commander of the Turkish Air Force General Akin Ozturk, who has been accused of a coup attempt, has said that Chief of General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces Hulusi Akar was aware of preparations for a military coup in the country, the Milliyet newspaper reported July 17. ‘I was acting jointly with Hulusi Akar,’ said Ozturk while being arrested.’”

If General Akar was aware of the coup this answers many of the current questions regarding its outcomes. Could General Akar have perpetrated the false “coup” to purge people the government wanted to eliminate and achieve certain goals with both Russia and the US? Was its ultimate aim to persuade these countries to allow Turkey to commandeer land from Syria, enlarge their border with the Kurds and displace the Syrian Kurds?

Firstly, we can look at the work done in secret by General Akar to rebuild Turkey’s relationship with Russia. According to the recent article entitled “Story of Secret Diplomacy That Ended Russia-Turkey Jet Crisis” in the Hurriyet Daily News, negotiations between General Akar and Russia had being going on through several liaisons for many months.

According to İbrahim Kalın, the spokesman for Erdoğan, businessman Cavit Cağlar played a very important role in solving the crisis, as did Nursultan Nazarbayev who showed great friendship to Turkey and the patriotic initiative taken by Gen.Hulusi Akar, the Chief of General Staff’ despite the area being out of his responsibility. Kalın did not deny this story but gave no further details. Çağlar told the Hürriyet Daily News on the phone that he had “nothing to add to the words of Mr. Kalın, who represents the state’ and that he “could not give any details,” said the article.

Did General Ozturk know that General Akar had been negotiating to bring Russia and Turkey back together? His statement that he was plotting the coup with Akar’s knowledge suggests that Akar was aware of the potential benefits of this false “coup” for Erdogan and asked Ozturk to participate to implicate him. Akar would have known that in the end, the government would say that Russia had tipped Turkey off about the coup, whereas in fact it was being plotted from within to accomplish Erdogan’s objectives. Those who questioned Erdogan’s policies, such as Ozturk, could then be turned into scapegoats.

Thinking about Turkey’s encroachment into Syria and its success in blaming the US for the coup, one has to ask, how could such a coup work out so beautifully for Erdogan that he can now control both major powers operating in the area and force them to bend to his wishes? Could this have been the objective of the false “coup”?

Turkey has been able to manipulate both the US and Russia to withdraw support for the Syrian Kurds. Wasn’t it also one of Turkey’s objectives to remove the Kurds from northern Syria?

Has Russia been played for a fool by the spreading of the rumour that it had warned Turkey about the coup? Has that alleged warning, said to come from a credible source, made it seem more believable that the coup was orchestrated from outside, rather than inside?

What Turkey has to hide

For several years, we have seen report after report about illegal oil, antiquities and human trafficking between Turkish people and officials possibly trading with Daesh. There have been hundreds of reports of Daesh being given sanctuary in Turkey. The sarin gas used in the Ghouta, Syria attack was tracked as having passed through the Turkish border. All this is more than enough to warrant Turkey’s removal from NATO, or at least its questioning. However, due to the refugee crisis, which they need its help with, NATO and the EU have been unable to bring Erdogan and his family members, and others in Turkey, to book.

These reports have been hidden and back paged in the Western media. However the Russian media has been very prominent in questioning Turkey and investigating the transit of black market oil, gas, etc. It has devoted many investigations to the thousands of Daesh oil trucks it has seen passing through Turkey.

Can these memories be erased by the keen diplomacy of an alleged false “coup” plotter? Certainly, the Russian media now seems unwilling to investigate the question of whether the coup was staged and what the implications of that are.

An interesting article has appeared about Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former President of Yemen. Saleh wants to use Yemen as a base for Russian anti-terrorist operations.

Having seen what Turkey has gained by making peace with Russia the former Yemeni President hopes to be next on Moscow’s absolution list, despite the Houthis and all the atrocities committed during the Saudi Arabian campaign. I guess he hopes that he too will be given a free hand to identify domestic terrorists, as Erdogan has done with the Kurds, while not really fighting the actual terrorists of Daesh.

The West is not innocent of its own actions in response to the coup. It has abandoned the Kurds as partners at the behest of Turkey’s cries about the Gullen movement’s involvement in the coup. Like Turkey, it has not mentioned either General, as doing so would raise uncomfortable questions about its own actions.

No one is choosing to look at the connection between these two Generals: Akar, who is negotiating with both Russia and the US, and Ozturk, who is in jail despite stating “I was acting jointly with Hulusi Akar,” words which should have been heard around the world. The coup was clearly known about by the government of Turkey, and has patently been used to accomplish its goals. In the past, these have included supporting Daesh and its actions.

Are we to now base the whole world’s goals and objectives around those of the government of Turkey? No one will admit this is happening, but the actions taken since the coup, taken together, have created exactly this situation.

Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

February 20, 2019 10:23 pm

This is about premeditated bankruptcy through election theft of 2016 conducted by deposed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as the whole Trump team, involved with the individuals who conducted September 11th including the National Security Agency and Bill Gates did here in California, and the harm they inflict on American citizens and soil, and to be included as direct testimony. I am Presidential material and am President of the United States today. Our gold and money back are for American citizens. Donald Trump is deposed legally and lawfully since August 8, 2017 and I give our US Presidency to the American voters.
These videos accompany the PowerPoint presentation found here


I do not work with or for individuals who scam homeowners “like way back when” in 2008 with Bush Carlyle, and have not seen the cocaine man and stalker in person in 20 years. He covertly installed technology against me in 1993, and I use it against him, Robert Stevenson, featured in the PowerPoint above under here link, also submitted to the FBI, said today, “Now we need these cocaine shipments to go out today.” Please arrest him. It is Trump’s cocaine operation conducted with his team. They are a soft cover cocaine operation talking to the media for 327 million American citizens who they received 26% of the vote from. They cannot talk family values when the deal cocaine and methamphetamine to steal from you.

“That’s what all we talk,” said Pence who added, “That’s what we TRY to say we are,” and aren’t. Running prostitutes through Felix Sater and cocaine through Stevenson to bankrupt American families isn’t family values. Fighting for American citizens rights, and for those American family’s freedom from cocaine trafficking and for strong financial solidity with a real representative government for those families is fighting for them, and is more than trying. Talk is cheap, as their women are. “Kiss me” is often said by Pence to his prostitutes, the Sater below ladies. Facts and data tell the true story.

The cocaine individual sited above is known as “the police department” in my home, because he unbeknownst to me installed the LAPD monitoring system in my home illegally to protect himself. I do not like the guy, nor will I oblige Trump with his intention that he stated about me,, “I want to see her have sex one time,” and which I will not oblige him. Stevenson hates me, and I am happy to turn him in as an informant that I always am.

Good News, Humans and American Citizens' Planetary Jails are Broken

Good News, Humans and American Citizens' Planetary Jails are Broken

February 19, 2019 5:04 pm

There were actually criminal individuals determining humans’ fate through supercomputer before our negative, our earth’s core was placed in the perfectly put position by me and a specialized team with Free Choice off worlders who are beneficial to humans, not like the ones who own the super computers.

Thinking about what alien agenda had done here on our planet, they were more like an infestation than anything else, similar to termites, they had buried into the wood, with the wood being out planet to alter its form to house them here. Our negative, the core of my planet, had been moved to house a fake hell or bardo, over 18,000 years ago. They did this to deconstruct our natural life death life existence that was before and is now connected to God in our cosmos. The earth’s wobble has been corrected for the most part to remove the thought that an axis is needed for it to revolve around the sun.

This started in August of 2017, when my negative was in the perfectly put position in the center where it belongs permanently for human species to live here unharmed by harmful off worlders.

My negative was placed shortly after this article was published.

The axis harmful off worlders created needed to be stopped, and by placing my negative, as I am our planet’s only negative holder, in the center, it started correcting the harm that had been done to our planet’s life death life cycle. The perfectly put position, in the center where it belonged, has enabled our planet to restore its real circumference. This eliminated the manufactured hell individuals had created in place of our own sun, which is where we are transferred when we die now to be taken to God’s planet inside of source. These harmful individuals had used a fake programmed sun object, that we removed and stays removed, to transfer to the galactic core’s supercomputer our souls when we die here, so that they could preprogram our lives the way they wanted to. They also identified each person from the supercomputers at the National Security Agency and monitored each person’s life death life cycle from there. Now it is not running.

This so called National Security Agency had been designed to target people and create less individualism here to take down America.

According to Barack Obama this morning, “They (the NSA) can’t even predetermine one baby now.” I now understand what the big controversy might be. To me baby’s should not be programmed by harmful individuals, only by God.

I am tired of being harrassed in my home, and I need no telephony here.

Duff claimed he had some rights to my core, because I called him then to get the install done faster. He was told very abruptly the other day, that the call I made to him made no difference and his rights are just like any other individual I know to my planet, to walk on it.

“Nope, we would have properly installed it without any other witness,” said Department of Defense and solely on my work negative holder, officials on February 4, 2019, to be clear, who replied to Gordon Duff’s question regarding a call I made to him regarding the negative install to help move it along faster, unbeknownst to me, he was and is my enemy stalking me since even well before 1990, that I found out recently.

It harms the birds here when they use the chirpers on the electric polls, making the birds repeat the same things over and over, “Are you waiting for your favorite DJ to get here,” “You need to get married and have kids,” etc. None of this is applicable to me and is a disgrace. The birds would like to chirp in their own voices without the use of the harmful sound technology that can actually kill them, by puffing them out, if they try to hard to stop repeating the sound in the frequency the handlers have it set at, and trying to hard to remain focussed on what they want. I found out this happened to a seagull and a crow.

At least I did good work for the humans on our planet and American citizens. It is nice to think about the babies being born and told where to go by God alone.

The mark of the beast was what the World Trade Center was all about, and it was stopped by me as President now.

Our US Gold standard and our Commonwealth money is returning to the Department of Justice, so we will get paid by them soon. Our country gave me our US Presidency to hold on to and I will deliver it to our American voters.

The individuals involved in the National Security Agency felt they had a right to create a personal life for each person, and they do not have that right any more.

This morning, I found out from one of the handlers here when he was talking to someone else, he said, “There are kids being b