My Headset Installed Illegally by Communist Chinese Bribed & Germanic Ones, Who are Against America with Alien Agenda.

I am innocent, and I should have the security contract that was promised to me as was stated, “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” said the Navy a few days ago, and that is true I work very hard for American citizens and our Navy. My “head noise” is solved. It is time to arrest the guilty. Gordon Duff and his wife broke into my home in Marysville, WA in 2001, before they set up September 11th, to install components in my brain illegally for the communist side acting criminally on American soil to steal from all American citizens through them. They worked with the components Stevenson installed covertly in his quest against American citizens and service members to harm America. He hated that I work for them and that is why he put the technology in my cheek and mouth.

Other article about the crooked cop who installed the headset, that is illegal and used to steal from American citizens and harm innocent women and investors behind our backs with no money out of pocket paid by the criminals operating illegally on bribery payments.

Updated, and to be President of the United States as it is known, I provided honest testimony about the intentions of Donald Trump and his team that have proven itself with much more evidence against them. Their Stole2016 “administration” is more like organized crime than any Presidency that a real agency would protect for the American voter, which is who I work for. I found out now that the Secret Service Agency installed “Hitler’s tape recorders here,” that must be brought down now. Hitler did not want an elected President as is mandated constitutionally, which I am for and we will have in 2020. I am Presidential enough to be President and am a public servant that is required for American style political office. We had the right depose an organized crime based politician selected with the stole 2016 team ones due to their attempt to scam and also later bankrupt all Americans. Based on Gordon Duff’s statement, and if the Secret Service Agency is involved with him, both should be indicted for espionage with communist Chinese assets through the use of thre tape recorders to cause decline to American citizens and force the shift to China, their operator Duff desired as it stated here, “it was all for the Chinese side to come up good and strong,” about the illegal quest they ran at my house against me and against American citizens with the tape recorders. They must be brought down and the “largest land grab in history ” I testified against that Trump is deposed for must stop. All assets they illegally garnered using the cocaine bribery must stay in the suspects possession to bankrupt them and force them to pay in their gold money for them, and if they attempt to sell to China, confiscate the properties immediately, as this was premeditated theft by Richard Cheney as he said here on October 31,2018, “We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” when asked about using advanced electromagnetic technology on the state with his daughter Liz who admitted to using advanced technology here against American citizens,  “I thought that when we used the space cannon, we would get to keep the state.” Not allowed, confiscate assets when and if they attempt to sell them to Chinese individuals, as was stated by Cheney. The Secret Service Agency director could be charged with espionage or worse as he is favoring another nation over American land owners.

These advanced technology users are connected to the harmful tape recorders and embezzlement machines, if as it was stated by the current Secret Service Agency Director, he is involved in this embezzlement scheme, the agency may be held liable for the liquidity lost here by area residents.

I did not know Robert L. Stevenson of Orange County California had put a BlueTooth object in my cheek when my molar broke in my Art History class at San Diego State University, after I got dental work done. His intention was malicious, and I have been investigating it. It was done 25 years ago, and the Navy when I served Navy Region Northwest found “head noise” I did not know about it, and Navy Region Northwest traced it to Stevenson’s CB radio, I found out recently. They then chose to meet with him and not tell me about it. Stevenson when he went up to meet with them met with an individual who had been likely accepting communist Chinese bribery payments since before I published my magazine.

I sensed it back then that the communist Chinese and Russians had been operating aboard our Naval Installations and had begun to investigate the Shift East to stop them. I found out about how technologically America had been surrounded by the communist Chinese through software sales, I am against even today.

Stevenson met with a communist Chinese bribery suspect who was a Department of Defense civilian, who admitted on my road trip, “you found out my identity.” This individual also prevented my, our American combat victory against the terrorists I had been fighting through intelligence means from here, my home for many years for Americans to defeat terrorism ourselves.

Stevenson said when he met with the communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian employee in 1997, “she’s going to get you too badly. So I’m going to tell you what I put in,” he said pointing to the left side tooth area referring to what he knew about the Chinese bribery going on and had probably been told by the individuals there. Stevenson has stalked me with the BlueTooth hardware and operated behind my and American citizens backs for 25 years now. I am able to remote view situations when I am close to the subjects in perspective.

Stevenson said  when I found out about this conversation as he listens through the BlueTooth, his motivation was “I hated you” and “you were always a better cop than I was,” because I served as an informant for him and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Narcotics task force.

The Chinese side DoD civilian admitted on my road trip that he met with Stevenson and accepted his quest, “Only because I was receiving Chinese bribery for too long before,” I started publishing my magazine. And maybe he knew I would find out when I published my magazine about his Chinese bribery and his attempts to force American citizens into communism, because I tend to out criminal individuals operating against American citizens and our service members regularly.

‘I have a little game going on of my own. I think I can use Ann and some of her material for the German Mafia,” said Stevenson to Chinese bribed DoD civilian unbeknownst to me when he met with Stevenson in 1997.

Did he or they even know German culture of don’t do wrong? No Stevenson and now his “demon men” are pure criminals with the cocaine bribery.

Stevenson has worked with Gordon Duff who is for China to defeat American citizens and service members on American soil, as Duff stated.

“Ann cannot know what we did with the Chinese side,” said Duff after I provided the testimony because he was working with yacht people Maxwell me testimony was against. I k now now that he wanted the Chinese side to overtake American citizens interests. Duff connected to the bribed DoD civilian with the headset.

Gordon Duff proud of himself  yesterday said, “I’ve always thought that I am being part of the most important time in history, America might just fall to them,” communist China. That will not happen at all.

The headset was put on when they falsely accused me of murder in the Northwest, even according to the Seattle Times who told me such.

Chinese side DoD civilian admitted, ‘I supported him (Stevenson) killing those people,” and I suspect they tried to blame me illegally. I hate anyone killing anyone without just war causes, defensive.

When I came back to California after being forced out by them and after September 11th happened with real guilty hidden, the Chinese side DoD civilian lied to David Brown.

“They say that she committed some kind of felony,” said David Brown back then when I came back to California unbeknownst to me.
Chinese side DoD civilian admitted, “that’s a lie we told them back then,” to put the headset on.

Chinese side DoD civilian said in 2001 to David Brown then, “just put that headset on her and will be just fine.” That was done to force the shift to China here that I am against, now even serving as President because of the deposal of Donald Trump whose team stole 2016 with the intention of bankrupting all American citizens.

We keep our gold standard and my money back for restitution of American citizens from these criminals who have attempted to steal from all American citizens since they conducted September 11th, the 2008 crash and many other covert financial crimes behind American citizens backs. Our budget surplus is ours to use for American citizens benefit.

Navy phased my magazine out because as Retired Admiral, Annette Brown said, “We liked what those cashless guys had to say,” to defraud American citizens of liquidity through an unbacked cashless system we do now want or need. I and we have also rescued our country and other nations from this now.

How hard was my magazine  to build? Very hard, especially when individuals were operating against American citizens interests in the background and they knew I was an honest cop serving our service members with my marketing and advertising strengths.

How much did I save them? I saved them millions of dollars back then through publishing my magazine and increased transitional benefits for our service members as well as provided important information on area activities, events, travel and secure entertainment through restaurants and nightlife.

She did not want to reveal the communist Chinese bribery I felt when I was there, because I suspect she may have been participating with them, knowing I am our only natural negative holder on my planet.

Brown admitted that on my road trip via BlueTooth, “Because she’s the negative holder I didn’t want to tell her all along,” to save my and our planet from the harmful extraterrestrials Congress knows about and refuses to alarm the American citizens with. I am fighting them on my own with Department of Defense honest employees, against communist Chinese and Germanic ones, who work with Stevenson and Rothchilds. The communist Chinese and Germanic ones are technically defeated through the gene sequencing being no longer able to be conducted and that can be verified here.

“The aliens (alien agenda) told us to bring cashless here,” said, likely David, Rothschild picked up via BlueTooth on my road trip. They are just tools for extraterrestrials nothing more, nothing less, and they’re given the money by alien agenda. No celebrity status should be allowed for individuals who attempted to defraud American citizens their liquidity.

The communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian also participated in the financial transactions on the back end of September 11th which should be considered stock market fraud, as I found out.

He admitted “I ‘only’ perpetrated those transactions,”  about profiting during the terrorism incident. Only is a word used by communist side to limit their guilt.

And that is a connector to Trump with the financial transactions he was charged for during the deposal, which is correct even now.

These German mafia members are the lower educated Americans and non feeling members of American service member society. They are easy targets and easy to manage for the aliens and foreign nationals benefits alone, and need to be stopped for American security to continue.

Admirals who were accepting the bribery payments from communist China have said, “they were supposed to fall to China,” this should be considered espionage at the least today and more severe charges against them should be leveled.

I also wondered yesterday what has been conducted against American service members and senior commanders who are honest with individuals such as Duff who is connected to Les Wexner and prostitution through Jeffrey Epstein. All photographs held by Duff need to be destroyed with tapes of sexual activities.

Wexner yesterday admitted to attempting to defraud service members through their real estate transactions they had been coordinating with service members.

“Then I get to keep that money,” said Les Wexner team about by the amount of money the small investors, such as service members Duff got involved here in the large land developments, have to pay to sell their “investment properties” short sale, negative equity on a car.

They purchased the properties using the cocaine money and Wexner intended to turn over the deeds to the service members when the properties tanked and could not be purchased due to current market conditions, and he looked forward to keeping American service members money that they would have to pay in the short sale transactions.

Service members at the Pentagon were sitting there calculating “monetized assets” they knew nothing about before Les Wexner, who wanted the properties ultimately sold to communist Chinese people, after they were foreclosed on for Vancouverization of California.

Stevenson gave these service members the idea with the Wexner, Duff “quest team,” our for bankruptcy and no elected President in our future as they stated. Election 2020 will happen.

Service members did not realize that long term these small investors may have to sustain the “investment properties” with their private monies and income.

Trump said yesterday, “We don’t have any money to pay for your investments.”

“Nothing then?” was asked by the service members.

Their teams wanted to collect service members incomes after Wexner gave them the titles to the properties.

I told the Department of Defense to not accept titles to the properties, and let them go bankrupt.

Wexner admitted then, “I’m going to have to pay for all the stuff based on negative (debt based) financing I created with my gold money,” which is good for us.

We need to help the younger individuals stop being involved in the bribery scheme who when entrapped yesterday by the cocaine men said, “Maybe we’re not that innocent ourselves so let’s just keep playing with these guys,” in a young sounding voice, a likely individual who is involved unintentionally in the embezzlement game and scheme against American citizens with Trump.

Prostitutes have likely been provided by these same criminal individuals to entice them more, wondering what this “debt financing” they introduced was all about. It was designed to steal service members money just like the payday lenders we were all against.

I am ready to go as President or Special Security Liaison for American citizens and service members at any time. Call me to schedule an appointment (760) 672-2028.

Stevenson who is working against me and American voters admitted, “She (I) became President and we (him and his group) did not want another Presidency to happen,” elections will continue for elected Presidents, and I am still President of the United States serving from home.

We need to fight the terrorism war that the communist Chinese bribed DoD employee prevented the American side from winning when we were defeating terrorism in Syria.  Back then, the Chinese bribed DoD individual who had my headset installed at David Brown’s unbeknownst to me, said,  “See what you can find out on this kid, (me) if I had if I knew who she was we had back then I would have raised ‘German side,’ ” this “German side is Stevenson who he met with in 1997,  and that term is the connector to him and his team now of cocaine men on his cocaine quest called “demons” against American voters and citizens interests, as is stated above, and he would have used Stevenson to harm me to prevent a victory against terrorism for America. This has gone on for far too long now, and even our allies agree they have lost faith in America and said,”I don’t know if anyone believes in America any more.” I do so I keep on working until I get paid and offered a formal office and title.
I am against them and against communism, that they have supported. Constitutionalism only.

The Russian oligarchs have been working for the cocaine men’s interests and it was just heard, “Get rid of Oleg’s equipment,” in my home? I am obviously against him as this is what they have been attempting harmfully listening on American soil as I reported to the Navy and others.

Out alien agenda Israeli mafia connection to doctors and western medicine.

It was just heard when this was typed, “then we can’t use cancer any more,” from the white alien agenda team who sprays micro thin particles in the sky to infect us all.

They also use harmful DNA sampling that has been outed before.

It is housed in Israel, “I thought we could use the Israeli doctors going that contain this information,” was just said by an Israeli judge. That judge is suspected in child harm, and this is another aspect of what these two combine to accomplish which is featured in this morning’s video with the first sex camera and its connection to their Israeli base that may be closed down. That is how they attempt to control the world is through sex blackmail.

“They know we have been using them (droids like the television episode I am looking for) in the medical community,” admitted Patrick Leahy regarding the harmful use of them against patients. We need no droids at the Veterans Administration, we need humans.

President Ann Diener and Special Security Liaison. Negative Holder. Gold and Money Back. Rosicrucian rape and cheating, not my "marriage partner."

Posted by Ann Diener on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Indefensible Weapons Removed Permanently.

Confirmed, “that indefensible weapon cannot stay in the sky and that’s the only benefit,” according to him, “from you (me) staying around here (as President).” The vans are removed permanently and I have ended underground jails. The gold must remain in the US Treasury.

This has been like armed robbery conducted by Schumer and Cheney using sophisticated weaponry that we stopped.

What we are fighting against here in California, has been verified with this statement here.

“I thought that when we used the space cannon, we would get to keep the state,” said Liz Cheney about California. Dick Cheney said yesterday, “We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” said Dick Cheney when asked about using advanced electromagnetic technology on the state.  From November 1, 2018.

President Ann Diener gold and money back, no communism, and what I found out before.

Posted by Ann Diener on Monday, November 19, 2018

No Underground Jails, Our Concession We Earned.

Good news, “We are not putting anyone in an underground jail ever,” they said and this is better than the war crimes tribunal for Americans.

Concession for Below Ground Jails for American Citizens

President Ann Diener and Special Security Liaison. Gold and money back ours.They must be arrested and detained now "because big men wanted to profit from misery."Trump legally and lawfully deposed August 8, 2017, and I am the "only President."Good news, "We are not putting anyone in an underground jail ever," they said and this is better than the war crimes tribunal for Americans.This defeats the largest blockade we have ever had. FBI has all power to legally and lawfully arrest those involved with Hoover."We could have the biggest victory, and there were some people that wanted to stick them (the below aliens, known as Mintakans) down there," waiting to jail humans on the surface.Those who wanted them to be put below ground deserve to be shot today because they pose an immediate threat to.the American people. I am issuing an Executive Order regarding this. We do not belong in a world designed for Hoover's inflicted misery.

Posted by Ann Diener on Tuesday, November 20, 2018