I strive to work hard for American citizens and our service members through both American and planetary policy I maintain as our planet’s only negatives holder.

I am balanced, firm and Constitutional.

I work hard diplomatically to insure Constitutionalism globally and that freedom exists without unnecessary combined conflict that is clearly now known as sponsored by some American citizens, internationals and harmful off worlders who have wanted American citizens and service members to lose internationally.

America stands as number 1 with me and my leadership, Constitutionally. Gold and our Money Back is due to American citizens and our service members now who have suffered for seventeen years under the thumbs of the American war criminals who have stolen from them consistently from September 11th to now, which we are stopping, including the 2008 housing market and stock market crashes they used to repay financial other criminals, including Robert Mercer, for their criminal activities they have conducted. It is time to jail them.