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Upcoming Classes

Come learn about amazing discoveris learned through revoking agreements and understand the history of the Galactic Core and false agreements that were set up to block God from being solidly on the Planet through All That Is. Find out about new ways to connect to God.

Class costs $75 per person and includes the above chart laminated for your personal use. Class Class coming up in the City of Vista, for more information on Dates and Times, please call my office at (760) 945-4943

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Reason for Delay

This quest only got strange when the Lucifer portion started. Lucifer is the peaceful masculine name for the Sun. It got strange because I suspect they wanted to  leave only the harmful aliens and my deals have only been for positive aliens. Only certain people wanted those harmful aliens. We figured out other bad things along […]

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Healing. Our Path to Redevelopment

It is amazing when you uncover complete stories, and you are dealing with men who are too stuck in their old ways to realize how wrong they are. We have done an amazing job at restoring our planetary Negative and the planet is improving every day. We are stuck with the old thinking and old […]

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My Quest with God

When I connected to God in my car back in 1994, after I was told about the key, I always followed my heart. My quest has been about the real United States of America and that’s all that it’s about, in addition to understanding myself and saving the planet. I learned about being the Negative […]

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What does it take to have a Vacation Planet?

To me it seemed like over the Summer, we were very close to creating this beautiful ideal world. Even John Brennan was involved positively. Back then the focus was more on healing the world, rather than communism. I remember him being around then energetically. I’m not sure why we can’t go back to working on […]

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Personal: I hate “Original Sin”

It is not fair for Goddess to suffer for fraudulent agreements at the Galactic Core level, to be attracted to married men. I have dated single men and none of them have worked out, or felt love or been lovable. It is not fair to be pre-judged for experience. “That is her right opinion.” (Pre-judgement). […]

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