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Stop the protection of this hill side

Please eliminate the directed energy weapon as it could be seen as an assault on a motorist by a contractor who should be billed for the assaults conducted with it. Is there victim’s compensation? Was it OK for him to hit me in my car because Trump now confirmed stole election 2016 and is deposed […]

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Recurring drama and its causes, impacts to be analyzed

It has been identified that the supercomputers controlled our life patterning causing us to repeat the same mistakes that we did not even chose to be involved with.  I learned about this through personal relationships and individuals who were behind the scenes controlling black modules. It was sad and it has a tremendous impact. It […]

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American taxpayers have the responsibility to protect themselves

How can we protect America today from the overspending of the last 20 years. We are $840 trillion in debt.  We need a full audit of each department to include those we have identified during my Presidency that has been shared at times with deposed stole 2016  Donald Trump’s. The Department of Homeland Security had […]

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For analysis as this gap exploited to devalue America

It was identified this morning  listening to this from Democracy Now. “There are certain kinds of overlapping jurisdiction a couple of classic ones are over drugs offenses and over gun offenses and there are collaborations between state and federal law enforcement that go on all the time,” said  Larry Krasner, District Attorney of Philadelphia, PA. […]

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America should not be fooled into terrorism

“We will use the guy who took the two terrorists in to to tear God down,” found out today said by Robert Mueller, about me despite my testimony provided regarding the housing he did not know about. I suspected back the the land grab would to devalue American homeowners. This allowing the man who took […]

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