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Breaking #News to Crow About is out! Stories via @AFP @WalleAmusa #update #afp

With Leslie Wexner (sort of) in the news, please consider reading my recent article on his documented ties to Organized Crime. Wexner is the main kingpin behind the Epstein/Maxwell network who continues to evade justice. @ArtisticBlower

World record-holder in static breath-hold freediving, veteran triathlete, professional tennis player, professional mountain biker—all high-performing athletes until COVID vaccines ruined their health + their careers.


What would have been fun would been for William Shatner to test drive our gold program space craft and for @POTUS Biden announce they are to be manufactured here in America!

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Being a reporter is like being with everyone

Should we be critical of executive spending and what was already allocated for cabinet members. Wouldn’t you like to know how many of our armed forces were set to be deployed and tanks were ordered. When I sat on the toilet the other day, wow, there was spending coming out of the machines. Can Americans […]

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Spending and Our Votes

Working elections for almost 18 years and monitoring vote counts in the background to understand the electoral process, we need to concerned about the mail ballots and what will be done for 2022. American elections should be real and for the voters. When voters went into polling places it was much easier to monitor what […]

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We need to monitor spending and how do we do it when it is covertly done?

How much is the spending they agreed to covertly in groups? It was found yesterday supplementals can pass in the background agreed upon in advance to spend your money, and how much are they worth to contractors who have sat in the background printing bankruptcies and war debt, collecting pay. Will they get paid again […]

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2022 Election Should be Exciting

What an amazing morning with Beto O’Roark declaring his candidacy for Governor of Texas. Has the JFK of Texas arrived or what! We will be going through state by state to identify who is on the ballot and keep working for Progressives and honest Republicans. I am a Democrat and he said, “We as Democrats […]

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Lots of Jobs

There are los of jobs throughout our country. Alaska is hiring workers and I am updating my website. It is amazing what can be done in the spring here. There are lots of cars and other metals to recycle and those would be additional summer jobs and revenues for exports based on waste recycling. When […]

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