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Breaking #News to Crow About is out! Stories via @ActivistPost @Salon @RepLloydDoggett #update #afp

Breaking #News to Crow About is out! #update #afp

“We need a government that takes the side of working people and the vulnerable and that guarantees the shared prosperity that we have earned, including living wages, access to health care and child care” and #PaidLeave
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Lots of Jobs

There are los of jobs throughout our country. Alaska is hiring workers and I am updating my website. It is amazing what can be done in the spring here. There are lots of cars and other metals to recycle and those would be additional summer jobs and revenues for exports based on waste recycling. When […]

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Stop profiteering on disease

I will be going through my articles on my blog to update them, as when I was typing them we had harmful people in the background with mainframe computers harming me and the American people so some things did not make sense. Still as of this morning they use the same owned people who were […]

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37 Seats

AmyMcGrath won 2020 against Mitch McConnell and was it true that “We knew she won,” and 36 seats are still unaccounted for and Nancy Pelosi stole her seat from Shahid Buttar?  Does anyone really care Bush stole 2000. We have 272 Congressional members who work for the American people are honest and I support honest […]

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Breaking the Monopolies to break the Jails and end corruption

Americans have been too controlled what they do not know about. With the unfettered capitalism that was operating in the background during the Trump administration, billions were absconded with and some ot their rogue operators still lurk in the background. We need to protect ourselves from them and continue to work to identify how average […]

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What will the damage be in the Gulf of Mexico

When looking at the photos of the pipeline fire that originated from a gas leak yesterday, we should wonder what will the interior of the Gulf look like when it is over and what will the damage be to the area? We remember the BP oil spill and the negotiations that went on after regarding […]

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