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Unlawful Surveillance and Sexual Predators.

With the Harvey Weinstein case completing, we have to move beyond it to know what is really going on in our digital age. I have experienced it here at home. It will be nice when people no longer take photos of me naked. How many of them consider sex with children the norm. They have […]

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The Housing Bubble by Cocaine

When Americans think of their own security, most of their assets are tied up in their homes. This election that is most significant and as we move into the Spring many California homeowners are thinking about selling to move to a more affordable state. One in fifteen is likely planning on moving. In fact in […]

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The Little American Diplomat

At five years old I went on my first trip to Germany and I was a very intelligent child. I enjoyed everything as we departed, yet I made a mistake of squeezing ketchup to strongly with my strong hands and it got on the suit of the man who had just got married close to […]

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Extortion versus Justice

Over the past three years post the admittedly stolen election of 2016, our country has sat idle as we have seen a deposed con man continue to speak to the media on our behalf because the royal magistrate is behind them.  This is a frank conversation about what has gone on as you the American […]

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Who puts real discretionary income in your pocket with America’s restored assets?

Our gold standard and our tax money, known as money back are America’s recovered assets, and we have to wonder this campaign who will make Americans rich in the future and not steal it from us. Discretionary spending has been at an all time low and as we head into the primary, who is working […]

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