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Breaking #News to Crow About is out! Stories via @barnes_law @Salon @catoletters #update #ukraine

Breaking #News to Crow About is out! Stories via @ActivistPost @queenadalite #update #ukraine

Voters in Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas and Minnesota are going to the polls today as those states hold their primary elections to determine the representatives for each party in November’s general election.

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Revisiting Recycling

What can  be done to improve our planet and save money for future generations? We can pursue our redemption values. In the State of California and other states with redemption value politicians can put more money into their citizen’s pockets by fighting back against waste management for honest recycling and credit for what is paid […]

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Opinion: Biden Executive Order against Afghanis

 “U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to split $7 billion of frozen Afghan funds between victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and humanitarian aid has sparked outrage among Afghans,” according to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. Americans do not understand Afghanistan and Joe Biden has made a mistake. His Executive Order allowing the usurpation of Afghan government […]

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Who programs our wars does not want America to be successful

President Joe Biden was made to to look weak  by the way the conflict  with  Russia was now assigned.  Today he was  allowed to “rescue fleeing Americans” not completely use the Nord Stream Pipeline as a key leverage point . He could have use that pipeline for way more leverage. President Biden pledged to kill […]

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Being an unknown Celebrity and who should be in the media

If I actually spoke to the media what would I say, we had defeated netanyahu and here we go again @BernieSanders and we hope for the strength of Benny Gantz Israel to keep netanyahu defeated and when we look at the submarine incident it is nothing but placation for the paymasters in the background as […]

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Being a Minority Diplomat

Knowing your position in life is important and today as Rahm Emanuel and others were confirmed, I acknowledge the fact that I am someone who deserves to serve on their staff as was known that I am a staff level position and not someone who should be forced to compete with high level positions. This […]

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