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Watch for devaluing of your real estate in March 2020.

All battles are local and individuals always think of me as a peon because I work a regular job that allows me to gage American situations on the ground. I provided testimony against the land grab long ago, and am one of the few people who continue to care about the American homeowner’s values. Donald […]

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How do we define ourselves? Individuals participate daily

Every moment the macrocosm and microcosm exist coherently.  Whatever we do contributes greatly to the whole world. Each interaction we have causes us to understand each other more and what we chose to participate in can have a ripple effect that benefits all humanity. That is my goal each and every moment I am alive […]

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Your Life is No Longer in the Devil’s Hands

“I always felt like I made some deal with the devil that does not like mankind’s hands,” said an unnamed source about arranging for his daughter’s birth to him on my planet. I only work with and for God and installed my negative perfectly put in the center several years ago and slowly as our […]

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What is it like to be our negative holder, about me.

People have a strange idea of what our planet’s negative holder is. I placed our negative in the center of our, my planet in 2017 after thousands of hours of work. Our core is the magnetic center of our planet that had been offset by harmful extraterrestrials thousands of years ago. People have a strange […]

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Why do we have an expected housing crash, February, No Valentine’s Day surprise.

California is suffering complete mismanagement of its housing sector. The jobs creation myth of November was in the housing sector fueled with cocaine monies versus earned income through real development and below the surface there is very little real income creation. Where is the next sector to advance and where will our capital come from. […]

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