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Call me when you have their jail cells ready at (760) 672-2028 and I own the planet of our dreams as President of the United States. Trump is long deposed. Gold and my Gold certificate given to me.

Breaking #News to Crow About is out! Stories via @osiris322 @Freedom4Horses @philosophyofmet #china #chinese

Can we get a list of the Congressional members that were involved in September 11th and put them in jail, it was a largest terrorism incident on American soil, and they caused it. Gold, moniey Back and constitutionalism with our votes back. Sell your own planet.

For record. Congressional members just admitted, "We did nine eleven to sell her planet," about my planet, this one, Earth.
I do not care why they did 9/11. I intend to send them to jail for 9/11 I guess they were in w/ deposed Trump. I am President of the United States. Gold.

My side of Congress won 2016 without Putin package. Put the red Republicans in jail, they cannot win an election if their lives depended on it. Trump is long deposed by me. Gold money back and Convictions. I am President of the United States.

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Case Materials Reasonably Organized in Outline Form

The land grab I testified against is conducted with cocaine money to be stopped. Here is a four part series on how it is conducted including video footage of their theft. Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Now Deposed Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes Premeditated […]

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We Are More Free Today

Harmful extraterrestrials invaded our world thousands of years ago, and we are almost free of them. Initially they installed a harmful axis on our planet, to throw us off kilter. Previously we thought being off kilter was normal. Now with my negative perfectly put in the center where it was before they came here our […]

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Push Pull of Time Sequencing and Mintakan, Alien Agenda Dark “Magic”

It has been a battle here at my home with the alien agenda with Mintakans and their “dark” magic conducted using the overhead surveillance, and this afternoon it was identified that they had a pod in space that controls the overhead heating, which is harming Californians. The pod is similar to a satellite, however more […]

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Cocaine Money Promised by Trump, Obama and Others to 1991 Billionaires Aboard Yacht then.

I testified against the “largest land grab” Donald Trump has tried to orchestrate here on American soil, and that in conjunction with financial crimes relating to terrorism deposed him back on August 8. 2017. The missing piece of the puzzle was the cocaine shipments that are now identified as the means to conduct the land […]

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Take it or leave it, true past life research psychically about Donald Trump, German heritage likely.

With the admission of guilt from this morning by Donald Trump to his father being of German descent, I decided to do a little looking into it psychically to see if it was true or false. It is true and highly likely that Frederick Drumpf was brought into America covertly by the Department of Defense, […]

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