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I became President in earnest and I earn respect by working globally. I am against the down south cocaine cartel. Cocaine betting is devaluing and needs to be repaid by individuals who conducted it for land grab., stole 2016. Gold and Money Back NOAA guarantee of prevention

Trump (Stole 2016 Pence previously jailed for it) is deposed by my testimony, not anyone else's I proved my testimony. I became President. I located our gold standard. I compete w/ Putin, Xi & all other nations for Americans to be number one. Anything else espionage or treason.

Constitutional Republic and restraining orders are in order against them. The American people deserve protection from vulture capitalists.

boat explosion running incident detected. Protect me from Stevenson and Duff perpetrators of quest against American citizens financial interests.

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Fraud Communism.

In 1998 unknown to me, the publisher of a magazine for the Navy, a former sheriff I knew then met with the Navy at the base where I published my magazine for and wanted to bring something called, “the communism” now here. It was based on what hand stamping or branding that is stealing and […]

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Epstein Wexner and Likely Gates Connected Through Advanced Technology

Updated 10/30/19 By Ann Diener (previously for Veterans Today, published on March 19, 2017 there before I knew how close VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff is with Ghislaine Maxwell and Les Wexner mentioned here.) Bill Gates Recently found involved with Duff and Wexner in housing developments in California and building installs here. Gates claimed in […]

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We won Iraq when we kicked Bush out.

We need to kick Bush out of financial circles. They were involved in the 2008 stock market crash and continue to operate in the background attempting to steal from you with members of the Senate and House. They see your hard work and savings like it is their ATM, with deposed stole 2016 Trump saying […]

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Negative Install Success Repairing Our Ozone

My negative install has benefited our planet. Trump is also deposed by my testimony regarding the land grab which has been validated. I am waiting to testify before Congress. Gold Money Back, Constitutionalism guaranteed for 200 plus years. — ANN DIENER (@a_diener) October 21, 2019 Ozone Hole above Antarctica the smallest it has ever […]

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2016 and 2018 Stolen with Same Putin Package to include Crosscheck, Microtargeting & Diebold. We need to confiscate assets the thieves created through cocaine

It  was admitted by Mike Pence 2016 was stolen and we know only 26% of American citizens voted for Trump teams.  “We stole 2016 to bring communism to this country,” said Mike Pence a while ago, meaning they committed felony election theft and need to be charged for the crime. Monitoring is occurring and only […]

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