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Bush won again today said. Now we get to create drawing rights using this incredible machine we built added. Leave us alone

Lie I found our about September 11 th significant about my service told by Allen an hardware giants

Who can pursue team building for their liabilities starting with the terrorism war. It is serious

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Russians did not pay for the planet

Russians did not pay for the planet. Below ground jails could fall and I could get paid for the planet I own outright. In the meantime, we have to continue to solve problems. There is no need for camera’s to create false incidents for dead children’s souls. From yesterday, an individual was ordered to kill […]

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Criminal quest by criminals, laundering drug money and having sex while you file for unemployment…

Today’s headline, “Millions file for unemployment,” due to Corona caused by them. “We’ll run our quest out of Miramar (Naval Air Station) or some place Stupid like that,” said a con artist, Gordon Duff, who said a big lie about me “She only wants to harm the small foot soldier,” for him to sell his […]

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What is needed now

We need truth Deposed Trump stole 2016 and we have way too much housing due to the land grab. What is needed now is buyers from out of state for the housing, ones not paid for from foreign countries through our government and the National Security Agency a now defunct organization using your tax money […]

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Freeing Americans’ Belongings, Constitutionalism

We need more Democratic debates. I am very tired of being here with individuals who were involved in September 11th operating in space. We need no new weapons put in here with Richard Branson hardware. Americans are not guilty of September 11th and should find no fault in my writing a story about it. We […]

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Headset and to be here, you have to be more than a petri dish

What was found out yesterday was very disconcerting. There were individuals using my internally implanted headset to communicate with already dead extraterrestrials that are just brain cells in Patrick Leahy’s laboratory in Missouri I suspect. Please let them go home to God’s planet. I own our planet outright. The aliens could be rejoined with their […]

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