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Projects I want to work on and those who work against our country

Should insurrection deem stole 2016 as unelectable in 2024? Possibly, most of the Republicans on the Primary side seem to deem them that way, “I can easily beat President Trump.” found out because they know a lot more than is being said about them, like aiding and abetting our adversaries during their term, and they […]

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20,000 years ago Our Planet and Mars

We had a natural planet 20,000 years ago when I was sent here by my father then after those aligned with the alien agenda had almost completely taken over our planet, Mars. A money trader who I came here with at 5 years old had put me on board a small space craft that was […]

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Our world is about Nuclear Fusion to Plasma

With the Biden White House having investigated plasma late last year, we look to 2023 with more future adventure, should they chose to pursue advanced space travel based on what was sited before.  The Eileson Bid could really prove buoyancy of plasma for spacecraft. What are our goals for 2023? We need to look ahead […]

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Is satellite based heating of the Yukon river causing Salmon populations to decline?

“Heat stress could be part of low Chinook salmon returns,” according to USGS on a data sheet here file: and this is important to examine. What is causing the heat? Today here in Alaska, Federal Officials are looking for input on what is being termed as the “Salmon disaster” with extremely low salmon runs […]

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As Eielson AFB bid goes out for a nuclear micro-reactor, Thorium should be under consideration

Reading today’s Fairbanks Daily Miner, Eielson Air Force Base has put up for bid a nuclear micro-reactor and what we need is for America to be more competitive against China that is already pursuing Thorium systems. More information on Thorium reactors and the advancement towards their use.   Hopefully a Thorium system will be […]

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