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Consider me the Ralph Nader brand of President of the United States you steal a workers pay through lying to them and in the back of his mind when he spoke to them was I want to steal as much from them as I can. Trump is a long deposed Gold standard and money back delivered.

We all serve a purpose here. @steelworkers gold standard money back and hard work. we own our planet. I became President due to deposal of Trump and I stand for unions, and real pay for all Americans backed by solid gold, ours found by me. Help me make our election convictions.

Deport him, this is the United States of America a Constitutional republic no longer part of the British Royal crown. I am the President of the United States. Gold and money back delivered to each and every American citizen.

Executive Order. President Ann Diener. Any Corporation, Limited Liability or sole proprietorship may not force political ideologies on its employees through financial retaliation. They will be penalized for financial retaliation at 1 1/2 times expected earnings of employees.

Elizabeth said, "I thought we could pay a few of those Union Yesers to be there," to steal from them through an uncontrollable baseless monetary policy that is unneeded. Gold standard only and Money Back, Constitutionalism mandatory.

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2016 and 2018 Stolen with Same Putin Package to include Crosscheck, Microtargeting & Diebold. We need to confiscate assets the thieves created through cocaine

It  was admitted by Mike Pence 2016 was stolen and we know only 26% of American citizens voted for Trump teams.  “We stole 2016 to bring communism to this country,” said Mike Pence a while ago, meaning they committed felony election theft and need to be charged for the crime. Monitoring is occurring and only […]

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Case Materials Reasonably Organized in Outline Form

The land grab I testified against is conducted with cocaine money to be stopped. Here is a four part series on how it is conducted including video footage of their theft. Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Now Deposed Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes Premeditated […]

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We Are More Free Today as Alien Agenda Dies Here on My Planet

Harmful extraterrestrials invaded our world thousands of years ago, and we are almost free of them. Initially they installed a harmful axis on our planet, to throw us off kilter. Previously we thought being off kilter was normal. Now with my negative perfectly put in the center where it was before they came here our […]

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Push Pull of Time Sequencing and Mintakan, Alien Agenda Dark “Magic”

It has been a battle here at my home with the alien agenda with Mintakans and their “dark” magic conducted using the overhead surveillance, and this afternoon it was identified that they had a pod in space that controls the overhead heating, which is harming Californians. The pod is similar to a satellite, however more […]

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Cocaine Money Promised by Trump, Obama and Others to 1991 Billionaires Aboard Yacht then.

I testified against the “largest land grab” Donald Trump has tried to orchestrate here on American soil, and that in conjunction with financial crimes relating to terrorism deposed him back on August 8. 2017. The missing piece of the puzzle was the cocaine shipments that are now identified as the means to conduct the land […]

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