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Budget Surplus

How much should be spent countering known attacks yesterday in Iraq, and it was found out this morning that was likely a planned attack by Vladimir Putin. He was envious of our space program. Others possibly committed two acts that appeared set-up, harming the National Guard by downing a helicopter. We issue condolences to our […]

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What has Since 8/8/17 been like to and it has not been fun

How much cocaine can one person deal with? It has been a cocaine brothel. This is not my style. I do not like people monitoring me in my shower and to me this whole thing since I provided testimony. We have as was stated yesterday been through a cocaine brothel

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Covid Cases

Scripps received a new facility that should be quite a profit center for them, and in a down economy, healthcare is what is profitable. Few American startups happen, that is why I was surprised when I found out Richard Cheney was likely involved in a building I have been monitoring. Initially I thought it was […]

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May the New Year Refresh Us

“I kept going with my leadership role and I won,” said a source who was discredited by his adversaries for profiteering against his country. I admire this person’s stance as I have been working for the common good through American policy making in the background. May the New Year bring our victory for all who […]

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Goodwill starting with incoming administrations

For 20 years American foreign policy has been compromised not to allow Democrats to win. We have been at war since the 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore, and that was likely pre-planned weakening Bill Clinton towards the end of his term with the Whitewater scandal. As a young publisher of a military publication […]

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