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Unsurprising to see #Armenia’s Syunik province w/ high % of voters.

It faces greatest risk of military aggression by Azerbaijan on Armenia proper and would be most directly impacted by an Azerbaijani-Turkish desired corridor. The #election’s outcome may come down to this region.

Your Friday reminder that the continued expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestine is illegal under international law.

Breaking #News to Crow About is out! Stories via @ActivistPost #update #afp

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Water and Oil Flocculants Could Treat South Bay

When talking about the border wall, nothing was more useless as they previously allowed immigrants to cross the border. Now that Kamala Harris is Vice President we may be able to introduce real solutions to real problems in the South Bay for real cleanup of real problems to include the Tijuana river.  When the water […]

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New Planet

We own our planet exclusively and I have been working for the American people never to lose. America is Sovereign as we have never been before. With our investigation into alien agenda we are making our way to number one globally as more aliens die here we become more free. We are achieving our goal […]

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War crimes tribunal

Biden won and can preside.  It is pointless with the issues America has had in foreign policy and the implications with our adversaries not to have a war crimes tribunal. We have spend too much time to gather too much data and it is public and who wants them in the media without hearing their […]

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More than 23 years against owned opposition

We exposed who did September 11th and we know they are into some kind of secret court and secret proceeding which we oppose uniformly as a people We own our planets outright with Biden only leahy will call this a bogus story because he is white extraterrestrial fan club amongst olive skinned people trying to […]

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Ongoing Planet Payment

I set out to save every American with both my testimony and negative installs. When I provided my testimony I did it post haste to secure homeowners’ values and that goal took years to achieve with the depositions finally filed by an insecure party. When I worked to install our core I did that to […]

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