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A Case Study on the American War Criminals through one event for Truibunal

How a group moves on an event that they themselves knew would be harmful long term to take advantage of all angles for themselves. This event was called History in the Making. When Gordon Duff called me in 2017, while he was meeting with the Russians covertly I found out later on, there was a […]

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Writing from the heart

I have been so hurt over the last 3 years. We need peace in our lives. Constitutionalist. I love honorable people who I can admire and feel uncomfortable if I am misconstrued. Good luck speaking tours. Common law is a right of way. We have a right to right livelihood. Doing what is honorable and […]

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Stung by a bee and no cocaine ever hit my nose

Around here false accusations about me have been relentless and people have been made to think I have a drug habit as an informant. No. I always investigate personalities of people and am more counselor and aware of people’s personalities  than anything else. Yesterday when I was at a laundromat I had a bee sting […]

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Our Galactic Core is repairing our galactic Sun

It was found out today that our Galactic Sun was damaged long ago and that individuals from surrounding star systems came here because of communism that destroyed their systems. I learned that shortly before I placed my core successfully. I discovered why I thought during my work previously about the galactic sun, “That seems a little […]

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Cost of Intention of Malice, Who is Liable?

With the restraining order here, Robert L Stevenson of San Clemente, California intended to exact malice on my person and global position. It has been used as a weapon which is not what a restraining order is designed to do. He has had unfettered access while holding less global standing than I have restricting access […]

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