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Manufacturers drove a rebound in Europe this month but services growth slowed down

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How much was extorted to bankrupt America

How do we recover the stolen funds hidden on an Island found out about today? “They (America) does not own the island where we are going to file the bankruptcy (of America) from,” and during this entire time individuals connected with that island have been extorting huge amounts of funds to be recovered for the […]

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What will 2020 bring to the voters stolen from

It is ironic that a drug money launderer in chief has so many police shootings in his administration. From almost  the beginning on it was known he started the down south cocaine cartel, through the murder of Robert Maxwell, and with such an enterprise, the administration claiming supportive of police and sheriffs, betrays itself with […]

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Caring people needed

It has been very painful to care for our country. I have been stuck in a situation where many people have wanted to corner me in some way because of the testimony I provided to help America. I want to get back to work for peace and freedom and have a normal job. Our travel […]

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Stop all overhead weaponry and do not harm

Please eliminate the directed energy weapon as it could be seen as an assault on a motorist by a contractor who should be billed for the assaults conducted with it. Is there victim’s compensation? Was it OK for him to hit me in my car because Trump now confirmed stole election 2016 and is deposed […]

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Recurring drama and its causes, impacts to be analyzed

It has been identified that the supercomputers controlled our life patterning causing us to repeat the same mistakes that we did not even chose to be involved with.  I learned about this through personal relationships and individuals who were behind the scenes controlling black modules. It was sad and it has a tremendous impact. It […]

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