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Stevenson just said, though applauding me, "Now we need these cocaine shipments to go out today." @FBI.

I am married to my country, I serve every day, the United States of America and they were picking me up as a single woman before until the disgusting thieving secret society members interfered, whose only intention it was of theirs to bankrupt all American citizens. Gold ours.

"Why am going to do with the plane guy," said Gordon Duff, the guy who murdered JFK and selected Middle Easterners and hired them pilot planes on September 11th. The plane guy is organized crime and arrested by the FBI. All assets are confiscated by US Marshall.

Breaking #News to Crow About is out! Stories via @BlacKkKlansman @Baka_62 @goaudax #venezuela #venezuelacoup

Our US Gold must stay in our US Treasury permanently. I am President and our money back is mine to announce on TV. I choose my Vice President appropriately. No Bush candidates ever, as Bush, guilty of September 11. selected the whole Trump team.

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Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

This is about premeditated bankruptcy through election theft of 2016 conducted by deposed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as the whole Trump team, involved with the individuals who conducted September 11th including the National Security Agency and Bill Gates did here in California, and the harm they inflict on American citizens and soil, […]

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Good News, Humans and American Citizens’ Planetary Jails are Broken

There were actually criminal individuals determining humans’ fate through supercomputer before our negative, our earth’s core was placed in the perfectly put position by me and a specialized team with Free Choice off worlders who are beneficial to humans, not like the ones who own the super computers. Thinking about what alien agenda had done […]

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What was Our Unelected Leadership Hoping for, for You the Un-Voter? We Will Vote and Our Convictions Will Go Through.

Updated at 6:40 pm. The programmers working with Bill Gates, Gordon Duff and Stevenson cartel have been the ones interfering with our internal affairs investigation, as expected because in 2001 they delivered an innocent verdict for the guilty parties in a secret grand jury which later assisted to cause the wars on terrorism started by […]

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From March 2017, Exclusive: Investigation, Trump, Acosta – Epstein Pedophile Plea Deal

By Ann Diener for Veterans Today, published on March 19, 2017 there before I knew how close VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff is with Ghislaine Maxwell and Les Wexner mentioned here. Flash Back: Department of Labor Secretary Pick, R. Alexander Acosta, was been pressured by attorneys to keep victims in the dark about a plea […]

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Stopping Land Grab and Attempted Bankruptcy Against America.

Our Constitutional Republics stand. How crime led to the cocaine cartel now, that must be arrested legally and lawfully to prevent more crime. It started out as fun and parties in 1989, and then succumbed to murder of media media mogul and others who stand for justice. They forced America to be a loser with […]

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