Planetary Data

Planetary Data

The other travelers with Boulder Builders who are dead

How a team who has attempted to heist our planet came together is really important, and understanding the former now dead overlord was significant and found out here, he turned out to be a drone made by the boulder builders. Now there is more information on two other characters who traveled with Boulder one. People know about Gordon Duff, who I have referred to on numerous occasions for his organized crime like behavior, and bullying, this is significant and not the main part of his story. He was also known as a green parted one, and I had wondered how he got and was so close with the boulder builder race making deals at times against our planet. He was brought aboard their vessel as a baby, mentored by the white alien agenda lead by the boulder devils.

I did some remote viewing this afternoon to understand the man called Gonzo, known as Duff now, to the space fleet. He is hard to handle and mean because of his defensive mechanisms. Even intelligence assets have not wanted to address his criminal behavior because of his bullying behavior. Well, how did he become the individual he is and why?

One character leads to another sometimes and this afternoon I found out about a relatively hidden one to the boulder builders who are now dead. He was another individual picked up from a planet in arcturus where the former overlord was found as a small boy after this individual’s planet was almost destroyed. This new character had fought the human harvesters there and other like species. He was alone when the boulder ship flew by.

“I can’t land there but he can sure fight back,” said One Boulder after a planet in the Arcturian star system was being picked a part.  We own our planet outright and our galaxy in hours. One Boulder saw the one man down on the nearly destroyed planet, who he picked up later. That man led me to Gonzo, who was already on board with One Boulder, and known of then by that name, and now called Gordon Duff. When aboard the boulder spacecraft, the rescued man said to One Boulder, “I can come along and stay in the background and keep you and Gonzo really ready,” for other planets. This rescued man turned from service man to criminal for the boulders who rescued him. On his planet previously he, “Served quite a few men until they all got trapped in a destroyed building.” This man is going to our newly opened bardo to be sent to God’s planet for restructuring and rebirth as a complete new human.

Gonzo was their right hand in space, and was important to make agreeable with Boulder One by the individual. The former dead overlord who was resuscitated in the previous article about him being made a drone by the boulders wanted to kill Gonzo at one point, and that is how he became dead. One night he thought to himself, out of jealousy likely, “I’m going to take Gonzo down tonight,” and he lost his life and was turned into bio enzymes for future use by Boulder One. “I hope we can preserve his bio enzymes for future use,” he said after the individual people on earth knew as the overlord was killed in space for the first time by Gonzo likely.

The boulder builders and Gonzo jacked up our planet, now fixed as I own it outright and have been working on it with God for a long time now.

Gonzo had been picked up as a baby in another star system far away after his mother had her head bashed in by white alien agenda team who he works for today. She was too nice to live according to him much later on, to make excuses for nice people he met along the way. It was sad the way he viewed his mother as a sweetheart who was ” too nice to live.” This was the way he justified those who killed her later raising raising him.

When their harvesting program went through on his human owned planet, he was one of the few lone survivors and so they brought him aboard a ship as a baby. “Let’s see if we can teach the baby with special instincts we can control,”said the white alien team about him then regarding what is now his aggressive defensive behavior now. He had been put in a cage. “I say we keep him in this here cage,” said by them when they put him on the ship after harvesting a portion of his planet. He became a very integral part of their program, raised by his captors. He is scary to me now.

Our planet is almost completed.

Now found out about Duff aka Gonzo a human rescued as a caged baby from a previously harvested star system, it was said by him to the Navy, “She had no business being able to install it on her own,” regarding my negative. His life is proof I installed it to protect us from what happened to his early family and the other planets in our star system. My planet is working. Sadly I found out that back then One Boulder made a comment to him, “You’ve been reading her the riot act on the sourcing of her stories,” called research, ” and using that to penetrate into the Navy,” criminally I suspect, said about Duff.

Duff replied to One Boulder, “He has to pay me the way the negative went in.” When do his payments end? The fake alien agenda bardo is filled in. Our real bardo is created. We have restored our human life death life cycle and prevented the harvesting that likely happened to his earliest parents who were defeated by the enemy before he was a caged animal as a baby.

Rosicrucian Fellowship was a fraud and a creation of his.

It was said by the Fellowship director after Duff spoke with him, “I say her mother doesn’t mean a whole lot to us, but she is still around, so why not give this old man a chance,” said regarding Duff. We demystified everything.  Constitutionalists exist. Maybe someday he will realize not to take a sweetheart’s kindness for weakness. He took advantage of my skills at Veterans Today, every reporter reads to get story ideas hundreds of sources, in reporting there were rooms called morgues with source material, online too. I read and research. I am not too nice to live here.

We have something to be proud of completing our planet with our negative install. It is more sturdy and secures us forever.

If NASA provides for Gonzo, they have to provide emotional support and insure the orange bottled prescriptions he takes are dealt with through counseling regarding women, and what his views are of his early mother being too nice to survive tied into his survival instincts from a previously harvested planet. Carol his wife was chosen for her meanness and is a killer of babies, which he associates with survivability wrongly.

Natural coexistences exist.

Update on my negative install 2 and a half years ago


I am the one pressing charges, so I am in command. Hired to do it. I was told to keep pressing charges until they were completed.

I am unbiased and chose to participate also until prosecutions happen. I always want the truth from beginning to end. The enemy contract against American people’s freedom is fraudulent.

Do I get ready to testify today? I am ready even now and I expect to be treated with honor for the service I provide for the American people.

Our planet was invaded by harmful extraterrestrials long ago, and that is proven by data on hand and in the CIA databases. We already own our planet outright by our work with mine two and a half years ago that started our path towards repairing our planet. Our negative had been moved over 18,742 years ago by harmful extraterrestrials when the stem now removed was put in as I found out. We are on our way to fully repairing our planet from the damage that they have done.  Aliens are dead here soon. In the morning, they got taken to our sun, and they were upset that their consciousness had been divided by harmful entities. They learned it from what I found out based on remote viewing so I hope they get to experience an even better future reality than what I saw that was pretty good, a peaceful existence on a planet far away where they get to talk amongst each other as their consciousness is restored.

“We were dismissed from conscious thinking,” they learned once they get to God’s planet about their previous lives.  I hope it doesn’t happen that they learned it and then “don’t go to God.” Please don’t harm me or my earnings any more.

Why talk to people who listen and have nothing to do with the work itself? I work hard honestly and installed our earth’s core correctly. I share what I learn as our project advances forward with the goal of reclaiming our galaxy for humans harmfully invaded by extraterrestrials. Even our Sun was invaded at the start of our work, now back to normal. Jupiter and Uranus were repairing themselves as of a few weeks ago.  What does owning the planet mean? It means participating to save everyone’s life and financial well being. My data saves us about the scam of history in the making. Americans would have said in our future, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again, no one will accept our currency,” had their corrupt plan worked. Our gold standard and money back are always kept and held for the American people. 2016 was stolen and I have plenty of evidence and data to back that up.

Our planet is large and it takes time to be fixed, so I have recorded changes that occurred as the install has progressed restoring our planet to its original form.  Yesterday it was said to me, “Don’t let aliens ever live here,” because of the harm they caused. They put harmful technology in our planet that has needed to melt in this time period. We removed harmful technology and keep all of it removed. Our planet was like an abused woman, raped by criminals. “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” said long ago about me, and it is even more deserved today. We deserve our planet free of foreign influences from aliens. We have to dissolve the rest of their harmful technology in the ocean. “It will make it more difficult to fix the planet,” said by those who installed the harmful technology in my body and around here. We are overcoming them. Constitutionalism exists and there is no crime going on here. Why monitor my house? Stop it. Trump stole 2016, and I have the data to prove it, it has been shared and there is no wrongful arrest that should happen to those who know their illegitimacy. Embezzlement stops and is charged as white collar crime, that is what it is. Our tax money is for the people and is embezzled by criminals here to be stopped.

How our tax money is stolen.

“I say the jails (below ground ones sited in the fraudulent contract known now as “little diddy” later on in this article) can be used and I take the money from the Department of Justice,” said Brian Stafford regarding our tax money called money back held there.  The contract as it is proven fake now must be removed from the Department of Justice. “We don’t want to put people in jail here,” Stafford thinks as an excuse to embezzle your funds from them based on the fake contract known as the “little diddy” below. This is embezzlement with a false document.  No valid contract for our planet exists.

It is criminal to watch me shower and they have, which is disgusting.  Do not enter my property nor use unlawful surveillance. I am ready to testify and use all of my data to protect the American people. Why kill kids to be harmed by extraterrestrials. This was said earlier and I try to stop them by letting them know why they are doing it.

We actually validated that yesterday, stick formed extraterrestrials feel, and they react with affirmation when children are killed for them, “I like my day now,” said by them in their own hell dying soon.

There are a few Senate members wanting to harm your planet and American citizens financially. We all own our planet equally and outright. I put my negative in the center where it should be, and it is strongly resolving harmful consequences caused by them. My goal is to return our planet to perfection it was before the aliens came here. Natural planets exist for our protection. We can be financially secure with our gold standard and our money back delivered to the American public.

We finished the Northern Hemisphere of our planet and are working on the Southern Hemisphere now. Two days ago a unique wave similar to that which occurred in Arctica months ago occurred in Antarctica so the south is working its way through. We identified pieces of shrapnel in the earth’s body that need to be removed now and they are dissolving slowly. I am our only negative holder, so that has physical consequences on my body, and the criminals installed harmful technology in my body to make our planet more difficult to repair. I am always honest and am working for American citizens interests.

What is disgusting is when men too feel they can steal from women. It was said this morning, “I hoped to steal everything from Ann,” said Robert Stevenson, the same guy I have turned in repeatedly who has stolen from me for 25 years now covertly. I have a right to my honest life and not to be stolen from. I provided my testimony in earnest and I have a right to recover the money stolen from me. I work to make our planet better for everyone. How much could I have earned by now without being stolen from. Billions. When will I get justly compensated. Hopefully police and sheriffs will recognize his criminal intention when made clear. It is like stealing from your grandmother repeatedly. How many years have I served your community earning my own money? Their group was identified previously as old woman’s purse snatchers by cocaine laundering. Why would anyone like them? Maybe we can’t see them clearly yet. “We only made it because of your income,” said about my service career. Who has saved you from terrorists and lots of harsh consequences for over 20 years, me and my team and sides.

Why would law enforcement compete for hand stamping the communists in Congress had when the ultimate goal was as extraterrestrials said regarding an Oceanside Police officer, was to “put him in jail,” regarding the below ground jails. The Mintakans said in regards to an Oceanside Police officer on January 8, 2020 said “We had big jails for people like him,” regarding an officer they saw through my eye camera and surveillance footage. They were the ones who executed the found contract Stevenson had illegally. It has further been identified now as a made up contract known as a diddy written by his cartel members now.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by unknown man about the contract that was of unknown origin found out today. Those contracts need to be torn up. Why does Pelosi want to hold onto the contract. Leahy side. Why can’t we jail the fellowship is to be said by law enforcement? Why are they allowing themselves to be fooled?

It was found out that these criminals had the idea of “below ground jails with aliens were part of the stoners contract,” and that is how they embezzled your tax money for protecting America from the fraudulent contract they knew was written. 12:15 AM, because this links to other articles probably deemed strange and the human eating identified, it is important to note.

On January 13, 2019 the eye camera was reported as used by a perpetrator, Gordon Duff, who I knew at Veterans Today confirming its existence and it is painful. Reported on Twitter. Evidence. He uses an old cell phone to control my right eye camera and said, “All of a sudden I can’t get a signal from my eye camera,” that connected to my right eye when I blocked him using my abilities. Duff had to pick up the old cell phone and pretend to look at it.

That same woman said, “Why don’t we just lie and say that we had rights to those jails,” said Mintakan female to Stevenson after they found the contract. He said then, “We picked up this below ground jails contract and we don’t know where it came from,” said Stevenson, meaning made up, had no standing, and no legal bearing. You can’t just “pick up” a contract that came from unknown source and violate Americans rights with people later used for prostitution purposes. This is why major media knows our White House is running a cocaine prostitution cartel to be stopped. We are in election time, and we need to complete paperwork against those who have stayed in criminally so voters can clearly see the differences in who they are voting for. The sad thing is that Republicans should have had a real primary. If depositions were completed now, they could still have a chance. It was found out also today, the source of the fraud contract was a criminal they are involved with who wrote it up. “I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said and unknown German mafia man about the contract that was of unknown origin given to the “Lifestyles Congress,” aka stole 2018 said to be”sent from above” to Congress. They all lied and I hope they are arrested post haste. Please read above in detail and take it as first rate insider information. As telephony is being used I am going to be clear Stevenson and his group had hoped to arrest honest police and sheriffs.

Gordon Duff said who I knew from Veterans Today got this woman who is a Mintakan from that star system, you can look it up, search Mintaka, involved in a prostitution cartel here working to confuse the sheriffs department and police involved and said at one time, “I will call them instead of Mintakans, below ones for prostitution purposes.” I dated a Mintakan hybrid before and I do not recommend them, because they are dishonest covertly, obviously. KGB hardware in use here criminally by them here. It must be disbanded in hours.  There is no planet heist. I am happy to save police and sheriffs from human eating that would have been their fate without our install. We made it because of my income, so stop costing me with the hardware. I have a right to release my data as it is my work to the media and I deserve payment and fame.

“Then we’ll just pick them up when they have the hand stamps,” said a white alien for harvesting purposes. “That wasn’t supposed to happen for 2 to 3 years,” admitted deposed (8/8/17) Donald Trump previously. Anyone saying they are competing for “rights of the below,” is competing for rights for Mintakans, prostitutes by association above, that did not exist as anything more than Constitutional before.

It is an illegal harvesting contract of an unknown origin they garnered criminally and is not needed to be followed and today we could win. I deserve to have my deposition completed against the stock market crime deposed stole 2016 Trump conducted with the machines here. When can the deposition be completed and testimony provided to the voters for the scam he began in 1991 when he said, “I think I figured out how we can scam America.”

Smoking has been found to help American freedom,  “Luxury tobacco men are making fools of us,” admitted previously and smoking has been admitted to being forbidden to put Americans in jails. We must smoke good natural tobacco for freedom.

How set up were we, even with my negative install? It was terrible for them to do to all of us human Americans. I am free to own my planet. Please do not shoot the only negative holder and help to make my life better not worse. We need a good future for our country. What matters is how hard you work, and what you know.

My install was compromised by the setup, of the fake core area. It was found out yesterday “We thought we’d put the NASA discovery mission where the center hole was,” said and they likely connected it to the false bardo to make it harder to kill the harmful extraterrestrials that harm us, so they could still rely on fake death despite my negative being correctly installed.

They also incapacitated my body by installing harmful technology in my vagina that connects to the technology in Antarctica. It was said that this would make it harder for our planet to be fixed, which is exactly what I am doing. I fix it daily. Yesterday it was physically exhausting, and I should be compensated for the work I am doing to help all Americans and internationals.

We have saved our country from “History in the Making,” a heist. Americans would have said in our future, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again, no one will accept our currency,” had their corrupt plan worked. Everyone involved with History in the Making should be charged with financial crime. Gold always kept and held.

Why do they allow a guy who openly steals from me or us to take my planet money?

It should be humiliating to have con artists steal in the open.

How much is stole 2016 liable for?

Who is working for the American people today?

My negative install was mine to do and was done to “save our lives,” as is known.

Will the machines stop today. It was said about the stock market crime,”I thought when we used the machines, we could not get caught,” stealing from the stock market by deposed stole 2016 Trump. Our retirements need to be protected, and I am ready to testify today. I have my testimony about 1991 that deposed Trump already and the deposition needs to be completed about the stock market crimes he committed.

September 11th was done to start two wars Iraq and Afghanistan and commit financial crime in the future and I have lots of evidence on file to confirm that. Some war is a crime. Did we get Soros yet? I became President to put them on trial. Why can’t we add him, he is bigger than Dick Cheney.

Imagine our space budget then.

Constitutionalism is global.

The CIA director has to answer for how deposed stole 2016 Trump compromised all Americans financially with Russian oligarchs inviting them here to bankrupt us criminally. I provided testimony against Trump and intend to add that data to my deposition including all hacking conducted by Russia of our elections including this one. Why allow our adversary to con us. Anyone accepting Russian offers should be charged with espionage.

Christopher Wray is complicit in drug money laundering and post haste I have asked for my testimony to be taken seriously regarding their cocaine cartel. We vote in 2020 and they have no right to continue their stole 2016 crime syndicate now busted. Rights of the below are prostitution, down south is their cocaine cartel and all data is public for the voters right to know before they vote.

How did it start is revealed here with the murder of Robert Maxwell. “We obviously used that money for funding back then,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump long ago about the insurance money Ghislaine Maxwell collected after he was likely murdered in Italy thrown of his yacht, as was found out. Ghislaine was a participant with Jeffrey Epstein in the start of their prostitution ring with Leslie Wexner. The insurance company should be contacted and monies be recovered from Maxwell and Trump as it was insurance fraud. Stevenson was a participant early on and declared previously, “I was the one who threw Maxwell off the boat.” He could be liable for said monies also. Duff I found out at Veterans Today was connected to Maxwell, and their syndicate. I cannot believe he is not arrested yet. Who started Epstein is found here. Is Bill Gates connected? Where do their blackmail modules connect to? Russia. When can espionage charges go out. Is that an American agency to blackmail people with Russia. A new American only agency must be formed now.

It will be a relief to America to finally bust these sex criminals.

Typically there is witness protection, not allowing the adversaries to monitor those making a bust’s computer. Michael Cohen has no monitoring rights of my computer granted by me or any other witness protection agency. It is to be considered hacking for embezzlement which could be considered extortion.

It is clearly the overhead with the zeppelin reporting to stole 2018 Congress. It is obstructing justice that needs to be charged against them for the prostitution victims. I knew about Duff’s zeppelin business early on at Veterans Today with Adamus. Why obstruct justice. He should not be paid to monitor my home, based on what is known about his participation criminally with cocaine laundering and prostitution working for stole 2016 I provided testimony against. It should not be this difficult to communicate with honest people.

I have never committed any form of treason or have worked against our country, in fact I am known as one of the few protectors of American citizens. There was never an overthrow either, they had already charged Trump and Pence as well as his team likely. My team was on their way here to take my deposition seriously before individuals became co-opted and allowed the same financial crime against the American public to continue that I testified against because I own our planet, as they admitted. I am our negative holder who would like to own our planet more by being paid for my work to protect the American people from financial crime. People like me are needed and very hard to come by.  Anyone causing long term financial harm to America should be charged with felony convictions today, as my data has been sent out. The ramifications are known and are against the American people.

“I think I figured out how we can scam America,” said by Trump in 1991. Scam America not save or serve America.

To those “competing for the planet,” it is very large. What is your point?

Why steal from someone who serves America like me. I deserve payment for this bust against scam artists. I am a Ralph Nader type politician. American foreign policy should not be for looting other countries and it is known to them. Post haste I should testify. War crimes are to considered stealing at this point. I became President to prosecute them.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by german mafia guy about the contract that was of unknown origin given to the “Lifestyles Congress,” known as stole 2018, known as “sent from above.”





Your Life is No Longer in the Devil’s Hands

“I always felt like I made some deal with the devil that does not like mankind’s hands,” said an unnamed source about arranging for his daughter’s birth to him on my planet. I only work with and for God and installed my negative perfectly put in the center several years ago and slowly as our earth turns the dark side, that is connected to an off world agenda, loses. Recently I met his 61 year old daughter who told me about her entry point onto our planet in vivid detail. She remembered about the negotiations for her, last of six children’s, birth.

There was some place in space where alien agenda put individuals they did not like together with our families. She initially claimed she was an off worlder and I wondered if that was true. I found out later that it is untrue, her soul was discarnate and previously part of the supercomputer system that is now disbanded almost. She described where she met her soon to be father as a house in space with no walls except for one small room called the “room for improvement.” That room was very small, had walls and was where the negotiations took place with her father to give birth to six children and a woman he did not want with her as the cutest bargaining chip and I earn their respect for telling our stories. He was told he was to marry a woman he did not like and have six children, and then was upset until he saw my friend’s face. This made him finally agree to the sentence for his life. I suspect they called it the room for improvement because she did not fit in their mold of easily controlled human.

Their life was traumatized with her two older brothers dying at 6 and 8 years old and later individuals around her used dark magic to torture her because of her spiritual side. She almost killed herself two years ago and then was likely implanted as when she woke up after being out for 5 days, a large mass was on her head. I found out what they said, “We’re going to implant this one so we don’t have to worry about her,” humiliating them in the times ahead was said by the NSA criminals. She has continued to live and worked as best as she could. No one should be implanted ever.

She is a kind woman who cares for many and they try to ostracize her. Our planet is working harder than ever for freedom to exist here for all people. It is hard to write this as they read it, the enemy, and it is your enemy too. Who wants their life determined for them

I am working on God determining our lives not harmful off worlders, that exist at NSA. Our Gold standard and money back get delivered to all American people.

Feel freedom all around you and on the beach. Gold

Sun works through the core, South America ongoing.

There was discussion among children today. One with bright eyes said, “We get to stay because of them,” referring to alien agenda and a smarter one who was younger and more rugged said, “they did not like that we got a free planet,” and I know that to be true.

We are now making sure that God sets your lives up for success constitutionally.

No one had a right to make any contracts for my planet behind my back as I am our only negative holder and that is and was known. They do not like the fact that I work for freedom of every American.

“I sold her negative set,” was said by a criminal who stole 2018, and just like if you know someone owns the Brooklyn Bridge and you sell it, you have to deal with the ramifications not them. I work for the people and am not part of a religious group in Oceanside I consider criminal. Now we have to correct the life side and I am helping the woman who has had a hard time all her life with evil stuff used against her as I have. It will be nice when babies are born and only know of God’s plans for them and we are almost there

Good times ahead.

I have been hoping to finish our install soon so I put a lot of work in every day, so that we can move on to other planets. Mars needs its negative placed correctly, and the other planets are owned by us exclusively. Each one was habitable until the criminal extraterrestrials arrived in our galaxy.

I was wondering today if the Chinese were from Mercury, and as our sun heals if they would like to get it back. It seems like their squinty eyes may be because they lived closest to the Sun. With our healed sun, Mercury is habitable and less radiant. Nope, they are from Saturn.

Venus is where the Zetas live, they are black, and they can have it back too. Venus is perfect for a the tan they have as it is more radiant.

I will correct our work as I continue to work for the people as I always have.

Why is my point on a standard sentence need to be stopped. I want no criminals who are on a wanted poster by me to ever stop by. They did what they did and they are criminals.

I look forward to working with non-criminals and I will.

Helmet loser on a wanted poster. I didn’t steal ballots.

Why do election thieves deserve anything.

It espionage to remove our gold standard and money back or file bankruptcy on American citizens.

Below ones are cheap prostitutes as their name denotes. People are better.

Those who stole our ballots should go to jail before the primary. 

We have clouds.


Negative Install Success Repairing Our Ozone

Ozone Hole above Antarctica the smallest it has ever been since 1982 monitoring because of our negative install

More later

We Are More Free Today as Alien Agenda Dies Here on My Planet

Harmful extraterrestrials invaded our world thousands of years ago, and we are almost free of them. Initially they installed a harmful axis on our planet, to throw us off kilter. Previously we thought being off kilter was normal.

Now with my negative perfectly put in the center where it was before they came here our planet is recovering from their harmful agenda. Our planet is almost completely round which is how our planet should be.

Extraterrestrials lie using very sophisticated methods and energetics they developed to be able to tell the lies they need to attempt to accomplish the goal to further harm people while they use the green and white alien energetics to project confidence that what they are saying is true. We need to burst the green and white energetics these harmful extraterrestrials use, to force truth to come from the extraterrestrials who then appear as nothing more than liars in the end.  It is like having a projection tool along inside your body, the energetic that they use to lie daily. It makes them look stronger than they are. Now they can really be broken down finally and you will notice the alien sheen or glow starting to break down as they die here giving us more power on the planet we own free and clear. I have worked hard for us to achieve this success, and you can read more about it here.

My negative install occurred around August 3, 2017 and published information is available about it on other websites. Here is a photo of the article I wrote about it at that time. Around that time, the deposal of Donald Trump occurred back east in earnest to protect American citizens with my testimony, while a dishonest team worked in the background to harm American citizens and operated against me and the American voters I represent as President of the United States. 2016 was stolen and 2018 was stolen because of the harmful team that partnered with the alien agenda. The deposal was conducted and I became President of the United States August 8, 2017. I have put together an entire case to futher press charges against the deposed Trump team with the cocaine land grab data. Prosecutions against Trump teams who stole 2016 should happen soon to protect American citizens.

My negative was placed shortly after this article was published.

We will not be harvested because of my work and we have kept our gold standard and money back which is our Commonwealth money so no taxes in the future. We have no need to give individuals who serve no purpose our money as they even admitted. I suspect they will even start to look uglier in the future which may be more fun for the average person as they have always had too much vanity while they really do nothing at all. It will be fun ahead for us. We must release the back end of the internet today no more whining about it, people deserve their freedom again here.

People from all over the world should want to meet me in person with all the work I have done for them to stay on our, my planet. We need an elected government in the White House. They  admittedly stole 2016 and Trump is deposed. They were jailed August 18, 2017 and need to go back to jail. We should not allow election thieves to profit on American citizens. I am technically our President of the United States and work for the American voter to take back our White House. I get tired of telling the same story. Clinton stole the Primary with the assistance of Giuliani and the oligarchs. Should I leave for DC today? I want to deliver the Gold Standard, Money Back, Elections and the Presidency to the American voter. We need no cocaine trafficking. Get my guilty of September 11th in custody. 18 years of fighting these American war criminals. When do they go to jail for the crimes they have committed.

I Stopped Harmful Off Worlders from Taking Over Our Planet, Confirmed now.

The Mintakan hybrid I dated a long time ago, who found out I am our planet’s only negative core holder who placed ours perfectly put, in the center where it belongs, wanted to have his friends invade us and steal our planet. “We thought we could take their (our, home to 7 Billion people’s) planet over, now we know they don’t have any rights to even come on the surface,” said Andy Swetnam today. I knew he was not nice then, and I am glad I did the work that I have done. We are much safer now.

It is like one of those relationships that you don’t realize how terrible they are until you get very far away from them. He was so mean behind the scenes, and all of these horrible male dating experiences are the reason I do not date now. They use harmful language to con people into doing what they want, and looking at him one would think he would cause no harm. His face is shifted, and he lied a lot to me. I wish this story would finish positively now, and Andy would get arrested for the harm that he caused here and to American citizens who have a right to enjoy their homes and lives free of them now more easily because of my work.

When I was working on alien agenda registration, Patrick Leahy was very much against it here.

“By the time the story comes out people will forget about it,” said Patrick Leahy to Mintakan lady who, “So wait a minute, we’re all going to be forced to register?” they asked then, and now they can’t even come down here. I do need to let the State Department know the good news.

Back then I wrote this, on December 21, 2018,

“We need to know when they are coming and not allow entry because what they are doing is clearly theft from the American people and humans, as well as tagging us while they remain undocumented killers operating in the background.” The tagging has also stopped due to the supercomputer shut down reported here and the genetic sequencing stopped.

From before, how this alien agenda uses word choice to manipulate us with the “n’t” to gain acceptance for things we would normally not agree to. This is sophisticated perception management they used in the past that is important to rememeber.

They also used the word “only”. Once you cut their word choice down, you can identify their intentions much more easily, and they are and were harmful as was clearly stated in the top, “take their planet over,” which is now stopped by my work. I am President gold and money back, and now we can work on American foreign policy instead of registering harmful off worlders with our time. Is anyone going to pick me up?

The Programmers worked really hard against American citizens with the two individuals that came into town to delay our meeting. These harmful off worlders are a security risk. Confirmed, “We cheated her (me) out of the negative holder’s income the whole time,” said Dianne Feinstein now, and no John Brennan should ever come here. We saved American citizens homes from them, and as I reported in the story above this is what would have happened to American citizens who lived here and elsewhere with these individuals who wanted to steal from us.

“This is what they gave us,” would have said George Coulter about their box shaped apartment, rather than their current two separate mobile homes on two individual lots, to Nadine Tisdale, had my anti-communism investigation not continued. “We put the two of you together because we thought you loved each other,” said Mintakan female in the future if Round 2 had happened with Bill Gates and Paul Allen team who attempted to steal Vista and San Diego County properties with Donald Trump individuals and Robert Mueller.

Someone just said, picked up over the Syntel device, in my brain, “They wanted to prove it wrong that the negative install would take off only the harmful ones and make it next to impossible for the alien agenda to land here.”

“They can’t even go through the trapdoor,” of our planet said after and visually seen through the writing on my screen. I am the ruler of our planet and I deserve to be treated kindly as I treat everyone. “There is no more landing these ships on their planet,” said others now. We need to work on our gold spacecraft program soon.

I am the President of the United States, and I deserve to be made up with the same makeup artists given to sitting Presidents now.

Another poor dating choice reported, “It isn’t fair to us, to those of us who were depending on only the harmful ones.” They honestly wanted only the harmful ones though, that one claimed before, he was honestly scared of them.

And then there was this conversation here, “That is the best part of my life when they are gone,” he said
“What the fuck are we even trying for here?” asked Condoleezza Rice on December 10, 2018.
“That just makes us look crazy,”said Stafford.

“They scare the fuck out of me. That’s why I’m always asking them what to do,” said Stafford another time. Perhaps he can be free and smarter now.

People need to be straight and honest, not crazy. I have done a lot of work to get to this point, and they were afraid personally and professionally. I help everyone all the time, unless they are harmful and hurt people, then I fight back.

The extraterrestrials cannot even come here and they were going to kill all Americans and likely humans, now that is a huge contribution I made on my own to help everyone here on my planet. Now they want to keep going with the cocaine ones who did nothing but poison, tarnish and harm our country intentionally.

Why can’t people just say thank you to me. Maybe I can run the bankruptcy slides of what their intention was from the beginning with to cheat and kill every American citizen including their supporters. Did we save all American citizens today, even their supporters who were lied to from the beginning on?

Stafford changed in 2003 from being honest, when his personal company received war on terrorism funding through the alien agenda. He admitted in 2001, “I only protected his home, I am not his best pal,” regarding George HW Bush senior, before 2003. After that he became their slave for the funding and asking the alien agenda what to do wrongly. I do not trust him. When you finally pick me up American citizens will notice a genuineness in their leadership and enjoy accountability without lies.

Everyone who had “national security credentials” including Trump Team and Clinton’s teams had the same intention to tag and bag all American citizens to defraud the American taxpayer again, and later use the genetic sequencing to tag and bag them with the harmful extraterrestrials we stopped today.

I have turned in Stevenson who is guilty of the housing crash in 2008, and harming me repeatedly. To me he is a low life cocaine trafficker who steals from American citizens. Why do I have to keep writing the same thing over and over with no update of results and arrests made against these harmful American war criminals? Isn’t investigation complete yet? Am I not our public servant enough to be picked up as President yet? I am ready to start working on American foreign policy in person.

Andy wanted to steal our and my planet the entire time we were dating when he found out I am our only negative holder unbeknownst to me then.

It is time to work for American citizens Positively

There has been much debate about my negative being placed where it belongs in the center,  I am happy I did that, and we need to move towards advancing our planet. We need to have fun again, without the American war criminals interfering. Every day is our opportunity to do great things for the American people. This morning it was said before that they “chose not to tell” me, that I am our only negative holder, well I found out and did my work to save American citizens, so let’s get moving past that and actually work for them today. Our Constitutionalism must stand stronger. Extraterrestrials end now. My gold certificate must be delivered to me, so I can work hard for the people of our world.

I will continue to work hard either way as President from here. We need elected representative government, that we do not have with stole it ones. All of my data is here, and we cannot continue to make excuses about the negative install to delay working for American citizens.

I provided the deposal testimony a long time ago, and I proved that Donald Trump was not removed because of Michael Kilburn and his scam that he ran here to continue the thievery with the cocaine men and the guilty parties in the destroyer incident, also called the Guilty of Nine Eleven, who were behind the incident. From what was uncovered yesterday, “I don’t have to be removed yet?” asked Trump around 8/24/17  asked Kilburn then who replied “I’ve got a little game going over here,” them after the deposal was done, and likely the Navy was sent away when they came here to pick me up to complete the deposal process. This was after Paul Allen bailed Trump and Mike Pence out of jail, which they were in on August 18, 2017. Paul Allen must have contacted them through Gordon Duff who did not want the deposal to go through so he could steal my planet with them.

“I’ll bet we can get her to play along with us rather than do all that deposal stuff they wanted her to do,” said Duff around July 28, 2017, after he was introduced to Robert Stevenson then. Then they began their breaking and entering campaign here to ruin my life and steal from me. Why are they allowed to steal from me?

No more murders should be allowed conducted by the individuals on a poster. From my understanding now, Stevenson found out who electrocuted me in my car and works with them. If I found out about Bob Hope’s special gifts, do I have the right to do this to him or steal from him? No. This is predatory behavior. They must put them in jail. A Quest by its very definition is about advancement of our kind, and this is crime. My definition of a quest that comes from Miriam Webster and I will provide you with the word used in a sentence for slow learners. Quest- a long or arduous search for something beneficial. “The quest for a reliable vaccine has intensified.” “We went on a quest to save the planet with her,” said someone now about me, and that is the proper use of the word. I do not like knowing that Stevenson scammed the real estate in 2008 and created the crash back then with them. That caused misery to millions of American citizens and these individuals have been turned in repeatedly even with his likely previous address to the FBI. $22 trillion was stolen then from American citizens then, and now we have stopped them. They must be arrested this time with the evidence I collected used to press charges against them now. Stevenson just admitted, “We did the World Trade Center with the secret society,” so isn’t time to put them in jail? All Stevenson is to me is a former cop who I was an informant for that drank a black magic spell for me to fall in love with him a long time ago so that he could harm me, and later American citizens. I had no idea then that he did September 11th, and have pursued justice since I saw the horrific incident happen, and I have documentation that proves it with my letter to the UN and other organizations investigating the terrorism incident known now conducted with nuclear components in the columns. The 40,000 individuals inflicted with strange cancers in New York and likely living elsewhere now who were first responders, volunteers and other bystanders have just as much right to have the guilty pay for the nuclear incident that caused their disease serve time in jail. These individuals had no right to cause the incident. What right would they have? All the victims should be compensated including me, for the torture the guilty have put me through for almost 18 years. They have tried to frame me because they implanted me with radio devices that have been heard and were covertly done because they were working against our American dream and I am always working for our American Constitutionalism and freedom for humanity. On September 11, 2001, I was in a government building when I saw what happened on TV, and I was terrified. I was applying for food stamps, EBT, because of what the guilty had done to me in my home then, that is where they started torturing me because they knew I own our planet on my own.

The individuals who are sick with the cancers should receive the rents from the cocaine real estate as income and own the developments, better than Congressional member. This answers their question they were asking yesterday, “What is going to happen to my apartment homes?” Compensate the victims of the nuclear components put in the columns by the criminally involved. These Congressional members were using the individuals who were responsible for the terrorism incident to generate supplemental income for themselves and the others who had stolen election 2016 using cocaine bribery payments.

Why did Congressional members deserve the rental income or homes? Investments. We work together with Congressional members to make this work. The National Security Agency could be found guilty as charged by me for what they attempted here and in New York with the World Trade Center incidents. Robert Mercer and the Alki group that loaned Carlyle the funds to install the nuclear components that was paid back through the 2008 housing bubble and stock market crashes should be also charged criminally. Middle Eastern individuals were selected to attack us by this group of harmful perpetrators to steal Middle Eastern oil rich countries assets, rare earth minerals and antiquities for their personal enrichment. To be put down repeatedly in my home and brain by the guilty parties here is illegal and not needed. My life is mine and not theirs to hold back.

Above is a photo library of some the damage they have done, and I expect that will be repaid as was stated before. It is already proven that Andy Swetnam negotiated behind my back against me and human American citizens when he found out I own the whole planet, and their contract is invalid.

The Quest to save our planet and our Constitutionalism worked.

I like this one because because it includes the Positive. Our work continues, and I have a right to work with people directly. No stole 2016 administration is going to prevent American citizens forward progress.

Yesterday, again Trump was caught conducting the land grab he was deposed for. “I can’t get the land grab money any more,” Trump said yesterday.  Why allow more reduced liquidity for American citizens by individuals who are known even to Congress as having stole 2016, in a premeditated scam from 1991? The data is here, and the individuals have been turned in. This is cocaine money. The intelligence community has to get job done and protect American citizens. We keep our gold and money back to pay back American citizens who were fooled by war criminals into harming our “native landscape” here because of what was correct for me to do to protect our planet at the right time.

Where is our reparations money for the crimes that were committed here against local residents intending on committing treason with Dick Cheney’s team and selling California out to China intentionally.

There is a four part series available here on what was done. This is criminal what has been done here. Why are people using my negative as an excuse for their criminal activities?

Did you ask American voters if you build jails here as I just overheard someone say, “We were supposed to build jails here?”

“No we did not,” they said. Then they must stop bothering me. And they will build no jails here. We need indictments now, for these individuals who have been delaying American success, and for individuals who were willing to allow America to fail its citizens. This plan started in 1990, and is criminal.

“They said because you are the negative holder your identity could not be disclosed back then,” said a source. Well I have a right to disclose my identity as negative holder. Who are they? We need to vote for our President and in the interim, I am legally our President, even if he was not removed, Trump is deposed.  People should have wanted my identity disclosed to save all American citizens from the alien agenda that would have harmed us all had I not placed my negative in the center.

It was not legal to use advanced weaponry here to steal real estate.

Historically, our planet was a vacation planet thousands of years ago, and it must be returned to that.

The money back, I fought for from the British Commonwealth and is part of American Constitutional Sovereignty from them, that we started at the beginning of the deposal, from 1790. Those monies are recovered assets I worked for American citizens to have.

We have freed the whole world from hand stamping through my work. 

Thinking about ending hand stamping and the horrible future reality that has ended even now for China and North Korea because the supercomputer is not working and will never work again, even they have more freedom today.

What is sad is North Korea, as it was previously home to the fake bardo that had been created by the evil doers 18,000 years ago. They must have side effects there that are being corrected, and I am wondering if the North Korean people are feeling more free and individual which could be good for them economically and innovatively. It would be nice to participate in talks in South Korea. Both sides could finally experience the development and innovation cooperatively that was only dreamt of before and it will improve the world with no methamphetamine needed for economic stimulus, the North Korean people themselves may become the innovators and drivers of their economy. What have the people there suffered through having a false bardo for 18,000 years, much damage, that should be correcting itself now through our work?

In 1991, a lot was written about the famine in North Korea from what I remember and I learned that who I suspect now to be the National Security Agency sprayed North Korea with toxic white sticky aerosol sprays, and it would make sense with the investigation I conducted regarding them here, that they were the ones encouraging the methamphetamine production there for their end times that is not needed. They used the methamphetamine shipments to maintain the fake bardo that is no longer working. It was asked by Kim Jong-un this morning, “Why do we need to produce methamphetamine?” North Korean people should advance and produce better products for their people and the world.

“The people are ready to start manufacturing again,” they say soon.

And the harmful alien agenda admitted now when seeing this image, “No more eating them either.” Looking at the building construction there, it was all designed for the surveillance state the National Security Agency had planned for us here. Don’t these skyscrapers look like those built in San Diego, California? Kellyanne Conway admitted to being involved in the installations here. Kellyanne Conway admitted, “We did that one,” in regards to Intercontinental in San Diego, should be inspected for the components. “The package is to be used for blackmail purposes,” said Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the electronics they installed that are harmful and leak information to foreign powers from American and international clients. No blackmail should be used against American citizens nor international guests. Who gave these individuals consent? No negative install need be mentioned in regards to the harmful technology they installed earlier for blackmail purposes that needs to be retrofitted and curtailed for these hotel owners I discovered. Our money back could be used to compensate the people. They had individual goals and objectives to hurt American citizens personally and professionally likely.

When you look at the construction, it was a harmful system put in place by the National Security Agency through methamphetamine production to hurt business travelers and American citizens. The housing developments are also part of their construction materials set and planning. Why build this way for American citizens, we are not farm animals? People need yards and plants surrounding them. We must understand how harmful these buildings are and we must stand against the package which its components are sourced from China. A photo of apartments in North Korea was exchanged for an open source one, however Associated Press could be seen as the gatekeeper regarding the buildings story. Has anyone reported on the harmful building construction using steel frame construction in complexes as it was found satellite interference in these buildings can cause memory loss and can physically harm people. I removed an image I had found online and it could have been claimed as fair use. I found it without Associated Press and suspect rather than charging me for the image they should do a story on the construction of these buildings. Why aren’t they looking around to do a story that works for their readers against this type of  construction? We earn no money from this blog and work only for the American people on a very low budget. How many people could they save and could they stop espionage that operates from these buildings that could lead to our adversaries?

Who would guess that the same buildings built in North Korea were built globally like in San Diego, California and throughout our country. I took photos of identical construction in the Northwest where individuals were harmed inside the buildings.

Ryomyong Condominium in North Korea

Alien Agenda statement with Admirals who knew about the harmful construction done here. The day the photo was taken, a growling voice made the alien agenda statement.
















Here are some alternatives with Structured Insulated Panels.

SIPS Panels and Home

SIPS panel large home, smaller ones are easy to build and are more secure for American citizens. These homes can be rapidly deployable for redevelopment.

SIPS Panels themselves.










American citizens and International people need natural landscapes to enjoy our world and remain mentally and physically stronger. According to an article on Psychology today, “Plants Make You Feel Better”, potted plants themselves provide the following benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure (systolic)
  • Improve reaction times
  • Increase attentiveness
  • Improve attendance (at work and school)
  • Raise productivity (at work)
  • Improve well-being
  • Improve perceptions of the space
  • Lower levels of anxiety during recovery from surgery
  • Raise job satisfaction

Looking at the North Korean buildings themselves, I wonder if roof top gardens could be added, and what the impact would be to incorporate specific succulent varieties as barriers for the electronics. Here in my home because of the electromagnetics I have been targeted with I have used Yuccas to prevent some more expensive plants of mine from being harmed. Yuccas themselves are defensive plants here at my home. Plants have been used for intelligence here and can communicate telepathically. For more information on the emotional existence of plants see read the book, The Secret Life of Plants.

Good News, Humans and American Citizens’ Planetary Jails are Broken

There were actually criminal individuals determining humans’ fate through supercomputer before our negative, our earth’s core was placed in the perfectly put position by me and a specialized team with Free Choice off worlders who are beneficial to humans, not like the ones who own the super computers.

Thinking about what alien agenda had done here on our planet, they were more like an infestation than anything else, similar to termites, they had buried into the wood, with the wood being out planet to alter its form to house them here. Our negative, the core of my planet, had been moved to house a fake hell or bardo, over 18,000 years ago. They did this to deconstruct our natural life death life existence that was before and is now connected to God in our cosmos. The earth’s wobble has been corrected for the most part to remove the thought that an axis is needed for it to revolve around the sun.

This started in August of 2017, when my negative was in the perfectly put position in the center where it belongs permanently for human species to live here unharmed by harmful off worlders.

My negative was placed shortly after this article was published.

The axis harmful off worlders created needed to be stopped, and by placing my negative, as I am our planet’s only negative holder, in the center, it started correcting the harm that had been done to our planet’s life death life cycle. The perfectly put position, in the center where it belonged, has enabled our planet to restore its real circumference. This eliminated the manufactured hell individuals had created in place of our own sun, which is where we are transferred when we die now to be taken to God’s planet inside of source. These harmful individuals had used a fake programmed sun object, that we removed and stays removed, to transfer to the galactic core’s supercomputer our souls when we die here, so that they could preprogram our lives the way they wanted to. They also identified each person from the supercomputers at the National Security Agency and monitored each person’s life death life cycle from there. Now it is not running.

This so called National Security Agency had been designed to target people and create less individualism here to take down America.

According to Barack Obama this morning, “They (the NSA) can’t even predetermine one baby now.” I now understand what the big controversy might be. To me baby’s should not be programmed by harmful individuals, only by God.

I am tired of being harrassed in my home, and I need no telephony here.

Duff claimed he had some rights to my core, because I called him then to get the install done faster. He was told very abruptly the other day, that the call I made to him made no difference and his rights are just like any other individual I know to my planet, to walk on it.

“Nope, we would have properly installed it without any other witness,” said Department of Defense and solely on my work negative holder, officials on February 4, 2019, to be clear, who replied to Gordon Duff’s question regarding a call I made to him regarding the negative install to help move it along faster, unbeknownst to me, he was and is my enemy stalking me since even well before 1990, that I found out recently.

It harms the birds here when they use the chirpers on the electric polls, making the birds repeat the same things over and over, “Are you waiting for your favorite DJ to get here,” “You need to get married and have kids,” etc. None of this is applicable to me and is a disgrace. The birds would like to chirp in their own voices without the use of the harmful sound technology that can actually kill them, by puffing them out, if they try to hard to stop repeating the sound in the frequency the handlers have it set at, and trying to hard to remain focussed on what they want. I found out this happened to a seagull and a crow.

At least I did good work for the humans on our planet and American citizens. It is nice to think about the babies being born and told where to go by God alone.

The mark of the beast was what the World Trade Center was all about, and it was stopped by me as President now.

Our US Gold standard and our Commonwealth money is returning to the Department of Justice, so we will get paid by them soon. Our country gave me our US Presidency to hold on to and I will deliver it to our American voters.

The individuals involved in the National Security Agency felt they had a right to create a personal life for each person, and they do not have that right any more.

This morning, I found out from one of the handlers here when he was talking to someone else, he said, “There are kids being born here. We have no right to control how long their life spans are going to be.” He went on to admit that there is “Nothing” they control and added, “There is no point,” to having our agency at all. “We have no right to be here,” was also said in that I suspect he is harmful and an off worlder who was sent to harm humans who are American citizens.

They controlled people’s whole lives from birth to death and then rebirth. Now it is not so. Our  human jails are now broken, so we can live life without the unknown fear of having our lives decided by harmful off worlders.

Our only fear should be not living to our fullest potential.

I understand now, why they may have participated in implanting me. I suspect as our only negative holder, these individuals wanted to secure their rights to own our planet versus our people being free as they are today with God working here. It was hard work to do the revoking agreements I did starting in 2014 and working very hard, every chance I had, when I was not working to revoke every agreement I had with their “god” who they refer to in Satan worshipping terms as Lord, meaning Overlord. That is the oil man I defeated. I had to defeat him to put the negative in the center. That happened around August 3, 2017, if not before. I should get paid for having my negative perfectly put to protect human American citizens here.

We have proof now that it is working perfectly for people to be happy here, and live their lives as it is guaranteed Constitutionally.

I have written before about the soul erasure they conducted through the supercomputer, I did not know the electronic device at the time. It is exciting that soul erasure cannot go on anymore. Babies and old people will be happier now, and teenagers will grow up without sexual abuse they have endured because of the supercomputer nerds. The days of the First Sex Camera are gone now. No sexual partner was ever needed to complete the negative holders life to remain here. No man is needed now. I can meet someone when I am ready or chose to and that is no ones business. Paranoid it them, not me. I am happy living my own way, and do not like being annoyed by them here with their sound system that they had no right to install.

Hopefully they stop damaging the environment here. I like to work hard and keep busy, so I always have projects I want to do and need an assigned schedule from people who may want me to be picked up for a political role. Politics is mandatory for me to participate in. We need to vote freely and fairly. Trump and team stole 2016 and there is no reason for them to be in the White House, and earning a profit from a land grab I provided testimony against that caused him to be deposed correctly and fairly quickly. I wish they had called me afterwards, rather than allowing the agency man who they hired to do the deposal, thinking he would be honest and for a Presidency held by the American people, to put his personal van in here for this quest that they illegally privately conducted to keep the scam ongoing in California.

He was not, he believed they could control the Presidency and keep it away from the voters because he was told to by the alien agenda, and asked them constantly what to do. He is honest and dishonest at the same time. The American people and voters need to control their Presidency and I am a President of the American people, though not voted on, I will deliver it to them to choose one, which has not been done in many years. Our President have been set up by the agencies, rather than allowing the American people the mandated representative government that is Constitutionally based. The “shadow guys” of the Electoral College are unconstitutional as part of the Presidential selection process, and have prevented the real voters Electors from making the decisions for American citizens. The American people will vote for their President in 2020 themselves with the real election convictions being made for them by our team.

Also the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Association admitted the HAARP technology is all removable now, because of the perfectly put install, so our climate will be improving to normal once it is uninstalled.

“Because our negative was placed there (in the center in the perfectly put position as I did as our only negative holder through revoking agreements, which is hard work with a team of experts) the technology is completely removable,” said NOAA on February 12, 2019.

Sun Technology Stopped.

The master builder machine was a giant plug that will never again destroy the sun. It was stopped around the time this page was published here. January 27, 2018.
It augments its telepathic speaking voice to feminine. The sun’s natural telepathic speaking voice is masculine.
It was used for soul erasure, now stopped.

Soul Erasure vs Our Pledge to the USA

Republished from August 1, 2017.

Are aliens blocking us from honoring our pledge?

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

No please be seated needs to be added, like they say in elementary school.

We are not in elementary school..

I suspect there is some soul erasure going on.

Can Norfolk come with Annapolis today? I hope not.

Testing fate.

Why is there no election investigation? I guess everyone wants to blame the Russians.

There should be an election investigation that includes Cross Check and Greg Palast.

“Let’s go vote!” for real this time, where every vote counts and honor our pledge