My Printable Bio

I am in the process of updating my printable Bio here to include Research and American foreign policy, as well as American intelligence skills. I have served American citizens using my intelligence abilities since 2014 more intensely to protect American citizens from terrorism and nuclear war attempts by American war criminals and international terrorism suspects. I have been also focussed on real election convictions to secure our representative government for American citizens and candidates of our future 2020 election. Constitutionally American citizens are guaranteed Congressional representation by vote.

I am currently President of the United States due to the deposal of Donald Trump, August 8, 2017 and I serve until the end of his term or American citizens vote for an elected President, as his entire team stole 2016, and conducted the destroyer incident to prevent him from being completely removed, which he should be to stop organized crime. I focus on American foreign policy to make America number one through business, Constitutionalism and freedom internationally.

Gold and Money Back ours, Constitutionally.