Overall Communo Fascism Stopped.

The Housing Bubble by Cocaine

When Americans think of their own security, most of their assets are tied up in their homes. This election that is most significant and as we move into the Spring many California homeowners are thinking about selling to move to a more affordable state. One in fifteen is likely planning on moving. In fact in all 50 states spring is when homeowners typically begin thinking about selling, yet this spring there is new competition against their housing prices, the land grab stole 2016 is deposed for conducted through cocaine money.

People learn the most by being out talking with people. Here in California as for sale signs go up, big developments are competing with those homeowners. Currently their priced higher than the older homes, however as their likely NSA money dries out, these housing prices must come down for them to be sold. I interviewed a person living in one of the developments who alluded to the fact that she was a plant from Eastern Europe and when Bernie Sanders came here it was said had he met with me, the oligarchs would have to surrender their housing developments, so it is likely they have compensated for the lack of purchasers with people from other countries being paid to make the developments look full so they can sell more. This is a tactic used in sales. Buyers are attracted when they see more people are interested. Please monitor these developments, and there are lots more than those included in this PowerPoint. They built them in all 50 states. In California, they are everywhere and the jobs numbers were fudged by the hiring of construction workers to build these developments through cocaine money.

Yesterday when I was canvassing homes there were many people I spoke with who were planning on or in the midst of selling, yet last night they continued to launder drug money for the housing.

“We won’t jail him because we want that import from Peru to come in,” said about an $800 million shipment. How much does that cost the one in 15 in their equity. Housing bubble on record, posted on my Twitter @a_diener and reported to the UN Office n Drugs and Crime. With an FBI Director who said I was only at the FBI to make the drug transactions go through, I reach out to the UNODC to stop them. From my understanding they cut it in half similar to what they did the other day when a $388 million shipment was stopped so they could take credit for stopping drugs while profiting.

Why are they allowed to do that with Christopher Wray and others including Gina Haspel who as she stated yesterday should have been arrested. They stole election 2016 and should have very little chance of winning 2020, so when do they stop their drug money.

We do not need the housing developments.

Who is going to compensate those selling in the future, and how do we help our planet and country become successful. Yesterday when I sent my data over to Business Insider that ran an article on the Texas steel company suing the Trump Administration, they said that’s what a sexed up, with prostitution known, coked up administration would do launder drug money for unneeded housing that fails, which is typical of his previous business dealings where he goes bankrupt. When I went to DC our White House looked “janky,” and hopefully it is returned to the voters soon.

It was said about him here, what is Trump going to do when his business fails, “He’ll go out and borrow money from someone else,” so the housing in all likelihood will crash, the sad part about it is that I care for those who are selling and lose money because of a deposed con who stole 2016. What gives them the right to continue to launder the drug money to finish their housing.

I want to move on and develop my manure management program for electricity from cow manure and algae harvested from lakes and rivers. That makes electricity from waste products and is an actual revenue generator not dependent on cocaine. I wonder if I should pursue China or American investors if deposed stole 2016 continues. At least investment in that would create American jobs that are legal, electricity and address a problem we have cow manure the source of the algae problem in rivers and lakes. There seems to be a lack of funding here for real projects that is not connected to criminal activity. Maybe I don’t know where to look here. I hope China receives their gold back.

The cocaine housing will still exist though and will eventually have to be sold at lower prices as we approach the summer, and this will devalue everyone by November. It is really a ticking time bomb for the housing market. In China previously they have had to demolish such housing by explosion because there was no one to live there. We need jobs and leadership in the meantime.

We need to monitor our ballots. I am working the election on March 3. I found out sadly, our Primary is likely stolen because of the bubbles, algorithms and programmers again.

Is Pete Buttigieg another fake candidate to steal from Bernie Sanders through the mail ballots? If true why are the bubbles being used this time with algorithms and programmers.  What is the point? Why are they in leadership at all? So much waste of our time and resources. We need to address real planetary problems such as algae and manure and force those who invest in housing to pay for it with their money. We need real winners who want to address America’s problems with real solutions not cocaine money. Real revenue generation comes from exports  of American innovation as well as what we are able to create with what we have already for ourselves.

It was said by deposed stole 2016 Trump who knew what he was costing the voters, “They (Attorney Generals) know how much they (homeowners) are losing,” regarding their equity long term.  All evidence should be used to press charges. What gives him the right to scam them.

Is cocaine transported to the White House today? Who is responsible for the bubble?

Extortion versus Justice

Over the past three years post the admittedly stolen election of 2016, our country has sat idle as we have seen a deposed con man continue to speak to the media on our behalf because the royal magistrate is behind them.  This is a frank conversation about what has gone on as you the American people get stolen from on a daily basis. Your tax money had been recovered and sent to the Justice Department. It was found out a group of private individuals have been laundering it amongst their friends with their goal being to keep it for themselves.

“We’re going to steal all of their (tax payers) royalty money and keep it just for ourselves,” said Robert Stevenson. We must recover that money post haste. Our US Gold standard is a recovered American asset never to be stolen again. We are not commonwealth members. What gives any rights to the “royal magistrate,” nothing.

Here is a photo of him and his friends.

In reality this group has held Americans back from solvency we created.

“We were giving up the jails for the insolvency of America,” said Elizabeth of England hoping for our financial demise. I am against her and the royals serve no purpose as was previously admitted. That fit in with Mueller’s criminal plan for bankruptcy of America, so that is why he went along with it. America will not be bankrupt because of purposeless people and cons in the media. Gold standard and money back kept all along.  Now I see why God wants to decimate the below ground jails. It was a win win for her and the criminal members at the Justice Department, America was left threatened until we found out now. We were very close yesterday, sand was seeping into one with the ones under water flooding.

Anyone vying for the insolvency of America should be seen as criminal. God works here

The below ground jails contract was Stevenson’s threat against the Navy. Why do they allow a swindler who stole an election to threaten our Navy. How much has he cost Americans financially. We need to keep turning him in, and that is how an election is won also. Reporters cannot stay silent and allow him to put on a stolen Rolex from other thieves. You steal through the stock market retirements, you deserve to go on trial.

Here is the con they have been running while they use sophisticated means to loot our stock market. “Wall Street crime is ours,” said the Nixon ones affiliated with  below ones for prostitution purposes both men and women.

“We picked up this below ground jails contract and we don’t know where it came from,” said Stevenson, meaning made up, had no standing, and no legal bounds. You can’t just “pick up” a contract that came from unknown source and violate Americans Constitutional rights.

Stevenson lied daily and said, “I’ve still got a signed contract from those below ladies.” They were Mintakans used as prostitutes. “I call them instead of Mintakans below ones then we can get our prostitution started said Gordon Duff, pictured here. He is connected to Wexner who started Epstein and knew how to run a prostitution ring.

“Why don’t we just lie and say that we had rights to those jails,” said Mintakan female to Stevenson after they found the contract early on. They used it to embezzle your tax money with the prostitutes and the jailer side of Congress through the Pelosi wing.

I was surprised to find out Stevenson stole Americans tax money with this group for themselves.  They have no right to charge Americans for their freedom guaranteed by our Constitution.

“I say the jails can be used and then I’ll take the money from the Justice Department,” said Brian Stafford, stealing $80 million today, saying “I don’t want to put Americans in jail.” This is an embezzlement operation. “I get to sleep with one of the below ones,” will be said by him later. I became President, deposal of Trump, who stole 2016 by hacking, microtargeting and crosscheck as well as Diebold machines, went through and additional charges against him could be added for the oligarchs and other financial crimes including the stock market attempts using the machines, and we own our planet outright. They had no right to abscond with our tax money. “We only want communism,” is said by machines and tape recorders associated with their embezzlement operation.

What gave him the right to use the machines, “I thought you said when we use the machines we could not get caught,” for the insider trading asked Trump regarding the October trades likely to Allen team. Hopefully we catch them and protect our stockholders. Why would it continue?

This proves how the machines work in this diagram that it is true.

Insider Trading to reduce American stockholder values through cashless interests.

How do we arrest this prostitution cartel?  We all own our planet free of charge and have a Constitutional country. Our money back is our tax money is for the taxpayers not them.

Why pay anyone other than me who did our negative install for our planet. No adjudication for our planet is required. An illegal harvesting contract existed and it was illegal.

A lot was done to make me wonder and not get paid by those stealing from the stock market. I still want to make the below ground jails removed. There is a lot that I can do with the money in business.

Why would anyone allow people who steal from the stock market to get paid for the planet I own outright. We should make money for Americans not steal from them when they do not know using machines. Constitutionalism

“The chirpers keep chiming because the top brass wanted me to fail,” and Americans to lose their retirements. They are liable for every dollar.

It was just said to Stafford, “your not bringing people together anymore,” he should have been dumped the moment it was said by Giuliani, “Stafford I can’t the stock market crash,” with the machines. In October 2019 how much was stolen? Why is he in any power position.

“It looks like we’ve been led around her minimum security prison,” said. I am not in a prison. Why. I asked to press charges against these cons. You don’t need to look in my home to press charges. You can call and meet professionally. Agency lifestyle is nothing but con. Why not pay the American voter today and not take bribes from cons.

My house is dirty because of their dark magic and they use spell books. Why was that allowed. Why make a nice home bad, all that matters is the voters winning.

I proved my planet ownership through the other planets coming online. What did they have a fake contract. I always prove myself, so I would like it to be mutual. My data easily stands up in court and under questioning. Lets press charges now. Americans have their freedom without paying cons. “When he came to us he had that fake contract. Why did we believe in him?” admitted. I don’t care.  He belongs in jail with the rest of them.

Whoever said, “We want to press charges against the cocksuckers,” I am on your side and all of my data should be used now.

Who are the cocksuckers? They are an extraterrestrial that has no anal hole who should not be ahead of any American because he has sex with those who steal from your retirements. I wonder how long do they live here. We are prime on my planet I own outright. Why does it take so long for Americans to achieve this. Stevenson the liar on the contract favored him and the did a lot of cross dressing. It is disgusting. We have Constitutionalism and criminals should be outed. All my testimony should be used. I deposed trump and my testimony is validated and we have an election coming and voters deserve the truth.





Exopolitics: Con men behind the boulder builders who are dying and ancient aliens

A couple of days ago we discussed the ancient aliens that have been here for thousands of years as robed ones. They have harmed our planet since they illegally entered our atmosphere. The robed ones with oblong heads arrived here initially, and later the boulder builder species arrived that traveled with them. These were part of the tribe of white ones the Iranians hate, and they truly are real. We found out now more about what came after the boulder builder and white species, who are terrible harvesting races, others looking to get in on their action as con men.

This group saw the boulder builder and white species working on my planet I now own outright and became involved here. Boulder builders have died here recently for the most part including their Arcturian ring leader known as the now former overlord. Here is imagery that confirms their race.

harmful alien agenda posterWe had incidents happen early on that made me wonder about them and things here have been somewhat off set with the Paul Allen kingdom men. Mystery guests are connected to them and came upon the white ones when they were working here against us for harm to happen. This conversation was uncovered about their relationship here.

“Is there something you did not tell my about that mystery guest we had,” said Boulder Builder leader now dead to now dead overlord, “he brought us nothing but flowers and we ended up with multiple dimensions,” one of the problems the overlord said he tried to “put glue over it,” relating to inserting a substance in their friends brains. They look like grey energetic slits that are a void and a mistake that came into their world they were not able to fix until now and we are helping ourselves against them. This was an interdimensional problem where grey appeared energetically being changed now. There has been a battle going on with these two factions of harmful extraterrestrials and at times they have incriminated even us. The con is up for them. I do not ever want to see any criminal on my flyers and I fight real hard for them to go in custody. There should be no end times for our planet. We have an election coming and we should be happy to elect a new President who works for us. Why are our gold standard and money back not delivered directly to the people now by those who work for the voters or by whomever wins.

I provided testimony against Donald Trump I later validated and I would not vote for him, however at times there have been good things he has done, yet in reality he should be impeached, removed or lose 2020 because he is calculating and even against his voters. I supported him some ways at times until I heard him say this statement regarding the equity he cost homeowners which proved to me he did it with intention, something I did not know at the beginning nor even suspect. I always saw him as more stupid, not a calculating con artist with bad intention for the American people.  When it was said that homeowners would lose 15 years of wages put in to pay down their mortgages through their cocaine land grab, he actually knew it and intended to steal that euity, meaning 15 years X 4,160 hours from two income families, Republican or Democrat.

The exact quote of Trump’s was, “They (referring to AGs) know how much they (all Americans who AGs serve and protect) are losing (10 years or more saved wages in housing equity),” and stolen by a deposed con artist. It was his intention to steal it from his constituents and that scared me because a President no matter how criminal they are should want their people to do well, not steal from them using their position. Our people are our fighting force globally that make America number one with every job they do. We have to motivate them and inspire them to do great things because they make our country grow. It is like if you work for a company and your boss stole your wages and those of all your co-workers personally, he would be fired and your company would lose global standing because no one would be solvent. I would never want to steal families’ or single people’s wages through drug money laundering to devalue their homes. Imagine stealing $200,000 or $300,000 from seniors on fixed incomes. How low is that? That is not presidential. It really bothered me.

Back to hopeful alien extermination by Orkin Ann, and just in case we do have a permanent moratorium on unlawful detention also illegal in all 50 states, with Elizabeth Warren, a courageous candidate who needs to keep fighting the financial predators with me.

However, any jails contract was a lie from the boulder builder species given to the con artist on the flyer, Duff who claimed he was a disabled veteran. He really scammed the Navy. I guess he was a Marine for under four years. I tried to find him and found very little about his service career, though he writes at Veteran’s Today. I did find out he is owned by Russia and adversaries including harmful extraterrestrials who die here now, and everyone would want them to if they knew about them.  There was no validity ever to any boulder builder contract, they lie, as the boulder in the quote here admits, “I’m going to SAY I had a contract with that completely disabled man,” they claimed Duff, pictured, to be. The con on the flyer  then went into the Navy and claimed, “below ground jails were for the Americans unless I get the buildings I want,” this was completely untrue and a scare tactic he used to get what he wanted free real estate for his friends through cocaine money. They jails were never to be used and he used that weakness to obtain the buildings being constructed with the drug running and added telephony, some unlicensed from China, and connected to Russia to harm Americans.

He used an alien as a bargaining chip that he killed and said the Navy did it. Basically he framed Navy with the mystery guests whose octopus it was and the mystery guests really cared very little for him.  It was an octopus in a large tank I knew about and tried to understand, unknowing about the mystery guests. I suspected it was theirs as I always saw suits around its tank when I remote viewed it to talk to it. I suspected something strange and did not know what it was. It would not communicate most times and I did find out the mystery guests brought him and other species here to our planet to harm us. We have the power to get rid of them soon. The octopus was killed in 2017 by Duff. “I’m going to say the Navy killed that octopus that wins the contract remains upstairs,” referring to space. This made them look bad to the mystery guests they had to bow down to.  The boulder builders, Duff’s partners, chose it to be that way for the fraud to begin. Duff told the boulder then about killing the octopus that belonged to the mystery guests, “I say we kill him then we keep those builders working on our side,” for the master plans in the land grab they hoped to make money on. The Navy did not know and got blamed for the incident. It had a pass through effect to Stevenson cartel allowing for the drug running because the octopus murder framed the Navy.  That allowed the mystery guests to beg for the drug running Navy disagreed with for the land grab, even when known by the mystery guests, who were initially upset about the death of the octopus, Duff killed him. Both got to build the land grab housing set to devalue homeowners that I write about. I intend to hold Trump team liable for the devaluing when it happens. 74% did not vote for him and likely 24% if devalued by his drug running with the mystery guests and boulder builders would be angry and against them all. The mystery guests used the octopus frame to steal from American voters  through the drug money laundering

3-4 homeowners lose because of an octopus

It was said by the mystery guests, “We put him in command,” to steal from American homeowners said about Robert Stevenson. I am against both men and Navy thought otherwise because they are connected to the telephony in my home corrupt people put in here. I have plenty of photos of said telephony and people know where to find me. The white aliens get dead here sooner than expected.

Duff who is a criminal who framed the Navy told them I was to be treated as an outsider when I never was before his frame. My testimony against Donald Trump was taken seriously and he was deposed. There was original deposal paperwork that put me in leadership. I later validated my testimony with a visually verified investigation to protect those who supported deposal and I insured success for those I sought to protect by continuing my investigation and informing other affected parties to insure that when the crime expanded I testified against there were groups who would favor justice making it easy for the Navy to always look good through prosecution. I always worked professionally for Americans’ success.

Watch for devaluing of your real estate in March 2020.

All battles are local and individuals always think of me as a peon because I work a regular job that allows me to gage American situations on the ground. I provided testimony against the land grab long ago, and am one of the few people who continue to care about the American homeowner’s values. Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony did not win 2016, he stole the election as Mike Pence admitted, “We stole 2016,” so the fact that he and others laundered drug money and put it into housing I testified against is significant.  74% of America did not vote for them and of the 26% who did vote for them in 2016, probably about 24% would be angry to lose 10-40% of their home value because Trump covertly laundered drug money with other Congressional members to put into housing developments competing against their homes up for sale this spring.

Over the last month I have been canvasing homeowners and found out at least one in 15 intend to sell with many moving out of state after spring time. If you have a 10-30 year old home in California and maybe even in the USA, as I saw many similar developments cross country, and intend to sell, your home maybe competing for sale with homes in developments acquired through methamphetamine and cocaine laundered funding. Here in California, as you and your wife commuted to work, working 40-50 hours a week each, stole 2016 Donald Trump and his teams have been building large housing developments that have not really began selling yet on cocaine money. They had tranches of $500,000,000 in drug laundered funds to put into the developments that will be competing with your home paid for with real work equity you and your spouse put in, 2080 hours per year by each of you. His and their homes will start selling soon and there are already more than enough homes on the market, so when thousands of homes become available in spring, what will happen to your housing value if you and your wife decide to sell this spring, you guessed it, you will lose that equity you hoped to receive when selling your home as you may have to sell way below market value because their drug money laundered homes are competing with yours.

Today, I yet again asked to press charges. Deposal of Trump went through and was not completed. It must be completed before the next election. I provided my testimony in earnest to prevent homeowners from losing their equity through his scam against America, what he termed as “the largest land grab in history,” basically acquiring housing using cocaine funding. These are huge developments locally and there are plenty of existing homes on the market, so when spring hits and the one in 15 list their homes in competition with the new cocaine housing developments, all prices will drop, criminally against the homeowners who earned earnest income and paid for their housing earnestly through work, not drug money laundering which is criminal. It is likely intentional by him and his team, and it was surprising that he had that level of malice towards the homeowners, and voters truly intending to steal their wages through illegal competition with drug money laundered housing.

Trump actually said this, regarding homeowners losing their wages, by devaluing, that he encouraged through use of drug laundering,  (“Keep up the devaluing,” said), on January 7, 2020, Trump said this, “They (referring to AGs) know how much they (all Americans who AGs serve and protect) are losing (10 years or more saved wages in housing equity),” and stolen by a deposed con artist. It is chilling to think an American President would enjoy stealing American citizens’ wages through their home equity. American Presidents of our past have sought to enrich our country and make America number one and the most profitable globally, now not so much. He sees you as his ATM. I guess that started on September 11th, when he and his friends knew and some of them planned the act of terrorism against American citizens on American soil, so they decided to play the stock market that day and make money while 3,000 American citizens were killed. He made money that day, while the American bodies smoldered both on the ground and in the towers. Yes I think about it daily and have wanted to put them on trial for over 18 years now. We have a right to live in a world free of internally created terrorism and have a right to fight them until they lose.

We have a right to hold onto our income, and not be cheated. That is what American intelligence should protect and serve. No one wants to see the person who stole 4,160 hours a year from him and his wife on TV. We vote this year and it is too bad Republicans cannot get someone on the ballot to protect their working hours.

Constitutionalism exists and we must speak truth to power to protect ourselves and each other.


Why do we have an expected housing crash, February, No Valentine’s Day surprise.

California is suffering complete mismanagement of its housing sector.

The jobs creation myth of November was in the housing sector fueled with cocaine monies versus earned income through real development and below the surface there is very little real income creation. Where is the next sector to advance and where will our capital come from. What comes up is junk bonds, however this is the predictable formula of the Paul Allen banksters that stole 2018. Should they be charged with financial crime by now and forced to repay the debt they have caused since 1994, and the beginning of their criminal quest in Orange County.

They have wanted to manage my data in the background and it was found out yesterday, “We’ll coordinate the evidence from here and once the old guard is extinguished, we’ll take power,” said Andy Swetnam, working with Allen team, the root of the junk bonds for bankruptcy I am against. He, Burlingame &  Gordon Duff are related & against us all. Robert Stevenson is a go between in their quest and used to go back and forth with the old guard who sponsored the cocaine guys, I am against and deal with their ramifications not to harm the homeowners here.

The other day this almost happened, “Now we shit can the ‘cocaine guys’ and put Burlingame in,” said a cocaine punk I refer to as the old woman’s purse snatcher Darrell Issa had sponsored before. Issa and others encouraged them to use cocaine so I would not be picked up as an intelligence professional or Presidentially. The cocaine guys are Stevenson and some of the old guard who have been laundering drug money for the housing in the land grab that is expected to crash our housing market and Burlingame and the cocaine punk were in on it.  Stevenson has been more honorable, and according to the authorities here he is OK. I hate Swetnam and know he and Burlingame have been working for bankruptcy against everyone including likely the District Attorney I am not fond of and Gore, the Sheriff. They are not human and have fooled our community into going for their ideas that do harm our community. Maybe someday those who were told to hate me, may ask for my advice because I knew these alien agenda people before and had the same experience, that they are sweet and kind to your face and ready to go behind your back to profiteer at any moment.  They are like Russian brides, only worse.

The old guard has been used to control our White House, and is involved with them to their own detriment as Swetnam, Burlingame with Paul Allen likely wanted to extinguish them, the old guard, which makes it challenging for the voters who I work for to make any real change. The old guard is criminal in their own way with the attempted stock market and housing crashes they are attempting that I am still fighting in my own way, embedded here, or who knows maybe they can help to solve the problem without the crash to the homeowners. It would give them an opportunity to be heroes. What is life like without being heroic, nothing worth living.

What does winning look like? Winning to me is for our country’s financial standing to be number one globally, that is Presidential, I hope the impeachment goes on as scheduled and as deposed Trump stole 2016 that we have a chance to review as voters his personal use of the White House for profiteering against the voters. It is only 50 days until the Primary first voters go to the polls. Donald Trump must be treated as a civilian for prosecution purposes. The role of the President of the United States as Chief of state refers to the President as the head of the government. “He (she) is the symbol of all the people.” In this instance the individual whose team directly stated and is proven to have stolen the 2016 election used our White House for drug money laundering for housing and prostitution purposes. I have wanted the Epstein case reopened and found out that I had been harmed by those same individuals likely as our negative holder, made pre-sexual as a teenager and that is who is doing surveillance and monitoring here as Duff team, who is more the Burlingame side, as he negotiated with them more. I deserve victim’s compensation. Imagine old men watching you shower with the Russian mafia allowed to know when you shower to launder drug money for unneeded housing you testified against.

“Keep up the cocaine planet,” said here for the housing to continue that does nothing but devalue the voters earned income. They are doing that in the eyes of the authorities here who if they earn $120,000 ($58 per hour) a year are being devalued themselves at a rate of $500,000 per large transaction for the the housing. In reality though, if the housing becomes worthless as more people are moving out of California than into California, then what is the point of the drug money laundering for the housing. They did not really think it through and it was the idea of a guy named Gabriel, who Stevenson hit with a directed energy weapon causing his car to overturn on the freeway and hit a guardrail and is why he is known as guardrail boy I did see it, had nothing to do with it and reported it and individuals known as “gargoyles” with Stevenson were hired to launder the money for the housing.

If the housing is really marketed, meaning they have to find buyers for it, as area homes are selling for about 20% below market value, these houses would have to sell for around 30% of their value, so that puts them at around $200,000. This then lowers the home that is selling at 20% in value down to 50% of its value at $250,000. Will the housing even sell? Who will buy it? It is supply and demand standard in business. I testified against this in advance to prevent calamities such as this from happening. Solutions yet?

Constitutional Republic stands here.

The agency guys knew deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump was a criminal when he came into the White House, so hopefully we can exact change at the right moment to help the American homeowner out during the holidays with our resources, and not allow them to control the conversation to continue to rob us blind long after, as this is expected to hit in February.

A victims compensation fund for all California homeowners needs to be setup for when the downturn occurs as the gargoyles and Gabriel as well as all of those laundering drug money should be held responsible for the decline in values and can prepare to sue in advance House and Senate Select members who partnered with them including Senators Mitch McConnell, Patrick Leahy and Chuck Schumer. We are aware now of who they are and they need to be arraigned for the money laundering. This crime has real holdings with lots of off the books accounting of large sums of cocaine money.





Case Materials Reasonably Organized in Outline Form

The land grab I testified against is conducted with cocaine money to be stopped.

Here is a four part series on how it is conducted including video footage of their theft.

Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Now Deposed Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

Cocaine is prevalent through our Justice Department as was found out with William Barr and others.

William Barr is recorded at the United Nations Office Drug and Crime prevention unit for drug trafficking.

We need to aggressively pursue the damage that has been done to the United States of America due to the stole 2016 and stole 2018 individuals.

Every day, they damage our national security more.

Payment from them should be due to correct harmful building installs for electrocution of guests.

No further implantation is needed to make American citizens fall even further behind. The implantors must be arrested now. They must pay for their crimes financially and with jail time.

We need to advance America beyond these criminals to real innovation today. Call me directly on my office telephone to make a case against them and we can meet in person (760) 945-4943 or reach me on my cell phone (760) 672-2028.

I will continue to work on advancing our world in the mean time. We are just wasting our time on thieves, the longer this takes. The bad part is that the thieves are watching, listening and stealing every day. Our gold standard and my money back must be delivered to American citizens.

They should not be allowed to harm the President of the United States now because she owns the planet. I am capable of testifying and do so every day.

Push Pull of Time Sequencing and Mintakan, Alien Agenda Dark “Magic”

It has been a battle here at my home with the alien agenda with Mintakans and their “dark” magic conducted using the overhead surveillance, and this afternoon it was identified that they had a pod in space that controls the overhead heating, which is harming Californians.

The pod is similar to a satellite, however more rounded and contains their genomic sequencing center, that is habitable from my understanding.

On November 2, 2018, the pods and their machines were noted as “Advanced technology in our upper atmosphere used, ‘to make people feel miserable around here,’ unseasonably hot because of it.”

I have always enjoyed maintaining a nice clean home, yet these individuals for months and actually almost two years now have been using the overhead and there technological abilities to do what they term as “quest” here, not physically of course, but through the use of magnetics, unlawful surveillance and overhead, now identified as pod satellite based technology. It is very hard to function with them in the air, as they note each movement you make. Initially they sprayed magnetic fibers over my home and these were found on my degauser photo from my cox cable wiring.

This afternoon more was understood about how it works. I heard the Mintakan female remark when I went to move a cup of old coffee I had to my trash can saying something close to “There wasn’t garbage moved so we can’t use it,” referring to the cup and the old coffee it contained to quest dark magic for me to be harmed with the item in some way or delay my positive outcome. Their magic is however, being broken down today. The Mintakan female was talking with another alien agenda team member, and he told here, “The magic we had works only when the time sequencing is ours.” To understand this further, we have to look at the power of observation in regards to dark magic and spells. When another person was on the overhead who cared more for me and did not want me to suffer here, and noted that I wanted to move something, that individual helped to make it safer for me to move the cup if I wanted to move it to the trash can. “We didn’t like the magic affecting her,” he admitted.

The overhead surveillance has been an issue of contention here, and it has been used very harmfully. Their goal has been to make my home dirty and to monitor each piece of garbage I put in my trash cans. After hearing the elder referred to above referring to the “time sequencing,” I decided to play a little game with them to eat a chocolate I had bought yesterday, a York Peppermint Patty to see what the reaction would be.

The minute I thought about the nice restaurant where I bought it, as Stevenson has my headset that is connected to the overhead technology and I enjoyed being with the people there, it triggered a “harm them” mechanism relating to the people at Lilo’s in Arizona where I stopped yesterday, so then I had to temper my thoughts back from thinking pleasant thoughts about the people to prevent Stevenson from harming them with this criminal gang operating the overhead. I noted it so the individual I will call elder then got distracted and I decided to light a cigarette with my lighter. I dropped the lighter and because of his distraction the lighter was not timed and fell naturally. When I did not like the positioning on my carpet, I bent over to move it and the elder got back to his routine of noting and positioning as well as creating tension with each movement of any object in my home.

It was admitted by him, “We did that so we could sequence everything,” he said regarding the magnetics, machines and surveillance operating here likely connected to the overhead and pod satellite in space. When the surveillance is turned off, everything is natural and normal, as it was when I dropped my lighter and the elder was distracted by my eating of the chocolate.

They had been using advanced machines to inject the liquids I drank with toxic substances and this was admitted to long ago with the targeting fluid in water, that causes white flem to be thrown up from my dog when he drinks water they inject. They also likely inject “magical spells in coffee and other cups as I have experienced, even some of it has been chunky like tea leaves inside cups in my car where I spit it out.

Magnetic fibers sprayed here by them.

Proof: September 17, 2018, “Rosicrucian statement as proof, ‘We can no longer use our machines.’ These are machines for remote poisoning like the ones described yesterday used by Paul Allen.” They connect to the known chemicals sprayed in the air, and are also known by Robert L Stevenson as “running the Fellowship,” vans and advanced technology operated through there to harm me and others.

This relates to chemistry put in the air that Allen admitted, “We have no right to put that stuff in the air.”

“We need to remove Paul Allen’s machines and his vans,” said San Diego County Sheriffs Department in Fall 2018 and it is less now, however the advanced technology still damages my home, and will be destroyed soon.

Gordon Duff Duff part of their criminal gang also said, “If we lose the vans, I can’t operate my machines anymore,” machines that poison me and other people in the local area as well as are used for surveillance and dark magic concocting. This was said around September of 2018.

Duff has done other harmful work in conjunction with the machines and said, previously “I need her bed sprayed with those chemicals we put on,” those were likely used for the targeting through unlawful surveillance, monitoring items I move around my house as they threaten me using the telephony in my home using chirpers, also called screamers. The overhead surveillance is used to “quest” with meaning poisoning my home to put dark magic and uncomfortable feelings here. These are nasty individuals who will lose, and they are wasting my time as well as costing American standing daily.

To be noted, their surveillance is the only thing making my environment unnatural and difficult for me to live in, unless I play a little game with these harmful alien agenda team members and distract them. They are harmful to humans and animals alike, and have killed children, as well as adults even for consumption.

The white throw up contains the powdery targeting fluid that is remotely injected in the water bottles at times.

Cocaine Money Promised by Trump, Obama and Others to 1991 Billionaires Aboard Yacht then.

I testified against the “largest land grab” Donald Trump has tried to orchestrate here on American soil, and that in conjunction with financial crimes relating to terrorism deposed him back on August 8. 2017. The missing piece of the puzzle was the cocaine shipments that are now identified as the means to conduct the land grab and real estate transactions through third parties at behest of the billionaires Trump made promises to back in 1991.

In 1991 when Trump met with these individuals aboard the yacht, he said to the billionaires, “I think I found a way we can pull a scam on America.” One of the billionaires I uncovered today replied then, “Tell me about it we don’t like America being so tough for us.” It is likely he is in the maritime or related shipping industry and was being closely examined.

This plan behind the scenes has gone on for many years to, during the Administration of Trump,  ship in large quantities of cocaine across open borders, and this was confirmed yet again this morning by the billionaire mentioned above. The billionaires are using a known third party to conduct the transactions privately and involve senior Trump team personnel to enjoy the real estate profits from cocaine money laundering. They stole election 2016 to conduct such transactions, in all likelihood. Congress has been informed and knows Trump teams stole election 2016, and the Navy informed people here that Trump stole election 2016, when they came here to pick me up after the deposal of Trump. The billionaires replaced their original plan with this augmented plan that coordinates the Guilty in September 11th, with Vladimir Putin and other intelligence assets they hired due to the testimony I provided. This was confirmed this morning by an individual involved who said, “This whole scam was done to replace the movers and shakers money that lost because of the testimony.”

Gordon Duff is running the operation through his private company with the agency man’s company who was hired by Navy to depose Trump. This was the guy, Brian Stafford who has been coordinating with Christopher Wray to continue the cocaine land grab after the deposal.

Stafford after deposal Trump,  he was privately asked whether they should stop the land grab he had deposed Trump for replied, “I don’t see why. We’ll just continue on with the plan we had in place before we deposed him.” These billionaires did not want to be caught obviously.  However, these rich guys who were anticipating their drug money have held us back from releasing the US Gold standard and delivering my money back, our British Commonwealth money to the American people.

The billionaire this morning admitted, “We intended to bring this drug money in here. This is my cash cow,” he said about Donald Trump.

I found the billionaire when I continued an interrogation this morning. I uncovered Duff had been running the private party operation through his company likely, when a small asset was outed. Duff was heard over the telephony communicating with the billionaire. After I outed the small asset he said he was resigning from the private company Duff setup once he found out Duff and team as well as others may shoot him for being vulnerable.

Duff explained to the billionaire the path he chose to hide his trafficking and set up a screen to the Central Agency Director with Putin operating the cartel here on American soil virtually and giving orders, through the small assett running the operation. “That’s how we set it up with that little go-between ,” Duff  said to a high-sounding voice who replied,  “you play with the rich never again” to him.

I read the small American asset’s mind earlier this morning, which many people do, and he was unshielded. Do not shoot the asset. I found out he was controlled by Putin who told him, “I told you to keep the guys on cocaine.” The small asset had told Haspel earlier they were going to use Full Spectrum Dominance in the area as private contractors to likely devalue real estate.

Haspel said, “We get to use overhead heating,” against California homeowners and residents this morning to a likely conversation she was having with the asset. Then she wanted to make it painful for us here in California and said, “Hot,” as if enjoying turning up the heat here. They stole election 2016, intending on stealing from American citizens and on April 12, 2019, Haspel said,”I hope the cocaine works,” to devalue American citizens assets. “So we all make money that way.” It seemed like they were entrusting some other group to run their cocaine money to distance themselves from it that day.

We did not vote for Trump teams, 74 % of American citizens did not vote for them. The other 26%, if they were told about the cocaine trafficking and devaluing of their assets would likely want to remove Trump and those associated with the reduced liquidity and theft.

Haspel said this morning to Duff  “this whole idea of the cocaine bribery was to have it all,” as if she was his customer and knew their team was getting outed. It illegal drug trafficking after election theft, and they deserve to be outed in their entirety with the billionaires who were involved with Trump since the yacht party in 1991.

These billionaires as this one stated, “We did not want to be known as drug launders. Now they know we could participate and we don’t want to be taken to jail.” This is drug trafficking and it is illegal. They chose a private third party to conduct their operation that is also outed, and Haspel needs to be removed. The entire stole 2016 should be charged today for the cocaine land grab.

These billionaires have been anticipating their riches from the cocaine trafficking and he said,  “For 10 years now I’ve wanted cocaine to get over the border.”
When asked if he was pro-legalization of cocaine? He replied, “No. I’m not pro-legalization of cocaine.” That is trafficking. These are large transactions as was reported earlier in the $500 billion range and higher.

What gives them the right to traffic cocaine across the border and into local ports? There was another shipment busted in Long Beach recently worth $1.29 billion in methamphetamine. I am not sure if it is related, however the $500 million shipments have been tracked here in conjunction with the real estate purchases.

Ten years ago during Barack Obama’s administration they began preparations for these transactions.
Remotely interviewed this morning, Obama said, in 2009 “it could not go through he said I said it could not go through I said we could make preparations for it.”

There is a whole world full of things that they can produce and develop illegally why cocaine? I am President of the United States, Constitutional and against cocaine trafficking, I was not aware of that was part of the land grab I testified against. No communism.

This cocaine trafficking reduces American standing every day.

Take it or leave it, true past life research psychically about Donald Trump, German heritage likely.

With the admission of guilt from this morning by Donald Trump to his father being of German descent, I decided to do a little looking into it psychically to see if it was true or false. It is true and highly likely that Frederick Drumpf was brought into America covertly by the Department of Defense, similar to George Scherff Junior who became George Herbert Walker Bush much later on at six or seven years old after they, Russian likely bribed American assets rummaged around Nikola Tesla’s laboratory looking for technology to steal back then.

“That was my old name back in 1922,” said Frederick Trump, Donald’s father about Drumpf being their German name.

According to Wikipedia, Their real estate development company “was incorporated as Elizabeth Trump & Son in 1927, and grew to build and manage single-family houses in Queens, barracks and garden apartments for U.S. Navy personnel near major shipyards along the East Coast, and more than 27,000 apartments in New York City.”

The Navy may have brought the German born Drumpf in to America and provided his teams lucrative housing contracts. “That’s how we put him in here,” admitted someone earlier to bring communism here.

Frederick was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee for profiteering in 1954. He made Donald the president of Trump Management Company in 1971, and they were sued by the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division for violating the Fair Housing Act in 1973.

Profiteering is similar to now with the cocaine land grab I testified against and report on until they are indicted.

It was heard now, “My son was told to take the planet for us to go into space,” offered Frederick. Why? We would be homeless without our own planet if I had not placed our negative in the perfectly put position where it belongs and we will have space travel available to my side when our gold space program comes to fruition and gets built.

It is likely that this dream of his relates to German mafia lore. It was only a dream in his mind, as it was proven through my job I did already, relocating my negative to the center where it belongs, our planet is secure in my hands as our only natural negative holder. We did generate good results so far of it killing harmful off worlders here to harm American citizens and internationals. Our US gold standard secures American financial standing permanently and our Constitutional rights are our guarantee for the longevity of my country. America will continue long beyond Trump’s and others in our future Presidencies.

I worked for the recount Jill Stein put together, and wanted the true vote counted winners to run our country. I still fight for Bernie Sanders to have his rights restored because it was found and verified now Sanders was pressured to release the Superdelegates to Hillary Clinton, and that is why she won. Technically progressives would have been in the White House a long time ago, in 2016. We would have heard no talk of bankruptcy of America with him. Our US gold standard is acceptable to Sanders and Money Back may serve his purposes too of healthcare and infrastructure repair as well as other government functions. I am focussed on American government strength and on our government being number one globally, as we all should be.

They use biometric poisoning here. Then it was heard, “We need to stop this stupid shit with the mayor and stuff here.” I am our only negative core holder that exists and I am Presidential enough to press charges which is what needs to be done now for American citizen’s futures who I care about. I have a right to be critical of any government and use intelligence means to identify problems.

Why would anyone pay Trump for anything? He is nothing but an election thief who trafficks cocaine. Implanting me more will not help them. Trump’s cocaine open borders policy is already clear in the eyes of our media, and I have every right to sit here and complain about it. Spend $55 Billion US taxpayer money on a farce, and every American citizen should complain immediately. Our negative install has nothing to do with my work for American citizens interests I do every day for 40 to 60 hours a week regularly in addition to working a second job. Nothing unusual to report here. I am not jailable for civil society work. It is our responsibility as American citizens to participate.

“He couldn’t pull it off,” said about Trump, and who cares about him, a cocaine addict and election thief intending on harming all American citizens financially, proven now so many times. Let’s vote now. We did not vote for him, nor the cocaine trafficking or foreign intervention here. I have a right as an American voter to force Trump team out. All of the dark outcomes individuals intended for are over now. I have a right to fight until I get my prosecutions completed for the Justice Department to make a solid case against them all. They act like it is some surprise, however with over 22 years into investigating the communist aggression for American citizens interests I will press on forward. For me it is like a gold mine ready to strike for our benefit and my benefit too. I am a single woman who protects herself without a gun. I do ask for protections I have been afforded in the past and Drumpf nor his teams cannot enter here. I am a valuable American asset who served alone without the Primary thief’s entourage. Clinton is upset I hold our country’s Presidency, yet she did not want to fight Trump’s teams for it through the honest recount. Why? Cocaine money promises made to Congressional members I am against currently. They are illegitimate. I have a right to be a media watchdog for American citizens. That is what I have always been and that does not ever change.

18 Year Plan Individuals had for White Collar Crime Against American Citizens through Communism, Stopped.

I became President through the honest deposal of Donald Trump on August 8, 2017, and some individuals wanted to keep it hidden to continue the same land grab scam they had intended that is criminal.

“We’re going to just depose him and let nobody know about it that way nobody will get ahold of our Presidency ever again,” said Brian Stafford who the Navy hired to depose Donald Trump. We need our vote back, as all of Congress is informed that they stole 2016.

Trump and his team intended for the last 18 to 28 years intended to steal everything from every American citizen. I found out about their yacht meeting in 1991, where Trump planned the “Scam against America” with the “largest land grab in history.” It’s attempts can be seen visually here. Back in 1991,Trump met with billionaires aboard a yacht for a party and said, “I think I’ve figured out how we can scam America,” and that is where the cocaine network began working towards what he termed then as “the largest land grab in history.” This is what I testified against and what he is deposed for in addition to financial crimes relating to terrorism that were conducted on or around the September 11th incident. I have investigated September 11th since it occurred, and it is very connected to the scam against America and land grab attempts here.

There is a four part series on the local angle to San Diego County, California. Hundreds of American citizens were murdered both child sacrifice victims and agency men and women, as well as my parents, to build these properties with “cocaine money” and methamphetamine funds, both tracking large quantities of cocaine into our cities and reducing American liquidity. The criminals involved in this plan did not want American citizens to make it Constitutionally and financially soundly. They saw us as prey, for them to strike at unknowingly in the background as they conducted September 11th together covertly. “Eighteen years we’ve been working on this communism,” was said by one of the ring leaders yesterday, who later admitted, “We lost this communism.” The entry point is found in the link through Rudolph Giuliani and others aboard a Naval installation.

We did not vote for them, Trump team and Hillary Clinton, another “17 year plan(er)” stole the 2016 Primary from Bernie Sanders with the help, surreptitious or otherwise with Russian oligarchs who pressured him to surrender his Superdelegates when he would have won election 2016 by popular vote. Trump team stole 2016, and all of Congress has been informed of that fact. What they intended to do is nothing short of criminal. “We’ve got to look at this as a holy experience, branding their hand and stealing their money,” said Betsy Devos regarding hand stamping or handmarking which was for an unlawful cashless system they attempted covertly without consent of the American citizens Congressional members represent. We need to demand a televised public hearing on the communism they intended to bring here to the United States of America that is illegal.

327 million Americans would have lost everything, if I had not testified and worked hard. I am Constitutional and am vehemently against the brand or breed of communism. Today I am calling Congressional members to demand a public hearing against Trump teams and some of the individuals are Democrats who hoped to cash in on unsuspecting Americans unaware of their “17 year plan” now 18 year attempt to embezzle all American citizens assets and liquidity.

As I am our President, through unknown to the American voter, we keep our US gold standard and our money back for American citizens financial security.

I am going to update this page with Congressional members responses for the next four days, with the goal being to reach every member. American citizens will not be stolen from. Our Constitutional Republics, including our state’s Constitutions must stand. Investors may have bought into their plan, overall small investors have to know how the group organizing this saw even them, the small investor, cattle before the slaughter, as is discussed here by Les Wexner, who was hoping service members would pay long term when the deeds to the properties he gave them were needed to be sold by short sale.

Victoria Nuland said, “All of us were waiting for cashless to start, so that we could control these little dumb beings here,” about American citizens. That is the same Nuland who hired the far right in Ukraine. “I hired the far right,” to kill the Maidan college students, she admitted. They do not care about people.

Congressional members list demanding full hearings on “The communism.” Communism was seeded with cocaine based funding, that is illegal and unlawful. The parameters of “The communism” are easy to identify cocaine investments in real estate developments, installations of technology including attempted paypoints for hand stamping/hand marks and surveillance equipment in buildings and communities installed covertly, unknown by and unapproved by the American public, and criminal white collar crime conducted through insider stock trades and large volume cocaine sales.

Previous notes on Congressional members use of cashless, part of communism as they intended. Remote subliminal investigations into what these members did and thought when presented with cashless cocaine investment capital. Did they use it? And why or why not. This was and is just the start of the interview process for a full hearing against all Congressional member involved in defrauding his or her constituents through cashless, known as unneeded. Gold and Money Back kept. Congressional members involved with individuals known as the Guilty of September 11th intended to steal as was stated from all American citizens.

Undercover inquiry as Special Security Liaison.

A start on Congressional Members. Did any of the Congressional members or televised “officials” advertise “The communism” when they campaigned to their constituents. Very few if any. None. They keep getting upset because as these members say “then we lose the communism,” it is bait and switch what they run on the mainstream until this come out. Trump team and the guilty should never wear an American flag again. Constitutionalism is American, even to their constituents. This is why fully televised investigations and hearings are needed now. Our flag stands for our Constitutional guarantees and American freedom.

Byrne, Bradley, No “I did not want those guys to liquidate my assets.”
Roby, Martha, No cocaine.
Rogers, Mike No cocaine.
Aderholt, Robert No cocaine. “Don’t liquidate my assets.”
Brooks, Mo Cocaine. Builders. “We did use builders.”
Palmer, Gary No “They would liquidate my assets too much and create too many problems for Congress.”
Sewell, Terri A. No “I did consider it here in my district but said no. Mr Schiff they’re going to drop a bomb on us in my district.”

Young, Don No cocaine money.

American Samoa
Radewagen, Amata Some accepted via Mike Pence.

O’Halleran, Tom Yes. “I am addicted to the guys on cocaine.”
Kirkpatrick, Ann No “I like to develop sustainably.”
Grijalva, Raul No “Cocaine money harms my environment over here.”
Gosar, Paul A., Yes “We do housing developments with them,” to devalue area real estate and reduce liquidity.
Biggs, Andy, Yes. “Only traffik south of the border.”
Schweikert, David,  Some “We only did that to build a few buildings around here.”
Gallego, Ruben ,No. “I thought I could but not with what they were going to do here.” Good guy.
Lesko, Debbie, Yes “They give us lots of it for buildings and dump trucks and stuff.”
Stanton, Greg, No “I thought that I could accept a few billion and then they overvalued my properties.” Good.

Crawford, Rick No cocaine money.
Hill, French No cocaine money. GI bill offered with it.
Womack, Steve No cocaine money. Good.
Westerman, Bruce Yes. “Pence told me to keep it a little secret,” to build some buildings.
What do you think they’re doing over there? Why won’t they at least let us come in here and pick her up (as President),” asked Navy after Donald Trump was legally and lawfully deposed in 2017. Shadow men installed quest after with cocaine men.
LaMalfa, Doug No cocaine money. “Here not in your wildest dreams.”
Huffman, Jared No. Need to change his opinion on Bill Gates and cashless, lied to “revolutionize the human spirit.” complete lie.
Garamendi, John Not yet. “Shit we really need that done, but I don’t know if I want those guys to move in here or not.”
McClintock, Tom No Send Presidential portfolio. Good contact.
Thompson, Mike No “I said they could build here then I stopped them.”
Matsui, Doris O. No. Wanted cashless because of poor judgement.
Bera, Ami Yes. “I had them build that development.”
Cook, Paul No “I am tired of these cocaine members targeting Nixon sponsors.” we don’t need Nixon. We can have our own space program.
McNerney, Jerry No. “could clean up fish ponds.” Presented themselves as environmental which is a lie.
Harder, Josh No cocaine money. Send video on no cashless or environmental crew.
DeSaulnier, Mark No cocaine money. Send video on gold only. No Mercer.
Pelosi, Nancy. Some. a lot. “I am selling out American citizens.”
Lee, Barbara No more, was used for schools.
Speier, Jackie Yes. will stop. No cashless.
Swalwell, Eric Yes. “I told Bill Gates good choice.” Bad. Video unneeded. sent. Guilty.
Khanna, Ro No. Good.
Eshoo, Anna G. No. “Bill Gates cost me too much.” Hates Bill Gates I do too.
Lofgren, Zoe No. “I hate those programmers here.” Me too.
Panetta, Jimmy No. “Never here.”
Cox, TJ. Yes. some. No cashless. Gold is mine.

Devin Nunez good. no cashless.
McCarthy, Kevin

More to come.

Others involved.