Overall Communo Fascism Stopped.

Watch for devaluing of your real estate in March 2020.

All battles are local and individuals always think of me as a peon because I work a regular job that allows me to gage American situations on the ground. I provided testimony against the land grab long ago, and am one of the few people who continue to care about the American homeowner’s values. Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony did not win 2016, he stole the election as Mike Pence admitted, “We stole 2016,” so the fact that he and others laundered drug money and put it into housing I testified against is significant.  74% of America did not vote for them and of the 26% who did vote for them in 2016, probably about 24% would be angry to lose 10-40% of their home value because Trump covertly laundered drug money with other Congressional members to put into housing developments competing against their homes up for sale this spring.

Over the last month I have been canvasing homeowners and found out at least one in 15 intend to sell with many moving out of state after spring time. If you have a 10-30 year old home in California and maybe even in the USA, as I saw many similar developments cross country, and intend to sell, your home maybe competing for sale with homes in developments acquired through methamphetamine and cocaine laundered funding. Here in California, as you and your wife commuted to work, working 40-50 hours a week each, stole 2016 Donald Trump and his teams have been building large housing developments that have not really began selling yet on cocaine money. They had tranches of $500,000,000 in drug laundered funds to put into the developments that will be competing with your home paid for with real work equity you and your spouse put in, 2080 hours per year by each of you. His and their homes will start selling soon and there are already more than enough homes on the market, so when thousands of homes become available in spring, what will happen to your housing value if you and your wife decide to sell this spring, you guessed it, you will lose that equity you hoped to receive when selling your home as you may have to sell way below market value because their drug money laundered homes are competing with yours.

Today, I yet again asked to press charges. Deposal of Trump went through and was not completed. It must be completed before the next election. I provided my testimony in earnest to prevent homeowners from losing their equity through his scam against America, what he termed as “the largest land grab in history,” basically acquiring housing using cocaine funding. These are huge developments locally and there are plenty of existing homes on the market, so when spring hits and the one in 15 list their homes in competition with the new cocaine housing developments, all prices will drop, criminally against the homeowners who earned earnest income and paid for their housing earnestly through work, not drug money laundering which is criminal. It is likely intentional by him and his team, and it was surprising that he had that level of malice towards the homeowners, and voters truly intending to steal their wages through illegal competition with drug money laundered housing.

Trump actually said this, regarding homeowners losing their wages, by devaluing, that he encouraged through use of drug laundering,  (“Keep up the devaluing,” said), on January 7, 2020, Trump said this, “They (referring to AGs) know how much they (all Americans who AGs serve and protect) are losing (10 years or more saved wages in housing equity),” and stolen by a deposed con artist. It is chilling to think an American President would enjoy stealing American citizens’ wages through their home equity. American Presidents of our past have sought to enrich our country and make America number one and the most profitable globally, now not so much. He sees you as his ATM. I guess that started on September 11th, when he and his friends knew and some of them planned the act of terrorism against American citizens on American soil, so they decided to play the stock market that day and make money while 3,000 American citizens were killed. He made money that day, while the American bodies smoldered both on the ground and in the towers. Yes I think about it daily and have wanted to put them on trial for over 18 years now. We have a right to live in a world free of internally created terrorism and have a right to fight them until they lose.

We have a right to hold onto our income, and not be cheated. That is what American intelligence should protect and serve. No one wants to see the person who stole 4,160 hours a year from him and his wife on TV. We vote this year and it is too bad Republicans cannot get someone on the ballot to protect their working hours.

Constitutionalism exists and we must speak truth to power to protect ourselves and each other.


Why do we have an expected housing crash, February, No Valentine’s Day surprise.

California is suffering complete mismanagement of its housing sector.

The jobs creation myth of November was in the housing sector fueled with cocaine monies versus earned income through real development and below the surface there is very little real income creation. Where is the next sector to advance and where will our capital come from. What comes up is junk bonds, however this is the predictable formula of the Paul Allen banksters that stole 2018. Should they be charged with financial crime by now and forced to repay the debt they have caused since 1994, and the beginning of their criminal quest in Orange County.

They have wanted to manage my data in the background and it was found out yesterday, “We’ll coordinate the evidence from here and once the old guard is extinguished, we’ll take power,” said Andy Swetnam, working with Allen team, the root of the junk bonds for bankruptcy I am against. He, Burlingame &  Gordon Duff are related & against us all. Robert Stevenson is a go between in their quest and used to go back and forth with the old guard who sponsored the cocaine guys, I am against and deal with their ramifications not to harm the homeowners here.

The other day this almost happened, “Now we shit can the ‘cocaine guys’ and put Burlingame in,” said a cocaine punk I refer to as the old woman’s purse snatcher Darrell Issa had sponsored before. Issa and others encouraged them to use cocaine so I would not be picked up as an intelligence professional or Presidentially. The cocaine guys are Stevenson and some of the old guard who have been laundering drug money for the housing in the land grab that is expected to crash our housing market and Burlingame and the cocaine punk were in on it.  Stevenson has been more honorable, and according to the authorities here he is OK. I hate Swetnam and know he and Burlingame have been working for bankruptcy against everyone including likely the District Attorney I am not fond of and Gore, the Sheriff. They are not human and have fooled our community into going for their ideas that do harm our community. Maybe someday those who were told to hate me, may ask for my advice because I knew these alien agenda people before and had the same experience, that they are sweet and kind to your face and ready to go behind your back to profiteer at any moment.  They are like Russian brides, only worse.

The old guard has been used to control our White House, and is involved with them to their own detriment as Swetnam, Burlingame with Paul Allen likely wanted to extinguish them, the old guard, which makes it challenging for the voters who I work for to make any real change. The old guard is criminal in their own way with the attempted stock market and housing crashes they are attempting that I am still fighting in my own way, embedded here, or who knows maybe they can help to solve the problem without the crash to the homeowners. It would give them an opportunity to be heroes. What is life like without being heroic, nothing worth living.

What does winning look like? Winning to me is for our country’s financial standing to be number one globally, that is Presidential, I hope the impeachment goes on as scheduled and as deposed Trump stole 2016 that we have a chance to review as voters his personal use of the White House for profiteering against the voters. It is only 50 days until the Primary first voters go to the polls. Donald Trump must be treated as a civilian for prosecution purposes. The role of the President of the United States as Chief of state refers to the President as the head of the government. “He (she) is the symbol of all the people.” In this instance the individual whose team directly stated and is proven to have stolen the 2016 election used our White House for drug money laundering for housing and prostitution purposes. I have wanted the Epstein case reopened and found out that I had been harmed by those same individuals likely as our negative holder, made pre-sexual as a teenager and that is who is doing surveillance and monitoring here as Duff team, who is more the Burlingame side, as he negotiated with them more. I deserve victim’s compensation. Imagine old men watching you shower with the Russian mafia allowed to know when you shower to launder drug money for unneeded housing you testified against.

“Keep up the cocaine planet,” said here for the housing to continue that does nothing but devalue the voters earned income. They are doing that in the eyes of the authorities here who if they earn $120,000 ($58 per hour) a year are being devalued themselves at a rate of $500,000 per large transaction for the the housing. In reality though, if the housing becomes worthless as more people are moving out of California than into California, then what is the point of the drug money laundering for the housing. They did not really think it through and it was the idea of a guy named Gabriel, who Stevenson hit with a directed energy weapon causing his car to overturn on the freeway and hit a guardrail and is why he is known as guardrail boy I did see it, had nothing to do with it and reported it and individuals known as “gargoyles” with Stevenson were hired to launder the money for the housing.

If the housing is really marketed, meaning they have to find buyers for it, as area homes are selling for about 20% below market value, these houses would have to sell for around 30% of their value, so that puts them at around $200,000. This then lowers the home that is selling at 20% in value down to 50% of its value at $250,000. Will the housing even sell? Who will buy it? It is supply and demand standard in business. I testified against this in advance to prevent calamities such as this from happening. Solutions yet?

Constitutional Republic stands here.

The agency guys knew deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump was a criminal when he came into the White House, so hopefully we can exact change at the right moment to help the American homeowner out during the holidays with our resources, and not allow them to control the conversation to continue to rob us blind long after, as this is expected to hit in February.

A victims compensation fund for all California homeowners needs to be setup for when the downturn occurs as the gargoyles and Gabriel as well as all of those laundering drug money should be held responsible for the decline in values and can prepare to sue in advance House and Senate Select members who partnered with them including Senators Mitch McConnell, Patrick Leahy and Chuck Schumer. We are aware now of who they are and they need to be arraigned for the money laundering. This crime has real holdings with lots of off the books accounting of large sums of cocaine money.





Case Materials Reasonably Organized in Outline Form

The land grab I testified against is conducted with cocaine money to be stopped.

Here is a four part series on how it is conducted including video footage of their theft.

Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Now Deposed Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

Premeditated White Collar Crime Against American Citizens By Donald Trump and team who stole 2016, 4 Part Series Documenting Their Crimes

Cocaine is prevalent through our Justice Department as was found out with William Barr and others.

William Barr is recorded at the United Nations Office Drug and Crime prevention unit for drug trafficking.

We need to aggressively pursue the damage that has been done to the United States of America due to the stole 2016 and stole 2018 individuals.

Every day, they damage our national security more.

Payment from them should be due to correct harmful building installs for electrocution of guests.

No further implantation is needed to make American citizens fall even further behind. The implantors must be arrested now. They must pay for their crimes financially and with jail time.

We need to advance America beyond these criminals to real innovation today. Call me directly on my office telephone to make a case against them and we can meet in person (760) 945-4943 or reach me on my cell phone (760) 672-2028.

I will continue to work on advancing our world in the mean time. We are just wasting our time on thieves, the longer this takes. The bad part is that the thieves are watching, listening and stealing every day. Our gold standard and my money back must be delivered to American citizens.

They should not be allowed to harm the President of the United States now because she owns the planet. I am capable of testifying and do so every day.

Push Pull of Time Sequencing and Mintakan, Alien Agenda Dark “Magic”

It has been a battle here at my home with the alien agenda with Mintakans and their “dark” magic conducted using the overhead surveillance, and this afternoon it was identified that they had a pod in space that controls the overhead heating, which is harming Californians.

The pod is similar to a satellite, however more rounded and contains their genomic sequencing center, that is habitable from my understanding.

On November 2, 2018, the pods and their machines were noted as “Advanced technology in our upper atmosphere used, ‘to make people feel miserable around here,’ unseasonably hot because of it.”

I have always enjoyed maintaining a nice clean home, yet these individuals for months and actually almost two years now have been using the overhead and there technological abilities to do what they term as “quest” here, not physically of course, but through the use of magnetics, unlawful surveillance and overhead, now identified as pod satellite based technology. It is very hard to function with them in the air, as they note each movement you make. Initially they sprayed magnetic fibers over my home and these were found on my degauser photo from my cox cable wiring.

This afternoon more was understood about how it works. I heard the Mintakan female remark when I went to move a cup of old coffee I had to my trash can saying something close to “There wasn’t garbage moved so we can’t use it,” referring to the cup and the old coffee it contained to quest dark magic for me to be harmed with the item in some way or delay my positive outcome. Their magic is however, being broken down today. The Mintakan female was talking with another alien agenda team member, and he told here, “The magic we had works only when the time sequencing is ours.” To understand this further, we have to look at the power of observation in regards to dark magic and spells. When another person was on the overhead who cared more for me and did not want me to suffer here, and noted that I wanted to move something, that individual helped to make it safer for me to move the cup if I wanted to move it to the trash can. “We didn’t like the magic affecting her,” he admitted.

The overhead surveillance has been an issue of contention here, and it has been used very harmfully. Their goal has been to make my home dirty and to monitor each piece of garbage I put in my trash cans. After hearing the elder referred to above referring to the “time sequencing,” I decided to play a little game with them to eat a chocolate I had bought yesterday, a York Peppermint Patty to see what the reaction would be.

The minute I thought about the nice restaurant where I bought it, as Stevenson has my headset that is connected to the overhead technology and I enjoyed being with the people there, it triggered a “harm them” mechanism relating to the people at Lilo’s in Arizona where I stopped yesterday, so then I had to temper my thoughts back from thinking pleasant thoughts about the people to prevent Stevenson from harming them with this criminal gang operating the overhead. I noted it so the individual I will call elder then got distracted and I decided to light a cigarette with my lighter. I dropped the lighter and because of his distraction the lighter was not timed and fell naturally. When I did not like the positioning on my carpet, I bent over to move it and the elder got back to his routine of noting and positioning as well as creating tension with each movement of any object in my home.

It was admitted by him, “We did that so we could sequence everything,” he said regarding the magnetics, machines and surveillance operating here likely connected to the overhead and pod satellite in space. When the surveillance is turned off, everything is natural and normal, as it was when I dropped my lighter and the elder was distracted by my eating of the chocolate.

They had been using advanced machines to inject the liquids I drank with toxic substances and this was admitted to long ago with the targeting fluid in water, that causes white flem to be thrown up from my dog when he drinks water they inject. They also likely inject “magical spells in coffee and other cups as I have experienced, even some of it has been chunky like tea leaves inside cups in my car where I spit it out.

Magnetic fibers sprayed here by them.

Proof: September 17, 2018, “Rosicrucian statement as proof, ‘We can no longer use our machines.’ These are machines for remote poisoning like the ones described yesterday used by Paul Allen.” They connect to the known chemicals sprayed in the air, and are also known by Robert L Stevenson as “running the Fellowship,” vans and advanced technology operated through there to harm me and others.

This relates to chemistry put in the air that Allen admitted, “We have no right to put that stuff in the air.”

“We need to remove Paul Allen’s machines and his vans,” said San Diego County Sheriffs Department in Fall 2018 and it is less now, however the advanced technology still damages my home, and will be destroyed soon.

Gordon Duff Duff part of their criminal gang also said, “If we lose the vans, I can’t operate my machines anymore,” machines that poison me and other people in the local area as well as are used for surveillance and dark magic concocting. This was said around September of 2018.

Duff has done other harmful work in conjunction with the machines and said, previously “I need her bed sprayed with those chemicals we put on,” those were likely used for the targeting through unlawful surveillance, monitoring items I move around my house as they threaten me using the telephony in my home using chirpers, also called screamers. The overhead surveillance is used to “quest” with meaning poisoning my home to put dark magic and uncomfortable feelings here. These are nasty individuals who will lose, and they are wasting my time as well as costing American standing daily.

To be noted, their surveillance is the only thing making my environment unnatural and difficult for me to live in, unless I play a little game with these harmful alien agenda team members and distract them. They are harmful to humans and animals alike, and have killed children, as well as adults even for consumption.

The white throw up contains the powdery targeting fluid that is remotely injected in the water bottles at times.

Cocaine Money Promised by Trump, Obama and Others to 1991 Billionaires Aboard Yacht then.

I testified against the “largest land grab” Donald Trump has tried to orchestrate here on American soil, and that in conjunction with financial crimes relating to terrorism deposed him back on August 8. 2017. The missing piece of the puzzle was the cocaine shipments that are now identified as the means to conduct the land grab and real estate transactions through third parties at behest of the billionaires Trump made promises to back in 1991.

In 1991 when Trump met with these individuals aboard the yacht, he said to the billionaires, “I think I found a way we can pull a scam on America.” One of the billionaires I uncovered today replied then, “Tell me about it we don’t like America being so tough for us.” It is likely he is in the maritime or related shipping industry and was being closely examined.

This plan behind the scenes has gone on for many years to, during the Administration of Trump,  ship in large quantities of cocaine across open borders, and this was confirmed yet again this morning by the billionaire mentioned above. The billionaires are using a known third party to conduct the transactions privately and involve senior Trump team personnel to enjoy the real estate profits from cocaine money laundering. They stole election 2016 to conduct such transactions, in all likelihood. Congress has been informed and knows Trump teams stole election 2016, and the Navy informed people here that Trump stole election 2016, when they came here to pick me up after the deposal of Trump. The billionaires replaced their original plan with this augmented plan that coordinates the Guilty in September 11th, with Vladimir Putin and other intelligence assets they hired due to the testimony I provided. This was confirmed this morning by an individual involved who said, “This whole scam was done to replace the movers and shakers money that lost because of the testimony.”

Gordon Duff is running the operation through his private company with the agency man’s company who was hired by Navy to depose Trump. This was the guy, Brian Stafford who has been coordinating with Christopher Wray to continue the cocaine land grab after the deposal.

Stafford after deposal Trump,  he was privately asked whether they should stop the land grab he had deposed Trump for replied, “I don’t see why. We’ll just continue on with the plan we had in place before we deposed him.” These billionaires did not want to be caught obviously.  However, these rich guys who were anticipating their drug money have held us back from releasing the US Gold standard and delivering my money back, our British Commonwealth money to the American people.

The billionaire this morning admitted, “We intended to bring this drug money in here. This is my cash cow,” he said about Donald Trump.

I found the billionaire when I continued an interrogation this morning. I uncovered Duff had been running the private party operation through his company likely, when a small asset was outed. Duff was heard over the telephony communicating with the billionaire. After I outed the small asset he said he was resigning from the private company Duff setup once he found out Duff and team as well as others may shoot him for being vulnerable.

Duff explained to the billionaire the path he chose to hide his trafficking and set up a screen to the Central Agency Director with Putin operating the cartel here on American soil virtually and giving orders, through the small assett running the operation. “That’s how we set it up with that little go-between ,” Duff  said to a high-sounding voice who replied,  “you play with the rich never again” to him.

I read the small American asset’s mind earlier this morning, which many people do, and he was unshielded. Do not shoot the asset. I found out he was controlled by Putin who told him, “I told you to keep the guys on cocaine.” The small asset had told Haspel earlier they were going to use Full Spectrum Dominance in the area as private contractors to likely devalue real estate.

Haspel said, “We get to use overhead heating,” against California homeowners and residents this morning to a likely conversation she was having with the asset. Then she wanted to make it painful for us here in California and said, “Hot,” as if enjoying turning up the heat here. They stole election 2016, intending on stealing from American citizens and on April 12, 2019, Haspel said,”I hope the cocaine works,” to devalue American citizens assets. “So we all make money that way.” It seemed like they were entrusting some other group to run their cocaine money to distance themselves from it that day.

We did not vote for Trump teams, 74 % of American citizens did not vote for them. The other 26%, if they were told about the cocaine trafficking and devaluing of their assets would likely want to remove Trump and those associated with the reduced liquidity and theft.

Haspel said this morning to Duff  “this whole idea of the cocaine bribery was to have it all,” as if she was his customer and knew their team was getting outed. It illegal drug trafficking after election theft, and they deserve to be outed in their entirety with the billionaires who were involved with Trump since the yacht party in 1991.

These billionaires as this one stated, “We did not want to be known as drug launders. Now they know we could participate and we don’t want to be taken to jail.” This is drug trafficking and it is illegal. They chose a private third party to conduct their operation that is also outed, and Haspel needs to be removed. The entire stole 2016 should be charged today for the cocaine land grab.

These billionaires have been anticipating their riches from the cocaine trafficking and he said,  “For 10 years now I’ve wanted cocaine to get over the border.”
When asked if he was pro-legalization of cocaine? He replied, “No. I’m not pro-legalization of cocaine.” That is trafficking. These are large transactions as was reported earlier in the $500 billion range and higher.

What gives them the right to traffic cocaine across the border and into local ports? There was another shipment busted in Long Beach recently worth $1.29 billion in methamphetamine. I am not sure if it is related, however the $500 million shipments have been tracked here in conjunction with the real estate purchases.

Ten years ago during Barack Obama’s administration they began preparations for these transactions.
Remotely interviewed this morning, Obama said, in 2009 “it could not go through he said I said it could not go through I said we could make preparations for it.”

There is a whole world full of things that they can produce and develop illegally why cocaine? I am President of the United States, Constitutional and against cocaine trafficking, I was not aware of that was part of the land grab I testified against. No communism.

This cocaine trafficking reduces American standing every day.

Take it or leave it, true past life research psychically about Donald Trump, German heritage likely.

With the admission of guilt from this morning by Donald Trump to his father being of German descent, I decided to do a little looking into it psychically to see if it was true or false. It is true and highly likely that Frederick Drumpf was brought into America covertly by the Department of Defense, similar to George Scherff Junior who became George Herbert Walker Bush much later on at six or seven years old after they, Russian likely bribed American assets rummaged around Nikola Tesla’s laboratory looking for technology to steal back then.

“That was my old name back in 1922,” said Frederick Trump, Donald’s father about Drumpf being their German name.

According to Wikipedia, Their real estate development company “was incorporated as Elizabeth Trump & Son in 1927, and grew to build and manage single-family houses in Queens, barracks and garden apartments for U.S. Navy personnel near major shipyards along the East Coast, and more than 27,000 apartments in New York City.”

The Navy may have brought the German born Drumpf in to America and provided his teams lucrative housing contracts. “That’s how we put him in here,” admitted someone earlier to bring communism here.

Frederick was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee for profiteering in 1954. He made Donald the president of Trump Management Company in 1971, and they were sued by the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division for violating the Fair Housing Act in 1973.

Profiteering is similar to now with the cocaine land grab I testified against and report on until they are indicted.

It was heard now, “My son was told to take the planet for us to go into space,” offered Frederick. Why? We would be homeless without our own planet if I had not placed our negative in the perfectly put position where it belongs and we will have space travel available to my side when our gold space program comes to fruition and gets built.

It is likely that this dream of his relates to German mafia lore. It was only a dream in his mind, as it was proven through my job I did already, relocating my negative to the center where it belongs, our planet is secure in my hands as our only natural negative holder. We did generate good results so far of it killing harmful off worlders here to harm American citizens and internationals. Our US gold standard secures American financial standing permanently and our Constitutional rights are our guarantee for the longevity of my country. America will continue long beyond Trump’s and others in our future Presidencies.

I worked for the recount Jill Stein put together, and wanted the true vote counted winners to run our country. I still fight for Bernie Sanders to have his rights restored because it was found and verified now Sanders was pressured to release the Superdelegates to Hillary Clinton, and that is why she won. Technically progressives would have been in the White House a long time ago, in 2016. We would have heard no talk of bankruptcy of America with him. Our US gold standard is acceptable to Sanders and Money Back may serve his purposes too of healthcare and infrastructure repair as well as other government functions. I am focussed on American government strength and on our government being number one globally, as we all should be.

They use biometric poisoning here. Then it was heard, “We need to stop this stupid shit with the mayor and stuff here.” I am our only negative core holder that exists and I am Presidential enough to press charges which is what needs to be done now for American citizen’s futures who I care about. I have a right to be critical of any government and use intelligence means to identify problems.

Why would anyone pay Trump for anything? He is nothing but an election thief who trafficks cocaine. Implanting me more will not help them. Trump’s cocaine open borders policy is already clear in the eyes of our media, and I have every right to sit here and complain about it. Spend $55 Billion US taxpayer money on a farce, and every American citizen should complain immediately. Our negative install has nothing to do with my work for American citizens interests I do every day for 40 to 60 hours a week regularly in addition to working a second job. Nothing unusual to report here. I am not jailable for civil society work. It is our responsibility as American citizens to participate.

“He couldn’t pull it off,” said about Trump, and who cares about him, a cocaine addict and election thief intending on harming all American citizens financially, proven now so many times. Let’s vote now. We did not vote for him, nor the cocaine trafficking or foreign intervention here. I have a right as an American voter to force Trump team out. All of the dark outcomes individuals intended for are over now. I have a right to fight until I get my prosecutions completed for the Justice Department to make a solid case against them all. They act like it is some surprise, however with over 22 years into investigating the communist aggression for American citizens interests I will press on forward. For me it is like a gold mine ready to strike for our benefit and my benefit too. I am a single woman who protects herself without a gun. I do ask for protections I have been afforded in the past and Drumpf nor his teams cannot enter here. I am a valuable American asset who served alone without the Primary thief’s entourage. Clinton is upset I hold our country’s Presidency, yet she did not want to fight Trump’s teams for it through the honest recount. Why? Cocaine money promises made to Congressional members I am against currently. They are illegitimate. I have a right to be a media watchdog for American citizens. That is what I have always been and that does not ever change.

18 Year Plan Individuals had for White Collar Crime Against American Citizens through Communism, Stopped.

I became President through the honest deposal of Donald Trump on August 8, 2017, and some individuals wanted to keep it hidden to continue the same land grab scam they had intended that is criminal.

“We’re going to just depose him and let nobody know about it that way nobody will get ahold of our Presidency ever again,” said Brian Stafford who the Navy hired to depose Donald Trump. We need our vote back, as all of Congress is informed that they stole 2016.

Trump and his team intended for the last 18 to 28 years intended to steal everything from every American citizen. I found out about their yacht meeting in 1991, where Trump planned the “Scam against America” with the “largest land grab in history.” It’s attempts can be seen visually here. Back in 1991,Trump met with billionaires aboard a yacht for a party and said, “I think I’ve figured out how we can scam America,” and that is where the cocaine network began working towards what he termed then as “the largest land grab in history.” This is what I testified against and what he is deposed for in addition to financial crimes relating to terrorism that were conducted on or around the September 11th incident. I have investigated September 11th since it occurred, and it is very connected to the scam against America and land grab attempts here.

There is a four part series on the local angle to San Diego County, California. Hundreds of American citizens were murdered both child sacrifice victims and agency men and women, as well as my parents, to build these properties with “cocaine money” and methamphetamine funds, both tracking large quantities of cocaine into our cities and reducing American liquidity. The criminals involved in this plan did not want American citizens to make it Constitutionally and financially soundly. They saw us as prey, for them to strike at unknowingly in the background as they conducted September 11th together covertly. “Eighteen years we’ve been working on this communism,” was said by one of the ring leaders yesterday, who later admitted, “We lost this communism.” The entry point is found in the link through Rudolph Giuliani and others aboard a Naval installation.

We did not vote for them, Trump team and Hillary Clinton, another “17 year plan(er)” stole the 2016 Primary from Bernie Sanders with the help, surreptitious or otherwise with Russian oligarchs who pressured him to surrender his Superdelegates when he would have won election 2016 by popular vote. Trump team stole 2016, and all of Congress has been informed of that fact. What they intended to do is nothing short of criminal. “We’ve got to look at this as a holy experience, branding their hand and stealing their money,” said Betsy Devos regarding hand stamping or handmarking which was for an unlawful cashless system they attempted covertly without consent of the American citizens Congressional members represent. We need to demand a televised public hearing on the communism they intended to bring here to the United States of America that is illegal.

327 million Americans would have lost everything, if I had not testified and worked hard. I am Constitutional and am vehemently against the brand or breed of communism. Today I am calling Congressional members to demand a public hearing against Trump teams and some of the individuals are Democrats who hoped to cash in on unsuspecting Americans unaware of their “17 year plan” now 18 year attempt to embezzle all American citizens assets and liquidity.

As I am our President, through unknown to the American voter, we keep our US gold standard and our money back for American citizens financial security.

I am going to update this page with Congressional members responses for the next four days, with the goal being to reach every member. American citizens will not be stolen from. Our Constitutional Republics, including our state’s Constitutions must stand. Investors may have bought into their plan, overall small investors have to know how the group organizing this saw even them, the small investor, cattle before the slaughter, as is discussed here by Les Wexner, who was hoping service members would pay long term when the deeds to the properties he gave them were needed to be sold by short sale.

Victoria Nuland said, “All of us were waiting for cashless to start, so that we could control these little dumb beings here,” about American citizens. That is the same Nuland who hired the far right in Ukraine. “I hired the far right,” to kill the Maidan college students, she admitted. They do not care about people.

Congressional members list demanding full hearings on “The communism.” Communism was seeded with cocaine based funding, that is illegal and unlawful. The parameters of “The communism” are easy to identify cocaine investments in real estate developments, installations of technology including attempted paypoints for hand stamping/hand marks and surveillance equipment in buildings and communities installed covertly, unknown by and unapproved by the American public, and criminal white collar crime conducted through insider stock trades and large volume cocaine sales.

Previous notes on Congressional members use of cashless, part of communism as they intended. Remote subliminal investigations into what these members did and thought when presented with cashless cocaine investment capital. Did they use it? And why or why not. This was and is just the start of the interview process for a full hearing against all Congressional member involved in defrauding his or her constituents through cashless, known as unneeded. Gold and Money Back kept. Congressional members involved with individuals known as the Guilty of September 11th intended to steal as was stated from all American citizens.

Undercover inquiry as Special Security Liaison.

A start on Congressional Members. Did any of the Congressional members or televised “officials” advertise “The communism” when they campaigned to their constituents. Very few if any. None. They keep getting upset because as these members say “then we lose the communism,” it is bait and switch what they run on the mainstream until this come out. Trump team and the guilty should never wear an American flag again. Constitutionalism is American, even to their constituents. This is why fully televised investigations and hearings are needed now. Our flag stands for our Constitutional guarantees and American freedom.

Byrne, Bradley, No “I did not want those guys to liquidate my assets.”
Roby, Martha, No cocaine.
Rogers, Mike No cocaine.
Aderholt, Robert No cocaine. “Don’t liquidate my assets.”
Brooks, Mo Cocaine. Builders. “We did use builders.”
Palmer, Gary No “They would liquidate my assets too much and create too many problems for Congress.”
Sewell, Terri A. No “I did consider it here in my district but said no. Mr Schiff they’re going to drop a bomb on us in my district.”

Young, Don No cocaine money.

American Samoa
Radewagen, Amata Some accepted via Mike Pence.

O’Halleran, Tom Yes. “I am addicted to the guys on cocaine.”
Kirkpatrick, Ann No “I like to develop sustainably.”
Grijalva, Raul No “Cocaine money harms my environment over here.”
Gosar, Paul A., Yes “We do housing developments with them,” to devalue area real estate and reduce liquidity.
Biggs, Andy, Yes. “Only traffik south of the border.”
Schweikert, David,  Some “We only did that to build a few buildings around here.”
Gallego, Ruben ,No. “I thought I could but not with what they were going to do here.” Good guy.
Lesko, Debbie, Yes “They give us lots of it for buildings and dump trucks and stuff.”
Stanton, Greg, No “I thought that I could accept a few billion and then they overvalued my properties.” Good.

Crawford, Rick No cocaine money.
Hill, French No cocaine money. GI bill offered with it.
Womack, Steve No cocaine money. Good.
Westerman, Bruce Yes. “Pence told me to keep it a little secret,” to build some buildings.
What do you think they’re doing over there? Why won’t they at least let us come in here and pick her up (as President),” asked Navy after Donald Trump was legally and lawfully deposed in 2017. Shadow men installed quest after with cocaine men.
LaMalfa, Doug No cocaine money. “Here not in your wildest dreams.”
Huffman, Jared No. Need to change his opinion on Bill Gates and cashless, lied to “revolutionize the human spirit.” complete lie.
Garamendi, John Not yet. “Shit we really need that done, but I don’t know if I want those guys to move in here or not.”
McClintock, Tom No Send Presidential portfolio. Good contact.
Thompson, Mike No “I said they could build here then I stopped them.”
Matsui, Doris O. No. Wanted cashless because of poor judgement.
Bera, Ami Yes. “I had them build that development.”
Cook, Paul No “I am tired of these cocaine members targeting Nixon sponsors.” we don’t need Nixon. We can have our own space program.
McNerney, Jerry No. “could clean up fish ponds.” Presented themselves as environmental which is a lie.
Harder, Josh No cocaine money. Send video on no cashless or environmental crew.
DeSaulnier, Mark No cocaine money. Send video on gold only. No Mercer.
Pelosi, Nancy. Some. a lot. “I am selling out American citizens.”
Lee, Barbara No more, was used for schools.
Speier, Jackie Yes. will stop. No cashless.
Swalwell, Eric Yes. “I told Bill Gates good choice.” Bad. Video unneeded. sent. Guilty.
Khanna, Ro No. Good.
Eshoo, Anna G. No. “Bill Gates cost me too much.” Hates Bill Gates I do too.
Lofgren, Zoe No. “I hate those programmers here.” Me too.
Panetta, Jimmy No. “Never here.”
Cox, TJ. Yes. some. No cashless. Gold is mine.

Devin Nunez good. no cashless.
McCarthy, Kevin

More to come.

Others involved.

More Supporting Data on What Needs to Be Replaced that was Operated by National Security Agency Against American Citizens.

Presidents such as me, have multifaceted careers, and serve American citizens however they can with their work. Trump is deposed for a long time now and we found the main block, who is the FBI Director, who post deposal kept working against American citizens to launder cocaine money to continue the land grab Trump is deposed for. “I was only there (at the FBI) for those cocaine transactions to go through,” said Christopher Wray a few days ago, and he is on trial. He needs to be put in custody for the cocaine men to stop here reducing American liquidity and cocaine trafficking.

A new FBI Director must be hired by me and my team in DC. In the meantime, I am working on a story to assist American citizens and prevent surveillance and inspection that should be deemed by now as fraudulent. Individuals involved in both the creation of terrorism and the screening for it need to be sued.

“We cause terrorism, and then we get paid for screening them,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in the case I am presenting for a lawsuit. We women and men have been gropped and screened for almost 18 years now due to their terrorism. I remember when Governor Gray Davis was recalled. The recall in reality was not voter approved. They lied about it in the media. I worked on phone polling voters during the recall effort and the majority of the people I called were against the recall effort, so I was surprised and saddened when Schwarzenegger got in despite the voters likely voting against him. Then soon after, I was at the San Diego County Fair, where fair goers could typically walk in and out easily without going through metal detectors. When Schwarzenegger came in to office, metal detectors moved in unknowingly to the public, they were likely setup by his sides.

Why is this required when they create the terrorism and terrorists they do not want us to win against?

These are the same individuals who are involved in attempted communism on American soil, as were referred to here.

Their entry point was at Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center in the Northwest as was outlined here.

James Slyfield who worked for me as a contractor was suspect then, and he interfered with my meeting an important Admiral to garner support for my magazine I published from 1997 to 2001 for the Navy in the Northwest. I found out yesterday it was Slyfield who was working with them in the background for communism on American soil against American citizens interests. Slyfield, who is known as “Dirty as shit,” now, considered communism personally viable for he and his teams against American citizens and said back then, “That communism (electronic) is really going to help us make money.” Slyfield was working with the redhead mentioned in the article, “Chinese Communism Entry Point in America through Giuliani and Keyport Base,” and they partnered with the individuals who conducted September 11th here. When I hired him, I thought he was a Navy Seal who needed transitional assistance to a career in advertising and subscription sales. He was very deceptive.

And he works with the individuals who have attempted to use advanced weaponry on American citizens here on American soil. They also have been proponents for the advanced screening and terrorism losses rather than victories for American citizens against terrorism.

Who likes getting a basic mammogram at the airport?

What is seen by the Full Body Scanner, an invasion of privacy by as stated the creators of terrorism. Perverts.

These individuals have acted with impunity creating the same terrorism they are screening us for, invading our privacy at the same time. Then internally we are so conditioned into thinking there is some great threat out there that their machines are protecting us from, while in reality, they manufacture the threats as was said these threats are computer based. This is also known as the package they have been working on against American citizens interests. The communist Chinese sent containerships of unlicensed technology here to be used against American citizens on American soil that I found out about on November 28, 2018. It should have been returned from what I understood here.

This has been one long battle with the HAARP technology that needs to be brought down from space and not used against American citizens or soil. It is designed to even confuse local law enforcement and prevent legal and lawful arrests. People need to see me as our President and an American public servant. A President is hired for that. There is always the statement,”You get to be President tomorrow,” I am President today. I am working and anyone can pick me up as President, other than the guilty communists.

I want to work with Congress and get to work on American foreign policy to bring us back up to favored nation status, American citizens deserve that leadership. Should I fly to DC today to get a new FBI Director hired?

There was never a gender issue when picking me up as President before, and then honest Admirals here were told about the headset and they were told that it was some stepford wife thing that Stevenson installed. I only served as his informant. There was never a personal life with him. I only met him once in person, personally. My focus has always been intelligent hard work for American citizens. The headset was put in by him covertly working with the communists side against American citizens and against me professionally.

I meet thousands of people and no one knows I even have it, so it is not right to hold that against me. I want all of their devices used against me and American citizens delivered to me. These are criminals that deserve prosecution after 25 years of harm inflicted on me covertly.

Stevenson said when he met with the communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian employee in 1997, “she’s going to get you too badly. So I’m going to tell you what I put in,” he said pointing to the left side tooth area referring to what he knew about the Chinese bribery going on and had probably been told by the individuals there. Stevenson has stalked me with the BlueTooth hardware and operated behind my and American citizens backs for 25 years now. I am able to remote view situations when I am close to the subjects in perspective.

Roof of Mouth Strange Bump and Area Stevenson Pointed To.

Are any of them caught today? At least yesterday, Admiral Center admitted that we should have met to talk about my magazine back in 2000, rather than having the meeting set up, which Slyfield harmed both of us to “bring communism here.”

We need no communism, Constitutionalism only, and real election convictions must be made without Robert Mueller, hired by Trump for bankruptcy of American citizens, and any of the stole 2016 ones who were in on the communist threat cocaine bribery scheme with the former deputies men. Our gold and money back must be delivered to American citizens with our Presidency for American voters to vote on. No cocaine is needed, nor should be distributed or trafficked in America or elsewhere with our help.

Pre September 11th, the group of communists outlined here said the following “why don’t you set up a system of controllers were evildoers can operate the machinery” said redhead regarding using the National Security Agency to house the technology to orchestrate horrific terrorism incidents such as boat explosion committee intended. I am against them and have turned them in repeatedly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There is even a flyer that does not include the land developers they have been working with.

Guilty Parties including the Fellowship they run currency trading through to keep the land grab ongoing my testimony is against. I am President gold and money back is owed here, legal honest American money.

How their computerized system works that must be brought down without the communist side involved. No nuclear or other wars need to be started by them ever again. Americans must maintain their standing through the NATO talks on Afghanistan.










Have Trump Team Hold Their Deeds

In real estate sales, it is where the rubber meets the road that one can say about the value of what you own. An investor could own hundreds of properties, and be our financially millions of dollars in maintaining the properties until they are sold. I was in vacation ownership for 16 years, and you can have lot of inventory, however with no one to purchase the inventory, the company acquires debt from resort construction. This is significantly less than what is involved with the large cocaine asset financed developments here. If few purchase the inventory, the properties will reduce their values to the point were even the property taxes are too high for the prospective buyer.

For some reason since their quest, people do not believe my vantage point that I always hold, which is that of an honest person who has interest only in the highest good for people involved. I am a neutral third party. I have been in sales for most of my life and a product has to be wanted, needed and affordable to be purchased. You can build 1,000 homes and if there is no one who wants to or can feasibly live there, then few will.

These individuals involved with the cocaine financing know that, and they had the intention of defrauding the small unknowing investor and forcing them to pay the developer carryback.

Les Wexner admitted to attempting to defraud service members through their real estate transactions they had been coordinating with service members.

“Then I get to keep that money,” said Les Wexner team about by the amount of money the small investors, such as service members Gordon Duff got involved here in the large land developments, when they have to pay to sell their “investment properties” short sale, similar to what those service members pay when selling a car with negative equity.

They purchased the properties using the cocaine money and Wexner intended to turn over the deeds to the service members when the properties tanked and could not be purchased due to current market conditions, and he looked forward to keeping American service members money that they would have to pay in the short sale transactions.

I suspect they may have offered that to other local individuals to participate here, they were called “boat explosion members.” The marriage and family counselor got the idea, and knows what they are doing now when he just admitted, “It looks like I may have to sell my house to pay for those they are offering here. They can keep their notes,” deeds. This is the scam here.

My Executive Order from this morning is binding as it is needed. 8:03 AM. 3/14/19.

“Executive Order. President Ann Diener. As malfeasance has been found at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, all all appointed position and the individuals those appointments hired can be investigated by outside agencies.”

The “Largest land grab” and scam against America had been continuing through the other facets Donald Trump had in place pre-deposal and his teams chose to keep those operating despite the deposal being correct for the cocaine bribery to continue through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Yesterday this was found to be the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray, who intended with their cocaine men to plant drugs in my home. “Slip her cocaine,” he said. Wray likely was involved in stock transactions on the back end to provide income for criminals connected to the Boeing crash, as he stated, “Do not use the pay back scheme,” that is similar to what George HW Bush used through the 2008 to pay back Robert Mercer detailed here.

The individual who was hired by the Navy to perform the deposal is involved on the back end with the scam against American citizens and the land grab, and after Trump was deposed he was asked I believe, so should we stop the land grab?

Brian Stafford replied, “I don’t see why. We’ll just continue on with the plan, we had in place before they deposed him.”

This plan is now stopped.

Service members at the Pentagon were sitting there calculating “monetized assets” they knew nothing about before Les Wexner, who wanted the properties ultimately sold to communist Chinese people, after they were foreclosed on for Vancouverization of California. We do not need Vancouverization here, not that I am racist, just American and do not like other nations’ immigrants forced on us through large developments and with the higher than likely penetration of American soil and citizens through hacking and vulnerabilities perpetuated by communist Chinese bribed individuals cited here, this is a significant intelligence problem to monitor especially if they live here.

Why would Xi Jinping want his people to live here on American soil?

Stevenson and the cashless crowd gave these service members the idea with the Wexner, Duff “quest team,” our for bankruptcy and no elected President in our future as they stated would be better than conventional American finance. Trump has been involved in crash and dash properties before that have gone bankrupt and it was said not to long ago when asked what will Trump do when these properties tank?

“He’ll just go around and borrow money like he always has,” said about Trump on December 11, 2018, if the City of Vista goes bankrupt because of his projects’ bankruptcy. “Should we get out of here?” Trump asked then earlier because they began to recognize him as a likely con artist.

Election 2020 will happen, and I am running as President gold now.Money Back can help to make good on our promises to American citizens for a better future.

Service members and others here may not realize that long term these small investors may have to sustain the “investment properties” with their private monies and income.

Trump said a few days ago when asked if he would help them with his riches, “We don’t have any money to pay for your investments.”

“Nothing then?” was asked by the service members.

Their teams wanted to collect service members incomes after Wexner gave them the titles to the properties.

I told the Department of Defense to not accept titles to the properties, and let them go bankrupt.

Wexner admitted then, “I’m going to have to pay for all the stuff based on negative (debt based) financing I created with my gold money,” which is good for us. If locals here are involved in these investments, force them to pay and not you, as we investigate them internally through the Department of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internal Affairs as this was set up likely long before Trump took office. These oligarchs were participating with Trump teams to loot American liquidity which we are stopping. Our US Gold standard and my money back will help with to remunerate the suffering these individuals have caused.

We need to take steps to remove the oligarchs off American soil immediately as they will not be friendly when their assets they counted on stealing from American citizens fall. No crash of the stock market is needed to make up for the loss. They must be arrested now on American soil. We have a right to wrongfully arrest the Stevenson cartel as one of the components clearly left in illegally to continue the land grab. They will go down now either way. There is a price for criminally minded individuals who steal from everybody.

Trump Team with Oligarchs intended to bankrupt all American citizens and every supporter to tag and bag them later on. I stopped them and I am still sitting here. Gold and Money back is ours Constitutionally.


My Headset Installed Illegally by Communist Chinese Bribed & Germanic Ones, Who are Against America with Alien Agenda.

I am innocent, and I should have the security contract that was promised to me as was stated, “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” said the Navy a few days ago, and that is true I work very hard for American citizens and our Navy. My “head noise” is solved. It is time to arrest the guilty. Gordon Duff and his wife broke into my home in Marysville, WA in 2001, before they set up September 11th, to install components in my brain illegally for the communist side acting criminally on American soil to steal from all American citizens through them. They worked with the components Stevenson installed covertly in his quest against American citizens and service members to harm America. He hated that I work for them and that is why he put the technology in my cheek and mouth.

Other article about the crooked cop who installed the headset, that is illegal and used to steal from American citizens and harm innocent women and investors behind our backs with no money out of pocket paid by the criminals operating illegally on bribery payments.

Updated, and to be President of the United States as it is known, I provided honest testimony about the intentions of Donald Trump and his team that have proven itself with much more evidence against them. Their Stole2016 “administration” is more like organized crime than any Presidency that a real agency would protect for the American voter, which is who I work for. I found out now that the Secret Service Agency installed “Hitler’s tape recorders here,” that must be brought down now. Hitler did not want an elected President as is mandated constitutionally, which I am for and we will have in 2020. I am Presidential enough to be President and am a public servant that is required for American style political office. We had the right depose an organized crime based politician selected with the stole 2016 team ones due to their attempt to scam and also later bankrupt all Americans. Based on Gordon Duff’s statement, and if the Secret Service Agency is involved with him, both should be indicted for espionage with communist Chinese assets through the use of thre tape recorders to cause decline to American citizens and force the shift to China, their operator Duff desired as it stated here, “it was all for the Chinese side to come up good and strong,” about the illegal quest they ran at my house against me and against American citizens with the tape recorders. They must be brought down and the “largest land grab in history ” I testified against that Trump is deposed for must stop. All assets they illegally garnered using the cocaine bribery must stay in the suspects possession to bankrupt them and force them to pay in their gold money for them, and if they attempt to sell to China, confiscate the properties immediately, as this was premeditated theft by Richard Cheney as he said here on October 31,2018, “We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” when asked about using advanced electromagnetic technology on the state with his daughter Liz who admitted to using advanced technology here against American citizens,  “I thought that when we used the space cannon, we would get to keep the state.” Not allowed, confiscate assets when and if they attempt to sell them to Chinese individuals, as was stated by Cheney. The Secret Service Agency director could be charged with espionage or worse as he is favoring another nation over American land owners.

These advanced technology users are connected to the harmful tape recorders and embezzlement machines, if as it was stated by the current Secret Service Agency Director, he is involved in this embezzlement scheme, the agency may be held liable for the liquidity lost here by area residents.

I did not know Robert L. Stevenson of Orange County California had put a BlueTooth object in my cheek when my molar broke in my Art History class at San Diego State University, after I got dental work done. His intention was malicious, and I have been investigating it. It was done 25 years ago, and the Navy when I served Navy Region Northwest found “head noise” I did not know about it, and Navy Region Northwest traced it to Stevenson’s CB radio, I found out recently. They then chose to meet with him and not tell me about it. Stevenson when he went up to meet with them met with an individual who had been likely accepting communist Chinese bribery payments since before I published my magazine.

I sensed it back then that the communist Chinese and Russians had been operating aboard our Naval Installations and had begun to investigate the Shift East to stop them. I found out about how technologically America had been surrounded by the communist Chinese through software sales, I am against even today.

Stevenson met with a communist Chinese bribery suspect who was a Department of Defense civilian, who admitted on my road trip, “you found out my identity.” This individual also prevented my, our American combat victory against the terrorists I had been fighting through intelligence means from here, my home for many years for Americans to defeat terrorism ourselves.

Stevenson said when he met with the communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian employee in 1997, “she’s going to get you too badly. So I’m going to tell you what I put in,” he said pointing to the left side tooth area referring to what he knew about the Chinese bribery going on and had probably been told by the individuals there. Stevenson has stalked me with the BlueTooth hardware and operated behind my and American citizens backs for 25 years now. I am able to remote view situations when I am close to the subjects in perspective.

Stevenson said  when I found out about this conversation as he listens through the BlueTooth, his motivation was “I hated you” and “you were always a better cop than I was,” because I served as an informant for him and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Narcotics task force.

The Chinese side DoD civilian admitted on my road trip that he met with Stevenson and accepted his quest, “Only because I was receiving Chinese bribery for too long before,” I started publishing my magazine. And maybe he knew I would find out when I published my magazine about his Chinese bribery and his attempts to force American citizens into communism, because I tend to out criminal individuals operating against American citizens and our service members regularly.

‘I have a little game going on of my own. I think I can use Ann and some of her material for the German Mafia,” said Stevenson to Chinese bribed DoD civilian unbeknownst to me when he met with Stevenson in 1997.

Did he or they even know German culture of don’t do wrong? No Stevenson and now his “demon men” are pure criminals with the cocaine bribery.

Stevenson has worked with Gordon Duff who is for China to defeat American citizens and service members on American soil, as Duff stated.

“Ann cannot know what we did with the Chinese side,” said Duff after I provided the testimony because he was working with yacht people Maxwell me testimony was against. I k now now that he wanted the Chinese side to overtake American citizens interests. Duff connected to the bribed DoD civilian with the headset.

Gordon Duff proud of himself  yesterday said, “I’ve always thought that I am being part of the most important time in history, America might just fall to them,” communist China. That will not happen at all.

The headset was put on when they falsely accused me of murder in the Northwest, even according to the Seattle Times who told me such.

Chinese side DoD civilian admitted, ‘I supported him (Stevenson) killing those people,” and I suspect they tried to blame me illegally. I hate anyone killing anyone without just war causes, defensive.

When I came back to California after being forced out by them and after September 11th happened with real guilty hidden, the Chinese side DoD civilian lied to David Brown.

“They say that she committed some kind of felony,” said David Brown back then when I came back to California unbeknownst to me.
Chinese side DoD civilian admitted, “that’s a lie we told them back then,” to put the headset on.

Chinese side DoD civilian said in 2001 to David Brown then, “just put that headset on her and will be just fine.” That was done to force the shift to China here that I am against, now even serving as President because of the deposal of Donald Trump whose team stole 2016 with the intention of bankrupting all American citizens.

We keep our gold standard and my money back for restitution of American citizens from these criminals who have attempted to steal from all American citizens since they conducted September 11th, the 2008 crash and many other covert financial crimes behind American citizens backs. Our budget surplus is ours to use for American citizens benefit.

Navy phased my magazine out because as Retired Admiral, Annette Brown said, “We liked what those cashless guys had to say,” to defraud American citizens of liquidity through an unbacked cashless system we do now want or need. I and we have also rescued our country and other nations from this now.

How hard was my magazine  to build? Very hard, especially when individuals were operating against American citizens interests in the background and they knew I was an honest cop serving our service members with my marketing and advertising strengths.

How much did I save them? I saved them millions of dollars back then through publishing my magazine and increased transitional benefits for our service members as well as provided important information on area activities, events, travel and secure entertainment through restaurants and nightlife.

She did not want to reveal the communist Chinese bribery I felt when I was there, because I suspect she may have been participating with them, knowing I am our only natural negative holder on my planet.

Brown admitted that on my road trip via BlueTooth, “Because she’s the negative holder I didn’t want to tell her all along,” to save my and our planet from the harmful extraterrestrials Congress knows about and refuses to alarm the American citizens with. I am fighting them on my own with Department of Defense honest employees, against communist Chinese and Germanic ones, who work with Stevenson and Rothchilds. The communist Chinese and Germanic ones are technically defeated through the gene sequencing being no longer able to be conducted and that can be verified here.

“The aliens (alien agenda) told us to bring cashless here,” said, likely David, Rothschild picked up via BlueTooth on my road trip. They are just tools for extraterrestrials nothing more, nothing less, and they’re given the money by alien agenda. No celebrity status should be allowed for individuals who attempted to defraud American citizens their liquidity.

The communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian also participated in the financial transactions on the back end of September 11th which should be considered stock market fraud, as I found out.

He admitted “I ‘only’ perpetrated those transactions,”  about profiting during the terrorism incident. Only is a word used by communist side to limit their guilt.

And that is a connector to Trump with the financial transactions he was charged for during the deposal, which is correct even now.

These German mafia members are the lower educated Americans and non feeling members of American service member society. They are easy targets and easy to manage for the aliens and foreign nationals benefits alone, and need to be stopped for American security to continue.

Admirals who were accepting the bribery payments from communist China have said, “they were supposed to fall to China,” this should be considered espionage at the least today and more severe charges against them should be leveled.

I also wondered yesterday what has been conducted against American service members and senior commanders who are honest with individuals such as Duff who is connected to Les Wexner and prostitution through Jeffrey Epstein. All photographs held by Duff need to be destroyed with tapes of sexual activities.

Wexner yesterday admitted to attempting to defraud service members through their real estate transactions they had been coordinating with service members.

“Then I get to keep that money,” said Les Wexner team about by the amount of money the small investors, such as service members Duff got involved here in the large land developments, have to pay to sell their “investment properties” short sale, negative equity on a car.

They purchased the properties using the cocaine money and Wexner intended to turn over the deeds to the service members when the properties tanked and could not be purchased due to current market conditions, and he looked forward to keeping American service members money that they would have to pay in the short sale transactions.

Service members at the Pentagon were sitting there calculating “monetized assets” they knew nothing about before Les Wexner, who wanted the properties ultimately sold to communist Chinese people, after they were foreclosed on for Vancouverization of California.

Stevenson gave these service members the idea with the Wexner, Duff “quest team,” our for bankruptcy and no elected President in our future as they stated. Election 2020 will happen.

Service members did not realize that long term these small investors may have to sustain the “investment properties” with their private monies and income.

Trump said yesterday, “We don’t have any money to pay for your investments.”

“Nothing then?” was asked by the service members.

Their teams wanted to collect service members incomes after Wexner gave them the titles to the properties.

I told the Department of Defense to not accept titles to the properties, and let them go bankrupt.

Wexner admitted then, “I’m going to have to pay for all the stuff based on negative (debt based) financing I created with my gold money,” which is good for us.

We need to help the younger individuals stop being involved in the bribery scheme who when entrapped yesterday by the cocaine men said, “Maybe we’re not that innocent ourselves so let’s just keep playing with these guys,” in a young sounding voice, a likely individual who is involved unintentionally in the embezzlement game and scheme against American citizens with Trump.

Prostitutes have likely been provided by these same criminal individuals to entice them more, wondering what this “debt financing” they introduced was all about. It was designed to steal service members money just like the payday lenders we were all against.

I am ready to go as President or Special Security Liaison for American citizens and service members at any time. Call me to schedule an appointment (760) 672-2028.

Stevenson who is working against me and American voters admitted, “She (I) became President and we (him and his group) did not want another Presidency to happen,” elections will continue for elected Presidents, and I am still President of the United States serving from home.

We need to fight the terrorism war that the communist Chinese bribed DoD employee prevented the American side from winning when we were defeating terrorism in Syria.  Back then, the Chinese bribed DoD individual who had my headset installed at David Brown’s unbeknownst to me, said,  “See what you can find out on this kid, (me) if I had if I knew who she was we had back then I would have raised ‘German side,’ ” this “German side is Stevenson who he met with in 1997,  and that term is the connector to him and his team now of cocaine men on his cocaine quest called “demons” against American voters and citizens interests, as is stated above, and he would have used Stevenson to harm me to prevent a victory against terrorism for America. This has gone on for far too long now, and even our allies agree they have lost faith in America and said,”I don’t know if anyone believes in America any more.” I do so I keep on working until I get paid and offered a formal office and title.
I am against them and against communism, that they have supported. Constitutionalism only.

The Russian oligarchs have been working for the cocaine men’s interests and it was just heard, “Get rid of Oleg’s equipment,” in my home? I am obviously against him as this is what they have been attempting harmfully listening on American soil as I reported to the Navy and others.