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Personal: I hate “Original Sin”

It is not fair for Goddess to suffer for fraudulent agreements at the Galactic Core level, to be attracted to married men.

I have dated single men and none of them have worked out, or felt love or been lovable.

It is not fair to be pre-judged for experience.

“That is her right opinion.” (Pre-judgement). Well then obviously that is your perception. Some people enjoy sex and choose love later on.

LOVE is important. Love is not dependent on a sexual relationship. It is protective and that is the dangerous thing to her. Is she really protective of you, or would she like to harm you? So what does experience have to do with anything sexual? On a friendship basis, who would protect you? See, it’s not about sex or having lots of sex with many people. When you have had sex with lots of people and choose love overall, that is important. That is why I have been celibate for almost ten years. I choose love. It is weird even to type this, but the Navy knows about that from my birthday with an ex-boyfriend, when they were the only ones holding my hand on the beach as I was crying because he chose not to spend my birthday with me.

I don’t like to be called names like stupid or men I date or am interested in making me feel lower for their benefit. Why do they do this? Is it because it raises them in value? No matter what with male friends, I protect them. That is scary to men. If someone threatens you, I will fight them with all my heart. I guess that why I love the Pentagon and our military personnel. That is all I live for and the American public, of course. I support them and defend them with everything I have got. I can’t even hold American hostages anymore in my heart, because GOD took that ability away from me currently. I have proof it works, what I do and it is sad proof because an American died while I was harrassed and told to let the American go while diving my car on I-5 South approaching Del Mar. I was forced to let a hostage I was holding go because of two CIA guys and when I got to work, about an hour later, a friend stopped by my booth and told me the guy died.

I feel sad still that it happened. I would never have let him go, but I was being harassed and forced to let the American hostage go. It was terrible for me, but it gave me proof that what I do really works. Everyone looks for justification of themselves (confirmation).  Who holds hostages in their heart? I do/did, now I can’t. I still care.

Past lives are important.

If we settle, we still need elections to count completely.

Sovereignty and original goals count without Sater and corruption.


I’m glad that you stopped by. My goal is to help to create a world based on strength of the individual that then leads to support others from that point of strength. On this site you will find ideas, feel free to go to our “take an idea” section and start working on any one. Feel free to collaborate with others you meet with these ideas. You can also leave an idea for others to work on. The focus is on working together to create ultimate beauty, peace and prosperity for all. That is my vision and the vision of the many.

Most people were taught when we were young to believe in the goodness of all and that there is tremendous support for doing the right thing, the honorable thing. Over the last decade, we have all seen many things that have caused us to say this is not true. I am here to tell you, it is true. Imagine if you did one good thing every day for someone you did not know. That’s just one good thing. Like allowing someone to merge in heavy traffic rather than try to get there one minute earlier. That one thing could also be stopping to buy a hungry person a meal, donating your time, signing a petition, anything that contributes to the betterment of everyone. That’s 365 good things per year. If you live to be 80 which is not unheard of, that would be 21,200 good things done if you started at 20. Then what if each good thing you did impacted 10 other people to do just one good thing, that would be 210,200 people you impacted in your life.

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About Ann Diener

Ann Diener began working with renewable technology after seeing the need in the marketplace to provide technology that enables clients to realize benefits in previously untapped resources that are problematic including, waste and waste water. She is the owner of Raven Knight, a full service consulting, marketing and web consulting firm geared towards renewable project development, and also addressing the needs of conventional businesses.

Renewables Development

Ms. Diener has been determined to deliver zero waste technology, water independence and sustainability, as well as water and energy independent housing systems. Ms. Diener is focused on the business side of each project, helping clients to address their needs and take advantage of innovative solutions that will increase sustainability and profitability.

Ms. Diener assembled the team of professionals that have their individual expertise in developing the overall project or product to suit a client’s particular application and requirement. The company is now focused on completing the development phase of several projects it has been working on for the last several years.

Ms. Diener has been involved in marketing for almost 20 years. She saw the need in the market for efficient, simple renewable solutions and began focusing on identifying technological leaders in the field nine years ago. She formed Raven Knight in 2002 and worked with numerous developers and manufacturers to evaluate, refine and further develop available sustainable technologies. Over the years there have been many technologies that have not proven to be reliable by Ann and her experts. See www.ravenknight.com for more information on technologies and expertise currently available through her company, Raven Knight.

She will be launching the Sustainability Initiative to further promote the development of new technology in 2012 for Water Energy Independent Housing and Waste to Energy through the initiative.

Marketing & Web Development:

Ann Diener has been involved in marketing through her own businesses and through assisting other start-ups to mid-sized companies with advertising, face to face marketing, internet marketing and web development. For a list of references, please contact her directly.

My Favorite Projects

Here are the projects I support:

Sustainable Housing

Water Recycling

Waste to Energy

Hydrogen Power


Making Science and Engineering Education Interesting



Mission Statement

To create a sustainable, self-reliant yet mutual aid oriented world where everyone has their basic needs met so that we as a people can all focus beyond those basic needs to create a more secure and evolved world, collaboratively. Sustainability is positive and profitable for all. It is progress.

Ann believes in working with people worldwide to achieve attainable goals to better humanity.