Letter to Congress About the US Dollar and TPP

Here is the letter I will be sending to each Congressional Member:

Dear Congressional Member,

I am writing to you as an American citizen on behalf of the US Dollar. As we have been so focused on the many perceptions of international and domestic issues including Ukraine, domestic spying, CIA torture, drones, Veterans, etc., little attention has been paid to the US Dollar.

What will happen once the dollar is replaced by the SDR currency?

Will Americans have to endure another financial collapse far worse than that of 2008, including facing the potential for hyper inflation?

What is your game plan? When do you intend to tell the public that there is no financial security in the Fed?

As the most recent IMF loan to Ukraine was made in SDR currency and as Russia and other BRICS decide they will no longer be using the petro-dollar, what will happen to the value of the dollar?

Are there measures in place and/or is this part of the secretive TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, where negotiations are being kept secret because the American public would be angry if they found out what it is about? No wonder our opinion as citizens is worthless enough where corporations and governments negotiate our future in secret.

I guess how much power can a bankrupt American public have over multinational corporations?

Will you take action to secure the US Dollar on our behalf, and shed light on our future through forcing all details of the TPP to be negotiated under public scrutiny?

I look forward to your reply.


Ann Diener