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Space Cannon Stopped.

From November 1, 2018 Facebook Post.

Updated 11/2/18 Election and Russian investigation finding, Robert Mueller wanted Putin to steal our elections…

Posted by Ann Diener on Thursday, November 1, 2018

Updated 11/2/18 Election and Russian investigation finding, Robert Mueller wanted Putin to steal our elections permanently, “that is why I would not make that Diebold Nixdorf conviction,” admitted Robert Mueller now.Therefore the Russian investigation implicated the special counsel as guilty.

Space based weapons data, and with the real estate connector we can press charges against them. Estimated cost to California property owners if they had been successful in their embezzlement ponzi scheme. $13 trillion.
Update 11/2/18 7:19 pm, it connects to high value real estate transactions. Admission of guilt.
“We only did that so we could take over everyone else’s property with no money,” said Robert L Stevenson of San Clemente in regards to using the cocaine and arms cartel in San Diego County, California to deface and devalue properties. Embezzlement w/ high value real estate transactions.
Pivotal and in copy, There is an Outer Space Treaty of which the United States is a signatory, there are 108 countries participating which brings up the concern were countries such as Taiwan used as outposts to conduct weapons testing here. “That is what they came here for,” was just confirmed by Taiwan regarding Mike Pence’s visit to attempt to use space based weapons against Americans on American soil, then Taiwan added, “never again” and it was not allowed. We need to see where they are operating against us from. Here is the link to the treaty. “I thought that when we used the space cannon, we would get to keep the state,” said Liz Cheney about California. Dick Cheney said yesterday, “We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” said Dick Cheney when asked about using advanced electromagnetic technology on the state. Embezzlement.

Updated response from Dick Cheney, “We thought we’d have a cake walk over here because he (Trump) is not elected and she (me) is the only President.” not being paid and Mueller has been accepting bribery payments from Bush.

Story updating.
“I only said she was Russian leaning becauses she did not these election convictions the way we wanted to make them,” said intelligence source not using data for election convictions, working on combined conflict alone, not election theft which is fraud and deserves felony convictions for vote theft.
The words “way we wanted to make them,” denotes a compromised investigation. compromised for profiteering by the Dick Cheney team. They are the same ones working on bankruptcy and communism who cannot be trusted with a real election investigation. They are also the ones working with Oleg Deripaska, with some hired by Vladimir Putin.
Update. 11/2/2018 at 5:22 pm
To do list continued.
4. Assigned roles coordinated in election convictions.
“We need your election convictions made because only that,” according to a source, ” will dethrone Putin.”
Putin’s intention was to steal election 2016 w Trump by American means with election convictions outlined in my report, that is the significance of Humpty Dumpty because with Mueller bribery America could never be put back together to have real elections.

Real election convictions are Diebold Nixdorf for no “one world order style voting,” microtargeting with Cambridge Analytica, Renaissance and SCL, an American based company that was located in Russia at one time, and crosscheck as was proven by the Navy and also the Overboard case as well as Greg Palast and others including Nate Silver who examines exit poll data that was fraudulent regarding a false win for Trump who stole 2016.

They were partnered as is discussed with Russian oligarchs through Gordon Duff to compromise the United States of America and the state of California, both electorally and financially.

Updated at 8:42 am. More about communism aka profiteering on the backs of the middle class and the wealthy using high tech weaponry and environmental modifications to our “native habitat” for electromagnetic jails here through free internet for the poor. This could cause people to falsely blame the poor when they ultimately realize what happens to them in 18 months or less.

Why this started in San Diego County, Senator Patrick Leahy found out about me and said, “She did all this revoking and stuff, maybe we can make a mint over there,” in a corrupt tone.

It was actually Gordon Duff who told Leahy about it because the negative was perfectly put by me, he said, “I don’t know how she did it,” then there was something else said alluding to a partnership between the two of them, and that is when Leahy said something like I’ve got to find out all about the area. I picked up on this salesman aspect of Duff’s tone just before he told me he was going to meet with Gene Khrushchev in the Bahamas. That may have been for Oleg, the Russian oligarch to participate with the cocaine men here in the San Diego County area to try to bring forth the communist agenda that is reported in previous posts here and also for the jailer bill for his clients involved in private prisons namely Les Wexner who I was told by Duff that two of Wexner’s attorney’s lived in Duff’s home.

It was solely financial profit motivating him and Duff through real estate transactions for land ownership here and cocaine and arms sales.

Leahy, Duff and others brought in unscrupulous individuals here when they knew I was against his communism, and Leahy was forced to answer questions about communism because I made accusations against his “brand of communism” versus Constitutional Americanism.

“We don’t want to bring communism in here we just want to make a few minor changes to your native space,” Leahy said and now actions more sophisticated than Cuba have been found out about. People here need to talk to middle and upper class people who came here to America after Castro and think about the vans and electromagnetic jails for profit in a new light.

This is being done solely for asset stripping, a form of embezzlement now outed here in California.

They use a popular left and right point people that go battle back in forth in negotiations, while organized crime operates in the background selling drugs for sophisticated control of all people including the middle class and the wealthy, called communism.

The falsely believed idea of sharing being part of this form of profiteering encourages the poor to be on their side and creates a mental challenge when the Beatles are thought of, while the profiteers pay bribes to those easily influenced to sway it their way including towards the profiteering with drug and stolen money.

Eventually every American will like their own home and Constitution more than they like the jails these profiteers wanted to bring in under the cover of a corrupt and weak unelected administration. They potentially expected these unlicensed for space based weapons sales men to move into the area and continue the unlawful testing here because no one would check on space cannons.

There is an Outer Space Treaty of which the United States is a signatory, there are 108 countries participating which brings up the concern were countries such as Taiwan used as outposts to conduct weapons testing here. “That is what they came here for,” was just confirmed by Taiwan regarding Mike Pence’s visit to attempt to use space based weapons against Americans on American soil, then Taiwan added, “never again” and it was not allowed. We need to see where they are operating against us from. Here is the link to the treaty.

This plan is like armed robbery using advanced space based weapon and sophisticated ground based technology.
Updated at 7:01 am, I looked through infinite source in space above California and saw the large ovular with pointy end weapon and a weapons tester said, “I am paying the lower level of the Mason meeting.” To achieve power with them to use the weapons here unlawfully as he is only a contractor hired by Cheney as a weapons manufacturer, technically with no rights to use weapons on American soil. Government declaration of war by Congress would be necessary, I suspect.
“I have no government authority, ” Dick Cheney, admitted now at 7:09 am, he is only a contractor after his own interests technically impersonating a government officials to cause harm with space based weapons misusing his notoriety.
These individuals harmful advanced weapons from the below alien species as has been denoted many times on my Twitter feed.

These aliens also cause terrorism against us for combined conflict with the harmful white alien race that uses child sacrifice as a mechanism for manipulation.

“We need to save our wars,” said the below leader female, who is fighting against American armed forces for terrorists to win.

We could actually confiscate the below’s ships and work with the positive aliens on our space program, but first we need to get over what the harmful white ones have done in the background with the below and the white ones including those at the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

We discovered earlier this morning it was Leahy’s personal intention, working with the Rosicrucian Fellowship, before Trump was deposed to harm Americans with “jail them all” statement he made here, so he probably brought Chenney and company with Duff, known as 1991 now, into Vista and San Diego County area for the alien harvesting of riches to happen under Trump that they could easily discredit him as it is known to Congress and insiders that he and his team are unelected and criminal in nature with his organized crime history as was further proven yesterday in regards to his funding behind the down south network that originated from the absconded riches of likely murdered media mogul, Robert Maxwell, see the section here in the post on “Regarding Robert Maxwell,”

In the beginning when they arrived in San Diego County in August of 2017, the alien agenda wanted to created fascination to build up their story to make people think that they were beneficial, however their long term goals are and we’re in their minds only self serving. That was done with the vans and taking people around which long term posed a threat to this community and California.

In the future it would have been said the area was nice until he, Bill Owens, brought all of these outsiders in. I now found out that he brought Dick Cheney in here and this explains the source for the weapons he sought to purchase possibly illegally. You cannot infringe on another person’s property rights.

Donald Trump is deposed, and I am still President gold.
Earlier proving how the alien agenda team cons the local masons and bribes them.
“I only thought we could intercede,” said 1991 who is a green one.
His intention is to sell the arms, and not to be a secret society member consoler.
“Now let me see if I can give Dick Cheney a call,” 1991 said when people were made aware of his duplicity. Secret Society member said surprised, “he was one of the ones that wanted to put the technology in the sky.” They now may understand here how much they are being fooled by colonialist alien agenda with the “dark magic debate” that could compromise their homes, land and lives.
The group consensus is now, these are unscrupulous, colonialist ETs.
His entry point was consolation for an issue he thought was important to the secret society member and used that to further his goals, which if we’re disclosed and known the secret society member would have objected to.
His intention to call Dick Cheney was 1991’s attempt to use the bandwagon technique for individuals to work against their own interests.
These are all techniques in psychological profiling, as was said now by another individual based on what I had proven through observation.
Conflict on credit for observation caused a potential detrimental distraction and could be perception management because the individual did not like that I could identify the alien agenda team’s use of cajoling.
Yesterday it was identified why these harmful weapons were to be used in California with the Dick Cheney statement here.
“We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” said Dick Cheney when asked about using advanced electromagnetic technology on the state. Embezzlement.
I had the intuition that they would scotch the earth here with the weapons when he said that. This morning 1991, a green hybrid, wanted to call Cheney when cajoling a secret society member did not work out so well.
Here is yesterday’s post regarding the electromagnetic jails and advanced weapons that should be banned. There should be no contracts for profit made against the knowledge and will of the residents and citizens, harmful effects must be disclosed publicly as well as the full background of project participants.
They were shoes out of Iraq for a reason and should be shoes put of here.
Now the Nixon van decloaked is a white sneaky alien energetic. He himself a known child molester, verified, said, “transfer the child molesters into custody.” He has no law enforcement ability. I wanted to know what his true intention is, and it is probably more alien manipulation. He did that to get agreement and harm others here who were seeing their whole game to steal from them and kill them unknowingly with advanced technology.
This “project” is to be unclassified here in California, they potentially started obtaining compliance with local people with Patrick Leahy and the alleged “space god” when I was drugged after Donald Trump was deposed. Nope it was shortly before with Patrick Leahy’s intentions and private contracts he had that were personal in nature.
I suspect they misused the electrocuting me in my car that the criminal coordinators did in the beginning and had Bob Stevenson with Gordon Duff use the advanced weapons on me in my car with the other leaders in the Masonic community to attempt to force their compliance long term into a plan that would harm them long term, using guilt as a mechanism.
That is why the advanced weaponry was encouraged in the beginning to attempt to kill me for sport and myth in the hopes that long to they had compromised the most powerful people. Whose land and properties do they want? Those same people they compromised as viewers.
They would have been Christmas for the aliens.

We were supposed to pick her up as President and what happened.

The beginning. “What do you think they’re doing over there? Why won’t they at least let us come in here and pick her up (as President),” was asked by the Navy after Donald Trump was legally and lawfully deposed in 2017. The plot uncovered, Obama Brennan syndicate with cocaine men against me.

These were disgusting men involved in a quest around here who used Christian Fundamentalism to attempt to steal area real estate, that began this criminal cartel in the area in conjunction with Leahy and the profiteers that came in to town. This was outed by me and involved with Dick Cheney and the illegal indefensible weapon they put above the state, that is being removed today.

“We were supposed to pick her up back then as President, but the we got derailed by that horrible company she used to work for,” said June 2018 about Marriott Vacation Club and Dick Cheney team that was possibly harming children in conjunction with the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

Do they pick me up as President, eventually soon.

Out alien agenda Israeli mafia connection to doctors and western medicine.

It was just heard when this was typed, “then we can’t use cancer any more,” from the white alien agenda team who sprays micro thin particles in the sky to infect us all.

They also use harmful DNA sampling that has been outed before.

It is housed in Israel, “I thought we could use the Israeli doctors going that contain this information,” was just said by an Israeli judge. That judge is suspected in child harm, and this is another aspect of what these two combine to accomplish which is featured in this morning’s video with the first sex camera and its connection to their Israeli base that may be closed down. That is how they attempt to control the world is through sex blackmail.

“They know we have been using them (droids like the television episode I am looking for) in the medical community,” admitted Patrick Leahy regarding the harmful use of them against patients. We need no droids at the Veterans Administration, we need humans.

President Ann Diener and Special Security Liaison. Negative Holder. Gold and Money Back. Rosicrucian rape and cheating, not my "marriage partner."

Posted by Ann Diener on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Indefensible Weapons Removed Permanently.

Confirmed, “that indefensible weapon cannot stay in the sky and that’s the only benefit,” according to him, “from you (me) staying around here (as President).” The vans are removed permanently and I have ended underground jails. The gold must remain in the US Treasury.

This has been like armed robbery conducted by Schumer and Cheney using sophisticated weaponry that we stopped.

What we are fighting against here in California, has been verified with this statement here.

“I thought that when we used the space cannon, we would get to keep the state,” said Liz Cheney about California. Dick Cheney said yesterday, “We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” said Dick Cheney when asked about using advanced electromagnetic technology on the state.  From November 1, 2018.

President Ann Diener gold and money back, no communism, and what I found out before.

Posted by Ann Diener on Monday, November 19, 2018

No Underground Jails Concession

Good news, “We are not putting anyone in an underground jail ever,” they said and this is better than the war crimes tribunal for Americans.

President Ann Diener and Special Security Liaison. Gold and money back ours.They must be arrested and detained now "because big men wanted to profit from misery."Trump legally and lawfully deposed August 8, 2017, and I am the "only President."Good news, "We are not putting anyone in an underground jail ever," they said and this is better than the war crimes tribunal for Americans.This defeats the largest blockade we have ever had. FBI has all power to legally and lawfully arrest those involved with Hoover."We could have the biggest victory, and there were some people that wanted to stick them (the below aliens, known as Mintakans) down there," waiting to jail humans on the surface.Those who wanted them to be put below ground deserve to be shot today because they pose an immediate threat to.the American people. I am issuing an Executive Order regarding this. We do not belong in a world designed for Hoover's inflicted misery.

Posted by Ann Diener on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Electromagnetic jails with China and Unelected Deposed Trump

Maybe the intelligence community is trying to see how much they can get out of me for free?

This is an old post from Facebook that I wanted to have on my blog. The significance is what we are fighting against and most of it is private party as I just discovered with my headset.

“We refused to stop Bill Gates for her headset case not to be solved,” said local Navy personnel. I sent this over to the FBI because I do want my headset case solved. In my opinion Bill Gates home should have been raided a long time ago because he is working directly against the interests of the American people, and has directly stated that. He could cost the American people their retirements. How many times does this have to be repeated?

Here is the old post.

Trump known unelected and deposed by all in Congress. More on what the communist Chinese intended, “their (American) jails were to be built with electromagnetics,” said the Chinese this morning and below is photo of construction reflecting what is to come with steel frames making wireless electric targeting more contained and pin point, as well as closed in listening for CCTV.

When considering the wiring and wireless electricity that can be enhanced to harm targeted and easily implanted individuals inside these buildings and with the vans reported on before. They look insidious with their square box style and magnetic components that coincide with the pavement I called voodoo voting pavement. Article found here with quotes from suspects involved operating against American citizens’ interests.

On my way back today, I received a quote via syntel device, “We wanted to control the world and what everyone’s thinking,” said a Nixon van inventor.

This all relates to young people and the homes they will be inhabiting that are involved in the large real estate developments near by and probably elsewhere, as was noted before, invested in by Paul Allen team with Donald Trump, the San Diego County officials here including Bill Owens with the far right in town, operating in coordination with Patrick Leahy, a known communist, preaching dependence thinking.

How do the far right and some on the left benefit from American bankruptcy? (to be updated with photos).Looking around…

Posted by Ann Diener on Thursday, September 27, 2018

The vans are connected to the real estate transactions, as was stated by Chinese bribed Donald Trump, who asked on September 27, 2018, “I thought we could leave the vans in until we conducted these real estate transactions.” These transactions are conducted as Trump stated with cocaine funding. “it was only cocaine money I (Donald Trump) intended to put into the local community,” said Trump. This is money laundering of cocaine funds in Vista real estate and development, as was stated on or around September 18, 2018. Trump is using contactors operating illegally with Full Spectrum Dominance “testing” illegally on American soil in San Diego County to potentially influence public opinion and spread electromagnetic misinformation using the vans, airplanes and high frequency weaponry hidden just above the typical cloud cover area. Not to restate it too often you can look it up on my Twitter feed under James Slyfield. He is to be considered one of the arms traffickers mentioned before that are part of their network. He is a contractor and not a government employee.

“She makes the rules,” said James Slyfield, said about me as President on September 14, 2018, who added, “We didn’t have the right to use it here officially speaking.”

Before my legally and lawfully binding Executive Order on the 14th to ban this harmful technology used against Americans, Slyfield admitted to using the technology set here in the Vista area. “that’s part of Full Spectrum Dominance, so you’d better get out of here,” he said.

Involved in the set are the box shaped Mercedes and other brand vans with magnetic components. Paul Allen brought the vans into the area with the Stevenson cartel, and they paid for them with cocaine funds and parallel transactions based on fraudulent use of a gold certificate.

“We are the ones with Issa invested in it,” said Allen for fraudulent cashless accompanied by invisible jails in townhomes for America’s young innovators who would typically be just starting out and purchase one of the townhomes below for the exorbitant price of $500,000 on borrowed money. He admitted to being partners in the large development pictured below.

These are very limited individuals as most are as was stated by more than one “Nixon Supporter,” they are “too old.” They have wanted to control young people and innovation for America to fall into a subservient position with China. John Brennan was also outed as bribed by China to Camp Pendleton, however from my understanding, he was only reprimanded by the CIA.

As they are working with falsely perceived “techies” Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who were in reality just software purchasers or even thieves of Gary Kildall’s software, the individuals are not real innovators but rather cover stories designed to suppress real developers through a high tech scam network, designed as was stated to “create dependence” through communism, rather than Constitutional independence which is needed for innovation and success of America.

Their network is operating slightly below the surface and is difficult to discuss because though my reports are well evidenced. Their plan has been fueled with cocaine funds and illegal arms trafficking by these old men, old women, career criminals, arms traffickers, as well as unelected front men and women.

This criminal network and “jailer bill” is probably hidden in the “Free Internet” idea for underground cabling used by phone and internet companies. Here it is denoted to cause harmful effects on human health, “However, the magnetic fields around the underground power cables may cause harmful effects on human health.”

It basically forms a human jail, electromagnetically as is described in the intentions of the communist Chinese. This directly benefits China financially because American innovation will be reduced to rubble, and we as Americans will be financially incapacitated due to lack of inventions and American exports.

That is why it is significant that Donald Trump and others inside his unelected administration are receiving bribery payments from China, as it was admitted to today. He is also connected to the cocaine network with Putin and Xi.

Update at 9:54 sent to Seattle Times, confirmed Donald Trump is accepting bribery from China.
Our Constitutional Republic stands with election convictions, not bribery from China.
“We have all been accepting bribery from China,” Donald Trump just admitted today.

He does this because he is part of the one world order scam and involved with Nixon, as he was not elected, but selected by Bush, not the American citizen and was not Constitutionally voted in.

No one wants to think this scam is happening to us Americans with Donald Trump. Perhaps we are understanding what Xi meant when he said that he was going to play “bingo” with Trump, use him for increased coercion of the American public as a known unelected President whose entire team is compromised, and who works with a cocaine and bribery network set up by criminals to limit American’s financial strength for China’s benefit, not our own.

We need to stop them from capitalizing on our weakness by removing the criminals today including the now known alien agenda cartel with the individuals in the lab at Subase Bangor who coordinates the bribery payments with the Admirals.

These are few small and outed criminals who have been operating since 1991 in their forced departure from Iraq and “scam America,” then in 1992 with the cocaine “network down south,” in 1993 with “quest” for corruption sheriffs involved in possibly connecting cocaine trafficking with weak bribable suspects and arms traffickers inside the government, to 2001 arms experts who did September 11th and then profited from it through stock market transactions coordinated with the incident, then connected to the 2004 stolen election from John Kerry where they “swift boating” him, to the 2008 the setup market crash, to now, violating laws because of embezzlement and schemes with cocaine and illegal arms trafficking in the background to reduce American standing internationally through electromagnetic jails funded for Americans by communist China.

This possibly connects to the lab employee from Bangor that Stevenson or someone else in their cartel may have found by hacking of government computers back in 1994 or making contacts with individuals who could be bribed. I wonder who found him. This individual as was noted in yesterday’s report and the day before’s report coordinates the bribery with the Admirals in Puget Sound.

According to that individual at Bangor, as he said, “I am part of some alien experimentation.” He is in fact a possible white alien in disguise as a human.

This connects to electromagnetics employed by alien agenda that is typically used against humans. It now known to be coordinated with the communist Chinese government. Minor employees and cocaine bribery suspects hacking to “quest a little better,” as Stevenson did to locate individuals in government computers that could be bribed in 1993, causes unnecessary and unwanted challenges for law abiding American humans.

AM Evidence relating to Trump scam since 1991. This also potentially relates to the Israeli involvement alone in the California Innovation center Governor Jerry Brown put together. I complained about it back then and said there should be more participation on the Palestinian side, as Israel is home to both peoples, who are to be considered Semites. The Likudists or high Jews as they are sometimes called do not like to acknowledge that known internationally only fact.

“I’ll get the Israelis (Likudists through Lieberman and Netanyahu) involved, and they’ll make it harder for America to be successful,” said Donald Trump in 1992 after he met aboard the yacht for the scam against America in 1991, which is why he was deposed August 8, 2017 and I am President since then.

Timeline. 1991, I suspect this was after the war profiteers were sent home from Iraq, Donald Trump met with billionaires aboard a yacht and said, “I’ll bet we can pull a scam on America.”

The war profiteers were likely involved with Carlyle, Diebold Nixdorf and those accepting bribery from China that were reported on yesterday and the day before. Then the drug network got set up “down south” here in California in 1992 and probably elsewhere. They worked with sheriffs who were unscrupulous and Paul Allen’s team to use drugs as a mechanism for funding of real estate transactions and bribery payments to financially ruin America.

Picking up where 1991 left off after their team was forced to leave Iraq, defense contractor got involved in weapons testing on Americans for sale overseas. They made profits from illegal war budgets weapon sales. They acted like it was common place for this scam to happen, but it had been considered illegal back in 1991.

This network involved these arms dealers acting with certain senior level US military personnel acting against America with China and Russia to attempt force compliance for their profit center illegally. This serves as a means of extortion by the arms dealers and the other criminals involved. They use perception management to entrap people in the armed forces to support them as was written about in 2003. I suspect that is why the article was written, to take down their network that involves Carlyle, Bush Capital and Devils Nixdorf as well as other corporations including AT&T.

This is one nasty criminal gang and is why they try to keep everything running their way using image people they manufacture to propel their scam forward.

The emperor had no clothes now, and I am President gold and money back working to end the cabal rule by force against Americans. We need real elections in America to remove these outlaws.

Yesterday’s post, read and scroll down to the Arms for Extortion.

Since 1991 our country has had “embezzlement specialists” involved in this criminal cartel. They get arrested today.

Be safe out there. Our Constitution stands for the American citizen and our voters.

Their strange quest was very painful to me financially and emotionally. Here is my personal account from the beginning that details how they harmed me to jail you.

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, July 13, 2018

How good are a country’s leaders if they are compromised by foreign powers, which I am not, nor will I ever be. It is proven today that they are bought and paid for by China. I may move to another more natural state if this overdevelopment for cashless electromagnetic jails continues.

No matter what this network will be busted soon. Is this about making the Navy save us from China.
“We were told by the religious right to cause nuclear war if this ever got out,” said Navy violating mission and values. Now when called on it, “I never talk to the religious right again.”
The guarantee of religious freedom is codified for the Armed Forces in Title 10, United States Code (USC), sections 3073, 3547, 5142, and 8067. There should be no siding with any religious faith.

I am the President because Donald Trump was legally and lawfully deposed on August 8, 2017, and not because God is on the dollar.

I know what they did on the back end with outlaws.
Get the criminal arrested who said about me, “we need to keep her dazed and confused.”
He is not damaging my career any more.
I am ready to testify against 1994, aka Bob Stevenson.
We have a small Mormon (1% in the state) and a criminal group in Southern California that has threatened me with a small percentage of hard right religious fundamentalists supporting some Catholics to attempt to make the world go down hill rather than up in a positive light.

Religious Landscape Study

Bring my known “Jesus gold” back to me from the Likudists and others who may be leveraging on it for misery of the American people, which I oppose vehemently and that is known to all of Congress.

The concept of the holy book being the “novel that we gave you,” as it was admitted by the white aliens, needs to be examined as to what its purpose was in regards to American freedom guaranteed by our Constitution.

Saving Israel and America while eliminating those who could control us

No wandering necessary for Jews nor Americans, as the myths seem to require, communism and the holocaust was attempted for transient aliens called the below or Mintakan’s (see yesterday’s discussion about them). This was set up by Hitler’s team formerly, possibly that wanted access to their harmful technology that we are dismantling today. We are going to profit on components for peaceful beneficial purposes only.

Jews can find a beautiful place to live, work hard and no one will you harm you, once we remove Benjamin Netanyahu and others aligned with him who wanted a horrible police state for the world to live in, and this can even be verified by Angela Merkel.

Settlements are never needed. The very word means a home above the surface that does not belong there nor to the people who live there.

Settlements were created for aliens who are transients.

We can have our vacation planet now.

All of my posts and videos can be shared. I have evidence to back up my truth about the Presidency. People have told me “stay the President,” and I am.

I was almost finally picked up as President yesterday when we proved Trump’s conditional release was violated. It was exciting, but then individuals in the down south network interfered.

“We are picking her (me) up as President of our country today,” said Navy yesterday, so none of this telephony bribery scheme by criminals should go on. Finally Americans win their vote and gold back I thought.

About the harmful transient off worlders who may have been behind some of the suffering the Jews went through the holocaust. They do not win here now, not ever.
These are pure thieves using the advanced technology that are outlined in this report. I am honest and justice oriented and it outlines also that I am the only President there too. We keep our Constitution strongly over here. I would only select a Democratic Vice President.
Today’s task to take down the down south cocaine network.

Confirmed, the pavement came from Netanyahu’s side. Ehud Barak is opposed to the pavement, and he could likely win in Israel.

We need to stop the hard right election theft admitted to here.

Follow the Executive Order and get the down south network and harmful “alien breeding area” over.

Since they were thrown out of Iraq these unimportant people have been stealing elections to win because they lose naturally.

Because they were thrown out of Iraq by Americans for illegal arms sales, they should not have more rights here.

Our voters have dreams of a real elected President and that is what we will deliver.

They wanted to control the world from here was just admitted to by an Israeli chosing to rethink their strategy. We found that out here about California and I am working fastidiously hard to remove the pavement and the advanced technology. We are rooting them out here and we know about the numbering of their alien men.

When the numbering was found out, the evil white alien said, “so what’s going to happen to all the harmful technology we put in.” It gets destroyed by Americans now.

The white aliens came here through the boulder builder race who had their green men numbered to accompany the one in the middle that we removed when the negative install happened. There were 13 left and these are the harmful white ones that get killed now.

The pavement can be covered over with a silicon based spray to eliminate its magnetic effects.

Reason for Delay

This quest only got strange when the Lucifer portion started. Lucifer is the peaceful masculine name for the Sun. It got strange because I suspect they wanted to  leave only the harmful aliens and my deals have only been for positive aliens. Only certain people wanted those harmful aliens.

We figured out other bad things along the way. The detention center are not needed. There is no purpose, because of the work we did.

isreali agenda.

need for below  people.

Back then. they were only going to come pick me up. Then it became a strange male quest, where a male was chosen to participate. This reminds me of Tim Harris. “The wanted no positive agenda.”  means to have a positive agenda.

super power.  human.

Then the nasty war criminals started spell casting in my house.


writing for detention centers. purpose. crime. needs.

We need oversight in Washington DC. Payment. Keep Convictions. dia

Same old thing I proved, about the war on terrorism and the need to set up the above agency, and the war crimes.

combined conflict. company and dhs.

means for america to retain super power status.

needs for american success.

“Human Rights. Gold Standard. Constitution. Keep Convictions.


Healing. Our Path to Redevelopment

It is amazing when you uncover complete stories, and you are dealing with men who are too stuck in their old ways to realize how wrong they are.

We have done an amazing job at restoring our planetary Negative and the planet is improving every day. We are stuck with the old thinking and old ways of doing business. That is currently being revoked. The benefits for the future is that we get to feel good about what we as Americans do in the World. Our contribution is vitally important to Freedom of ALL people.

That is the cornerstone of our Sovereign Republic, with our Constitution at our side. We have to be proud of that document. We are still working on participating honestly in the World. We are still struggling because of what I have been fighting for almost 20 years to keep you, the American public and planetary citizens, safe and free under the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution.

We can win. The key is the budget. We found $14.2 trillion dollars today, and it is pretty exciting because that is our Space Budget and Redevelopment funding.

Thinking about what we can build. We can heal ourselves from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  PTSD with our development funds, accomplishing Quality of Life goals and objectives.

So how do we get from here to there. Keep Convictions.

We need to discuss housing. The benefits of redevelopment is that it also provides Transition Assistance, as part of the Transition Assistance Program.

Imagine how many people we could help.

means for america to retain national standing. Turkey. innocent. means to make turkey. means to support.

means for america to retain super power status. Redevelopment. john bolton. purpose. below people. death. other individuals involved. need for end times. “none”  means to remain a super power.

American standing base on innovation and development.  Now we can look at building materials, power and water treatment.

American. means to work with china profitably and peacefully. means retain super power status. English.

means to keep peace with chine. means to work effectively with police and sheriffs.

“Equal pay for service.”  means to create american standing. Keep Conviction. settlement. Divine Light. means, job. innocent. guilty, PLANET

china. Russia. planet thieves. China. purpose. means. peace. meas for america ti retain status. Barack Obama success. PLANET ann’s class.

means and mechanism to american success.


insure americanism.

means for america to remain financially stable.


My Quest with God

When I connected to God in my car back in 1994, after I was told about the key, I always followed my heart. My quest has been about the real United States of America and that’s all that it’s about, in addition to understanding myself and saving the planet. I learned about being the Negative Holder and I am glad I did the revoking agreements because it gave me the authority to place the Negative perfectly.

On Valentine’s Day, I really have no interest in men. It has been painful because of these blow job men and their stupidity. People have hurt me and tortured me through poisoning, cointel pro and targeting fluid, Nasty aliens, yucky stuff I would never want a daughter of mine to go through. No one would do this to anyone or allow it to be done. It pure complicity to torture and abuse someone. At least I found out what men are about.

Give all these men cointel pro for a day and see how they like it. Then add some targetting fluid make their lips hurt. Bug their computer steal all their files. I guess that’s what men do is steal because they can’t earn anything on their own.

Men suck. Women just work hard. And get no credit, especially when they are God or Jesus. They don’t even get their Gold that is theirs, or is it stolen by Netanyahu, who gets applause for stealing gold, land, everything from everyone. People know I “Jesus” the “Prophet” “Divine “Conscious Mind Channel” How many names does a person have to be called to get credit for helping America and initially asking for nothing in return for their quest because mine was not about money. And that’s why Paul Allen hates me.

I found out about his master builder taking over the bases because I made people aware of his quest for quest for communo-fascism and to steal the planet. So how many more days is it going to be before I get payment and applause? People know where I am.

“Leave no man behind.” How many people have I saved? When do I get credit? This no blow job woman.

Every day I have worked hard in this office. Many days for 15 hours in addition to working full time. I save this country. I improve foreign relations through the articles I write. I have saved thousands of lives through fighting some of the worst terrorists using intelligence means and online searches, breaking them and scenarios down as well using people finder services, twitter, publicly available searches, online news, even translations of publications from foreign countries. I do anything to locate a terrorist and take them out. I also hate coups and people who steal from the poor in any country. “NOT IN MY NAME.”

MUELLER INVESTIGATION. people we put in power. illegal arms trafficking. honduras. council on foreign relations. kissinger. nixon.
Mueller Investigation. American Ideals of Justice.

Happy Valentines Day! CIA. no martial law. freedom exists for the public. john arpaio. no war.  scherff junior. chenney. complete the september eleventh investigation. nixon vans. trump administration. why God is here.

“Why can’t they arraign us…” Good question.

Peaceful Election 2018.

CIA can investigate foreign crime against Americans.

NAVY can take care of Master Builder.

“We’ve got a deal from down there, so they can share.” We need to make sure the deal is fair.

Is the sun technology destroyed? I get Yes, but I want to see footage as proof. And the American public needs to be told.

Those stone builders had a plan in conjunction with the rosicruicians.

“I get indemnity policy for Israeli citizens.” What does that mean? We have American citizens, not a “few bad apples that spoil the bunch.”

“You stick with alien agenda.” Nope, I want my own notoriety.

Humans have a right to their planet. And I hold the Negatives for this star system. NEGATIVES HOLDERS. New Election for the United States of America. Ballots ready, no redlining. just get the Presidential Election for 2018 done. How big a case do we have to make for September 11, 2001 and those who were guilty then and now. The financial collapse called “the biggest land grab in history.” Are we going to allow this to happen to the American public.

I am ready to straighten this out peacefully. Will anyone call me who is human and give me the respect that I deserve? I’d think that people would be pretty excited to know the truth.

They keep dragging this out. Do they want humans to win? Yes.

When you are ready to talk, please call me and make an appointment at (760) 672-2028. Please be professional.


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