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Projects I want to work on and those who work against our country

Should insurrection deem stole 2016 as unelectable in 2024? Possibly, most of the Republicans on the Primary side seem to deem them that way, “I can easily beat President Trump.” found out because they know a lot more than is being said about them, like aiding and abetting our adversaries during their term, and they know they lost to Biden who had 68 percent of the voters then. President Joe Biden is serving until the end of his term, and it could be an interesting election cycle. I still work for the voters and intend to serve in our Municipal elections here at the polls, and keep hoping for the best for everyone.

It is very sad what happened to Mary Peltola. I have been working on creating a re-election website for her free of charge. I put a lot of money into Our Planet, my 10 years of Wyndham retirement was all stolen by individuals I identified in my stories, and no one paid me for our planet, I keep working on my Waste to energy Projects here in Alaska with the goal of making up for the difference that I suspect others have been doing in the background against us, so that we can increase our PFD funding here through what can be labeled as Capital Improvement projects the voters can ultimately vote on when they are presented to the public. Imagine voting on your own pay raise. That is our goal to provide existing technology now, the PyroGenesis systems to the municipalities and Boroughs here in Alaska, that were ordered by the Navy to put on their ships to convert wastes to saleable by products and gas identified here. We eliminated the alien agenda and need to keep working to do good and I keep working many different jobs and on my business and helping Kennedy maybe if Biden is not able to stand up more strongly for the voters. I always worked 16 hours a day on my projects and intend to start doing that again  with the smaller home I have now. I may not grind waste outside here and what is nice is that the system below is proven so maybe not so much hard work is needed

20,000 years ago Our Planet and Mars

We had a natural planet 20,000 years ago when I was sent here by my father then after those aligned with the alien agenda had almost completely taken over our planet, Mars. A money trader who I came here with at 5 years old had put me on board a small space craft that was like a more powerful floater with windows around and carpeted seats, it used similar to nuclear fuel to plasma to travel through space. When it crash landed on the planet, we were in a tropical environment then and he quickly found out how to trade with the native people who did not know what we were about from a far more urban planet that had computing installed on it.

It took them with him 2,550 years approximately to alter our planet from the beautiful natural one we arrived on then that was untouched by supercomputers to the one we had that could be invaded.  From that point our core had been placed in the wrong position and it took me another 17,450 years to have it fully restored with our core in the middle where it was naturally.

We restored our core five years ago because it fully ignited then, your home world, Our Planet, and when you look at our history as a planet, the computers were actually our enemy when they brought them here from Mars to control you and our money system was all about what was put into the computers, sure personal decision making maters, however they could control you and the way you spend as well as who has what.

When I look at my life as far as the project funding, for real projects like the Waste to Energy projects I have worked to make real, the one obstruction I have had was 9/11 and my success with my company that people wanted to put down since October 2000, the Military Beat magazine then that almost broke the Glass Ceiling.

They made it very bad for me as a foreign policy enthusiast who worked against Russia and China and for a more positive world that they could not understand, so they created the terrorism to eliminate optimism in some ways but so much was already created internally within the United States to manufacture the Russian threat. They actually made money with it even as early as 1998. I worked hard to understand who was behind any threat to our country since then, and used my abilities to try to break threats down to save the American people money rather than allowing their perceptions to managed against them for wars to be created for profiteers even those in the third tier. Is there a beneficial third tier, well that was the one that took Bush on and he did 9/11 or did he not and was he just a man they framed for their strength to use against American optimism that exists maybe here or somewhere else free of foreign influence used against us and if they are bribed

What a horrible day that was in 2001, I had no idea it was going to happen. I was being terrorized at home in Marysville, Washington with what they installed Army electronics wiring and George Bush was President then. I had lost a lot of money with my magazine I published for the Navy for 5 years, and an individual had offered to buy my company within the now found out to be the devil at NSA for $843,000 and back then they gave Robert L Stevenson $643,000 while they implanted me and carried the headset on a boat, the guilty party, “We’ll carry the headset, the guilty party and then we will always blame her,” said about me.

Bush had stolen 2000, and back then people did not know that he had really stolen the election. They used the hanging chads, but in reality we were dealing with an alien agenda and their desire to work with aliens from other star systems, the ones Nixon had talked about, and Bush really was questionable.

During 9/11, they hired the devil guy to follow me around, later saying that if I worked to stop the terrorism I could call it A + research, since they planned it all in the background to be used against him planned before he knew, and he did have a role to play in 9/11, as he was trying to prove himself, an unsure President who did not win the election by vote so he could be manipulated, I would do OK. We have not been like the Bill Clinton administration since Whitewater. Remember the freedom of making money and having a chance at it. It did happen in the Obama Administration too, but when the Israelis took over in 2016 with the bribery paid to Mike Flynn and Turkey with the Gulen Movement, we as Democrats were loosing on the National Security Side. Everything was about bribery and how much money you make corruptly.

We are approaching twenty two, 22 years since the incident happened then with the devil on the building, the old intelligence asset who died. He was the British boy referred to in my articles who became the Galactic Sun that in my opinion had already been moved to Source Core.

I was never about accepting corrupt money, a small time developer, who while working at Wyndham and Marriott as well as having my own business developing renewables in San Diego, California who found out a lot of information about what was going to happen in the future, and who knew the Democratic Primary was stolen from Bernie Sanders in 2016 by Hillary Clinton, who we watched loose her funding for the Presidency, and then later who watched Donald Trump steal the election from her.

At that point I suspected he was going to devalue everyone with what he had planned and I spoke out about. He had stolen the election with only 26% of the voters voting for him in 2016, so I worked hard to prove that, and it was admitted in 2019.  Then they lost in 2020 to Biden, and it was strange because Biden did not have the strength as Trump because they keep giving more to the corruption because of the white stuff and what they all use to maintain controls on our planet of oil. It seems hard to believe that a 26%er and then he had 34% against Democrats could be so strong in the background and have operated against every American with the Adelson crime syndicate since before 9/11 through Paul Allen sides.

We need a red hot planet to keep the CORE producing lava and heat so that the center continues to melt and expands the heat out and so what is below the ocean causes great heat and the land to rise with the water melting on the OCEAN to create more oxygen to evaporate and rebuild the ozone. This heals the fissures and allows for a better planet

Were their Russians worth it with Nuland? Then we look at Israel and Turkey. And people always want to say little Marriott girl, yet it was not fun being me dealing with Bush for 23 years. I used to be able to supersede him and had to. Today is $50 million available to me and why not

18 Galactic Suns reside inside a beautiful Source Core filled with Gold Plasma Light and Gold Plasma Light Strands that flow through it from the Galactic Cores of every Galaxy. These Galactic Cores contain as many as 18 Suns that have 10 to 12 planets revolving around their Suns with a Solar Core that circles each one slowly and serves as a regeneration tool. On ours it can either choose to regenerate you with those strands or pick you up to move you into the Galactic Core through the refractor to the Sun. Our Solar Core had been broken, and it has served a dual purpose since we had to depend on something called a Galactic Vacuum to remove agreements.

The Galactic vacuum is gone and unneeded as our Solar Core exists and serves the same purpose with new strands added for every human every day when you look up to the Sun. It is what we revoke our agreements to now to keep our planets ongoing and in the background. Our Sun went up to join the other Suns that make up the Galactic Core months ago. That side of the Chart should be up to 16 Suns and We are finishing the Galactic Core

Everything in the intelligence community is about setting limitations on people, and in reality those worlds did not exist when our world on Mars was being destroyed.

With such beautiful work we have been doing we need to work together to understand the Galactic Core and how it uses our Sun internally to it and operates with our Planet and Planets that hopefully some day can be visited with NASA astronauts (new word needed) dressed in regular clothes, maybe then they will be called explorers then as its soil and atmosphere become moist, and did quite a few work against that with the too old so how do the young achieve a goal such as that. The word astronaut harms our star system and means not of the stars

Explorers allowed in my Galaxy of suns, stars now in our Galactic Core.  I am one and the chart is not for sale with all of its components for everyone  and our Natural planet was superior for human life when I arrived here at 5 and me the 50 year old installer restored our core to the middle for that Natural planet to be restored for everyone to have a better Natural planet.

I  told the truth for 7 billion to win Naturally and people give too much credit to big mean men and men in general, women hold the cores in their Natural position. Why has there been such a battle to have the Natural planet we invaded so long ago as people knew then I was the Negative Holder for each planet and came here from Mars

Will the 77 year old be too old to be on the ballot? With the indictments that went through, can he win the Republican Primary?  And what is the impact on my planets because I did our install to eliminate the threat I found out about when I met with Ali McNeil after they announced that Donald Trump had “won” the 2016. Eerie feeling “Something bad is going to happen.” We stopped them to my job at the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Democrats need a younger candidate that appeals to the voters and we need to make real money again, what is wrong with that

Here is the article and understand what it means.



Our world is about Nuclear Fusion to Plasma

With the Biden White House having investigated plasma late last year, we look to 2023 with more future adventure, should they chose to pursue advanced space travel based on what was sited before.  The Eileson Bid could really prove buoyancy of plasma for spacecraft.

What are our goals for 2023? We need to look ahead and see where we want to go.

Is satellite based heating of the Yukon river causing Salmon populations to decline?

“Heat stress could be part of low Chinook salmon returns,” according to USGS on a data sheet here file:

and this is important to examine. What is causing the heat?

Today here in Alaska, Federal Officials are looking for input on what is being termed as the “Salmon disaster” with extremely low salmon runs and historically low Chinook salmon runs on the Yukon river. The meeting with the Department of the Interior at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration will take place at 1 pm.

To prepare for the discussion and to understand what is happening here in Alaska, listen to this interview from a few weeks ago, and it does discuss the heating. How much of this heating can be stopped by eliminating satellite and internet based frequency?

Talk of Alaska: Yukon River Salmon

According to the USGS, based on analysis of the fish by sampling, most (54%) of the 477 Chinook salmon sampled had signs of heat stress in lab tests (figure 3 on the above sheet.) This is a high and concerning heat stress level. We expect that heat stress has been present in Yukon Chinook salmon over the past 20 years based on these lab results and the longer temperature records. This heat stress could be causing the decline of the Chinook and other salmon, and we must address it and identify if it relates to satellites at which point, we need to turn them down and allow the rivers to cool. Without heating we would have a better environment and more fish. It seems as the tech bands increase decline happens so we must decline the tech band and increase our natural planet without them.

I watched as Lake Shasta emptied because of this heating, and here in Alaska we need to reduce big tech and limit its impacts.

Alaskans depend on the salmon for their subsistence through the winter, so this issue of how to increase the salmon population is critical to the food infrastructure in the State when it has declined severely over the past several years.

As Eielson AFB bid goes out for a nuclear micro-reactor, Thorium should be under consideration

Reading today’s Fairbanks Daily Miner, Eielson Air Force Base has put up for bid a nuclear micro-reactor and what we need is for America to be more competitive against China that is already pursuing Thorium systems.

More information on Thorium reactors and the advancement towards their use.


Hopefully a Thorium system will be among those included in the bids. Can one be developed from beginning to end as the bid seems to be for  commercialization project of a pilot? I have been hoping for such a system for years. We have to watch and see as I hope we continue to advance towards a better future challenging ourselves to be more competitive. The Thorium systems are safer and more efficient. What will it take to finally integrate them over standard nuclear systems that from my understanding have been not able to be containerized yet and that could be deemed hazardous in a small form. Is a containerized nuclear system safe? Can Thorium be integrated to improve efficiency and make the systems safer. We need to compete at the forefront of technology and can.

Here is what Thorcon is doing in Indonesia and this would be difficult to do here, however it is interesting to study and see how we can apply conditions in Alaska to work with a Thorium based micro-reactor. Sunday reading, viewing and learning are needed and it will be interesting to follow the bid selection process to see if more focus can be on what is new and developing versus conventional, if conventional can even function as a micro-reactor.

It was found out in this presentation by Kirk Sorensen that in the 1950’s a bunch of Air Force Engineers were tasked with the problem of putting a nuclear reactor inside a plane to power it flying through the air and they designed a Thorium fueled molten salt-based reactor.

According to the video, “It ran at very high temperatures. It was very efficient. It was a thermal spectrum . . .,” and he could go on and on, but where is it today? “The idea died in the late 1960’s and early 70’s,” so here we are talking about a similar project and time to revisit the idea.

To watch more of his presentation, that is good preparation for the design and build portion, see:



Solar Core Regenerating Our Planet and What it Means

Our solar core, labeled as the Positive in the chart below, and it is our Mother God component that is the companion to our Sun. It had been dormant for thousands of years and now it has begun producing gold strands of life and sending them to our Planet. We refer back to the chart I made for our install and we continue to work for the positive health of our planet. At the top it would be Source and Source core, where it says God and Goddess. It would be Father God and Mother God, both of the Cosmos, who are in charge in our universe, so the chart needs to be re-written and updated more beautifully, as the Galactic Sun is not even close to as brilliant as the real one is, orange-red. 9 billion souls from our planet have been sent through it to God’s home planet a few weeks ago.

The universal sun and core included on the chart do not exist and they can be deleted. There are more galaxies that feed into source, each with their own galactic sun and galactic core that function just like ours will. Source Core comes down to their Galactic Core to their Solar Core.

The Galactic Core looks more like the Positive on the chart that really is now to be known as Solar Core, which is golden and round like the sun with a band around it. The Galactic core should be orange-red with a band around it.

Our Sun will evolve to being a yellow Galactic Sun like Star. Our Galactic sun is more brilliant now, as an orange glowing major star that feeds into the red source. Our Sun is lighter in color, yellow, and more golden with its companion the Solar Core the same. See the Positive to admire what it looks like. The chart needs to be redone. Golden yellow, reddish orange, to red lightened with slight orange in Source and Source Core

Our Galactic Core is fine and still regenerating to the Solar Core level as it had been completed, and it is very challenging to work on this level as we see small strands of light begin to appear. They penetrate the planet and attach onto every human, so what does this mean?

Last night I was told a story by a man visiting from Australia about a young man who stole his tractor and used it to pull a boat. He literally saw the young man with his tractor pulling his own boat and then told him that he was not happy about it, and would harm him if he even entered his property again.

The man later also found out the father of the robber had kidnapped two kids, a boy and a girl, and had tied the young girl up to a chair while giving her brother movies to watch in the other room. The father was caught and charged, both were criminals from the same family and it is disconcerting that their lineage contained heinous crimes. We need to eliminate that sort of behavior as it seems to be familial. It was found out that harmful programming at birth was  brought here. “We take your first born,” was said early on by the harmful white alien agenda we removed already, so how can we now remove their programming as these effected people stand on the planet, and remove anything remaining that is harmful and left over from them? Good sides can handle the truth and work for our betterment, and I try to do the same. We have to keep working on ourselves to do better, maybe work even harder and care even more. God told me before that I would not have to work that hard as the Solar Core is regenerating our planet, and I wanted to give everyone an update. I will always work hard and have many jobs hopefully and work for our star system to be perfected. It’s goal is 7 billion lives that adhere to the planet we have and they are God’s own, now with Mother God as coming in more strongly through our Solar Core. The dragon is the protector of children, helping to bring them onto this planet


The Solar Core with its strands can help to correct this type of behavior even within the lineage of these individuals. I extended one of the strands through the body of the father who seemed to be a molester type of individual, and when the strand went through his body in that point and time and space where he was attacking the young girl in the chair, his penis went white, because that was the thing that he was going to do before he was caught. I hate molestation of children and know mother God is here to protect us from that. On the chart the Positive is to be changed to the Solar Core, that is Golden and round. It can become like a looking glass where you can sometimes see Mother God who can communicate with those harmful, lost souls and get them to stop their criminal intentions with these gold strands and by telling them something. Mother God is the protector of Children. “Love yourself more, and don’t hurt anyone,” she says

The Solar Core’s goal is to regenerate our planet and its lives as well as potentially the lives on every planet, as our star system was working originally with 10 working planets and each planet had 1.75 billion people living on them, and they were all inhabitable. Imagine an inhabitable Mars where we build nice homes, ranches and businesses with moisture all around it. That is our next planet that is not as crowded as this one.

Looking at the Middle east this morning, I was told they will never have the Iranian peace we all strived for with the Nuclear START talks, and how stupid are we, wasting so much time and so many resources without accomplishing that simple goal. It should happen, and we can work towards it. Here is today’s Middle Eastern Monitor and we can see what is happening: Not bad though

In Lebanon they are striving for Constitutional reforms and peace, as we had for a very long time hoped to return it to the Paris of the Middle East. It is possible to make this happen. Not bad

We need to implement the terms of the Lebanese constitution to move forward

Are Turkey and Qatar working an end around the US and Russia to harm US relations in the region, blaming the US and Russia, to limit peace building in Ukraine, costing us more, while keeping Iran as harmful without real negotiations and simple tasks being done to create better talks that are simple and straight forward negotiations? I would say so

Some good things are happening too, so we must look for the positive changes and help to bring more Mother God to the planet and eliminate the white that Iran and others know are connected to the old guard and their adversaries used to create confusion and that cost them and even us.

Peace building and savings should be our goal for everyone. Mars with 1.75 billion people all living happily could happen in future generations through our work and would be the greatest project for our lifetimes. Fully functioning cities on our next closest planet would be a true example of what we can accomplish, so maybe we should continue to work positively here, in the Middle East and elsewhere to create more beneficial outcomes so that we can strive for a better star system with at least two habitable planets.

Now that elizabeth has gone to God’s home world, perhaps the Gold transport ship that had been here will return to help us make our move to Mars. They were human with the gold space program we have that has been mothballed and it is too bad really as we could have had them for sale to the average American or dare I say used as a public space program for adventurous Americans to enjoy a real adventure traveling to the next Galaxy in five to six days or better yet, Mars in just a few hours, a commuter craft. We always need to keep pleading for the rights of the commuter and advance, however we do not want too much sun traffic so special permitting will be required. Commuter crafts ahead . . .

Other star systems similar to the one we are working towards have both a Sun and Solar core and those they call


What will the Inflation Reduction Act do for Americans?

Biden’s Administration seems to be doing something good for a change for the average consumer to try to bring down inflation. Consumers hopefully will feel relief from the high prices they have gotten accustomed to paying with the passage of this Act.

Not that he hasn’t done anything good, we have just been waiting for better times and with the road construction through the infrastructure package we can see overspending in harmful ways. That we have to stop. I put a huge amount of money into my investigation against the defrauder package.

I have even contacted the Alaska Daily Miner about the work that is being done here. More work needs to be done here against those NSA individuals installing the same things here set to devalue the American people living here as they did in California.

We need all of my data against the package transferred here from the double yellow line fines, etc to stop them. I am not fightng this battle again against the same harmful contractors that come in with harm and wasteful spending to harm the consumer.

Consumers are protected by the lady who owns the planet, me and us. One interesting fact about September 11th, “We’ll blame her” was said then about me, so I had and have every right to keep my ongoing case against the guilty. I have been the most harmed person in America and I am the one who cared the most about you. My ballot was stolen in the primary election here and individuals admitted to stealing it or rather scrubbing it. So as I scrub floors here in Alaska, know that we need to monitor the Dominion voting systems for the election on August 16. I will be going to a polling place to cast my vote. At least I contacted the state to make sure Alaskans can find their polls and have a zip code locator added to their website to find out where they vote, and that will yield 94,000 new voters next election with 200,000 the years following it. Can you imagine such a simple thing could increase voting and it is not found on their website like we had in California.

I always work for the people and a government by the people and for the people. Get out and vote on Tuesday, August 16, and I hope to meet some of my neighbors at the polls like I used to when I worked them. I worked the polls for 18 years. We need to decrease inflation and increase consumer spending. I hope they pass the Act. If they harm us, we need to vote em out! We have a renewable energy fair happening August 14th and are looking forward to meeting real people who are in on green and renewable energy work. I have been working on my inventions up here, yet with the amount of snow and the temperatures far below zero at times it maked it difficult to achieve some of the results with some of the technologies I work with

What could have been done with good leadership

America has suffered under the same crime syndicate since after Jimmy Carter was President. There is very little good as those who are Presidentially credentialed. We brought Biden’s Administration $90 gazillion in our middle class tax income earner’s money to our country and what they could have done rather than paying the same syndicate that has been in power for way too long in our country or deleting the tax money that was your money, and yes they were really deleting your money that was returned, is to set up a private equity fund for the Middle Class.

That would have begun projects for you the voter where you could prosper and would have been similar to what we have here in Alaska that was begun long ago. What would it be like for the Dominoes worker to have an extra $3,000 to $5,000 to spend, well we had delivered a portion of those funds to California they are doling out there as rebates, so here in Alaska there is likely none of that funding.

What do most Alaskans including me like about Alaska, we are tax free, so should we have a tax free America and continue to use our recovered tax money in the states to improve spending for the middle class? And remember politicians work for us. America should be a race to the top. and we should not give politicians who want to hurt us a win.

Who works for the middle class and real projects they can prosper from?

Should that tax money have gone into Alaskan officials hands to increase the PFD funds in future years because of the oil projects moving in here? And who knows if it did, and this was gazillions in American tax payer money that could work for you. Who is working for you here in Alaska and to increase PFD? We need to see what projects are on tap here for our future and see what can cause us all to prosper here in our future.

I have worked for 20 plus years on green and renewable technologies and here in Alaska we have our renewable energy fair coming up on April 14th at Chena Hot Springs Resort, and I hope to be just a participant to see what is new here as most of what I worked on has been lost to other developers. I am not sad. I am proud other people carry renewables forward in different ways that earn revenue for them.

We need to continue to work to improve our planet however we can and realize this campaign season, politicians work for us and find out who is going to put the most in our pockets, not theirs.

With every project developed using the said tax money, the voters should receive a percentage of revenue like the PFD here and be protected from being superfunded. How can we know who received those funds and who will deliver the highest percentage of revenue for the voter with American money for them?

What at do we have ahead?

There seems to be a summer of discontent ahead and I feel like there is something in the background against the American people.  We must keep monitoring to work for our freedom and to maintain the highest level of American standing. Seven hours ago Tunisian bank accounts were frozen in a previously hard working country that had been peaceful as they were trying to rewrite their constitution likely to take on corruption that has been going on in the background.

Corrupt individuals have been doing the same thing to against other governments to include against the government of Chile. I support the Chilean people trying to establish their freedom, and keep working against harmful foreign policy. Is it going to be freedom they establish with their new constitution? Who pursues peace and diplomacy as well as financial standing for every country, as I used to before and it seems like I have been out of touch with so many things, afraid to come out and write about what I really believe in for us and diplomatically.

Chile is important. It seems like the new constitution will bring positive change and possibly less income inequality for the people with its new leadership that is Progressive.

I wish that somehow we could get the Ukrainian conflict to calm down. So many Ukrainians have fled and the shelling is increasing. I miss the days when we could get Vladimir Putin to sit down and work with those internally to stop the war and serve more peacefully. Putin is bombing eastern Ukraine against those who are his constituents. The buildings they are hitting there is where those individuals lived that are Russian passport holders possibly. They used to have better financial objectives for themselves and now with competition in the background against Putin and not even with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has the war turned into a horrible mess for us? Zelenskyy seems to have a cake job.

We have put so much funding into him. Sitting down with Putin and ending the conflict with real mediation at the State Department would be better and less costly.

We know what Victoria Nuland represents, spending and the oil lobby from 2014 to now.

In Libya, the French are encouraging and seem to be investing in street protests.

Read  this article very carefully and there are a lot of “actors” operating all over the world to cause and likely increase tensions.

The State Department seems to be getting ready for more wars on terrorism.

I work to mediate conflict peacefully as a peace strategist and hope that anti-war Americans can benefit from what I have to offer with my 22 years of service against combined conflict. As always we have to use diplomacy to decrease military spending and that is my goal and the goal of the anti-war left and right. We need to value the lower cost state department officials if we can. Do they exist? Hopefully.

Revisiting Recycling

What can  be done to improve our planet and save money for future generations? We can pursue our redemption values.

In the State of California and other states with redemption value politicians can put more money into their citizen’s pockets by fighting back against waste management for honest recycling and credit for what is paid daily by their citizens.

When you think about it, in California 39,000,000 citizens pay 10 cents per can every time they buy a soda. When those cans are turned into waste management, 39 million people get zero back. They never get paid back for the amount they put in, despite it being required to pay.  If each one bought one soda per day, the total spent by them is $3,900,000 per day which is with minimal consumption. In these days of high inflation where every dollar counts, governors may be able to fight back where applicable.

In states such as California and those with redemption values, honest politicians should try to put the redemption values on the ballot to put those funds in their constituents pockets, and fine waste management for what consumers pay making recycling more equitable and beneficial for the consumer

We own our planets and hope for the best in every state of the union

Hopefully we have a good renewable energy future ahead with a natural planet that costs least to operate

Bill of Rights and Constitutionalism our guarantee for all so we continue to work for the good of all people every day


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