America should not be fooled into terrorism

“We will use the guy who took the two terrorists in to to tear God down,” found out today said by Robert Mueller, about me despite my testimony provided regarding the housing he did not know about. I suspected back the the land grab would to devalue American homeowners. This allowing the man who took the terrorists down to tear me down then allowed the man profiting from the terrorism to tell still deposed stole 2016 Trump about how much money he could make him through creating terrorism. From that point on our country was vulnerable to profiteering.

Sadly Trump uses cocaine and the war powers act allowed him to go either way. This has proven threatening to Republicans and Democrats to have a real candidate who would work for their financial interests. We need to stop cocaine use of any President. It was also found Richard Cheney would have allowed our adversaries to surround us, and that is why they were hesitant to allow him to sign the war powers act. We need to work from a clear vantage point without the war powers act. I became President and work Constitutionally for the voters. We do not need terrorism. Gordon Duff lies to his readers appearing to be against terrorism and then creating it on the back end for profit. This has been documented and we now need to move forward with the election to identify candidates willing to audit the defense budget. We have Constitutionalism. Leahy has been on their side with the war powers act also working with the same adversaries, harmful off worlders who wanted us to have the space shuttle not to defend ourselves with our gold program. It is convenient for our adversaries to keep Americans limited and fighting conflict that is unneeded while them keep drug laundering that impairs our judgements.

A war crimes tribunal could air in the media. We need to discus the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am truthful and against terrorism.
Bush campaign is not mine. We need our Revolution and other campaigns to stand stronger knowing what Bush campaign is “We launder the drug money to create terrorism overseas,” and this is well known in the intelligence community.

Controllers were behind September 11th and it was said they would begin disbanding the components in the buildings. Hopefully this is true. I should be qualified as a witness to testify on any story I have published. I do not want to be held in contempt for what Mueller claimed. Duff knew I located the terrorists to validate the story because of the headset. He is part of Bush campaign and lies about whose side he is on. I do not. Leahy and Duff go back and forth. There is no need. My testimony should be clear by now. Can Sanders campaign with me and we have our tax money for the American people? Who can start the audit? Would Obama want such a thing? At least if we accomplish removing the components I have done a good thing for the victims of September 11th. I do not like seeing the guilty parties get away with it. How can we get them?

It should be criminal for Duff to keep my brain on his cell phone with the headset and use Afghanistan. Sanders would be campaigning by now and so would Justin Amash or honest Republicans. This one war criminal cost their election season. I have served for 3 years now? I am non partisan, Agency coverage should be for honest agents only. With all data finally prosecuted I should get my credentials.

Our audit is coming along with funds hopefully for redevelopment in Iraq for the global populous with America as the leader. I really became President. What some Republican can learn from progressives. Deposed Trump and also Clinton stole 2016. Gold protects us

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, July 17, 2020

Who is at war today? Should we be? No. It was already found out that war should be over. How much money has been earned by those laundering drug money?
I would like only honest watch services not terrorism suspects or those laundering drug money Can we get our voting machines in order? Duff caused

I have paid for my Presidency for 3 years. I intend to transition. “Ann can’t change sides with my side of Bush there,” said Obama. Well maybe we need to remove all bush sides. Why are they here? I am due victims compensation.

Injured by Bush repeatedly

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, July 17, 2020

They give Romney who is stealing from the Regular Republicans better positioning. Our campaign needs to be about what you can do for the voters? Republicans are average people. Many are fooled into voting for their own foreclosure. I always want to find out why by now I am not qualified to testify and who is to blame for the devaluing Americans experienced by drug money. Land grab testimony true. It tears me and our nation apart what is happening. I am tired of being the lone wine drinker suffering from PTSD. Why don’t mormons drink? Have they been cheated by non-drinking? Who saves America from those with the war powers act?

Green energetics data. Gold standard and fat paychecks. I became President. Deposed Trump stole 2016. I am a qualified witness with 23 years for American standing number one. America owns our system. Afghanistan. Sorry I omitted it. Constitutionalism . We are voting

Posted by Ann Diener on Saturday, July 18, 2020

Is it to be debated that I have a brain device? Would you like data?

Benefits of wine drinking? Resveratrol, an organic compound found in red wine, activates a chemical pathway that helps limit stress and damage to DNA cells in the brain. 

Should any commander in chief be on cocaine? Alcohol should not be consumed so they can get married with those laundering drugs. I would not chose that kind of wedding. I would marry someone on a gold ship who does not use drugs. Why have I not been paid for all of the work I have completed. We should be at our audit. Oh wait those who are involved in terrorism are obstructing our audit to “Launder drug money and create terrorism,” is that true? We need to audit every shell company involved in the terrorism war.

Overqualified as a witness I am. Ready to testify on Monday.