Projects I want to work on and those who work against our country

Should insurrection deem stole 2016 as unelectable in 2024? Possibly, most of the Republicans on the Primary side seem to deem them that way, “I can easily beat President Trump.” found out because they know a lot more than is being said about them, like aiding and abetting our adversaries during their term, and they know they lost to Biden who had 68 percent of the voters then. President Joe Biden is serving until the end of his term, and it could be an interesting election cycle. I still work for the voters and intend to serve in our Municipal elections here at the polls, and keep hoping for the best for everyone.

It is very sad what happened to Mary Peltola. I have been working on creating a re-election website for her free of charge. I put a lot of money into Our Planet, my 10 years of Wyndham retirement was all stolen by individuals I identified in my stories, and no one paid me for our planet, I keep working on my Waste to energy Projects here in Alaska with the goal of making up for the difference that I suspect others have been doing in the background against us, so that we can increase our PFD funding here through what can be labeled as Capital Improvement projects the voters can ultimately vote on when they are presented to the public. Imagine voting on your own pay raise. That is our goal to provide existing technology now, the PyroGenesis systems to the municipalities and Boroughs here in Alaska, that were ordered by the Navy to put on their ships to convert wastes to saleable by products and gas identified here. We eliminated the alien agenda and need to keep working to do good and I keep working many different jobs and on my business and helping Kennedy maybe if Biden is not able to stand up more strongly for the voters. I always worked 16 hours a day on my projects and intend to start doing that again  with the smaller home I have now. I may not grind waste outside here and what is nice is that the system below is proven so maybe not so much hard work is needed