Recurring drama and its causes, impacts to be analyzed

It has been identified that the supercomputers controlled our life patterning causing us to repeat the same mistakes that we did not even chose to be involved with.  I learned about this through personal relationships and individuals who were behind the scenes controlling black modules. It was sad and it has a tremendous impact. It was found out here in relationship to Congressional members they put the penis in the sun guy in repeatedly against his will and the individual said “I set it up in the system so I could control her romantically.” We need to deprogram our lives from people like him. We are working on our audit and need to fight until America has financial justice. Many great politicians started that way. My depositions could be filed at any time and he will try to get away despite being on numerous posters. Then we have to reiterate what we have already. We need a full audit of every dollar he has made.

Our war crimes tribunal and audit. Deposed Trump stole 2016. Unneeded expenses

Posted by Ann Diener on Monday, July 27, 2020