2022 Election Should be Exciting

What an amazing morning with Beto O’Roark declaring his candidacy for Governor of Texas. Has the JFK of Texas arrived or what! We will be going through state by state to identify who is on the ballot and keep working for Progressives and honest Republicans. I am a Democrat and he said, “We as Democrats must decide we will not be afraid. We Americans must decide we will not be afraid. We must decide that we will free America from fear.”

Bravo! I always work honestly for the voters. I have contacted Former Gary Governor Locke to keep Rudy Giuliani on trial for what he did with the towers. We must avoid the shift east with our convictions and we know 2016 was stolen from Bernie Sanders by him.

Some will say we should not have our sovereign tender and we really could as looking at it the royals admitted through charles “I serve no purpose,” and we know their government pays for them to live. They are also found to be the collectors of our taxes because of a space pod we decimated. Does that make America still a colony to them through the british government and in reality Texas uses the magistrate system, so with him winning and taking on our sovereign tender issue that we want our taxes to be held, could America have permanent freedom from them through him?

We know some of the labs that created covid and stopped them.

With candidates like O’Rourke, we could have exports to China from Texas and with Governor Gavin Newsom winning the recall in California, he will have to reverse his track record and open his eyes to what he can create in the Central Valley and elsewhere in the state. Here in Alaska, we know that Senator Lisa Murkowski could be a strong candidate for exports to China and success in the future renewables sector driven by new projects by Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. I hope to continue to be a part of those projects and am working on incorporating a waste to raw materials into one that is ongoing. It is important for our planet, the American people and Alaskans for those projects to work to reduce energy costs and heating. Then with the waste component, we could create a significant amount of revenue from existing metals in the state that need to be recycled which when refined could be exported.

Will Club 100 become more active and Jack Ma begin working on new business relationships soon? We hope so. Build Back Better could make “America Exports” into the driver behind many campaigns based on the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors successes. This is an opportunity ahead.

President Joe Biden has created a lot of job growth, we are grateful for it and expect American salaries to continue to rise based on the numbers.