We need to monitor spending and how do we do it when it is covertly done?

How much is the spending they agreed to covertly in groups? It was found yesterday supplementals can pass in the background agreed upon in advance to spend your money, and how much are they worth to contractors who have sat in the background printing bankruptcies and war debt, collecting pay.

Will they get paid again and again as the American people are in debt. How do we know what individuals do covertly? I work against financial crime conducted against the voter.

The same contractors get paid as they speak to the media. Do they get paid 5-10% working against you, as we watch them on TV? How much was mitt romney’s cut and how about donald trump’s? We know he and they got paid as they created covid and the vaccines in California. Did they harm 180,000 businesses in the process putting everyone in debt. It was also found yesterday trump officials including gina Haspel went in there and used the spreaders against the people.

We have a better government now, and who compensates restaurant chains like Cohen Restaurant group and others for what they did? There are likely 180,000 small businesses they affected who shut down and/or lost significant amounts of money, some closing after honestly contributing to our economy for ten or more years.

The first time I was interviewed by television I broke a story about the paypoints declining American’s credit cards and double charging them and that affected 80,000 people forcing the banks to return their money. How can we force them to compensate every affected business in California and not earn any money covertly?

Can our government take the print outs of the businesses that are closed and pursue those at fault to write checks to reopen? Maybe. Should they? I would not run any of that history in the making hardware around my home. Trump published books about businesses and who would have guessed he and them would work to shut them down when they were forecasted to lose the election.

For 2022, it would be nice if every candidate worked for just compensation for the voters and for straight up truth as it has gone on behind the scenes too long.

We dream of Presidents such as John F Kennedy who would be honorable and it is good Robert Kennedy Junior speaks out about vaccines and for our natural immunity. How much can we save is every American and good politicians I want to vote for and work for.

What the American people do not see on TV can hurt them financially. Does the media talk about the covert budgets?  Can we? I work hard to tell the truth and work for the voter and maybe someday somebody will pick me up