Budget Surplus

How much should be spent countering known attacks yesterday in Iraq, and it was found out this morning that was likely a planned attack by Vladimir Putin. He was envious of our space program.

Others possibly committed two acts that appeared set-up, harming the National Guard by downing a helicopter. We issue condolences to our service members that lost their lives with their families and remember when service members returning from Iraq’s coffins could not be viewed by the public.

We need President Joe Biden to have control of spending. How do we obtain a small budget for our space race.

“We attacked Iraq to get the Americans riled up,” sais individuals associated with Putin who knew we were beginning our space program.

We have pure Constitutionalism and a newly elected President. Putin had taken a cold plunge 2 days ago.

Can we achieve our goals for Americans in space. We still have not outed controlled opposition behind overspending and will that be brought up with the incoming administration? I continue to argue that point until our voices are heard. This morning, Bernie Sanders and other Democrats were pressing Biden to bless their mission to revoke war powers that three previous presidents have used as free passes to charge into conflicts around the globe according to Politico.

John Brennan was found out to be attempting to limit our space program for one year. Justin Amash was working against Brennan as we are.

Amash said on Twitter, “John Brennan is the same guy who thinks it’s okay for the U.S. government to target American citizens for extrajudicial executions via drone strikes. Nobody who cares about the Constitution should be taking his advice on anything related to national security or due process.” Can we remove him for condoning the attack on the CIA computing before? We do not need him here and we are attempting to remove those involved with him before in San Diego.

I would like to have our space budget, and I have turned them in. We had some reassurances from the incoming administration we were going to eliminate the DIA/CIA special agency they created to harm my planet and will they honor it, as they are behind overspending .

We are happy Donald Trump is removing his key Generals from the West Wing. Constitutionalism Guaranteed. We keep working for convictions to be made by the incoming administration if needed and I keep going in our minds and hearts working for service members.

I love what Mike Levin said this morning, as my writing is always aimed at defeating the lies, “There is truth and there are lies… each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders — leaders who have pledged to honor our Constitution and protect our nation — to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.” -President @JoeBiden

We keep pursuing overcharging conducted by NSA even here and have all of our data on record to defeat them.

And this is true today, “we kept the gold and money back & those Proud boys were never handstamped,” so I keep working for Peace & Security.

We have to work for the new millenium to be successful and have opportunities in space. Last night we did not want those using cocaine to have access to the spacecraft as they had during the outgoing administration.

We have 9 planets to develop and we should have opportunities ahead with them for tourism and we need global partners to work with us as this is the largest development project for our future.

When will Americans be not riled up out of fear and anger and be happy again, thinking optimistically about our future, the dream of space can do that, as our gold program is like a jet ski in space that can travel to another galaxy in under 5 hours.

I hope today they give Lloyd Austin the gold spacecraft and we deliver to Miramar their dream for the next airshow to show what Americans can do despite our adversaries.

“Our gold program is wanted by Miramar,” and we do know what type of air shows they like to put on our space race should be a race to the top in our incoming administration, and as Austin was one of the first operations officer for the 82nd Airborne division, can he help lead our army into space? Can Army help colonize our planets when we know that there are challenges ahead? NSA is still on trial and we still have those involved in the land grab in the immediate area. We never got depositions. Too many people had the Presidency then, and I used mine to insure prosecutions if needed. I turned them in repeatedly and also tried to stop the drug running to the best of my abilities. This video was an attempt to reduce costs and it worked. We did get 97 controllers against Trump. Biden has them. We keep working against the controllers. Biden has the Presidency and keep my testimony knowing that should devaluing occur the individuals who obstructed justice could be charged the differential, for what it is worth “We knew they, Carol and Gordon Duff, obstructed your testimony from the station chief.”  “She only used the Presidency for testimony,” and it could not be taken because of dishonesty operating to launder drug money into the housing by those individuals we are against


We should be able to identify threats and reduce costs. What we do not want is programmed threat to spending and we need real spending for American interests with the Incoming Administration.

I deserve compensation for all of my data and hard work and what is the cost savings that we can achieve with NSA on trial in the incoming administration and before Congress.