Caring people needed

It has been very painful to care for our country. I have been stuck in a situation where many people have wanted to corner me in some way because of the testimony I provided to help America. I want to get back to work for peace and freedom and have a normal job. Our travel industry has suffered and that has been my normal line of work. Interimly I chose to help our country as whatever leadership role I have and globally I care for our world. I hate suffering of any American or international. Every day my first thought is how can I work hard and participate to benefit American people. I provided real testimony and it was a relief to see the cocaine information in the media. I hate cocaine. We all seek freedom and I hope people get free of cocaine addictions. It was sad to see the increase of methamphetamine and cocaine use in 2019. Since I served as an informant I sought to eliminate both.

Where is the passion we had to build a better America for its people? I have that passion and maybe the pressure on me is real. I am looking for a good paying position where I can work hard for the American people and have worked to the best of my ability for 3 years to make sure the American homeowner is fairly treated. There were a lot of people who wanted us to lose by devaluing done with the substance mentioned above and it was terrible. How do we and I get over it and I did learn how individuals stole from me with intention for 20 plus years. I want to put a stop to them. Maybe I should find an attorney and how can a person sue for that kind of treatment? Women are valuable and I admire women who are strong leaders in history and we should be leaders in voting

If anyone needs me I am available to testify against financial crime

Breaking and entering my home and planting harmful substances was not considered criminal to people repeatedly here and it should have been. It cost me $60,000 or more and when I could not testify as individuals said they wanted to hide me as a qualified witness that cost me $360,000.  It has been terrible from the start when I provided my testimony just to prevent the crime that was scheduled to be committed. I would rather people help pay off each other’s homes rather than build new ones.  I endorse Biden and maybe it will be that way in 2021.

People are activists, researchers and work full time jobs. I became President and do not want it unless someone needs me to testify or protect Americans. One time they attacked China and I was woken up. For that kind of service or if they were to try to kill Americans or treat them against the Bill of Rights I can be called anytime. It is campaign season and people have wanted to hide my service I guess, so I am a regular person who will work full time until America is better. We need to continue to monitor for terrorism. I did not like I was blamed for September 11th and feel a duty to defend against that kind of terrorism again and it is scary how easy it was for individuals to bring down buildings with controllers.  I will vote for anyone who is against terrorism.

Please leave my home and home office alone. Why would people who I saved their lives and homes claim my life savings is theirs. They would have been dead years ago. Please do not exploit my work. Everyone wants to be paid for my work. Why can’t someone talk to me who is on the side of honoring the American people. Communication needs to be transitioned and I am not a speak easy. I am a real person. We worked hard for America to borrow. I want my data used to create the best America

Every sale she makes I steal her money known and it should be compensated

Too bad we can’t have our gold program yet

Our National Debt belongs to terrorism sponsors. It would be nice to audit it some day.

Any job to do, done honestly is important.