A Case Study on the American War Criminals through one event for Truibunal

How a group moves on an event that they themselves knew would be harmful long term to take advantage of all angles for themselves.

This event was called History in the Making.

When Gordon Duff called me in 2017, while he was meeting with the Russians covertly I found out later on, there was a salesman intonation in his tone that was worse than your worst used car salesman. It has been scary ever since uncovering what I found out. They planned an event behind the scenes with individuals they knew long term would harm us and found ways to profit throughout. Those individuals would have killed them had I not helped out and they are not quite ready to go for those they were afraid of. Their main focus area is profiteering similar to any conflict. “Can we get paid,” they ask our Justice Department, knowing in the background without others involved they would have lost everything themselves.

Overseas today they should not be heisted and keep gold currency

This is going to be the biggest heist we ever had was said by them early on by the salesman knowing it was for stealing from everyone to the maximum of their abilities we have prevented against.

They hit us here from all angles, air, space, telephony with directed energy weapons attempting to steal from every American and international using a soft cover.

We can break this down in a timeline to show how they move in, take advantage of all angles for profit and threaten to get their way. We will make them lose this time. Why is space out? Our gold program is still available for manufacture. There are other people who are parts of other campaign areas who may create opportunities. Some people are advocates working for the American people with what they have not allowing those with a track record of theft to steal from the people like me.

They did the same thing in Ukraine and I can take days and compile the data I have for the timeline. It would be interesting to corroborate this with transfers through the DOJ and ask them one question.

Would they have been eaten early on without my work? Should they have been transferred any money? Some knew about what would have happened early on and defended against it Joe Biden is one. What is their history in the making now? Why allow the controllers who had bad intentions from the beginning to continue to run the show? When you compare Ukraine and History in the Making it is the same, this group attacks a soft target. We have been lucky to maintain communications with some who protected Americans first. It may be tomorrow before they will be able to see how America was a soft target for this war criminals and it may take weeks.

There is more to come on this and I can go day by day and show how perceptions created profit for them despite the overall outcome they knew would be detrimental to every American, their goal in the background, they defended likely for profiteering

Bill Gates is unacceptable to me for his intentions against American people, data available and it fits in with scenarios he has run before. It is like when you know previous history of public criminals who steal right before our eyes and see it done again against the voters you continue to work until they are stopped and I hope if there are tribunal experts in the area, they will provide me a private area to go through the data without being surrounded by the war criminals.

They have acted like bullies for the most part with Duff being harmful to me as a bully. It is painful what they have done and when you look at the big picture from start to finish America would have been Ukraine had some good people, penetrating a soft unknowing target for financial gain, not acted honorably and maybe some of them have to insure America is strong but isn’t that push pull their sales tactic not allowing for success until the maximize profits. Can we be frank and talk about that? I protect against them. No one killed

This was an all out assault on our are by drug money laundering and electronics in our atmosphere