Fact Checking Important of Alternative Media

When claims are made on the alternative media that terrorists received gas masks 24 hours before, it is important to validate that the information is true or false. Using Twitter that data was validated and those terrorists were in existence now found to be protected by Russia then as leverage to steal the Middle East  and our tax money from us. One should not be fired upon with a directed energy weapon for validating truth. It is a real reporters job to fact check and it takes hours to do. I spent 8 hours finding the terrorists that corroborated the story because I wanted to know if they were in existence so we Americans could fight them.  If they were exposed we could. Alternative media was found to be correct and if my data had been properly used then we could have taken the terrorists away from Putin, not allowed him to have them, and had a straight combat line to protect Syria and penetrate into turkey to protect Inkrit and our NATO base there.  We would have been in control and not have allowed others to control us. When the alternative media says something that seems incredulous you have to back it up with actual fact done through digging and social media is a way to do it. Terrorists were found and that confirmed the story to be true.

This is Mike Levin’s side computer not Ryan side should be called a traitor for any bankruptcy at this point. Putin took advantage of this one incident to gain on America.

He sponsored those terrorists and penetrated this country. Who has laundered the money back? Who did they do it with the Russian Ambassador. We should all have money back by now. “We had the apportionment scheme that comey had,” then why would Ryan try again for bankruptcy today? Mueller finally admitted yesterday 2016 was stolen to stop the bankruptcy. It may have been closed door allegedly as it was felt here. We need to move to real Financial standing and stop all who keep causing our country to go backwards every day. We need to press charges against those using the “Chinese side,” and identify what the costs were for them using China to have weaponry overhead to devalue American people. War powers act based on. The enemy they created, the Russian one with the terrorists Putin sponsored, and that left the enemy as the enemy of everyone and in Russian hands so everyone could deny their alliance with that threat rather than the Oligarchs Trump met with early on for bankruptcy. Because Putin sponsored the terrorists that were outed did he get control of our tax money through the Russian ambassador. That put Duff here. Just because he said something in the alternative media does not mean it should be believed or found true. As a reporter you have to go after the story to validate what is said and this ends up helping our American sides to say yes those are terrorists we need to stop them. Why should those terrorists allow for the transfer of our tax money to the Russian Ambassador?

“I made a call to that guy about the terrorists,” said about the guy who used the directed energy weapon on my car to attack me for validating the information he stated and his publication was known as very questionable. He went on a quest for Russia as he stated. Communism is not American. I support American belief systems. That is how Duff ruins every day, a communist since 1957 he is. How do we stop communism? It doesn’t exist? I want to let someone know he sponsored terrorists to steal your tax money with Russia. Why was Duff protecting these terrorists with the man he called? That harmed both Trump and I and gave Russia too much power over us.

How did Trump feel then about the terrorists? He wanted to win against Turkish terrorists and take them down. Leahy wanted to defeat them then and got upset when Duff and this guy he called increased the terrorism  in the area. It seems like the only two problems are Duff and the directed energy weapon man. I can back that up with fact and I can not be arrested for backing up my story. Congress should not allow the apportionment side to win that uses these Russian confiscated terrorists to steal our tax money.

I am upset about Cheney using Chinese weapons here. Cheney said we could not win and that is what is being brought up in the Oversight committee is how we have allowed China to run us and not running them. Xi Jinping did back down, and we are investigating China weakening America financially.  “I will no longer be using my space based weapon here,” said then.

How much should Cheney owe us for California.

The only Communism found here was in those terrorists. Constitutionalism only is our belief system. We have to stand for America number one.

My writing for the American people and that is who I work for. They should justly compensate me for my work.