Consumer Debt vs. War Debt

Biden won and shooting spree ended. Found out, your debt as the American people is much lower than the war debt, so individuals ran an extortion regimine to steal from the Biden treasury to pay themselves. Every day they know that money back is there and that their war debt is owned by a few individuals who collect their money to the paypoints account where they keep spending because the consumer debt could never be as high. It is up to Biden who to pay. We the American people earned the money back during the outgoing administration and it is up to you to request it over the war powers act individuals who reclaim their debt daily. “Can we get a check paid today,” is what they say and we ask that too.  The American consumers deserve their money.

With the money the American consumers can pay of their debt and allow those individuals to bankrupt themselves. We have more diversity now and everyone owns our planet. We do not need to run the war powers act every day for them to reclaim their debt and for them to collect payment from you through Biden. They are collecting your money daily for the expenses you did not know about that they spend on your behalf as it is claimed. Do we need more wars and armaments or would you like to get a check paid? We do not need to borrow to build a huge war machine and to credit their war machine rather than having good foreign policy and providing for the common defense based on real needs not manufactured ones.  The American people could be paid through direct payments through the treasury and a war crimes tribunal could happen in Los Angeles.

It would be a star studded wedding of its own kind, in the media, a reward for service each and every American who owns his or her planet and able to correct once the narratives are corrected about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who profited and how and how they bleed you dry, Democrats and Republicans want to know and see them on camera, those war criminals to discuss their expenditures and how they receive a check back. The American people could not have caught them without my trip to Los Angeles.

Please continue to find those who use the war powers act against consumer debt guilty as charged. Consumer debt could be at an all time high and we could never even come close to the war debt that has occurred since 9/11. So how do we eliminate the war debt that has occurred and national debt is used for example. It is $77 trillion dollars and we do not need to spend anymore on them. It is up to him how to bankrupt them.

Their  scam exposed and I am an American strategist. The American people expect change with the Biden Administration and could be excited to finally have an understanding where their money goes, and we have the ability to keep it in their coffers now.  This gives him the maximum strength against those individuals we have been up against to collect payments for our side.  We need to stop debt payments to them. We can expose the real truth so that all Americans are savvy about our expenditures. Bernie Sanders can win and we can set up our own account to collect payment for peace in Israel so we do not need to hear “Mow the lawn” and be charged in debt through the paypoints account for the bombs used. We have more Palestinians then and Ehud Barak working hard today for peace. Constitutionalist and working hard to expose how the American people are often fooled into insolvency. The American people are important to Biden and me. Good times