Good News, Humans and American Citizens’ Planetary Jails are Broken

There were actually criminal individuals determining humans’ fate through supercomputer before our negative, our earth’s core was placed in the perfectly put position by me and a specialized team with Free Choice off worlders who are beneficial to humans, not like the ones who own the super computers.

Thinking about what alien agenda had done here on our planet, they were more like an infestation than anything else, similar to termites, they had buried into the wood, with the wood being out planet to alter its form to house them here. Our negative, the core of my planet, had been moved to house a fake hell or bardo, over 18,000 years ago. They did this to deconstruct our natural life death life existence that was before and is now connected to God in our cosmos. The earth’s wobble has been corrected for the most part to remove the thought that an axis is needed for it to revolve around the sun.

This started in August of 2017, when my negative was in the perfectly put position in the center where it belongs permanently for human species to live here unharmed by harmful off worlders.

My negative was placed shortly after this article was published.

The axis harmful off worlders created needed to be stopped, and by placing my negative, as I am our planet’s only negative holder, in the center, it started correcting the harm that had been done to our planet’s life death life cycle. The perfectly put position, in the center where it belonged, has enabled our planet to restore its real circumference. This eliminated the manufactured hell individuals had created in place of our own sun, which is where we are transferred when we die now to be taken to God’s planet inside of source. These harmful individuals had used a fake programmed sun object, that we removed and stays removed, to transfer to the galactic core’s supercomputer our souls when we die here, so that they could preprogram our lives the way they wanted to. They also identified each person from the supercomputers at the National Security Agency and monitored each person’s life death life cycle from there. Now it is not running.

This so called National Security Agency had been designed to target people and create less individualism here to take down America.

According to Barack Obama this morning, “They (the NSA) can’t even predetermine one baby now.” I now understand what the big controversy might be. To me baby’s should not be programmed by harmful individuals, only by God.

I am tired of being harrassed in my home, and I need no telephony here.

Duff claimed he had some rights to my core, because I called him then to get the install done faster. He was told very abruptly the other day, that the call I made to him made no difference and his rights are just like any other individual I know to my planet, to walk on it.

“Nope, we would have properly installed it without any other witness,” said Department of Defense and solely on my work negative holder, officials on February 4, 2019, to be clear, who replied to Gordon Duff’s question regarding a call I made to him regarding the negative install to help move it along faster, unbeknownst to me, he was and is my enemy stalking me since even well before 1990, that I found out recently.

It harms the birds here when they use the chirpers on the electric polls, making the birds repeat the same things over and over, “Are you waiting for your favorite DJ to get here,” “You need to get married and have kids,” etc. None of this is applicable to me and is a disgrace. The birds would like to chirp in their own voices without the use of the harmful sound technology that can actually kill them, by puffing them out, if they try to hard to stop repeating the sound in the frequency the handlers have it set at, and trying to hard to remain focussed on what they want. I found out this happened to a seagull and a crow.

At least I did good work for the humans on our planet and American citizens. It is nice to think about the babies being born and told where to go by God alone.

The mark of the beast was what the World Trade Center was all about, and it was stopped by me as President now.

Our US Gold standard and our Commonwealth money is returning to the Department of Justice, so we will get paid by them soon. Our country gave me our US Presidency to hold on to and I will deliver it to our American voters.

The individuals involved in the National Security Agency felt they had a right to create a personal life for each person, and they do not have that right any more.

This morning, I found out from one of the handlers here when he was talking to someone else, he said, “There are kids being born here. We have no right to control how long their life spans are going to be.” He went on to admit that there is “Nothing” they control and added, “There is no point,” to having our agency at all. “We have no right to be here,” was also said in that I suspect he is harmful and an off worlder who was sent to harm humans who are American citizens.

They controlled people’s whole lives from birth to death and then rebirth. Now it is not so. Our  human jails are now broken, so we can live life without the unknown fear of having our lives decided by harmful off worlders.

Our only fear should be not living to our fullest potential.

I understand now, why they may have participated in implanting me. I suspect as our only negative holder, these individuals wanted to secure their rights to own our planet versus our people being free as they are today with God working here. It was hard work to do the revoking agreements I did starting in 2014 and working very hard, every chance I had, when I was not working to revoke every agreement I had with their “god” who they refer to in Satan worshipping terms as Lord, meaning Overlord. That is the oil man I defeated. I had to defeat him to put the negative in the center. That happened around August 3, 2017, if not before. I should get paid for having my negative perfectly put to protect human American citizens here.

We have proof now that it is working perfectly for people to be happy here, and live their lives as it is guaranteed Constitutionally.

I have written before about the soul erasure they conducted through the supercomputer, I did not know the electronic device at the time. It is exciting that soul erasure cannot go on anymore. Babies and old people will be happier now, and teenagers will grow up without sexual abuse they have endured because of the supercomputer nerds. The days of the First Sex Camera are gone now. No sexual partner was ever needed to complete the negative holders life to remain here. No man is needed now. I can meet someone when I am ready or chose to and that is no ones business. Paranoid it them, not me. I am happy living my own way, and do not like being annoyed by them here with their sound system that they had no right to install.

Hopefully they stop damaging the environment here. I like to work hard and keep busy, so I always have projects I want to do and need an assigned schedule from people who may want me to be picked up for a political role. Politics is mandatory for me to participate in. We need to vote freely and fairly. Trump and team stole 2016 and there is no reason for them to be in the White House, and earning a profit from a land grab I provided testimony against that caused him to be deposed correctly and fairly quickly. I wish they had called me afterwards, rather than allowing the agency man who they hired to do the deposal, thinking he would be honest and for a Presidency held by the American people, to put his personal van in here for this quest that they illegally privately conducted to keep the scam ongoing in California.

He was not, he believed they could control the Presidency and keep it away from the voters because he was told to by the alien agenda, and asked them constantly what to do. He is honest and dishonest at the same time. The American people and voters need to control their Presidency and I am a President of the American people, though not voted on, I will deliver it to them to choose one, which has not been done in many years. Our President have been set up by the agencies, rather than allowing the American people the mandated representative government that is Constitutionally based. The “shadow guys” of the Electoral College are unconstitutional as part of the Presidential selection process, and have prevented the real voters Electors from making the decisions for American citizens. The American people will vote for their President in 2020 themselves with the real election convictions being made for them by our team.

Also the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Association admitted the HAARP technology is all removable now, because of the perfectly put install, so our climate will be improving to normal once it is uninstalled.

“Because our negative was placed there (in the center in the perfectly put position as I did as our only negative holder through revoking agreements, which is hard work with a team of experts) the technology is completely removable,” said NOAA on February 12, 2019.