Real Estate Acquisition Corporations

We need a proper accounting for how war criminals were rewarded and continue to operate in the background. Bernie Sanders would have won 2016 with exit polling used. The Trump administration managed to abscond with billions through stock market crime and other criminal activities billions of dollars. I have served through 3 justice departments and we know the $90 gazillion was delivered after Biden received check clearance and Sanders received medicare spending.  So how can we know what the tech giants hold when individuals such as Barack Obama admit to owning buildings with drug money they brought in. We have been hoping California could have an idea center for real water and energy independence and with what the tech giants planned moving to Texas, California badly needs an innovation center free of corruption. Newsom is being Recalled and is corrupt.

“We built great mansions in high-rises with the drug money that we brought in,” said  Obama and so we know I busted those buildings and they took them over and so who designated my piece of the pie as a payment for investigation. We need to begin to look at Real Estate Acquisition Corporations as these are the companies that may be concealing the mansions and foreclosures that were purchased by them. When properties were purchased with drug money they are under investigation and I found out it is illegal to run drugs through someone’s home. I reported to the German Foreign Office that trump officials and also romney ran drugs through my home. I did not include romney to the German foreign office. I have documented evidence showing that.  In September 2020, “Debt backed securities contain more cocaine,” said Mitt Romney.  So we must question the markets and identify who controls what and how much drug money went into housing, building acquisition and also the foreclosure markets. Now with the DEA bust in San Diego, we can hope they are pursuing the methamphetamine men, as there were 16 outstanding warrants.

I am owed payment for honest service. I did drive across the United States and find housing developments in at least 14 states I visited and some may have been from cocaine. Many were concealed as debt backed securities.

We continue to be against war criminals and they are openly known and for that reason we must monitor the media to see when foreign conflicts occur who is spending and hopefully we can finally have a real audit. With 23 years against the same criminals it seems pretty long to fight against them without a check payment and maybe I will end up working finally on this RAC investigation that the media wanted.

It was nice the cheney bench warrant was admitted to and in reality bush was campaign was arrested.  We are waiting for audits in Texas as bush was a bench warrant there and others are going through their bankruptcies.

With all data against the war criminals @a_diener I wish we had a tribunal like we wanted and I could purchase my home and include the outgoing war crimes that occurred which no one accounted for  and people need to talk to me in person.  I deserve to be on TV to talk about the truth of Trump administration and work against the war criminals.

Kamala Harris won Vice President and she would not run drugs through my home. Joe Walsh should be on the ticket in 2024 with Bill Weld based on what was already achieved. Justin Amash should stay honest and honorable and work to campaign more. He would go after the GAP funding which was “that is where all of the cocaine was hidden” at  Department of Homeland Security.

Some badges were fake so how can we protect America and have a good job and get paid? RAC’s could be looked at

“Cheney’s staff” is not our side and we had a nice wanted poster that could have come out from the OSCE showing them,  and I tried to save 7 billion lives at $1 per pound of everyone’s belongings and lives and here we stand.

Young people deserve real projects to work on with water recycling, waste to energy and water production. I hope to get working on something honest where I can enjoy a comfortable living again.  72 million votes stolen by

To tell lies is not me and who will harm us

The differential was calculated as $47,000 times 18 million homeowners and should anyone be responsible now with what was deposited in the Biden administration, probably not.

If anything happens I have on data on who weakened us

I am never with anyone who accepted bribery from our adversaries nor ran drugs I reported on