Revisiting Recycling

What can  be done to improve our planet and save money for future generations? We can pursue our redemption values.

In the State of California and other states with redemption value politicians can put more money into their citizen’s pockets by fighting back against waste management for honest recycling and credit for what is paid daily by their citizens.

When you think about it, in California 39,000,000 citizens pay 10 cents per can every time they buy a soda. When those cans are turned into waste management, 39 million people get zero back. They never get paid back for the amount they put in, despite it being required to pay.  If each one bought one soda per day, the total spent by them is $3,900,000 per day which is with minimal consumption. In these days of high inflation where every dollar counts, governors may be able to fight back where applicable.

In states such as California and those with redemption values, honest politicians should try to put the redemption values on the ballot to put those funds in their constituents pockets, and fine waste management for what consumers pay making recycling more equitable and beneficial for the consumer

We own our planets and hope for the best in every state of the union

Hopefully we have a good renewable energy future ahead with a natural planet that costs least to operate

Bill of Rights and Constitutionalism our guarantee for all so we continue to work for the good of all people every day