What at do we have ahead?

There seems to be a summer of discontent ahead and I feel like there is something in the background against the American people.  We must keep monitoring to work for our freedom and to maintain the highest level of American standing. Seven hours ago Tunisian bank accounts were frozen in a previously hard working country that had been peaceful as they were trying to rewrite their constitution likely to take on corruption that has been going on in the background.


Corrupt individuals have been doing the same thing to against other governments to include against the government of Chile. I support the Chilean people trying to establish their freedom, and keep working against harmful foreign policy. Is it going to be freedom they establish with their new constitution? Who pursues peace and diplomacy as well as financial standing for every country, as I used to before and it seems like I have been out of touch with so many things, afraid to come out and write about what I really believe in for us and diplomatically.

Chile is important. It seems like the new constitution will bring positive change and possibly less income inequality for the people with its new leadership that is Progressive.


I wish that somehow we could get the Ukrainian conflict to calm down. So many Ukrainians have fled and the shelling is increasing. I miss the days when we could get Vladimir Putin to sit down and work with those internally to stop the war and serve more peacefully. Putin is bombing eastern Ukraine against those who are his constituents. The buildings they are hitting there is where those individuals lived that are Russian passport holders possibly. They used to have better financial objectives for themselves and now with competition in the background against Putin and not even with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has the war turned into a horrible mess for us? Zelenskyy seems to have a cake job.

We have put so much funding into him. Sitting down with Putin and ending the conflict with real mediation at the State Department would be better and less costly.

We know what Victoria Nuland represents, spending and the oil lobby from 2014 to now.

In Libya, the French are encouraging and seem to be investing in street protests.

Read  this article very carefully and there are a lot of “actors” operating all over the world to cause and likely increase tensions.


The State Department seems to be getting ready for more wars on terrorism.

I work to mediate conflict peacefully as a peace strategist and hope that anti-war Americans can benefit from what I have to offer with my 22 years of service against combined conflict. As always we have to use diplomacy to decrease military spending and that is my goal and the goal of the anti-war left and right. We need to value the lower cost state department officials if we can. Do they exist? Hopefully.