Solar Core Regenerating Our Planet and What it Means

Our solar core, labeled as the Positive in the chart below, and it is our Mother God component that is the companion to our Sun. It had been dormant for thousands of years and now it has begun producing gold strands of life and sending them to our Planet. We refer back to the chart I made for our install and we continue to work for the positive health of our planet. At the top it would be Source and Source core, where it says God and Goddess. It would be Father God and Mother God, both of the Cosmos, who are in charge in our universe, so the chart needs to be re-written and updated more beautifully, as the Galactic Sun is not even close to as brilliant as the real one is, orange-red. 9 billion souls from our planet have been sent through it to God’s home planet a few weeks ago.

The universal sun and core included on the chart do not exist and they can be deleted. There are more galaxies that feed into source, each with their own galactic sun and galactic core that function just like ours will. Source Core comes down to their Galactic Core to their Solar Core.

The Galactic Core looks more like the Positive on the chart that really is now to be known as Solar Core, which is golden and round like the sun with a band around it. The Galactic core should be orange-red with a band around it.

Our Sun will evolve to being a yellow Galactic Sun like Star. Our Galactic sun is more brilliant now, as an orange glowing major star that feeds into the red source. Our Sun is lighter in color, yellow, and more golden with its companion the Solar Core the same. See the Positive to admire what it looks like. The chart needs to be redone. Golden yellow, reddish orange, to red lightened with slight orange in Source and Source Core

Our Galactic Core is fine and still regenerating to the Solar Core level as it had been completed, and it is very challenging to work on this level as we see small strands of light begin to appear. They penetrate the planet and attach onto every human, so what does this mean?

Last night I was told a story by a man visiting from Australia about a young man who stole his tractor and used it to pull a boat. He literally saw the young man with his tractor pulling his own boat and then told him that he was not happy about it, and would harm him if he even entered his property again.

The man later also found out the father of the robber had kidnapped two kids, a boy and a girl, and had tied the young girl up to a chair while giving her brother movies to watch in the other room. The father was caught and charged, both were criminals from the same family and it is disconcerting that their lineage contained heinous crimes. We need to eliminate that sort of behavior as it seems to be familial. It was found out that harmful programming at birth was  brought here. “We take your first born,” was said early on by the harmful white alien agenda we removed already, so how can we now remove their programming as these effected people stand on the planet, and remove anything remaining that is harmful and left over from them? Good sides can handle the truth and work for our betterment, and I try to do the same. We have to keep working on ourselves to do better, maybe work even harder and care even more. God told me before that I would not have to work that hard as the Solar Core is regenerating our planet, and I wanted to give everyone an update. I will always work hard and have many jobs hopefully and work for our star system to be perfected. It’s goal is 7 billion lives that adhere to the planet we have and they are God’s own, now with Mother God as coming in more strongly through our Solar Core. The dragon is the protector of children, helping to bring them onto this planet


The Solar Core with its strands can help to correct this type of behavior even within the lineage of these individuals. I extended one of the strands through the body of the father who seemed to be a molester type of individual, and when the strand went through his body in that point and time and space where he was attacking the young girl in the chair, his penis went white, because that was the thing that he was going to do before he was caught. I hate molestation of children and know mother God is here to protect us from that. On the chart the Positive is to be changed to the Solar Core, that is Golden and round. It can become like a looking glass where you can sometimes see Mother God who can communicate with those harmful, lost souls and get them to stop their criminal intentions with these gold strands and by telling them something. Mother God is the protector of Children. “Love yourself more, and don’t hurt anyone,” she says

The Solar Core’s goal is to regenerate our planet and its lives as well as potentially the lives on every planet, as our star system was working originally with 10 working planets and each planet had 1.75 billion people living on them, and they were all inhabitable. Imagine an inhabitable Mars where we build nice homes, ranches and businesses with moisture all around it. That is our next planet that is not as crowded as this one.

Looking at the Middle east this morning, I was told they will never have the Iranian peace we all strived for with the Nuclear START talks, and how stupid are we, wasting so much time and so many resources without accomplishing that simple goal. It should happen, and we can work towards it. Here is today’s Middle Eastern Monitor and we can see what is happening: Not bad though

In Lebanon they are striving for Constitutional reforms and peace, as we had for a very long time hoped to return it to the Paris of the Middle East. It is possible to make this happen. Not bad

We need to implement the terms of the Lebanese constitution to move forward

Are Turkey and Qatar working an end around the US and Russia to harm US relations in the region, blaming the US and Russia, to limit peace building in Ukraine, costing us more, while keeping Iran as harmful without real negotiations and simple tasks being done to create better talks that are simple and straight forward negotiations? I would say so

Some good things are happening too, so we must look for the positive changes and help to bring more Mother God to the planet and eliminate the white that Iran and others know are connected to the old guard and their adversaries used to create confusion and that cost them and even us.

Peace building and savings should be our goal for everyone. Mars with 1.75 billion people all living happily could happen in future generations through our work and would be the greatest project for our lifetimes. Fully functioning cities on our next closest planet would be a true example of what we can accomplish, so maybe we should continue to work positively here, in the Middle East and elsewhere to create more beneficial outcomes so that we can strive for a better star system with at least two habitable planets.

Now that elizabeth has gone to God’s home world, perhaps the Gold transport ship that had been here will return to help us make our move to Mars. They were human with the gold space program we have that has been mothballed and it is too bad really as we could have had them for sale to the average American or dare I say used as a public space program for adventurous Americans to enjoy a real adventure traveling to the next Galaxy in five to six days or better yet, Mars in just a few hours, a commuter craft. We always need to keep pleading for the rights of the commuter and advance, however we do not want too much sun traffic so special permitting will be required. Commuter crafts ahead . . .

Other star systems similar to the one we are working towards have both a Sun and Solar core and those they call