What will the Inflation Reduction Act do for Americans?

Biden’s Administration seems to be doing something good for a change for the average consumer to try to bring down inflation. Consumers hopefully will feel relief from the high prices they have gotten accustomed to paying with the passage of this Act.

Not that he hasn’t done anything good, we have just been waiting for better times and with the road construction through the infrastructure package we can see overspending in harmful ways. That we have to stop. I put a huge amount of money into my investigation against the defrauder package.

I have even contacted the Alaska Daily Miner about the work that is being done here. More work needs to be done here against those NSA individuals installing the same things here set to devalue the American people living here as they did in California.

We need all of my data against the package transferred here from the double yellow line fines, etc to stop them. I am not fightng this battle again against the same harmful contractors that come in with harm and wasteful spending to harm the consumer.

Consumers are protected by the lady who owns the planet, me and us. One interesting fact about September 11th, “We’ll blame her” was said then about me, so I had and have every right to keep my ongoing case against the guilty. I have been the most harmed person in America and I am the one who cared the most about you. My ballot was stolen in the primary election here and individuals admitted to stealing it or rather scrubbing it. So as I scrub floors here in Alaska, know that we need to monitor the Dominion voting systems for the election on August 16. I will be going to a polling place to cast my vote. At least I contacted the state to make sure Alaskans can find their polls and have a zip code locator added to their website to find out where they vote, and that will yield 94,000 new voters next election with 200,000 the years following it. Can you imagine such a simple thing could increase voting and it is not found on their website like we had in California.

I always work for the people and a government by the people and for the people. Get out and vote on Tuesday, August 16, and I hope to meet some of my neighbors at the polls like I used to when I worked them. I worked the polls for 18 years. We need to decrease inflation and increase consumer spending. I hope they pass the Act. If they harm us, we need to vote em out! We have a renewable energy fair happening August 14th and are looking forward to meeting real people who are in on green and renewable energy work. I have been working on my inventions up here, yet with the amount of snow and the temperatures far below zero at times it maked it difficult to achieve some of the results with some of the technologies I work with