Outing Treason and Complicity

I actually took on the overlord on God’s behalf.

Outing the former overlord’s strategy, who in April of 2017 said, “We strip them (planets) bare, and let you people kill each other.”

Planetary War Crimes Tribunal

At the point where War Crimes become so clear, that they are easily used against America to promote a negative agenda against the American public, to where complicity is ongoing on a global scale against America, our politicians and government are rapidly becoming liable for Treason.

If there is a War Crimes Tribunal against the United States of America because of crimes committed by the United States Government, a corporate entity operating against the citizenry of the the Republic and United Nations Member States, those individuals in cooperation with the entity known as the United States Government are committing Treason. This treason is, in all likelihood, for oil and financial interests seen as superior to those of the interests of humanity and also the interests of the citizens of the United States of America.

It is clear that the corruption has been ongoing and that yet again, it needs to be re-visited. Hopefully for the last time, and that those involved with the US Government, a corporate entity, get removed from having any leadership role in the near future. So, lest we begin.

We have had stolen elections by the Neocons both in 2016 and in 2000, as well as potentially in 2004. In 2000, our election was decided by the Supreme Court, not the voters. Prior to that, in 2000 the Department of Homeland Security was setup, following 1999, the lowest year for terrorism in seven years. Why set up DHS? It seems like it was clearly by design by those who wanted war and to limit American freedoms, as well as our ability to question through ultimately controlling all media and all free communication on the internet by controlling the largest computing companies around.

The top level elite, some say the 9 or 13 families and the overlord, did this through bought and paid for entrepreneurs, who stole software or rather purchased it through a 3rd party. IBM intrinsically used Paul Allen used as a young front man to purchase DOS, Gary Kildall’s software, and IBM went on to turn Paul Allen and Bill Gates into mega controllers of the computing world, implementing negative control mechanisms on the world. IBM needs to be thought of not as the beloved company that brought us personal computers, but as the company that designed and implemented the punch card system during the Holicaust.

Then we have 9/11/2001, a mini-nuclear event, as evidenced by the strange cancers medically found in those who worked in the area both during and after the incident and the SANDIA Labs Report that was released to VT. Was 9/11 a terrorist incident conducted by the elite who wanted to annihilate the American Experiment, which had been going fairly well until 1999? Was it their goal to spawn Middle Eastern terrorism to slice and dice America ultimately utilizing the control mechanisms implemented post 9/11/01?

We can review the “War on Terror,” the faulty decision making and the criminality of the Iraq war as well as the destabilization of many countries using negative military campaigns and organized crime, yet we cannot understand the complicity, until we are willing to examine what is behind it.

Why is this shift East so important to those in perceived positions of power? Was their goal also to keep Americans fat and happy for an alternative agenda once the planet was decimated by toxicity? Why would even those in the East be OK with the level of toxicity of the planet?

Thinking about issues such as oil, which has been technically unnecessary because of suppressed energy technology for many years, pollution, massive contamination, planetary degradation, GMOs in the food supply, toxic chemicals in the food and water, not to mention toxic pharmaceuticals, what kind of life would be able to tolerate living on such a planet, where everything was poisoned? The answer is none. If there is no clean water, food and land, we all would die. This can be evidenced by the mass animal extinctions If our environment collapsed as was predicted, we all would die or need to be “transplanted.” So what then?

We are then dependent on off-worlders for our survival, putting us in a very vulnerable position. We can continue to hide the fact that off-worlders have been here for thousands of years as evidenced even by the thousands of years old coin found in Egypt featured on the program Ancient Aliens, or we can finally acknowledge it and the long game against our planet and humans as well as potentially against other off-worlders who may indeed be higher evolved. Some off-world individuals may even discover higher evolution along this process.

The sad part about the story is that we have felt incapable of addressing the issues, the real issues with off-worlders because of religious beliefs, fear and also greed as well as the false hope for advancement, secretly. This concept of false hope for advancement secretly is what fiercely needs to be discussed by those who are aware of off-worlders and are participating in discussions with them. I have been aware of what their final solution has been since at least 2007. Their goal has been to establish a communistic race on the planet. It is one of power and control above the rights of the individual. They have thought that American ideals were stupid and could not advance. It is only because our leadership was so badly hijacked by the “military-police state” individuals that we did not have the opportunity to thrive. This communistic race obviously knew that.

There has been a refusal to acknowledge the importance of the American experiment, even by those off-worlders who perceived that communism was the space based ideal. Those beings were committed to a different reality – one above the ground – settlements rather than homes, not truly connected with nature. The interesting part is that the “military-police state” and the communistic settlement off-worlders have been working hand in hand to create our reality for us, rather than us/humans/individuals creating our own reality, one that is based on our natural habitat and protecting our planet as our home.

A War Crimes Tribunal can be looked at as an opportunity to bring this information forward as there has been obvious collusion between the two groups named above and also the elitists who are clearly in the know who have hijacked our country since the President John F. Kennedy assassination. Was Kennedy attempting to surpass them all without understanding the control structure that existed in the Galaxy? Is that why Kennedy was able to be killed? Was his intention to restore the planet using the Negative and go after corruption, thinking that it was within his power to do so, not knowing about the agreements which constrained him?

Until we acknowledge how our Galaxy has operated for thousands of years, we will not be able to address the issues which prevent us from moving forward as a planet. Did we have a false bardo on the planet imposed on us by a Galactic controller and two white aliens, who do not belong here? People need to know this information. They need to understand how the negative, also termed evil, spiritual energies existed before the Negative of the planet was recently moved into the correct position on the planet.

These negative energies were the foundation for much of the books that were written about the Devil/Satan/gargoyles, etc. and used by dark occult members connected with the Secret Societies. These individuals are loosing their power and their ability to manipulate reality, since our Negative and other work was done to improve the Positive position of the planet.

Full disclosure would enable everyone to advance beyond what was previously expected. This will happen. It is only a matter of time. A War Crimes Tribunal for all parties involved should also include those who were complicit, including Russia and China with the shift East strategy. They did not speak out for a reason, an advantage, that they have gained over time through our inability to act. Americans and the planet had been set up, and it is our time to act with all that we have gained through expanding our knowledge base.

Microtargeting America to Ignore a Compromised Presidency

bunker debunking Roger Stone, Sean Spicer and Trump claims

There was an uneasy feeling about the potential for a Donald Trump Presidency from inside the GOP last summer, one that started long before Trump won the nomination.

Those who were familiar with Trump were growing concerned about his ties to the mafia, the lawsuits – many of which were civil and whitewashed.  What we mean by “whitewashed is that under any other circumstance, without a well connected individual named – would have been considered criminal and would have resulted in felony criminal cases.  The Trump University alone should have cost him 20 years.  In nearly every failed deal, and nobody fails like Trump, money was stolen, misrepresentations were made and in some of the cases, Trump’s own mouth did it, pure felonies for any “non-connected mafia don.”

Those in positions of power who questioned his credibility and his background already had this information on his ties to Roy Cohn, Felix Sater, the many lawsuits, Jeffrey Epstein, as well as countless documents that showed a clear pattern of someone who was vulnerable for blackmail. An individual or group of individuals within the GOP wanted to look further, to find out if there was something peculiar going on between Trump and Moscow. They wanted more. Later Democrats took over their charge and began to pay Fusion GPS too.

Fusion, a private intelligence firm, had gathered what they could, which until this point was not enough to tip the scales on Trump for their client, so they needed to find someone with direct contacts in Russia, someone with credibility and experience and who knew how and where to look to gather the goods on Trump.

Fusion contacted Christopher Steele who had worked in Russia starting in 1990 for three years as a young spy, who witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union. Steele returned in 2004 and served until 2009, heading the M.I.6’s Russia Station. Steele later retired and joined Orbis Business Intelligence LTD, where he was able to use the years of trade craft for private clients’ risk analysis.

After being hired by Fusion, Steele, with well over twenty years experience and field knowledge, meticulously contacted old “comrades” working inside Russia to present what would later become the 35 page dossier. This dossier was not compiled for the general public. It was compiled for top GOPers and later some Democrats who sought to gain a better understanding of what was behind Trump in Russia, and if he was vulnerable to “Kompromat ”

The dossier only became released to the public when it was published on BuzzFeed on January 10, well after the election. According to various reports, Steele had thought the dossier itself was enough to flip the election, showing the lurid details of influence, hacking and leaking that were ongoing between the Trump campaign, Russians and Wikileaks. The public acknowledgment of foreknowledge by Trump officials of the coming leaks of hacked material should have been enough to corroborate and validate information included in the dossier.

Yet, even when the dossier was released to the public, the Mainstream Media – the same media that bolstered the case for the fraudulent and unnecessary war in Iraq, the one that only lightly questioned the backers of the terrorists involved in the “War on Terror,” and the media that also refused to cover the various potential criminal conspiracies surrounding Trump – focused on the “golden showers” aspect of the dossier, leaving out his background of serving as a conduit for Russia cash, the publicly discussed hacks and leaks by his surrogates, as well as the clear pattern that emerged from not only the dossier, but that tied in with Trump’s personal business dealings that had gone on for more than 8 years.

It was confirmed, according to the dossier, that Trump served as a direct conduit to the Kremlin.

From the dossier, “Source close to Trump campaign however confirms regular exchange with Kremlin has existed for at least 8 years, including intelligence fed back to Russia on oligarchs’ activities in the US.”

This information fits with the various reports stating that oligarchs that had bought condos in Trump properties, in what has appeared to many to be a virtual means for laundering Russian cash in the US, which was at the time a top concern of the Kremlin. This also brings to mind the ongoing attempted computer links found with Alfa Bank to Trump Tower, found during the Trump campaign.

Alfa Bank was also mentioned in the dossier, misspelled as Alpha Bank.

“Top level Russian government official described the Putin-Alpha relationship as both the carrot and stick. ” Though Alfa was later said to be controlled by “the most enduringly successful, western-oriented (if hard-edged) capitalists in Russia,” according to Fortune Magazine  and who were seemingly at odds with Putin.

In one exchange sited in the Fortune article, “One former employee of the bank recalls a ceremony 10 years back at which (Mikhail) Fridman’s partner  (in Alfa) Pyotr Aven, a deputy prime minister who has headed the group’s government relations, was due to receive an award from Putin. An awkward exchange (allegedly) ran as follows:

“Putin: ‘Remind me, why am I giving this to you?’

“Aven: ‘Because I haven’t done anything you can put me in jail for.’

“Putin: ‘No, not yet. ‘ ”

So, why was Alfa Bank repeatedly trying to connect with Trump tower?

With that multitudes of attempted virtual links by Alfa and the knowledge of potential money laundering schemes with Russian oligarchs, well known mafia ties and the dossier further connecting the dots to illegal hacking and leaking, potentially purposefully done, combined together, this should have been enough to bring Trump under public scrutiny before the election.

Why did it take so long to reach the public, and why is there still an ongoing cover-up by the GOP? Perhaps, the potential for blackmail of a sitting US President is not enough?

Last week, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa petitioned “Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS, to identify the clients who hired him to dig up dirt on Trump during the campaign.”

The Republican Senator is not concerned about the information that amounts to hacking and leaking done by Russians, nor is he concerned by money laundering and potential criminal activity conducted by someone who is now a sitting President, and the fact that the information was known prior to the election. It is now known globally.

Is he not concerned about the reputation of the country he chooses to serve, or is he more concerned about the “who did to them” aspect?

This idea of labeling and misdirection has been ongoing with Trump and officials tied to the campaign, as well as by current administration staff. The Mainstream Media cherry picks the stories to be let out to the public and still allows the words, “Fake News” to be associated with the dossier, even though it was compiled by a spy with more than 20 years field experience.

Comparing that to the experience of those within the administration making superficial claims and Trump operatives actually claiming foreknowledge for incidents cited in the dossier, one would have to wonder if there is anyone telling the truth and willing to investigate this thoroughly to protect our National Security?

It seems absurd that someone, even the White House Press Secretary, can claim to debunk something like the reporting on the Steele dossier by calling it “Fake News,” even if he says it twice.

Just the words “Fake News” do not debunk the dossier, which is “becoming more true every day”, as the Senate Intelligence Committee may finally choose to interview Christopher Steele, directly.

And the BBC reports that Trump Russia dossier key claim ‘verified’

“The BBC has learned that US officials ‘verified’ a key claim in a report about Kremlin involvement in Donald Trump’s election – that a Russian diplomat in Washington was in fact a spy.”

Steele wrote in the dossier, “A leading Russian diplomat, Mikhail KULAGIN, had been withdrawn from Washington at short notice because Moscow feared his heavy involvement in the US presidential election operation… would be exposed in the media there.”

It was found that “There was no diplomat called Kulagin in the Russian embassy; there was a Kalugin,” said the BBC, who verified that Kalugin was indeed considered a spy by US intelligence.

When asked to comment on this to the BBC reporter, Trump former top political adviser Roger Stone and ally, said to him about Steele, “scornfully: ‘If 007 wants to be taken seriously, he ought to learn how to spell.’

After Trump and Stone publicly parted ways, Stone contacted Russian hacker, Guccifer 2.0 “at least 16 times during the 2016 campaign” of which Stone said “That’s Called Networking.”

Not only was Stone in communication with the Russian Hacker, but he was, according to himself, in contact with Wikileaks, “Stone began discussing WikiLeaks and Assange in August 2016. Stone told a local Republican Party group in Florida on August 10 that he had ‘communicated with Julian Assange,’ according to CNN.

The information he gathered lead to an infamous tweet.

Stone repeatedly made claims in advance of what was to be leaked by Wikileaks.

More from the CNN article: “In an interview later in August, Stone suggested that Assange had material that included emails deleted by Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. At other times, Stone said the material released would be related to the Clinton Foundation.

“On August 21, Stone tweeted that ‘it will soon the Podesta’s time in the barrel.’ Stone claimed in an October 19 Breitbart post that he did not have advanced knowledge that Podesta’s hacked emails would be leaked, claiming his tweet was about Podesta’s business dealings.

“In mid-September, Stone said on Boston Herald Radio that he expects, ‘Julian Assange and the Wikileaks people to drop a payload of new documents on a weekly basis fairly soon. And that of course will answer the question of exactly what was erased on that email server.’

Considering that both the dossier and a report from the US Intelligence Community have stated that Wikileaks laundered the hacked emails to the public and potentially other groups, was Stone complicit?

From the Steele dossier:  “Trump associate admits Kremlin behind recent appearance of DNC emails on Wikileaks, as a means of maintaining plausible deniability.

“Agreed exchange of information established in both directions. Trump’s team using moles within DNC and hackers in the US as well as outside in Russia.”

From the Intelligence Community report, Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections, a report including “an analytic assessment drafted and coordinated among The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and The National Security Agency (NSA).”:

“We assess with high confidence that Russian military intelligence (General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate or GRU) used the Guccifer 2.0 persona and to release US victim data obtained in cyber operations publicly and in exclusives to media outlets and relayed material to WikiLeaks.”

If indeed Wikileaks served as a vehicle for the Russian hacker(s), the information seems to have been used for much more than was originally disclosed.

According to a source in the BBC article sited above, ” ‘This is a three-headed operation,’ said one former official, setting out the case, based on the intelligence: Firstly, hackers steal damaging emails from senior Democrats. Secondly, the stories based on this hacked information appear on Twitter and Facebook, posted by thousands of automated ‘bots’, then on Russia’s English-language outlets, RT and Sputnik, then right-wing US ‘news’ sites such as Infowars and Breitbart, then Fox and the mainstream media. Thirdly, Russia downloads the online voter rolls.
“The voter rolls are said to fit into this because of ‘microtargeting’. Using email, Facebook and Twitter, political advertising can be tailored very precisely: individual messaging for individual voters.

“ ‘You are stealing the stuff and pushing it back into the US body politic,’ said the former official sited in the BBC report, ‘you know where to target that stuff when you’re pushing it back.’ ”

“This would take co-operation with the Trump campaign, it is claimed.”

This claim is not far fetched at all thinking about who was Trump’s largest campaign backer, Robert Mercer, his company that operated in the background during the election, Cambridge Analytica and the originator of the term, microtargeting, Nigel Oakes founder of Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), that was later spun into Cambridge Analytica.

SCL is now known as “a private Russian behavioral research and strategic communication company. SCL is known as Cambridge Analytica in the United States.”

According to Cambridge CEO Alexander Nix said to Bloomberg’s Sasha Issenburg.
“Your behavior is driven by your personality and actually the more you can understand about people’s personality as psychological drivers, the more you can actually start to really tap in to why and how they make their decisions. We call this behavioral microtargeting and this is really our secret sauce, if you like. This is what we’re bringing to America.”

If Cambridge Analytica/SCL was able to gain access the Wikileaks hacked DNC emails and then use its capabilities potentially relating with the illegally obtained voter rosters in Russia, this may be the largest missing piece of data not found in the dossier or in the US Intelligence report.

It would seem improbable that a group so closely aligned with the Trump campaign would have nothing to do with utilizing the information obtained by hackers laundered through Wikileaks, because that is specifically what they clearly state they do, is to obtain information to microtarget people/voters.

By now, the intelligence community and the Senate should not only be taking a closer look at the dossier, but also at Cambridge Analytica and SCL to determine the role they may have played in regards to the hacked emails and their use to spin truly “Fake News” on the public prior to the election.

They should be questioning, what role did SCL play on the Russian side? Where were the “Fake News” stories originating from?

Why hasn’t Cambridge Analytica/SCL been mentioned by those investigating this in Congress? Could it be that GOP players may not have wanted Cambridge Analytica/SCL mentioned because they hoped to use their services in the future, and hoped to obtain Mercer money?

When it is so obvious that the world knows our President may be compromised, we have to wonder why our leadership is doing so little, so late?

Internet Privacy: Republican created slave reality on its way in

Today you are less free. You were told corporations needed to see your “internet habits,” so they could make money selling your private life to potential advertisers, that in itself is a tragedy, but it is also not true. Google controls most internet searches and has always done that.

You see, browsing habits and searches are not the same. When you go to the Social Security, your bank or the IRS website,  you “browse.” Now what you do there will be permanently sold to the highest bidder, forever – what you buy, forms you fill out, your Skype conversations and email – all of it is “browser content.”

Some is video from your laptop camera, some is email, all is now unprotected, easily gathered, no hacking required, not anymore, and used for what purpose?

That’s the kicker.

By removing the restrictions aimed at protecting consumers and by ending the possibility for future legislation for protecting consumers, Congress has just opened the door to social engineering of Americans through “microtargeting” by big data with information purchased from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The bill, blocking internet privacy rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission last year, passed by the House on Tuesday is on its way to the President’s desk with an additional bill that prohibits regulations from being passed in the future.

According to The Hill:  “The FCC rules would have given consumers greater control over what their internet service provider can do with their data by requiring those companies to get permission from customers before using their information to create targeted advertisements.

“The rules had not yet gone into effect. The bill, which passed the Senate last week in a party-line vote, invokes a law called the Congressional Review Act (CRA) that allows Congress to undo recently passed regulations. A CRA bill also prohibits agencies from passing similar regulations in the future.”

Eliminating these restrictions goes beyond selling you a new television or offering you a lower interest rate on your home using advertising, this data that is being bought and sold goes directly to companies like Cambridge Analytica, who assemble personality profiles of internet users that can be used in psychological operations.

What are the boundaries of the information that your internet service provider can gather about you?

“Your broadband provider knows deeply personal information about you and your family – where you are, what you want to know, every site you visit, and more,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said before the vote on Tuesday.

Even more serious to consider is that your ISP has every email and the content in every email ever written by or sent to you in their database, as well as every form you have filled out online including medical information and has access to your online banking information which contains every purchase you have made electronically. Blending the data together from your ISP, tech companies can create a personality profile that can be easily used to manipulate you.

Enter in Big Data

“Any company can aggregate and purchase big data, but Cambridge Analytica has developed a model to translate that data into a personality profile used to predict, then ultimately change your behavior. That model itself was developed by paying a Cambridge psychology professor to copy the groundbreaking original research of his colleague through questionable methods that violated Amazon’s Terms of Service. Based on its origins, Cambridge Analytica appears ready to capture and buy whatever data it needs to accomplish its ends,” according to Scout in an article The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine.

“Your behavior is driven by your personality and actually the more you can understand about people’s personality as psychological drivers, the more you can actually start to really tap in to why and how they make their decisions,” Cambridge CEO Alexander Nix said to Bloomberg’s Sasha Issenburg. “We call this behavioral microtargeting and this is really our secret sauce, if you like. This is what we’re bringing to America.”

The repeal of the internet privacy legislation will insure that companies such as Cambridge Analytica can purchase basically all of your information directly from your Internet Service Provider to further perfect your personality profile, which can be used to shape and mold your beliefs in the future using “behavioral microtargeting”.

Everything is now connected – from your car, your appliances and now Elon Musk is even attempting to connect your brain and all of your thoughts to your computer.

“Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and a man who wants to nuke Mars, has founded a new company. According to WSJsources, Neuralink is a new venture that aims to pursue ‘neural lace’ technology to help brains interface with computers,” according to a BGR article that appeared on yahoo news, Elon Musk, very normal non-supervillain, starts company to implant electrodes in your brain.

” “Neuralink’s aim, according to the WSJ‘s sources, is to implant tiny electrodes in the brain that may allow for two-way interfacing with computers, allowing users to ‘one day upload and download thoughts.’ Although Musk didn’t confirm his involvement, one of the firm’s founding team members confirmed his involvement. Neuralink registered as a medical research company in California last year.”

Even your DNA is no longer safe, as employers may soon be require DNA testing of employees if the Republicans pass H.R.1313 – Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act through Congress and the President signs it. The question that needs to be asked is will your DNA information be available on computers? Of course it will. Then it can potentially be collected by the ISPs and sold to big data.

According to CNBC, “Workers participating in so-called workplace wellness programs reportedly could be ordered to get genetic testing — and hand over the results — by their employers or face financial penalties, if a bill being pushed by congressional Republican becomes law.”

The Republican party and its “conservative” values have certainly been acting not so conservative. With legislation aimed at enabling surveillance and big data everywhere including in your DNA, what happened to rugged individualism?

Are Trump & Far-Right Politicians a Virtual “Honey Trap” for Russia?

The FBI case has been exposed, and was exposed in during the election cycle about Donald Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia through Felix Sater and the numerous other Russian and otherwise, organized crime figures surrounding Trump.

Why did this information not reach the public, so that they could make an honest decision about Trump early on, before the election? Why has the Mainstream Media repeated and repeated the Russia ties story, while so much information has been available for so long connecting Trump to the Russian mafia and oligarchs who bought condos in his buildings?

According to a recent expose’ on Who.What.Why., Why FBI Can’t Tell All on Trump, Russia, “Efforts to try to get this information to the public appear to have been aggressively blocked by the DOJ because it would potentially expose their own operations — both those that have been effective and others that have not.”

This in-depth investigation takes readers through the assorted documented contacts between Trump and organized crime.

The interesting portion is the way the situation in Ukraine is framed. It is framed solely depending on the movements of organized crime to “shield” key players and give favor to “Russian causes” involved in the conflict.

No mention of the Western coup is present, nor the $5 billion US dollars spent to facilitate the coup, nor the fact that the Crimean people are ethnic Russians who voted to re-join Russia because of the far-right that had been installed in Ukraine, due to a foreign backed putsch.

Lest we remember US-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland’s role in the coup and designing the post coup government, far more important than the curse word directed towards the EU:

So again, why has the information on Trump not been fully released to the public, even prior to the election, so that voters could make a choice as to whether they wanted a man closely tied to organized crime in the White House?

Looking at the election itself, there were numerous factors that show the election was actually stolen for Trump including:

Over-voting, meaning more votes on the voting machines than signatures in Wisconsin, with cities reporting 95% to over 100% turnout and more votes than voters.

Voters were purged – meaning removed from the voter rolls while still having absentee ballots sent to them. The vote purges involved Cross Check, investigated by Greg Palast, as a method of purging voters in multiple states using a database that matched only first and last names to fraudulently purge voters of various ethnic groups, that potentially typically vote Democratic. The system was implemented in 27 states and headed by Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, who shortly after the election was positioned as an adviser to Trump on immigration reform.

Broken scanners were given to poor, Democratic communities in Detroit, Michigan. ” ‘It’s not good,’ Detroit Elections Director Daniel Baxter told the Detroit News Tuesday, before the judge halted the recount. He blamed the discrepancies on the city’s decade-old voting machines, saying 87 optical scanners broke on Election Day, the newspaper reported.”  These precincts were not eligible for a recount because of the discrepancies, according to Michigan election law.

Voting machine audit functions and safety protocols were turned off, in Ohio, despite the fact that,  “the FBI has raised fears of fiddling these machines by Russian hackers. Yet, the Republican Secretary of State of Ohio, Jon Husted, is allowing county officials to simply turn off these security functions — with no explanation as to why. The counties, Fitrakis discovered, ‘bought state-of-the-art equipment and turned off the security,’ both the ballot imaging function and the audit application that can detect and record evidence of machine tampering.”

So, if the FBI was aware of possible tampering “hacking” of the election, and they were aware of the mafia ties to Trump, why was he allowed to be elected?

Is Trump being used to net a larger fish, or rather bear, at behest of NATO?

Behind this thought process lies the ties to the high tech management of perceptions found in Cambridge Analytica, a company tied to one of Trump’s largest supporters, Robert Mercer. This company has been written about in the Guardian and elsewhere as providing the far-right a vehicle from which to manage and alter perceptions.

According to Carole Cadwalladr in the article, Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media, “there was another reason why I recognised Robert Mercer’s name: because of his connection to Cambridge Analytica, a small data analytics company. He is reported to have a $10m stake in the company, which was spun out of a bigger British company called SCL Group. It specialises in ‘election management strategies’ and ‘messaging and information operations’, refined over 25 years in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In military circles this is known as ‘psyops’ – psychological operations. (Mass propaganda that works by acting on people’s emotions.)

“Cambridge Analytica worked for the Trump campaign and, so I’d read, the Leave campaign. When Mercer supported Cruz, Cambridge Analytica worked with Cruz. When Robert Mercer started supporting Trump, Cambridge Analytica came too. And where Mercer’s money is, Steve Bannon is usually close by: it was reported that until recently he had a seat on the board.

“Last December, I wrote about Cambridge Analytica in a piece about how Google’s search results on certain subjects were being dominated by rightwing and extremist sites. Jonathan Albright, a professor of communications at Elon University, North Carolina, who had mapped the news ecosystem and found millions of links between rightwing sites ‘strangling’ the mainstream media, told me that trackers from sites like Breitbart could also be used by companies like Cambridge Analytica to follow people around the web and then, via Facebook, target them with ads.

“On its website, Cambridge Analytica makes the astonishing boast that it has psychological profiles based on 5,000 separate pieces of data on 220 million American voters – its USP is to use this data to understand people’s deepest emotions and then target them accordingly. The system, according to Albright, amounted to a ‘propaganda machine’.”

Looking at the foundation for Cambridge Analytica, it was spun off from SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) Group British founded by Nigel Oakes, who also initially set up a research facility set up for strategic communication, potentially international psychological operations, called the Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDI) that was founded in 1990. This was followed by Strategic Communication Laboratories in 1993, which was able to obtain contracts to influence elections internationally and perceptions for NATO.

From a Wikipedia capture of its website, “SCL has influenced elections in Italy, Latvia, Ukraine, Albania, Romania, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia, Antigua, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Kitts & Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago.”

“In 2007, SCL paid $20,000 to a Washington lobbying company, Global Policy Partners, to promote it in the US. SCL won contracts with the Pentagon to conduct surveys in Iran and Yemen. ‘Psych-ops was big business and people were just chucking money around,’ said one person familiar with the company,” according to a March 4, 2017 article in the Guardian, Did Cambridge Analytica influence the Brexit vote and the US election?

“In 2015, it secured a $750,000 contract to help Nato states counter Russian propaganda in eastern Europe,” according to a March 4, 2017 article in the Guardian, Did Cambridge Analytica influence the Brexit vote and the US election? More information about the contract is found here.

If SCL/Cambridge Analytica is involved with NATO and Trump, Brexit and potentially other far-right candidates who have seemed to be courting Russian President, Vladimir Putin, what is going on?

Could it be that the far-right’s courtship of Putin is a mere trap to hide the sins of the West in regards to regime change in Ukraine and sponsorship of terrorists in Syria and elsewhere at behest of a clash of civilizations plan for Greater Israel and a Caliphate?

Looking at the current opposition in Russia by Alexei Navalny and his supporters who staged protests last weekend, an interesting parallel can be found. Navalny has long appealed to the far-right while his two main advisers are of Jewish ancestry.

According to the Times of Israel, September 9, 2013 article, Nationalist backed by Jewish advisers fails in Moscow mayor bid, “His campaign strategy was developed by Leonid Volkov and Maksim Kats, two tech-savvy Jews who provided Navalny with outside-the-box strategies designed to offset his disadvantage against Sobyanin.”

When examining the backgrounds of his advisers, one begins to question, is Navalny following a similar pattern to Trump?

Another interesting pattern also emerges with the contacts of the Trump campaign with the Russian government.

With the success achieved by Russia in countering terrorism in Syria that started in September of 2015, Russia took the world by storm and off-set what seemed to be the potential for a full blown Islamic State based on Wahhabist extremism set to operate in Syria. Russia changed the direction of the war, against the terrorists, and returned the strength to Syrian secularism.

Is it a coincidence that Trump advisers began meeting with the Russian government, slowly over time gaining trust that if Trump won, his administration would be committed to working together to fight terrorism in Syria and work to solve the misconceptions regarding Ukraine?

If agencies have information of “Russian hacking,” is it also possible that sophisticated bots impersonated “Russian hackers” in regards to the 2016 election?

However, with so much evidence of domestic vote rigging, was Russia even necessary to steal the election?

Post election, Cambridge Analytica was also given a contract to manage the perceptions of the President and the incoming administration.

“But the role of CA may not end with the election victory of Trump. According to the British newspaper The Guardian CA negotiated ‘two rich contracts’, one to handle the image and message of the new administration, the other to deal with the marketing of the company that bears the name of the new president.

“With the Sole 24 Ore article, CA declined to confirm or deny this negotiation, however, rejecting all other requests for information or interviews. But his influence on future White House will not result only from these two contracts. In its Board of Directors it is to be present Stephen Bannon, the former banker Goldman Sachs became a top manager of ultra-right websites, after directing the campaign of Trump, was named its ‘strategic advisor.’ And the most significant of Cambridge, American investor is Robert Mercer, the inscrutable New York financier, came to prominence during the election campaign to the side before Cruz then Trump and intended to retain an influential role on the new White House.”

As the FBI is aware of the mafia ties, the election rigging and also ongoing foreign perception management by the current administration upon the American public, a key question is why does the American public have to suffer?

It is not only rigging, perception management, an imposed President who clearly could be, and in all likelihood has been, controlled by mafia ties, that also may have an element of sex-blackmail operating in the background to potentially silence opponents, but it is the ongoing daily destruction by the administration of government infrastructure and protections for the people that is occurring.

An Open Letter to the Galactic Federation

Dear Galactic Federation,

It can now be proven in all likelihood that planet Earth has been dealing with a colonialist terrorist alien race that may or may not look like our Egyptian Gods from during the Egyptian period. Who ever they are they have used colonialism  on earth and inside the Unites States of America for terrorist purposes. They have been terrorizing the planet for what seems to be thousands of years. Every time we evolve to where we would be competitive in a friendly way, galactically, they “reset” us with what ever lore they are using combined with advanced technology.

I apologize that humanity was unable to reach its level one status, we would have been able to do so had this entity not existed as peace was about to happen in 2001. This colonialist group is determined to stop us from reaching that status. They have killed millions in the last 15 years to achieve their potential final outcome. They have injured millions and targeted potentially billions. If you are real, we have a right to justice on this planet. We have a right not to be a colony to this alien race that hides subversively behind our elite.

We have a right to the natural freedoms that are given to any advanced species. We have a right to join the Federation or at least be given a chance to, if you are real. It is not fair when a known bully strikes the kids on the playground until they bleed to death and are unable to come to the lunch table, for the kids will to be discounted. The principle or monitor should step in.

Granted I always thought we would be strong enough to over come them. It just seems now the entity has blinded America so much that it cannot be a shining star of freedom, and just like they wanted may be put down. The benefits of freedom and rights of the individual will be gone yet again to the menacing power that has been operating as a colonialist off-world entity for thousands of years., making us believe that it is humans who are evil to one another while their “angry God” in “religious texts” punishes the people.

The angry God is unnatural because it is the opposite of what is foundational for survival by any race of people. God, All That Is, seeks positive for the species and all life. There are challenges, yes, anger towards its species is never a reaction. Everything from All that Is, is about encouragement of self discipline and learning from mistakes for improvement and advancement.  That is the natural order of the Universe.

Here in the USA, we just had a law passed that entitles Americans to sue outside terrorists for their criminal acts. I wish to sue this entity in your court for its criminal acts both here in the US and on our planet. They have no right to do this to our people, and they deserve to be treated as terrorist group that has operated here on this planet for far too long. Not allowing this level of justice to happen would imply complicity on your part,  knowing about it, what our intention would be if people were allowed to be aware and what humans reaction would be.- while going along with it would be wrong because this group is not of our world.

Perhaps you can say that we need to learn from this experience and overcome them, that is Divine Law. Well off to the reset we go then, because humans are not smart enough to overcome them, especially with the level of technology being used. Perhaps we will learn in the next go around.  Or perhaps you will begin an investigation?



Syria: US Needs to Listen and Stop the War

Watching Samantha Power’s comment over the weekend about the emergency session of the UN called for by Russia, it was reprehensible. If this had happened to US soldiers fighting in Syria, we may all be heading for bomb shelters. Why should Russia not call for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council? She is not right about the majority of her statements as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others have been fueling the terrorism, and it is sick to watch this propaganda, trying to make Assad sound like Hitler. Where is the proof? We do have proof of the transits of chemical weapons by rebels, we have proof of Turkey and the US supplying the terrorists with weapons as those weapons are found in great number. We also have huge amounts of evidence of black market oil trade with ISIS going through Turkey, which was allowed by the US for years until Russia came in and bombed the tankers. How much money did we allow ISIS to make to support its activities?

There are no moderate rebels according to many sources, they are foreign fighters backing the conquest of the territory for an oil pipeline. Notice how none of this has ever been addressed. Civilian suffering could be prevented if the real perpetrators were made to stop their quest for conquest of sovereign territory of Syrian soil for their own purposes and took on the terrorists who are also against the US, yet we continue to remain ignorant as those same terrorists curse our US military, We take their side over and over again. We take the side of the Islamists, those sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, It is so strange that she defends these forces, the same ones who are truly against American vales. Words against ISIL are only words when our alliances show differently. If not defeated, they will have their Caliphate and Greater Israel, both will be a threat to US sovereignty. There is no wonder that Russian UN Representative Vitaly Churkin was so angry. It seems really counter to American interests not to seek peace and mediation for an action that was our fault, if it was bad intelligence that caused this incident to happen, we need to track down the perpetrators. That should have been said by Power. She did not even listen to Churkin’s words. Why is she so against diplomacy and listening?

As President Obama is meeting to discuss the refugee crisis today, the more we allow terrorists to operate in Syria, the more refugees will flow into Europe. We need to end the war in Syria by vanquishing the terrorists, so these refugees can return home.

It is creepy to that Churkin said the US is loosing control. It seems as such because of the “rebels” cursing US soldiers. I truly suspect that this attack was perpetrated to create this demise from the ceasefire. Could Turkey have penetrated that deep into Russia or the US to accomplish their goals? Why is the State Department so blind to diplomacy and listening to understand. This may truly reflect of their own agenda being the only one on the table and by not listening or understanding, they have set their own agenda above those of the American people that benefit from an end to terrorism in the Middle East and partnering

with Russia to end the terrorism. This is an interesting video which reflects the true situation on the ground in Syria.

War, Terrorism, Subjugation and Colonialism vs. Peace, Security, Freedom and Sovereignty

Colonialism – the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers and/or choosing its leadership, and exploiting it economically.

War is designed to advance and continue colonialism. The ongoing break down of sovereignty is a tactic used by colonialists to condition its subjects and slaves. Terrorism is potentially a tool of the colonialists who have setup their walled base camp in the Middle East in a land which betrays their alleged religion. In reality according to Jewish law, the homeland built before the Messiah comes is against God who will call the people home, not man.

So why is Israel the focus of so many Neocons? With its ardent militant stance against its neighbors as well as infiltration into other countries around the globe, it has become the perfect place to operate for colonialists.

It is also the perfect place to test high tech weapons and repressive technologies that are sub-human such as machine gun drone equipped vehicles which can kill like a video game, operated by a technician miles away with the use of a computer and a joystick.

Colonialists Try to Subjugate Others and Create Dependence.

They burn homes and destroy villages to force previously self-sufficient people into submission, just as what was done to the native peoples all over the planet for hundreds if not thousands of years.

In a recent Democracy Now! Interview, Standing Rock Sioux tribal historian LaDonna Brave Bull Allard spoke about an attack against her tribe more than 150 years ago. The tribe was later attacked repeatedly until their self-sufficiency was destroyed, and now have been placed into low income housing.

This is a perfect example of what colonialism does. It destroys a people until they are no longer self-sufficient and forces them into servitude. Tactics such as these are being used presently in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other surrounding countries where terrorism destroys infrastructure, and the war machine enters, which then further demolishes infrastructure, and makes the people living there dependent on and subservient to outside assistance.

I have wondered for a long time, why after thousands of years, do we as humans not own our homes outright and meet our basic needs with the resources within the community we live in? It is potentially because the colonialists will attack both using covert means such as the Trans Pacific Partnership and debt slavery or wars for colonialist goals that reverberate back to remove sovereignty. Every time we get close, it gets stripped away.

Some say this is outlandish, however when you look at the mounting evidence against military and clandestine adventures in support of the colonialists, it is not too far fetched to think that there may be some ramifications for us in the near future, and that even American sovereignty will be lost at behest of working for the colonialists, as this may be part of their long term plan.

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Two Generals, One Coup and a Realignment of the World

Generals Akar and Ozturk

Article originally published here:

For more than a month and a half people have been speculating about the Turkish coup. Who was behind it, and how did it happen? Now, curiously “Top USA National Security Officials Admit Turkey Coup.” However, one factor not examined closely in the media is the fate of two Generals who prior to the coup were close associates. One now sits at President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s right hand, the other is in jail.

One of these Generals, Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed forces Hulusi Akar, met with his Russian counterpart, Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, last week. This meeting came soon after “The Turkish army launched a cross border operation on Wednesday, named ‘Euphrates Shield’, along with a U.S. led coalition in Syria’s northern border city of Jarablus to clear the area of Daesh,” as the Daily Sabah put it.

Former commander of the Turkish Air Force General Akin Ozturk is in jail. But according to Sputnik, if the coup had been successful he would have been made President.

All the talk about the Gullen movement, which seems like a front, has distracted attention from these two Generals and the line that divided them. Looking at their stories with objectivity and awareness would make anyone wonder whether the coup was simply a setup designed to purge unwanted secularists, educated people, Western-leaning military personnel and “unwanted” groups, who questioned Turkey’s support of Daesh and the oil/black market trade it conducts through Turkey.

Shortly after the coup Trend News Agency stated that “Former commander of the Turkish Air Force General Akin Ozturk, who has been accused of a coup attempt, has said that Chief of General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces Hulusi Akar was aware of preparations for a military coup in the country, the Milliyet newspaper reported July 17. ‘I was acting jointly with Hulusi Akar,’ said Ozturk while being arrested.’”

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Memorial Day: NATO Continues to Inflict Powerful Negative Memories of Betrayal on Russia

“You can just image the uproar if Russia or China were doing exercises like this (by invitation) on the Canadian or Mexican border as part of a “defense exercise,” said Jim Dean about the NATO exercises in Eastern Europe this weekend.

We are absolutely stupid that we allow this. It is in violation of the 1990 agreement we made with Russia.

“According to the German record of the conversation, which was only recently declassified, Genscher said: ‘We are aware that NATO membership for a unified Germany raises complicated questions. For us, however, one thing is certain: NATO will not expand to the east.’ And because the conversion revolved mainly around East Germany, Genscher added explicitly: ‘As far as the non-expansion of NATO is concerned, this also applies in general.’…/nato-s-eastward-expansion-did-the-w…

Why do they always try to provoke Russia? How many agreements do we violate? Have we ever tried the policy of honoring our agreements and making ourselves stronger internally, seeking to build up the positive, rather than tear down and smash so that we can “win?” We always loose with that stance anyway, as has been seen in all of the wars we have fought since Korea. We loose when we become the aggressor. In Korea we were succeeding at defending the South and then when we over stepped into Chinese protected territory, we started loosing.

I am grateful to Russia for not acting against us. What does our leadership think? This idea of Western Exceptionalism and violating our agreements with one of the major powers in the world is wrong. It endangers us. Russia is smart. They can just sit on the sidelines as we violate agreements, integrity and loose over and over again in wars we manufactured and fomented. Then when we are nearing bankruptcy because of the wars, Russia, China and all those we attacked can insure financially that it takes a long time for America and Europe to get back up. Trump is part of their plan, potentially, as he claims to want to negotiate with Russia but will do many things to harm America internally and further weaken us from inside out. I wonder if Putin would be as open to a President Sanders should he win? I cannot see Sanders sponsoring this type of exercise through NATO.

One thing is interesting that I had not thought about before, if the Russians feel, “the West broke its word and short-changed Russia when it was weak,” this could explain why they would support Trump. We are weak now, financially and ideologically as corruption can be found in most foreign policy decisions. The decisions are not made for values, but for corporate financial interests and quid pro quo is commonplace. Look at the French government in Libya. Their 5 point plan was focused on gold and oil. Our military should be used for defensive purposes only, not to pillage the world and soften targets to make them easier to destroy for financial interests and vultures looming in the background.

On Memorial Day, we should remember the millions of civilians killed, thousands of our soldiers killed, trillions of dollars spent and probably one billion people who have suffered because of our current wars in the Middle East. Why do we egg this on? Our leaders are too stupid, and we have little recourse to stop them.