Confirm William Burns

Burns is long confirmed. Paul Ryan attempted to kill him. So who is in command and attempting to do good work for the American people and I am against harming the Biden administration so can burns add russian convictions against ryan. We deposited the treasury money after Biden won

We have espionage that has gone on with Robert L Stevenson and other individuals who accepted bribery since 1998 and encouraged other members formerly of our armed forces to receive foreign payments that were ongoing before with other Defense contractors who were questionable now with what I found out about the Russian sub and removing forward readiness. James Slyfield deserves an arrest warrant based on payments possibly and suspicious activity he conducted previously. “I monitored her office so we could accept Chinese payments” he admitted regarding mine when I was an honest publisher of Military Beat who knew about communism, and so this team is corrupt and President Joe Biden should pursue them as we had Rudy Giuliani and others. Richard Cheney was a bench warrant in Missouri and Bush campaign is making covid and should be liable for any new cases by providing basic income direct draft from their accounts as individuals who accepted bribery from Russia and China. Were they already charged with Covid to include gates who should ba a bench warrant with Gordon Duff and was Richard Branson involved? They scare us and honest hardworking Americans have no need to resign. Why should those who accepted bribery from our adversaries be allowed to harm the American people?

What was cheney most afraid of “russian convictions” we already made. This is not a slight to Russia and we all want covid over

We have no jails.

We know who admitted they had received notice from Biden they were resigned and they accepted bribery from our adversaries

“We have the gold standard, money back and differential was paid”

We could audit outgoing administration and remove communism threat.

These communism threat individuals directly relate to Islamic threats created


Forestal ended

We can compete with our current standing and should not let that slide as it appears that someone has done in media