Ongoing Planet Payment

I set out to save every American with both my testimony and negative installs. When I provided my testimony I did it post haste to secure homeowners’ values and that goal took years to achieve with the depositions finally filed by an insecure party. When I worked to install our core I did that to secure my planet. And today we work for American freedom and ultimately payment for our planets I have worked so hard to save. It was found out to my demise that Robert L Stevenson, who was turned in on numerous occasions and had the intention to harm me and the American people with his properties, can collect payment for our planet because of the large size of the debt he holds on them and I need to find out if it is correct.

In regards to the properties he holds debt on, he set out to use them for failure and against me and the American people. I have an exact quote that I do not feel like repeating and why today when spending begins on our armed forces can the Pentagon not cut me a check for all 9 planets that are for the American people, as I worked for their freedom and success to achieve them.

One armament could not be bought in the amount of $289 million and I could collect payment for all installs in our star system and begin work on the projects that I have under development. Can this debt be used against him from our projects and why is debt used rather than the standard definition of a market driven business? You fulfill a need with what you build and create

These aliens were tough to dissolve

The nice thing is President Joe Biden stood against alien agenda like I have and it is known “he was against the alien agenda we stood for for all these years,” and we should get paid $128 million through my attorney and all those before had paid them

Many had sex with them and they had been outed and they should never take credit for our victory


“We always collected payment,” for aliens existing because the marine base needed to buy weapons so my request for payment against those supporting the alien agenda is warranted  against those who bought weapons and declared their bankruptcy already.

At least we know the truth and we will tell anyone in the main stream media what you do and we know who sleeps with them.