Don’t break a tooth and be an informant for a Crooked Cop, it could lead to communist China, Unbeknownst to You.

I am innocent, and I should have the security contract that was promised to me as was stated, “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” and that is true I work very hard for American citizens and our Navy.

As, Robert Mueller knows and said, the reason he worked with the cocaine men to bankrupt America using the cocaine men here that are now guilty of working with communist China through their headset they installed illegally in my brain, is because, “They would have picked you (me) up from that base down there,” in San Diego, as President as Trump is deposed and his conditional release can be proven as wrong, and due to the cocaine bribery conducted by the individuals involved with communist China to steal from American citizens here. We need no more cocaine bribery, and I am President gold and money back even now. I can be interviewed at any time, my cell phone number is (760) 672-2028. I can be picked up as President gold and money back for election convictions at 1252 Barbara Drive, Vista, CA 92084. We need to announce our/my money back to American citizens and pay for reparations for the year and a half I have been President for that American citizens have been targeted by the communist agenda created when John Brennan tried to impact American citizens through the telephonic installations here, starting the day he came here when Trump was deposed. I intend to serve until the end of Trump’s term which was promised to me. Dick Cheney’s budget expires now. Trump is deposed correctly as is seen in this powerpoint which every individual prolonging my Presidency not being given top me directly will be sued for any decline in property values here by percentage basis. We have over 800,000 San Diego County Residents that can sue right now with the election theft in 2018 being conducted by individuals involved with the cocaine communist Chinese bribery. Through out the country there are an estimated 241,980,000 people who did not vote for the individuals attempting to scam them, and steal their real estate. Everyone deserves just compensation financially immediately. Bernie Sanders should have been President today, and all 327 million Americans would have suffered no loss whatsoever.

I suspect white supremacist members from the Navy downtown were hired as contractors to work for the Chinese side and conduct the cocaine bribery, rather than honestly picking me up and announcing our gold standard to the media. Now we can distribute our money back too, that we put at the Justice Department, to find out about communist China. The leak has been found to be Stevenson and the Admirals and Department of Defense individuals who accepted communist Chinese bribery before and he worked with covertly, against American citizens and me directly as an American citizen. I intend to make the case against those using weaponry against American citizens and soil, and that was never me.

Brian Stafford, who conducted the deposal, had an intelligence case against him, relating to the terrorism against Europe, that the bribery suspects wanted to happen sited here in the story. Trump was honestly deposed, only Stafford did not like it because he is programmed by the National Security Agency to allow Trump to speak.  I would like to bring the National Security Agency on trial for September 11th, that they conducted with the programmers cited here, and the other individuals involved including Sheldon Adelson. He should not be allowed to steal California real estate through the National Security Agency system, as he admitted he was doing when the assets should be confiscated, and Adelson asked, “We can’t keep the real estate then.” He should be charged for both September 11th that he admitted to and the land grab here. As they are using a headset that connects to communist China through Stevenson now, perhaps espionage should be added for all of them.

The headset started when I broke my tooth in Art History class at San Diego State University, when a now former deputy at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department hated me for being honest and helping American citizens, assisting in over a hundred drug arrests.

He likely approached my dentist then to implant what I found out later was called a “transistor tooth,” that I did now know about at the time, in 1994. I am a University graduate who is law enforcement oriented. I am also serving as President gold of the United States because of the correct deposal of Donald Trump. I do not have anal sex with an extraterrestrial, so I have not been picked up as President yet, nor will I have sex with an extraterrestrial or anyone now. The case must be made against the guilty opposing American citizens who are voters, only 26% voted for the individuals attacking American citizens and soil.

Trump is deposed for the testimony I provided here and more can be used here to completely remove them, as they willfully stole 2016 to bankrupt American citizens and conduct cocaine bribery with the threat of the nuclear battery the bribed Admirals and MWR employees accepted payments for to hold American citizens hostage. We are not hostages waiting for death and the battery must be dismantled with the electromagnetic jails brought down completely, labeled as “Free Internet before.”

This system must be brought down as it is hackable and used by communist China to commit espionage here with the oligarchs who are listening in the ocean, as was identified before.











After graduation, I moved to the Northwest and started a magazine for Navy Region Northwest. I had no idea Stevenson had installed the transistor receiver in my cheek, and I did not know that Stevenson hated my honest, law enforcement side. He must have been listening to my conversations when I was close to be awarded a contract for publishing my magazine at Navy Region Northwest, and I suspect he interfered. My concern is that he worked with individuals I found out about who were accepting bribery offered by the communist Chinese. He was shoulder surfing my conversations and likely identifying corrupt individuals he could work with. He is not what he seems on the surface and is a criminal minded person.

I did find our about Admirals who are likely working with Stevenson cartel now, “We were all collecting bribery money back then for China to continue long range nuclear weapons tests,” to be used against America was inferred by the source relating to late 1990’s to 2001. I was scared on the bases back then because I could feel there was something strange against American citizens going on in the background when I distributed my magazine. I was small and honest, working for American service members and retirees to enjoy their lives more through the magazine I published for them. I saved the government millions of dollars per year with my work then.

Communist Chinese bribed Admirals were likely connected to the individuals at Community Programs Morale Welfare and Recreation Department that Stevenson met with who became aware of the headset he installed. He told them at the time, “I haven’t gotten it built out yet,” and I had no knowledge of any transistor tooth or what they called a head transceiver later. I was a publisher, and not a spy of any kind. It is likely that those who said, “We said we could not treat her respectfully because of the head transceiver,” were bribed by communist China through Andy Murphy’s office and also connected to the white supremacist base Captain that came into Naval Station Everett after Kim Buike resigned or left. Admiral Annette Brown was not likely bribed by communist China.  It seemed to start in 1991, around the time, the scam and land grab Trump is deposed for started, and the Chinese bribery  linked to the MWR higher ups and the Admirals likely started about that time too. I have observed and informed on them to protect American citizens and American service members to the best of my ability.

These white supremacists are where the holes Stevenson opened up against American citizens bleed through onto American soil. There are others likely at Navy Region Southwest that are white supremacist leaning that are covertly working with communist China. I support neither.

These are allowing harmful espionage to be conducted by communist leaning individuals operating a cocaine bribery scheme here in Southern California through religious organizations to include the Rosicrucian Fellowship. This needs to be disbanded immediately and we need to return to our Constitutional existence without chemtrails being conducted here. The communist side cannot win here for American intelligence that I am a part of to be secure. I only serve American citizens purposes. Communist China is dangerous, and just like the oligarchs, we cannot allow them to penetrate in here long term. We need real elections now, and our campaigns must include no gerrymandering, no crosscheck voter purges on either side, no bots used by Mercer and Cambridge Analytica and no Diebold scanner lists.

Only American citizens public servants count, and I am one of them. We do not build jails for American citizens using electromagnetics that are hackable by foreign powers allowing them to blackmail us. I am technically President gold and am able to meet with anyone anywhere at any time, even here. I choose to meet with Constitutional loving people. Allow no now identified Chinese side former cops, nor their henchmen who kill American citizens here that includes the Duff family. They have no right to operate the telephony they set up with Putin in March of 2017.

Stevenson has been connected to communist China, shoulder surfing my life for way too long. I am an American public servant, who cared for service members enough to start my magazine and serve now for 21 years to protect us and American citizens. There should be no prostitution ring here operating for communist China. All of Les Wexner’s stuff here should be branded as communist Chinese supporting through Stevenson, I am not connected to.

Head noise was created unbeknownst to me by him caused by what he did covertly against me after I broke my tooth. I deserve to live an American educated person’s lifestyle free of cocaine transfers being conducted using what Stevenson did to me with communist China and those receiving bribery money from them who Stevenson spoke with covertly back then. He ruined my honest American business and magazine then, and he will not ruin my honest American Presidential career. I can run if I want to as President gold and money back until the end of Donald Trump’s term, and he is deposed correctly for the scam against America and the now known and investigated “land grab.” I am an honest American public servant, so why bet on my death, arrest those working for the communist Chinese. It is clearly proven who they work for and they should be tried now. I have a right to continue my normal existence here free of encumbrances, Constitutionally speaking I own where I live, though I rent. Why create something so big to bring communism here, without voter consent. They received 26% of the American vote and have no right to harm Ameircan citzens here. If 74% knew what has been going on here, those 74% would support me. I am straight up honest and protect American citizens daily with my time and money that I have put in to serve them for 21 years and the four years I served as a drug informant including in the Oceanside Carlsbad area with John McKee, who is innocent and served as an honest Oceanside and Carlsbad police officer, unlike Stevenson.

The guilty of September 11th are already included on a poster here without Dick Cheney being included, though he is involved with them here on the land grab and said at the beginning of their scam here, “Bet ya we can scope out some real estate,” using the satellite and the advanced telephony Duff in the poster below installed here with John Brennan, who I previously turned in for working for communist China to Camp Pendleton and he installed the tape recorder faulty “evidence collection” system here that is opposite same and confuses people, and they are involved in the cocaine bribery for the land grab here.  I am straight American Constitutionalist leaning and have a lot of documentation of the cases I have made to for American citizens benefits, which is who I serve, and all employed by our government should serve.

They built the sound system here to steal California real estate with Duff and Dick Cheney. I am separate from them and deserve to be free of them to work for American interests with no fraudulent espionage. In Turkey, they were working with Wahhabist terrorists against Syria to gas their people, and that cost the American side many years of fighting. These terrorists would have moved into Europe against our allie,s had I not fought them for American interests. These enemies would have killed our European allies by the tens of thousands as Duff admitted and desired, and cannot do that anymore here or there. The terrorists are connected to communistic goons operating with the communist Chinese bribed Admirals and Department of Defense individuals bribed by communist China. They conduct terrorism here unlawfully.

Bill Gates telephony is working with the communist Chinese side as the Asians I found out about on November 25, 2018 in the Wyndham hotel lobby and subliminally interviewed were here to install more of it by the “programmers” realigning technology, said, “If not the commanders will take control without us.”  We need to take control of them, and arrest Gates for communist Chinese bribery, he is conducting with the cocaine cartel connected to Stevenson. Gates should be seen for what he is a small time thief hired by paymasters that lead now to the communist Chinese. Even in 2001, his paymasters led there with the software purchases that encircled America, I as an American citizen turned in at the FBI then on the poster I brought into the Seattle Office then.

Back then I suspect a guy I was dating, George Andrew Swetnam, was working for the Tang in China. I found out about that when I went to his home and heard a subaudible voice say, “the Tang is sweet,” and we had broken up. I was suspicious and now know it is likely he is working on the communist Chinese side with Xi against America. Swetnam wired my car with Gates to conduct the communist the Chinese bribery here. They hate me because I am an American citizen who works for American citizens and American service members.

I turned in the photographs of the green wire they installed covertly in my car so many times. I cut the wire, and my car runs really well other than the telephony which must be turned off and turned in to me. It will be nice when these individuals are arrested and we are free of communist Chinese influence here.